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MF626 M02 Auto Tool Upgrade Instructions Important Notes

The update for your MF626 unblocks ports that were previously blocked. This enables certain database and gaming applications This is suitable for all users The upgrade tool is only suitable for use with Windows XP (SP2 & SP3) and Windows 2000 (SP4). Even if the compatibility requirements mentioned are fulfilled, some computers can not be used. Not all brands have been tested ZTE take no responsibility for loss or damage if customers are unable to operate the software upgrade tool, for failure of the handset or failure of the computer, loss of data or revenue Download the MF626 Upgrade Tool from the ZTE website and save it on your computer Extract the zip file to a new directory eg C:/Downloads. Make sure you extract the file and dont simply run it from the zip. This wont work When you have downloaded, saved and extracted the file you are ready to proceed with the upgrade Please follow the instructions carefully as failure to do so could result in damage to your modem.

It is very important that you

Remove the SIM card Do not start any applications or plug in any other USB device during the upgrade Do not remove the device until you see the Success message displayed on the upgrade tool.

MF626 M02 Auto Tool Upgrade Instructions

1. Make sure the MF626 software is fully installed and operational 2. You need to be logged on as the Administrator to perform the upgrade 3. Disconnect the MF626 from your computer and remove the SIM card 4. Replace the MF626 into your computer 5. Close the Turbo Card Manager software 6. Close all other applications 7. Double click the MF626 Telstra Series 7 Update Tool080922.exe file 8. The Update Tool will automatically search the COM ports for your device 9. Make sure Current Version shows your modem is detected 10. Press Download to start. The download will be completed in about 10 mins. 11. When the download is complete and you see the Success message remove the USB modem from your PC. 12. To complete the upgrade you need to uninstall the previous Telstra Turbo Card Manager from your PC. (Start > Programs > Telstra Turbo Connection Manager > Uninstall, follow the prompts to Remove the software) 13. Replace the SIM card and reinsert your upgraded device into your PC 14. Follow the original installation steps (see your User Guide) to complete the installation of the new Turbo Connection Manager

Do not remove your device until the upgrade is complete and you see the Success message Do not insert any other USB devices during the upgrade process Do not start any other applications during the upgrade process