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Article about athma(best treatment for athma) If you are characterized with asthma, you may have to learn

to live with it as asthma cannot be cured, but can be controlled. Medicines can only relieve the symptoms but not the disease. Before we discuss about the best asthma treatment, lets see which treatment can be describe as a best treatment method. Following are the criteria to be met by a so-called best treatment. Best treatment should relieve the symptoms of asthma within a very short period. Should let you have your normal sleep cycle. Lung should be able to breathe normally. Should enable you to take part actively in your daily chores like exercises. Finally, it should not worsen the symptoms. Asthma treatments vary from person to person basing on the condition. A treatment that works well for one may not work for others. To identify a treatment that best suits your condition, it is essential to have a talk with your doctor and co-operate with him in the diagnostic process. Correct diagnosis of the cause or allergen helps to easily gain control over the disease. Apart from using a best treatment, the patient especially those who are allergic to certain substances, should take appropriate care to prevent them from exposing to allergens. Medications that are generally used for asthma can be categorized into two groups, the antiinflammatory drugs and the bronchodilators. Anti-inflammatory drugs work by reducing the inflammation of airways. Corticosteroids belong to this group of drugs and act by reducing the number of inflammatory cells. They are either given through the inhaler or in the form of pills. Corticosteroids that are inhaled through the inhaler include the flunisolide, triamcinolone and beclomethasone. Before using the inhaler the kids should have to be taught on how to use them or a pipe may be attached to the inhaler through which the child will be inhaling. This will regulate the process of breathing and the dosage of medicine that is propelled. Corticosteroids are also administered intravenous to have immediate effects in cases of emergency. These include prednisone and methylprednisone. For long term use of asthma medicines, corticosteroids pill are preferred. These include zafirlukast, montelukast and zileuton. These drugs not only reduce the symptoms but also prevent the onset of symptoms and are hence preferred for long-term usage. Individuals who do not respond to treatments are treated by giving allergy shots. This involves giving doses of allergy starting with a very small dose with a gradual increase of the dosage. This helps to develop resistance in the immune system and prevent it from responding to that particular allergen. Whatever the category your doctor may suggest, you have to use them regularly as per the recommended dosage to prevent acute asthma attacks. Never try to increase the dosage by yourself. Talk to your doctor about the possible side effects of the drugs being taken and if there is any appropriate measures can be taken to avoid them. In cases of allergic asthma, the best treatment is to stay away from the allergen.

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