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Which of the statements below does not explain the movements of the earths crust?

Many years of stress on the rock may fracture the crust causing one portion to slide upward or downward with respect to the other. The mantle beneath the earths crust is made of plastic materials that have convection currents. Earthquakes that originate beneath the sea can produce tsunamis. The earths crust has cracked into huge plates which move slowly due t convection currents in the mantle. Question 2 Salt water has a density greater than that of pure water. What does this mean? Saltwater has more volume than water Salt water is lighter than water Salt water is as heavy as water Salt water is heavier than water Question 3 Gon wants to know which is stronger, Bisukes punch or Killuas. Using the scientific method, how should Gon setup his controlled experiment? All of the above Let Bisuke and Killua punch him then compare which is more painful Let Bisuke and Killua punch the same object a number of times then compare the damage done Let Bisuke and Killua fight till one of them wins. Question 4 Which layer of the atmosphere returns radio and TV broadcasts back to earth? exosphere stratosphere mesosphere ionosphere Question 5 What is the volume of an object when after dropping, 17.8 mL water in a graduated cylinder rises to 23.6 mL? 14.2 m L 5.8 mL 23.6 mL 17.8 mL Question 6 What type of heat transfer is responsible for the formation of sea breeze and land breeze? radiation condensation convection conduction Question 7 What absorbs a portion of the radiation from the sun, preventing it from reaching the earths surface? Freon Ozone Charon Chloroflorocarbon Question 8

At which point will the potential energy of the ball be the greatest? C

D A B Question 9 What is the weight of an object due to gravity whose mass is 17.6 g? 17.6 N 0.176 N 176 N 1. 76 N Question 10 What do you call the earths hard outer shell? Crust outer core inner core mantle Question 11 What type of clouds will be seen during a stormy day? nimbus cirrus stratus cumulus Question 12 Erosion and deposition are responsible for the formation of the following landforms except delta flood plain lagoon mountain Question 13 Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas? Nitrous Oxide CFCs Carbon Dioxide Methane Question 14 The moon is said to light up the night skies. What gives the moon this ability to shine? Radiation from the Sun that is absorbed by the moon. Radiation produced by the moons atmosphere The luminous substance found on the moons surface The suns reflection off the moon. Question 15 Food use Temperat Room lighting Exposure ure Home made pandesal 37oC Dimly lighted Air o Home made pandesal 37 C Dimly lighted Air What is the independent variable in the setup? exposure time amount of moisture type of bread temperature Question 16 What is 30 oC in oF? Amount of moisture High Low Result Plenty of molds Tiny spots of molds

58 F 86 F 30 F 102 F Question 17 On clear, calm evenings, temperature differences between a body of water and neighboring land produce a cool wind that blows offshore. This wind is called a Evening breeze Sea breeze Land breeze Morning Breeze Question 18 What is the equivalent value of the absolute zero temperature on the Celsius, and Kelvin Scale? -273 celsius, and 0 kelvin 273 celsius, and 0 kelvin 0 celsius, and -600 kelvin 0 celsius, and 273 K Question 19 Mt. Mayon which is built from alternate layers of lava and ash with many little craters on its slope is what kind of volcano? Shield caldera cinder composite Question 20 Which star is the hottest star? Orange Red Blue Yellow Question 21 Food use Temperature Room Exposure lighting o Home made pandesal 37 C Dimly lighted Air Home made pandesal 37oC Dimly lighted Air What conclusion can be deducted from the experiment? Molds grow anywhere Molds are growing relative to temperature. Molds grow best in moist places. Molds like breads Question 22 What harmful gas is being released when engines burn fossil fuels? Sulfur Carbon Monoxide Oxygen nitrogen Amount of moisture High Low Result Plenty of molds Tiny spots of molds

Question 23 A monkey weighing 500 newtons climbs a tree 10 meters high. How much work does the monkey do? 500 joules 5000 joules 1000 joules 100 joules

Question 24 Why is Venus the twin planet of the Earth? Venus has almost the same size as the Earth Venus has the distance similar to earth from the sun Life is possible in Venus Venus has the same orbit as the Earth to the sun Question 25 Which planet is the smallest planet in the solar system? Pluto Mercury Neptune Mars Question 26 For work to be done, what are the factors that must be present? weight and force force and distance force and acceleration weight and distance Question 27 Mid ocean ridges are result of what plate activity? Diverging plates Inverting plates Converging plates Spreading plates Question 28 150 mg is equal to __________. 1.50 g 0.150g 15.0g 0.015 g Question 29

At which point will the kinetic energy of the ball the greatest? B A C D Question 30 What is not true about moon and tides? When sun, earth and moon are at right angles, the lowest tides occur on earth When the moon is close to earth, the lesser the effect of the gravitational pull. When the moon, sun and earth are in line, the highest tides occur on earth There are two high tides at opposite sides of the earth and two low tides at the other