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SPPG Alumni Network March Meeting Minutes and Action Items 1. Introduction Present: Lindsey H., Kaleb R.

., Vass B., Viola D., Sonja F., Brent B., Stacey M., Dipal D., Mia C. Minutes from January meeting passed without comment and/or amendment. Chair: Stacey M., Note-taker: Mia C. 2. Finance/Fundraising For details on the fundraising and finance plan, please see the Alumni Network Fundraising: Operating and Philanthropic - Executive Summary. Finance plan reflects existing Terms of Reference. Operations: point-person for Finance (Kaleb R.) to formalize revenue process, will look into opening a bank account with two signatories. Resources: Finance volunteer team to publish an annual budget and an end of year account. Action item: current plan is to raise funds for the September Launch Party to welcome new Alumni. Action item: use the September launch party as an opportunity to share the fundraising plan for the coming year, i.e., gift donations, offering scholarships, and larger fundraising plan. Action item: look into how tax receipts can be offered to Alumni for donations. 3. Mentorship Point-person (Andre C.) and volunteer group presented a mentorship plan to SPPG Director. Action Item: A contact from the mentorship program volunteer team was not present at the meeting, and meeting participants requested a summary of the Mentorship program plan and results from the proposal to the school. The Alumni library is going well and the graduating class has been added to the database. Point-person (Vass B.). Action Item: Both the Alumni Library the formal Mentoring partnership program are two strong initiatives. Point-people for both initiatives to look into framing the program as a comprehensive initiative with two separate sub-programs, i.e., the Alumni Library and the Mentoring partnership program. 4. Upcoming Events Event: fundraising pub-night at Pogue Mahones (777 Bay Street) on May 11th this event will launch our fundraising efforts and charge $5.00 admission to raise funds for the Alumni Network. Event: Wine tasting for Alumni to be scheduled in June. Ticket sales would be limited to support the objectives of a wine tasting event, and to raise the profile of the experience. The cost of the tickets will be determined based on estimates for event costs, e.g., wine, glassware, etc. Action Item: Events point-person (Mia C.) to develop a communications plan for both events. Action Items: Offer ticket sales for the wine tasting at the May 11th pub-night fundraiser.

Action Item: Look into whether a LCBO special occasions permit is required for the wine-tasting event. Event: Habitat for Humanity build was cancelled due to a lack of interest and a limited number of registered participants.

5. Corporate Sponsorship Brief update: corporate sponsorships are generally categorized by the purpose of the events funded, i.e., achieving excellence, diversity, supporting young alumni or building stronger communities. The Alumni Association manages corporate sponsorships. Additional information will be provided at the next Alumni Network Meeting. 6. Communications Review of communications strategy deferred to next Alumni Network meeting. Website functionality please provide Brent B. with feedback or suggestions on what you would like the future-state of the Alumni website to look like. Meeting participants shared ideas and feedback on what they would like to see on the future site, e.g., having the Alumni library be automated, a link to Event Brite, links to social media sites, an events calendar, an ability for alumni to post community events/items of Alumni interest to the site, etc. 7. Next Meeting: Tuesday May 1st at 6:00pm in CG150 Chair Lindsey Harrold Minutes Vass Bednar