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Since February 3rd 2009, .tel domains are available to the general public on a f irst-come, first-served basis.

We believe, as do many in the technology industry and the media, that the .tel i s perhaps the biggest innovation since the launch of .com. As with .com, where t hose that understood the potential early saw a great return on investment, we al so believe that purchasing .tel domains in the first weeks of availability will offer as great an investment opportunity. The simple reason is that, as .com was innovative in pioneering the ease of access to new web content globally, provid ing a real 'first' for the internet, .tel is as unique a top level domain in dri ving communications and contact information to all devices on the internet. How is .tel different? A .tel domain allows the owner to create a personalized or branded online presen ce without needing to build a website or pay for monthly hosting and management. All other top level domains require further investment and the development of w eb pages or email accounts, whereas .tel does not. All existing top level domain s are concerned with locating and hosting websites, while the .tel is not. Rather than being stored in web pages, making them difficult or expensive to acc ess over mobile devices, the .tel allows businesses and individuals to store an unlimited number and all types of contact information directly in the Domain Nam e System (DNS) as data records. Why is storing data in the DNS important? Using the DNS as a data store enables individuals and businesses to utilize this powerful system to publish information globally, securely, quickly and easily. Because no websites need to be created, much less time is required in order to p ublish information. The data is delivered as live information rather than web pa ge content and is formatted appropriately for any device accessing the .tel doma in. The .tel domain will have huge implications in terms of speed, global reach, rea l-time updating, improved control and the optimization of content for mobile dev ices. What are the key benefits for businesses? * Integration of all means of communication in a single place under their brand * An entry into the next-generation yellowpages with instant worldwide exposure * A very efficient and cost effective mobile presence * Increased search engine discoverability * all without the need to build, host or manage a website. What are the key benefits for individuals? * Control over all the ways people reach them in a single place that is theirs f orever * Protection of their private data * Always current information with real-time updates * Reachable in a single click * all without the need to build, host or manage a website. How can .tel domains be monetized? Because the .tel owner cannot host their own website under their domain, there i s a temptation to believe that monetization of .tel will not be possible. Quite the contrary is true. The .tel adds a huge number of 'click to purchase' monetiz ation opportunities, especially targeted to mobile cellular devices, that shrewd investors should appreciate. The following may provide a few ideas: 1. Incorporate Premium Numbers for Voting and Betting Services A business can us e their .tel to easily set up, integrate and manage time-sensitive tasks such as SMS voting for a favorite TV reality show (i.e. American Idol) with one-click f unctionality. Viewers could use the choices under the .tel to vote for their fav orite celebrity.

2. Vanity Name Numbers A .tel domain can follow the same model as vanity name nu mbers. For example, 1800-Flowers.tel, 1800Lawyers.tel, 1900VoteNow.tel, each acq uiring customer from the mobile space with easy-to-remember domain names. 3. Reference Companies under Generic Names A business can use the .tel to refere nce industry specific services. For example: Hotels.tel, Plumbers.tel, Insurance .tel, Locksmiths.tel, etc. Each .tel domain could easily have multiple sub-domai ns for navigation to local providers or specialists. 4. Drive Traffic from Mobile Devices to E-Commerce Storefronts A business can us e the .tel to offer storefront services and collect micro-payments for downloads , products or services. For example: a celebrity fan club site can provide news, chats, or downloadable mobile content such as MP3s or ringtones. 5. Increase Search Engine Optimization A .tel plays a fundamentally different ro le than a traditional domain (.com,.net ) and has very specific and unique content , and is published in a different format and medium (DNS instead of Web). Theref ore, Google and other search engines will want to index .tel content in addition to .com content. The .tel data is also fully structured, making it easily reada ble and understandable by search engine crawlers, as opposed to standard web pag e content that needs advanced parsing algorithms that often misunderstand the co ntent. The .tel will reveal itself as an important SEO/SEM tool. 6. Publish a Global Yellowpage Directory Listing at a Reduced Cost Companies spe nd thousands of dollars advertising in online directory service solutions that a re highly fragmented. The entries are expensive, restrictive in what kind of con tact information may be published and do not allow live updating. Most important ly, the listing is typically local, not global. By contrast, the .tel provides a global online directory that provides a company with instant worldwide exposure . It integrates all means of communication in a single place that remain under t he company's control. It allows unlimited updating and management of the contact information and keywords in real-time, and it increases search engine visibilit y and discoverability all without the need to build a website and all for only t he cost of a domain name. This is especially meaningful for small and medium siz ed businesses who want an online presence or a directory listing at a low cost. What .tel domain names will offer the best investment prospects? From February 3rd 2009, all domain names will be offered on a first-come, firstserved basis for a 3-year term at a fixed price. No domain names are being held back for auctions (as was the case with .mobi, .me and .asia). Therefore, there will only be a short window to take advantage of the great opportunity to regist er valuable domain names that were not already registered by trademark owners. Hans-Peter Oswald http://www.domainregistry.de/tel-domain.html