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Supplemental Levy Q & A

May 15, 2012 Election

Supplemental Levy Questions from our Patrons and Answers from the School Board Members / Administration May 15, 2012 Election

Q1. How has the State cuts during these past years impacted the Middleton School District budget? Over the last three years, the District has been cut back nearly $1.9 million or 12.86% of our budget in a reduction from the State funding. Q2. In what amounts/areas has State funding been reduced each year? The District has already reduced $1.9 million in the following areas [in the last 3 years]: > Salaries and benefits by $1.17 Million or 8.6%. > School calendar-students 165 days and teachers 173 days (down from: students 172 days and teachers 190 in past years) > Teachers base salary schedule has been decreased by 8.9% > All administrator salaries have been reduced 8.9% > Supplies by $532,000 or 73.14% > Purchase services by $127,000 or 6.06% > Other costs (workmans comp, liability insurance, etc.) by $53,000 or 27.18%.

Supplemental Q & A

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Q3. How will the supplemental levy impact our school taxes? This levy will not increase your school taxes. The levy amount of $1.06 million is the same levy amount as in the previous two years (2010 and 2011) and the same funding amount continues for the next two years (2012 and 2013) at the same amount for four consecutive years.

Supplemental Q & A

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Q4. How does our per pupil expenditures compare to others in the State? Middleton ranks near the bottom at 97 out of 115 Idaho School Districts in the amount spent per student.

Q5. What does to maintain current operations mean in the explanation for the need to pass this levy? To maintain current operations means that the District will continue with the same level of operations for current programs including: > > > > > > > > > > Maintenance of the physical operations of the District and current programs, Student athletics, Gifted/Talented program, School Nurses, Counselors, Librarians, School security officers, The non-funded 25% portion of student busing, Utilities and Other certified/classified/administrative staffing levels.


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Q6. Does this levy pay for open enrollment students? NO. The District receives the same funding (ADA) average daily attendance from the State for every student enrolled -- regardless of resident or open enrollment status. Q7. How can patrons review the budget? > Each month the patron elected (five) Middleton School Board members review and approve the District budget, accounts payable and school budget information. > The Districts finances are open to the public and available on our website, as well as in hardcopy (a minimal fee may be charged for copies). > Patrons may set an appointment with our Business Manager to review and discuss the Districts finances. Q8. Why was funding available for a new high school, yet the District does not have yearly operation and maintenance funds? In September 2008 voters approved a $51.9 Million bond. The law strictly prohibited using these funds for general operations (such as salaries, benefits, utilities, transportation, etc.). In May 2012, the District is requesting a $1.06 million supplemental levy, which is for the same amount as approved by voters in 2010 and 2011. These funds (different than bond funds) may be used for transportation, utilities, staffing costs, and general operations of the schools. Q9. How much does the District spend to run elections? NOTHING. Per Idaho Code 34-1411: Payment of Election Expenses Paid for by the County: Payment of election expenses by county. (1) On and after January 1, 2011, no county shall charge any taxing district, as defined in section 63-201, Idaho Code, for expenses associated with conducting any election on behalf of any taxing district, with the exception of expenses associated with conducting municipal runoff elections, which shall be paid by the city adopting runoff elections pursuant to the provisions of section 50-612 or 50-707B, Idaho Code.

Supplemental Q & A

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Q10. If the legislature passes the bill to give Districts money for teacher salaries, will this supplemental levy still be needed? YES. The current legislation for teacher salaries is specifically designed to give teacher bonuses based on spring 2012 ISAT results. These legislative funds would be earmarked by the State for only this purpose and the District will have no flexibility to use these funds for other purposes used in this supplemental levy. Q11. Why doesnt the District sell property to regain funds to maintain operations? > The District has sold six (6) portables over the last two years to help offset State budget cuts. > The District is also looking to sell the last two E tagged (educational use) portable units this year. > Funds from the sale of these portables will be used for roof repair and renovation on the Middle School Annex A. Q12. Why rerun the levy now instead of August? Idaho Code requires that the School Board prepare its annual budget prior to its annual meeting in July. Therefore, if the election is held in August, the Board would not be able to include these supplemental funds in its original budget as adopted. A special meeting to amend the budget is an option, if one could occur before the Canyon County L2 Tax Certification Form (for local property taxes) is certified by the County. Q13. Who is eligible to vote? You are eligible to vote if you: > will be at least 18 years old on Election Day; > are a citizen of the United States, and; > have resided in Idaho and in the county for 30 days (regardless of property ownership, renting, etc.) > Federal, State or County Election - 30 days within the State and county > City Election - 30 days within the city > Taxing District Election - 30 days within the Taxing District

Supplemental Q & A

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Q14. Where will cuts be made if this $1.06 million levy does not pass? The supplemental levy covers mainly those costs that are not funded under State support. These items to be cut may include: > > > > > > > > > > Maintenance of the physical operations of the District and current programs, Student athletics, Gifted/Talented program, School Nurses, Counselors, Librarians, School security officers, The non-funded 25% portion of student busing, Utilities and Other certified/classified/administrative staffing levels.

Q15. Just the facts. The School Board Members and District Administration have outlined above what this levy funds (non-State supported items / programs / positions): > Parents need to be informed to avoid being caught off-guard by changes in the educational process if cuts were to occur. > Continue our open and honest communication with our taxpayers, parents and patrons. The School Board Members and District Administration do not intend for any of this information to threaten patrons. They are just presenting the facts and reality of the importance to maintain this $1.06 million of past revenue, while none of the State $1.9 million cut (over the last three years) will be replaced. # Supplemental Q & A # # Page 7 of 7