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Teachers Day Celebration Report There is a saying great teachers aspire and true to this word, on the 16th

of May 2011, our school, SK Batu Bertangkup held a Teachers day Celebration commemorating the sacrifice made by the unsung heroes of the school, teachers and this also acknowledge lectures, trainers, mentors and others who dedicated their working lives to imparting knowledge and skills. The event was held at the schools hall where every teacher and students assemble to calebrate teachers, not just in SK Batu Bertangkup, but also all over the world for their diligence, sacrifice and hard work in making sure that students make it in the big world.

The event started at around 7.45 in the morning where the students and teachers sang the national anthem followed by the song of the state of Perlis. The atmosphere were quite momentous as everyone were elated and looked forward for the event, as it marks the day where teachers are given the opportunities to express themselves and make the day theirs. Students too, were excited as they know teachers day celebration is an even where they will see the other side of their teachers, and where they can mingle with their teachers outside the classroom atmosphere. After that, one of the students recited the duas where he acknowledge and ask God to make sure that teachers worldwide were given blessings and also for God to bless the event. After a while, the headmaster of the school, Mr. Rahalin gave a speech, a message from the Prime Minister of Malaysia himself, and celebrating teachers on this day. The content of the speech were moving and motivating as the prime minister address teachers as one of the people who pave the way for better education and future for the children of Malaysia. This is in line with the motto of this years teachers day which is teachers as the pioneers of the countrys educational transformation.

Perseverance of teachers is also mentioned in the speech; where we could see this quality inside teachers. They have perseverance, they never give up. No matter how difficult it is to teach their students, they will not give up. Never can a person teach and sacrifice their time just to make sure that their students understand what have been taught and it is amazing to witness these qualities inside teachers. Whenever students success, there are teachers behind them who fill happy for them without asking for anything. If ever someone fails, they are the one who gets worry and sympathy to the students.

After that, the headmaster was followed by a speech from the senior administrator of the school where he presented us with a speech from the Minister of Education. If the Prime

Minister focuses on giving teachers praises and also encouragements on their work, the Minister of Education were more on making sure teachers are aware of the responsibility they bear and what they mean to their students.

The Minister of Education also touches on how teachers can pioneer the way to transform the students from their current state into a better state through encouragements, being creative in their teaching and making sure that they are able to fulfil students needs in school. Apart from that, teachers are also encouraged to make sure that they too, have had their needs fulfilled so that they can work well and have less pressure when doing their responsibility as teachers.

This speech was followed by a speech from the head prefect of the school who gave a memorable and touching speech on thanking teachers and how teachers have changed his life. His speech evoke tears in some of the teachers who have taught him, and this is how teachers really made impact on students, by changing their lives and making them feel at home though they are far from their biological parents. After that, all the teachers of SK Batu Bertangkup stood up and sang the Teachers day song and they sang the song most spiritedly as a result from the speeches that motivated and celebrate all their sacrifices. And after that, they sang this years Teachers Day theme song and this time, even the students chipped in to sing the song with them. This was followed by a special song from some of the teachers who sang Let me be your candle where some of the teachers who sang this song really made everyone feel the sacrifice and the spirit that teachers have in teaching and educating students.

This was also followed by the headmaster, who was called to the stage, to present all the teachers in the school with a special present as a token of appreciation of their hard work and sacrifice. This was a memorable moment as some of the teachers show their antics and how shy they were of being acknowledged on this day.

Then came the moment everyone was waiting for, the presentation from the students and teachers honouring this day. The first presentation was from the pre-school students where they did a small play on teachers teaching in the classroom. It was a funny moment where they portrayed some of the teachers ways of teaching and talking in the small play. The presentation was given thumbs up and received a big applause from the audience.

After that, Afini Nabilah from 5M told a superb story on sacrifices of teachers followed by an enjoyable action song from the year 3 students. The students really made the action song came to life by wearing their costumes and their proficiency in singing English song though they are from a rural school really show that their teachers really have made them improve their language proficiency. This was followed by choral speaking presentations by year 4 students and then, a small skit from the year 6 students who will leave the school after their UPSR. The excitements were added yet by another story and this time, it is in Malay by Jauwadee from year 3.

The presentation of shows and skits ended with a small yet powerful prose reading by one of the schools administrator, Mr. Zaini who calebrate teachers and tell the world what actually motivates the teacher to teach, despite the burden they carry, the responsibility they shoulder and all the things they had to do that took their time, money and energy.

After that, there was a short break where the school canteen provides palatable and delicious food for the students and teachers.

Finally, the event were changed from the auspicious and more reserved one to a more interesting one at the school field, the teachers day games where teachers and students alike play games together and here is the only time where some of the teachers literally let their hair down. Students were excited to see the other side of their teachers and played well with the teachers. It was a memorable moment full of fun, excitement and joy.

At the end of the day, there were a small feast for the teachers and students again to refresh themselves after the game and then, everyone were at the school hall again to witness the exchange of gifts between teachers. There were so many presents and some were too big for some of its recipients to even carry! Before ending this report, the teachers day celebration at SK Batu Bertangkup really made all the teachers and students alike happy, it really did celebrate teachers and recharge their energy to continue teaching well. And I end this report with a short yet precise quote, "Teachers ultimately determine our collective ability to innovate, to invent, and to find solutions for tomorrow. Nothing will ever replace a good teacher. Nothing is more important than supporting them. (Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General).