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Walt Disney Company: The Entertainment King

Strategy PGDM-IB (2011-13), 3rd Trimester

Q1. Q2. Q3. Q4. Update the case to 2012 in terms of the exhibits (1, 2 & 3), acquisition by WDC and attempts by other companies to acquire WDC What are WDC`s competitively valuable resources? Why? Explain your rationale What are WDC`s core competencies? Why? Explain your strategic rationale Why has WDC been successful overall during its almost 100 years of history? Identify the strategic inflection points and other milestones. Explain the strategic rationale for WDC`s actions and responses Explain how WDC`s resources add value to WDC`s SBUs? Using the tetrathread framework explain WDC`s responses to imitation, substitution, holdup & slack Comment on WDC`s vertical scope & geographical scope. Explain WDC`s rationale & whether you agree with it Using Ansoff`s matrix comment on extent of WDC`s diversification. Has WDC diversified too far in recent years? What are the current and emerging challenges for WDC? Outline your strategic recommendations for WDC today & explain your strategic rationale


Q6. Q7. Q8.