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Issue 6 March 2012



P.U.R.E-REPORT http://www.pure-report.moonfruit.com Issue 6 March 2012 http://purereport.blogspot.com $2.00 Page 1
P.U.R.E-REPORT http://www.pure-report.moonfruit.com Issue 6 March 2012 http://purereport.blogspot.com $2.00 Page 1
P.U.R.E-REPORT http://www.pure-report.moonfruit.com Issue 6 March 2012 http://purereport.blogspot.com $2.00 Page 1
P.U.R.E-REPORT http://www.pure-report.moonfruit.com Issue 6 March 2012 http://purereport.blogspot.com $2.00 Page 1
P.U.R.E-REPORT http://www.pure-report.moonfruit.com Issue 6 March 2012 http://purereport.blogspot.com $2.00 Page 1

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EDITOR'S PAGE PURE REPORT STAFF Kamou Emerson – Editor Eric Cathey - Distribution assistant Kamou
Kamou Emerson – Editor
Eric Cathey
- Distribution assistant
Kamou Emerson - State correspondent
Howard Guidry
- Nation correspondent
Moyo Nuru
- State Writer
Willie Trottie
- Legal Correspondent
Now by no means am I implying that those in the
struggle are not endeavoring earnestly enough in this
fight. But I do know how a troubled economy, politically
dissatisfaction and certain obstacles in this struggle can
rob us of our motivation. And it can deter others from
following their desire to get involved. Therefore the
primary focus in this issue is on the Death Penalty. Our
hope is that the material we have presented will not only
provoke serious contemplation from those who are
uncertain about capital punishment, but may it also
generate more creative actions to abolish this murderous
machinery of death.
Sandie Blanton
- co-editor
Remember the Death Penalty must continuously be
fought on every level and some times that level may
consist of our view on certain cases. For indeed it is
much easier to give a greater assistance to those
individuals whose case has a rather strong showing of
innocence, compared to those cases where it is evident
that guilt is not only certain, but the actions were
horrendous. So I encourage you all to join me in
embracing a more powerful show of forgiveness, because
the illustration of such actions, is capable of inspiring
others to strive positively toward the betterment of their
lives. And it is also quite necessary that more assistance
be directed towards the encouragement of those within
the Death Row community, to facilitate them to engage
in avenues of positive progression, because the mind will
deteriorate from being held in a captivity of isolation, and
thus will create a profound limitation on the fight against
the Death Penalty from behind the prison walls.
Therefore it is imperative to remain vigilant that no level
of the fight goes neglected, so strive with honor to push
forth genuine justice, and we will overcome the injustice
that stands before us.
Pure Love
Tyrone Armstrong
Chuong Tong
Milton Gobert
Perry E. Williams Jr
Charles Mamou
Anibal Canales Jr.
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exclusive interview


Tyrone Armstrong 999518

Polunsky Unit

Throughout the years police agencies across the United States have presented accusations of murder which have resulted in the arrest and conviction of Innocent people. And this Unjust imprisonment of our citizens have occurred because of various reasons which include things such as “perjury testimony Tampering of evidence, Coerce confession, prosecution misconduct, and the refusal or lack of taking DNA test when DNA is a crucial factor in a case” And it is under this latter category we find Mr Tyrone Armstrong. Mr Armstrong is a Texas Death Row Prisoner who is a native of Alabama, he is free spirited and honest man with a ready smile. One who moved to Texas to be with the love of his life and start a family. But the fulfillment of this dream was interrupted, now in a rare interview, Tyrone Armstrong shares with the P.u.r.e Report his story and the challenges he has faced on the journey to persevere his innocence.

THE PURE REPORT Peace and blessings to you Mr Armstrong. In light of your circumstances we hope all is well with you.

TYRONE ARMSTRONG I hope and pray you are doing the bery best life can give you.

THE PURE REPORT Most definitely the P.u.r.e.Report readers are grateful that you're sharing this time with us, so thanks a lot for that.

TYRONE ARMSTRONG I'm very happy to share my thoughts and good news with you all at this time, but I'm only allowed to give so much at this time.

THE PURE REPORT Thats understandable. Now Mr Armstrong will you please be so kind and give our readers a brief history on your life

TYRONE ARMSTRONG My life is a living hell here on (Death) Row. I'm from Mobile Alabama and I moved to Texas to be with the true love of my life. (my soulmate) I'm a very open minded and honest man, that loves people. I love to help people as well, I try to keep myself with positive things on my mind because this place will drive you crazy, I'l give you more on my history in my next interview.

THE PURE REPORT Can you tell us precisely when you were arrested and how were you treated during that time?

TYRONE ARMSTRONG I was treated bad when I was arrested in that small town. It's not that many Blacks in the town and they were mad because I had an hispanic Wife. So (because of that) they treated me very bad here, and the investigator told my wife to abort my son she was carrying (at that time) But she didn't and she stood by my side and she is still there to this day in time, I thank god for her

Interview continued on Page 4

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THE PURE REPORT That is definitely a traumatic experience, but it's uplifting to know that your Wife is still staying by your side, so how long did you remain in the county jail before going to Trial.


I was in the jail only for 8 ½ months before I was put on Death Row, so what do that tell you?

THE PURE REPORT It tells me something suspicious transpired. But what precisely occurred within that unfair proceedings.

TYRONE ARMSTRONG I'm an innocent man, they tried me for something I didn't do and my lawyers at the time didn't do nothing to prove it, I had no black people on my jury, and they (my attorneys) didn't test the stuff I told them to do, that would have proved I didn't do it and the witness was an informat for the police who lied. THE PURE REPORT Once convicted and sentenced to death, what kind of effect did it have on you and your family


I couldn't believe they sentenced me to death for something I didn't do, I and my family felt like we wasTn't worth nothing, but honestly words can't explain how I felt at that time.

THE PURE REPORT Thats understandable and we know that these duration of years on Death Row haven't been easy but since you have now received some great news concerning your case, what has transpired.


I gave all thanks to God, because if it wasn't for him all this truth would'nt have come out now I prayed to God for help and he gave me a law firm to (help) prove my innocence, Now they have found out everything, Everything I told them is true, they discovered and they had some testings done and everything came back negative! (and that includes) the DNA, the fingert prints and the weapon as well. So now they are putting together some thing from my trial judge, now im a very happy young man at this time, if you can and will help me out with support, I will appreciate it very much and so do my family

THE PURE REPORT Now we can imagine how this news has been received by your family, so congratulations to you all, but please describe their reaction to this wonderful news.

TYRONE ARMSTRONG My wife was so happy that she took off from work and came to visit me that same day, but words can't truly describe her happiness, I'm truly glad she feel better.

THE PURE REPORT Well Mr Armstrong, we do hope you will keep us updated on any further proceedings in your case, and of course we at the P.u.r.e Report wish you the best on achieving the victory freedom. TYRONE ARMSTRONG Thank you for giving me this time and your understanding about this matter at hand. And I will keep you updated on my case and what's going on. I hope to be free one day soon, But keep me in your prayers. God Bless

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BY Chuong Tong 999260 Polunsky Unit 3872 FM 350 South Livingston TX 77351 USA

“In the State of Texas, every potential juror must answer the question of whether they are able to impose the Death Penalty or not? Only those who answer yes are qualified to sit on a capital murder jury.” The debate over the Death Penalty has always been a sensitive topic for many in America. A central argument supporters for the Death Penalty utilize, ironically, is religious in nature. Almost all of us are familiar with the “eye for a eye, life for a life!” chant. Without question, most, if not all of us recognize this verse from the Old Testament and how advocates for the Death Penalty justify their position on executions based on the Old Testament. With this in mind,.using the standard of the Old Testament Scriptures, how many are familiar with the following verses? “A single witness shall not suffice against a person for any crime or for any wrong in connection with any offence that he has committed. Only on the evidence of two or three witnesses shall a charge be established. If a malicious witness arises to accuse a person of wrongdoing , then both parties to the dispute shall appear before the LORD, before the priests and the judges who are in office in those days. The judges shall inquire diligently, and if the witness is a false witness and has accuses his brother falsely, then you shall do to him as he had meant to do to his brother. So you shall purge the evil from your midst. And the rest shall hear and fear, and shall never again commit any such evil amoung you. Your eye shall not pity. It shall be life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.” (Deut 19: 15-21 ESV)

By applying the same standards of the Old Testament by which advocates for the Death Penalty justify executing murderers, how many prosecutors are currently sitting on Death Row awaiting execution? It is a documented fact that prosecutors in Capital Murder cases have both used false witnesses and coerced others into giving false and misleading testimony. In fact, many times a prosecutor will actually pay a witness to testify. If a witness is pursuing a righteous cause by helping a prosecutor put away a stone cold killer, why would he need to be paid for his testimony? How about the prosecutor himself, when he becomes a false witness by knowingly using false evidence and testimony to win a conviction? The statements above are not arguments toward a “theoretical” worst case scenario. It will sicken most to find that most shockingly, these documented cases occur far too often! In 1996, the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals overturned Robert Spurlock's conviction on the grounds that prosecutors Lawrence Tay Whitley and Jerry Kitchen failed to correct the false testimony given by prosecution witnesses and used false evidence! [874. S.W. 2d 602 (Spurlock)]. What about the case of Kerry Max Cook? The following quote is cited from the “actual Innocence” report by: The Center for Public Integrity (compiled by: Neil Gordon).

“In 1996, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals overturned Cook's conviction because the prosecutors, including A. D. Clark, Michael Thompson and David Dobbs, withheld and/or lied about evidence on a variety of matters concerning Cook's guilt and the credibility of state witnesses and attempted to interview Cook without the knowledge or consent of his lawyers. The court's opinion also notes that a state witness admitted that Clark pressured him to present false and misleading testimony .” [940 S.W. 2d 623; 741 S.W. 2d 928].

In these two documented cases, where is the “eye for a eye, life for a life” standard placed on a false witness? If a person desires to apply Biblical principles righteously and in a fair manner, why is it, not one of these prosecutors who knowingly used false evidence and intentionally introduced false evidence has been sentenced to the same form of punishment they were seeking to inflict, which happened to be the Death Penalty in these cases! The Scriptures clearly bear out the following:

“…and if the witness is a false witness and has accused his brother falsely, then you shall do to him as he had meant to do to his brother….It shall be life for life, eye for eye….”

These prosecutors were seeking the Death Penalty against these men. These prosecutors maliciously and intentionally tried to have these men murdered by the State of Tennessee and Texas, respectively! In lay-man's terms, the prosecutors are literally guilty of “attempted murder” or “attempted Capital Murder”. Advocates who are swift to use the Bible in order to justify and support the Death Penalty, who feel righteous in applying the Death Penalty in Capital Cases, I ask? Where is their sense of indignation and outrage that none of these prosecutors have yet to be executed? True righteousness does not consist of applying the Old Testament standard of “eye for a eye, and life for a life” toward a murder defendant, but overlooking and ignoring the same standard of judgement on prosecutors who use false witnesses and present false evidence. It is called hypocrisy! In these instances, it is the deadliest form of hypocrisy! It is perversion of justice. The Bible speaks out against this:

“You shall not pervert justice. You shall not show partiality, and you shall not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eye of the wise and subverts the cause of the righteous. Justice, and only justice, you shall follow…” (Deut 16: 19-20 ESV)




The Confederate mind of Texas

The great “Fredrick Douglas” called the 4 th July Independence day, Double consciousness and double dealing and he elucidated further that: Your celebration is a sham. Your boast of Liberty and holy alliance, your national greatness swelling vanity---your denunciation of Tyrants Brass fronted impudence (and) your shout of Liberty and Equality is hollow mockery ”

Between 1861-1865 America fought against the confederate mind and itself! It wagged a civil war against a system that no longer served its purpose. And the confederate mind of Texas is Akin to confederate minds of the 1800's.

It is a racist State of mind, whether it's raw or it's veiled, however racism here is not racial prejudice. i.e. hatred and hostility towards group or person for various irrational reasons, but it's rather the practice of turning that hatred and hostility into public policy.

The Texas Legislature and many other state officials (judges, prosecutor, police officers etc.) have no wish for the people throughout the world to know that such injustice exists within its border.

And our American Government like wise harbor such an affiliation of denying the truth. Because how can you go into a country (whether if it's Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan) and tell these people about their democracy, when here in America, innocent men and woman are being executed in Texas?

There is no doubt that the continuation and atrocious mistreatment of these prisoners violates U.N treaties and conventions that guarantees human rights that forbid torture and out law racial and political targeting by Government.

Professor Oshinsky from the University of Texas has stated “Texas has a tradition steeped in slavery and religious

conservatism that calls for death as a rightful punishment for

some crimes

honest, nor can it be of justice

The Trial Judge of Charles Dean Hood had a romantic relationship with the D.A who tried Mr Hood for capital


twenty (20) clients on Death Row, and there is no way an attorney can adequately represent that many capital defendants. Such actions are rooted in greed.

Jerry Guerinot, A Lawyer in Houston, Texas has

The confederate mind can not be intellectually



The beyler report stated state and local investigators ignored sound scientific techniques in concluding that Arson caused the 1991 fire that killed Cameron Willingham's three daughters”

Sadly Willingham was convicted of capital murder and executed unjustly in 2004 under Governor Rick Perry watch.

But unfortunately the Confederate mind exist in Regions beyond Texas for we see how in Chicago Jon Burge a former Lieutenant with the Police force led a group of Police officers called “The midnight crew” These ruthless thugs used cattle prods to electric shock the genitals of suspects who were handcuffed. They also handcuffed suspects to hot radiators, conducted mock executions, and severely beat people in order to not only obtain information in a investigation, but to also coerce confessions from individuals who were claiming innocence. TO BE CONTINUED IN NEXT ISSUE OF THE PURE REPORT.


Milton Gobert 999554 Polunsky unit. D/row 3872 FM 350 South, Livingston, Texas 77351 U.S.A.



There is no doubt that the law can be one of our most effective avenues In fighting against the death penalty, but because many of us do not have any knowledge pertaining to the law, this avenue is not being utilized as effectively as it should be. In fact, because of that lack of knowledge many prosecutors and some court officials use that in their favor to break or simply disregard the law they swore to up hold. So it is my goal to utilize this article as a tool in which to not only enlighten you on some aspects of the law, but to also provide you with Legal Grounds on why the State of Texas should be precluded from seeking the death penalty and prevented from carrying such a punishment out. The State of Texas use of the Death Penalty should be barred in all cases under the Doctrine of Double Jeopardy.

In Price v. Georgia 398 U.S 323 (1970) the court held “Double Jeopardy protects against more than the actual imposition of two punishments, by it's terms, it protects criminal defendants against being twice put in Jeopardy from such punishment” and the Texas constitution provides no less protection then the United States constitution, if any thing it may provide more protection. Now furthermore, the Texas Code of Criminal procedure article 42.03 section 2 (2) provides that:

“In ALL criminal cases the Judge of the convicting court shall give the defendant credit on his sentence for the time the defendant has served in Jail in said court, other than time of the arrest a condition of community supervision, from the time of the arrest until his sentence by the court. Also under the Texas code of criminal procedure article 42.03 section 3 states “If a defendant appeals his conviction is not released on bail, and retained in a jail as provided in section 7, article 42.09, pending his appeal, the judge in the court in which the defendant was convicted shall give the defendant credit on his sentence for the time the defendant has spent in jail pending his disposition of his appeal. The court shall endorse on both the commitment and the mandate from the appellate court all credit given the defendant and under this section and the institutional division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice shall grant the credit in computing the defendant's eligibility for parole and discharge”.

Under these articles of Texas Law, “All defendants” are entitled to credit for time he has been incarcerated, and there is “No exception for a “capital Felony”. However a sentence of Death does not and can not allow for credit of time, and being that it can't any sentence of Death would therefore constitute a violation of Double Jeopardy, because it allows there to “Extract” years of incarceration (in solitary confinement), plus subsequently Impose a Death sentence, where in they are in effective obtaining “multiple punishment”. And in North Carolina V. Pearce 395 U.S 711, The U.S supreme court announced it's holding prohibition the imposition or extraction of multiple punishments, stating, the constitutional guarantee against multiple punishment for the same offence, absolutely required that punishment already extracted, must be fully credited in imposing a sentence on a new conviction for the same offence. In addition, if anyone disputes the fact that a death sentence and being held captive on Death Row, does not constitute two forms of punishment; then I would show, that the punishment inflicted on “Anthony Graves” (A former incarcerated Death Row prisoner) who deemed his captivity a punishment that is your worse nightmare would indeed constitute my claim to be factual.

More so, in Hutto v. Finney 437 u.s 678, 685,(1978) the court held that beng confined (or confinement) in a prison in a isolation cell, is a form of punishment! And if isolation confinement in prison is a punishment as the court held, then the Texas Statute requiring a defendant's imprisonment after being sentenced to death indeed imposes additional punishment.!

So with the legal Evidence that have been presented; which show the illegal application of the Death Penalty, why is it that our state officials have not called for or enacted on the usage of this punishment?

Certainly that is a Question worthy of serious contemplation.

To Be continued in next issue of the Pure Report.

Eric Cathey 999228



Perry Williams Jr. 999420 Polunsky Unit. D/row 3872 Fm 350 south, Livingston, Texas, 77351 USA

At times you may feel that you're damned if you do and damned if you don't, but you are truly mistaken, It's just that our expectations are unrealistic about how life should go for us as individuals. The only thing in life guaranteed for us as human beings is death and struggle while we do live. We will experience both good and bad and yes for some of us, we may experience more bad than good in our life time, and most of the time we do have some control over how much of the bad we go through. Because some of the negative things we experience is a result of what we do and how we think. And how we think is reflected in what we do, how we live and how we respond to things.

We were all sent here to die, but not all of us will end up dying as a result of what we did, some of us will, yet many of us won't. So, since we know that death could be our end, then this entire experience for me is more about how to deal with that possibility. And I will not allow the threat of death (a potential execution) to deter me from living life to it's fullest. So I encourage each of you within our death row communit y, and all those In Free-society who are aware of our plight, do not allow your preconceived notions the stigma of this situation, or any prejudice belief to prevent you from seeing those on the Row as fellow human beings. Because if we choose to turn away from someone because of the mistake they've made, the type of crime that was committed, or due to the fact they may die, then my friends, we are in a violation that interrupts the blessing of Life.

How is that Possible?

Because when that is done, we have taken away the possibility that this person was put in our path in order to learn some kind of valuable life lesson from you, or perhaps it was you who needed to learn something from them. So be of selfishness, this chain of blessings can be broken and someone could potential be denied a very important lesson that would facilitate them in this journey of Life.

So you see my friends, because of what can be gained from a friendship, we hopefully can become better people. Then a truer reflection can be seen of what is means to be brothers and sisters of humanity. For indeed we are our brother's (and sisters) keepers. So let's make an earnest effort to be a blessing to each other

And remember, it's not always just about us as individuals. The power of solidarity can not be forgotten . For just as we once had to depend upon others during our youth or other situations in life, we have an obligation of honor to do the same for others who truly need our assistance. And with such obligations of Honor still awaiting to be fulfilled. And with lessons of life yet to be learned o rfor one to teach and of course for that of my family and friends I indeed have something great and a lot more to live for.

Perry E. Williams Jr.



What's wrong with America

Everyone seems to have a pistol,

Thou not enough people have a 9 to 5 Tupac's Brenda is out of prison, But her baby still struggles to stay alive The state of America needs urgent attention, Not media coverage on the next city to film An episode on Desperate housewives, Not asinine comments about presidential Birth certificates, Nor another musical show highlighting a voice. When the voice of reason and self destruction Should be the Beacon that is heard. Whats wrong with America? We need nouns, we need nows. We need solutions to problems that solves Before they are created, But you all don't hear me thou, Which is a part of the problem Deaf ears, Always make dumb asses Yet if I say:

Crack sells Meth burns down city blocks Bath beads is being smoked Oh, you all hear that. With Saliva forming in you all's mouths. Politicians lie, But the jokes on you Whats wrong with America? Too much to tell When the burning path leads to – You get the picture right? Perhaps you don't Which explains why you won't do a damn thing to fix America, The roof is on fire And you all too busy watching The muther fucker burn We all have a complaint But none of the complainers ever case a vote So you get what you deserve The Ballot or the Bullet Which is what brother Malcolm warned What's wrong with America? America forgot all about Ballots and armed itself with bullets America became a sea of crabs Pulling down what we once thought was Liberty Being fake is now the new Real Elders right the wrong that these misguided youngsters do And wrong every right they envisioned to achieve, feel me?

Justice has become the equal adulterer with injustice, Sharing the same soiled sheets that wrongly covered Gary Graham and Todd Willingham And many others. Enslaving innocent men/women, like myself Because seeing a vulnerable Black man in chains Is so American? Like smelling a mayflower from the killing fields Of the south, Surely we'll get to the roots of the matter one day, Justice isn't blind Just ignorant She's the one bitch that seems to be too good To be worthy of being about truth, Ask Maria Shriver that is, No Justice No Peace In America focus on the “No” Cause no means no only to the poor, the ignorant, People of color and those who don't speak English in a growing Spanish Economy. Whats wrong with America? Not a damn thing if you are not willing To be apart of the solution Cause America has too many Applicants aiding the problem

(C)charles mamou2012

Charles Mamou 999333 Polunsky Unit. D/row 3872 FM South, Livingston, Texas 77351 U.S.A


The Melody of Love

Perhaps you haven't completely comprehended how profoundly my soul Desires to embrace your own and

neither have you fully comprehended. How amazingly wonderful my devotion would be To please you like a Queen upon a throne. Yes I do believe that, you are truly special. Give testament to that fact and as Truthful as all this may be, suppose you're wondering what I want from you in return? Then Listen carefully, for I say to you I will not be satisfied with the mere presence of your enchanting beauty nor will I obtain gratification by the tender touch of your hands and neither will the sweet taste of your luscious lips satisfy me because what I seek is a deeper connection, I want us

to be complete


And enjoy the beauty of our love story as it continues to unfold



Years of hurt----years of pain Brotha Mpaka feels no shame BAM! BAM! BAM! Banging on the door, screaming out in the night SHIT AIN'T RIGHT!

On the eight of March Judge Jan Krocker locked down Njeri She said:

“You ain't going to Huntsville” Yelling like you sellin'--- papers, “Read all about it” Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Informing the world; We're about to kill a revolutionary.

Brother Kamau, minister of information like a runaway slave, Tried to escape twice, Took a hostage—to shed light, Never gave up, can't give up, won't give up Fought to the end Spit a key outta his mouth Shock that hooded man.

Yeah Brotha Mpaka-- shit ain't right SHIT AIN'T RIGHT! Killing our Brother Kamau

Under the cloak of right While that racist judge Kept Njeri out of sight

But we gonna have our day, We gon' have our day! And we gon' do it AK-97 style P.U.R.E. Panther way

Emerson 'The young lion” Rudd



IN MEMORIAM OF DANNY THOMAS God shall wipe all tears from their eyes; and there shall
IN MEMORIAM OF DANNY THOMAS God shall wipe all tears from their eyes; and there shall
IN MEMORIAM OF DANNY THOMAS God shall wipe all tears from their eyes; and there shall
IN MEMORIAM OF DANNY THOMAS God shall wipe all tears from their eyes; and there shall
IN MEMORIAM OF DANNY THOMAS God shall wipe all tears from their eyes; and there shall

God shall wipe all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain:

for the former things are passed away.

Revelation 21


“A VICTIM OF THE PARTY” Written by Anibal Canales, Jr. 999366 Polunsky Unit D/orw 3872
Written by Anibal Canales, Jr. 999366
Polunsky Unit D/orw
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, Texas 77351

continued from page 11

continued from page 11 By Anibal Canales, Jr. 09/09/09 Rest in Peace Danny PAGE 13

By Anibal Canales, Jr.


Rest in Peace Danny

continued from page 11 By Anibal Canales, Jr. 09/09/09 Rest in Peace Danny PAGE 13



Pending Exeutions April, May and June 2012




Michael Archuleta

Utah----firing squad


David Gore



Garry Allen



Carey Grayson



Mark Wiles



Shannon Johnson



Thomas Kemp



Beunka Adams





Michael Selsor



Anthony Bartee



Todd Wessinger



Samuel Lopez



Steven Staley





Abdul Hamin Awkal



Bobby Hines





Eric Cathey 999228 Polunsky Unit. D/row 3872 FM 350 South, Livingston, Texas 77351 U.S.A