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The other day a lady told me that her brother had gone berserk. She did not know what to do, for he had shut himself up in the bathroom and was loading a pistol. He said that he was going to kill his wife and daughter. Then he was going to kill himself. Immediately we drove to that house and went in. As I entered I heard him inside the bathroom with the door shut. I was acquainted with the "Click, Click" noise. He was loading an automatic pistol! She called him, but he would not answer. We kept hearing the "Click, Click" sound. Soon the door opened and he walked out with the loaded gun. I got real close to him, set him down on a couch, and prayed for him. I discovered that it was really a suicide spirit which had hold on him. He told me that was the last day that he would ever live. He said he would never get through that day. As I laid my hand on his head something happened. He began to cry like his heart would break. He shook like a leaf for some ten minutes. I felt the fire of God going through him. He told me that he had not been able to sleep without sedatives for a week. "Lie down and sleep," I said. "You can sleep now. In a few days something will take place. There will be a change." I felt like I had prayed through. So I slipped out of the house and went home. His wife said that she would never live with him again. That is why he was going to kill her. I talked to her, but she said that there was no use talking; for she would never live with him. She promised that she would go to church with the daughter. The next day the man's sister came to my office. She brought me the pistol and made me a present of it. Her brother had gone to bed and gone to sleep in five minutes after I left the house. He slept all night with the gun under his shirt. But the desire to murder had gone! He no longer wanted to kill. He feels like he is saved. He has since been going to church and praying. He has never felt this way before. 1

Within a few days his wife phoned him. She was willing to go back to him and reunite their home. Curse of Vexation One of the curses that came on man when he fell is vexation of spirit. Multiplied millions of people are walking the streets today almost ready to go berserk and yield to some evil spirit. That is part of the curse (Deut. 28:20). Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil (I John 3 :8). He arose from the grave and gave us power over all the power of the enemy. (Luke 10:19). He led captivity captive (Eph. 4:8). Jesus is the Second Adam. He came to undo what the first Adam did. He came to take our place that we might take His place. He was made a curse for us. Cursed is every man that hanzeth on a tree (Gal. 3:13). The Curse of Sin Jesus came to save people from their sins, not in their sins (Matt. 1:21). The blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from ALL sin (l John 1 :7). He is the Lamb of God that taketh awav the sin of the world. (John 1 :29). Jesus opened the pri<on 'door and offers us a pardon. The anointing of the Holy Spirit opens the prison door (Luke 4 :18). About two weeks ago the anointing of the Spirit came in our midst and opened the prison door in an afternoon service in Jamaica. About four thousand sinners walked out of prison at one time. We stayed there in that one meeting and similar things were repeated twice each day for weeks. In Durban, South Africa, we saw about three thousand sinners walk alit of bondage in one service at one time. We had fifty[our services on that tour. Two weeks from this writing we nrc making our fourth trip to that country that is hanging in the balance between freedom and Communism. When Moses hung up the brazen serpent everyone that loolwd WlLS healed. The brazen serpent was a type of Jesus that waH made a curse for us. The Cross of Christ is the cure for tho curse. All the people who were snake bitten walked out 01' priHolI at one time. You can look at the cross and walk out IIOW. '1'111'1"(' is a life for a look.

Curse of Death Death passed upon all men, for all have sinned (Rom. 5 :12). Jesus came and died in our place. Since that time, if you know your rights in Him, you do not need to die. When He is ready for you to go to heaven you may just go to sleep in Jesus. Jesus tasted death for every man (Heb, 2 :9). Through faith in Christ we do not need to go through the valley of its shadow (Ps. 23 :4). We can say, "0 death where is thy sting?" (I Cor. 15 :26). Recently I went to pray for a lady that was dying with cancer of the blood. The anointing in me said, "You demons of death, take your hands off that woman." All the pain left instantly. She smiled. In a few minutes she stepped across on the other side, without suffering one bit. She had faith in the Christ that was made a curse for her. You can live out all your days and then go to heaven without cancer. You don't need to be sick to go to sleep in Jesus. Curse of Sickness All the diseases that are written in the book and all the diseases that are not in the book are part of the curse that man brouuh L on himself by disobedience (Deut, Chapter 28). The Lord gave his people a covenant of healing and said He would not allow any of these diseases to come upon them (Ex. 15 :26). He said that He would take all sickness away from us (Deut. 7 :1). ] Ie said the number of our days He would fulfill (Ex. 23: 26). He healeth all our diseases (Ps. 103-1-3). He taketh away all our afflictions (Ps. 34:19). He took our infirmities and bore our sickness (Matt. 7 :16-17). With His stripes we are healed (I sa. 53: 5). There was not one feeble person among His millions of people that came out of Egypt (Ps. 105 :37). A few days ago I saw many deaf mutes in Jamaica. They had never heard or talked! Instantly the curse was lifted. They could hear a watch tick. The curse that fell on man at the fall was lifted from them. Many thousands of people saw it. They knew them. They went wild with joy when their city-butcher was instantly healed. Curse of Child Birth If women know their rights today they will be saved from 3

the agony of childbirth, for that is one of the curses that came on man at the fall (Gen. 3 :16; I Tim 2 :15). Jesus lifted that curse. My wife was not supposed to live when Junior was born. The doctor rebuked me. He told me to go home and come back the next day. She was not supposed to give birth to a child without an operation. The doctor took his nurse to a. show. He told me to go home and check with him the next day. I called on Jesus. The boy was born in a few minutes. When my second boy was born the doctor told me the same thing. He said it would not be until the next day, if then. I put my faith to work. He put me out of the room. I sat in a chair. I had the assurance. I fell asleep. Jesus appeared to me and said , "You have a son born." I awoke and ran up stairs. There he was - a seven pound boy! When the midwives came to the mothers in Israel, they found that the mothers were so healthy that the children were already born (Ex. 1 :19). Pharaoh could not understand that. It made him angry, but his persecution led to their deliverance from bondage. They trusted in the Lamb without blemish that was made a curse for them. Curse on Wild Animals After man fell the curse fell on the animals. Until then they were all tame, as they will be when the curse is lifted (Isa. 65 :28; Isa. 11 :6-7). After the first Adam sinned the curse fell on the lions, bears, leopards, and even the serpents (Gen. 3: 14-15). When the curse is lifted the lamb and the lion and a little child can all play together. For a Christian, through faith in the One Who Redeemed us from the curse, the curse can be lifted here (Luke 10 :19). "N othing shall by any means hurt you." I was preaching under the big tent in Meridian, Mississippi. I felt this faith come upon me. I said, "If a snake comes up that aisle I can tell it to go back and leave me alone and it will obey me." In about a minute I saw a snake come right up the aisle. I commanded it to go back. It did. 4

Paul picked up a snake and it did not hurt him (Acts 28:5). Believers shall pick up serpents (Mark 16:15-18). The poison in the serpents is of the devil. If our faith is working we can pick up a serpent or drink deadly poison with no ill effects (Matt. 15:16-17). There is a pattern in the Bible for everything. Paul did not pick up that serpent on purpose. The sons of the prophets did not eat the deadly poison on purpose. We don't get sick on purpose just to prove that God can heal us. We don't get possessed with a devil on purpose to prove that we have power. We don't speak with tongues by our own power to prove miracles. It is written that thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God. The devil tried to get Jesus to jump from the temple. He refused (Matt. 4 :7). It must be done according to the pattern. A mad bull came at Brother Branham. He started his faith to work. He spoke to the bull and told it to turn and go back. It obeyed him. When Jesus was on the Mount of Temptation wild animals came and attacked Him. He had no protection, except the angels that came to His rescue. He was anointed with the Spirit. He said we can do the same thing if we receive the anointing (John 14:12). Curse on the Earth When Adam sold himself into sin the curse fell on the earth. It would not yield its increase. Up until then all that God created was good for food (Gen. 1: 12; 2 :9). After the curse poison weeds came up. Man became addicted to dope and nicotine. (Gen. 3 :2-17-18). Tobacco is more poison than alcohol, Millions of people over the earth are deceived by a lie. They believe the lies told about it. Tobacco companies sell men's souls for money. People told me I could not run a business without selling tobacco. They said I would go broke. I stayed in business twelve years and nroved them wrong. We have seen teaming thousands of people instantly delivered from the deadly effects of tobacco. Some of the best authorities say cancer is traced directly to tobacco. 5

Recently a man told us that he had been smoking sixty years. He had been offering one thousand dollars to anyone who could help him quit. Jesus set him free instantly for nothing. lie was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. He accepted the "ure of the curse. Brother Frisby was bound by dope, tobacco and alcohol. He was a chronic. He was put in the institution, where he saw people that roared like lions, laughed like hyenas.' and hissed like serpents. He read one of my books. He was Instantly delivered, healed, saved, filled with the Spirit, and began to hold deliverance revivals and set others free. I saw him lay hands on an alcoholic as he walked down the sidewalk. The man was instantly delivered. He was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. I saw him since then; he was still shouting. Curse of Poverty After Adam fell he was sentenced to hard labor. He had to earn his bread by the RW at of his brow (Gen. 3:19). The curse came on all men. The earth would not yield its increase (Gen. 17). Pestilence attacked the fruit of th: ground until ~t was cast off before hurvost. The heavens WIthheld the ram
(Deut, 28). .

John 2). He says if we use this faith whatsoever we do shall prosper. (Amen) (I Ps. 1:3), (Ps. 105:37). If you use your faith everyone can have a job that he enjoys. They can whistle while they work. They will not put their wages in a bag with holes in it (Hag. 1 :6). I started in business on one dollar; in twelve years 1 cashed out for enough to build four churches and a parsonage, and preach for three years without accepting a penny. When I was on the farm I walked up those potato rows and prayed. 1 told the Lord I would give tithes and offerings. Until then my potato vines were loaded with potato bugs. After then God made fertilizer out of them. They were all dead on the ground. The other farmers did not make their seed back. I made prize potatoes. My barns overflowed with plenty (Prov 3 :10). Some do not believe this. They believe in the psychology of poverty. But if you believe the Word of God then you shall have success (Josh. 1:8). II DON'T BLAME THE LORD We were riding along in the car the other day when a lady in the back seat was asking me some Bible questions. She said that she was bothered about a certain Scripture that said all things that we asked, believing, we could receive. She said many times she asked the Lord for something. She believed that she would receive it, but she didn't. She insisted that J tell her why that verse would not work. 1 told her, "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you." If you say that you do not receive what you ask believing then His word is not abiding in you. The devil's word is abiding in you. I';very day of your life you are either saying what God says or what the devil says. If you say what God says, you have that. If you say what the devil says, you have that. You have what you say (Mark 11 :23). A Lady in the Plane A lady in a plane asked me, "If God is a just God why did He take my little girl'?" That showed that she doubted His being just. That was a direct insult to the Lord.

The Lord came along and offered redemption from that. Man can pay his tithes and offerings, God will kill the potato bugs, send the rain, and let the earth yield the fruit. That is what faith in the Cure will do (Mal. 3 :8-14; Haggai, chapters 1 and 2). Job took advantage of this and God blessed him. He would make Henry Ford look like a little boy in deep water. Abraham's faith caused him to overcome this curse. He was the richest man in all the land. He taught his boys to believe for victory over the psychology of poverty. Even Moses knew that God would give us power to get wealth (Deut. 8:18). He led millions of people out of bondage without sickness. They had plenty of silver and gold. They did that after they ate the flesh of the lamb (Ex. 12: 11). They were trusting the cure from the curse. Solomon and his son David were not paupers. It is God's will for us to prosper and be in health (III 6

In the first place the Lord did not take her girl. Could not Satan be to blame for sending the disease? Could not the woman be to blame for not being a Christian, so she could pray the prayer of faith? Jesus came not to destroy our lives but to save our lives (Luke 9 :56). He came to destroy the works of the devil. (I John 3:8). Satan comes to kill, to steal and destroy (John 10..;..10).Satan is busy, wanting to destroy our lives. JesusIs busy, wanting to save our lives. All you need to do is to read the New Testament through to learn that. The Lord says if we live for Him, have faith and know His will for us, that He will fulfill the number of our days. (Ex. 23 :26). There are plenty of people that do not live out half their days. Satan kills them before their time. (Eccl, 7: 17). The Lord told Hezekiah thal he was going to die. He prayed the prayer of faith and was healed. He lived fifteen years longer. (Isa. 37:5). Thousands of people failed to do as Hezekiah. They died at an early age. Then some preacher told their wife that God took them. The woman with lhe issue of blood pressed through and touched the hem of Jesus' clothes. She was made whole after she was pronounced incurable. A great number of women have failed to press through and receive healing. They are in the grave now. God gets the blame. for killing them. The Man From Kansas I was talking to one man that believed what is to be will be. Had Hezekiah believed that he would have died fifteen years earlier. The Lord says that we can lengthen our lives, or shorten OUI' lives, according to the way we live (Eph. 6 :3). Children, obey your parents that your days may be long. We are promised long life if we abide in the secret place of the Most 11igh (Ps. 91 :6). The number of our days would be three score ami ten years (Ps. 91 :6). The Word of the Lord says that muny people are dead before their time, because they do not rightly discern the Lord's body. In His body we find healing' (Isu. fi:~:fi;] Cor. 6:30). 8

Peter was in jail. The church made prayer for him. This prevented him from having his head cut off. They did not pray that way for James. They let him go ahead and die, and no doubt claimed that God took him. The Nobleman's son was at death's door. His father came to Jesus. Jesus healed the boy. Many dads would have failed to pray. They would have let him die, and then blamed the Lord for killing him. (John 4 :46). "Ye will not come unto me that ye may have life" (John [i :40). Lady in Dallas Yesterday I met a lady that lold me that all prophecy will come to pass. She said there is nothing- we can do about it. Even some prophecies are on conditions. The Lord said that a king would die. Judgment would fall on him. The king repented. The Lord said that l le would not bring- it to pass in the kine's days, but in his son's days (I Ki. 21 :~!). Ahab prayed. God prolonged judgment. The Lord sent word lo about two million people by Jonah. Jonah went down and told the Ninevites that they would be destroyed in forty days. They prayed and cried out to God. God heard them and withheld judgment. Their lives were spared. Moses was told by th., Lord that about two million children of Israel would be dcxl.royed. Moses interceded for them. Their lives were saved (Ex, 32 :10,32). Moses could have let them walk out under judgment and be destroyed, and then have blamed God for it. Abraham could have played golf or fooled away his time ill some manner. He could have failed to intercede for Lot. lie could have let Lot be killed and blamed God. It is not God's will that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance (II Peter 3 :9). It is His will for everyone to repent now. No doubt America was ripe for judgment in 1914. The people of God prayed all across America. Judgment was prolonged. In I!MI some believed that judgment was about to fall on our country. Saints of God interceded from coast to coast. Judgmenl was held back, giving us a chance to pray down the greatest revival this country has ever had. 9

Woman in Arkansas I know of a lady in Arkansas whose husband died drunk. She said God took him. Bloody and deceitful men don't live half their days (Ps. 55 :23). The Lord is not to blame for wars, cyclones, 200,000 suicides annually. or 50,000 deaths Oil the highways each year. No, the devil is to blame. The man that made the whiskey, that caused these wrecks, is to blame. The man that sells it is to blame. The man that votes it in is to blame. The preacher that fails to preach against it is tc blame. The Lord has not promised to SltHI His angels to pro ted people if the angels are not welcome, They won't stay there and listen to the name of the Lord being blasphemed continuously. I know of a lady that lived like the devil. She went to dances and night clubs. l ler little girl was left alone at home. The girl burned to (It-ath. She blames God for taking her daughter. Millions are going straig-Itl to hell. They are running over all the blockades Cod puts lip. They run over the prayers of all of Goo's people. Then they say that God surely won't send them to hell. Ilell was not prepared for them. It was prepared for Satan and his followers. I f you refuse to go to heaven that is the only place left to go. A Sister in ('hurch Regardless of what takes place this sister says, "Everything works together for good." If her husband dies with a cancer; if she has her fourth stroke; if her girl commits suicide; if her boy goes insane; she says God sent all this, that it is working for good. Why does she not blame herself for not using her faith, for following the tradition of the elders that makes the Word of God of none effect, for not knowing t hI" will of God? After Joshua entered Canaan he still had to fig-ht l.lu: g-iants. He still had to do some fighting to possess his I'I).'-IS(S sions, You can't lie and be too lazy to pray, and t hr-n hlnme God. The Bible does not teach that 10 everythingworks tog'dh('r for

good. That is only when the Holy Ghost is interceding through you, bringing the will of God to pass in your life (Rom. 8 :26, 32). The Holy Ghost will not pray contrary to God's will. If we pray according to l l is will we receive the answer (l John 5: 14). It is God's will that we be well (lTI John 2). Some people will stay at home from church; they cause a revival to be a failure; their people are lost; and then they say all of it is sent by God. What kind of church would my church be if all the members were just like me? The Lady in Louisiana She carne to me crying, saying' that she was called to preach. She said her mother would not let her preuch : her husband would not let her go; her preacher would not ask her to preach. T told her she should be ashamed for insulting the Lord. He will not ask her to do something she could not do, and then punish her for not doing it. He knew all about her mother, her husband, and her pastor when I-Ie called her. The Lord never calls anyone to preach unless He has a message for him, and has a place for him to preach. A man came to me last week. He said he was a preacher, but he never had a break. lIe said he had no open door. Brother, the world is the field (Matt. 13 :38). Go into all the world. You can't lie on the bed in the day-time asleep, with your mouth open, catching flies, and dig out a church. If you would work as hard building a church as an insurance salesman works, you will have two 01' three churches. You don't need to go to the churches. You need to reach the unrcached. Dig out a dozen new churches ancl Sunday Schools. You will have plenty of open doors. It is not a sin to work and preach both. Paul did. I will admit many preachers have nice churches, but they had no time to lie up and sleep. They prayed. They interceded. They worked. If they don't keep working they will soon lose their churches. The Man With the Boils Job lost his arnels, children, servants, wife, and all he had. His wife blamed God. (Job 2:9). He thought God did it (Job 1:21). IIe expected God to slay him (Job 13:15). This book was written to show that Satan is to blame for


the pains and sorrows we bear (Luke 10:19; Acts 10:38). Job was a good man, but tradition made the Word of God of none effect. God had a long talk with him. Job saw things differen tly. He was healed. Many good saints today blame God for their sickness. They say that God gave it to them in order to get people saved. They say it is a blessing, but they don't ask for a double blessing. They say it is the will of God, but they have His will cut out. If you turn on your lights and they refuse to shine, you would not blame the light company. Friends, if you will do like Job, repent for blaming the Lord; if you will memorize Exodus 15 :26, Isaiah 53 :5, and Psalms 34: 19; if you will say what God says : you will have what you say (Mark 11 :23). I command 'your healing to begin as you quote these verses daily. In Jesus' name. Amen.

RAPJ'IS'l' PREACHER RECEIVES BAPTISM I thank God for the teaching that T received at the Prairie Bible Institute ill Cuuadu, especially the self-life teaching. I was ordained in the Sou them Baptist Convention and evangelized ill and around Austin, Texas, before I took a pastorate in Wimberley. My heart was hungry for the reality there was in Jesus Christ. J wanted something real. I wanted to see the Lord work like IIe used to work. I did not know anything about the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, as I now know it, as I had been schooled against it all my life. I had been taught that certain manifestations of the Holy Spirit were of the devil. In reading the Word of God, and praying alone, I began to realize that there was something more than I had. [ knew that this was in the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, like the early Christians possessed. I realized that we are in the Church age now, that we nre in the same dispensation that Peter and John lived in, that Jesus never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. My heart became real hungry for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in revival fire. I began to really pray and seek the Lord. 1 would go into the woods, behind my church, and read the Book of Acts through. I believe that the Book of Acts

has done more for me than any other book in the Bible. It is really the Acts of the Holy Spirit, for God used many people that were not apostles. If we want to know how the Holy Spirit acts now we need to read and see how He acted then. Ministry in Wimberley One night, after I had been pastoring this church for about two years, we had to deal with a boy with epilepsy. We were at the "Cedar Cutters Camp" on Sunday afternoon, a little work which we had started, and where there were many souls saved. There was a knock on our door one night after ten o'clock. There were two men from the camp. They told us that the epileptic boy had been hurt in an accident. They wanted us to come and pray at once. I said, "Lord, something must happen tonight. The people are looking to us. They may lose confidence in us. The young converts may not think that we have the real Christ, which we have been preaching, if He can't answer prayer." I left the house with fear and trembling. God was good to me. He brought to my mind James 5: 14-15: "Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him w.ith oil in the name of the Lord shall raise him up: And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up ... " I reminded the Lord that it was not my business to raise him up, but it was my part to lay hands on him and pray. Then it came to my mind how Jesus put everyone out of the room but His disciples. As I arrived at the tent there were many people huddled over the boy, enough to smother him. I asked everyone to leave. Then T asked the boy if there was any sin in his life. He told me that he smoked, but he was willing to quit the habit. He gave me his cigarettes. We hunted for some oil, but there was none to be found. Then we took some coal oil out of a lamp and anointed him with it. I then told the Lord the rest was up to him. The buy was made whole. I went back to my ltaptist church overjoyed with what the Lord had done. A meeting was called and 1 was asked to leave the church. It was left to a vote and 1 stayed. 13


Ministry in San Antonio A few months later I felt led to resign my church and move to San Antonio, Texas, where we pastored the Chinese Baptist under the Southern Baptist Home Mission Board. My heart was crying out for more of the Lord. I had a deep dissatisfaction. My mind was disturbed. I decided that I was going to please God at any cost. I wanted the Holy Spirit Baptism, but my theology confused me. I was up and clown, in and out. All this time God was saving souls. Missionaries were being sent out from our ministry. I felt impressed to go on a 21-day fast. We started a prayer meeting from six to seven each morning. This ran for four years without a break. Had I know Cod's will for me I would have received the Holy Ghost then. God was blessing, but we were afraid to yield to tho Spirit. The Lord said to me, "I am goillg- to take everything away from you, but you just Lruxt me. I know what I am doing". Our Bible school, laud, radio broadcast, church, leadership of the Youth for Christ, aud evurv th ing was taken from us. Minist ry In Dallas After everv l.hirur was gone I was directed to move to Dallas, Texas, and pastor' a church. One night as I was beside the bed praying, reading Hebrews one and two the Lord Jesus appeared to me and lifted me up. Whether in the body or out of the body I cannot tell. lIe put His arms around me and k issed me on the cheek. I had jov unspeakable and full of glory. Three different times the Lord Jesus appeared to me. I read where Jesus appeared to Paul ill a vision, but still he did not have the Holy Ghost Baptism. (Acts 9). I had heard of \11,'. V. Grant, anel had scanned through SCH"I' of his books, which 1 had seen in different homes. So I wvnl to his office to see him. There 1 prayed with him and Lold him my heart's cry. As I left he gave me three of his books OIl lite Holy Spirit Baptism. These books were a real bh'ssiliK to me. They have been a real help many times sinc(' l hey 'l:-\Slll"('c! me that the Holy Ghost Baptism was for me if I woulr! only reach out by faith and claim it

Those prayers we prayed in Brother Grant's office were answered. Two weeks later Brother Martin came to my home. He was a missionay from Brazil. The Lord told him to come to Dallas, although he did not know a soul there. He was asked by one of my former members to contact me. He wrote my name wrong. It seemed that the way he found me was no thing short of a miracle from God. The day Brother Martin arrived in Dallas happened to be the day that I was praying. I asked the Lord if what I had read about the Holy Ghost was real to send someone by my place to confirm it. As I was driving by the church I saw a 'man with a brief case in his hand. It was Brother Martin. Later he told me that he was praying, "Lord, you can send that man by here in his automobile". I did not stop, but when I arrived home I saw this same man, with the brief case in his hand. I knew that. he was God's man. Between us there has been an unbroken fellowship since that day. Ministry of Prayer Martin over to the church for a season of prayer. After talking in the study we knelt at the altar in the church. We prayed Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, and Sunday morning. I preached Sunday morning. Then Brother Martin and I went to the church Sunday afternoon for prayer. The Lord said to me, "I give the I Ioly Ghost unto them that obey me." As we sang some choruses my hands went up and I went down. Then I was all over that place. Wave after wave of God's power swept over my soul; inside, outside, all about me and all over me! It reminded me of someone above me pouring water over me, and all around me. I started to my Bible class at 7:00 o'clock, but each Lime I touched the door knob I would fold up under the power of God. I laughed. I cried. I rejoiced. The words that 1 said when receiving the Holy Ghost were not mine. I realized fur the first time what the Bible meant when it said, "These men arc not drunken as ye suppose". By 7 :;J!) I was able to get to the evening service. 1 managed to hold on to the pulpit while I announced that Brother MarI invited Brother


tin would preach in my place. After the message he asked me to testify to what God had done for me. I did not say much, for the audience saw I was melted down. The altar was lined with people seeking the Holy Spirit. The next day one of the head men came over in an angry fit. It seemed like he might kill me. I invited him to pray with me. r prayed, but he couldn't. About a month later his anger wore off. J went and prayed with him. I answered his questions. He rebelled against the Lord and began drinking. Anointed Ministry Brother Martin did not mean to stay but two days, but he stayed fourteen. He answered my questions even before I asked him. Many Southern Baptist preachers are hungry for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Several of them came and prayed with me. Some of them received this experience and are going on with God. Dozens of our members have received the Holy Spirit Baptism, including my wife and four of our six children. God has led me to Brazil and many places to witness abou t th is fu II gospel experience. The Lord laid it on my heart to re-establish the Bible School He had seen fit to Lake from me. We opened up day classes for missionary Bible Training. God sent a buyer for our church property and permitted us to get five acres of land just outside the Dallas city limits. We are building dormitories for the boys and girls. Do pray that God will supply the need for the pupils that are coming in. I would not trade the last three years of my ministry for all the fifteen previous years. I have seen God work in lives, souls saved, many filled with the Holy Spirit Baptism, demons cast out, and people healed of most all manner of sickness and disease. The Baptism of the Spirit is not the end; it is the beg-inning of a richer life and ministry. We will press on until tho gifts of the Spirit are manifested in a greater way. Wl' only want to be a channel for God to use for His own glory. My dear friend, you can be used of the Lord ill this last-day

ministry if you will yield to Him now and let Him baptize you with the Acts 2:4 experience. If I can be of any help to you please write me at once. Lorinz G. Markwood

CHURCH OF CHRIST PREACHER Preachers and books I once claimed were from the Devil I now realize to be from the Lord. Just recently have I personally met Brother W. V. Grant. I discovered some of the books he has written. These greatly blessed my heart. Since then I have ordered and studied many books from the pen of this God-inspired vessel. From the first until now I have been deeply impressed and helped by his direct, dear, striking style of expressing the wonderful truths of God! His definitions, Bible and personal examples of the operation of spiritual gifts, rank among the best ever published. And his books on divine healing, dealing with the questions and objections against it, have truly enlightened me and strengthened my faith. For many years I ridiculed and slandered such men as Brother Grant. But now that the Lord has turned me "About Face!" I can appreciate and rejoice in their ministries! I was born and raised in the religious denomination known as the "Church of Christ," or "Christian Church." My parents are st.ill in this group and so is my older and only brother. In fact, he is a nationally-known evangelist among their churches. I was born again on my sixteenth birthday. I was celebrating my birthday at a beautiful picnic grounds near my home in Johnson City, Tennessee. As I ate the picnic supper with my mother and dad, God began dealing with my heart. I found myself wondering very seriously for the first time in my life, "J list why was I born, anyway? Here I am, now sixteen years old. Why am I here'? Where am I headed in the future?" My only desire at that time was to continue in my high school R.O.T.C. military training and then enter the Marine Corps as a lifetime career. Twice I had run away from 17

home and had to be brought back by the Tennessee State Highway Patrol. My heart was very wicked and I had drifted far away from God. I had "joined the church" and been baptized when I was eleven, but I wasn't saved. I was just a poor thieving, lying, lustful, and thoroughly wretched boy with a lot of problems. But God pressed such a heavy conviction of heaven, hell, eternity, and my sins on me that I couldn't eat my birthday supper. My parents wondered what was wrong with me, and I wouldn't tell them. But Brother, I praise God for the way He dealt with me! The minute I got home I ran to my upstairs bedroom. I fell before God, I prayed, I cried, and I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ! My Heart Was Hungry I fell deeply in love with Jesus and His Word that day! My life changed completely and overnight, praise God! My schoolmates wondered what had happened to me. I carried my little New Testament everywhere I went and told them. Most of them didn't like at all what I preached to them and they tried to persecute me out of the school. God gave me more than enough grace to stand. How I studied that Bible! Many a night I would humbly plead with God to give me more of the Holy Spirit! If He had tried to baptize me in the Holy Ghost at that time I probably would have been scared silly, since I was warned against it as being fanaticism and having all passed away. And yet I continued to be conscious of a need for much more power and a deeper spiritual life with God. I know that there are many modern-day preachers and church members that have only a head-knowledge; that never have been born again in a real experience of saving grace from Jesus. But some of them truly do find the Lord and how I thank God I was one of them! Otherwise I doubt I would ever have had the heart-hunger that finally led me into the baptism in the Holy Ghost! Persecuted the Church For eleven years now I have been pastoring and trav ling as an evangelist among the Churches of Christ and lhriatian Churches throughout the country. Truly I fell that my denomination was the only true church and that we alone pos18

sessed "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us, God!" Especially did I bitterly oppose everything under the "Pentecostal" label, branding it fanaticism and emotionalism and the devil's "Big Lie". I was thoroughly convinced that all those claiming the baptism in the Holy Spirit, tongues, miracles, etc., were either "ignorant, crazy, hypnotized, or demon-possessed"! Many times I would visit services where the baptism and gifts of the Spirit were experienced and seek to persuade the preachers and people that they were wrong. On two different occasions I went in and actually broke up services in Spirit-filled churches by debates and interruptions. One time there was a brush-arbor meeting in Sapulpa, Okla. in 1954. This other Church of Christ preacher and I planned how we would go into the service and gain the confidence of the people by pretending to be one of them. Then at the proper moment we would seize the service and preach forth our doctrines to them. This we did! We sang so well on the front row that we were invited into the choir. I then sang so loud the regular song leader invited me to lead a few songs. That was the opening I was waiting for! I then called my friend for a "brief testimony." He preached for about twenty minutes, setting the stage for me. Then I started and wouldn't quit until I had pumped boldly against tongues, healings, miracles, anything supernatural for our day. This broke up the service. Then we went around personally to the people trying to persuade them further. Another time in Cincinnati, Ohio, two ushers had to escort me bodily out of the building. Ignorant of God's Power Another lime I was in a church in Arkansas. That night I went up during the altar call and dragged a girl who was seeking God away from the altar! I took her to the back of the church and tried to convince her she was wrong in her religion. Several of the mer; of the church rushed back to us, very angry and upset. One of them was the deputy sheriff and he threatened to arrest me for breaking up the worship service. I barely got out of being thrown in jail that night. Many other times I went into churches in Ohio, Tennessee, 19

Oklahoma, and other states. I mocked, I criticized, I tried my hardest to break up full gospel services through debates and interruptions. I was zealous like Saul of Tarsus, but not according to knowledge. If I had been given legal authority, I might have thrown many full gospel people into jail, thinking to please God by getting what I considered "false pretenders" and "mentally unbalanced" people out of the way! But all this I did in ignorance, dear friends, and God Almighty was patient and rich in mercy toward me. Oh, Hallelujah, what amazing grace that He did give me a chance and finally take the veil from off my eyes! But all during these years of my blind prejudice and tradition, the Lord God was slowly and surely dealing with me. I began to see that the doctrine I was preaching was not producing the real fruits of New Testament Christianity. I saw a form of godliness, but not much power! I couldn't see much change in the lives of the people I preached to. So many had just a head-knowledge about Jesus, but didn't seem to know Him personally as reigning in their hearts. This disturbed me greatly. And then as the years went by I found myself becoming more and more dry and dead, spiritually. I began to seek God for the answer to the spiritual problems in my own heart and in the hearts of my people. I tried several things, but none seemed to do the job. Receives the Holy Ghost In February of 1962, I attended a gathering of Church of Christ and Christian Church preachers in southeast Kansas. There, for the first time in my life, I heard Don Hurley, a Church of Christ preacher from Colorado tell how he had recently been baptized in the Holy Spirit! He was a friend of mine, and three times in our presence, while we would be praying, God spoke messages to us through him in tongues and interpretations. This really stunned me! I thought, "0 God! Could all of this really be for our day, after all? l lave I been so wrong for so long?" But I still wasn't convinced. I went back home and for ten days sought God in prayer and Bible study regarding all these things. The Spiri t of Cod graciously opened my eyes to the Scripture and I saw that truly God is

doing the same thing today that He did in the days of Christ and the Apostles! I grew very, very hungry for the Lord to fill me with the Holy Spirit and supernatural power. On February 26, 1962, I fasted and prayed to God that He might prepare my heart and build my faith to receive all He had for me. That day I wanted the Holy Ghost more than I wanted life itself! I laid on the altar of my church where I was preaching, my car, my parsonage, and the furniture. Since Jesus baptized me in His Blessed Spirit I have lost all of them. But how I do praise God for giving me something much more valuable! Praise His glorious Name forever! I also laid my wife and one-year-old son, whom I greatly cherish, on the altar that day. God has graciously permitted me to keep them. However, to a great extent. I have lost my father, my mother, and my only brother. But for all I have lost, the Bible promises me a "hundred fold in this life, with persecutions, and in the world to come, eternal life." Thank God! Many former friends now call me "ignorant, crazy, hypnotized, and demon-possessed," just like I used to accuse Spirit-filled people! Twelve Preachers Filled On February 27, 1962, my son's first birthday, two Spiritfilled preachers south of Tupelo, Mississippi laid their hands upon me (mel prayed for me. For a minute or two I prayed and praised God in the English language, earnestly beseeching Il im to fill me full of His precious Spirit. Suddenly I felt a great Fort-e welling up within my innermost being. As I continued prayillg and praising God, suddenly I felt great glory, power, and Freedom flooding my soul. It expressed itself like rivers of living waters gushing forth through my lips. For thirty minutes or so I praised God with all my heart in the unknown tongues I had despised for a lifetime! I was truly lifted into heavenly places, and God bathed my soul in divine love, joy, pence, and power. Oh, what a wonderful Lord, to do this for me, after all I had done against this truth. I am thrilled to report that twelve other Church of Christ and Christian Church preacher friends of mine have been baptized in the Holy Ghost! 21


Continually, since the day God filled me, I have enjoyed the spiritual refreshing of praying, praising, and singing in un known tongues unto God. The baptism in the Holy Spirit has proven to be a marvelous door through -which God has led both my wife and me in the spiritual and supernatural realm. The Bible is more alive and more precious than ever. God has freed me from traditional misinterpretations of Scrinture! Jesus is real and powerful. And to this day I have found this experience to be just as real, satisfying, and Scriptural as the day it first happened. I sought the Lord-s-He heard my cry. I put Him to the test _ He proved Himself real. 1 was a bitter, blinded Pharisee like Saul of Tarsus. Jesus met me in the baptism in the Holy Spirit and by His matchless grace made me what I needed to be. This is my testimony. 1 give it for the glory of my wonderful Lord! Bill Stansberry




I was saved at sixteen years of age. I have been saved twenty-three years. I was saved at a Free Methodist Youth Camp and I have been a Free Methodist until now. I joined the church at Hemphill, Texas. I went to Junior College in McPherson, Kansas, for two years. I went to a university in Houston, Texas, for a year. I graduated from the Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. I have pastored ten years in the Free Methodist churches: four years in San Antonio, one year in Dallas, three years in Baytown, Texas, and two more years in Dallas. I saw the need of the supernatural to go with the Word that I preached. We had good theology, but we did not have the power of God with our preaching. In our doctrine wc ~a~ that Christ is our example. He did His work with the anointing of the Holy Spirit; even Christ needed miracles to confirm the Word that He preached. I read in A. B. Simpson's book, "First Corinthians the twelfth chapter is a pattern for our

present day churches". In that chapter we see that God set the nine Spiritual gifts in the church. In our Free Methodist Course of Study I read, "The Ch urch cannot accomplish its Spiritual mission without the gifts of the Spirit". Miracles Win Souls I read in Brother Roberts' magazine how Lester Sumrall went to the Philippine Islands in 1952. There the City of Manila was opened to the gospel because of one miracle. The devils that bit a girl were cast out by Brother Sumrall, in the name of Jesus. The girl was set free and the officials knew it. I compared this to the Biblical accounts, where whole cities were opened to the gospel because of one miracle. When Peter raised Dorcas up many people believed on the Lord. He stayed in that country, preached, and won souls for months. The miracle that took place in the upper room caused three thousand souls to be saved. The miracle at the Gate called Beautiful won five thousand more souls. The miracles in Samaria caused Philip to see many converts. When miracles followed Paul's preaching many believed on the Lord. When people saw the healings under Jesus' ministry many accepted Him as the Christ. The Anointing Wins Souls I saw that no miracle took place in Jesus' ministry until He received the Holy Ghost. Then the anointing of the Holy Ghost was on Him to set the people free (Acts 4:18). He did all His works under the Holy Ghost anointing (Acts 10 :3~). It was not He that did the work, but the Father that dwelled in Him (John 14:10). The Father does not dwell in us until after we receive the Holy Ghost Baptism (John 14 :17). After Jesus went back to heaven the disciples could do no miracles until they received the Holy Ghost. They were commanded to tarry until they were endued with power from on high. The ministry of the disciples became effective after they received the Holy Ghost. They received power to be witnesses to the uttermost parts of the earth (Acts 1:8). There Was Something Lacking In my group I heard some of the best preaching, but it



brought little results. I have heard new converts preach when they had great crowds and many conversions. They did not have the training, but they preached with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven. It takes more than training. It takes power from on high. Jesus told those men He called to do three things: I-Ie said for them to preach the gospel, heal the sick, and cast out devils. Preaching the gospel is only one third of the command (Luke 9 :1-3). I Saw That I Must Have Power [ did not know how to receive this power. Then I saw plainly in the Word of God how Jesus commanded the disciples to go back and tarry until they received this power. They were not to teach, heal, baptize or preach any more until they were endued with power from on high (Luke 24 :46). He commanded them to stay there until they received this power (Acts 1:4). They were told to teach us to observe the same command (Matt. 28:19-20). I saw that it was the anointing of power that breaks the yoke (lsa. 10:27; Luke 4:18; Acts 10:38). Each time that Jesus gave the Great Commission He stressed the power that went with it. (Mark 16:15-18; Matt. 28:19-20; John 20:20). I was trying to preach the Word, but I did not have the authority. D. L. Moody said, "It is foolish to try to do God's work without God's power." I Wanted God To Confirm the Word I wondered why my ministry was not effective. My fellow ministers would try to console me by telling me that His Word would not return unto Him void, that it would accomplish the purpose for which it was sent. In San Antonio, Texas, I was reading the Scripture. The words, I HAVE SENT, stood out from the pages of the Bible as a neon light. I was made to know that He must send it. We must wait until lIe endues us with power from on high. We must have the power from on high. We must have the power of the Holy Ghost so the Word will be effective. We must not get ahead of the Lord. If we want God to confirm the Word we must let the 24

signs follow. God worked with them with signs following. He will work with us if we will work with l Iim. I Had Reservations r sought the Baptism of the Holy Ghost many times. I determined my own actions. I decided the manifestations I wanted to have. I was not perfectly willing to speak with other tongues. 1 thought about my church prestige. I was afraid that ] might receive the wrong spirit, that I would not be popular. 1 thought that J might lose my church and parsonage. I did not want to lose my reputation and my minister friends. I thought my many years of training would be wasted. Truly I was on a dead-end street. I felt like an elevator stuck between two floors. r could hardly get up to the place to receive the power of God and begin to deliver others. I did not want to go back down to the old floor of formalism and dry theology. I saw that I had to die out. I became willing to lose all and follow Jesus. I prayed, cried and sought God. I determined to know nothing but Jesus and Him crucified. I learned that people of all denominations were receiving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. Then one day Evangelist W. V. Grant gave me about 120 different titles of his faith books. As I begin to read these faith books on the Holy Ghost, faith, healing, and miracles I felt my faith begin to mount up. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (Rom. 8 :17). Then 1 came to the place where r could clearly see that the Bible experience should be in our time. We need to carry tons of full gospel literature to all of the earth. Many good people in our own land do not know this great truth. After I read Brother Grant's books, and other literature, I found that I had not been unwilling at all. The only thing that I lacked was this: My faith needed to be inspired to receive this great power that I already saw was right. The Thing's I Observed When I went to some of these meeting'S I saw the things which I read about in the Book of Ads. I saw the evangelist tell people things which came to pass; 1 saw many miracles, 25

signs, and wonders, just like they took' place in the early church. I decided that Jesus does not have two bodies. He only has one. He does not have two churches. He only has one. We are in the church age now. We are in the same age in which Peter and John lived. When I saw so many people healed, T then came to the place that I had no doubt. I had no lack of proof. When my children went to hear long sermons they went to sleep. When they saw Jesus present, working miracles and healing, they woke up. It made them know that Jesus lives today. They saw someone preaching about a present Christ. Prejudice may die slowly, but when we are sincere, prejudice will die. Tools To Work With A preacher without the power is like a carpenter without nails, a tractor without gasoline, a car without a battery, a ship without a sail, or a gun without a bullet. Theology without the Spirit of God is not enough. I surrendered to God one night without reservations. It seemed like a band fell from all around me. It was like pulling off a tight coat and going to work. It was not so hard after my faith was lifted up. It reminds me of little David that pulled off Saul's armor. He went against the giant in the name of the Lord and won the battle. Since the night I received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost prayer is easier and more effective. It is easier to believe God. My faith does not look at circumstances. I am ready to work. There Is Nothing' Impossible After my faith was inspired one of my boys fell and broke his collarbone. He began to scream and yell like he was dying. We started to the hospital, but we decided to pray that God would ease the pain. The pain ceased, but when we arrived at the hospital the x-rays showed that the collarbone was back in place. The boy did not even take an aspirin or anything to deaden the pain. The doctor said that this bone is the most difficult one in the body to set. TIe was amazed because the bone was set perfectly. Someone asked if I was going- to slay in the Free Metho26

dist church. T am going to tell my bishops what I have received and T am going to tell all my members to receive the 1l01~T Ghost. I shal] not come out of the church 1 love as long as they accept me. 1 must not hide my light under a bushel. So far I have fellowship and freedom to win many souls. Many of my brethren have expressed their desire for me to continue as Tam. I know of many pastors ann high officials who want this experience. I believe that God is pouring out of His Spirit on all flesh just before the great and notable day of the Lord . . William W. Anderson'

WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE While Brother Grant was going to school the teacher called him a "book worm". He had rather read than to take part in sports. One day he was loaned a book "In His Image" by William Jennings Bryan. He was so impressed by this book that he became under conviction. Soon he gave his heart to the Lord. Faith for Salvation After he was converted, as a teenager, he liked to read every tract he could get. While he was riding the harrow in the corn field he read tracts. He was not living close to a church. So he put all the extra money he could get into more tracts. l lc persuaded about two dozen teenagers to help him put t.racts into bundles, about twenty in a roll. They put red cellophane papers around them so each bundle looked like a stick of candy. They put a bundle on the porch of each house in the cily of Malvern, Arkansas. That was before I married him. A bundle was put on the porch of the house in which I was living. F'rorn there I became acquainted with my future husband. Faith Over Devils Evangelist Grunt was away from home one year just after he was converted. lIe stayed upstairs at some friends' home in Port Lavaca, Texas. There he read about a hundred books written by Spirit filled men. A preacher had stored them there. 27

This was before Brother Grant began to preach, but that set his soul on fire until many people asked him if he was a preacher. Faith cometh by hearing (Rom. 10: 17). Immediately he began to cast out devils and pray people through to the Holy Ghost. These books caused him to become so interested in the Bible that he read it through several times. He memorized several chapters, including the Sermon on the Mount. He read every magazine that he could find. He read every word in the Pentecostal Evangel for about ten years. He saved those papers making books out of them. Even before he acknowledged his call to preach he took seven years' correspondence course and went to a ministerial training school four different years. He just wanted to read and learn more on faith. Faith for Healing The bones were decayed in my husband's leg for about 26 years. He was crippled with them when we married. Other people with the same trouble are in the grave now. One day he was reading a book EVER INCREASING FAITH by Smith Wigglesworth. Faith flooded his soul. He went to the nearest church, was prayed for, and received healing. He has had deep scars there for 26 years, to show what God has done. Faith comes by hearing. After we began to pastor Brother Grant started a weekly paper and mailed it out free to everyone on all the routes, telling them what God could do, and had done. He also installed a library with hundreds of books in the first church he built. This proved that faith comes by hearing. People heard the voice of faith with their inner ear as they read. We can write a sermon as well as we can preach one. Faith To Write He felt like he could not rest unless he wrote down certain things God revealed to him. Many times he arose in the middle of the night to jot down truth God gave to him. lie would carry that notebook with him all through the day. When he wrote his first book he look it to the printer and found that it made eleven books. The printer said, "You don't have a book; you have a research." lIe made a decision to put

all the proceeds from books back into printing more books, to help carry the gospel around the world. Other people who put their book money in their pocket still have only two or three books (Matt: 25:25). God has given Brother Grant about one new book each month for ten years. He began to send them all over the United States and to many different nations. Now he has millions of faith books in print. They are handled by many churches, evangelists and many different publishing houses the world over. One educator read his book on Spiritual gifts and said, "Oh brother, you write in the layman's language." There are more laymen than there are theologians. The simplicity of these writings and the inspiration that goes with them caused people to be set free from fear, doubts, despondency, disease and sin. Testimonies flood the mail telling how people are healed of most all manner of diseases. Many Christians reconsecrate their lives. Faith for the Heathen A Baptist seminary saw what is taking place and gave Brother Grant an honorary D.D. degree. He says he finds no place to use it unless it is with the authorities going overseas. Many missionaries have read the Grant faith books and asked Brothel' Grant to come overseas. He has shipped these faith books by the teeming thousands overseas. Great revivals have followed as he went to the foreign countries. Many thousands of people have had their faith inspired and come to God. He is in Africa as you read these lines, working with the Faith Clinic training school there, and on his fourth missionary journey to that dark continent. One brother checked in Africa after literature had been distributed and found that each 14 cents spent there had won a soul. They were still saved. This evangelist may be counted ignorant and unlearned as were Peter and John, but those early evangelists turned the world upside down and filled Jerusalem with their doctrine. They have inspired millions with their writings. They did not write above people's head, but in language that everyone could understand. People took knowledge of them that they had been with Jesus.



Faith for the Holy Spirit The Faith Clinic crusade has now reached around the world. The sun never sets on these books. One man read the book "The Anointing of Power." He came to church, cut the cast off his leg, threw away his crutches and ran all over the church, healed. A backslider in Baltimore was reading one book. He suddenly was delivered from dope, whisky, and tobacco. He was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. A Presbyterian lady from Seattle wrote, "I have read your book through three times. My tongue has been going for three days and nights. I don't know how to stop it. I want to know how long it will be before I can talk in my own Ianzuage." Many denominational people have received the Holy (;host just after they read the book on the Holy Spirit Baptism. The Faith Clinic has started a correspondence course with many thousands of students over the United States. It has over a million books in it. About one thousand books have been sent out each day of the year for some time. Many people have been inspired to g-o into the ministry after receiving a diploma from the Faith Clinic. -Mrs. W. V. Grant VII FAITH FOR DELIVERANCE Neil F'risby was a conhrmed alcoholic and bound by dope. He was locked in the snake pit in an institution where people laughed like hyenas, roared like lions, and hissed like snakes. He read one of these faith books. lIe was delivered, saved, and filled with the Holy Ghost. Now he is holding city wide meetings, delivering others. I heard of one lady who was reading a book. Her faith grew so high that when her husband walked into the room, groalling and cramping, she threw the book and hit him ill the stomach with it. He was instantly healed, not with till' book, but with the faith that came by hearing! A lady was sick in her bed. As she read THE CHACE OF COD IN MY 1,1(0'1': he s was well. A man bought a hundred of this book to send to the children in the orphan home. 80

Faith Of False Cults One million people are learning to read each week. They believe anything they read overseas. One man walked fifty miles to read one book. The Communists have taken half the world by the printed page. The Jehovah Witnesses baptized 6,000 people one day in Africa after they put out their books. Christian Science people have captured the minds of many by their 'literature. 500 million books are being printed each year. Overseas the sidewalks are loaded with Communist literature teaching their religion. They put a third of what they make in teaching their doctrine. There is plenty of literature there from Africa, but it teaches romance, love, sex, murder and such like. It is reported that 17 tons of Communist literature was sent through one post office in California postage free for our people to read. They are brain washing the minds of till' masses. Hooks are more powerful than bombs. The pen is mightier that llH' sword. One newspaper can do as much damage as an army. '1'111' missionaries taught our people to read. The Communists have given them what to-read. We fight bombs with bombs. WI' must fight literature with literature, The false cults put their money into their message instead of fino buildings and high steeples. The Spiritualists have 700 book st(ln's ill America, but I don't know of one major city in the Ullikd :-;Iates that sells books on the Baptism of the Holy Ghost arrd deliverance. Faith To Publish Tho Faith Clinic has purchased a large center in Dallas. "Ve have plans 10 SPIl(l out the printed page all directions to the four winds of the earth. It is on our heart to have presses that will print more books than the Jehovah Witnesses. Brother (:1':1111. was the superintendent of a large printing company for five yeurs. lIe knows the work and equipment. He wants to "lIlarg-1' tho Faith Clinic tract ministry. He wants a book sion' ill Dallas that will be nation-wide. This book store will be on highway XO Oil the way to Fort Worth where about 100,000 people pass daily, and will handle books from all

Full Gospel writers. One press will print 33,000 books per hour night and day. THE VOICE OF DELIVERANCE GOES TO ONE MILLION EACH MONTH. It must be increased ten times. This literature work in prisons must be multiplied many times. Many people are praying for Jesus to hurry and come. Jesus is telling them to hurry and publish this gospel to all the world so He can (Mark 13:10). The Word was given and great was the company that PUBLISHED IT. (Ps. 68:11). His Word will not return to Him void. It will accomplish the purpose for which it was sent. (Isa. 5!):11). Our goal is to put book stores, printing presses, mobile book units, and workers in every place available. If you have any children they should be training- now to make plates and negatives for offset printing; also be experienced in running presses and folders. They should know how to meet the public and distribute these full gospel printed preachers. Pray about remembering this work in your will, instead of leaving what God has trusted you with for your unholy relatives to fuss over, or to the antichrist Faith Clinic If you nor your children have enlisted in the Faith Clinic training Course now is the time. All you need to do is to send your name and address. We will send you all our faith books. You can pay for one each week (fifty cents). If you do have the money one month send it the next. Send no money down. You will be given a beautiful diploma which you can frame and hang in your study. You will be ordained to a ministry of soul winning. Brother Grant will put you on his prayer list and pray for you each day until you receive a deliverance ministry. If you send one name each month of a new student the whole course is free. You will have a full knowledge of the Bible. It is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.





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I am going to send you 60 of my best faith books, on casting out devils, healing the sick, faith, Holy Ghost, prophecy, and almost every subject of the Bible. You will be on my prayer list every day until Jesus comes. I'll pray that .,ou will have a doublo portion ministry. I ..... nt you to be my partner and pray a for me. When you finish reading these books and filling out the test papers we will send you a diploma which you can frame and have on your wall. It will remind you that I am praying for you every day, that you are my partner in prayer. If you oro a minister you may receive a license to preach. There is no charge for the packing, bo)(ing, storage, shipping, postage, e xom papers, grading, secretary o)(penso, diplomas, or ordinoti cn papers. Your dues will be paid up for life. (Others charge $12.00 per year and up). You can pay for them $.50 per week or snnd in the name of one new student per month, either one you you choose. If you lend one name per month all the te)(tbooks are free. Dear TVD Staff: who I will send 50 cent wants this course. time each day. I'll be


Please send tho 60 W. V. Grant faith books. per week, or ono name por month, of someone Put me on your your partner. prayer Iht. Pray for me at

a certain

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I want a license to proach whon I finish the books. costs no money and my duos will bo paid for life. signature is fraud.)

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