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English Conversation - Art Museum It had been announced that 62 French paintings were to be exhibited at the national gallery

of art Hansa and Reena decided to go to see Art Museum Gun : Hey! are you going to see the art exhibition of French paintings at national gallery of art? Most : Yes. I guess we ought to go to national gallery of art. It is supposed to be one of the best cultural eventsof the season. Gibb : And these are the original painting. I under stand, except for a similar art exhibition in Japan, this Art Museum has never been held anywhere else in Asia. Aor : So I hear. Lets go together, shall we? When does it open ? The Art exhibition I mean. Gun : There are still another couple of hours to go. We will enjoy these paintings of famous artists. Most : Umm.. Can you draw the pictures like that famous artist ? Gibb : I cant draw like that but I used to learn about painting. Aor: Im too. Gun : What you had to learn about painting ? Aor: My teacher told me practice ,practice and practice. Most : How you felt about it ? Gibb : It was very difficult Aor: But if you practice everyday, you can do it. Gun : Oh! Its open. Lets go. Gibb : I wonder which art works are being exhibited. I do hope that there are number of impressionists like Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne and Gauguin. Aor : Some people are crazy about famous artists like Modigliani, Picasso . I must say that I dont understand modern artists, do you Reena? Most : I suppose I dont always understand what a modern art painting is supposed to depict. But I do, at

times appreciate the geometric shapes andcolor and shapes put together. I do appreciate drawing portraits. Gibb : I was told that art is supposed to be the artists vision of the world and the objects he sees. So, if there are distortions in the proportions of the figures paintings , that is meant to show how the artist sees these people and objects. I am interested in painting landscape Aor : All art is a projection and outpouring of the artists inner feelings, but, I think modern art has tended to become a sort of gimmick as well. Painting is now said to be a method of breaking space in a novel and interesting manner. Gun : What is the meaning of breaking space? Most : There is a space; it might be a huge well, a big canvas or smaller one. The artist has to fill up that blankness with some combination of colours and shapes. He might like to make a geometric arrangement of nails on the board or just paint one black dot on a white background or make anything which he thinks is artistic and different according to him. Gun : Have you been to see the Indian paintings on permanent exhibition at theNational Gallery of Art? Gibb : Yes I have. They have been arranged very well. The Rajput and kangra minitures are in different sections and the Indian paintings are in different rooms. In fact, separate rooms are available to each Indian artist. Aor : Which is your favourtie Indian artist? Most : I am very impressed with the work of Amrita Shergil. Gun : Indian painting has begun to get recognition only recently, after independence. The colonial rulers tended to denigrate and ignore all kind of art of India. And creative activity was at a stand still.

Most : Most of Indian artist, in every field, heavily imitated the British with the result that little greatness was achieved. Gibb : Will there be guides to explain the paintings of the French masters at the forthcoming art exhibition? Aor : I heard that at art exxhibition there will be what is known as lec-tours These are lec-tours. Every view carries a small radio receiver and earphones. As the viewer goes around the gallery. Voices on the receiver playback pre-recorded tapes explaining about the artist and his work. Most : This must be a new feature theyve introduced. I believe the whole introduced. I believe the whole National Gallery of Art is being air conditioned too, so that there is no deterioration in the paintings. Gibb : I would like to see the art exhibition more than once. The first time with a guide or with a lec-tour and then Id like to see the art paintings at leisure and study each one minutely to understand what marvels the artists have created. Gun : Ill come along too. I hope there wont be too much of a rush at art exhibition. One would want to enjoy beautiful creations unhurriedly and without being jostled.