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ENTREPRENEUR MANAGEMENT 11 Your friend wants to be a successful entrepreneur, what tips would you give him?

What are the different types on entrepreneurs? 11 Working Capital Cycle starts with cash & ends with cash. Comment by giving suitable examples. 11 Creativity is the primary motivation in entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur looks from different points of view: e.g. Ball Point Pen; Mobile; Stapler; Handkerchief OR 10 What is creativity? How can 1 nurse & promote it effectively in entrepreneurial organizations so as to optimize results? 11 Your father has been running a petrol pump for the past 15 years in a traditional manner. You have now inherited the petrol pump, what strategies would you apply to improve the business? 11 Write short notes on any 2 11/10/9/8 Venture capitalist 11 Working Capital Management 11 Business Plan 11 People Management 10/9/8 Social Entrepreneurship 10 Support Organizations 10/9/8 Entrepreneur & Managers similarities & differences 9/8 SIDBI 9 Business Process Outsourcing-BPO 8 Franchising 11 A Director of a company wishes to introduce intrapreneurship in his organization; what are the strategic action plans that he could introduce? 11 An entrepreneurs business plan is ready. He is going to present it to his bankers, major suppliers & potential; franchisees, what will be his approach to each of them? 11/9/8 Why is there a gender bias with women entrepreneurs in India? OR 10 Gender bias is the largest single stumbling block that hinders the progress of women entrepreneurs. Elaborate with the help of suitable theoretical insights & practical examples. Also outline a strategy to deal effectively with gender bias. 10 Furnish at least 5 definitions of an entrepreneur, as given by well known authorities on the subject. Which 1 of these do you prefer & why? 10 Imagine that you a professor of entrepreneurship management and that you have to address MBA students on The importance of entrepreneurship. How will you go about this task? 10 Entrepreneurs are born & not made. Do you agree? Give reasons in support of your contention. 10 Visualize that you have already prepared a business plan for a start up in the services sector. One of your immediate tasks is to present it bankers so as to obtain financial

assistance. Which aspects of your business plan would you like to stress & convince your bankers? How will you do it? 10 What is meant by franchising? Why is it said to be a gift of the 20th Century to the world of business? Also discuss the merits & demerits of franchising as a quick start route of business. 9 What, according to you, are the critical attributes of a successful entrepreneur? Answer this with special reference to any 1 entrepreneur of your choice. 9 Intrapreneuring lies at the heart of a learning organization. Do you agree? Furnish a road map for nurturing greater intrapreneurial initiatives in a modern business organization. 9 Social Entrepreneurship is the need of the hour. Bring out the significance of this statement and also put forward an integrated action plan for stepping up social entrepreneurship in the country. 9/8 A business plan is an internally consistent strategic document designed to achieve the organizational objective. Discuss this statement and also prepare a set of possible reasons for business failures. OR 8 What is a business plan? What are its various chapter-wise components? Why do some business plan fail? 9/8 Outline & discuss the socio-cultural, legal, economic, political & technological factors which can make or mar the entrepreneurial climate in a country. Discuss this with special reference to the contemporary Indian environment. 9 What are various quick-start routes to entrepreneurship? Discuss their relative merits & demerits. 8 What, according to you, is the essential Indian style of entrepreneurship? Give suitable illustrations backed by appropriate theoretical insights. 8 Examine the contribution made by Joseph Schumpeter & its impact on the technical literature on the subject. 8 What role do support play in nurturing effective entrepreneurship in the country? Indicate a plan of action for further strengthening their performance.