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GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH ABSTRACT Public Services Sub-Ordinate Services Andhra Pradesh Revenue Sub-Ordinate Service Special Rules

les Amendments Issued. REVENUE (SER.II) DEPARTMENT G.O.Ms.No. 1835 Dated:04.11.2011. Read the following:-

1. G.O.Ms.No.990, Rev (Ser.III) Dept., dt. 24.9.1992. 2. From the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration, Hyderabad Lr.No.X1/1091/2006, dated:30.07.2010. 3. From the Secretary, APPSC Lr.No.1542/RR/2011, dt:01.11.2011. ***** O R D E R: The following notification will be published in the Extra-ordinary issue of the Andhra Pradesh Gazette dated:9.11.2011. NOTIFICATION In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to article 309 of Constitution of India, the Governor of Andhra Pradesh, hereby makes the following amendments to the Andhra Pradesh Revenue Sub-Ordinate Service Rules issued in G.O.Ms.No. 990, Revenue (Ser.III) Department, dated:24.09.1992. AMENDMENTS In the said Rules,(1) for Rule 3, the following shall be substituted, namely: 3. Method of appointment and appointing authority:(a) (i) (ii) Subject to other provisions in these rules, the method of appointment shall be: By direct recruitment, By appointment by transfer (involving promotions) from the category of Senior Assistants of the Andhra Pradesh Ministerial Service employed in each Revenue District of Revenue Department. The appointing authority shall be the Collector of the District concerned.


NOTE 1: Thirty percent of the substantive posts of Deputy Tahsildars shall be earmarked for filling by Direct Recruitment and the rest 70% by appointment by transfer (involving promotions). Vacancies, if any, in the substantive posts earmarked for appointment by the method of direct recruitment or by appointment by transfer (involving promotion) shall be reserved to be filled by eligible persons from that category only. NOTE 2: The list of approved candidates, selected for appointment as Deputy Tahsildars by direct recruitment shall be prepared by the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration for appointment as Deputy Tahsildar separately for each district. The list of approved candidates for appointment by transfer (involving promotion) as Deputy Tahsildars shall ordinarily be prepared in the month of September in every year with 1st September of the year as the qualifying date and the list so prepared shall cease to be inforce on the 31st of August of the succeeding year. NOTE 3: Direct recruitment of Deputy Tahsildars shall be made from the list of approved candidates, drawn up by the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission for each unit of appointment, and sent by the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission to the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration. The Chief ( P.T.O.)

:: 2 :: Commissioner of Land Administration shall allot candidates from this list to particular districts, in the order specified in rule-4. A candidate so allotted to a district shall be regarded as permanently allotted to the District. Notwithstanding anything contained in this rule, the seniority of a person appointed as Deputy Tahsildar shall be governed by General Rule 33 of the Andhra Pradesh State and Sub-ordinate Service Rules, 1996. (2) In Rule 4, in clause (b), for the expression 30% the expression 33 1/3% shall be substituted. (3) In Rule 5 34

(i), in clause (b), for the expression 28 years of age the expression years of age shall be substituted.

(ii) in clause (c), the words and the Assistant Section Officers in the Andhra Pradesh Secretariat Service shall be omitted. (4) In the Rule 7, in clause (b) for the words by promotion or by transfer the words by appointment by transfer (involving promotion) shall be substituted.


ASUTOSH MISHRA PRINCIPAL SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT To The Special Chief Secretary & Chief Commissioner of Land Administration, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, The Director of Printing, Stationery Stores Purchase Department, Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad for publication of the notification in the Gazette immediately. He is requested to furnish 1500 copies (Printed) of the above rules to this Department urgently. Copy to: The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission, Hyderabad (10 copies of Gazettee). All District Collectors (10 copies each) The General Administration (Ser.D) Department. The Law (E) Department. The PS to Principal Secretary to Honble Chief Minister. The PS to Chief Secretary. The PS to Principal Secretary(AM). SC/SF. // FORWARDED :: BY ORDER // SECTION OFFICER.