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Fitness Class Timetable 1st April - 27th July 2012

Time Monday
Spin 07:45-08:30


Wednesday Thursday
Spinfit Boot Camp

Strength and Tone



11:00-12:00 Spartan 11:30-12:15 camp Spinfit Spinfit Pilates Strength and Zumba or Cardio Blast Tone Zumba or Cardio Blast Aqua fit Instructor's Choice Ashtanga Yoga PilatesYoga Fusion Spinfit

Power Yoga course


Step Cardio

Muay Thai


Aqua fit

5km Run



Pilates 14:00-14:45


17:00-18:00 Muay Thai




Pilates Spartan camp

Boot Camp


18:30-19:15 Power Yoga 18:45-19:45 course


Core Fit



Cost: 4 for any 45-minute class, 5 for 60-min Ashtanga Yoga class. Class card: 50 for 20 classes Specialist courses: 45 for course or 8.50 per class (if there is space) Please note that bookings are essential. Please contact or 0207 000 7900 * these classes are free and taught by non-fitness staff, the booking is not taken through the fitness centre

A class in the water - so impact is not an issue, it's based around the idea.. Of circuit, but instead of getting all hot and sweaty you'll be working out in a cool pool and not realise how much your'e working. It's a good workout if you've got an injury BARREtoned is a non-impact, one-hour total body workout, using free weights, barre or chair and mat. It targets all major muscle groups and improves posture. Every exercise is followed by deep stretching to elongate the muscles just worked. The result is


Aqua Circuit

BarreToned Boxercise

A class for all levels - punching the pads whilst working on your cardiovascular fitness A circuit class not for the faint hearted. The instructor won't shout a such, but your body will be shouting at the end..

Boot Camp

An alternative to Zumba (so when that's not running) a highly charged aerobic class, that's fun and a great workout. It will kick your heart rate up and make you sweat! Cardio Blast A class that tells you exactly where you'll be working - your core muscles: i.e. the ones that affect your posture, so could possibly help with back aches, or to improve how you hold yourself, whilst also giving you a little workout at the end of the day

Core Fit

Each week the instructor of this class will change, so the class itself will change, so keep your eyes peeled on portal for the announcement: it could be anything our instructors love to teach to challenge your body and sometimes your mind too. Instructor's choice Muay Thai is a great 45-60 min cardiovascular workout, where you'll learn the basic moves of the discipline ( kicks punches knees). It also helps to relieve your day to day stresses This mixed level Pilates mat class focuses on strength, precision, and flow of movement based on the fundamentals and principles of the classical Pilates Method. You will learn to be aware of breathing patterns and spinal alignment while engaging the deep An upbeat class that combines the slow controlled breathing and stretching of Yoga with the core tightening and strengthening of Pilates.

Muay Thai

Pilates PilatesYoga Fusion

This class is designed for ALL LEVELS to strengthen, stretch, detoxify and exhilarate the body and mind. A more dynamic, fluid, powerful style of yoga that links movement and breath together with Power Yoga emphasis on movement, balance, and alignment. On the stationary bike - just like a normal bike, but you're in the comfort of a studio, with no weather affecting your ride. A motivational class that gets your heart rate going On the bike, off the bike, on the bike off the bike, a varied class that keeps you guessing, especially depending on who's teaching. It's as class we devised ourselves so unique to LBS A strength and conditioning program designed to help people gain a broad and general fitness, concentrates on constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity to achieve overall physical fitness, so people are prepared for any physical c



Spartan Camp

A class designed to strengthen your whole body. You won't necessarily sweat but your muscles will get a great workout. Working on the tone and strength of all of you. Strength and Tone Build endurance and stamina while having fun in this high intensity aerobic class using the Step platform. You'll be working on your Step to music, so prepare to sweat. It's the wiggle and giggle party You don't need to know what you're doing, there are routines but you can do your own moves too. It's a party workout.

Step Cardio