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Yek I'd keep the Intelliverb. What it does it does better than the Xpression.

Th at said the Xpression/Multivalve/Replifex does some cool things with modulation. The modulation section is separate from the delay line. You feed the delay and reverb line through the mixer and the sends from the modulations. Since you can have two chorus/flanger clocks going you can have separately modulated delay lin es by feeding each delay line from a different modulation clock. This also gives you a phased shifted delay if you want. It doesn't tell you how to do this in t he manual but the deal is that you set the modulation that you want and then tur n the volume all the way down. Then set each voice to the send that you want and then the delay/reverb input to those. The modulation is still being fed by your input but it's only being routed to the delay/reverb section. It's vera-kuhl. Still the reverb/pitch/multivoice and delays in general are better in the Intell iverb which is why I use that too. Actually you can do modulation delays with the Xpression. You can modulate eithe r of the delay lines by feeding it from one of the modulation, chorus/flanger/ph aser by changing the delay input to "source" instead of "direct". To only have m odulated delay, turn the modulation on but have it's output turned all the say d own. This keeps it active and routes it only to the delay. It's very cool. I can say that you don't need to get the Xpression. The Replifex takes a midi ta p tempo. It's CC #15. Dispite the longer preset changes I'd get the MPX1 over th e MPX550. I'd also say that unless you have a roadie to move your gear, get a se cond smaller rack for the power amp to break up the rig. A 10 space shock rack i s nearly impossible for one person who isn't a pro powerlifter to easily move ab out - like up stairs or into a truck/trunk. The bulk and weight is stupid. Maybe a VHT 2/50 power amp would be a good match for your pre and the sound you want to go for. I'm not a fan of noise suppression units at all. If you have that muc h of a noise problem then the issue is your gear and how it is put together. Guy s like to have the rig dead silent in a quiet room with max gain at stage volume . It's not gonna happen. There will be some noise. The issue is not "is the rig dead quiet at that volume" but in a live situation can you hear the noise over t he background? Proper wireing, grounding and things like quiet tubes and not any more gain than you really need will make any good rig very quiet.

but: i haven't found a way to work the replifex like a stompbox via midi cc# . it recognizes the messages but not when changing programs on my all access. i have posted this issue some weeks ago. i have contacted rocktron and they said that it could e a midi message overf low as the midi buffer of the relifex is really small...but they weren't sure. so actually not an ideal solution imo. that's why i will use a RL8 (on order ) for the channel switching. max-michael

They have an update to v1.09 tha

In addition to this, you can in the MIXER setup (again on a per-preset basis) co ntrol whether the phaser, chorus, flanger and reverb circuits are run in paralle l (by setting them all to 0 = all direct) or if they are fed by the previous cir cuit (100 = all wet), or a little bit of both. The delay circuit has its own con trol for direct/wet setup. This only controls the parallel/serial configuration of the effects inside the Replifex.