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Suresh Muppa Mobile: +918801616703 Email ID: sureshmeee30@yahoo.


Career Summary

Having 3.7 years of experience as SAP BI consultant and have been actively involved in the field since July 2008 with hands on exposure in implementation and production support. Experience Summary

Working as a SAP BI consultant for C.S.C, Hyderabad from Nov 2009 to till date. Worked as an Associate BI Consultant, FUJITSU Consulting India Limited, Pune July 2008 Oct 2009.

Education Qualification: Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Software Skills Data Warehouse OLAP Tools ERP OS SAP BI Summary SAP BI 7.0 Business Explorer SAP ECC (6.0) Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows XP

Two full life cycle implementations of SAP BI from Project Preparation phase to Go Live. knowledge in ABAP writing routines in transformation( i.e start routine and end routines) and function modules. worked on data source enhancement and bex variable enhancement by using user exit. Experience in BI Data Modeling, Extraction and Reporting. Experience in design and development of Info Cubes types, DSO types, Info Objects and Data Sources. knowledge in function module in generic extraction and variable enhancement and routines i.e start routine, end routine. Detail knowledge of Transformation, DTP, Data Source, DSO, Cube, Multi provider, Info set, Info package. Customized standard business content extractors and enhanced Data Sources in various applications using User Exits. worked on data source enhancement. Experience in extracting data from SAP ECC using LO Cockpit, and generic extractors. Experience in data loading (Full/Init/Delta), Scheduling, Monitoring. Expertise in reporting using BEx Query Designer, BEx Analyzer and Enterprise Portal. Created report variables of type, user entry, replacement path. Defined formula variables, exceptions, condition, filters, structures, and cell definitions, calculated and restricted key figures, user exits. Proficient in configuring and activating Business Content according to the requirement based on the Application areas with extensive knowledge in job process chain and scheduling tools and also in monitoring and managing data loads with full update and delta mechanism. Worked extensively on BI Statistics, Indexes, Data Marts, Error handling in subsequent processing, Business content installation, data cleansing in PSA, and designing of Info Providers, Multi providers, Query development, RRI and Documentation. Worked on start routine and end routine and field level routine in the transformations. Worked on LO Data source Enhancement for Sales and distribution. Worked on Open Hub Service for external Data Marts. Knowledge on CO-PA Data Source. Worked on Transport connection for the system landscape. Knowledge on Remodeling and Repartitioning.

Professional Expriences : Project # 1 CLIENT : POINEER Environment : SAP ECC 6.0, BI 7.0 Role : BI Consultant & ABAP Modules : SD & MM Duration : April 2011 to till date Responsibilities Worked on full life cycle implementation of SAP BI from Project Preparation phase to go live. Worked on process chains to automate loadings in background. Developed Custom Info Objects, Basic Cubes for specific user requirements that could not be met by using Standard Business Content. Created Process Chains to automate the data load from SAP systems. Installed number of Info Objects, Data source, DSO and Info Cubes from Business Content and later customized some of these objects to meet the business requirements. Analyze and solve the Data load errors to ensure that the jobs are finished within the stipulated time frame. Created aggregates and Multi providers for efficient reporting purposes. Identified the Business requirements, activated and transferred the relevant data sources and extracted data from ECC Source Systems. Created custom Master Data Sources using Tables, Views, Info set Query, set up Delta for custom fields, and ensured the loads are successful from all source systems. Scheduled and monitored data loads. Involved in performance tuning of queries by maintaining Aggregates, Compression, rollup and Indexing of Info cubes. Monitoring of info packages and analyzing the reasons for the frequent failures of info package. Enhanced the Data sources by adding the required additional fields in ECC and mapped the same with corresponding newly created Info objects on BI side. Worked on Open Hub Service. Extensively involved in Handling Initialization, Delta for the Logistics Applications Records on Error Stack Created and scheduled Error DTP to handle error. Defining queries using variables for characteristics and hierarchies and Created Customer Exits for variables to get the data according to selection. Created Calculated, Restricted key figures, variables, structures according to the requirement. Development of specific Queries based on user requirements as well as utilization of Business content related queries. Created BEx Reports providing insight of business intelligence for decision making using Formulas, Selections, Calculated key figures, restricted key figures and used variables with User entry/Default value. Project # 2 Client : NORTEL Environment : SAP ECC 6.0, BI 7.0 Role : BI Consultant Modules : SD AND MM Duration : Nov 2009 March 2011 Responsibilities:

Actively and regularly involved in Load Monitoring of Daily, weekly, and Monthly, Data Loads using Process Chains Worked with the RSMO in solving the data load errors. Involved in monitoring the info package groups and process chains. Involved in escalating low-prioritized tickets regarding extractions and load failures. Monitoring of info packages and analyzing the reasons for frequent failures of Info packages. Maintaining Reconciliations to verify the data in SAP ECC 6.0 and SAP BI are same or not after the data loads. Responsible for suggesting measures to improve the production system environment so that the queries have a better response time. Performed design changes to improve the database utility and provide an efficient data warehousing environment.

Responsible for handling the Service Request. Developed various test case scenarios and validated the BI reports against the ECC tables at various stages of development such as unit testing, functional unit testing and comprehensive integration testing. Corrected Erroneous records in Error Stack and executed the Error DTP to continue the loading process as part of testing in Quality Box. Extensively worked on the Data warehouse Workbench for Configuring, Scheduling and Monitoring functions. Project # 3 Client : Honeywell Aerospace, Phoenix, AZ Environment : SAP ECC 6.0, BI 7.0 Role : BI Consultant Modules : SD,AND MM Duration : july2008 Oct 2009 Responsibilities

As one of the Technical consultants in implementation team, involved in gathering user requirements, analyzing the internal business units and data modeling. Extensively built queries on Info Cubes, DSO Objects, Multi Providers, and Info Sets using BEx Query Designer, Analyzer, publishing and integrated for EP. Transfer of Business Content from MM, SD & HR AREA to active version with all its dependence objects like queries, Data Source, Transformations, DTP etc. Extensively worked on Data source enhancements, Generic extraction through Table, View. Appended the data source structures to include new fields, written ABAP code in the user-exit to fill the extraction structure. Created custom info objects, characteristics and key figures. Involved in Initializing the LO Data sources 2LIS_11_VAITM and 2LIS_11_VASCL by Activating the Business Content Data Sources, Maintaining the Extract Structure, Generating the Data Source, Activating the Data Source, Enhancing the Data Source and Used the Enhancement RSAP0001 to fill the data into the Fields Enhanced. Loaded sales data into Cube (0SD_C03) using the following extractors: 2LIS_13_VDITM, 2LIS_13_VDHDR, 2LIS_12_VCHDR, 2LIS_12_VCITM, 2LIS_11_VAHDR, 2LIS_11_VAITM. Installed Business Content Purchasing, Sales Overview Cube and designed and activated Customer service to meet user needs. Created several DSO objects which act as data staging. Configured Data sources in R/3 by using LO Cockpit (LBWE) initialized the setup tables. Scheduled and Implemented delta mechanism for Periodic loads. Created Info Packages for Full, Initial, and Delta Loads for both Master data and Transaction data. Using BEx Query Designer to define complex queries, defining Exceptions, Conditions which are later deployed in variety of scenarios. Extensively worked on Variable User exits using RSR00001. Developed flexible queries with variables using filters, Navigational attributes, Restricted Key figures, Reusable structures to facilitate further data analysis. Worked on Variables, Filters, Conditions, Exceptions, Restricted Key Figures and Calculative Key Figures to make report flexible, interactive and to flag Exceptions. Worked on variety of reporting requirements using concepts of variable offsets. Implemented Report to Report Interface (RRI) to Jump from Summarized Sales Information info cubes to Detail Sales Information info cubes. Developed the Delivery checklist Document and analyzed all the documents against that before submitting it to the clients. Involved in developing the Functional reporting requirements of reports and also converting the Functional specs into Technical Specs. Uploaded master and transactional data from flat files, SAP BI and SAP R/3. Involved in mapping of Data source with the Data targets using Transformations and DTP. Extracting Master & Transaction Data using Generic Data Sources from OLTP Involved in Info Cube maintenance i.e., Aggregates, Compression, Roll-up & Indexes.