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Online Real Estate

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Project Undertaken: Online Job Portal Estimated Duration: Team Size with Details________________________________________________ (Name, E-mail Id & Mobile No.) ___________________________________________________________________ Md. Arif Khan, MCA External Guide Details_______________________________________________ (Name, E-mail Id, Designation& Mobile No.) Designation: Tech. Consultant __________________________________________________________________ Email: arif@ascendorb.com, Mobile: 88765 - 60070 __________________________________________________________________ Name of Organization & Address: Ascend Orb Academy Gulshan Grand 2nd Floor, Near Dispur Supermarket G.S Road, Guwahati - 06 Email: info@ascendorb.com Phone: 0361 - 2229386 Nature of Project: Web Application

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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Project Description Objective Tools/Platform(S/W), Languages to be Used Hardware Requirements Existing System a. Introduction Proposed System System Context a. b. c. d. System Overview & Context Diagram Number of Modules D.F.D E.R D

6. 7.

Project description:

Online Real Estate is an internet portal dedicated to meet every aspect of the consumers needs in the Real Estate industry. It is a web application where Property Owners, Brokers, Tenants and Investors can exchange information, quickly, effectively and inexpensively. It features

commercial and residential properties for sale rent and lease the fore properties, rates, locations, property news and also major events and happenings in the genre are the highlights of this portal. Objective: To develop a well designed user comfortable menu based user interface. Allowed the property owner to advertise their property online for sale with details of the property. Provide buyers/ brokers/ tenants to search the property of their choice which result less time consuming. To design a subsystem so that user can query through the messaging system.

Software requirement: Operating System Programming Languages Script Data Base Hardware Requirement: Processor Type RAM : : Pentium -IV 512 MB RAM : : : : Windows XP, Windows 7 PHP HTML, CSS, Java script Mysql5.0

Hard disk


EXISTING SYSTEM: There are few portals available that provides facilities for online selling, lease of residential and commercial properties. rental and

Drawbacks of Existing System: Dynamic customization of user accounts is not available SMS response to enquiries is not supported Chat room facility not provided Analysis of market behavior not possible

PROPOSED SYSTEM: The portal provides real estate directory for real estate agents, property dealers, builders and potential buyers of property

Search based on keywords such as location, prices

Customized user accounts that can be dynamically generated Dynamic Content Updation Automated Email and SMS facilities Comparison of properties based on location (distance from nearest hospital, school, airport, railway station etc)


The system must provide login access to the registered users The system must provide a registration page to enable new users(Builders, Brokers, Owners) to be registered If the Registration is successful, an email is to be sent to the user with a temporarily generated password. When the user logs in for the first time after registration, he must be prompted to change the temporary password The new password provided by the user must be a secure password (not a dictionary based password)

Notification: The registered users must be able to save and modify their profile which can be viewed by interested parties. The registered users must be able to view the history and summary of their activities The brokers/owners shall have options to view the responses to their properties The brokers/owners shall be provided with a form to update their property details The brokers/owners must be able to turn on/off email and SMS alerts


The brokers/owners should be able to compare his property against other similar properties. Customized web page as per the user interests must be loaded when the user logs in Provide facility within the system, to give response to the queries (ie compose mail and send it)

Analysis: Registered buyers can view the analysis of market Analysis of market must be done based on previous searches made by other buyers Registered buyers must be given access to EMI calculator Registered buyers can be given option for cost estimation

Unregistered buyers must be able to search for properties for rent/lease/buy Comparison of properties can be provided to the registered buyers Unregistered buyers shall be provided with facility to post their requirements which can be viewed by broker/owners Customer must be able to access their account 24 hours a day, seven day a week Ease of use Expandability : Ease of expanding or upgrading capacity Performance: While executing a search , the system must be able to display 50 search results per page

Context Diagram: A context diagram is a data flow diagram by which the whole system is modeled by one process. It shows the external entities that interact with the system and data flows between these external entities and the system. It is also known as the top level DFD.

MODULE DESCRIPTION: Registration Enquiry Property Comparisons Search Property Notifications Dealers Buyers Owners Property Builders

There are few portals available that provides facilities for online selling, residential and commercial properties. Data Flow Diagram:

rental and lease of

The data flow diagram (DFD) is a graphical representation that depicts information flow and transform that are applied as data move from input to output. Also known as Bubble Chart.

Entity Relationship Diagram: ER diagram is the graphical display of a database. It is a high level conceptual data model. These concepts do not include implementation details.

DATA DICTIONARY A Data Dictionary defines each term (called a data element) encountered during the analysis and design of a new system. Data elements can describe files, data flows, or processes. A data dictionary uses the following major symbols: i) = - means equivalent to ii) + - means and iii) *+ - means either/or iv) ( ) - means optional entry There are four rules of preparing data dictionary:i) Words should be defined to stand for what they mean and not the variable names by which they may be described in the program, ii) Each word must be unique, iii) Aliases, or synonyms, are allowed when two or more entries show the same meaning, iv) Self-defining words should not be decomposed. The following is an example of data dictionary entries of our Project, A data dictionary has many advantages. The most is documentation; it is a viable reference in any organization. Another advantage is improving analyst/user communication by establishing consistent definition of various elements, terms and

procedures. During implementation it serves as a common base against which programmers who are working on the system compare their data descriptions. The data dictionary for our project is given below:

Logical Data Dictionary for the Online Real Estate Sl No 01 02 03 Field_name user_ ID user_email pass Type varchar varchar varchar Description User identity Email Id of the user User password Data Source User Login User Login User Login

04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

type date_creation first_name last_name country city gender pin dob country_code mobile area_code landline user_image property_id p_type floor_no tot_floor_sale bed_room tot_kitch price price_unit

int date varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar Date varchar varchar varchar varchar Text int varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar

Type of the user Date of creation of the user First name of the user Last Name of the user Country of the user City of the user Gender of the user Pin code of the place Date of birth of the user Counrty code of the user Mobile number of the user Area code of the user Landline number of the user Image of the user Identity of the property Property type Floor number of property Total floor for sale Total number of bedroom Total number of kitchen Price of the property Price per unit

User Login User Login User_details User_details User_details User_details User_details User_details User_details User_details User_details User_details User_details User_details Property_details Property_details Property_details Property_details Property_details Property_details Property_details Property_details

26 27 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47

book_amt mode age_prop Owner Location cty property_img status sell_status listing_id listing_date sender receiver msg msg_id dt_rq req_id rsend_on rquery rstatus rsender

Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Varchar Text Varchar Varchar Int Date Varchar Varchar Text Int Date Int Date Text Varchar Varchar

Booking Amount Mode of transaction Age of the property Owner of the property Location of the property City of property Image of the property Status of listing Status of sell Identity of listing Listing date Mail sender name Mail receiver name Message Message Identity Date of request Requirement Identity Requirement sending date Requirement Query Query Status Requirement sender

Property_details Property_details Property_details Property_details Property_details Property_details Property_details Property_details Property_details Listed_property Listed_property mail Mail Mail Mail Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement