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orley is actively involved in the design and project management of the full range of subsea oil and gas facilities. The subsea skills and capabilities of the Worley Subsea and Pipelines Group encompass pipelines, risers, shore crossings, process simulation, risk assessment, protection and stabilization, tie-ins, subsea production equipment, subsea satellite wells, and manifolds, sub sea diver less interventions specifically in deep water applications, rigid and flexible flowlines, dynamic risers, flexible riser systems and interfaces with floating production systems. Worley has taken responsibility for all phases of subsea projects, from conceptual design through to detailed design, analysis, installation, commissioning, operation and decommissioning. Projects have been carried out in all the major oil and gas producing areas offshore Australia as well as throughout South



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INTRODUCTION .......................................................................................1
Technical Capability............................................................................................................1 Range of Services...............................................................................................................2 Subsea Pipelines and Associated Facilities .......................................................................3 Onshore Reception Facilities..............................................................................................4 Integrated Team..................................................................................................................5 Innovation ...........................................................................................................................5 Lower Costs ........................................................................................................................5

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Organisation and Key Personnel ........................................................................................6 Support Facilities ................................................................................................................7 2.2.1 2.2.2 Engineering Office ....................................................................................................7 Facilities....................................................................................................................7

3.1 3.2

SYSTEMS .................................................................................................8
Cost Estimating...................................................................................................................8 Project Controls and Reporting...........................................................................................9


TECHNICAL DATABASE ........................................................................11

Hardware and Software ....................................................................................................11 4.1.1 4.1.2 IT Infrastructure and Connectivity...........................................................................11 Software and Systems............................................................................................11


TRACK RECORD SUBSEA AND PIPELINES .....................................15

Appendices Appendix 1 Track Records and Project Resources Appendix 2 Resumes and Key People

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This Capability Document establishes Worleys credentials for providing engineering support services on Subsea and Pipeline Projects Worldwide. Worley is ideally suited to provide these engineering support services because Worley has the: Experienced people technical capability track record local knowledge project systems

to deliver a best-in-class result for the work contemplated.


Technical Capability

The requirements for new projects in the modern oil and gas market are many and varied. Facilities are required to have maximum availability with low associated risk and may be designed on fast tracked schedules. Add to this the often marginal economics of small field developments and the ever-present budget constraints and a true challenge is born. Such developments require constant innovation to take them from the initial concept to being installed and operational. Statements such as this is how we did it on the last job or we always do it this way have no place in modern oil and gas projects. Attitudes such as these have, in the past, led to over-specified systems that quickly expend the limited budget whilst providing only minimal improvements in availability and/or reductions in risk. Worley considers the questioning of old paradigms as a normal part of the design process. Worley has been responsible for all phases of offshore oil and gas pipeline projects from initial screening studies through to detailed design, fabrication/installation, operation and decommissioning. Projects have been carried out in all of the major oil and gas producing areas worldwide. Worley has consistently demonstrated an incisive understanding of the operator's needs and of the best approach to provide the optimum solution. Worley ensure that its design process considers the construction aspects of the project, together with the logistics of transporting equipment to site. This approach is extended by our belief in using life-cycle costs when evaluating development optimisation alternatives. Consequently, Worley always consider the impact on maintenance and operability when selecting the optimum design. Worley has one of the most impressive track records for the design of new pipeline developments. Worleys technical and commercial understanding of the existing infrastructure enables Worley to identify the most feasible facility configuration. Worleys depth and breadth of design expertise, together with Worleys knowledge of complementary disciplines such as exploration, petroleum engineering and production-operations, results in an ability to evaluate design options quickly and to

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select the optimum solution. Worley is then in a position to develop the preferred configuration through to the completion of the project.


Range of Services

In the 1980s, Worley joined forces with Wholohan Grill & Partners, Australias most respected structural consultant in the oil and gas sector. As the activities of the two companies grew and projects undertaken became larger and increasingly multi-disciplined, the companies merged and now operate under the Worley name. Today, Worley is a world leader in offshore projects from the conception and design of some of the smallest offshore oil and gas structures (e.g. Perch and Dolphin monotowers in Bass Strait), through to the engineering of many of the largest offshore projects (e.g. Bayu-Undan platforms in the Timor Sea). Worley has played, and continues to play, an integral role in the offshore oil and gas industry throughout the world. Worleys proven expertise, innovative engineering and resources enable Worley to remain at the forefront of the industry. Amongst the range of services which the Worley Oil and Gas Group provides are: Feasibility and economic studies Field development studies Concept development Preliminary and detailed design Installation studies Material selection studies Preparation of tender documentation and procurement services Preparation of fabrication and installation procedures and subsequent construction and installation supervision/assistance Procurement services EPC Project management services Alliance partnerships with fabrication, construction and installation contractors to provide full EPC services Commissioning assistance together with operations and maintenance services Subsea repairs and intervention activities Field abandonment studies

Worley prides itself on its ability to recognise special requirements of marginal field developments and the need to maintain a flexible approach to engineering solutions. Worley helps its clients find cost effective and safe routes to project sanction and beyond.

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For offshore pipeline projects, Worley is able to provide field-proven expertise in : Field development studies Design of Submarine pipeline Systems Platform risers Shore crossings Pipeline crossings Platform facilities Onshore reception facilities Subsea pipeline end facilities


Subsea Pipelines and Associated Facilities

This section sets out our specific experience and capabilities in subsea pipelines and associated facilities. Worley has established core teams of subsea and pipeline engineers to service clients in the region and to support the network of Worley offices worldwide. This group has extensive experience in the design and project management of all aspects of subsea systems including most of Australias significant subsea-completed developments. Worley has taken responsibility for all phases of subsea projects from conceptual design through to detailed design, analysis, survey, installation, commissioning, operation and decommissioning. Such projects have been carried out in all major oil and gas producing areas offshore Australia, Asia, Middle East and USA. Specialist Skills The Worley Subsea and Pipelines Group provides engineering expertise across a wide range of subsea and pipeline applications including: Subsea production equipment (separation, metering, pumping) Subsea satellite wells, production templates, jumpers and manifolds Pipeline end manifolds, distribution skids, isolation valve skids and control pods/systems Subsea flowlines and trunklines Shore crossings and shallow water loading/unloading lines Tow-installed lines and templates Rigid and flexible riser systems Dynamic risers Subsea umbilicals and cables

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Diverless installation systems Interfaces with floating production systems Mooring systems.

Worley's capabilities in each of these areas allows us to consider all options and to apply the most economic and flexible solution to the subsea aspects of project developments.


Onshore Reception Facilities

Worley has been servicing the onshore oil and gas industry since the 1970s. Worley has in-depth experience of all aspects - engineering, procurement, construction and management of onshore facilities. This includes the treatment of hydrocarbon gases and liquids both for upstream facilities and for downstream petrochemical projects. Many onshore developments are phased over an extended period. Upgrades, such as the addition of compression facilities, are planned for implementation during later field life. Major unplanned upgrades can also be necessary to resolve operating change, such as, wellstream compositions and the allowable concentration of effluent contaminants. The skills in the Worley group allow the following issues to be addressed : Site selection Inlet separation and slug catching Gas conditioning and dewpointing CO2 removal and disposal Refrigeration systems Gas-liquids stabilisation or fractionation LPG recovery LPG and condensate storage Product transportation Water separation, treatment and disposal Associated utilities and services Flow assurance and/or enhancement Control and safeguarding systems Electrical generation Advanced analysis

Benchmark projects have included the UGS gas processing plant in western Victoria and the restoration of the Longford Gas Plant in Gippsland, Victoria.

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The Subsea and Pipelines Group works seamlessly closely in integrated teams with the other Worley engineering groups to ensure that the capabilities and expertise of the specific disciplines are effectively applied to produce optimum project solutions. The activities of the Worley Subsea and Pipelines Group are complementary to the broader activities of Worley within the offshore oil and gas industry, and provide the opportunity for Worley to complete the full range of work associated with an offshore project, thereby simplifying the interfaces that the client needs to manage.



Over the years the Worley Subsea and Pipelines Group has established a reputation for the development and successful application of innovative approaches to meet the technical and economic challenges of offshore projects. Some of these innovations represent major changes in the application of technology by the oil and gas industry, on a regional and worldwide basis, such as: Reeled pipe-in-pipe systems Composite pipeline insulation coatings Flexible risers from fixed platforms Combined pipeline pullhead/plough Sophisticated assessment of pipeline spans Proprietary heave compensation systems for deep water applications

These developments in technology have delivered significant savings in project life cycle costs, for both new development projects, where a new concept and design has been generated, and for existing projects, where the use of specialist technology has been applied to limit the scope and cost of remedial work.


Lower Costs

The Worley Subsea and Pipelines Group incorporates the four important elements of an engineering team required to best meet the economic challenges of contemporary subsea projects, these being: Local field and project experience Broad range of multidisciplinary skills Extensive cost databases An independent perspective.

The Group aims to provide the most cost effective, technically acceptable solutions for its clients.

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Worley can bring to Subsea Pipeline Projects a dedicated team of people with the right backgrounds for FEED, detailed engineering and project execution phases. Worley is able to offer qualified managers, engineers and supporting staff from its Melbourne, Perth, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Middle East and Houston operations with the necessary local and international experience. Worley is the largest provider of engineering services in the Oil and Gas sector in the Asia Pacific region. Within this region Worley is able to draw on the experiences and capabilities of over 2,000 people. Of most significance is the relatively large pool of people within Worley Group with experience and expertise in new developments for the offshore and onshore sectors of the oil and gas industry. This expertise has been built up over many years and through the execution of many projects from concept through to successful operation. The individuals with this kind of background have worked together on projects both large and small. In addition, they have participated on numerous concept optimising and engineering studies, which have provided a strong basis for the progression of projects into execution.


Organisation and Key Personnel

Worleys Subsea and Pipelines Group comprises various business units strategically located around the world. In order to co-ordinate the activities of all Subsea and Pipelines Units, Worley has a Global Manager who is based in Singapore. The Organisation Chart for Worleys Global Subsea and Pipelines operations is shown in Figure 2.1 hereunder. The Key Personnel for the Subsea and Pipelines Group worldwide are: Dr. Andrew Ngiam Global Manager and Group Leader John Brown Perth office John Fear Melbourne office (Subsea) Colin Convey Melbourne office Rikki Ingham Kuala Lumpur office Ng Eng Bin Singapore office Jimmie Powers Houston office Ehsan Heshmeti Middle East

Resumes of the above key personnel are included in Appendix 2 for reference. Worley is able to draw upon a strong team of personnel with extensive experience in the design and installation of subsea pipelines and facilities from any one of the offices. The location of project execution will be chosen such that it is nearest to the Client or/and to project site location.

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Worley Subsea & Pipelines Global Organisation Chart


USA Jimmie Powers

MIDDLE EAST Ehsan Heshmati


MALAYSIA Rikki Ingham

PERTH John Brown

MELBOURNE John Fear (Subsea) Colin Convey (Pipelines)

Project/Lead Engineers Senior Engineers/ Engineers Designers / Drafters

Project/Lead Engineers Senior Engineers/ Engineers Designers / Drafters

Project/Lead Engineers Senior Engineers/ Engineers Designers / Drafters

Project Manager Project/Lead Engineers Senior Engineers/ Engineers Designers / Drafters

Project/Lead Engineers Senior Engineers/ Engineers Designers / Drafters

Project/Lead Engineers Senior Engineers/ Engineers Designers / Drafters


2.2.1 Engi neering Office

The engineering of Subsea and Pipeline Projects can be carried out from any one of Worleys design offices throughout the world. For special projects, where unique expertise of more than one office is required, two or more offices may work together to provide Clients with the best of Worleys resources. Worleys engineering offices are strategically located in the following cities around the world: Perth, Australia Melbourne, Australia Houston, USA Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Singapore Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia Abu Dhabi, UAE Doha, Qatar

Worleys engineering office layouts comprise a mixture of open plan office space as well as a number of individual and shared offices. Office accommodation for Client personnel can be provided as required.

2.2.2 Facilities
Worley offices are linked through a global IT intranet network and are fully equipped with modern facilities including computers, facsimiles, modems, internet connection to ensure efficient communication client offices and within the group regional offices if necessary. Each office is well equipped with engineering and drafting computer software, network computer systems and drafting equipment. Each office also has its own technical library which maintains a comprehensive stock of international codes and standards applicable to projects being executed, along with reference texts and design books from previous projects. The library is also supported by Worley's main technical library in Perth for access to less commonly used reference documents. Worley Limited has a computer network system for drafting works and project management. The system allows for easy retrieval, storage and printing of the latest drawings and data.

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Worley utilizes excellent project management systems. While the emphasis on sound project management systems is more critical during detailed engineering and construction (when project expenditure is highest), the front-end phases of a project require two key systems : Cost estimating Reporting and feedback


Type I Class Derivation Method Order of magnitude Order of magnitude 30% exponential 70% factorial

Type II Preliminary Parametric Cost curves, norms, factors, pseudo MTO Feasibility study Budget Approval

Type III Definitive Performance and measure 70% rates, norms, preliminary quantities, 30% Type II Start of detailed design Cost Control

Type IV Historical Report 70% audit 30% Type III

Prepared During Prepared For

Conceptual study Study Approval



Cost Estimating

Worley has an extensive database of real project costs and their associated benchmark costs and factors. This information is brought together by the Worley Estimating System (WES). The effectiveness of WES is demonstrated by the fact that actual EPC tender prices have typically been within a few percent of the WES produced estimates. Worley bring proven risk weighting tools to minimize contingency allowances in project estimates. Capital cost estimates are required at various phases of project development for the following reasons: ranking of options being investigated during scouting/feasibility studies, project proposals and justification for further development, project sanctioning and preparation of project budgets, counter estimating for procurement/tendering to ensure tendered prices are reasonable and in accordance with the scope,

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budget control during construction on very large projects.

The information available will depend on the stage of the project, and amount of engineering work completed at the time. This determines the expected accuracy of the estimate.


Project Controls and Reporting

Worley has extensive understanding of and experience in the application and use of project controls for major projects, primarily using the proprietary application InControl. InControl is the Companys standard project control tool and has been successfully used on multi million dollar projects such as Bayu-Undan, Iona compressor station, Longford compressor station projects, and Esso Longford projects. InControl is an integrated suite of Project Management applications that has been designed for project teams that manage complex projects. Based on the principle of Cost, Time and Resources (CTR) management, InControl is a project 'Lifecycle' management tool that provides the capability to independently manage and report the status of multiple deliverables, tasks and resources assigned to a specific activity. Detailed status information can then be rolled up to various levels within InControl and transferred to higher-level applications such as Primavera P3. The table below gives a summary of Worleys approach to each of the key areas of project control and how InControl is utilised.

Aspect of Control a. Project Budgets, Control Estimates, Project Cost Control

Worley System InControl is used for estimating and budget preparation, cost control and forecasting. Estimates are built on in-house databases and software systems. InControl is used as a tool to manage these issues of Project Control. The key aspects to consider are physical progress measurement, forecast cost to complete and continuous project monitoring. Both Primavera P3 and InControl are used for project planning. A link between these software packages allows the user to export/import data from/to InControl. Primavera P3 is used to create detailed schedules with relationships between activities and is used to establish the critical path.


Methods to limit and manage project, construction and other costs


Project Schedules, critical path programming

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Aspect of Control d. Management and Control of Change Worley System The InControl Change Control Module is used for management and control of change providing a complete record of change requests and approvals. InControl allows the user to breakdown the project to the level of detail required using WBS codes. InControl has a Document Control Module that is integrated with the other modules to share deliverables information and is used for document control reporting. The Project Controls Module and Progress Update Module are used to update and track progress. The Change Control Module in InControl is used to manage contingency. It allows the user to manage contingency with a complete record of any cost transfers. Contingency is rundown against earned progress to a formula agreed with the client. InControl can generate reports to suit specific business needs at both the detailed and summary level.

e. f.

Work Breakdown Structures Documentation Control Requirements


Earned Value and Progress Measurement Management and control of contingency



Progress and performance reporting

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Worleys extensive experience in designing offshore pipelines means that we can bring an extensive set of relevant technical specifications and guidelines built up over many years. Although some of our clients mandate the use of their internally developed specifications, many others now rely on Worley to provide a comprehensive technical toolkit. Below is a list of typical international standards that we commonly use for the design of offshore pipelines.

DNV OS-F101 DNV RP E305 DNV RP B401 DNV CN 30.5 DNV RP C203 DnV RP F105 API Specification 5L API Specification 6D API Specification 17B ASME B31.8 ASME B31.4

Submarine Pipeline Systems On-Bottom Stability Design of Submarine Pipelines Cathodic Protection Design Environmental Conditions and Environmental Loads Fatigue Strength Analysis for Offshore Steel Structure Free spanning Pipelines Specification for Line Pipe Specification for Pipeline Valves Specification for Unbonded Flexible Pipe Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems Liquid Transportation Systems for Hydrocarbons, Liquid Petroleum Gas, Anhydrous Ammonia and Alcohols.


Hardware and Software

IT Infrastructure and Connecti vity

Worley has in place a global IT network. This network connects all of Worley's offices together, as well as offering secure remote access via the internet. Prime operating environment is the Microsoft Platform for both Client and server, with all core systems being accessible via a browser interface. Core network hardware consists of Cisco and Compaq equipment. This Virtual Private Network enables users at any location on the VPN to access the same information. Consequently, Project team members whether working within the office or external to it, have on-line access to the same information and systems. This maximizes efficiency and minimizes the opportunity for errors and inconsistencies.


Software and Systems

Worley uses a Microsoft Operating Platform and the MS office suite of office administration software. Worley has a preferred relationship with Microsoft, and typically receives releases of new software

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products before they are generally available. An example is MS Sharepoint, which forms the basis for Worleys Knowledge Base. As a major engineering and project management services provider, Worley uses all industry standard technical and management software packages. A list of the more commonly used applications is included below. In addition, Worley has invested significant resources in developing specific technical tools to supplement the commercially available packages, such as our in-house suite of Spreadsheets and MATHCAD Engineering software all verified under our QA procedures for in-house software. Listed below are the software capabilities of the subsea/pipelines group:

Pipeline/ Subsea Engineering Software AUTOPIPE 6.1 ABAQUS OFFPIPE 2.07 SAGE Profile 6.1 AGA On-bottom Stability Software Drafting Software AutoCAD 2000: 2D PDS Equipment Modeller PDS Drawing Manager PDS Piping Designer PDS Isogen Smart plant Design Review Microstation J 3D General Drafting Piping Design software Drawing Manager Piping Design software Isometric drawing manger Walk through capability Drafting Pipeline and riser stress analysis Advanced Finite element analysis software Pipeline Lay Analysis Bottom roughness analysis On-bottom Stability

Administration/Project Controls Microsoft Outlook/Exchange Microsoft Word Microsoft Access Primavera InControl Electronic mail Word Processing Databases Project scheduling In-house cost, progress tracking

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Worley WES Cost Estimating Material Management Software (MMS) Axium Project cost estimating tool Requisition, Stock Code, RFQ/PO, Supply, Vendor, Project Stores modules Financial Management

In addition, the Subsea and Pipelines Group has developed a General Mechanical Design Package, which is an in-house developed software package utilizing Excel and VBA with the capabilities of performing the Mechanical Design of the pipeline. All modules include the latest codes including DnV OS F101 (and associated Guidelines and Classification), AS 2885 and ASME B31.8. This includes: Stability - methods include DnV RP E305 simplified method, DnV RP E305 generalised method, Quasi Static on bottom and trenched stability Spans Pressure Containment Buckling In Situ Stress Cathodic Protection Expansion VIV Fatigue

Worley is currently developing a finite element package to enable further optimization of the stability requirements of the pipeline. This program will be able to model and record the response of a subsea pipeline as a 100 year storm passes over it. The finite element package will also enable Worley to accurately model trawler impacts and the potential damage to the pipeline. The General Design Package will enable Worley to provide solutions to pipeline design utilizing the latest codes. The finite element packages will enable Worley to further optimize the solution and hence could lead to a significant cost savings in pipeline installation and operations. Commercial software utilised by the other disciplines that could potentially be involved in this project is outlined below.

Process Engineering Software HYSYS version 3.0.1 Process steady state and dynamic modelling package

Subsea & Pipelines Capability Profile.doc

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Structural Engineering Software SACS ANSYS Version 5.7 SPACEGASS GRLWEAP USFOS Analysis of offshore structures General purpose linear and non-linear finite element analysis Topside skids Structural analysis Pile driveability analysis Non-linear ultimate strength structural collapse package

Safety and Risk Software STORM HAZOP Recorder Cirrus Version 6.1 BP series Risk Summation Package HAZOP and HAZID worksheet records Jet fire heat flux calculations, Concentration of free gas releases assessment, Preliminary safety studies, Screening safety studies Explosion Analysis


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The Worley Group has carried out a major proportion of the engineering and project management of subsea pipeline installation activities in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. This includes the design and installation supervision for pipelines in the Timor Sea, the Griffin field on the NW Shelf, the Middle East, offshore Sarawak and Brunei and the Victorian developments in Bass Strait. A comprehensive list of recent projects and a selection of project resumes for several of these projects are attached in Appendix 1.

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Appendix 1 Track Records and Project Resources

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ROC Oil Pty Ltd

Cliff Head Development

DESCRIPTION OF SCOPE FEED and Cost Estimate for 2*12 * 10Km shallow water pipelines and shore crossing FEED and Cost Estimate for a 300 km, 18 dia., class 900#, offshore gas pipeline from the Bunga Raya field to a shore crossing and regulatory stations in Ca Mau province of Vietnam. Feed for infield shallow water pipelines (13) varying in diameter from 8" to 36", pressure 290-6250 psi, transporting gas, condensate, crude & water. Corrosive aspect - H2SO and CO2.
Conceptual and Detailed Design and Site Supervision of a 300-km long x 14-inch gas pipeline from Victoria to Tasmania Conceptual and Detailed Design of a 65-km long x 32-inch multi-phase line between offshore platforms Detailed design & EPCM of 34km10, 8 & 6 infield pipelines & Risers. 70m water depth, 1400/3300psi DP. Detailed design & EPCM of 36km 6,8, 10 & 12 infield pipelines & Risers. 65m water depth, 1400/2000/3300/3700psi DP. Detailed design & EPCM of 36km 8 infield pipelines & Risers. 70m water depth, 1400psi DP. EPCM contract Detailed design & EPCM of 36km 6,8, 10 & 12 infield pipelines & Risers. 65m water depth, 1400/2000/3300/3700psi psi DP. Detailed design of Infield pipelines and flexible risers, procurement and construction support. Detailed design of the Legendre pipelines (loading and gas re-injection lines) Detailed design of 24km 12 DN300 & 6 DN150 pipelines and landfall. 55m water depth Conceptual design and detail design of 5 km towed pipelines from B11 to D35 Detailed design of 20 submarine oil pipeline and risers Design and supervision of manufacture of subsea manifold. Preparation of contract documents. Project management, engineering & offshore supervision of installation of manifold, flowlines and umbilicals. Design of subsea manifold, preparation of manufacturing specifications and tender documents. Supervision of manufacture.


PetroVietnam - Ca Mau Gas-PowerFertilizer Project Management Board ADMA OPCO

PM3 to Ca Mau Gas Pipeline Project


Umm Shaif


Duke Energy

Tasmanian Natural Gas Pipeline


Sarawak Shell Berhad B11 Pipeline Design


Chevron Offshore Thailand Ltd JVPC

Benchamas Stage 2


Rang Dong Phase 2


Chevron Offshore Thailand Ltd JVPC

Benchamas Stage 1


Rang Dong Phase 1


Phillips Petroleum

Bayu Undan

19982002 1998

Apache Energy

Legendre Development


Patricia Baleen

2000 1999

Sarawak Shell Berhad D35 Pipelines Conceptual and Detail Design

Brunei Shell Petroleum BHP Petroleum

Iron Duke Pipeline


Jabiru 7/11/13 Project


BHP Petroleum

Jabiru Subsea Manifold Project



Northern Australia Gas Venture Offshore

Screening studies for offshore facilities at Sunrise, Troubador and Loxton Shoals fields in Timor Sea, plus pipeline to Darwin facilities. Supervision and technical assistance for stablisation design, physical modelling of armoured berm stability and sediment/pipeline interaction and QA/QC during construction. Engineering services and commissioning for SBM, pipeline and shore facilities, including pig station and hose handling and maintenance facility Preliminary engineering and total drafting activities and studies associated with the offshore platform and wellstream export pipelines. Basic Engineering through to detail design of four export loading lines (18 and 16). Two 18 lines are thermally insulated and export a production anticipated. Detailed design of storage and metering facilities and 70 km of 14 pipeline Detailed design of 20 pipeline and 12 spur line, valve and metering stations Detailed design of pipeline and valve stations Preliminary design to support EPC contractor for a subsea insulated pipeline and PLEM in approximately 250 ft. water depth. 12" pipeline stability analysis


Woodside Offshore Petroleum

NRA Trunkline Stablisation Project


Promet / Petronas

PSR-2 Crude Oil Offloading Facility, Malacca, Malaysia Madura BD Gas Development Project


Mobil Oil Indonesia


IPCO Nigeria Ltd.

Bonny Export Terminal


APL / Promet

Hub River Fuel Oil Pipeline, Pakistan


IPCO / Petronas

Melaka Gas Pipeline, Malaysia


IPCO / Bechtel / PTT Amoseas Indonesia Inc.

Parallel Pipeline, Thailand ADEX Project Phase I - AWOA Subsea Field Development

1994 1993

Pertamina Bow Valley Chamar Expansion Project3 (Tanjung) Ltd Confidential Client


Pipeline configuration and front end design for Mechanical design and overall definition of facilities 2 white products lines and a gas transmission line.1 Dulang D Oil Pipeline1 Detailed design of 16" infield oil multiphase pipeline. Pipe jacketed within 20" carrier and insulated with polyurethene foam. Included all specifications and requisitions.


Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd


Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd

Dulang Gas Compression and Water Injection Detailed design of 6 infield gas compression and water Pipelines1 injection pipelines linking 3 satellite drilling platforms to a central production platform Guntong D Oil Pipeline1 Detailed design of an insulated 12" oil transmission pipeline adopting state of the art syntactic insulation coating. A study to review the need for stabilisation of non concrete coated gas pipelines, to determine and evaluate methods to stabilise selected pipelines and to repair of a number of deteriorated pipeline crossings. Scopes of work and specifications prepared for offshore screw anchor installation from a DSV Detailed design of 36 pipeline and blowdown stations


Esso Production Malaysia Inc


Esso Production Malaysia Inc

Remedial Stabilisation and Crossing Design1


IPCO / Chiyoda

Bontang Gas Pipeline, Indonesia


IPCO Marine Constructors

Talinpu Pipelines and SBM1

Construction phase engineering support to main contractor for 2 x 34" crude unloading lines, PLEM and SBM system in Taiwan coastal waters. Included detailed design of sheet piling shore crossing and deadman anchor for pipe pulling operation. Reviewed laybarge installation, trenching, PLEM and SBM installation, hydrotest and commissioning procedures. Study to determine optimum solution for pipeline transport of high pour point crude. Non buried, buried and insulated designs developed and evaluated in relation to pumpability, wax build up, safe shutdown durations and restart pressures. Temperature and pressure profiles developed based on non Newtonian crude rheological properties. Particularly detailed studies on buried pipeline construction methods and equipment for the very soft clay pockmarked seafloor, upheaval buckling and state of the art insulation coatings. Detailed costs derived. Conceptual and detailed design of 10" and 12" gas intrafield pipelines in a highly congested seafloor area. Included complex routing and multiple crossings. Conceptual and detailed design of 12" gas infield pipeline and associated risers and clamps Design advice on nature of wave breaking and resultant pipeline loadings due to wave and current induced water particle velocities in breaking zone; state-of-the-art 2-D numerical modeling to obtain design data Design & QA services for flexible flowline/umbilical manufacture. Project management and offshore supervision of installation of mooring, flowlines & umbilicals Engineering and supervision of manufacture of PLEM & subsea manifolds. Detailed installation procedures, general offshore installation supervision. Analysis of completion riser. General design work Design and supervision of manufacture of Subsea Manifold. Preparation of contract documents. Project management, engineering & offshore supervision of installation of manifold, flowlines & umbilicals Design of subsea manifold, preparation of manufacturing specifications, and tender documents. Supervision of manufacture Design of two well subsea system, flowlines, shore crossing, onshore pipelines and gas processing plant Screening studies for offshore facilities at Sunrise, Troubador and Loxton Shoals fields in Timor Sea, plus pipeline to Darwin LNG facilities


Esso Production Malaysia Inc

Pipeline Operability and Burial Study1

1991 1992

Brunei Shell Petroleum

West Champion CWWJ Pipelines1


Brunei Shell Petroleum East Spar Alliance (Western Mining Corp, Kvaerner RJ Brown, Clough Engineering JV) BHP Petroleum

Ampa 3/9 HP Gas Pipeline1


East Spar Pipeline Stabilisation

Elang/Kakatua Development Project

BHP Petroleum

Griffin Field Subsea Work

BHP Petroleum

Jabiru 7/11/13 Project, Timor Sea

BHP Petroleum

Jabiru Subsea Manifold Project

BHP Petroleum

Minerva Gas Development


Northern Australia Gas Venture - Offshore Timor Sea

Woodside Offshore Petroleum

NRA Trunkline Stabilisation Project

Supervision and technical assistance for stabilisation design, physical modelling of armoured berm stability and sediment/pipeline interaction and QA/QC during construction Straight forward rerouting of 3 intrafield flowlines previously designed by others. Included jack up footprint crossing Study to access the integrity of the 130 plus pipelines in the aged Baram Delta pipeline system and to develop a systematic integrity verification plan of inspection, maintenance and repair. All relevant Malaysian laws international codes and current practices reviewed. Systematic system review carried out, computerised database developed and interface with PCSB's computer based IMR management system developed. Detailed corrosion assessment, intelligent pigging and hydrotest studies completed.


1 Sarawak Shell Berhad Bayan BYDP-D Pipelines


Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd

Baram Delta Pipeline Integrity Study1


1 Sino Thai Engineering Songkhla Unloading Pipelines & Construction

Conceptual and detailed design of 4 submarine May 90 petroleum product unloading pipelines from tanker Apr 91 mooring in Songkhla harbour to onshore tank farm. Featured trenched and buried bundled pipeline design and floating installation technique. Included a complete set of new specifications. Conceptual design and costing of gas trunkline to shore Feb 91 and interfield pipeline Mar 91 Conceptual and detailed design of SSIV stations for the Feb 91 Jerneh 8" condensate and 28" gas export trunklines. Dec 91 Included design and specification of control system, valves, actuators, subsea support and protection structures, construction engineering for installation and tie-ins, and requisition and procurement support. This project introduced new subsea technology into Malaysia Detailed Design of 6" intrafield gaslift pipeline and Oct 90 associated retrofitted risers. Featured innovative Sept 91 method to combat potential riser vibration. Included all facility tie-ins at conjested platforms, specifications,requisition and procurement/fabrication support As part of a major study, conceptual design and costing Sep 90 of a 230km NGL trunkline to shore including preliminary Mar 91 routing and feasibility and layout of directionally drilled congested shore crossing. Detailed design of 12" oil production and 8" water Sep 90 injection intrafield pipelines and associated risers plus Mar 91 power cable routing and design of retrofitted J tubes for cable tie-in. Included specifications, requisitions and procurement/fabrication support.

Vietnam Gas

White Tiger Pipelines1 Jerneh Subsea Isolation Valve (SSIV)1

Esso Production Malaysia Inc

Esso Production Malaysia Inc

Guntong A to B Gaslift Pipeline1


Offshore NGL Study1

Esso Production Malaysia Inc

Tabu B Pipelines and Power Cables1

Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd

West Lutong Pipelines1



Detailed design of 6" and 8" gas intrafield pipeline and Nov 89 associated risers, including pipeline crossings. Scopes Aug 90 of work produced cross referenced to SSB's SES's standard specifications. Conceptual design of 35 oil, gas and water injection Oct 88 pipelines and risers varying from 6" to 18" associated Feb 90 with a new field development, included line sizing, routing of infield and export pipelines, shore approaches, riser and riser clamp locations and general arrangements and conceptual design of crossings

1 Sarawak Shell Berhad D35 Pipelines Conceptual Design


CLIENT DNV PROJECT TITLE CPC Taichung-Tunghsiao-Tatan Gas Offshore Pipeline Project (36 dia x 135 km long) Salmon EPC3 and QPD Pipeline Installation Project Egret EGDP01-FACP04 Pipeline Sumandak Field Development DESCRIPTION OF SCOPE Conceptual design, tender package preparation, tender evaluation & support to DNV during construction phase (Aug 20042006) Installation Engineering Support Conceptual and Detailed Engineering of Pipelines risers 2004 Conceptual And FEED Of Four Infield Pipelines Conceptual Study Of One Oil Export Pipeline. FEED Of Three Onshore Gas Pipelines Detailed Design Of 256km Onshore Produced Water Pipeline In Sudan. Topside Piping Analyses And System Inspection Requirement (Launcher To Hanger Flange). Audit Of PCSBs Existing Pipeline System Offshore Terrangannu Malaysia Conceptual Study For New Wellhead Platform And Export Pipeline. DATE 2004

Arabia/Likpin LLC (Abu Dhabi) Brunei Shell Petroleum Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd. Anadarko & Synergy Qatar. Amerada Hess Thailand Ltd. Petrodar Operating Co. Ltd. Sudan. Sarawak Shell Berhad Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd. Gujerat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd. India Crescent Gas Corporation Limited, Abu Dhabi. Murphy Oil Sarawak Sarawak Shell Berhad Brunei Shell Petroleum Ltd. Sarawak Shell Berhad

2004 2004 2004

Al-Rayyan Field Development Project. Phu Horm Field Development Project. Melut Basin Oil Development Project.

2004 2004 2004

F23 Facilities & Pipelines Rejuvenation Works. Corrosion Audit And Mitigation Program



Kg-Osn-2001/3 Block Development Export Pipeline.


Riser Platform, AP Platform Mods And Offshore/Onshore Pipeline.

Detailed Design Of 30 Gas Export Trunkline (Offshore, Shore Crossing And Onshore) And Associated Platform In The Mubarek Field, Offshore UAE. Detailed Design Of Three Infield Pipelines Between The WPPA, WPIA And WPPB Platforms. Conceptual Design For Four Subsea Pipelines Between Platforms SCDR-A, E11P-B, F13WDR-A And F13EDR-A. Detailed Design Of Two Pipelines From CWDP-01 To CPCB-07, And 1 Subsea Cable From CWWJ-02 To CWDP-01. Detailed Design Of One Infield Pipeline Between F13W and the E11 Complex.


West Patricia Field Development.


Basis For Design Of Engineering Design Portfolio 1. Champion West Phase III.



Detailed Design For Shallow Clastics Module And Pipeline


CLIENT ExxonMobil Exploration & Production Inc.


DESCRIPTION OF SCOPE Detailed Design And Post IFC Support Services For Satellite Field Development Phase 3 (SFD III) Topsides, Jackets, Pipelines And Host Tie-Ins (*Includes Some Subcontracted Pipeline Scope) Design And Technical Assistance Services For Existing Onshore Pipelines Being Crossed By New Roads. Hydraulic Optimisation of One Infield Pipeline (*Includes Some Subcontracted Pipeline Scope)

DATE 2003

Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd Sarawak Shell Berhad

MCOT Rejuvenation Project


E11 Hub Extended Work


Murphy Oil Sarawak ExxonMobil Exploration Production Inc. Sarawak Shell Berhad

West Patricia Topsides & Substructure

Detailed Design Of Offshore Production Facilities, Wellhead Platform And Associated Risers. Conceptual Development Of Irong Barat C Topsides, Jacket, Pipeline And Host Tie-In. Conceptual Design For Six Subsea Pipelines Between Platforms E11K-A, E11P-B, E8DR-A, F13WDR-A And F13EDR-A. (*Includes Some Subcontracted Pipeline Scope)


DBM Deliverables For IBC, Offshore Terrangannu E11 Hub



Murphy Sarawak Oil

Water Injection Detailed Design

Detailed Design Of Platform And Risers.


P rojects
Hydrocarbons (Subsea & Pipelines)


CPC Taichung-Tunghsiao-Tatan Gas Pipeline Project Project No: 043/24730 Office: Worley (Singapore) Capability: Subsea & Pipelines Client: Det Noske Veritas (DNV) Owner: Chinese Petroleum Corporation Completion Year: 2006 (Start Date: Aug 2004) Duration: 6 months (full time) + 24 months (part time) Description
Client spokesman: Mr. Edwardus Ng
Spokesmans position: Director of Operations (Singapore) Client company: DNV Client contact: +65-67796363

The Taichung-Tunghsiao-Tatan offshore gas pipeline system is designed to transport and supply re-gasified natural gas from Taichung LNG receiving terminal to Taipowers Tatan power plant in Tatan. The 36 inch diameter API 5L X65 pipeline consists of one onshore segment (segment 0, 5 km) and two offshore segments (Segment 1, 40.5 km and Segment 2, 85.5 km), which will be installed along the west coast of Taiwan. The throughput is 900 ton/hour with 300 mtpa annual delivery quantity operating at 80 kg/cm2g (inlet pressure) and 53.55 to 58.65 kg/cm2g (outlet pressures). Scope of Work/Service Conceptual/basic engineering design, cost estimate, tender package preparation, tender review and project management support of the onshore/offshore pipeline system and the associated onshore pigging stations at Taichung, Tunghsiao and Tatan and the Tunghsiao gas distribution station (including valves, metering, filter station and SCADA/telecom systems).

Challenges / Lessons Learned:

Earthquake, typhoon, extensive fishing activities, rock outcrops, HDD in congested area and tight schedule.
Maximum Water Depth: 92 m


P rojects
Hydrocarbons (Subsea & Pipelines)

Likpin Pipeline Installation Engineering Project No: Office: Capability: Client: Owner: Completion Year: Duration: 043/24950 Worley (Singapore) Subsea & Pipeline Worley Arabia/Likpin LLC (abu Dhabi) PEDCO / QDP Sep 2004 (start date: May 2004) 4 months

Client spokesman: Mr. Paul Rhode Spokesmans position: Engineering Manager, Likpin LLC Client contact: +971-43291267

Description Worley provides pipeline installation engineering support to the client for two major projects.: Salman Oil and Gas Integrated Development project by Petroiran Development Company (PEDCO) 14, 10, 8, 6 and 4 diameter infield pipelines Offshore facilities developed by Qatar Petroleum Development Company (QPD) Two 8 and one 10 diameter pipeline transporting twophase well fluid. Scope of Work/Service Pipe Laydown & Pullhead Design Pin Pile Pull Eye Design Review Pipe Installation Analysis including Initiation (Start-Up), Pipelay, Abandonment and Recovery (A&R) and Davit Lift Analyses for Annette and Jascon 5 barges. Design and Analysis of PLEM Pipe Stacking Stress Check Pipe Weld Cut-out Calculation Pipeline and Cable On-bottom Stability

Challenges / Lessons Learned: interface engineering and tight schedule

Maximum Water Depth: 43 m


SBM and Pipeline Preliminary Design


Clough Engineering for Petroleum Refineries (Australia) Pty Ltd


Port Stanvac, South Australia March, 1990


Analysis and design of a single buoy mooring system for 150,000 DWT tankers. Installation methods for a subsea pipeline.


Petroleum Refineries (Australia) Pty Ltd proposed to extend their existing crude oil loading and bunkering lines and install a new SBM mooring system at Port Stanvac to accommodate larger tankers. Preliminary mooring analyses were performed using the AQWA suite of programs in order to establish the maximum SBM excursions and anchor loads under normal and extreme operating conditions. Results from the analyses led to the conclusion that composite wire and chain mooring lines for the SBM would provide the necessary restraint whilst minimising buoy excursions, anchor loads and overall costs.

Alternative methods for installing the 2.5km long 36 inch and 16 inch pipeline extensions were identified and evaluated. On and off bottom tow together with conventional laybarge installation methods were assessed. Site visits were made to establish the feasibility of constructing a towed pipeline fabrication site. Preliminary design for the Pipe Line End Manifold (PLEM) and hose configurations were developed, taking into account results from the mooring analysis. Both gravity and pile based anchoring systems were considered. Overall project costs were estimated and submitted to PRA.

Bayu Undan Infield Pipelines


BHP Petroleum/Phillips Petroleum Bohai Bay, People's Republic of China



P r eliminar y engineer ing o f in-field p ip elines.

D E S C R I P T I O N:

Project Outline Gas Field Development in 80m water depth in the Timor Sea. Two drilling locations optimized approximately 7 km apart; wellhead platform and central processing complex to be installed. Untreated gas to be transported by subsea pipeline from wellhead platform to central processing facility. Initial phase of field development calls for gas recycling, which includes dry gas re-injection pipeline returning from central processing facility to wellhead platform. Both the production and re-injection pipelines operating at high pressure and temperature. Export lines, 2.2 km long, from central processing facility to FSO. Lines required for

condensate, propane, butane and fuel gas, ranging in size from 4-inch to 12-inch Flexible risers connecting export lines to submersible turret mooring on FSO. Schedule of Rates Contract with BHPP/PPCO. Awarded September 1997. Client Reference: Khai Phan (BHPP). Contract Value (Pipelines portion): US$500,000. Worley Scope Pipeline hydraulic design. Optimization of number and size of pipelines. Review of corrosion prevention methods and selection of pipeline materials. Review of installation methods, including Slay, bottom tow and controlled depth tow. Preliminary mechanical design. Preliminary stability analysis. Selection of pipeline coatings and CP systems. Route selection, platform approaches and riser locations. Preliminary riser analysis and riser clamp design. Preliminary design of flexible riser, including risers of alternative configurations. Development of project schedules and AFE level cost estimates.


Alternatives to San Diego River Outfalls


City of San Diego, Metropolitan Waste Water District


San Diego, California 1992



Outfall Boundaries and Layout, Review Site Specific Data, Preliminary System Hydraulic Analysis, Prepare Geological and Geotechnical Profiles, Identify Environmental Concerns

D E S C R I P T I O N:

Project Description
The San Diego River Outfall (SDRO) is an outfall planned to be sited off the coast of San Diego to discharge an average of 109 million gallons per day of treated effluent from up to five water reclamation plants constructed within San Diego County. The outfall design developed by Worley in association with a major US engineering consultant called for a 5.5-mile-long, 8-foot diameter tunnel from a headwork's facility onshore to the seabed diffuser pipeline system offshore. The diffuser system, as planned, was to be located within two to three miles of some of San Diegos popular swimming beaches including Ocean Beach and Mission Beach. To alleviate the publics concerns about the outfall siting and to support the environmental documentation, the City of San Diegos Planning Department requested that alternative discharge options to the SDRO be assessed. The Clean Water Program, responsible for administration of the project, subsequently commissioned the Worley-led team to investigate in detail seven alternatives to the SDRO. Included amongst the alternatives were new outfalls at Del Mar and La Jolla, as well as connections to the proposed South Bay Outfall and to the extended Point Loma Outfall. The concept of inland storage was also addressed by the team.

The scope and objectives of the study performed by Worley were as follows: Define outfall boundaries and layout for each location, including diffuser and headwork siting and tunnel alignment. Review site-specific data for each outfall scheme, including oceanographic, geotechnical, geographical and environmental data. Carry out preliminary system hydraulic analysis for each alternative to determine diffuser configuration and tunnel diameter.

Prepare geological and geotechnical profiles for each alternative and identify principal geotechnical issues associated with tunnel and shaft construction. For each alternative, identify environmental concerns, propose construction procedures, and prepare cost estimates and preliminary construction schedules. The study examined several tunnel alignments and profiles for each alternative. Evaluation of tunnel alignments required consideration of shaft siting, geotechnical conditions and easement acquisition. Over 50 miles of tunnel with diameters ranging from 7.5 feet to 12 feet were assessed in determining feasibility and cost-effectiveness of options. Both soft rock and soft ground tunnel boring technology were considered in developing construction costs estimates. In assessing outfall performance, Worley undertook preliminary system hydraulic evaluation of each outfall option including headloss calculations, anti-seawater intrusion and purging requirements. The results of the study were presented in a detailed report. The preferred alternative to the San Diego River Outfall was determined to be a tunnel to Point Loma with a connection to the extended seabed 12-feet diameter pipeline Point Loma Outfall.

Ravva Field

Command Petroleum India


D e c e mb e r 1 9 9 6


Conceptual Design and Cost Estimates For Wellhead Platforms, Pipelines and Onshore Process Plant

Worley initially performed the conceptual design and cost estimates for the Ravva Field. These were used by Command in their development application. Command were awarded the PSC and operatorship in December 1994 and then prepared scope of work and contract documents for an epic contract for the 5 offshore wellhead platforms, 18 pipelines and onshore processing plant. Worley assisted with preparation of technical documentation for tenderers and in technical assessment of the bias received from tenderers.

The epic contract was awarded to Hyundai in May 1995. Worley was appointed as the independent engineer acting for the banks to monitor and review the design and construction work performed by Hyundai. Start-up is due in July 1996 and project completion by December 1996.

i:/086adm/o&g/ProjectResumes\Ravva Field.doc

NRA Trunkline Stabilisation Project


Woodside Offshore Petroleum

North West Shelf, Western Australia November 1991


Supervision and technical assistance for stabilisation design, physical modelling of armoured berm stability and sediment/pipeline interaction and QA/QC during construction.


Severe tropical cyclonic activity on the North West Shelf resulted in significant scour, spanning and lateral displacements of the 40 trunkline. This left the trunkline in an unstable configuration requiring remedial stabilisation. Work included the supervision of the design process and design optimisation based upon physical modelling of the armour stability and rock berm/seabed interaction. During the construction phase; including quarry production, load out onto fall pipe vessels (Trollness and Rocky Giant), and placement by these vessels; quality control of rock production and placement was ongoing to ensure minimal impact on the construction program.

Following completion of the remedial stabilisation work, a detailed investigation including numerical modelling of pipeline seabed interaction was undertaken. Forming part of a number of studies, this investigation was required to assess the vulnerability of undumped areas of pipeline to the initiation of scour. The unique nature of the trunkline, including the environmental conditions and seabed characteristics, along with the unique engineering investigations required for this project, resulted in the Woodside project team receiving an Engineering Excellence Award from I.E. Aust. in 1992.

Legendre Oil Offloading Pipeline Design


Apache Energy North West Shelf 1999


Detailed Design of Offloading Pipeline

Apache Energy, in conjunction with Woodside Offshore Petroleum, are developing the Legendre oil field on the North West Shelf of West Australia. The field is located on a subsea plateau in approximately 50m of water, and will include production and offloading facilities. These export system facilities comprise an oil pipeline, pipeline end manifold (PLEM), flexible riser and a catenary anchored leg mooring (CALM) offloading buoy.
W O R L E Y S C O P E:

The conditions at Legendre are not conducive to pipeline stability because of the presence of cyclones, relatively shallow water, probable marine growth and a calcareous seabed. These factors resulted in the requirement for heavy walled, concrete coated pipe with stabilisation mattresses at each end to minimise pipeline movement at the tie-in points. The recommended installation method is based upon an off-bottom tow from the Mardi Station fabrication site in NW Australia. This site and method were successfully used for the installation of other flowlines. As part of the installation process, the off-bottom tow will cross the existing NRA trunkline. To confirm the technical risks of the towed crossing operation are acceptable, a series of model tests were performed at the UWA testing facilities. Worley devised and managed these tests which simulate the interaction between ballast chains and the protective rock berm.

Worley Limited performed the detailed mechanical and hydraulic design of the 2.5km long oil offloading pipeline which connects the production platform to the CALM buoy. The oil storage strategy had yet to be finalised at the time of engineering hence two pipeline configurations had to be considered to allow for the storage and non storage cases. The mechanical and hydraulic analyses resulted in 8" and 24" pipelines being required for the nonstorage and storage cases respectively.

i:\086o&g\adm\ProjectResumes\Legendre Oil Offloading Pipeline Design.doc

Murrin Murrin Gas Pipeline


Boral Energy Leonora, Western AustraliaWorley Fraser design pipeline engineering construction project Murrin Murrin



Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the Murrin Murrin Gas Pipeline


Provide an EPC service under a Joint Venture basis for the complete design, procurement and construction of the 85km Murrin Murrin Gas Pipeline in Western Australia. McConnell Dowell Worley Joint Venture was established to provide the EPC services to Boral energy for the development of Murrin Murrin Gas Pipeline Project, key elements of the project included:

Detail Design Risk and Hazard studies Procurement SCADA Construction Testing and Commissioning

File: t:\from fong ying\pipelines & subsea\to print\new profiles\murin gas pipeline.doc Provide an EPC service under a Joint Venture basis for the complete design, procurement and construction of the 85km Murrin Murrin Gas Pipeline in Western Australia.


Hong Kong SSDS Stage II Outfall - Preliminary Project Feasibility Study


Hong Kong SSDS Stage II Outfall - Preliminary Project Feasibility Study


Hong Kong December, 1999

Develop alternative outfall configurations, assess outfall hydraulics, design features and construction issues and compare outfall configurations.


The Strategic Sewage Study (SSS) for Hong Kong developed an overall strategy for the collection, treatment and disposal of sewage for the whole of Hong Kong. A major component of the system is the Strategic Sewage Disposal Scheme (SSDS) for the Victoria Harbor and South West Hong Kong Island area. Stage II of the SSDS includes the construction of the Stage II Outfall running from the eastern side of Lamma Island approximately southeast for several kilometers and terminating in a diffuser through which effluent will be discharged to the ocean. As part of the preliminary project feasibility study for Stage II of the SSDS, Worley were engaged to perform an assessment of a number of alternative outfall configurations which have been proposed. These configurations can be broadly categorized as: Tunneled multiriser outfalls Buried conduit (or immersed tube) outfalls

roughness values assumed for calculation of conduit friction losses. For each of these preliminary design configurations, address some of the more important features of the outfall in greater detail. Identify the most important construction-related issues and challenges associated with each of the three outfall configurations listed above. Potential methods of constructing the major outfall components were developed, described and illustrated and a number of issues were highlighted that cannot be fully resolved at this point but which must be considered as the design proceeds. Document a comparison of each of the outfall configurations with respect to a set of criteria, and present some recommendations regarding the configuration that should be adopted for the Stage II Outfall.

Tunneled outfalls with buried conduit diffusers. Worleys scope of work consisted of: Develop preliminary configurations and details of each of the outfall types listed above. Evaluate the hydraulic performance and behavior of each outfall type with respect to a number of criteria including driving head, purging flows and anti-intrusion flows. In addition, address issues such as; (a) potential for and magnitude of surges in the outfall; (b) emergency overflow to the old Stage I Outfall, along with the smaller adjacent Northwest Kowloon Outfall (NWKO); (c) tide levels which should be considered in calculating outfall driving head requirements; and (d)

File: Hong Kong Stage II PPFS Outfall Study.docProject Management Design Outfall


Kakap Subsea Development


Gulf Resources (Kakap) Limited South China Sea, Malaysia 1997



P r e p a r a tio n o f d e tailed d e sign sco p e

D E S C R I P T I O N:

Project Outline The development involves two subsea tiebacks, to further develop and export the surrounding oil and gas reserves. Kakap is located in the Indonesian sector of the South China Sea approximately 350 kilometers east of Malaysia in 89 meters water depth. The development comprises two new subsea wells tied-back to existing facilities. Jangkar-1X subsea well Tied-back to KH platform - 5.9 km via DN 150 flowline, DN 50 gas lift line and control umbilical. KRA South-1 subsea well Tied-back to KRA platform - 3.7 km via DN 150 flowline, DN 50 gas lift line and control umbilical. Piggable Y and ball valve located in flowline near the subsea wellheads to accommodate future tie-ins and pigging operations.

Worley Scope Worley Limiteds project workscope included the preparation of the detailed design package for Gulf Resources (Kakap) Limited. Process simulation and hydraulic sizing of flowlines. Pipeline and umbilical routing. Pipeline crossing design. Stability and spanning analysis of piggybacked flowline system. Expansion analysis and spool piece design. Design of the new piggy-backed risers and supporting clamps to the existing KH platform including vortex induced vibration (VIV) fatigue analysis. Preparation of MTOs.


East Spar Pipeline Stabilisation


East Spar Alliance (Western Mining Corp., Kvaerner RJ Brown, Clough Engineering J.V.)

Varanus Island, Western Australia. October 1995


Design advice on the nature of wave breaking and resultant pipeline loadings due to wave and current induced water particle velocities in the breaking zone. State of the art two-dimensional numerical modelling was used to obtain design data.


This project required pipeline loading design advice for the 0.5m diameter product pipeline route in the region of the reef edge west of Varanus Island (near Barrow Island). Desk top analysis methods indicated extensive regions of plunging wave breaking conditions, which would normally necessitate numerous closely spaced anchors. In addition the unknown characteristics of the wave induced water particle velocity field under these conditions would have resulted in conservative design, or the requirement to trench or bury the pipeline.

By initiating further work on environmental design criteria and the use of a previously verified state of the art free surface principle two dimensional numerial model, the nature and extent of wave breaking was defined for various pipeline routes and wave/water level combinations. Detailed model output of velocities and accelerations allowed calculation of pipeline loadings to an accuracy comparable to that previously only obtained by near-full scale modelling.

east spar pl stabilization.doc


Detroit River Outfall


Harza Consulting Engineers / CCJM / City of Detroit


Detroit, Michigan 1999-2000


Detailed Design of Outfall Discharge Risers

D E S C R I P T I O N:

It is proposed to construct a new outfall extending into the Detroit River, to discharge effluent from a nearby municipal wastewater treatment plant. The effluent will be routed through a tunnel and then through a series of six risers, each 10 feet in diameter, extending from the tunnel to the river bed. Worley International was responsible for the detailed design of the riser shafts.

Worleys responsibilities included: Development of design criteria Evaluation of alternative installation methods and selection of a method designed to minimize interference with ship traffic along the river during construction of the outfall Detailed design of the riser liners, sealing plugs, lifting appurtenances and all other items associated with the risers. Development of detailed specifications for materials, fabrication, testing and installation. Preparation of construction EPC documents.

Boston Ocean Outfall


Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


Boston, Massachusetts 1997



I nsp ectio n and T esting o f Fib er glass Diffuser s & Riser s

D E S C R I P T I O N:

The worlds largest ocean outfall for the disposal of treated wastewater is currently under construction in Boston. The project is part of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authoritys $6.1 billion effort to clean up Boston Harbor. The outfall will consist of a 9.5 mile long 24 ft diameter tunnel some 230 ft under the seafloor connecting to a system of vertical risers and diffusers in 110 ft depth of water. There are a total of 55 risers, each with a diffuser structure which will disperse an average of 500 million gallons per day of treated effluent into Massachusetts Bay. Worley was the designer of the risers, diffusers and associated seabed engineering work. To meet the 100-year design life objectives for the project, Worley selected fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) for manufacturing the risers and diffusers. The final design called for the manufacture of almost 13,000 ft of thick-walled filament wound FRP tubulars (30inch diameter) and 57 complex eight-arm FRP diffusers. Because of the unique design features and use of non-traditional construction materials, Worley specified a stringent and comprehensive series of quality control requirements including an acoustic emission (AE) test for the FRP fabrication contract. Worley provided technical support to the FRP manufacturer and assisted in the Worley supervised the field inspection and testing program at the FRP manufacturing plant. The following activities, procedures and tests required Worley review and approval as part of the overall construction program: Prototype riser pipe manufacture to verify production procedures and material compliance Operator and laminator test to verify capability and qualification Ignition loss tests and hardnes tests on FRP laminate

External pressure test on all completed FRP diffuser manifolds in conjunction with AE monitoring Bending tests of 10% of production risers in conjunction with strain and AE monitoring

Case study

PM3 Ca Mau Gas Pipeline

Worleys Scope of Work Worley is currently preparing the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) package for this project. The main elements of the design are: Platform riser 295 km of DN450 (18) offshore pipeline Shore crossing and Land Fall Station including PIG launcher and receiver facilities, pipeline dust filtration, pressure regulation and protection and venting facilities. 26 km of DN450 (18) onshore pipeline through water inundated terrain including a Line Block Valve station with full SCADA, leak detection, bypass and pipeline venting. Gas Distribution Station with PIG receiver, gas filtration and liquids separation, gas heating and pressure reduction and fiscal metering to Power Station and Fertilizer Plant customers. The PM3 Ca Mau Gas Pipeline Project is part of the Gas Power Fertilizer Co-ordination Project to supply natural gas to a planned Integrated Power and Fertilizer Plant in the Ca Mau Province of Vietnam. PetroVietnam Ca Mau Gas Power Fertilizer Project Management Board (CPMB) has been nominated as the owner and operator of the gas pipeline. The gas pipeline originates on the Bunga Raya (BR-B) platform, which is located on block PM3 in the Commercial Arrangement Area (CAA) in the overlapping Vietnamese and Malaysian area of the Gulf of Thailand.

Ca Mau Gas Power Fertilizer Project Management Board PetroVietnam

Key Learnings/Points of Note:

High profile international

project. Cultural differences and expectations overcome Safety in design comes first before capital cost International Best Practice More detail is required at the FEED stage Local content imperative

Project Director:
Alex Willink

The pipeline and facilities are designed to transport a maximum of 2 BCM of natural gas per year from BR-B to the Integrated Power and Fertilizer Plant. The gas pipeline is scheduled for start up in March 2005. Worley has played host to the Client team from Vietnam with the added task of providing training to ensure that international best practice is past on to the local team.

Contact Point:
Worley (Melbourne) Bruce Andrews General Manager Pipelines & Terminals

Project No

Construction techniques adapted to local practice

Oil & Gas
BassGas Project Location: Office: Bass Strait, Australia Worley (Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia) Origin Energy Resources

Client: Completion Year: September 2004 Description

The BassGas Project is the development of the Yolla gas and liquids field in central Bass Strait and comprises an offshore drilling/production platform, an onshore gas plant and a pipeline between these two facilities plus export pipeline(s) from the plant.

Scope of Work
Front End cost and schedule estimating, Preliminary Engineering, Design and Procurement Management Support, Construction Management Support (future).

The Yolla Platform will be located in 83m water depth and the 14 inch raw gas pipeline to the plant will comprise a 147km subsea section and a 32km onshore section. The shore crossing at Kilcunda on the South West Gippsland coast will be constructed using the horizontal directional drill method through sedimentary rock. The plant will produce a nominal 20TJ of sales gas per year which will be exported into the Victorian gas network at Pakenham via a 34km 10 inch pipeline. Condensate will either be exported via a 17km 4 inch pipeline to the Longford-Long Island Point liquids pipeline or trucked to processing facilities. LPGs will be trucked to local customers.

Scope of Services
Worley has been closely involved with Origin on BassGas since May 2001. Activities carried out have included: Cost Estimate and Schedule for Project, based on existing concepts Preliminary Engineering of offshore platform, subsea pipeline, gas plant and onshore pipelines Selection of subsea pipeline route and shore crossing location Preparation of basis of design and functional and technical specifications Preparation of all other documentation for EPIC Tender Package Issue of EPIC Tender package, evaluation of tenders and assist with contract award Management of subsea hydrographic survey and onshore pipeline route and gas plant land surveys, offshore and onshore geotechnical and geophysical surveys, investigations and laboratory testing and metocean data measurement Ongoing project management and engineering support during the EPIC Contractors engineering and procurement phase Development of Client Project Management, Safety and HSE systems and procedures [Future: Ongoing construction management support offshore platform fabrication and installation, onshore pipeline and gas plant construction]

Oil & Gas

Maui AD / Ihi Project, Offshore Taranaki Basin, NZ Project No: 351/01828 Office: Worley (Melbourne, Australia & New Plymouth, New Zealand) Capability: Subsea Client: Shell Todd Oil Services (STOS) Completion Early 2003 Year: Scope of Work:
Preliminary Engineering, Engineering Support, Preparation of Invitation to Tender Packages Subcontracts Management Project Management

The Maui Field, discovered in 1969, lies in the offshore Taranaki Basin on the West Coast of the North Island, New Zealand. Shell Todd Oil Services Ltd (STOS) have undertaken to drill and complete a development well (designated Maui-08) into the reservoir D Sand in 2003 with the ability to re-complete the well on the higher C Sand reservoir. Expected reserves are 95PJ gas with additional condensate. The single subsea well will be drilled in the undepleted area to the west of the Ihi Fault, approximately 5000m from Maui Production Platform A (MPA) in a water depth of 110m. The proposed subsea development uses a flexible flowline tied back to MPA. A dynamic catenary riser will be used for the production flowline. A second catenary riser will be used for the platform to seabed communications umbilical, comprising electro hydraulic and service line cores. The subsea installation comprises a single well complete with Christmas Tree, Umbilical termination assembly tied back to a production controls system located on MPA.

Scope of Services:
Worley scope includes: Concept development : Subsea Tree, Flowline and Umbilical Contracting Strategy and Project Execution Plan Operations Review HAZOP Project Risk Assessment Procurement including preparation of tender packages and specifications for Tree and Control System, Flowline, Umbilical and Installation Tender evaluation, selection and award Quality Assurance Plans and Quality Management System Expediting and Inspection Services Subcontracts Management Project Budget Proposals for Financial Investment Decision Full Commercial, Quality and Technical Support

Oil & Gas

Patricia/Baleen - Offshore Section Client: Basin Oil Pty Ltd Location: Bass Strait, Australia Completion Year: Late 2002 Office: Worley (Melbourne, Australia) Description Scope of Work: Preliminary and Detailed Design, Construction Management Support Basin Oil Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of OMV Australia Pty Ltd, is developing the Patricia and Baleen fields which are located in the Bass Strait, to the eastern end of the Gippsland Basin, Offshore Victoria. The fields lie in approximately 55m of water and are located 24km offshore. The field contain lean dry gas. The fields will be exploited via a subsea development. The development base case is for two subsea completed, satellite wells to be developed initially with provision for tie-in of two further subsea completed wells and third party facilities at a later date. Commingled well stream fluids will be exported from the fields to the onshore plant via a DN300 (12) diameter carbon steel pipeline with a design pressure equivalent to ANSI 600# flange rating. Individual wells will tie-in to the DN300 (12) pipeline via DN150 (6) carbon steel spools. Flowline isolation valves will be integral with the spools. A directionally drilled beach crossing will be provided for the pipeline shore crossing.

Scope of Services Worley has been working closely with Basil Oil on the Project since 2000. Activities carried out have included: Preliminary engineering of pipeline and subsea facilities Advice on regulatory issues affecting offshore pipeline Detailed design of offshore pipeline, including optimisation of concrete coating thickness Preparation of material and construction specifications Discussions with construction tenderers Ongoing engineering and construction management support during project implementation phase

Oil & Gas

Bream Gas Pipeline Project Client: Eaaso Australia Pty Ltd Location: Bass Strait, Australia Completion Year: Late 2002 Office: Worley (Melbourne, Australia) Description
The Bream field is an oil and gas reservoir located in the Bass Strait approximately 46 km offshore. Bream A currently produces and exports crude oil to shore via the West Kingfish (WKF) platform. Esso identified the potential to further develop the Bream field to increase recoverable hydrocarbon liquid in the near term and convert Bream to a gas producing field in the longer term, following the depletion of oil. WorleyABB were engaged by Esso to investigate methods to increase liquids production and develop Bream as a gas producer and potential storage facility in the future. All concepts included exporting: condensate rich gas to Longford via a new subsea and onshore pipeline from Bream A, platform modifications and modification at the onshore valve sites and Longford gas plant. The future use of the BMA reservoir for gas storage and CO2 disposal were also investigated.

Scope of Work: Conceptual and Design Preliminary Environmental and External Affairs Support

Scope of Services
Conceptual Engineering - Offshore Pipeline - Onshore Pipeline - BMA Host Facilities - Gas Plant modifications Preliminary Engineering of BMA Host facilities Development of External Affairs Plan for Project Coordination and preparation of environmental approvals under both Commonwealth and Victorian jurisdiction. (Which included the preparation and submission of a Referral under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and a Project Description under the Environmental Effects Act. Ultimately the project was not designated as a Controlled Action). Development of Environmental Management Plan Development of Pipeline Management Plan Worley Licenced Surveyor acting as Esso representative during offshore survey Worley Principal Engineer acting on behalf of Esso during pipeline design, procurement and Installation activities Management of onshore pipeline easement survey and geotechnical investigation Preparation of the AS2885 onshore pipeline risk assessment.

Oil & Gas

Tasmania Natural Gas Pipeline - Offshore Section Client: Duke Energy International Location: Bass Strait, Australia Completion Year: Late 2002 Office: Worley (Melbourne, Australia) Description Duke Energy International (DEI) is constructing a 14 inch pipeline to transport gas from the Longford Gas Plant in Victoria across Bass Strait to Tasmania. In addition, a Tasmanian gas pipeline network is being developed to supply industrial, commercial and residential customers. The offshore section of the Tasmania Natural Gas Pipeline (TNGP) runs for an approximate length of 300 km from Seaspray in Victoria to Five Mile Bluff in Tasmania. Maximum water depth along the route is around 70 metres. Both shore crossings will be constructed using the Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) method, the crossing in Victoria through silty sand, the crossing in Tasmania through basalt rock. Scope of Services Scope of Work: Preliminary and Detailed Design, Construction Management Support Worley has been working closely with DEI on the TNGP since 1998. Activities carried out have included: Preliminary engineering - pipeline sizing and routing Development of detailed cost estimates and preparation of Fatal Flaw report to support project sanction Selection of pipeline route and tendering of survey contract Management of offshore route survey, geotechnical investigations and benthic surveys Advice on regulatory issues affecting offshore pipeline Detailed design of offshore pipeline, including optimisation of concrete coating thickness Identification of shore crossing locations and engineering analysis of crossings Selection of tenderers for offshore installation Preparation of tender package and construction specifications Evaluation of tenders and assistance in contract award Ongoing engineering and construction management support during project implementation phase.

Oil & Gas

Client: Brunei Shell Petroleum Co. Sdn. Bhd. Location: Ampa Field, Offshore Brunei Completion Year: Early 2002 Office: Worley (Melbourne, Australia) Description Block 12 / CHPS Pipelines Conceptual Design A proposed increase of oil and gas production in the AMPA area, offshore Brunei, necessitated facilities upgrades including the following: A new LP separator at AMRP-04 Installation of a new 2km, DN400 multiphase line between Worley has been working closely with Brunei Shell through our sister company Damit Worley in Kuala Belait since the 1990s. Work carried out on this project included: Preliminary engineering of pipeline Mechanical and stability design, including optimisation of concrete coating thickness Internal corrosion studies Offshore route selection on a very congested seabed Shore crossing considerations and onshore route selection Installation considerations AMDP-06 and AMRP-04 Installation of new 3km, DN500 gas pipeline between AMRP-04 and AMPP-12 The existing DN250 x 22 km long pipeline from platform AMRJ-2 to shore had minor to severe corrosion. The conceptual scope covered the design of a new pipeline from the pig launcher on AMRJ-2 to the onshore receiver including the shore crossing and short onshore pipeline section. Brunei Shell Petroleum awarded Worley the Contract for the Conceptual Design of the above pipelines as well as the necessary modifications on the offshore platforms.

Scope of Work: Conceptual Design Scope of Services

P rojects
Oil & Gas
Kerisi Project Client: Location: Conoco Indonesia Inc. Ltd Block B of the Indonesian sector of Natuna Sea Office: Worley (Melbourne, Australia) Completion Year: Early 2003 Description
Kerisi, primarily an oil field with associated gas, is located approximately 23 km North East of the FPSO to be installed on the Belanak Field. Belanak is now under development and due to come on stream in late 2004. Kerisi is expected to come on stream in late 2006. Hiu is a wet gas field located a further 7 km northeast of Kerisi. Hiu will come on stream in October 2005. The gas and liquid export from Kerisi / Hiu will be via pipeline to the Belanak FPSO.

Scope of Services
Worley has been working closely with Conoco through our local office Ceria Worley located in Jakarta Indonesia. Work carried out on this project included: Preliminary engineering for pipeline design for the liquids and gas pipelines

Scope of Work
Front End Engineering Design of pipelines, risers and manifolds.

Mechanical and stability design, including optimisation of concrete coating thickness Crossing design Installation considerations Material and construction specifications Riser design Manifold Design Development of detailed cost estimates.

Oil & Gas

Bul Hanine Arab C Gas Recycling Project FEED and Re-FEED Project.

Client: Location: Completion Year: Office: Scope of Work: Front End Engineering Design Scope of Services Worley has been working closely with Qatar Petroleum through our local office Worley Qatar located in Doha, Qatar. Work carried out on this project included: Preliminary engineering for pipeline design Mechanical and stability design, including optimisation of concrete coating thickness Internal corrosion studies Offshore route selection on a very congested seabed Thermal pipeline design and thermal insulation requirements Crossing design Installation considerations Umbilical design Material and construction specifications Offshore surveying management and supervision Wellhead Platform design

Qatar Petroleum Bul Hanine Field Offshore Qatar Early 2003 Worley (Melbourne, Australia) Description Qatar Petroleum had identified that increased oil and gas production could be developed for the Bul Hanine field through gas recycling/injection, through the existing set of Wellhead Platforms. Worley Qatar were awarded the FEED that was to develop the requirements for the project. Worley Qatar used Worley to provide support for the pipelines and umbilicals. Worleys scope was to perform the FEED for 9 pipelines and 7 umbilicals. Qatar Petroleum after completion of the FEED revised the philosophy of the gas re-injection/recycling project and concluded that further oil and gas could be recovered by adding further wells and Wellhead Platforms to the field. Worley Qatar were again awarded the Re-FEED. However, Worley not only provided the support for the Re-FEED of the increased scope of work for the 12 pipelines and 10 umbilicals, but also performed the design of the 3 new Wellhead Platforms that were required under the Re-FEED scope of work.


Project Resume:Sarawak Shell Berhad - D35 Block 2 Pipelines

Pipeline installation by laybarge

Pipeline installation by tow method

Worley Scope Worleys scope included the review and recommendation of the optimum installation methodology and preparation of the detailed pipeline design for Sarawak Shell Berhad. Installation concept study which reviewed: Tow methods - including fabrication site selection, layout, tow routes, buoyancy requirements, tie-in configuration and methodology and costing. Lay methods - including lay stress analysis for conventional s-lay, tie-in configuration and methodology and costing. Pipeline routing. Stability and spanning analysis. Sacrificial anode design. Expansion analysis. Detailed design of the new risers including vortex induced vibration (VIV) fatigue analysis. Preparation of MTOs.

Project Outline The project involves the further development of the D35 Block 2 field in the South China Sea approximately 10 km north west of Bintulu. The development is an unmanned platform (D35JT-C) tied-back to an existing platform (D35R-A) in water depths of between 45 and 50 metres. Pipeline installation study concepts included laybarge, surface tow, mid-depth tow, offbottom tow and on-bottom tow methods. 4 km of DN 200 product pipeline and DN 150 gas lift line link the two platforms.

Lump Sum Contract with SSB. Awarded: December 1998

Client Reference: Chuong Yu Teck, SSB

Key Outcomes The preferred pipeline installation method was identified and the detailed design completed via an integrated project team involving Ranhill Worley (Kuala Lumpur) and Worley Limited (Melbourne).

MLNG-Tiga Transmission Pipelines, Riser Platform & Onshore Slugcatcher Project

Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd

PDMS 3D Model of Onshore Slugcatcher

Project Description: Protek (now part of Ranhill Worley) is responsible for the conceptual and detailed design for the new MLNG Tiga offshore gas transmission scheme which include the following facilities : ! Four pipelines (Total Length of 520 Km)

Condensate storage and metering facilities - 500,000 BBL

36 x 147 km long API X65 Jintan Pipeline 22 x 99 km long API X65 Helang Pipeline Two 32 X 119 km long, API X65 Trunklines

The hydrocarbon transportation scheme was devised to transport 1400 MMSCFD (expandable to 2100 MMSCFD) gas and 70,000 BPD condensates from the Jintan and Helang offshore fields to the third liquefaction plant (MLNG-TIGA) to be located in Bintulu, Sarawak. This 120,000 man-hour project was issued for construction in 1999. The facilities are designed for Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd at a total CAPEX of a US$600 Million. The conceptual design was completed in a record time of 12 weeks.

Riser Platform (E-11R-C) & Offshore Tieins

2200 M/T Topsides, 4-leg jacket - 1600 M/T Modifications to existing E-11R-B platform for power import and instrumentation & control integration.

Onshore slugcatcher - 20,000 BBL, 50 fingers - 450 m long

Ranhill Worley Sdn Bhd


Project Resume:

Sime-Aker/Brunei Shell - Iron Duke Pipeline

Pipeline Approach to CPCB-7

Worley Scope Worley Limiteds project workscope included the preparation of a design package for the main EPC contractor Sime-Aker. Hydraulic sizing of the multi-phase pipeline. Pipelines routing. Pipeline mechanical design. Design included detailed design of the platform risers and clamps at the new IDDJ-1 platform (designed by CeriaWorley in Jakarta) and the existing CPCB-7 platform. Preparation of MTOs and material requistions. Specification of the riser passive fire protection system in accordance with Brunei Shell requirements.

Project Outline The development involves an extension of the existing Iron Duke facility (IDWJ-1), to further develop and export the surrounding oil and gas reserves, by drilling horizontal wells. Iron Duke is located some 13.5 kilometres South West of the Champion-7 complex in 40 metres water depth. The development comprises a new 4-leg 14-slot well jacket (IDDJ-1) adjacent to the existing 3-leg 3-slot well jacket (IDWJ-1), connected by a 40 metre twolevel aluminium bridge. Bulk oil, water and gas export from IDDJ1 and IDWJ-1 will be transported initially through the existing DN 300 ANSI Class 600 multiphase pipeline from IDWJ-1 to CPRP-7. An additional DN 500 ANSI Class 600 multiphase pipeline from IDDJ-1 to CPCB-7 will be installed at a later date. The new DN 500 pipeline is to be fully interchangeable with the existing DN 300 pipeline in that both pipelines can operate in HHP and LP mode.

Key Outcomes Integration of the expert resources of the three Worley companies: Damit Worley (Brunei), Ceria Worley (Jakarta) and Worley Limited (Melbourne) to produce a successful outcome for the main EPC contractor.

Lump Sum Contract with Sime Aker, as prime contractor to Brunei Shell. Awarded: March 1997

Client Reference: Leo Tori, Sime Aker

Provision of Basic Engineering Design Services for Phase 2 and Phase 3 of PM3 Development For Lundin Malaysia Ltd.


BKA LWS (existing)


as Export Pipeline to Vietnam




Block PM-3 Commercial Arrangement Area Phase 2 & 3 Development Project Field Layout

as Export Pipeline to Malaysia

Project Description Provision of Basic Engineering and Design Services for the following EPC/EPIC ITB Packages : BR-A CPP Topsides (EPIC) BR-A CPP Jacket (EPC) BR-B WHRP Topsides and Jacket (EPC) BS-A WHRP Topsides and Jacket (EPC) BK-B WHRP Topsides and Jacket (EPC) BK-C WHRP Topsides and Jacket (EPC) Transportation and Installation of Platform Components (BR-A Jacket, BR-B, BS-A, BK-B and BK-C) Interfield Pipelay (EPIC) Provision of FSO Vessel (EPIC) - By Others Offshore HU&C (BR-B, BS-A, BK-B, BK-C and BK-A) Project Cost RM 9 Million (Lump Sum) Design Manhours 60,000 Manhours Project Schedule April 2000 to Nov. 2000 Location Gulf of Thailand

Ranhill Worley Sdn Bhd


Worley International was engaged to provide engineering services for the design of the diffuser section of the Changi East Outfall in Singapore, including the diffuser pipeline sections, risers, diffuser structures, end gates and access manholes, as well as provide input to a number of design reports.

Changi East Outfall Project No: 065/07137 Office: Worley International Inc (Houston) Capability: Infrastructure Client: Montgomery Watson Engineering Consultants Owner: Singapore Ministry of the Environment Completion Year: 2001 Provide consultancy services for design and construction management of outfall for deep tunnel sewerage system Description The scope of work entailed: provision of engineering personnel on site review and comment on existing Project Quality Plan, and develop own equivalent plan review and comment upon program for delivery of detailed design during Project Design Phase contribute to preparation of Design Specification with respect to diffuser zone section of outfall participate in Constructability Assessment Workshop in Singapore design the diffuser zone section of outfall through various nominated stages of Interim Design, Pre-Final Design, Final Design and Final Construction Documents

07009/A/04/Infrastructure/Changi East Outfall.ppt

Pipelines and Terminals

Scope of Services
Carry out a site investigation, collate and review all documentation and data available at Exxon Pipeline Companys facilities relevant to the pipeline system. Assess alternative pigging scenarios and based on pipeline inspection history, determine the type of pigs which should be passed through the pipeline. Determine the preferred inline inspection technology (magnetic flux, ultra-sonic). Identify pipeline modifications and retrofits to enable passage of in-line inspection tools. Develop a pipeline pigging procedure. Prepare contract between Exxon Pipeline Company and pigging vendor. Prepare cost estimates and schedule for each pipeline section. Prepare pipeline report, detailing findings and recommendations. Provide field services during inspections. Assessment of pigging data and detail recommendations.

Baytown to Bush IAH Pipeline Integrity

Client: Exxon Pipeline Company Location: Houston, Texas Completion Year: 1998

Worley International was required to develop an intelligent pigging inspection program for the Baytown to Bush Intercontinental Airport pipeline system near Houston Texas. The system consisted of an 8-inch diameter pipeline from Baytown to Aldine Station, approximately 25 miles in length, and a 6-inch diameter section from Aldine Station to Bush Intercontinental Airport (Houstons major airport).. Worley investigated the pipeline sites and compiled pipeline data in a report format. Pipeline modifications were identified for both the 8-inch and 6-inch pipeline sections to ensure passage of an in-line metal loss detection tool (The existing end facilities were not suitable for launching or receiving an in-line tool). Modifications to the 8-inch pipeline began in October, 1997, and were completed in November, 1997. Worley provided site supervision and consultation services during the successful passage of the cleaning, gauging, geometry and corrosion inspection tools carried out in December, 1997. Worley was tasked to assess the results of these inspections and detail findings, repairs required and recommendations in a report. Modifications to the 6-inch pipeline began in the second quarter of 1998 for subsequent inspection in the third quarter.

07009/A/04/Pipelines & Terminals/Exxon IAH.ppt

Pipelines and Terminals

Pipeline Integrity Assessment Program US Navy Worldwide Client: US Navy Location: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Completion Year: On-Going (Estimated Spring 2003) Description

Overall Program Management Identification of necessary modifications of the 10-inch pipeline to Scope of Services In November 2000, Worley International was tasked with upgrading and modifying of the 10-inch onshore and offshore JP-5 pipeline to allow for the implementation an in-line inspection program as well as pressure testing of 3inch to 20-inch pipelines associated with the petroleum , oil , and liquid terminals, tanks and pipelines at the US Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. The total cost through the in-line inspection phase is estimated at $2.2 million (US).
allow for in-line inspection tool to be run through the pipeline.

Preparation of cost estimates, life cycle cost analyses, economic

analyses, and construction, installation and pigging schedules.

Preparation of modification and construction plans as well as

cleaning and in-line inspection pigging plan.

Identification of necessary pressure testing segments and

preparation of procedures required to bring the systems up to current standards and to ensure compliance with applicable safety and environmental codes and regulations.

Engineering studies involving appropriate materials for the

environment, including consideration of corrosion, fatigue and geotechnical phenomena.


of materials. Selection of contractors, implementation and management of contracts for construction and in-line inspection tools. management and quality assurance of modifications, repairs, upgrades, and retrofits, to POL pipelines, pipeline components, and other supporting structures. runs, geometry pig runs and MFL inspection tool runs.


Performance of pressure tests, cleaning pig runs, gauging pig Performance of engineering and construction quality assurance of
pipeline systems, documentation, processes and procedures.

Assessment of in-line tool run data to identify necessary repairs,

refurbishments and replacements of pipeline segments.

Construction management and quality assurance of the repairs

and replacements of pipeline anomalies as identified by the data assessment including locating of anomalies and procedures for tie-ins.

Written documentation of above tasks.

07009/A/04/Pipelines & Terminals/GTMO 2002.ppt

Oil & Gas

Scope of Work entailed: Conceptual study of possible development options in 1,000 to 1,700 meter water depth with production rates of 150 and 300 MM BOE

Santos Basin Deepwater Development Study Office: Worley International Inc (Houston) Capability: Subsea/Deepwater/Floating Production Client: Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Corporation Owner: Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Corporation Completion Year: 2001 Concept study into deepwater development scenarios for BS-1 Block Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil. Description Worley conducted a pre-development conceptual study for Kerr-McGee in conjunction with our Brazilian partner, Suporte. The scope of the study included the following: development of Design Basis development of system architecture for a range of production rates review of vessels new and conversion mooring analyses and conceptual design of mooring system conceptual design of FPSO facilities development of cost estimates and project schedules

Study focused on: subsea system architecture FPSO selection costs and schedule use of proven technology


Pipelines and Terminals

US Department Of Defense Pipeline Integrity Assessment Program Pipeline Modifications, Repairs and Construction

Client: US Navy Location: Puerto Rico & North Dakota Completion Year: 2002 Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico
In August 2001, Worley was tasked with implementing the necessary repairs and modifications to the POL facility located on Naval Station Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico. The fuels system on Roosevelt Roads consists of 2-inch to 20-inch pipelines that service the entire base. Worley is currently in the construction phase, consisting of repair and replacements of valves, removal of valves, removal and replacement of fittings and bends, pressure testing of pipeline segments, installation of pigging launchers and receivers and repair and replacement of pipeline defects that could adversely affect the integrity the pipeline. The total cost of the engineering and construction phase of the project is estimated at $900K (US).

Scope of Work: Pipeline Modifications, Repairs and Construction

Worley offers all services for pipelines from concept design to construction management, repair and modification, commissioning and operation. Worley can aid in pipeline route selection, survey, property acquisition, electronic imagery, design specification, contracts, procurement, quality assurance, inspection, testing, project controls, integrity assessment and operations. Worley is capable of undertaking projects throughout the world.

Grand Forks, North Dakota

In March 2001, Worley was tasked with relocating the JP-8 pipeline at the Grand Forks Air Base (GFAFB) in North Dakota. The pipeline is a 9inch jet fuel pipeline used to transport aviation fuel (JP-8) from several pipeline terminals to storage facilities on GFAFB. The existing pipeline was located on a bridge which for safety and environmental reasons required modification. The existing pipeline was replaced with a water way crossing using a directional drill. Worley was responsible for the engineering, design, planning, procurement, implementation, construction management, and testing of the drill section of the pipeline. The total cost for the engineering, procurement and construction was $370K (US).



Project Resume:

BHP Petroleum - Jabiru 7ST, 11ST and 13ST

Project Outline In order to extend the life of the Jabiru Field in the Timor Sea, in 1996 BHPP tied-in one new well to the production facilities and reconnected an existing well which had been disconnected in 1989. At the same time, all existing subsea hydraulic control umbilicals were replaced. The Jabiru riser turret mooring (RTM), in 120 metres water depth, has only four slots for tie-in of subsea wells, all of which were being utilised at the time of the project. In order to tie-in a fifth well, the flowlines and umbilical to the existing J11 well were disconnected and tied-in to a new subsea manifold. New flowlines and umbilicals were laid and tied-in from the manifold to J11 and the new well J13 allowing production from J11 and J13 to be recovered through the existing J11 production slot on the RTM. The existing Jabiru well J6 was disconnected and the existing flowlines extended and connected to the well J7. The J11/J13 manifold incorporated hydraulic control tubing, valves and ROV-operated chokes for the control of gas lift to the two manifolded wells. All subsea control umbilicals in the Jabiru field were replaced with new umbilicals and the existing umbilicals removed. Awarded: February 1995
Photo: A Geelen

Jabiru 11/13 Subsea Manifold

Worley Scope Project management and engineering for the installation of the umbilicals, flowlines and manifold. Preparation of contract documents including specifications, scope of work, etc. and review of tenders for the installation contract. Detailed design of the subsea manifold and supervision of the manifold manufacture. Re-analysis of flexible riser catenaries (lazy-S configuration). Preparation of documents including specifications, scope of work, etc. and review of tenders for the manifold manufacture purchase order. Preparation of the operations manual for the subsea manifold. Review of the installation contractor's engineering and installation manual. Offshore supervision of the installation contractor.

Client Reference: Mike Maloney, BHPP

Photo: A Geelen

Key Outcomes Cost effective tie-in of subsea wells achieved by an integrated project management team consisting of BHPP, Worley and other specialist consultants. Mid Depth Buoy


Project Resume:

Esso Australia Ltd - Near Term Gas Supply Pipelines

Worley Scope To complete hydraulic, mechanical and stability design for the pipelines incorporated in each of the sixteen options for reconfiguration. To perform preliminary pipeline routing, based on seabed bathymetry and platform locations. Assessment of installation alternatives (laybarge or reeling) for each of the pipelines. Assessment of suitable locations for risers to be installed on existing Bass Strait platforms. Preparation of detailed cost estimates for each configuration. Preliminary engineering and costing of both cluster manifold and template alternatives for the four West Barracouta subsea production wells.
Project Outline Preliminary engineering associated with re-configuration of Esso's Bass Strait gas pipelines. Sixteen different pipeline network configurations considered, incorporating pipelines of up to 500 mm outer diameter. Subsea production alternatives for four wells tied back from the West Barracouta field to the Barracouta platform were also investigated. Schedule of Rates Contract with Esso Australia. Awarded: October 1996

Client Reference: Chris Shinners, Esso

Key Outcomes Preferred pipeline configuration established. Reel installation determined to be more economic for those pipelines where size does not preclude this installation method.


Project Resume:

Phillips Petroleum - Bayu Undan Project

Project Outline The Bayu-Undan 3.1 TCF gas and condensate-rich field is located in the Timor Sea, approximately 500km NorthWest of Darwin, Australia. Water depth is approximately 80m. The field is located in the Zone of Cooperation A between Australia and East Timor and as such is administered by the Joint Authority. Bayu-Undan is a single gas reservoir, rich in associated liquids. Bayu was discovered in Lease Block 91-13 by the Phillips Petroleum lead group. Undan was discovered in Lease Block 91-12 by the BHP lead group. The field will be unitised and developed as a single facility. Likely field development will be two steel jackets, remote WHP and FSO. Possible future 500-km trunkline to Darwin and onshore LNG Liquefaction Plant. Awarded: February 1993 (ongoing)

Worley Scope Worley has been involved in all aspects of the Bayu Undan project to date including Screening and Feasibility Studies and Preliminary/Detailed Engineering of both the Upstream and Downstream areas, as detailed below:

50,000 man-hour screening and definition study to develop the preferred option for the field. Compiling of the life-cycle cost of each option based on previous projects and vendor queries. Upstream and Downstream feasibility engineering carried out in parallel. Engineering studies to support the proposed pipeline configurations. Review and preliminary design of CRA pipeline materials Detailed cost estimates of the export pipeline facilities to alternative LNG plant locations. Definition of trunkline routing to Darwin and preparation of Pipeline Licence Application. Studies for the optimisation of process and facilities for both fixed and floating options. Rigorous cost estimates of the two selected options for client NPV evaluation. Proceeding with detailed engineering and project implementation at present.

Client Reference: Larry Ryan, Phillips Petroleum, Perth

Key Outcomes Continued engineering involvement over the entire life of the project, through a change in field operator. Successful Joint Venture with other major engineering companies.


Project Resume:

ESSO - Blackback and Kingfish Fuel Gas Line - Offshore Installation

Worley Scope Project management during DSV and Reel Vessel contractors offshore engineering and procedure development Preparation of Pipeline licences for submission to government Preparation of Risk Assessment resolution sheets for close out of offshore installation Hazards Preparation of specifications and scope of work for KFFG Sub Sea Isolation Valves (SSIVs) Preparation of specifications and scope of work for Marine Warranty Surveyor Services for offshore installation engineering and procedures Review of installation contractors installation manuals Esso representative and Offshore supervision of the installation contractor on board DSV (diving support vessel) and on board Apache reel-lay vessel Esso representative and Offshore supervision of the installation contractor on board MLA platform during KFFG pipeline flooding.

Apache Reel Lay Vessel

Project Outline Blackback The Blackback facilities comprise three subsea completions in a water depth of 402m, connected in a daisy chain formation and controlled from Mackerel platform 18 kms away. A 200mm pipeline inside a 300mm diameter carrier pipe was laid between Mackerel platform and the Blackback facilities using the Apache reel-lay vessel in December 1998 to January 1999. The pipeline was wound onshore onto a reel in 8 km lengths and then unreeled into position at sea. Kingfish Fuel Gas Line The 54 Km , 150 NS Kingfish Fuel Gas Pipeline was installed to provide fuel-gas and gas-lift gas from MLA platform to the three Kingfish platforms; KFA, KFB and WKF. The pipeline was installed using the Apache reel-lay vessel in January 1999. The CSO Marianos DSV (diving support vessel) was used to install the platform risers and interconnection tie-in spools in August 1999. The installation included Sub Sea Isolation Valves (SSIVs) adjacent to the MLA, KFB, KFA and WKF platforms. Awarded: March 1998

Riser Clamp Installation on KFA Key Outcomes Blackback Diverless installation in over 400m of water. Deepest installation to date in Bass Strait. Kingfish Fuel Gas Line First time SSIVs have been installed in Bass Strait

Client Reference:C.Rothwell, EAL


Project Resume:

BHP Petroleum - Griffin Flowline Remedial Project - Offshore Installation

Worley Scope Review of installation contractors installation manuals and associated installation engineering Involvement with hazard assessment for the Bundle launch and installation BHPP representative during launch of Bundle at Mardie Beach BHPP representative and Offshore supervision of the installation contractor on the Survey vessel M.V.Mermaid Raider during Bundle off-bottom tow from Mardie beach to Griffin field

Griffin Bundle Towhead at Mardie Beach Rollers

Project Outline The project workscope involved design, fabrication and installation of the 5 km, 6 Scindian -2 replacement flowline and its associated subsea tie-ins. The workscope included the following: Rigid 6 modified 12% Cr production flowline Install bypass and removal of hydrocarbons from the existing damaged Scindian 2 flexible flowline and subsequent isolation of the flexible. Offshore installation of the 6 production flowline using the Off-Bottom Tow Method from the Mardie site in the North West of Australia. The flowline was encapsulated within an 18 carbon steel carrier pipe. Awarded: October 1999

Griffin Bundle Launch at Mardie Beach

Key Outcomes First time use of 12% Cr pipe Cr pipe towed in steel carrier pipe using off-bottom tow method Cr pipe replaced Griffin flexible lines

Client Reference: M.Maloney BHPP Contract Value: $50K


Project Resume:

McDermott Industries - Blackback Subsea Preliminary Engineering

A Blackback subsea concept

Worley Scope To complete preliminary design for all subsea components of the subsea field development. To ensure no major technical issues remained unresolved and to provide a sufficient level of detailed engineering to allow McDermott to provide a budget price for the engineering, procurement and construction of the subsea facilities and pipelines. Pipeline routing and mechanical, hydraulic, thermal and stability design. Identification of potential hydrate problems in the flowline and development of mitigation strategies. Subsea field layout and preliminary design of subsea production system components. Material selection and corrosion control for pipelines and subsea production equipment. Identification of pipeline inspection and maintenance requirements. Design of production risers for the Mackerel host platform. Design of pipeline connection system for tie-in of pipelines to the subsea facilities. Development of strategies for pipeline repair in deep water. Preparation of detailed cost estimates for subsea pipelines incorporated in the proposed development.

Project Outline Preliminary design was completed for Australia's first deepwater oil/gas subsea development, in 500 metres of water in Bass Strait. Production from three subsea wells tied back to an existing platform approximately 18 km away in 60 metres of water. Tie back of the subsea wells is via an 8" reel installed "Pipe in Pipe" flowline, a 4" gas lift line, and an electro-hydraulic control umbilical. Schedule of Rates Contract with the prime contractor, McDermott Industries. Awarded January 1996 Client Reference: Paul McNamara, McDermott

Key Outcomes Feasible design developed for the Blackback subsea facilities with all technical issues identified and resolved and detailed cost estimates prepared. EPC contract awarded in 3Q 1997. McDermott were not successful in winning the contract.


Project Resume:
Worley Scope

ESSO - Seahorse/Tarwhine Diverless Repair (Phase 1)

Project management and engineering for the pod recovery and installation and umbilical recovery and re-lay operations. Management of the ROV and Surface Deployment System (SDS) subcontractor. Detailed engineering and design of installation aids and equipment. Analysis of the vessel motions and umbilical catenaries during recovery and re-lay operations. Manufacture and procurement of installation equipment and aids. Preparation of the offshore installation manual. Provision of surface deployment system for subsea tool deployment (SDS) and remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Organisation and supervision of the system integration testing performed at Barry Beach Marine Terminal. Management, supervision and performance of offshore work.
Project Outline The Seahorse and Tarwhine subsea wells had been shut-in approximately two years previous due to a communication fault between the Barracouta Platform and each subsea tree (SST) control pod. In order for ESSO to re-start the wells Phase 1 of the project required the recovery of each control pod, installation of a protective cover pod onto the SSTs, disconnection and recovery to deck of each control umbilical, electrical testing and re-lay of the umbilical next to the SST. The work was performed completely diverless using a dynamically positioned vessel as the work platform. A heave compensated crane (Surface Deployment System or SDS) was used for the pod work with the aid of an ROV. Awarded: February 1999 Umbilical Recovery
Photo: H. Forsyth

Photo: H. Forsyth

Control Pod Recovery Key Outcomes Worley developed equipment, installation aids and procedures to perform the work completely diverless. Retrieving the umbilicals was a significant achievement as the umbilical connections were designed for diver intervention and had been subsea for 10 years. Contingency procedures were identified early in the project and enabled the offshore programme to be performed without incident or schedule delay. The project was completed to meet Essos very tight schedule, from the kick-off meeting to the beginning of the offshore phase was nine (9) weeks. The offshore phase was then completed in two (2) weeks, including demobilisation.

Client Reference:Wayne Henry, EAL


Project Resume:

BHP Petroleum - Griffin Field Subsea Work

Project Outline The A$600 million Griffin facility is located 68km NW of Onslow, Western Australia. The field, which came on stream in November 1993 includes a FPSO, riser turret mooring (RTM), 4 subsea distribution skids, 9 subsea wells and a gas sales line to an onshore gas plant. The subsea distribution skids acted as manifolds to distribute lift gas and electrohydraulic control functions to up to 4 wells in each of 4 sectors. The sales gas pipeline consisted of a 200NB flexible riser, a pipeline end manifold (PLEM) incorporating a removable subsea pig launcher followed by 65km of 200NB rigid pipeline. Design oil production was 80,000 BPD and design gas production about 40 terajoules per day. Awarded: February 1993

Worley Scope Worley was involved in several aspects of the Griffin project including detailed design of subsea hardware, supervision of manufacture and supervision of installation as detailed below: Supervision, engineering and project management for the pipeline end manifold (PLEM) and subsea pig launcher which was manufactured in Singapore. Detailed design of the Griffin manifolds (Subsea Distribution Skids or SSDS). Preparation of specifications and scope of work for the SSDS manufacture. Detailed design and drafting of equipment for connection of the subsea umbilicals to the subsea trees. Preparation of detailed engineering procedures for the pull-in and connection of the umbilicals to the trees. Review of the installation contractors installation manual. General offshore installation supervision (and in particular the umbilical tie-ins). Supervision of the PLEM installation from semisubmersible drilling rig. Preparation of procedures for the installation and operation of the PLEM and subsea pig launcher.

Client Reference: Dr Colin Simmons, BHPP

Key Outcomes Worleys involvement with the PLEM, subsea pig launcher, SSDSs and subsea tie-ins contributed to a successful field development.

Testing Umbilical Pull-in


Appendix 2 Resumes and Key People

Subsea & Pipelines Capability Profile.doc

Page 17

000/00000/0 : Rev A : 16 February 2004


Ngiam Poh Chye Andrew


BSc (Hons) in Civil Engineering, First Class Middlesex Polytechnic, UK, 1980 PhD (Civil Engineering) University of New South Wales, Australia, 1991


Corporate Member, The Institution of Engineers, Australia Registered Chartered Professional Engineer, Australia Corporate Member, The Institution of Engineers, Singapore Registered Professional Engineer, Singapore Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

KEY EXPERIENCE Over 23 years of post-graduate experience in engineering, project management, procurement, construction and operations of offshore and onshore oil and gas facilities in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. Currently based in Worleys Singapore office responsible for its global pipeline & subsea technology and strategy. Andrew also coordinates with various Worley offices worldwide for the alignment of Worleys global oil & gas strategy. He was formerly the Regional Manager, Pipelines & Subsea at Aker Kvaerner Asia Pacific office and was responsible for pipeline and subsea technology, R&D and operations. He transformed the department to become a Centre-of-Excellence of pipeline & subsea technology within the Aker Kvaerner Group. He was also the project sponsor of all pipeline and subsea projects. In his earlier career, he was a pipeline engineer of R J Brown & Associates (RJBA). Has worked on a range of interesting projects involving oil, gas and water pipelines including deep water pipelines and associated facility, risers, trenching/backfilling, drilling/blasting, crossings, ocean outfalls, jetty, pipe-in-pipe pipeline, onshore manifolds, gas pigging stations, costing, project management, suspension bridges and PLEM systems in ASEAN countries, India, China, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong and has extensive working relationships with clients, contractors, vendors and government agencies. He actively participates technical seminars and conferences of pipeline & subsea technology.

AREAS OF PARTICULAR EXPERTISE Design of subsea pipelines and associated facilities to British Standards, DNV, Australian Standards and ASME codes. Proficient in the use of many industry standard software packages, including Orcaflex, Caesar II, Offpipe, Autopipe, Plusone, ABAQUS, ANSYS and Microsoft applications. Project Management of major offshore projects


Worley Pte Limited Global Manager - Subsea & Pipelines

Appointed Worleys Global Manager for subsea pipelines based in the Singapore office. Responsible for the overall technical capability and strategy for the group. 1990 2004

Kvaerner E&C Singapore Pte Ltd Regional Manager Pipelines & Subsea

ngiam poh chye andrew_3mar04.doc 4 June 2004

N G I A M P O H C H Y E A N D R E W - G L O B AL M A N A G E R - S U B S E A & P I P E L I N E S

for Cairn Energy India Limited Lakshmi Pipeline Remedial Study (2003-2004) Technical adviser for the 24 Lakshmi pipeline (Bay of Cambay) remedial/rectification work. The pipeline was exposed to 7 knots of strong current with excessive soil erosion and free span problems. for Reliance Industries Limited KDG 6 Deepwater Development FEED (2003)
Subsea Pipeline Manager for review of the overall deepwater concept development and detailed FEED design of a network of subsea Gas transportation pipelines system, PLEM and PLETS for the Deep Water Gas Field located 40km offshore at maximum depth of 1,400m.

for Development Resources Pte Ltd, Singapore Proposed Power Gas Submarine Pipeline to Pulau Sakra (Oct 1998)
Project Manager responsible for a team of specialist engineers for the review of EPC contractors (Jan de Nul-Boskalis J.V) detailed engineering design, specifications and construction procedures for the 28 diameter 10-km long gas pipeline from Batam to Singapore (Singapore Waters only). Advised DRPL/PowerGas on contractual matters and claims/ variation orders.

for CNOOC, Shanghai, China Pinghu Oil & Gas Field Development Project (Nov 2000 Jan 2001)
Adviser to Pinghu PMT on 10 oil pipeline repair (near Daishan Island), review of vendors/ contractors specifications/procedures. As the pipeline construction Supervision Consultant at the request of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), performed review/evaluation/verification of EPC contractors (Saipem-EMC J.V.) 34 variation orders for the construction of one 14 diameter 155-km submarine gas line and one 10 300 km submarine oil line.

for CNOOC, Agip, Chevron & Taxeca Operators Group (CACT) HZ21-1 GAS development Project Pipeline FEED (2002)
Project sponsor responsible for the overall execution of the Front End Feasibility Design (FEED) of the 287 km 12.75 diameter dense phase gas submarine pipeline from HZ 21-1B platform to Zhongshan Hengmen Island.

for CACT Operators Group HZ 21-1 Gas Development Project Pipeline Risk Assessment (2002)
Project Manager responsible for the pipeline quantitative risk assessment (QRA) study of 287-km gas pipeline.

for Hong Kong & China Gas Co (Towngas) Proposed Gas Pipelines fron Shenzhen to Tai Po, Hong Kong
Project Manager responsible for the Feasibility Study of the Towngas strategic gas supply from Mainland, China. The scope consisted of single and twin 18 diameter 33-km pipelines, process simulation, onshore launching/ receiving facilities, pipeline protection, costing and liaison with an EIA/ QRA consultant to cover the safety and environmental aspects.

for ERM Hong Kong Gas Pipelines & Cable from Shenzhen LNG Terminal to Tai Po (2002)
Project sponsor responsible for the overall execution of the preliminary engineering of the proposed Hong Kong & China Gas Company (Towngas) 32-km twin gas pipelines (18) and one fibre optic control cable.

for Shell Eastern petroleum (Pte) Limited, Singapore Proposed Bundled Submarine Pipelines/ Cables Linking Ular and Seraya, Singapore (Oct 1998 Aug 2000) Part I Project Manager
Responsible for the preliminary engineering and cost estimate of the bundled pipelines/fibre optic cables, liaison with government departments, supervision of marine survey and soil investigation.

for Mumbai Port Trust, India Replacement of Land Pipelines from Pirpau to Sewree Wadala (Aug 2002)
Project Manager responsible for a team of specialist engineers for the engineering and project management control (PMC) of the replacement of three existing oil pipelines (approx. 7 km each) and the associated facilities between the tie-in points at Pirpau and Sewree Wadala manifolds

Part II Key Member

Participated in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction bid preparation/ evaluation of tenderes and vendors and negotiations with client/ subcontractors.

ngiam poh chye andrew_3mar04.doc

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3 March 2004

N G I A M P O H C H Y E A N D R E W - G L O B AL M A N A G E R - S U B S E A & P I P E L I N E S

Part III Project Sponsor / Director

Responsible for the US$28 million Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contract of the bundled pipelines (4 nos. 12, 2 nos. 10 and 2 nos. 8) and two fibre optic cables. Subcontractor: Van Oord ACZ. Sub-Sub-Contractor: McConnell Dowell.

Project Manager responsible for the detailed engineering of Weizhou field submarine oil and gas pipelines system between WZ10-3A, WZ11-4C, WZ11-4A, and WZ12-1 platforms to Weizhou Island, one SPM pipeline & 1 subsea diffuser pipeline from Weizhou Island.

for Hong Kong & China Gas Co Ltd (Towngas), Hong Kong Diversion of Existing Twin 400mm gas lines from Tokwawan to North Point A Feasibility Study
Project Sponsor responsible for the overall execution of the feasibility study, which included the supervision of Kvaerners sub-contractors for EIA, marine survey/ soil investigation and intelligent pigging of the existing lines.

for CMS Asia Batam to Singapore Power Supply Project

Project Manager responsible for the preliminary engineering of submarine power cables crossing between Batam and Singapore.

for Brunei Shell Petroleum Sdn Bhd Champion Field Development Project
Lead Pipeline Engineer - conceptual design of a DN 300 liquid pipeline and two power cables between CP-7 and CP-11 platforms in the Champion field. The Control Depth Tow Method (CDTM) and RENTIS installation method for bundled pipeline/ cables and for single pipeline were examined.

for Hong Kong Electric Co Ltd, Hong Kong Lamma Power Station Extension Feasibility Study of Submarine Gas Pipeline
Project Manager responsible for the Feasibility Study of one 24" diameter 92-km long gas pipeline from Cheng Tou Jiao, Shenzhen, China to Lamma island extension, Hong Kong. The scope included the submarine pipeline, onshore launching/ receiving stations, liaison with specialist consultant for the EIA/ QRA studies and meetings with government departments and Hong Kong Telecoms.

for YTL Corporation Peninsular Malaysia Gas Supply Project

Project Engineer Confidential feasibility study and cost estimate of transporting natural gas from East Malaysia to Peninsular Malaysia and to Bongkot field (Thailand).

for Sembawang Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd Zone 1 West Natuna Gas Importation Project (1997 1998)
Project Manager responsible for the Front End Engineering Design of one 30" diameter gas pipeline at the Singapore Main Straits to Pulau Sakra and one 28" diameter line between the reclaimed areas of Pulau Pesek Kechil and Tuas.

for Mobil Oil Indonesia Inc. Indonesia

Project Manager responsible for the detailed engineering of a new suspension bridge parallels to the adjacent suspension bridge across the Djam Boaye River, Lhoksukan, Indonesia. The bridge is designed to carry one CS 16 pipe and 2 SS pipes (8/4). Project Manager responsible for detailed analysis of PASE A to SLS A field development project which consists of one 12.75" OD, 13.5 km land pipeline. The work includes pipeline expansion, bend radius, river crossing, anchor block, terminal piping stress analyses. Technical Accreditor for detailed engineering of Mobil's 120m pipeline suspension bridge across Djam Boaye River, Lhoksukan, Indonesia. The bridge carries one 12" diameter gas carbon steel and one 3" diameter produced water stainless steel pipelines. The work includes pipeline, civil and structural design in which wind and earthquake loads were considered.

for Mumba Port Trust, Membai, India Replacement of Submarine Pipeline (Assignment 1, 1996 Jan 2002)
Principal Lead Engineer responsible for supervising the preliminary design, detailed engineering, prequalification of tenderers, tender preparation/ evaluation, Home Office support to Field Office (Mumbai) during Construction. The US$65 Million project consists of six submarine/ land pipelines of diameters 42", 36", 30" and 8", and the associated complex manifold systems at Pir Pau and Jawahar Dweep, Mumbai.

for Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd, Korea AMDP-30 Project

Lead Pipeline Engineer Brunei Shells Block 12 Deep Development responsible for the detailed engineering of two DN 300 gas pipelines, four risers

for Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd Weizhou Oil & Gas Field Development

ngiam poh chye andrew_3mar04.doc

Page 3

3 March 2004

N G I A M P O H C H Y E A N D R E W - G L O B AL M A N A G E R - S U B S E A & P I P E L I N E S and two J-tubes between AMDP-30 and AMRP-6 platforms.

Stage II - Project Engineer

Responsible for the detail engineering design, specifications and tender. (1994-1995)

for Petchburi Terminal Project, Thailand

Technical Accreditor / Professional Engineer - detailed engineering of bottom bundle pull of 6.5-km long three 12.75" diameter diesel/MOGAS pipelines.

Stage III - Project Manager/Superintending Officer

Responsible for tender evaluation, construction supervision, contract administration, claims and accounts finalization. (1995-1999).

for East Javagas Pipeline East Java Gas Pipeline Expansion Grati Project
Technical Accreditor / Checker responsible for the engineering review of one 20" diameter 0.5" W.T. API 5L X65, 18-km long gas pipeline from the subsea lateral tie-in point (previously installed on the existing subsea pipeline from Pagerungan Besar Island) to an onshore receiving facilities at Porong, East Java.

for Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd, Korea Second Bassein Hazira Trunk Pipeline Project
Senior Engineer (Pipeline) responsible for the analysis of 40" (222-km) and 30" (4-km) gas submarine pipelines and 21-km long 42" onshore pipeline.

for Mobil Oil Indonesia Inc., Sumatra, Indonesia Arun Field Pipeline Project (1995)
Project Manager responsible for flexibility and expansion analyses for the detailed engineering of 8.625" diameter and 18" diameter Pipeline. The maximum service temperature is 121 degrees Celsius.

for IPCO International Langkawi Water Supply Project (Basic Engineering Phase)
Project Manager responsible for the execution of preliminary study and cost estimate of one 35km long 28" diameter water pipeline from Peninsular Malaysia to Langkawi Island. The pipeline is to be installed using the laybarge method at 15m-water depth. (1994)

for IPCO-ASAL Joint Venture Langkawai Water Supply Project

Project Manager responsible for the execution of detailed engineering and construction support services of one 28" diameter 35-km submarine pipeline from the pig launcher (Perlis Water Treatment Plant) to the receiver (Langkawi Terminal Storage Area). The work is inclusive of onshore/ offshore pipelines, mechanical, civil and structural design.

for PT. Komaritim Amoseas Anoa Platform Phase I Extension Project

Responsible for the detail engineering of the Phase I project comprises of one 1.5km long pipe-in-pipe insulated flowline (rockwool), bulk head (1), one 4" diameter umbilical, one I-tube and the hang-off structure for the flowline at the Anoa Platform. (199394)

for Kvaerner Petrominco Sdn Bhd Erb West to OGT Pipeline Project
Lead Pipeline Engineer responsible for the execution of detailed offshore and onshore pipeline and riser design for Petronas Carigali 16" diameter 62-km gas pipeline from EWG-A platform to Onshore Gas Terminal at Kampong Gayan, Tuaran, Sabah.

for Pal Refinery India Limited LPG Import Facility at Kakinada Port, Bay of Bengal, India
Project Manager (first promoted in 1992) responsible for the feasibility study of a permanent LPG import facility under pressurized and refrigerated delivery modes. Various feasible options based on combinations of jetty, trestle, submarine and land pipelines were screened and detailed cost estimates derived. A preferred option was recommended based on technical and cost considerations.

for Public Utitlities Board, Singapore Twin 700mm Submarine Pipelines from Penjuru to Seraya Stage I - Project Engineer
Responsible for Two 700 mm Diameter Submarine Pipelines from Penjuru to Seraya (Stage I) for the preliminary engineering design and the associated cost estimate for the pipelines across the 2 km wide East Jurong Fairway using the bottom pull installation method. (1994)

for Sembawang Engineering Pte Ltd HZ-32 Development Project

Lead Pipeline Engineer responsible for the detail pipelines engineering of pipeline/ power cable systems from HZ-26, to HZ 32-2 and HZ 32-2.

ngiam poh chye andrew_3mar04.doc

Page 4

3 March 2004

N G I A M P O H C H Y E A N D R E W - G L O B AL M A N A G E R - S U B S E A & P I P E L I N E S

for BHP Petroleum, Australia Qatar to India Trunkline Project

Project Engineer responsible for the Stage-1 engineering and design and cost estimate of 2,250-km gas trunkline from Qatar to Pakistan and India and the distribution pipeline systems in India. Pipe diameters considered range from 36" to 48".

Responsible for (Stage 1A) the feasibility, engineering and the associated cost estimates studies of large diameter (1200, 1400 and 1600mm) submarine water pipelines from Pulau Bintan, via Pulau Batam to Singapore, and a direct pipeline route from Pulau Bintan to Singapore.

for Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd, Korea ONGC Neelam, NQP & L-ABCDE Pipeline Project
Project / Lead Engineer responsible for the execution of the pipeline engineering design of all the Neelam's pipelines (22 nos.) and NQP/ L-ABCDE pipelines (25 nos.). The work involves extensive engineering design and calculations on pipeline routing, pipeline wall thickness, concrete thickness, spans, 158 crossings, operation and installation stress analyses, alignment drawings and quality control.

for Sembawang Maritime Limited Shell Pandan Pipeline Project (1991)

Senior Engineer responsible for revising the engineering design of 10" and 8" submarine pipelines, and for reviewing results of pipeline protection model testing performed at Monash University, Australia. 1988 - 1990

R J Brown - CMPS, Australia for Waitara Outfall Management Board Waitara Outfall Refurbishment Project
Project / Senior Engineer responsible for pipeline stability and stress analysis for the stabilization of an existing outfall, where a diffuser steel/ HDPE pipe is pulled through an existing large diameter (990 mm OD) concrete pipe. Perform detailed study of the installation method.

for JGC Corporation, Yokohama, Japan Pertamina EXOR-1 Project - Marine Loading Facilities, Balongan
Lead Pipeline Engineer responsible for the execution of the engineering design of 16" O.D. insulated black oil line, 14" O.D. flushing oil line and 16" O.D. deballasting water line. He supervised the pipeline design team, prepared specifications carried out field visits on existing pipelines/ SBM facilities, PLEM review and construction tender evaluation.

for South Pacific Chevron Company Kutubu Petroleum Development Project (1989 1990)
Principal Pipeline Design Engineer responsible for preliminary/detailed engineering of the 100km river/ marine 500-mm diameter pipeline.

for West Australian Petroleum Pty Ltd, Perth Roller Field Development
Lead Pipeline Engineer responsible for the Phase II preliminary design of Options I and IVa pipeline, riser and cathodic protection systems from Roller A monopod (25.8 km offshore) to the onshore facilities at Thevenard Island, Western Australia. Option I consists of 20" main production and 6" gas lift lines and Option IV comprises a 16" main production, 6" gas lift and 14" crude transfer lines. The pipelines were trenched to resist 100-year cyclonic environmental conditions. He prepared and coordinated the design basis, pipeline routing selection, engineering design, pipeline alignment and riser drawings and bills of materials.

for Esso Australia Ltd Yellowtail/ Mackerel Pipeline (1989 1990)

Senior Engineer - Pipeline Cost Reduction Study Phase 2: Yellowtail to Mackerel Pipeline. Responsible for the preliminary static and dynamic analysis for the bottom tow of a 6km pipeline bundle (140 m suspended length) and flexible riser at Mackeral Platform.Senior Engineer responsible for Phase 1, Beam B to Beam A pipeline stability analysis for reeled pipeline option using 2D and 3D analytical methods. He investigated minimum D/T requirements, improving cold straining characteristics for seamless pipe, minimum reel drum size. He also carried out preliminary engineering on reeling operation to determine tensioner size and abandonment/ recovery w" capacity and assisted in innovative design of pipeline reeling options and prepared cost estimates.Senior Engineer responsible for (Belmont Ocean Outfall, Lake Macquarie Sewerage Scheme, Hunter Water Board) pipeline stability analysis for a large (1.6m) diameter ocean outfall pipeline.Senior Engineer responsible for Hadson Energy Ltd, Western Australia stability analysis, trenching/liquefaction study for a 70 km, 12" gas pipeline.

for Public Utilities Board, Singapore Bintan to Singapore Water Supply Project
Project Engineer responsible for Stage 1B of the project which includes site reconnaissance, feasibility, survey specification, preliminary engineering, revised cost estimate studies and liason with government agencies, consultants and contractors for 1422mm OD single and twin submarine pipelines from Pulau Bintan to Pulau Batam and from Pulau Batam to Singapore.

ngiam poh chye andrew_3mar04.doc

Page 5

3 March 2004

N G I A M P O H C H Y E A N D R E W - G L O B AL M A N A G E R - S U B S E A & P I P E L I N E S

for Woodside Petroleum Pty Ltd

Senior Engineer - Subsea Pipeline Study responsible for pipeline design for laying, reeling, bottom tow installation of pipeline bundles (6, 10 and 14") at 50, 100 and 150 m of water depths. Prepared comprehensive cost estimate manual for Operator's in-house use. (1989) 1980 - 1985 2.

Engineering Education. Vol. 13, No. 4, 1984, pp. 259-271 NGIAM, Andrew and SOMERVAILLE, Ian, "Lifting and Laying of Offshore Pipelines", 10th Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials, University of Adelaide, Australia 1986. NGIAM, P.C. and SOMERVAILLE, Ian, "Intrinsic Co-ordinate Elements for Elastica Problems", 11th Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials, University of Auckland, New Zealand, August 1988. NGIAM, P.C. and SOMERVAILLE, Ian, "MultiPoint Lift of Offshore Pipeline", Second Australasian Port, Harbour of Offshore Engineering Conference, The Institution of Engineers, Australia, October 1988. NGIAM, P.C.A. and SOMERVAILLE, I.J., "Oscillations of Undersea Pipelines During Lifting", The Sixth International Conference in Australia on Finite Element Methods, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia, July 1991. NGIAM, P.C.A., "Instrinsic Coordinate Elements for Large Deflections of Offshore Pipelines", 7th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE) Honolulu, Hawaii, 1997. NGIAM, P.C.A, Jo C. H., Uthaichalandond S, Yong K K, "An Application of Bottom Pull method to Bundled Submarine Pipelines, 8th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE), Montreal, Canada, 1998 Vijaykumar, P. and Ngiam, A"., "Pipelines in the 1990s and Beyond", AIC Conferences, Gas for Power Generation, Singapore, 25-28 May 1998. Ngiam, P. C. Andrew, et al, "International Natural Gas Pipeline Network Scenario 2020 An Industry Vision", ASEAN Infrastructure Planning & Management, Bangkok, Thailand, 29 Sept-1 Oct. 1998.


R J Brown & Associates (Far East) Pte Ltd, Singapore


for Woodside Offshore Petroleum Pty Ltd, Australia Woodside LNG Island Berth Submarine Pipeline
Design Engineer for the preliminary design of the submarine pipeline.


for Caltex (Asia) Ltd, Singapore

Design Engineer for the design of offshore and onshore pipeline sections, jetty and trestle structural R.C. design and associated cost estimate. 6.

for Caltex Oil Malaysia Ltd Repair of Caltex Prai jetty

He acted as the Caltex site representative for the repair of Caltex Prai jetty.


for Sarawak Shell Bhd, Sarawak

Design of 16 risers and riser clamps for F6P-a to E11R-A Gas Gathering Pipeline System. Preparation of pump and pipeline network plan and software (PPNET).



for Esso Singapore Pte Ltd

Site representative for the inspection and services of ESPL's 44 " offshore pipeline.

for Esso Australia Ltd

Design of 10.75 pipeline, riser and riser clamps for the Flounder Pipelines.

10. Ngiam Poh C, Andrew, Jo Chul H., Intrinsic Coordinate Elements for Large Deflections of Offshore Pipelines, International Journal of Offshore & Polar Engineering, Vol. 10, No.1, March 2000. 11. Ngiam Andrew and Eng Bin NG, Setting Records in Singapore, World Pipelines, Autumn 2001. 12. Ngiam Andrew, Protection of Submarine Pipelines. Resources, Vol. 9 No. 3, 2001. 13. LIM Song Hau, TAY Seow Beng and Andrew Ngiam, Supply of Natural Gas from Indonesia to Singapore, Gasex 2002, Brunei. 14. LIM Song Hau, TAY Seow Beng and Andrew Ngiam, Singapore Energy Needs, World Pipelines, March/April 2002.

Ph.D Research
Finite element analysis using intrinsic coordinate elements, with special reference to pipeline installation problems.

Publications & Conferences

1. NGIAM, P.C. and WHITE A.S. "A Comparison of Several Computational Methods for Pipe Networks", International Journal of Mechanical

ngiam poh chye andrew_3mar04.doc

Page 6

3 March 2004

N G I A M P O H C H Y E A N D R E W - G L O B AL M A N A G E R - S U B S E A & P I P E L I N E S 15 Ngiam A, Current Process Solution for Compact Developments, Seminar on Natural Gas Exploration, Field Development, Production, Transportation & Utilisation. Phnom Penh, Cambodia, December 2002, Organised by CCOP-PETRAD-ASCOPE-MIME-CNPA. 16 Dr. Andrew Ngiam, Pipeline Protection & Cost Impact, Seminar on Life Cycle Management of Gas/Oil Fields, March 2003, Miri, Malaysia,. Organised by ASCOPE-PETRONAS-CCOPPETRAD. 17 Ngiam Andew & Jaap Dikken (DSC) First Indonesia International Pipeline. Convention, IIPC 2003 & MPE 2003, 27 Aug 2003, Jakarta, Indonesia. 18 Lim SH, Tay SB & Andrew Ngiam, Supply of Natural Gas from Indonesia to Singapore, Second Petromin Pipeline Conference, 20-21 October 2003, Singapore. 19 Ng Eng Bin, Jobi Triananda, Janardanan K. & Andrew Ngiam, PGN Branch Pipeline from Kuala Tungkal to Batam - Design Challenge on Fast Track Project, Second Petromin Pipeline Conference, 20-21 October 2003, Singapore.

Lectures & Seminars

1. Lecturer, "An Intensive Short Course on Submarine Pipeline Technology", 16-17 November 1995. Jointly organised by Nanyang Technological University, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Det Norske Veritas and Kvaerner RJ Brown. Coordinator/Lecturer, "Submarine Pipeline Technology Seminar", 14-15 August 1997, Jointly Organised by ASME, Petrain Asia, Kvaerner and DnV. Speaker, "Submarine Pipeline Technology", September, Techmonth, 1997 National Science & Technology Board and Singapore Science Centre. Speaker, "Design of Submarine Pipelines", The 10th International Gas Technology Seminar, 22nd October 1997, Seoul, Korea. Speaker, Design Construction & Maintenance of Subsea Pipelines, Symposium on Safe & Efficient Use of Energy The Challenges Ahead, Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, Hong Kong SAR Government and The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. 26 27 February 2004, Hong Kong.





ngiam poh chye andrew_3mar04.doc

Page 7

3 March 2004


John Brown


MSc Materials Engineering (CNNA) MSc Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation (CNAA) HND Materials Technology (CNAA) Diploma in Welding Technology


KEY EXPERIENCE 25 + years experience in the oil and gas industry. In this period has evolved an extensive in-depth knowledge and experience of the management, design, construction, procurement, manufacturing and installation environments of Subsea flexible flowlines/risers, rigid pipelines and umbilical installation. Experienced in the generation and implementation of specifications and procedures. Subsea Rigid Pipelines and Risers. Design Engineering interface and management. Coordination /planning/monitoring/supervising: procurement, manufacture, fabrication, installation, commissioning, certification and close-out. Developing, writing and implementing specifications and procedures for materials production welding NDT and QA/QC systems. Establishing and maintaining Data Bases and IT applications. Subsea Flexible Flowlines, Risers and Umbilicals. Developing, writing and implementing functional and production specifications and procedures. Design engineering and interface management. Planning and monitoring of procurement, manufacture, installation, certification and close-out. Subsea Structures and Equipment. Development and implementation of production, welding, NDT and QA/QC specifications, Site Engineer during construction phase of subsea structures and equipment. Interface engineering with subcontractors. Co-ordination of equipment procurement. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2001 present

Worley Manager - Subsea Pipelines

Responsible for the Management: of: Pipelines and risers detailed design Verification of pipelines and risers Pipeline and riser design specifications and installation procedures 1998 - 2001

DNV/Norske Hydro Company Representative

Wellstream and Multiflex during the production of 10 Risers and Flowlines (76 km), qualification and production of 15 Risers, production of DSUs for Norsk Hydro Troll C Project. Point of contact design technical, production and installation issues. 1991 1998

NOS/Cable & Wireless/McDermott Subsea/ETPM Deepsea Senior Subsea Engineer

Management of rigid and flexible flowline/riser and umbilical orders, which includes: Management of interface design engineering between rd 3 party design houses and flexible/rigid manufacturer and installers, writing/reviewing flexible pipe, end fittings and ancillary installation aids fabrication/production specification and procedures. Expediting of flexible flowline/rigid/riser orders, coordination of factory and site QC teams, monitoring of rigid and flexible flowline/riser production.

AREAS OF PARTICULAR EXPERTISE Academically strong backed by sound practical onhands experience. Good investigative and analytical skills. Worked both as part of operational and technical project teams office and site based.

resume_worley_brownj.doc 14 April 2004

JOHN BROWN - MANAGER - SUBSEA PIPELINES Procurement co-ordination of project materials, writing/reviewing installation related specifications and procedures, Site Engineer/QA/QC Engineering. Concoco Heidrun EPI of flexible flowlines, risers, umbilical and subsea structures. Procurement of flexible flowlines and risers, installation (Dynlay system) and trenching. Norske Shell Draugen Installation (Dynlay system) and trenching of 12km of free-issue flexible flowlines and umbilicals. B.P. Foinaven Phases 1 & 2 EPI of flexible flowlines and risers, rigid pipelines (reel system) and umbilical. Zaffiro EPI of rigid pipelines (reel system), flexible jumpers and umbilicals. Shell Teal EPI of flexible flowlines and risers, rigid pipelines (reel system) and umbilicals. B.P. Newsham Fabrication, installation and trenching of rigid pipeline (reel system) and free-issue umbilical, fabrication and installation of caisson. Shell Kingfisher EPI of rigid pipelines (reel system), umbilicals. Shell West Brae EPI installation of rigid pipelines (reel system), umbilicals. Conoco Boulton EPI rigid pipelines (reel system), umbilicals. BP Schiehallion Installation of rigid pipelines (reel system), umbilicals. 1990 1991 and umbilical functional production specifications. Resident Engineer during building, commissioning and production of Armaline flexible flowline production facility. 1988

Amerada Hess Limited Pipeline Welding Engineer

Monitoring of contractors during procurement, construction and installation of pipeline and risers. 1986 - 1987

Elf Aquitaine Norge/Temex Clients Representative/Hyperbaric Welding Engineer

Subsea repair of an Articulated Leg Control tower study. The generation of a detailed illustrated Acceptance Audit Procedure for contractual D.S.V. The fabrication, installation and tie-in of a Subsea Riser, writing of hyperbaric welding and associated specifications. 1986

Northern Ocean Services Subsea Engineer

Subsea Pipeline Installation Equipment Spread study for a M.D.S.V. 1985

Santa Fe (UK) Limited Project Engineer

EPIC of pipelines using the Apache reel ship. Interfacing with clients and subcontractors on aspects of engineering design, specifications, scheduling and documentation. Supervision of site teams, QA/QC coordination. 1984

EPIC Agip Toni Subsea Development

Senior Subsea/Project Engineer/Site Engineer Construction, production and procurement of rigid and flexible flowlines, umbilicals, subsea trees, ancillary equipment, well head protection frames and associated duplex/carbon steel manifolds. Writing of flexible flowline and rigid specification and interface engineering. 1988 1990

Union Oil (Thailand) Welding Engineer

Construction and installation of offshore pipelines, risers and the installation of platform jackets. 1983

Kestrel Underwater Engineering Project Engineer

Compiling bid packages for various top side and subsea inspection contracts. Interfacing and consultation for the generation of a computerised inspection programme (C.I.D.E.S.)

Coflexip/Armaline/DuCo Subsea Engineer

Liaise with Operators Engineering, construction and Quality departments to generate flexible flowline/riser


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19 February 2004


British Petroleum Clients Representative

Construction and installation of offshore pipelines and Hyperbaric Welding. 1982

Union Oil (Holland) Welding Engineer

Construction and installation of offshore pipelines, risers and the installation of platform jackets. 1975 - 1982

E.P.M.I. (Malaysia) Senior Subsea/Project Engineer/Site Engineer

Installation of platform jackets, cellar decks, piles, pipelines and risers.


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19 February 2004




University of Western Australia, BA (incomplete) Accounting Practice for Contracting Organisations (1983) Contract Accounting for Project Engineers (1983) Contract Law, Base Principles (1984) Executive Development Programme Duties and Responsibilities of Public Company Directors (1988) Business Administration Programme (1990) Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production (2002)


Member of Institute of Petroleum (UK) ! Conduct of Procurement Activities for subsea hardware, controls, umbilicals and flowlines. Contractor and Project Oversight Activities

KEY EXPERIENCE John has led FEED and Concept study teams on a number of significant international projects. He brings to each project a great depth of experience relative to manufacture, assembly and testing of subsea hardware along with installation support programmes. He has experience as Project Director on high profile subsea projects mostly gained working at the heart of the subsea industry as Director of Projects APME for Cooper Cameron Corporation in Houston, Texas. He has championed the development of EH Mux subsea controls capabilities having participated in qualification programmes for Cooper Camerons first (1990 -1993) and second generation systems (1998-2000). John has over ten years Project Management and Business Development experience in the oilfield business, specifically in the area of subsea completion systems. In addition he has over five years experience in administration and management of company divisions for two construction contractors.


Worley Pty Ltd

Subsea Manager Team Leader for subsea studies covering concept screening of subsea field layouts, hardware and subsea controls requirements and configurations; conceptual designs, installation, pigging and commissioning requirements complete with +/- 25% cost estimates and risk assessments for the following developments:

Casino Development Project for Santos Ltd (Concept Development Study and FEED) Tie back of two wells (and provision for a third) to the IONA onshore gas plant using horizontal trees, carbon steel pipeline, EH Mux control system, workover control system, subsea test tree and landing string, umbilical, CI distribution system, HDD shore crossing, onshore pipeline, and tie-in to plant.

AREAS OF PARTICULAR EXPERTISE ! ! ! ! Management of subsea projects from design through fabrication and installation. Conduct of FEED activities for various subsea development projects. Field Development Concepts Preparation of Specifications, and Invitation to Tender Packages

Trefoil and White Ibis Field Developments for Origin Energy Ltd (Concept Development Study) Tie back of two gas wells to the Yolla platform in Bass Strait using horizontal trees, CRA pipeline, EH MUX control system, workover controls, Subsea test tree and landing string, distribution systems, platform tie-in and riser.

resume_worley_fearj.doc 27 April 2004

J O H N F E A R - S U B S E A S P E C I AL I S T ! Mulloway and Whiptail Field Development for Esso Australia Ltd. (Concept Screening study) Tie back of up to 4 oil producers to Barracouta, Tarwhine or shore location. Team prepared various pipeline, trees, tie-in system and controls concepts. These were compared with unmanned platform concepts. ! ! ! ! ! ! Stybarrow and Associated Fields for BHPBP. (Concept Selection Study) Workshops and concept selection support for multiple field developments surrounding the Stybarrow field. Scope of work included field layout reviews, equipment selection and level 3 cost estimates. (+/- 35%). Subsea Project Manager Subsea specialist for the Mutineer Exeter Field Development Concept Screening Study for Santos Ltd. Responsible for scope definition and pricing of various field development options, including field layout, hardware and pipeline selection for the subsea systems. Scope included comparisons of various artificial lift cases and associated layouts/configurations. Equipment evaluated included: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Wellheads Subsea versus dry trees, ESPs, Gas Lift, HSPs, MPPs and Jet Pumps EH MUX Control systems Flowmetering, Manifolds versus templates, PLEMs and SSIVs, Flexible and Hardpipe Flowlines and Jumpers Pull-in and Connection Systems Calm Buoy Riser connections Umbilicals ! ! ! ! ! Umbilical Termination Assembly and landing cradle Topsides Umbilical Termination Unit Hydraulic Power Unit Tie in to the Platform DCS Landing String including Subsea Test Tree Catenary Umbilical and Flowline Risers Umbilical System and Platform Tie-in Flowline System and Platform Tie-in Installation using DSV

Team of 8 engineering staff plus 3 support personnel. Activities undertaken: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Field development concept screening Field Layout Flow Assurance Operability workshops RAM analysis HAZOP Risk assessment activities Quality Assurance and Verification Plan Project Execution Plan Contracting Strategy Dropped object and snagging studies Preparation of invitation to tender packages (ITTs) for trees, controls, flowline, umbilical, installation contractors and ROVs. Negotiations with suppliers for award of contracts. Setup of planning, reporting, quality control and other systems.

1998 2000

Subsea Team Leader for the Shell Todd Maui AD Ihi Project, New Plymouth, New Zealand. Manager of the subsea FEED and procurement activities on this single well development, which comprised: ! ! ! ! ! Horizontal subsea tree Wellhead system Tree and Wellhead Running Tools Production Control System Workover Control System

Cooper Cameron Corporation Inc.

Director of Projects, Asia Pacific Middle East Based in Houston Texas and subsequently Singapore. In total charge and fully responsible for the formation, operation and management of Camerons Asia Pacific Middle East Subsea Projects Group. (Project Group Annual revenues ranged between USD 35 - 60 million per annum). Responsibilities include: Responsible for team formation and conduct of systems engineering and FEED for Malampaya


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19 February 2004

J O H N F E A R - S U B S E A S P E C I AL I S T Subsea Project for Shell Philippines Exploration BV. Six subsea trees, EH-Mux Controls System, 10 Slot Central manifold, Two CRA flowline jumpers, Six CRA tree jumpers, SDU, UTA, Methanol injection system, Topsides controls, Integration with the platform PAS system. ! Management of all phases of the Malampaya Project including FEED, Design, Manufacture, Assembly, Testing, SIT, Installation Support. Negotiation / bidding and management of major subsea projects. Recruitment and management of project staff in diversely spread geographic locations, including Texas, Louisiana, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, and Singapore. Fully responsible for the administration and management of fabrication / manufacturing teams. Utilization of in excess of 1,000,000 man-hours per annum. Responsible for product development and testing program for Camerons new generation EH MUX subsea control system. Responsible for design of installation and offshore support programs and the management of these to effect installation of Cameron equipment. Responsible for all health, safety, environmental and security aspects of the operations, including implementation of safeguards and programs in harmony with major oil company requirements. ! ! Completion of a Joint Venture with the Saudi Arabian group Al Russaid for a manufacturing and support facility in Al Khobar, Saudi (expected turnover of USD 30-50 million per annum). Bidding and negotiation of a number of other projects within Australia and APME region.

1994 1995

Aker Cooper Joint Venture

Vice President of Projects Responsible for project management / development activities on EPCM projects for the major Norwegian oil companies. Responsible for a diverse team of subsea specialists, (35 people) undertaking systems development and engineering, manufacture, assembly, testing, Integration Testing , installation, commissioning and service support of entire field developments. (hardware supply through to pipeline / flowline design and pipe-laying). 1993 1994

! !

Cameron (UK) Ltd,

Commercial and Engineering Services Manager Eastern Hemisphere Responsible for the administration and management of Camerons Eastern Hemisphere operations in conjunction with the Director of Engineering and Director of Sales. Responsibilities include: ! Dissemination of board instructions to Engineering Managers throughout the UK, Norway, Europe, Africa and the Former Soviet Union. (Total staff of 450 engineers and drafting staff). Providing direction and assistance to assist with implementation of board instructions. Monitoring of performance against key measurement indicators. Handling of project performance reviews and trouble shooting in the event of problems on major projects. Handling of ongoing litigation cases. Preparation of business plans and oversight of implementation of same. Handling pre-qualification and bid packages for major projects and frame agreements. Implementation of quality and business systems improvement processes.

1996 1998

Cooper Cameron
Business Development Manager - Asia Pacific Middle East Based in Australia and Singapore. Responsible for business development activities for Camerons Asia Pacific Middle East Region, including the fostering of new business opportunities, the bidding and obtaining of major projects, and implementation of new business ventures throughout the region. Principal achievements: ! Successful negotiation of a 3-year frame agreement with Esso Australia Ltd for its platform operations in the Bass Straight. (value USD 15 20 million)

! ! ! !


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19 February 2004

J O H N F E A R - S U B S E A S P E C I AL I S T 1990 1993

Agip Toni Project

Manager Agip Toni Project Based in London, responsible for the management of this high profile North Sea project (value circa GBP 40 million), for the supply of a comprehensive subsea system comprising: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 8 subsea trees, Multiplex production control system, Workover controls system, Protective structures and manifolds (duplex), Marine riser package, ROV tools Including systems engineering, full design, installation engineering and support.

1981 1989 Bains Harding Group of Companies Commercial / Business Development Director Executive director responsible for business / project development activities. Responsible for project bid, negotiation and implementation activities. Principal projects undertaken included: ! ! ! ! ! Alcoa Wagerup Alumina Refinery (AUD 15 million) Worsley Alumina Refinery (AUD 20 million) Woodside Offshore Petroleum Ltd Domestic Gas Plant (AUD 13 million) Portland Smelter Services ltd Portland Smelter (AUD 16 million) Woodside Offshore petroleum Trains I and II LNG project. (Value AUD 100 million and employing 650 people).

1988 / 1989 was based in Karratha, Western Australia, and jointly responsible for the on site management of large mechanical subcontract to Woodside Offshore Petroleum Ltd.


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19 February 2004


EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), Kingston University, England, 1994 HND in Civil Engineering, Kingston University, England, 1991 approach, field layout and subsea equipment selection. Other responsibilities included the organization of the route survey. BHP Billiton Angostura Loading Line

KEY EXPERIENCE Colin has over eleven years experience in Pipeline and Subsea Engineering. Colin has worked on the detailed and conceptual design of subsea facilities and offshore and onshore pipelines. He also has extensive experience as an Installation Engineer for Subsea works.

Lead Engineer overseeing the stability design of a 30 inch loading line to be laid on a rocky seabed. Follow-on work involved a bottom roughness analysis to estimate a budget required for span rectification Petro Vietnam Ca Mau PM3 Development

AREAS OF PARTICULAR EXPERTISE General pipeline mechanical design; including stability, spans, expansion, riser design and coating selection Subsea pipeline design in accordance with various international codes including DnV OSF101, AS2885 ASME B31.4 and ASME B31.8 Installation engineering and procedures for offshore construction activities for flowline, umbilical and associated facilities. Offshore supervision and monitoring of installation activities. Specifications and purchasing. Preparation of Alignment Sheets Asset management of Subsea Facilities including ROV inspections, analysis and reporting. Occupational Health and Safety Training Program. Business Development run by the Institute of Engineers Australia.

Lead engineer responsible for the FEED of the 18 x 300km pipeline from PM3 to Ca Mau. Work scope included pipeline and riser design, stability design, shore approach design, preparation of material specifications and installation and material cost estimates. Conoco Indonesia Inc. Ltd - Kerisi Development

Lead engineer responsible for the FEED design of the offshore Intrafield flowlines, riser and manifold facilities in the Kerisi/Hiu field development. Work scope included pipeline, riser and manifold design, preparation of material specifications and installation and material cost estimates. Talisman Energy - South Angsi

Review of conceptual Subsea options for the South Angsi development. Two subsea options were identified and a material and installation list was developed with the associated costs for input to the project review. Qatar General Petroleum - Bul Hanine ReFEED.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2000 - Present Worley Pty Ltd, Melbourne Lead Engineer Santos Ltd Casino Development

Lead engineer responsible for the design of the offshore pipeline and riser facilities for the revised field development. Work scope included pipeline and riser design, pipeline routing, preparation of material specifications and installation and material cost estimates. Basin Oil Pty Patricia Baleen

Lead Engineer for co-ordination and detailed design of the 12 x 24km Patricia Baleen offshore pipeline. Lead Subsea Pipeline Engineer Shell Todd Maui AD

Lead engineer for the conceptual design of the Casino field development. Conceptual design looked at the complex stability issues, shore


13 April 2004

COLIN CONVEY - LEAD SUBSEA PIPELINE ENGINEER Review of flowline tender submissions for the Maui AD field Development and preparation of the flowline specification. The project had a number of technical issues such high CO2 content and high temperature requirement. Esso Australia Pty Ltd Kipper Development. flowlines and dynamic risers. All equipment is controlled by subsea electro-hydraulic control system connected to the FPSO by umbilicals. Construction Engineer responsible for the preparation of procedures and the installation of Two Manifolds Two PLEMs Six flexible flowlines Six dynamic Risers Four Electrical Hydraulic Umbilicals Electrical and Hydraulic Jumpers Eight riser Bases

Subsea Engineer for Kipper Development for Esso Australia Pty Ltd. Project involved the development of infield subsea facilities. The field layout utilising a subsea manifold, daisy chain arrangement or template was investigated. Investigations were performed into issues relating to the control system which involved an option for a 50km umbilical from shore. Pigging requirements were identified and various options proposed. Detailed costing of the subsea facilities was also performed. Sarawak Shell Berhad B11

BP Statoil Alliance - Nam Con Son Vietnam

Senior Engineer responsible for the design of the offshore pipeline facilities and the preparation of the Installation specifications, material specifications and the Tender Packages. Duke Energy Australia Pty Ltd TNGP

Design Engineer for the front-end engineering of the onshore route. This included route and mechanical design, as well as involvement in corrosion coating and CP design. West Australian Petroleum - Subsea Asset Management

Preparation of the Offshore route survey specifications, pipeline detailed design and validation, the offshore representative responsible for the Pre-lay and As-built surveys, Span rectification work and Trenching. Senior pipeline engineer preparing preliminary & detailed engineering for the Victoria to Tasmania pipeline across Bass Strait. Prepared and issued complete tender documents for the installation of the 300km offshore section. Directly involved in the installation of the pipeline as the client representative for Duke Qatar General Petroleum - Bul Hanine.

Project engineer as part of a team designated to look after all aspects of subsea facilities around Thevenard Island and Barrow Island. Also served as Client Representative offshore for the pipeline survey and for pipeline upgrade works around Thevenard Island. West Australian Petroleum- Gorgan Pipelines

Design engineer to prepare cost analysis and to carry out route evaluation studies for the Gorgan Field Development. Involved in the consideration of various routing options. Also prepared the Tie-in Evaluation and Pipeline studies. Apache Energy - Sales Gas Line

Senior Engineer responsible for the FEED design of the offshore pipeline and riser facilities. Work included stability design, span analysis, mechanical design Thermal pipeline design and Route selection for the selected pipeline routes 1996 - 2000

Carried out the analysis of the pipeline condition following a severe cyclone. From the analysis results, design of a remedial anchoring system followed. Unocal - Gulf of Thailand Pipelines

JP Kenny Pty Ltd, Perth

Engineer Woodside Energy Limited - Laminaria & Corallina Development. (Phase A)

Performed pipeline tow route studies and a launch/fabrication site study as a key member of the Pipeline Cost Reduction Project. Also revised and updated construction specifications for the pipeline. WANG (via Dawson Brown and Root)

The Laminaria and Corallina field situated in the Timor Sea, about 550km west-north-west of Darwin in 410m water depth, includes the worlds largest new-built Floating Production, storage and offloading facility. The initial development included 5 production wells connected into two manifold locations, and tied back to the FPSO via flexible

Structural analysis of a pipeline road crossing in the WANG onshore gas line. 1995

J P Kenny Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur


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27 January 2004

COLIN CONVEY - LEAD SUBSEA PIPELINE ENGINEER Command Petroleum (via Hyundai Heavy Industries) - Ravva Field Development As part of a team of engineers, responsible for: Pipeline installation analysis, Preparation of MTOs Pipeline route design Riser detail design Carried out the conceptual design and cost assessment for the proposed gas line between Scotland and Northern Ireland

Special conditions of this project were a field comprising 16 new pipelines and 18 risers between five new wellhead platforms and an SPW in shallow water off Eastern India. 1992 - 1994

J P Kenny and Partners Staines

Bord Gais Eireann - Gas Interconnector Project

Responsibility included: Preparation of Inspection, Maintenance and repair (IMR) documents to be used by BGE throughout the 25-year life span of the pipeline, including equipment reviews of survey and maintenance tools. Organisation of a pre-qualification package for Emergency Repair (EPRS) issued t a number of companies. Establishment of the first year survey tender documents. Client representative on the first annual survey. Review of the survey data and the subsequent report to the Health & Safety Executive initiated follow up engineering work, which saved Bord Gais Eireann $1.2 million in repair costs. In-House Project

Instrumental in the development of PIPEGIS software - J P Kenny's life cycle Geographical Information System (GIS) data base and user friendly Graphical User Interface system for pipelines. Ukraine State Committee for Crude Oil Yuzhny Project Phase 2

Responsible for pipeline mechanical design, cathodic protection design and on-bottom stability analysis for a project involving three SPMs, one pumping platform and 50km of pipeline. British Petroleum - Wytch Farm Project

Design engineer for the onshore wellsites civil engineering works. Premier Transco - Interconnector Pipeline


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27 January 2004

Ranhill Worley

Kevin Rikki Ingham


16 February, 1968 British and Australian Citizen Bachelor of Engineering, Honours Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering, University of Strathclyde



Institute of Engineers Australia (Member 2637128) Board of Engineers Malaysia (Application Pending)


KEY EXPERIENCE Rikki Ingham has 12 years experience of subsea engineering in the offshore oil and gas industry. This has included management, conceptual design, detailed design, procurement, fabrication and installation of pipelines, risers, manifolds, protection structures and flexible. Project management experience has included projects in SE Asia and Europe. Also responsible for recruitment of a pipeline design department. Offshore design experience has included the varying conditions of the North Sea, South East Asia, Australia, Timor Sea and Papua New Guinea. Onshore experience has included new pipelines and technical assessments of roads over existing pipelines. Flexible riser design experience includes dynamic modelling of risers and mooring systems. Procurement experience has included two and a half years as lead package engineer responsible for the procurement and delivery of pipe, bends, flanges, coating, anodes and a flexible riser system. Key practical experience has included two years as technical interface with an installation contractor, six months as site engineer for the pre-commissioning of a gas trunkline, client representative at coating yards, field engineer during offshore surveys and pipelay, and numerous offshore trips acting as a client representative. Additional practical experience has been obtained through procurement activities at steel mills, induction benders, flange suppliers, CRA suppliers, valve suppliers, and fabrication yards. AREAS OF PARTICULAR EXPERTISE Design of subsea pipelines and associated facilities to British Standards, DnV, Australian Standards and ASME codes Proficient in the use of many industry standard software packages, including Orcaflex, Caesar II, Offpipe, Autopipe, Plusone and Microsoft applications


Ranhill Worley Sdn Bhd/Fraser Worley (M) Sdn Bhd Pipelines Discipline Supervisor
EMEPMI, Irong Barat C Lead pipeline engineer responsible for the routing and conceptual design of two infield pipelines and risers. Murphy, West Patricia Lead pipeline engineer responsible for the detailed design of the crude export pipeline and risers. EMEPMI, Guntong F Lead pipeline engineer responsible for the routing and conceptual design of two infield pipelines, risers and hot-taps. Shell Sarawak, E11 Hub Pipeline Manager for the routing and conceptual design of six new infield pipelines, and their
rikki ingham.doc 26 June 2003

K E V I N R I K K I I N G H AM P I P E L I N E D I S C I P L I N E S U P E R V I S O R associated risers. Scope included participation in extensive client workshops and management of third party activities. Petronas Carigali, MCOT Pipelines Lead pipeline engineer responsible for the technical assessment and acceptability of a new road proposed over two existing pipelines. Scope included site visit and interfaces with road construction contractor. NAOC, Idu Field Lead pipeline engineer responsible for the frontend design of the new and future Idu onshore pipelines. Scope included marsh regions and road crossings. Worley Abu Dhabi, Galata Project Manager responsible for the detailed riser design of the first offshore development in the Bulgarian sector of the Black Sea. 1998-2002 BP, Kwinana Refinery Lead pipeline engineer responsible for the determination of the most feasible tanker offloading option for the BP Kwinana refinery. Conceptual engineering included a two-day workshop with environmental engineers, coastal engineers and BP Shipping and Refinery personnel. Woodside, Wanaea Cossack Lead pipeline engineer responsible for the fatigue and clashing analyses associated with the Cossack Pioneer jumper hoses. Detailed engineering (using Orcaflex) included a time history dynamic analysis of the actual transit motions of the vessel. Unocal Indonesia, Echo Baru Lead pipeline engineer responsible for the pipeline and riser installation bid package. Responsible for drawings, specifications and scope of work. Detailed engineering (using Caesar II) included stress and expansion analyses for the riser, pipeline and topside piping. Clough Offshore, Buffalo Detailed checking (using Offpipe) of the pipeline installation analyses and procedures. Additional engineering included detailed spanning and fatigue analyses. Tamboritha, Griffin Detailed analysis (using Orcaflex) of the umbilical installation to determine a suitable vessel movement / payout sequence. Woodside, Cossack Pioneer Detailed dynamic analysis (using Orcaflex) of the FPSO mooring system to determine the effects of marine growth on the risers, umbilicals and mooring chains. Unocal Vietnam, Kim Long Conceptual design and costing of the export trunkline. Apache, Legendre Detailed design of the oil offloading line including the preparation of tender drawings. Apache, Reindeer Preliminary engineering and costing to determine the optimum oil and gas pipeline strategy. BHP, Griffin Preliminary engineering and costing to determine the feasibility of a rigid infield line for the Chinook North development. CSK, Laminaria

Worley Oil and Gas (Perth) Principal Engineer

Chevron (COTL), Benchamas Lead pipeline engineer responsible for the determination of the most cost effective means of adding fourteen new umbilicals to the existing Benchamas Field. Philips (via TIGA JV), Bayu Undan Long term secondment to TIGA as lead pipeline and procurement engineer responsible for the detailed design, procurement and delivery of six infield pipelines, nine risers, four flexible risers and all associated flanges and fittings. Office design responsibilities included preparation and approval of calculations, drawings, specifications and reports. Office procurement responsibilities included preparation of tender packages, tender evaluations and award documentation. Responsibilities then included management of vendors through to materials delivery and package closeout. Offshore responsibilities included two weeks as lead engineer on the route survey, and five weeks as client representative during pipelay. On site responsibilities included chairing kick off meetings and performing technical reviews of supplier facilities through Europe, Japan, Canada and SE Asia (pipe mills, induction benders, pressed bends, flanges, coating, anodes and flexible risers).

rikki ingham.doc

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6 May 2003

K E V I N R I K K I I N G H AM P I P E L I N E D I S C I P L I N E S U P E R V I S O R Technical risk review of multiple riser installation configurations. Orcaflex analysis of preferred reverse pliant configuration to determine feasibility with respect to clashing, curvature and tension. Woodside, NAGV Preliminary engineering and costing to determine optimum route and shore crossing configurations. Preparation of scope of work for metocean data gathering. 1997-1998 Conceptual, then detailed design of seven slot water injection manifold, flexible flowline and platform modifications. Several offshore trips to survey topsides piping. BP/AEA, Magnus Production Conceptual, then detailed design of several flowline and riser options. Responsible for design calculations, riser strategy, chemical injection strategy and various cost-benefit analyses. Amerada Hess, Scott Preparation of hydrotest procedures. Shell Expro, Brent Detailed design of pipeline and end manifold. UEIL/Norske Shell, Troll Phase I Offshore Field Engineer responsible for monitoring the seabed excavation of tunnel piercing points. This was the first time the Jetprop 250,000 tool was used offshore. Responsible for mobilisation manual and offshore QA. UEIL/Norske Shell, Troll Phase I Structural design of modifications required to use fixed platform crane on a semi-sub installation vessel. Conoco, Britannia Study to determine the optimum nearshore and landfall approaches of the export trunkline at the St Fergus gas terminal. Mobil, Excalibur, A Detailed design of pipeline, spools and SSIV protection structure. Mobil Exploration, Don Detailed remedial calculations to determine the overburden required to prevent continued upheaval buckling. Mobil, Beryl SAGE Offshore client representative during the precommissioning of the Brae pipeline. Stena, Tordis Detailed design of two production pipelines, water injection pipeline and a MEG line. Mobil, Beryl SAGE On site Inspector for the following: BPCL (Edinburgh), monitoring the FBE and concrete coating of the 30 inch diameter Marathon Brae pipeline BPCL (Manchester), monitoring the coating of the spare bends for the Beryl trunkline

Kvaerner John Brown Pty Ltd Senior Engineer (Brisbane)

Chevron, PNG Gas Line Long-term secondment to perform conceptual studies for a large diameter gas pipeline from Papua New Guinea to Australia. Responsible for preparation of the marine survey specification, pipeline hazards assessment, retrofit riser study, environmental impact assessments and various routing, design and installation studies. Offshore work included a survey of the Kumul platform and potential PNG river routes. 1996-1997

Kvaerner R J Brown Pty Ltd Senior Engineer (Perth)

Clough, Agincourt Detailed design of the tie-in spool and associated flanges. Detailed design of the rock bolt clamps. BHP, Griffin Pipeline Examination of survey results to identify span rectification requirements. CSO/EAL, Blackback Conceptual study to determine the optimum retrofit riser design on the Mackerel Platform for the Blackback development. Offshore survey of the topsides layout. Ampolex, Wandoo Satellites Preliminary engineering and conceptual study to determine the most cost effective method of developing two satellite prospects. 1990-1996

JP Kenny Caledonia Ltd Senior Engineer (Aberdeen)

BP/AEA, Magnus SWIFT -

rikki ingham.doc

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6 May 2003

K E V I N R I K K I I N G H AM P I P E L I N E D I S C I P L I N E S U P E R V I S O R Consafe, Nelson Detailed design of subsea production and water injection manifold. Mobil, Beryl SAGE Six months on-site at the landfall at St Fergus gas terminal acting as the client representative during the commissioning of the Beryl trunkline. Statoil, Zeepipe Phase II Preparation of a scope of work for the precommissioning of the phase II development. Intershelf, Piltun Astokskoye Technical and economic assessment of a SCAPS caisson early production system offshore Sakhalin, Russia. BP Petroleum, West Sole Detailed on-bottom stability analysis to determine remedial measures required to stabilise the production export line. Stena, Alwyn North Detailed design of pipeline and riser. Stena, Apache Technical assessment of the Apache reel vessel to lay pipelines in the deep water off the Brazilian coast. Stena, Celtic Sea Determination of production options for a single well development. Occidental, Piper/Claymore Detailed design of wye piece protection structure. Shell Exploration, Cormorant A Determination of the optimum flowline configurations around the platform, specifically concerning the installation of ESDVs and SSIVs. Mobil, Ness Technical assessment of recovering and dry testing an umbilical and junction

rikki ingham.doc

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6 May 2003


Ng Eng Bin


B.Sc(Hons) Marine Engineering (1977) - University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK) M.Sc Offshore Structures (1978) - Cranfield Institute of Technology (UK) M.B.A. (1997) - Heriot Watt University (UK)


Registered Professional Engineer (Singapore) since 1984 Chartered Engineer (UK) since 1984 Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (UK)

KEY EXPERIENCE Ng Eng Bin has over 25 years post-graduate working experience in marine/civil construction and engineering in the Oil and Gas Industry. During this period, Eng Bin has held design, field, project and managerial positions. He have worked on several projects involving the design and installation of submarine pipelines and associated structures. Although specialising in submarine pipelines, he has also worked on structural and other marine civil engineering projects, such as jacket and hangar design, hook-up and commissioning projects, SPM installation proposals, etc. and also been extensively involved in tendering marine/civil construction projects. Eng Bin worked for McDermott for a total of 10 years as their lead pipeline engineer, and was head of the Pipeline Engineering Group. He was the deputy Offshore Division Manager of Selco (S) Pte Ltd. This division specialised in offshore hook-up and commissioning works. He was also the Engineering Manager for Rockwater Singapore for 2 years before venturing out on his own as a freelance consultant. He last worked for Kvaerner E&C Singapore Pte Ltd (previously known as Kvaerner R J Brown Pte Ltd and RJ Brown) as Manager of Offshore Pipelines and Subsea. He worked for this company for a total of about 9 years.Eng Bin joined Worley Singapore in 2004 as the Manager of Pipelines and Subsea..

Engineering and drafting of installation procedures for installation of submarine pipelines by laybarge, bottom pull and surface tow. Engineering and drafting of installation procedures for installation of risers. Fabrication, testing and operation of posttrenching plough. Modification/retrofit of existing plough and jetsled. Engineering and drafting of installation procedures for pipeline burial using post-trenching plough and jetsled. Field experience in pipeline installation by conventional laybarge, bottom pull and surface tow. Field experience in post-trenching using plough. Design and field exposure in design, production and installation of armour rock backill. Familiarity with quarry operation and grading of rock backfill. Familiarity with transportation and installation of SPMs, jackets and decks. Selection, scheduling and deployment of offshore crew for hook-up and commissioning works. Management of work and accommodation barges. Tendering and negotiation for marine works. Preparation of bid/tender packages for Clients. Management of design/engineering projects. Management of Design Office Management of EPC project, including: o Engineering and procurement management;

AREAS OF PARTICULAR EXPERTISE Eng Bins work exposure includes: Design of submarine and onshore pipelines. Design of fixed offshore platforms. Design, and transportation & installation engineering of a aircraft hangar.

ng eng bin_3mar04 .doc 4 June 2004

NG ENG BIN - MANAGER - SUBSEA & PIPELINES o o o o o Subcontractor supervision and administration; Project finances and progress planning; Health and safety procedures and management; Incorporation and execution of incentive schemes; and Site supervision.

for Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd, Korea PGN Gas Transmission and Distribution Project
Project Manager for the detailed design of a 215-km gas pipeline from Kuala Tungkal (Sumatra) to Batam. The project involved the optimisation of concrete coating design and trenching requirements, design of pipeline and cable protection for trawlboard impact, and drafting of all technical specifications.

Liaison with Clients Representatives and travelling in SE Asia to meet prospective Clients for business.

for Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd, Korea Bonny Terminal Integrated Project
Project manager responsible for the detailed design of a 14-km effluent water pipeline and diffuser, and a 34km oil export pipeline in Nigeria. Included in the project were the feasibility studies for refurbishment and upgrading of an existing export pipeline facilities.


Jan 2004 Present

for Hong Kong Electric Company Ltd

Project Manager for detailed design of a 92-km gas pipeline from Hong Kong to China, including the onshore receiving station. The pipeline is to be trenched to 3m along its entire route and protected from anchors with armour rocks along 20 25 km of its route. The scope of work involves the design of the gas receiving station, submarine pipeline, pipeline route, and its armour protection system, and drafting of all technical specifications, etc.

Worley Pte Limited Manager - Subsea & Pipelines

Eng Bin joined Worley Pte Ltd as the Manager of Subsea and Pipelines for the Singapore office. He is responsible for the management of the Pipelines and Subsea Department in Singapore. His duties include the day-to-day management of the department, supervision of on-going projects, proposals/tendering, recruitment and training of staff, etc. In addition, he assist the Global Leader for the Subsea and Pipelines Group in all matters pertaining management of the group worldwide. Jan 1997 Jan 2004

for Shell Eastern Petroleum Pte Ltd

Project Manager for SEPLs Bundled Submarine Pipelines between Pulau Ular/Seraya project. I was Kvaerners Project Manager responsible for managing the entire EPC project, including design of permanent facilities, procurement of materials, management of subcontractors and day-to-day management of the works. The pipeline bundle, which was designed to carry a range of petrochemicals, is over 4.5 km in length and installed across one of the worlds busiest shipping fairways. It consists of eight pipelines and two fibre optic cables, giving a combined pipeline length of 36 km and cable length of 10 km.

Kvaerner E&C Singapore Pte Ltd Manager Pipelines & Subsea

Eng Bin joined Kvaerner as a Project Manager and was subsequently promoted to Manager of Offshore Pipelines and Subsea. In addition, he retain his function as a Project Manager for the Pipeline Department. Apart from various smaller projects, the main key projects which he had handled included:

for Punj Lloyd Ltd

Project Manager for IPCL Dahej Effluent Outfall Project in India. This project involved the design and installation of a 3 km long 20 diameter pipeline and a diffuser at the Gulf of Khambat, where surface current of up to 8 knots and a tidal variation of 10m are present. I managed the design in KRJB office and was also on site to supervise the pipeline construction.

for Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd, Korea SINOPEC Hangzhou Bay Pipeline Project
He was the Project Manager for the detailed design of three 53-km pipelines across Hangzhou Bay in Changjiang Region, China. The pipelines comprise 1 no. 30 and 1 no. 28 oil pipelines and 1 no. 10 naptha pipeline. The project involved all aspects of submarine pipeline design and included design of pipeline for self-burial using spoilers, verification of the pipeline design for installation by HDD and conventional pipelay methods, cathodic protection design, etc.

for Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd

Project Manager for CNOOC Weizhou Pipelines Development Project. This project encompassed the design of 8 pipelines and associated risers and expansion loops, a diffuser and 4 piggable wyes, of which two were divertable prototypes. Included in the scope of work were pipeline hydraulics and thermal analyses, detailed design of the pipelines, risers and

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28 January 2004

NG ENG BIN - MANAGER - SUBSEA & PIPELINES riser clamps, design of cathodic protection, design of armour burial along the shore approach, routing of the pipelines and outline installation engineering. Dec 1994 Jan 1997 conventional pipelaying, cable laying, pipeline post-trenching, etc. Upgrading of the engineering capability of the company, such as selection and recruitment of engineering staff, acquisition of new engineering software, computerisation of the drafting office, training of the staff, etc. Performing design and installation engineering for jobs being bided and jobs awarded.

Freelance Professional Engineer. Remisier with OCBC Securities Pte Ltd.

Apr 1993 Dec 1994

Submarine Pipeline Consulting Engineers Principal Consultant

Set up this company to service the offshore construction and engineering industry and was its principal Consulting Engineer. During this period and was contracted to companies that included:

Jan 1986 Jun 1991

McDermott South East Asia Pte Ltd Consulting Pipeline/Structural Engineer

Rejoined McDermott as a Senior Structural/Pipeline Engineer and was eventually promoted to Consulting Engineer and head of Pipeline Engineering Group. Responsibilities included the design and installation engineering of pipelines, design of jacket and decks, project engineering and supervision of junior engineers. Some of the works performed during this period included the following: Lead Pipeline Engineer for the Total Proche Amal Field Development project. Lead Pipeline Engineer for the Total Gamma Field Development project Lead Pipeline Engineer for ARCOs Cluster Conductor Project. Lead Pipeline Engineer for the ACT HZ-26 development project. Lead Pipeline Engineer for the Marathon KF Field Development. Lead Pipeline Engineer who helped to supervise the design Bundug Company Ltd water injection pipeline EB-37 to WHP-3. Lead Pipeline Engineer for Sarawak Shells Category 1 Program, in which McDermott was contracted to install several pipelines offshore Sarawak. Lead Pipeline Engineer responsible for the installation engineering of several of McDermott's pipeline installation contracts in Asia, Australia and Middle East. Lead Pipeline Engineer for the Total Chine Ewizhou 10-3 Project

for Kvaerner R J Brown Pte Ltd -Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd

Lead Pipeline Engineer for the Petrovietnam Gas Utilisation Project (Phase 1). The project involved the design and construction of a 107 km long submarine pipeline and a 4 km long onshore pipeline.

for Public Utilities Board

Project Manager for the twin 700 mm pipeline bundle from mainland to an offshore island 2 km away installed using the bottom pull method (during the design & tender preparation stage).

for Clough-Stena JV
Principal pipeline engineer for the Griffin Field pipeline installation project, involving the installation of a 62 km pipeline from shore to Griffin field. Eng Bin performed detailed installation engineering for all installation scenarios and provided all pertinent data for installation of the pipeline. Jun 91 May 93

Rockwater Offshore Contractors Pte Ltd Manager of Engineering

Manager responsible for providing engineering support to all the department and offices in the Eastern Hemisphere of Rockwaters worldwide operations. As head of engineering, he was actively involved with the tendering and execution of offshore projects. And was also actively involved with the selection of and liaison with specialist engineering consultants and subcontractors used by the company for the projects. His duties in the company included but were not limited to the following: Bidding for offshore installation works such as SPM and FPSO installation, jettings, non

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28 January 2004

NG ENG BIN - MANAGER - SUBSEA & PIPELINES Dec 1983 - Dec 1985 Budbay Oil Ltd., Esso Petroleum, Oil & Natural Gas Commission of India, etc. Stress analyses and procedures for the transportation of Singapore Airlines Changi Hangar from the construction site in Batam, Indonesia, to Changi airport, Singapore. Installation of two 85 x 75 U-bend expansion and riser units for Sarawak Shell's 30" diameter pipeline using surface tie-in method This project marked an advancement in the offshore installation technology as it was the first time Ubend and riser units of such dimensions were installed above water surface then lowered to seabed in 290 of water. Burial of submarine pipelines using the posttrenching plough. Design of jackets for Amerada Hess Oil Company.

Selco (S) Pte Ltd Deputy Manager, Offshore Construction & Engineering
He was extensively involved with tendering, implementation and managing of offshore projects in and around South East Asia. He also acted as Chief Design/Field Engineer providing any necessary expertise and advice that the divisions filed engineers may require. Duties included : Tendering and negotiating with clients for offshore construction work in the Asian region. Work tendered for include transportation and installation of jackets, piles, decks, submarine pipelines and cables, chartering of vessels, etc. Major companies dealt with included Union Oil Co of Indonesia, Sarawak Shell Bhd, Oil & Natural Gas Commission of India, Atlantic Richfield Inc. of Indonesia, P.T. Avlau, Korea Heavy Industries, etc. Travelling in the Asian region to meet and discuss with clients about future contracts, and for public relations purposes. Day to day management of on-going projects. This included giving technical, logistic and management supports to Selcos project management office(s) outside Singapore. Selection and recruitment of maintenance and construction crew for Selcos Offshore Division. Provision of specialist engineering expertise such as in the area of submarine pipeline engineering and installation.

Oct 1978 - Jul 1979

R J Brown & Associates Design Engineer

As Design Engineer worked on feasibility studies on submarine pipelaying, design of submarine pipelines, stress analysis of pipelines during pipelay, abandonment, recovery and other related aspects of pipelaying, and analysis of wave data, etc.

Paper Published
1. Pipelaying Operations with Articulated Stingers and their Analyses presented 1981 in Design and Construction of Offshore Structures seminar, Singapore. Offshore Pipeline Installation by Surface Tow Method and their analyses presented 1985 in Offshore Industry and Support Services seminar, Singapore. PGN Branch Pipeline from Kuala Tungkal to Batam Design Challenges for Construction Cost nd Optimisation present 2003 in 2 Petromin Pipeline Conference, Singapore.

Jul 1979 - Dec 1983

McDermott Engineering, Singapore Senior Marine/Structural Engineer

Joined McDermott as a Marine/Structural Engineer and was eventually promoted to Senior Engineer. Some of the projects worked on included, but not limited to, the following: Offshore pipeline design and installation for Brunei Shell Petroleum, Sarawak Shell Berhad, 2.


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28 January 2004

J.T. Powers, P.E.

Project Director (Company Sponsor)


Over forty years experience in oil and gas pipeline and terminal design projects, project management, and construction management. Experience has included working for operating pipeline companies and engineering and construction firms in all regions of the world. Presently serving as Convenor of the Maintenance Work Group of ISO 13623, the international pipeline standard. Also serves as a member of the ASME B31.4, the U.S. liquids pipeline safety code.

Project Director / Study Director Baku Tiblisi Ceyhan Pipeline Design, cost, schedule, and contract audit for lenders on a $3.6 billion crude oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean, across Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey. Pipe diameters ranged from 46-inch to 34-inch to transport 1 million BPD. Included seven pump stations and an export terminal. Constantza Panchevo Omisalj Trieste Pipeline Feasibility Study A 1350 kilometer crude oil pipeline transporting 800,000 BPD from Constantza Romania to Omisalj Croatia Terminal and continuing to Trieste, Italy. Pipe diameters ranged from 36-inch to 20-inch along the route. Facilities included nine pump stations, one import terminal and one export terminal. Included route selection, preliminary design, cost estimates, O&M planning and environmental impact definition. Guarjira Maracaibo Pipeline Feasibility Study A 200 kilometer Gas pipeline delivering offshore gas from Colombia, across the Guarjira Peninsular, to power plants in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Pipeline diameters considered ranged from 24-inch to 30-inch. Three route alternatives and three flow rates were evaluated. Preliminary design, cost estimates and an environmental impact analysis were performed. Tennessee Valley Authority - Johnsonville Power Station Natural Gas Fuel Line On site field engineer in Johnsonville, Tennessee for the construction of the 28 miles of 28-inch natural gas pipeline with custody transfer meter station. Responsibilities included field engineering solutions and clarifications for the construction contractor as well as monitoring compliance with design drawings, specifications, and permits. Project responsibilities included detail design and construction management.

Powers Jimmie.doc

J.T. Powers, P.E.

Project Director (Company Sponsor)


Chevron Pipe Line Company Russia to Korea Gas Pipeline Provided preliminary design and capital cost estimate for an 1, 800 kilometer gas pipeline. Kern River Pipeline Looping Design basis development and cost estimate for looping the Kern River Pipeline System considering approximately 800 miles of pipeline with diameters from 30 to 48 inches in the western United States. Enron International - Cuiaba Pipeline System, Bolivia to Brazil 627kilometer pipeline, 18-inch diameter transporting natural gas for an electric power generating plant and possible future developments. Project Manager Constantza, Romania Trieste, Italy Pipeline (CTPL) Feasibility Study Project Manager for the proposed 1,375 kilometer (855 mile) Constantza, Romania to Trieste, Italy pipeline. Researched and analyzed petroleum and pipeline data for the feasibility study for the proposed 1375 km long, 38-inch/28-inch diameter crude oil pipeline between the Black Sea and the Adriatic Sea, from Constantza in Romania, through Hungary and Slovenia, to Trieste in Italy for Concordia Petroliera Romania. The assignment included issue of the eleven task reports, and responsibility for the Task reports for throughput potential for Constantza Port, assessment of crude oil consumers, the pipeline operating capacities, technical feasibility assessment and preliminary designs, and the overall project costs. Project responsibilities included managing environmental assessment and financial modeling. African Export Terminal and Tank Farm Confidential Client Project Manager for propane and butane LPG and stabilized condensate facilities required at an export terminal in Central Africa. The facilities for the export terminal included the storage tanks, export pumps, tanker berth, trestle bridge to the berth, and the pipelines between the tanks and the berth. The preliminary design included the sizing and layout of the 1 million barrels storage tanks, pumps and piping for the different liquids on shore, and the selection of water depth for the export tanker berth for vessels up to 100,000 dwt. Planning of the facilities covered the layout of the tanker berth, including the berthing and mooring dolphins, fire fighting facilities, the marine fluid handling arms and associated equipment on the berth, the road and pipeline trestle between the shore and the berth, installation of the pipelines. The estimate of costs for the export facilities was also prepared. Preliminary design and feasibility study for a liquid import marine terminal in Peru, including SPM, marine pipeline and onshore storage.

Powers Jimmie.doc

J.T. Powers, P.E.

Project Director (Company Sponsor)


Gazprom Yamal Preliminary Design and Cost Estimate for a total of 10 gas pipeline segments beginning in the Russian Arctic on the Yamal Peninsula, ranging in size from 40 to 56-inches, ranging in lengths from 15 to 160 kilometers, two compressor stations of approximately 60,000 horsepower each, and a 500-kilometer long 18-inch natural gas liquids (NGL) line. Project tasks included preliminary designs, gas cooling studies, process flow diagrams and plot plans, equipment sizing, and cost estimate. Chad - Cameroon Pipeline Export System feasibility study. Facilities included a crude oil marine export terminal with SPM, onshore storage tank farm, loading pumps, and submarine pipeline. Due to limited infrastructure, a significant part of the study was the logistics of mobilizing construction forces, infrastructure upgrade design, and operational logistics. The onshore pipeline was 1,100 kilometers long, 26 diameter with four pump stations. Scope of work included preliminary design, hydraulic analysis, basis of design development, infrastructure upgrade planning and design, logistics plan, construction plan; EPC bid package development, cost estimate, scheduling and pipeline repair and maintenance planning. Masila Block Field Development. Facilities included a 90-mile; 24-inch onshore crude oil pipeline, an initiating pumping station, and a marine export terminal on Yemens Gulf of Aden, for export of 120,000 BPD of crude oil. Terminal facilities included 1 million Bbls storage, SPM for 150,000 DWT tankers, 36" offshore loading line, loading pump station, and small boat harbor for service vessels. Scope of Work included initial feasibility study, detail design, marine and onshore data gathering, procurement, construction bid package development, and construction management. YEPCO Marine Export Terminal on the Red Sea coast of Yemen. Facilities included a 150-mile 26-inch onshore pipeline, two pumping stations, an SPM, 24-inch submarine pipeline, and a 409,000 DWT tanker. Scope of work included a feasibility study, cost estimate, basis of design document, data gathering, detail design, procurement, and construction management. The feasibility study included a comparison of an offshore floating storage terminal to an onshore terminal. The most cost-effective choice was the conversion of a 409,000 DWT tanker to a floating storage and offloading facility (FSO). Subsequent scope of work was detail design, bid package for and management of the tanker conversion, and detail design of the offshore pipeline and moorings. Logistics studies were made to identify and provide vessel support for the marine export terminal operations. North Gubkinskiy Pipeline in Eastern Siberia. Scope of work included detail design, coordination with Tuymen Design Institute for permitting,

Powers Jimmie.doc

J.T. Powers, P.E.

Project Director (Company Sponsor)


procurement of pipe, transportation of pipe to work site, and management of construction. Facilities included 35 miles of 12-inch crude oil pipeline, an initiating pump station and a meter station. Project included a major river crossing and was constructed in winter. Preliminary Design and feasibility study for an Orimulsion import terminal in the Bohai Gulf offshore China. Facilities included an SPM, 30-inch submarine unloading pipeline, and onshore receiving terminal. Scope of work included preliminary design, basis of design development, cost estimate, and schedule development. Detail design of eight marine pipeline projects, oil and gas, in the Gulf of Mexico and the Arabian Gulf. Kohje Do crude oil unloading terminal in the Korean Gulf. Facilities included an SPM, a 28-inch submarine unloading pipeline, onshore storage tank farm and related receiving infrastructure. Scope of work included basis design, facility identification, design basis development, cost estimate, and schedule development. Arun crude oil export terminal on the coast of Sumatra. Facilities included an SPM, a 36-inch diameter submarine pipeline, and related facilities. Scope of work included preliminary design, design basis development, cost estimate and schedule development. Santa Barbara Drilling Supply Base on the California coast. Preliminary design, permit application development, cost estimate, schedule development, and environmental plan were included in the scope of work. Facilities included a 1.5 km pier into the Santa Barbara Channel, onshore fuel storage terminal, drilling supply storage, rail supply sidings and truck receiving infrastructure. Batangas, Philippines Power Plant Fuel Pipelines Systems Preliminary Design and Cost Estimates for two fuel pipelines; one gas, one diesel. Project included preliminary route selection, hydraulic analysis, detailed cost estimates, and bid package development. Route selection, cost and schedule development, detail design, material and construction specifications, and construction management for a 26inch OD fuel gas pipeline to a power plant for Philadelphia Electric Co., north of Philadelphia, PA. Limay to Bataan fuel gas pipeline to a power plant just west of Manila Philippines, 100 Km. pipeline, 16-inch OD. Project included meter stations, traps, SCADA, and associated equipment. Responsibilities included route selection, design criteria establishment, cost and schedule development, and specifications.

Powers Jimmie.doc

J.T. Powers, P.E.

Project Director (Company Sponsor)


Repair study for dual 38-inch diameter pipelines with multiple leaks in Venezuela. Study included analysis and selection of repair devices, logistics planning, and cost estimates. Indonesian Power Plant Fuel Pipeline Preliminary Design and Cost Estimate involving fuel gas pipeline. Project included preliminary route selection, hydraulic analysis, detailed cost estimate, PFD development, and bid package preparation. UPRC Spur NGL Pipeline Preliminary Design and Cost Estimate included route selection, hydraulic analysis, scheduling, PFD development, engineering bid package preparation and preliminary construction bid package preparation. Natural Gas Pipeline System Preliminary Cost Estimates involving a 275 mile, 16-inch natural gas pipeline system with two compressor stations to transport 140 MMSCFD in Australia. Project included hydraulic analysis, equipment sizing, and detailed cost estimate. Numerous cost studies requiring pipeline hydraulic analysis, preliminary design and facility definition. Chief Engineer - Pipelines Responsible for management of engineering for onshore and offshore oil and gas pipeline projects. Also acted as project manager for marine outfall pipeline projects in West Africa and off Victoria Island, Vancouver. Manager of Projects - SE Asia Responsible for management of Southeast Asia projects from headquarters in Malaysia. Projects included production facilities and pipelines, offshore and onshore, in Malaysia and Indonesia. Project Manager for: ! Bassein Field Offshore pipeline system (India); ! optimization study for pipeline system gathering gas and condensate from five offshore fields in the South China Sea; ! design study and offshore transportation of high pour point crude; and ! design and bid package preparation for dual 36" onshore and offshore pipelines in Venezuela between mainland and Isla de Margurieta.

Powers Jimmie.doc

J.T. Powers, P.E.

Project Director (Company Sponsor)


Section Head / Offshore Pipeline Managed marine pipeline section involved in design of offshore pipelines associated with Crests worldwide production facility projects. Exxon Pipeline Company Section Head / Special Studies Responsible for execution of special studies such as: ! Preliminary design and costing of onshore arctic terminal and offshore loading line for facilities to load ice breaking tankers in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska; ! Transportation of Santa Barbara Channel oil from 1200 foot water depths to shore, thence to markets. Section Head / Marine Pipeline Responsible for design, bidding, and construction management of marine pipeline projects. Project Manager Management of offshore pipeline projects including: ! Repair of leaking pipeline in Louisiana, ! Repair of damaged pipeline in Singapore, ! Installation of pipelines in Gulf of Mexico, ! Repair of damaged pipeline offshore Nicaragua, ! Installation of worlds first underwater welded hot tap, ! Development of deep water pipeline research program (on loan assignment to Exxon Production Research), and ! Construction and relocation of onshore pipelines.

Powers Jimmie.doc

J.T. Powers, P.E.

Project Director (Company Sponsor)


Employment History
1997 - Present 1995 - 1997 1982 - 1995 1971 - 1981 1956 - 1971

Parsons Energy & Chemicals Group Raytheon Engineers & Constructors, Inc. Gulf Interstate Engineering C.E. Crest Engineering Exxon Pipeline Company


BS, Civil Engineering, University of Mississippi, 1956

Registrations and Professional Affiliations

! Professional Engineer - Kentucky No. 8307, Louisiana No. 07071-E, Mississippi No. 02360, Tennessee No. 008530, Texas No. 49923 ! ASME B31.4 Committee ! ISO TC67 WG 13 Convenor ! Member ASCE ! Member ASME

! Pipeline Design Method can Reduce Wall Thickness, Costs, Oil and Gas Journal, 1995 ! FSU, U.S. Design codes Differ on Key Points of Pressure Testing, Oil and Gas Journal, 1994 ! Knowing Design Codes Essential for Making, Specifying FSU Pipe, Oil and Gas Journal, 1994 ! FSU Pipeline Design Code Compared to U.S. Codes, Oil and Gas Journal ! Stress Analysis of Offshore Pipelines During Installation, Offshore Technology Conference ! The Variable Departure Angle Reel-A New Device for Deep Water Pipeline Installation, Third International Symposium on Freight Pipelines

Powers Jimmie.doc

J.T. Powers, P.E.

Project Director (Company Sponsor)

Resume ! Offshore Pipeline Design and Construction, Tulsa Society of Professional Engineers Design Seminar ! Gulf Pipeline Lowered While in Service," Oil and Gas Journal ! Integrity Testing of Pipeline, ISSTPE Symposium, Beijing, China ! A Fourier Series Solution to Bottom Roughness Induced Stress During Pipe Laying, ASCE Engineering in the Oceans Conference ! International Pipeline Design Code Comparisons and the Trend Towards Limit State Design, Energy Week 96 - Pipelines, Terminal & Storage Conference Papers, held in Houston, TX, January 30-February 1, 1996.

Powers Jimmie.doc

Ehsan Heshmati 38 Cypress Court, Cheam Road, Sutton, Surrey , SM1 2SU, UK, Tel: +44-208-643-6804

CAREER SUMMARY Oil & Gas Project Engineering & Management (Structural & Pipelines)
! ! !

Over 20 years Project Engineering and Management experience in on-shore/offshore oil and gas industry. Holding an MBA in International Business, MSc in Offshore Engineering, and BSc in Civil Engineering, Substantial experience and interest in major oil and gas field developments feasibility studies and economic assessment of development planning including commercial & technical risk assessments. Worked on all project phases of field infrastructure developments, involving Green field and Brown field Development projects. Substantial offshore structural and onshore/offshore pipelines engineering and construction experience. Designed over 25 offshore platforms and over 15 land and subsea pipelines/flowlines from 6 to 48. Extensive international experience working in USA, UK, Europe, the Middle East (IRAN, UAE(Abu Dhabi), Saudi Arabia and Asia-Pacific with projects for the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, South China Sea, Timor Sea, and the Sea of Okhotsk (North East of Russia) and Western Australia. Worked with companies such as Technip (Malaysia) , Snamprogetti (UK,Italy), McDermott (UK, Dubai), Kvaerner Oil and Gas (UK, Australia), RJ Brown (USA), Halliburton (UK), Granherne (Australia) John Brown (UK, Norway), Brown & Root (UK), Technomare (UK), NPCC ( UAE), ABB (UK, Saudi Arabia), Odeberght Oil and Gas (UK) Engineering of over 20 offshore platforms, FPSO(2), GBS(2), Fixed piled structures (18) in water depths from 8m up to 1000 meters including Ice/earthquake resistant structures , and topsides structures (integrated and modular) 700 up to 15000 tonnes as well as structural integrity assessment for extended use & re-certification Experience of over 10 offshore sub sea pipelines/ flow lines of varying sizes 6" to 48 in shallow waters of Persian Gulf and Deep Waters of Western Australia to 250meters , and over 10 onshore pipelines to 48 in Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iran Extensive experience in project engineering management including interpretation of customer requirements, preparation of work packages, manpower planning, preparation of project schedules, project control plans and project execution plans, with due regards to QA and Health Safety Environmental issues, preparation of weekly and monthly progress reports on technical aspects of the project, as well as experience of virtual/remote team operations and remote management of team members Worked individually, or as part of a team and led teams of professional engineers, managed and supervised design/engineering teams, sub-contractors and external consultants engaged on major projects on a regular basis Substantial experience of field development planning, financial and economic assessment of development plans, sensitivity studies and risk analysis/Monte Carlo simulations using @RISK and CRYSTAL BALL programs and developing technical proposals & marketing presentations Extensive knowledge of QA, HSE and environmental issues in offshore/onshore oil and gas engineering work. Page 1 of 12

Ehsan Heshmati

Management experience:

Supervised project work as Senior Project Engineer and Senior Supervising Engineer, led engineering activities as Lead Engineer, Supervised Contractors and Subcontractors and vendors. Co-ordinated and directed many FEED and conceptual design, fabrication and installation studies according to project and oil company systems and procedures. (BPAmoco, TotalElfFina, Shell, Exxon, Chevron, Conoco, NIOC, IOOC and Saudi Aramco) Liased and co-operated closely with oil company representatives and established close relationships with their project management personnel. Reviewed and evaluated subcontract bid packages and assessed suppliers commercial capabilities. Prepared technical and commercial packages for submission to clients. Managed project interfaces with 3 party organisations, certifying authorities, vendors and fabrication, installation sub-contractors and consultants

Engineering experience:
Offshore Pipelines, Flowlines and Risers;

Managed/supervised/performed feasibility studies, Pre-FEED and conceptual work, cost estimation, and front-end engineering (FEED) and detailed design of subsea oil and gas pipelines and flowlines, flexible risers systems connected to FPSOs and Loading buoys, various subsea pipelines/flowlines (insulated/un-insulated, rigid/flexible). Pipeline engineering & design including layout optimisation, mechanical design, pipelines & cables crossings, stability and protection assessment, pipeline installation, scraping methods for commissioning and decommissioning, assessments to Norwegian DNV96, DNV2000-OSF101, British BS8010, Australian AS2885 and ASME B31,3, B31.4, B31.8 and API 1111 using CRA, Duplex Steel, Carbon Steel materials, shallow waters of the Middle East to Deep waters of Western Australia

Flexible risers systems engineering, multiple-risers systems connected to FPSOs turret systems, for installations in water depths to 250m Bundled flow lines design, design of pipelines/cable crossings, channel crossings, subsea template/towheads/tie-in structures, PLEMs, subsea field and/or tie-back development in water depths up to 800 m deep.

Offshore Platform Structures;


Managed/Supervised/performed engineering and design of over 20 offshore platforms from 1000 tonnes to 24000 tonnes and topsides from 700 tonnes to 15000 tonnes in shallow water of Persian Gulf to Deep waters of Gulf of Mexico and Northern North Sea to API RP2A WSD & LRFD in water depths from 8m to 400m Performed upstream field development screening and economic studies including platforms, pipelines and subsea infrastructure Performed conceptual, FEED and cost estimation for substructures and superstructures Supervised/performed feasibility studies, conceptual and front-end engineering of Ice/earthquake resistant GBSs around Sakhalin Island as well as detailed design of FPSOs in Brazil and Indonesia Page 2 of 12

! !

Ehsan Heshmati

Onshore Pipelines;
! !

Managed/supervised/performed onshore cross-country trunk line design activities Conducted feasibility, conceptual, FEED and detailed design, and construction planning of onshore gas transmission lines and crude oil trunklines up to 48 and pumping stations. Designed over 500km pipelines on separate projects to ASME B31.3, B31.4 and B31.8 & BS8010 (onshore) codes, as well as Exxon, Saudi Aramco, TotalFinaElf & NIOC Engineering Practices Project works included pipeline classification studies, pipelines/cable, river, road and highway crossings, bored, buried and over-ground pipelines, CP design, mechanical design etc. Co-ordinated pipeline site surveys and supervised construction of tank farms and crude oil cross-country pipelines, and pipelines for loading terminals and Jetties

Construction & Fabrication Experience


Provided support to HiFab (UK) fabrication yard during fabriation of BP south East Forties jacket and modules and was part of Load out monitoring team during the lodaout of the 9000 tonne jacket structure onto a floating barge Co-ordinated procurement and pipeline/structural activities at NPCCs fabrication yard in Abu Dhabi (UAE) Saadiat Island

! ! ! !

Construction of oil storage tanks, tank farms and pipelines systems, Storage & Spillage Dykes, special Pipeline access roads and corridors and oil loading terminals (IRAN) Construction of water supply lines, small access bridges (IRAN) Provided support to McDermott Fabrication Yard in Dubai (UAE) during fabrication of eight platforms and inter-field pipelines for IOOC- Salman project.

! ! ! ! ! ! !

MBA International Business, 2001, Western Australia, 2001 M.Sc. Coastal and Offshore Engineering, Manchester University, UK, 1983 B.Sc. (Hons) Civil Engineering, UMIST, UK, 1979 Chartered Engineer, CEng Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK), since 1980 Member of the Institute of Petroleum (UK), Since 1987 Member of American Society of Civil Engineers (USA), Since 1980

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Independent, flexible and adaptable Good interpersonal skills High cultural diversity awareness A strong team building skills and team ethic Excellent commercial & contractual awareness Dynamic, quick learner and conceptual and lateral thinker Proactive in self-development with new business and management processes Proactive, self-motivating and high initiative drive in the right environment

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Ehsan Heshmati

Experience Detailed Summary

Worley Arabia Saudi Arabia (Nov 2003 - Present)
Saudi Aramco - Northern Area Offshore Division Multiple Offshore Development Projects Assigned to the project execution team as Pipelines Group Leader, in charge of a team of engineers and drafting. Involved in engineering and management of pipeline projects working on a number of concurrent projects: Safaniya Field Expansion Project a $250m Dollar FEED for Field Expansion and Artificial Lift, consisting of two 16 infield offshore oil pipelines, 3.5 and 4 Km, a 50 Km 24 trunkline or 50 Km 42 trunkline from offshore field to onshore GOSP, including four platform tie-ins via subsea flexible pipelines and subsea valve skids. Berri Field Maintenance Project - Detailed Design of a $25m dollar Pipeline replacement projects. Replacing a total of 3 offshore water injection lines using flexible pipelines, 340m, 1140m, 390m long. Berri Field Expansion project - New 4km oil pipeline to connect a new 10 well Platform into a tie-in Platform and addition of scraper launcher/receivers on the existing tie-in platform. involved in the following activities; o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Supervision of pipeline group engineering and drafting personnel Liaison with Aramco PMT and other Aramco Departments Involved in daily project management activities Preparation of budget estimates Preparation of detailed design plan, schedule and group manpower/manhour plans Progress monitoring and reporting Preparation of RFQs and TBEs Pipeline alternative route selection Pipeline engineering and design Flexible pipelines and subsea valve skid design Liaison with Offshore Installation Constructors in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Developed subsea geotechnical site investigation scope of work Developed onshore facilities/pipelines dimensional survey scope of work and subcontract scope. Developed scope of work for onshore pipeline ICCP survey and design and subcontract scope. Reviewed and approved pipeline studies, stability analyses and concrete coating evaluation, pipeline mechanical design, span and vortex shedding, riser designs, laying and installation assessments and onshore pipelines design. Assessed alternative pipeline landfall and shore crossing locations, scarping facilities requirements, onshore pipeline design and shore pull installation alternatives. Assessed alternative trenching methods for 10Km dredging/trenching in shallow waters for installation of 42 line.

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Ehsan Heshmati (May-Nov2003) CB & I John Brown (May-Nov2003)

EXXON Sakhalin 1 - Dekastri Terminal Oil Loading Line to Single Point Mooring Project involved preparation of pipeline engineering design work for a 50 million dollar, 8 km 48 onshore/offshore oil line from a Terminal to SPM Loading point, and input into an ITT package for award of a Procurement and Construction contract Assigned to the project execution team as Principal Onshore/Offshore Pipeline Engineer Reviewed project documents and design requirements, standing for the Lead Engineer, led a group of 8 engineers Prepared considerable input into Marine (Pipeline and SPM) ITT scope of work and ITT documentation. Supervised interfaces with sub-contractor (INTEC Engineering) for specialist works such as ice studies, ice pipe contact assessments, lithodynamics, etc defined scope of work and schedules and interfaced on regular basis. Reviewed and approved stabilization studies, pipeline laying and installation assessments, and mechanical design. Assessed alternative pipeline landfall and shore crossing locations, facilities requirements and construction methods and shore pull installation study Performed technical and economical assessments including comparative cost estimating. and cost sensitivity assessments Developed project specifications, and drawings for the package according to EXXON project practices, including pre-commissioning and commissioning philosophies Review, audited, approved, technical reports for wall thickness optimization, pipeline installation, CP design, pipeline expansion etc.

(2001 2001Halliburton - UK (2001-2003) Pipeline Engineering Group

Dolphin Energy Ltd (UAE) Offshore/Onshore Pipeline & Pressure Reducing Station Facilities, (Qatar Ras Lafan to UAE Taweeleh Midstream Gas Pipeline Project) Project involved front end engineering design of 250 Km 48 gas pipeline from QATAR (Ras Lafan) to UAE Assigned to the project as Principal Pipeline Engineer Engaged in preparation of onshore pipeline design for an ITT package for an EPC contract Reviewed project documents and design requirements Engineered pipelines burial and protection, shore crossing, road crossing and pressure reducing station pipeline and facilities work onshore. Developed project specifications and a number of drawings for the package according to Dolphin Energy/ TotalFinaElf engineering practices.

Offshore Technology (Structural Group)

Working on different projects as follows: EXXONMOBIL Canada Sable Island 4 Platform Complex Re-assessment As Project Engineer (Structural), reviewed previous designs and re-analysis work, for recertification of four platforms and supervised new re-assessment and re-analysis activities on the four platform complex in 50 to 70 m depth to APRI RP2A. Petrobras Barracuda FPSO Reviewed and audited structural designs of 10 topsides processing modules for structural, explosion and ballast performance Page 5 of 12

Ehsan Heshmati ABB Lummus Saudi Arabia (2001) Abu Safah Facilities Upgrade and Expansion Project
Project scope of work involved upgrading and electrification of 10 existing platform, 5 new platforms, five infield flowlines 16 to 36 and a 42 50Km offshore and 15Km onshore (Class 4) export trunkline to Qatif GOSP plant ASME B31.3 and B31.4 Standards. Assigned to Project Management Team (PMT) as Senior Project Engineer (Platform Structures and onshore/offshore Pipelines) Responsible for project engineering and management work on a $600m multi-discipline Abu Safah Facilities Project and 42" Onshore Export Pipeline to Qatif GOSP. Engaged in supervision and leading multi-disciplinary project FEED work and field development plan to increase the production for the Abu Safah Field from 150 to 300 MBCD. Supervised of a team of staff including pipeline, structural, mechanical, and equipment disciplines and cooperated with electrical and instrumentation discipline Project Engineer, and personnel. Engaged in project execution planning, monitoring and control of design work, project personnel interviews, recruitment, assignment and controls, subcontractor interface and control, discipline progress monitoring, and communication with Aramco personnel and project team members and management. Conducted weekly progress meetings with project personnel, client representatives, resolved technical and management issues, arranged for personnel assignment for technical development Co-ordinated and managed project onshore/offshore structural as well as pipeline design activities through subordinate team leaders, including development and optimisation of the field layout to reduce the pipeline cost with substantial cost savings design 5 new platforms and modification of 10 existing platforms, design of six pipelines 16 to 42 , and development of onshore pipeline controls philosophy, design procedures, site survey, CP design etc.. Liaised closely with Aramco construction personnel on construction/installation planning for new offshore platforms and modifications of old platforms as well as installation of infield flow lines, high voltage and fibre optic cables and a 42 65km onshore/offshore export line. Developed project sub-contracts and scope of work for external consultants for flow assurance and process studies, onshore survey work and ICCP design, Liased with client representative and oil company departments as well of vendors, suppliers and subcontractors. Prepared and submitted part of Project Proposal Report. Developed project cost estimate and Project Execution Plan for detailed design.

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Ehsan Heshmati

2001Halliburton BP Amoco Arco China (Jan 2001- April 2001)

Yacheng Y-13 Field Expansion Project South China Sea Project scope of work for field expansion and development for Yacheng Field, off Hinan Island in 140 m water depth It involved integrity re-assessment of the two existing platforms with potential expansion for additional topsides modules and modifications on topside structure for subsea pipeline tie-back and accommodation of two compressor on existing platforms (process and drilling platforms). Assigned to the project as Project/Lead Structural Engineer Closely worked with Corporate and Client Project Managers Reviewed and reassessed previous work carried out by 3 substructure, topsides and foundation integrity assessments

party consultants, including

Supervised qualitative assessments of the platforms for further expansion and Extended Reach Drilling activities for development of southern part of the field. Assessed feasibility of platform life extension and potential use as a tie back position for the future subsea field development. Supervised project personnel involved on re-analysis work

Phillips Petroleum Alliance (June-Dec 2000)

Bayu_Undan Field Development Western Australia Scope of work involved preliminary design and development of a Design, manufacture and installation of a 4 flexible riser system connected to an FPSO Assigned to Project Execution Team as Principal Pipeline Engineer Had direct responsibility for development of independent package of work (Flexible Risers ITT Package) reporting to Alliance Pipeline Manager. Responsible for conceptual design and engineering of multiple flexible riser systems connected to the FPSO using ORCAFLEX. Prepared a sub-contract bid package for design/manufacturing and installations of the riser system.

MBA International Business Administration Western Australia (1999(1999-2000)

Completed an MBA International Business Administration with focus on international business development and management of international Joint venture companies. Substantial research work was conducted on the future of the Chinese Economy and infrastructure development requirements and assessment of business potentials in the oil and gas, environmental and public sector infrastructure development in Asia pacific and Middle East region. Development studies of suitable strategies for Joint Ventures and Alliances and co-operation strategies with International Companies under International Laws and developing JV Laws. Page 7 of 12

Ehsan Heshmati Kvaerner Oil & Gas Australia (1998 99) *Gorgon Alliance Gorgan Gas Field Development Project Perth Australia
The Gorgon Alliance (Shell/Texaco/Chevron/Mobil) project Involved design of a concrete gravity platform, 250 km Pipeline and 5 Subsea Drilling/ production centres in 250 meters of water depth Seconded to Subsea Asset Team as Senior Supervising Engineer (Subsea/Pipelines) Provided substantial contribution to the conceptual development of the subsea field development Performed study of alternative field layout configurations, economic evaluation of different alternatives, estimation of CAPEX/OPEX and economic assessments for the subsea apart of this $4.5 Billion project. Conducted a number of alternative flowline designs using different materials Carbon Steel, Duplex, and CRA, optimisation and cost reduction studies. As part of a group was responsible for a detailed feasibility assessment of five subsea production centres and associated infield flowlines Involved in a number of flow line installation studies including single versus dual lines, bundled flowlines, flowlines with and without scraping (using CRA), Performed flowline bottom tow installation feasibility studies Developed and assessed alternative pipeline-scraping philosophy.

Assigned to RJBrown in Houston as Gorgon Project (Client) representative in USA to manage and co-ordinate interfaces between RJBrown USA, Chevron USA, Fugro USA and Gorgon Project . ! Supervised conceptual design of pipeline bundles with midline tie-ins for the project. ! Together with RJ Brown develop alterative routes for flowlines and scarp crossing and flowline design ! Attended Matagorda Island fabrication/installation site in the Gulf of Mexico to gain practical experience of damage assessment on pipelines due to hurricane, logistics and management of repair programs, and final lateral launch of bundled pipelines.

*Papua New Guinea Gas Pipeline Project Brisbane Australia

PNG-Queensland Pipeline Project involved design and installation of 3400 Km onshore / offshore pipeline from Papua New Guinea to Gueensland Seconded to the PGP as Senior Supervising Engineer (Subsea/Pipelines) Conducted various activities including preparation of pipeline installation procedures, alternative shore approach route selection and studies. Reviewed contract strategies for pipeline installation Reviewed and updated subsea and geotechnical site investigation scope of work

*NIOC/IOEC South Pars Field Development Perth Australia

32 Export Pipeline from South Pars Field to Shore Iran Scope of work involved preparation of an international bid for the above project, which included design of 100 km 32 export pipeline as well as two 16 infield lines. Seconded to the project as Bid coordinator (Subsea/Pipeline) Prepared a project execution cost estimate and a project execution plan Prepared detailed engineering design procedures, engineering cost estimates and engineering design and construction execution schedule. Prepared a comprehensive design and installation procedures for the project inter-field flowlines & export pipelines using bottom tow method

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Ehsan Heshmati (1997Kvaerner Oil & Gas - UK (1997-1998)

Exxon Nefegaz - Arkatung Dagi - ICE Resistant GBS Project involved design of a steel gravity, ice and seismic resistant, structure Assigned to the project as structural dynamic /seismic specialist Was responsible for conceptual design of the platform Performed dynamic analysis under high earthquake and ice impact loading Performed seismic assessment of substructure and topsides Performed soil structure interaction assessment for the GBS

IOEC Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction - Iran (1996(1996-97)

*Multiple Field Re-development Projects Persian Gulf Engaged on various engineering and management activities as a part of Corporate Management team as International Multi-Projects Consultant Reviewed international ITT documents for field re-development and installation of interfield pipelines and platforms on a number of projects in the Persian Gulf. Reviewed tender documents, carried out technical and commercial bid evaluation and provided recommendation to Corporate Management for selection of sub-contractors. Interfaced and supervised with international sub-contractors, Fugro Middle East, Subtech Middle East, Sadra International, NPCC, Sofresid, and local consultants, Namvaran and Tarh-Andishan involved in refurbishment and renovation of the Aboozar Field facilities and pipelines to extend the field to produce 250000 bbl oil /day. Developed a project execution plan, including manpower estimate, project scheduling and capital budget estimation for an international bid for South Pars Gas Field Development. The tender was accepted by NIOC-Offshore and the project started in July 1996. Assisted a Corporate Project Manager in endorsement of Sofrosids commercial bids, acceptance of basic design concepts and project documents for development of Bahregansar Field including subsea survey contracts. Prepared a proposal including project scope of work, capital budget and internal corporate equity investment feasibility assessment for development of the Balal Field submitted to NIOC, which included five platforms,3 bridges and 12 inter-field pipelines. Performed preliminary feasibility study and assessment of the use of standard minimum facilities platforms for future field developments such as wellhead platforms for single wells or small number of wells.

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Ehsan Heshmati TECNOMARE UK (1995 & 1996 )

*Shell - Shearwater Field Development Fast track field development with concurrent substructure design and fabrication work Assigned to the project as Lead Structural Engineer Responsible for leading a group of 8 engineers engaged on the analyses, design of the platform structure. Prepared design philosophies, led and supervised engineering activities and drawing preparation and approved AFC drawings

*BP - Marginal Field Development Studies Techno-economic screening of alternative conceptual field development plans Assigned to the project as Principal Engineer Responsible for economic study of field development concepts comparing alternative developments plans. Carried out economic studies including capital investment and project return sensitivity analyses with variations in oil/gas prices Performed technical and commercial risk assessment of the development plans. Developed a new platform concept for shallow water marginal field development and studied its technical and commercial advantages compared to other concepts.

NPCC - ABU DHABI (1994) (1994)

*ONGC - ICP Heera Trunk Pipeline Project - Indian Ocean Project scope of work involved design, fabrication and installation of two pipelines 30" and 22" diameter with 147 and 11 Km lengths respectively as well as structural modification on two affected platforms. Assigned to the project as Engineering Project Manager Responsible for management and co-ordination of the project engineering activities including pipeline design work and topside structural modification work Managed the project through supervision of project personnel, engineering design monitoring and control and contacts and communication with client counterparts Supervised a group of 15 Senior Engineers including, process, electrical & instrumentation, pipeline, structural and procurement engineers engaged in the design of pipelines and corresponding platform modifications. Supervised and co-ordinated procurement activities of materials/equipment, as well as controlling pipeline coating activities.

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*Qatar-Iran Pipeline across Persian Gulf. A 6-month feasibility study including, preliminary engineering of a 350 Km onshore/offshore water export pipeline from Iran to Qatar Work involved feasibility of diverting two river flows, gathering at a pumping station and exporting through a large diameter 60" pipeline. Assigned to the project as Engineering Study Manager Responsible for development of a project feasibility study report and associated technical and commercial aspects of the projects Supervised project engineering design and developments and conducted evaluation of possible risks (commercials and technical) capital budgeting and financing strategies. Interviewed and assessed capabilities of contractors to carryout the work, performed commercial risk assessments, and prepared a comprehensive report for senior corporate management.

(1992TECHNIP, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA (1992-93)

*Shell Sarawak MLNG dua - M1/M3 Field Development - South China Sea Project scope of work spanned from conceptual to detailed design phases for engineering, design and delivery of fabrication drawings for two eight legged platforms in 137 and 117m depth in South China Sea suitable for Float over Deck installation. Assigned to the project as Project Engineer/Engineering Manager Responsible for engineering design of the two platforms and management, planning and execution of engineering activities within allocated budget and schedule Coordinated and led engineering design work Co-ordinated and managed technical and management interfaces with Shell Sarawak personnel and other consultants (Fugro and Brown and Root). Conducted weekly progress and management meetings with client representatives to resolved technical and management issues, Evaluated and arranged for personnel technical development In charge of a project group of 9 engineers & 6 draftspersons

(1991Snamprogetti SpA Milano Itay (1991-92)

*Saudi Aramco Safaniya GOSP 4 Field Development Complex Design of three platform complex production, accommodation and facilities platforms and interconnecting bridges Assigned to the project as Lead Interface Engineer, Responsible for coordination of design interfaces between client representatives, design office and fabrication contractor (Belleli) and installation contractor (Saipem) Responsible for supervision of staff of 8 professional engineers and two draftsmen Led engineering activities of a group engaged on design of substructure/ topside structures interfaces and secondary structures (mechanical, piping and structural) on three platforms

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Ehsan Heshmati 1990McDermott International Inc UK & Dubai ( 1990-91)

* IOOC Salman Field Development (Redevelopment of an 8 platform complex) Persian Gulf Scope of work included integrity assessment of the war damaged Facilities platform and design for re-use Assigned to the project as Senior Offshore Engineer Reviewed subsea surveys videos and documentation and assess damaged areas Performed damage assessment to pipelines, risers and platform structures. Performed structural and foundation integrity assessment Re-designed a new topside structures and re-location of 64 risers on the Facilities Platform. Prepared design philosophies, documents and AFC drawings for the platform fabrication in Dubai. Provided engineering support and interfaces with the fabrication site in Dubai during fabrication of the field platforms and pipelines.

BROWN & ROOT - UK (1989 - 90)

*Occidental Petroleum - Saltire Field Development - North Sea Scope of work involved conceptual development of and detailed design of a sub-structure for 143m depth. Assigned to the project as Project Lead Structural Engineer Developed three alternative concepts prior to detailed design, including a two piece platform substructure Supervised and co-ordinated of a group of 10 engineers Deputized for the Substructure Engineering Manager and prepared CTRs and scope of the work for detailed design, man-hour estimates and project execution plan and schedules. During detailed design phase, was responsible for management and supervision of all design activities, preparation of design philosophies, reports and AFC drawings

John Brown / Earl & Wright - UK (1982 89)

Engaged on a number of offshore platform structural design projects including Lead Engineer BP Millar Conceptual and Detailed Design Lead Engineer Amoco Arbroath Conceptual and Detailed Design Lead Engineer BP SE Forties Conceptual and Detailed Design Senior Engineer Mobil Inter-platform Bridge Conceptual and Detailed Design Senior Engineer Shell Exploration Brent C Maintenance and Upgrades Senior Engineer Britoil Clyde Detailed Design Senior Engineer Gulf Oil Deep Water Platforms Concept Development 300-450m Senior Engineer Troll & Askeladden Deep Water Concepts Development 350-400m Senior Engineer BP Magnus Detailed

Pusar Construction Company - 1980-1981 1980NIOC - Northern Pipeline Division- Construction & Maintenance Division Senior Civil Engineer engaged on a number of projects including a cross country (120Km) oil pipeline design and construction, and associated pumping station and civil facilities construction.

1975National Iranian Oil Company - 1975-1979

Southern Oil Fields - Construction & Maintenance Division Civil Engineer Engaged on design and construction in a number of projects including a major pipelines projects up to 48, tank farm, jetty, loading terminal design and construction in Southern oil fields

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