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LIVERPOOL, U.K. DATE: MAR 26, 2012 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Be it known to all parties concern, I Capt. Jose A. Doton duly licensed Master Mariner, Now in command of Mv Ten Yu Maru registered at Panama with Official No. 42228-11, Gross Tonnage 32,305 and Net tonnage 19,458 engaged in Worl Wide Trade. Hereby swear and solemnly declare the following: That on 25th Mar 2012 at 1445LT vessel arrived Liverpool Mersey Bar Pilot StationPilot on Board direct berthing passing through Langton Lock enter at 1646LT and clear at 1752LT, while in course of berthing maneuver going to Loadberth S 2 Canada Dock and berthed at 1855LT (All Made Fast) with three (3) assisting tugs with Portside alongside, vessel experienced of strong banging, jerking when touching her Hull on the wharf cement gutter view to No Rubber Fender at all along the length of the vessel, inspection found paint scratches visible above the wharf cement gutter but fearing for the unseen damages below have found later related in this incident occurred. Fearing damage to the vessels Hull, rigging and machinery, hereby tender this Marine Note of Protest to cover against any damages, delays, claims, losses or claims to the owners whatsoever that may arise due to the above circumstances and reserving my right to extend the same as necessary at anytime and place convenient, In the testimony, hereunto signed this Marine Note of protest at the Port of Liverpool this 26th Mar 2012.

Capt. Jose A. Doton

Master MV Ten Yu Maru