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Jacqueline L Boron


Contact (303)582-0220 / (330)453-9362 jlboron@yahoo.com

3624 Millvale Ave NE Canton, Ohio 44709 Profile

Spirited, optimistic, and reflective individual with an outstanding attitude and a strong motivation to develop a caring learning community where students with exceptionalities can more fully participate. Offer positive interaction skills and the creativity necessary to accommodate unique needs. Respect a broad range of instructional methodologies and prepared to take collaborative approaches to teaching. Eager to promote understanding/respect for individual differences and unique learning needs Skilled at gaining the trust and respect of youth and conveying confidence in their abilities Possess a sound understanding of developmental issues exposed to a wide range of disabilities Expertise in curriculum development for transition, life skills, career development and functional academics Commit to maintaining a positive reputation in the community Introduced special outreach programs in efforts to increase interest in the community Incorporated innovative technology with classroom curriculum for greater learning opportunities

Dynamic Teaching Technique

fostered meaningful relationships among students through teamwork, honesty, trust and respect

Core Qualifications
works well independently, responsible for actions and responds well to direction expertise in classroom management for diverse populations maintain student data to monitor attendance, progress, behaviors and special accommodations employed special educational strategies and techniques during instruction to improve the development of sensory, perceptual, motor skills, language, cognition and memory intervention program providing positive emotional support to optimize student learning experiences and coping skills

educational files maintained accurately and in a timely manner delivered training modules to staff to ensure smooth adoption of new programs tailored educational curriculum for students with a range of learning styles, disabilities, strengths and weaknesses to ensure total compression for all students provide students and parents with community support services community experiences to reinforce lessons and gather data for comprehension and skills required to measure performance

Targeted Development
conducted conferences with students, parents, administrators and community agencies, medical professionals, OT/PT, therapist to discuss educational plans designed to promote students educational, social/emotional and transitional needs developed after school activities/clubs to motivate students to become socially involved in the community participate in opportunities for professional growth and research new instructional materials works closely with teachers on making classroom accommodations in a variety of subject areas

Bachelor in Science University of Akron, Ohio (May 1989) Ohio Teaching License # UA1011727 Endorsements: Multiple Disabilities (K-12) Severe/Profound Disabilities (K-12) Moderate Needs 1& 2 (K-12) Ashland University, Ohio (October 1997) Kent State University, Ohio (summer 1993) Colorado School of Mines, Colorado (2005-2010) Adams State University, Colorado (2004-2010) CERTIFICATIONS Vocational Special Education Coordinator (VOSE) (1999) Crisis Prevention Intervention (2000-2010) ESOL (2/2010) First Aid/CPR (yearly)


Community Involvement

ARC Special Olympics Denver Zoo People 2 People International Boy Scouts Council for Exceptional Children Project Support

Professional Experience
Adams County District 12 Thornton, CO Intervention Specialist Paraprofessional training and supervision Independent living project Denver after Dark career exploration activity sponsored by Boy Scouts of America Ranum High School Adams County District 50 MH/LD Students Denver, CO Learning Center Instructor Coffee Cart/ Bookstore - school delivery program Drug and gang curriculum - organized dynamic speakers for entire school International Town - Bank sponsored program for world travel and trade Student involvement in Wrestling, Football, Student Government and Year Book Compus Day Treatment 10/2000 08/2004 08/2004 08/2007 Northglenn High School LD/MH/Severe Students 08/2007 08/2010

Community Reach Center Denver, CO Intervention Specialist

Behavior management programs designed for students with dual diagnosis Extensive community outings, learning experiences, observation and data collection Selected/hired a cohesive team from a variety of occupational expertise to develop a new day treatment program North Canton City Schools Hoover Vocational Compact MH/LD Students

N. Canton, OH Vocational Special Ed Coordinator 08/1994 12/1998 Providing vocational testing and modifications in work settings

data collection, transitional planning and accommodations for 50-165 students Coordinated Vocational Compacts recruitment and evaluations for four districts Louisville City Schools Louisville, OH Molly Stark Hospital Louisville High School Severe/MH Students 08/1989 06/1994

Multiple Handicapped Instructor

Basket sales - students designed five styles of holiday gift baskets, raising $500. Bookstore - students conducted all daily operations raising $60.-$80. per day Condo Trip - students planned and organized a 3 day excursion to Put-in-Bay, Lake Erie Community service projects - participated in disability awareness programs and Special Olympics