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Protection and Investment-Linked Plan

Your protection and financial needs change over time as you move towards different life stages. Introducing A-Mas, a regular contribution investment-linked takaful (ILT) protection plan that provides a comprehensive takaful coverage through a range of optional benefits. It helps you manage the changes and uncertainty in every stage of your life. This plan will also assist you to accumulate your wealth effortlessly over a long-term period. In addition, it offers you the investment flexibility where you are allowed to choose the Shariah-compliant investment funds according to your own risk appetite.

What is Takaful?

Takaful is a mutual assistance scheme based on the principles of solidarity, brotherhood and cooperation. Each participant agrees to pay contribution on the basis of Tabarru‘ (donation) into a fund, namely Participant Risk Fund that will be used to assist each other in times of need. AIA AFG Takaful Bhd. as a Takaful Operator is entrusted to properly invest and manage this fund in accordance with the investment strategy that complies with Shariah principles.

What is A-Mas about?

A-Mas is a regular contribution ILT plan that provides a combination of takaful coverage and

investment. A range of optional benefits is available to be attached to the investment-linked takaful plan to further enhance the takaful coverage.

How this plan works?

The contribution paid for the plan will be allocated to the Participant Investment Fund after the deduction of Wakalah fee, which is the upfront fee deducted as a percentage of the contribution paid. The allocated contribution, upon deduction of Wakalah fee, will be used to purchase units in the fund(s) of your selection at offer price. The Tabarru‘ Charges will be deducted monthly from the Participant Investment Fund and dripped into the Participant Risk Fund. The Participant Risk Fund will be used for mutual aid and assistance based on the concept of Takaful. If the Participant Risk Fund is insufficient to pay for the takaful benefits, the Takaful Operator will make good of the insufficiency by providing a benevolent loan (Al-Qard Al-Hasan) and this amount will be paid to the Takaful Operator with no profit once the Participant Risk Fund becomes sufficient, before any distribution of underwriting surplus.


What are the covers / benefits provided?

This plan provides:

Death benefit

If the person covered dies before the maturity date and while the certificate is in force, the sum

covered plus the Account Value shall be payable. If the person covered is a child, the death benefit is payable according to the Juvenile Lien Percentage as illustrated in the table below:

Age last birthday

Payable as a percentage of the basic sum covered

Less than 1 year old


1-year old


2- year old


3- year old


4- year old or above


  • 2 A-Mas

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) benefit 1 If you suffer from total and permanent disability before age 60, you will receive a disability payment in one lump sum which is advanced from 100% of TPD sum covered or 10% of the TPD sum covered in each of the first two years, followed by the remaining 80% in the third year, depending on the nature of the disability.

Maturity benefit

If the certificate is in force and the person covered is then alive upon maturity date, the Account

Value shall be payable.

Two years Continuous Coverage

The certificate will continue in-force within the first 2 certificate years in the event the Account Value is insufficient to pay the Tabarru‘ Charges and Monthly Service Charge.

Note : Please refer to the takaful certificate for the full details of the benefit coverage.

Am I allowed to attach any riders to this plan? You have an option to further enhance your takaful protection by adding extra coverage 2 from our range of optional benefits below:

1) Waiver of Contribution Waive and pay the contributions of the certificate on behalf of participant in the event the person covered is diagnosed to be suffering from a specified critical illness or total permanent disability prior to age 60.

2) Critical Illness The sum covered of the critical illness benefit is payable in one lump sum upon diagnosis of a critical illness or actually undergoes a covered surgery for a critical illness to help you coping with the extra medical cost.

3) Personal Accident Coverage is provided for death or injuries resulting from an accident.

4) Hospitalization and Surgical Coverage is provided by assisting you in coping with medical expenses incurred in times of hospitalization.


What are the types of top-ups available?

There are 2 types of top-up flexibilities available:


• Top-up

Scheduled top-up

Types of Top-up

Minimum Amount


RM 500

Scheduled Top-up

RM 120 per annum in multiple of RM 12.

  • 1 For standard life with issue age up to 55 only

  • 2 These benefits are made available subject to additional contributions. Please also note that there are applicable exclusions and limitations for these benefits as specified in the takaful certificate.

Can I make any partial withdrawal from A-Mas?



Yes, partial withdrawal is available for A-Mas. Minimum withdrawal is RM 1,000 and the

remaining Account Value must be at least RM 1,000 after the withdrawal.

Am I allowed to switch my funds? Yes, to enjoy the advantages from choosing and changing investment strategies, you can switch funds as often as you like. We even provide unlimited switches 3 every certificate year without any charges. This enables you to explore investment opportunities whenever they occur, providing the opportunities to maximize your potential return.


Am I eligible to apply for A-Mas plan?

This plan is available to individuals between the ages of 4 weeks old to 65 years old; subject to the approval of our underwriters.


When does my takaful coverage start?

Your coverage starts from the date on which your completed and signed application is approved

by us and when we have received the appropriate contribution.

Reminder: Please read the sales literature which includes the product benefits and objectives of the investment-linked fund. It is important to select a fund or a combination of funds that suit your financial goals and risk profile.


What is the minimum annual contribution for this plan?

The minimum contribution for this plan is RM 1,200 per annum.

The Takaful Operator allocates a portion of the contribution to purchase units in the investment- linked fund that you have chosen. The unallocated portion will be used to pay the Wakalah Fee, which includes commissions to takaful agents and other expenses of the Takaful Operator.

You are advised to refer to the allocation rates given in the sales illustration.

What is the contribution paying duration for this plan?

The contributions are payable until the person covered attains age 99.

What is the payment mode available for the contribution payment?

The contribution payment mode is available in annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly.

How can I pay the contributions?

Contributions are payable in one of the following ways:

a) In cash or cheque. For payments in cheque, it is payable to “AIA AFG Takaful Bhd.” b) Credit Card

What is contribution holiday?

Contribution holiday is when you temporarily stop paying your contributions. This feature provides you with flexibility when facing financial difficulty. However Tabarru‘ Charges for basic certificate and riders will continue to be deducted from Participant Investment Fund, and there may be a possibility of lapsation when the required charges, including rider charges exceed the value of the investment-linked funds available units.

  • 3 Subject to Takaful Operator’s rules and regulation




Will I get the surplus sharing in this certificate?

You are entitled to a share of the underwriting surplus 4 (if any) on the Participant Risk Fund (PRF) resulting from the favorable claim experience at the end of each financial year of Takaful Operator. The underwriting surplus will be distributed to participants according to their Tabarru‘ Charges contribution, provided no claim has incurred under the certificate. The underwriting surplus, if any, from the PRF will be shared between the Takaful Operator and you in the ratio of


The Takaful Operator will manage and invest all the funds in accordance with the Shariah principles.


What are the fees and charges that I have to pay?

  • i) Wakalah Fee is deducted upfront as a percentage of contribution while the remaining contribution will be channeled into the Participant Investment Fund. The table below shows the Wakalah Fee and allocated contribution in accordance to the percentage (%) of contribution.

Certificate Year

Wakalah Fee













7 onwards


ii) The Tabarru‘ Charges which will vary with your age, smoking status, health condition and the amount of benefit you have chosen, will be deducted monthly from Participant Investment Fund, where it will be used for mutual aid and assistance, based on the concept of Takaful. The Tabarru‘ Charges will increase as you grow older.

The Tabarru‘ Charges are not guaranteed and we reserve the right to revise or adjust it at the time of renewal by giving you a 90 days notice in writing by ordinary post to your last known address in our record. The revised or adjusted Tabarru‘ Charges will be applicable from the next renewal of the certificate.

iii) A Monthly Service Charge (MSC) will be deducted monthly from Participant Investment Fund. A MSC of RM5 will be charged for annually, semi-annually and quarterly payment mode and RM 6 for monthly mode.

iv) Annual Fund Management Charge will be charged as a percentage of the net asset value. Current rate can be obtained from the Takaful Operator. The maximum annual fund management for equity type and Islamic income/sukuk type of funds are 1.5% p.a. and 1% p.a. respectively.

  • v) A Top Up charge of 5% of the Scheduled Top Up and Top Up contribution will be deducted up- front if you select this option. The allocated contribution, upon deduction of Top Up charge, will be used to purchase unit at offer price.

  • 4 Surplus arising from the Participant Risk Fund after deducting claims payable, reserves and taxes, if any.


How do I determine my Account Value?



Your Account Value is determined by a simple multiplication of the number of units of each individual fund by its respective current bid price.

How can I maximize my Account Value?

You may utilize the top-up (Top-up or Scheduled Top-up) as a means to maximize the Account

Value of your certificate as 95% of top-up amount will be allocated towards purchasing units.


How do I determine the type of fund for my investment portfolio?

You must be aware of your personal risk tolerance when choosing your investment portfolio. According to the risk-return tradeoff, potential return rises with an increase in risk. Low levels of uncertainty (low risk) are associated with low potential returns, whereas high levels of uncertainty (high risk) are associated with high potential returns. You should always remember that unit prices can go up as well as down and the investment returns from those funds are never guaranteed.

The list of available funds and its objective are as enclosed.

Risk Return Trade-Off

Equity Type Balanced Type Islamic Income/Sukuk Type Low Moderate High POTENTIAL RETURN
Equity Type
Balanced Type
Islamic Income/Sukuk Type


Please refer to your sales illustration or takaful certificate for the type of funds which you have selected.


How does the Takaful Operator determine the bid/offer price?

The offer price is determined based on the Net Asset Value (NAV). The NAV per unit of Fund

is determined by dividing the Fund’s assets less its liabilities by the number of units in issue. Currently the offer price is equivalent to bid price. The calculation of bid/offer price will be rounded down to 3 decimal places.

Are my transactions based on forward pricing or historical pricing?

All transactions will be based on forward pricing whereby any request received by the Takaful Operator at or before 3pm. The bid/offer price would be based on the unit price per unit at the



end of the business day. Any request received after this cut-off time would be considered as being transacted the next business day and would be subject to the next business day’s pricing. The unit price is determined daily at the end of each business day. Under certain circumstances the Takaful Operator may not be able to determine the unit price on a given day and all transactions will be processed using the next available unit price. Please refer to the takaful certificate for further details.


What are some of the key terms and conditions that I should be aware of?

Important disclosure- you must disclose all material facts such as medical condition, and state

your age correctly. Free-look period- you have the right to cancel the certificate by returning the certificate

and giving a written notice to us and obtain a refund of the Account Value together with the Wakalah Fee, Tabarru‘ Charges and Monthly Service Charge that have been deducted less any expenses which may have been incurred for any medical examination. Such notice must be signed by you and received directly by us within 15 days after you receive the certificate. Account Value- the Account Value of the ILT depends on the performance of the investment-

linked funds selected. The higher the level of takaful coverage selected, the more units will be absorbed to pay the Tabarru‘ charges and the fewer units will remain to accumulate Account Value under your certificate. Certificate lapse- the ILT certificate will lapse when the value of investment units is insufficient

to pay for the Tabarru‘ and other charges. Grace period- you are given a grace period of 31 days from due date for payment of each subsequent contribution. If contribution remains unpaid at the end of this grace period, the certificate may lapse, subject to the Account Value of the certificate.

Note: This list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to the takaful certificate for the terms and conditions under this certificate


What are the major exclusions for A-Mas?

This plan shall not cover:

  • i) Death caused by suicide within 1 year from the issue date or commencement date, whichever is later. ii) Any disability resulting from: • Attempted self-destruction or self-inflicted injuries while sane or insane. • Service in any armed forces or public order restoration. • Activities connected to any aerial device or conveyance except as a passenger on a commercial airline on an established passenger route. • Any congenital defect which has manifested or was diagnosed before the person covered attains seventeen (17) years of age. • Pre-existing disability resulting from a physical or mental condition.

This list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to the takaful certificate for the full list of exclusions under this certificate.


Can the Takaful Operator cancel my certificate?


Can I cancel/surrender my certificate?

Participating in a regular contribution ILT is a long-term financial commitment. It is not advisable to hold this certificate for a short period of time in view of the high initial costs. If you find that the



fund that you have chosen is no longer appropriate, you have the flexibility to switch fund without any charges.


How do I make a claim?

You need to complete the relevant claims forms which you can obtain from your AIA AFG takaful

agent or contact our customer service hotline at 1 300 88 6670.

What other documentation is required to be submitted together with the claim?

In addition to the relevant claims forms, we require additional medical reports (as listed at the back of the claims form) to support the claim.

When do I have to notify the Takaful Operator of a claim? In the event of a claim, it is advisable that you notify us immediately + .


The notification period varies in accordance with the types of claims made. Please refer to the takaful certificate.


Can I reinstate my certificate after it has lapsed?

Yes, you may reinstate your certificate subject to the Takaful Operator’s terms and conditions. You may be required to provide health evidence to prove your eligibility for takaful coverage at the time of reinstatement.


Is the contribution paid for this certificate eligible for income tax relief?

This certificate may qualify you for personal tax relief subject to the final decision of the Inland

Revenue Board.


What do I need to do if there are any changes in contact details?

It is important that you inform us of any change in your contact details to ensure that all

correspondences reach you in a timely manner.

Where can I get further information?

About A-Mas

Should you require additional information about A-Mas or any other AIA AFG’s takaful plans or

riders, you can contact your AIA AFG takaful agent or our customer service hotline at 1 300 88


About Investment-linked Takaful

Should you require additional information about investment-linked takaful, please refer to the insurance info booklet on “Investment-linked Takaful”. You can obtain a copy from our takaful agent or visit www.insuranceinfo.com.my.


1. This brochure provides a summary of the main features of this product. It does not constitute a takaful certificate. Please refer to the takaful certificate for more details or exact terms and conditions. 2. In the event of non-payment of your contribution, your certificate will remain in force, as long as your Account Value is sufficient to cover the relevant certificate charges. If any contribution remains unpaid after the Account Value becomes insufficient to cover the relevant certificate charges, your certificate shall lapse.



  • 3. This takaful plan will not provide benefit amount from Participant Risk Fund upon termination, maturity or expiry of the certificate.

  • 4. You should satisfy yourself that the plan will best serve your need and you can afford the contribution payable under this certificate.

  • 5. The benefits of the investment fund will be based on the actual performance of the fund and it is not guaranteed.

  • 6. The investment risk of the investment fund will be borne solely by the certificate owner and the benefits may be less than the total contributions contributed to investment fund.

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