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By Richard B. W. Ing, D.Min., J.D., M.Ph, B.S.

LIGHT OF THE WORLD MISSIONS 1316 Kaumualii Street, 2nd Floor Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 Phone: (808) 845-4162 FAX: (808) 845-4163 e-mail: FOREWORD Until Jesus comes back, there will never be peace on earth and mankind will never be able to fully solve the problems that beset us today - greed, pride, crime, broken marriages, drug addiction, homosexuality, sicknesses, etc., - until we realize that the root of most of our problems is demonic. As the apostle Paul said in Ephesians 6:12, For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Spirits of hatred, jealousy, greed for money and power, poverty, murder, violence, witchcraft, hopelessness, and anger run rampant and control large areas of the world. Until we begin to war against them and take back the kingdoms for God, Jesus will not come back. The Bible says that He will sit and reign at the right hand of the Father in heaven until all His enemies are made His footstool. I Co. 15:24-26; Ac. 2:34-35; Heb. 10:12, 13. As Watchman Nee said, saving souls is important, but the greatest glory and responsibility of the Church is to defeat the demonic kingdom so Jesus can come back and usher in the millennium age. (Book - Spirit of Revelation and Knowledge) It is for this very reason that SPIRITUAL WARFARE MANUAL was written. We ask that you share this Manual with as many Christians as you can. You may reproduce it as many times as you desire so long as it is not for monetary profit. Begin to war against Satans kingdom and take back spiritual control of your city for God. Then, we will experience the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen and Jesus can come back! God bless all of you! Love in Christ,

Richard B. W. Ing, D.Min., J.D., Ph.M., B.S.

SATAN'S KINGDOM EXPOSED FOUR STAGES: I. God revealed Satan's kingdom in four stages. II. FIRST STAGE: Old Testament showed just a small part of Satan's kingdom - a SINGLE DEMON here and there. Perhaps mankind was not ready to know about the extent of Satan's kingdom until later, when the saints had the power to cast out devils. A. Gen. 3 (ONE SERPENT). (Most Bible scholars believe that the serpent was Satan himself, who is called the tempter, old dragon, serpent); Job 1 and 2 (SATAN HIMSELF); I Sa. 16:14, 23 (SINGLE TORMENTING SPIRIT from God sent to torment Saul); I Ki. 22:22 (a lying spirit). ALL SINGLE SPIRITS. No indication of hordes or a kingdom of darkness. B. We will find out later that the O. T. is a WAR MANUAL. For instance, JOB 41 talks about leviathan, the king of the children of pride. IS. 47 talks about Jezebel or Babylon the Great. These spirits exist today and those chapters describe them and how to fight them. III. SECOND STAGE. In the New Testament, Jesus immediately EXPOSED the SATANIC KINGDOM. A. Up to that time, God's people were not known to cast out devils. It was time to expose the demonic kingdom. B. JESUS CAST OUT MANY DEMONS to heal people. He immediately revealed that not only were there many spirits, they were the cause of mental and physical illnesses, torments, problems. He taught his disciples that demons are to be cast out. Mt. 4:24 (healed those possessed of devils); 8:16 (many possessed with devils); 8:28 (Gadarean man); 9:33 (dumb spirit); 12:22 (blind and dumb); 15:22 (daughter with a devil); Lk. 4:33-36 (man in synagogue with unclean spirit); 6:18 (unclean spirits); 7:21 (cured many of evil spirits); 8:2 (certain women, including Mary Magdalene); 10:17-20 (70 disciples); 11:14 (dumb spirit); Mk. 1:23 (man with unclean spirit); 3:11 (healed many of unclean spirits); 5:13 (Gadarean man); 7:26 (out of daughter of Greek woman). Etc. Satan is real. Not just a story, or to help us conceptualize good and evil. He is a person. C. Casting out devils was ONE-THIRD OF JESUS' MINISTRY. D. Jesus showed that the REAL ENEMY of mankind is Satan and his evil servants. I Jn. 3:8. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. E. JESUS TAUGHT his disciples and us how to defeat Satan's demons. First the 12 and then the 70. Mt. 10:1 (the 12); 10:8; Mk. 6:7; Lk. 10:17 (the 70). It wasn't for just his disciples. It

was for all saints. Mk. 16:17. F. Jesus made it clear that ALL BELIEVERS should cast out devils. Lk. 10:19 (I give you all power.... exousia. Exousia means the power of the potentate or ruler; while dunamis refers to ordinary spirit power.); Mk. 16:17 (all them that believe). It is a sign of your belief in Jesus. Nothing in the Bible says that it does not exist anymore, only our traditions deny our power. G. Jesus not only instructed his disciples on how to cast out devils, he defeated Satan and his PRINCIPALITIES on the cross. The victory has been assured. Col. 2:15 (...having spoiled principalities....); Rev. 1:18 (...have the keys of hell and of death....). D. Jesus gave his disciples and us THE POWER to cast out devils and to EVENTUALLY DEFEAT THE SATANIC KINGDOM. Mt. 16:19; 18:18 (whatsoever you bind on earth....); Mt. 12:29 (...how can one enter in to a strongman's house, and spoil his goods....) E. All Christians are CALLED to cast out devils. Mk. 16:17. It is our responsibility and duty. CHARACTERISTICS OF DEMONS F. Out of the Gadarean episode (Mk. 5), we learn that: 1. Evil spirits will cause a person to live in grotesque and evil places tombs, cemeteries, slums and alleyways. 2. They are UNCLEAN, FOUL. Some smell terrible. 3. They love to have humans torture and HURT THEMSELVES. 4. Multitudes, LEGIONS can inhabit one person. 5. Devil are INTELLIGENT, can communicate, reason, can cause illnesses, both mental and physical, CAN GIVE EXTRAORDINARY STRENGTH. 6. They have NAMES. 7. Desire to be in any FLESH. Better then no flesh. 8. They are afraid of being sent out of the COUNTRY (principality) because they will be torn by other demons in areas that they were not assigned to by Satan. Must pride and jealousy among demons. 9. They KNOW THE WORD OF GOD; they knew Jesus was the Son of God and called him the son of the most high God, even before Jesus disciples knew. 10. They are SUBJECT TO JESUS.

11. They COULD NOT STOP a human from running to Jesus. When he saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshiped him. Even a possessed person can reason. Another interpretation is that the demons in the man wanted to pretend that they worshipped Jesus so that He would leave them alone. 12. Demons CAN SEE CHRIST IN THE SPIRIT REALM. 13. Argued with Jesus even after Jesus commanded them to come out. Will stall for time, try to outtalk and deceive. IV. THIRD STAGE. The APOSTLES continued the battle. They exposed the satanic kingdom even more. They showed that Satan's kingdom is very well organized. A. For we wrestle not.... EPH. 6:12. His kingdom is organized into PRINCIPALITIES, POWERS, MIGHTS AND DOMINIONS. Also, Col. 1:16. B. The Apostles continued to cast out devils. Ac. 19:13 (sons of Sceva); 5:16 (healed every one); 8:7 (Philip). C. Historical records show that the ANABAPTISTS in the mountains continued to cast out devils in the year 275 A.D. Iraeneus Apology to the Roman Senate. V. FOURTH STAGE. Fifty years after Jesus ascended, John wrote the Book of Revelation. It is the revelation of Jesus Christ. We are living in the Book of Revelation right now. The Book of Revelation reveals SATAN'S ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE. He intends to kill all Christians, destroy all churches (abomination of desolation) and rule the entire world. Rev. 13:7; 12:9; 17, 18. A. The end times will bring about the greatest battle between God's people and Satan's demonic army. It is inevitable because the Bible says so. B. It will separate the sheep from the goats. Satan's beast will rule the earth for a short time. C. But God is RAISING UP HIS ARMY to defeat Satan and his evil demons. The saints will prevail in the end. Da. 7:14; 7:27; 12:1. D. Mt. 13:24-43. Parable about the WHEAT AND THE TARES. Verse 30 says that the tares and wheat will grow into maturity together. As evil is growing in the world, so are God's people. E. Gods end time army will sweep the earth, ENGAGE THE FORCES OF EVIL AND DEFEAT THEM. Joel 2; Is. 13; Rev. 12; 19; Jer. 50; Jer. 51; Zep. 31:3; Is. 37:32. F. Satan will be defeated. Rev. 19, 20. But he will destroy many saints before then. 2 Th. 2:3; Rev. 13:15.

OUR RESPONSIBILITY VI. It is the DUTY AND RESPONSIBILITY of the saints of God to overthrow the Satanic kingdom and restore the kingdom of God on earth. A. Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father and will reign there until all of His enemies are put under His feet. We are the feet of Him. I Co. 15:24-26; Ac. 34-35; Mt. 22:44; Mk. 12:36; Lk. 20:42; Ac. 2:34; Heb. 10:12-13. B. When Jesus returns to earth, He will return in victory with His armies. Rev. 19:14. One will be an army of angels; the other will be men and women redeemed from the earth and made virgins unto God. Rev. 14:1-5. VII. WATCHMAN NEE. The highest duty of the church of Christ is to defeat the Satanic kingdom so Jesus can come back and usher in the millennium age. Book - Spirit of Revelation and Knowledge. A. Evangelism is necessary and good, but spiritual warfare is essential to the RETURN OF JESUS. B. Any time we do something like healing, winning souls, we are STRIKING OUT at the Satanic kingdom. VIII. God is using DIVINE HEALING AND DELIVERANCE to set many heathen free and to bring many to Jesus in these end times. Satan knows that his time is short. Spiritual warfare is being used all over the world to bring about revival. A. C. PETER WAGNER. Warfare Prayers. Says that notwithstanding Reinhardt Bonnke and Billy Graham, Carlos ANACONDIA of Argentina may well prove to be the most effective evangelist of all time. He holds crusades by casting out devils. CINDY JACOBS and her Generals of Intercession go from city to city to bind up the strongman and bring deliverance to cities and nations. B. The Church needs to conduct spiritual warfare against Satans kingdom in order to bring about revival/harvest.

TYPES AND CLASSES OF DEMONS TWO MAJOR GROUPS OF DEMONS: I. There are two major groups: EARTHBOUND devils and STRONGMEN that rule from the mid-heavens. II. EARTHBOUND SPIRITS. Earthbound demons roam around and ENTER into humans if they have a right to do so. There are MULTITUDES. Cannot fly, but can run around very rapidly. They range from a FEW INCHES TALL TO 8 FEET in height. They often SMELL BAD (foul) and love to wear STRIPPED CLOTHING and crazy hats. Some appear as dark shadows, some human-like, some animal-like, some half man, half animal (half-goat, half-man, etc.). Many sizes and shapes. A. LEGENDS AND MYTHS of ancient civilizations are often no more than demons counterfeiting gods and goddesses. They love to be worshiped. The Chinese dragon is none other than Satan. Shinto - snake. Greek, Egyptian - Faun, Pan, Seth, etc. III. IN THE MID-HEAVENS. The second group rule from the mid-heavens. They are the RULERS or PRINCES and are more powerful. They can fly, but choose to stay in the midheavens. Eph. 6:12. Often referred to as STRONGMEN, to the spirits on earth under their command, and they love to give orders. They are attached to earth bound spirits through cords that give power. A. Earthbound spirits fear and hate the ruler spirits, but will obey. The larger demons are STRONGER than the smaller ones, and rule with an iron hand. B. Satan's kingdom is ruled through PRIDE AND FEAR, much like the heathen world. But, all demons are united in their hatred for mankind and especially the saints of God. IV. Our angels are bigger and more powerful. V. DISEMBODIED SPIRITS. The third class of spirits are not demons, but are also found on the earth. Called disembodied spirits. They are NOT REALLY DEMONS, but many are just as evil and some are just pathetic and tormented. The problem is, they cause problems for humans, haunt places and try to inhabit the bodies of humans. Every PRIMITIVE SOCIETY knows about ghosts. A. Their presence sometimes causes illness and weakness because the human body cannot take it. B. They cause strange feelings and thoughts in persons they inhabit. C. Some are not evil, such as babies that have been aborted, but they cause physical and emotional problems nevertheless. They are unable to leave earth immediately because of circumstances or the machinations of the Spirit of Hades. More later.

VI. PRINCIPALITIES, POWERS, MIGHTS AND DOMINIONS. Satan's kingdom is divided into major divisions called principalities, over which a strongman rules. The strongman is also called RULER OR PRINCE. Eph. 6:12; Col. 2:15. VII. RULING SPIRITS. Satan places a ruler spirit over every MAJOR AREA, city, town, village, neighborhood, church, family, and person. He has a plan for each one of us, to bring us down. A. Some boundaries are very clear. PARAGUAY STORY. Where a woman refused to accept a Christian track on one side of the street and readily took it on the other side. On the second side, there was a church that bound up the spirit that ruled over that area. B. Demons from one area are hated by demons in another area. They will not CROSS LINES. They will punish demons who trespass. They begged Jesus not to send them out of the country. Mk. 5:10. C. Satan's kingdom is ruled by hate, fear, power, pride, control, jealousy. There is no love in Satan's kingdom. But they are UNITED in their hatred for mankind. VIII. NEST OF SPIRITS. Ruling spirits never stand by themselves. They always have multitudes of lesser spirits doing their every bidding. They LOVE TO RULE and give orders. A. Satan's organizational chart looks like a series of PYRAMIDS that overlap at their bases. The ruling spirits are at the top. At the bottom, they overlap with other spirits. B. For instance, JEZEBEL is also known for her murder, death, pride, etc. C. It is important to know because you cannot cast out just one spirit. You need to cast out the ENTIRE NEST. Demons always work in packs and groups. For instance, sex spirits involve all manner of sexual uncleanness, including fornication, adultery, masturbation, incest, pornography, rape, bestiality, homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual fantasy, lust, etc.

OUR AUTHORITY THE POWER OF THE RULER I. We have all power. Lk. 10:19. EXOUSIA VS. DUNAMIS. The first reference to power is actually the Greek word "exousia", which means "absolute power, the power of the potentate, supreme ruler or king"; the second reference is to ordinary spirit power. Our exousia power is infinitely stronger than the dunamis power of evil spirits. A. We sit in HEAVENLY PLACES together with Jesus. Eph. 2:6. Far above principalities, powers, mights and dominions and above every name that is named, not only in this world, but in the worlds to come. Eph. 1:21. When our words are anointed by the Holy Spirit, they have the power of the king behind them - the power of God. THE VICTORY'S ALREADY WON II. JESUS SPOILED PRINCIPALITIES. Col. 2:15. Victory is assured. He took away their teeth and their weapons. A. Now, all Satan can do is try to DECEIVE. First, that he doesn't exist, or that paying attention to him glorifies Satan, or that he is no problem at all, or that he cannot be defeated, or that Christians cannot have demons. B. If unresisted, Satan has his way. He is the PRINCE OF THIS WORLD (Jn. 12:31; 14:30) because many Christians won't fight back out of ignorance, fear or deception. God's will is not being done on earth. That's why we cannot blame God for babies dying, innocent people hurt, etc. It is our sins that bring curses on us. III. Jesus took away the KEYS to Hell and Death. Rev. 1:18. A. The GATES OF HELL shall not prevail against the church. Mt. 16:18; Is. 45:1,2. God promises to tear down the gates of Babylon. Is. 45:2. Babylon rules today. It is Satan's spiritual system. B. Christians need to knock the gates of hell down, WALK IN and set the captives free. We will talk about gates later. IV. Jesus has a NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES. Sits far above all principality, might and dominion. Phil. 2:9-11; Eph. 1:21. We sit together with Christ. Eph. 2:6. POWER TO BIND AND LOOSE V. We have the power to BIND AND LOOSE. Mt. 18:18; 16:19. A. We ALL have that privilege. Ps. 149:8.

B. Cannot spoil a strongman's house unless you BIND HIM FIRST. Mk. 3:27; Mt. 12:29. C. It is ORDAINED. Is. 24:21. "And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth." D. Loose means to SHATTER, BREAK IN PIECES. Satan places bands and chains about the minds and bodies of humans. Mind control. Witchcraft. Eze. 13. Steals the souls of men and women. VI. Mk. 16:17 These SIGNS shall follow.... they shall cast out devils, etc. If you are a believer, you shall cast out devils. SATAN WILL FALL VII. Satan will fall like LIGHTNING. Lk. 10:18; Rev. 12:9. His time is soon, and he knows it. It was a prophecy through vision. It is yet to come. A. Lk. 10:18 was a vision that Jesus had for the future when Gods people will bind up and destroy Satans rule from the mid-heavens. B. Satans strongmen rule from the mid-heavens. Thats why he is called the prince of the power of the air he rules from the atmosphere around the earth. VIII. We are His WEAPONS OF WARFARE. Jer. 51:20-24. A. Rev. 19:14-21 - the FINAL BATTLE. B. The Army of God includes you.


BINDING AND LOOSING PRINCIPALITIES I. Earlier, we mentioned how Satan divides the earth into areas of control and appoints a powerful spirit to rule over that area. A. These ruler spirits or strongmen sit on thrones in the mid heavens and rule over the spirits on earth. II. There are THREE BASIC AREAS OF CONTROL: (1) over large geographic areas (principalities); (2) over persons, churches, families, neighborhoods, etc. (3) over nests of demons within the person. III. IMPORTANT SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLE. You can't cast out until you first BIND UP THE STRONGMAN. Mk 3:27; Mt. 12:29. Then you can spoil his house. CUTTING CORDS A. Next, you CUT OFF HIS CORDS. There are cords between the strongman in the heavenlies and those on earth. It gives the earth spirits power. Ps. 2:3; 129:4. IV. Already talked about the scriptures that give us the power to bind and loose. Mt. 18:18; 16:9; Mk. 3:27. It is a KEY TO THE KINGDOM. A. God promises to defeat the rulers for us. Is. 24:21. "And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth." OUR PRIVILEGE B. Ps. 149:8-9. ...to bind their kings with chains and their nobles with fetters of iron. NESTS V. The strongman uses many lesser demons - a NEST. The nest in a person also has a ruler spirit, on earth. You need to bind him up also. A. This ruler spirit is sometimes the gate keeper, but not always. GATEKEEPER B. The GATEKEEPER is often the initial spirit that was allowed to come in (such as rejection). Usually because of trauma or sin. C. If you don't bind up the gatekeeper, and cast him out, he will just open the gates again


later and let all the devils back in. The gatekeeper, in a way, is connected with the ORIGINAL SIN, curse, trauma, unforgiveness, etc. Need to handle the root, not just cut off the branches and leaves. 1. The gatekeeper is the spirit that came into the person in the first place. Often, you need to find out how the person was INFESTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. Sometimes it is hidden. IDENTIFYING THE STRONGMAN VI. Although sometimes not totally necessary, it helps to IDENTIFY THE STRONGMAN. In the mid-heavens, over the person, and in the person. A. Through DISCERNMENT, WORD OF KNOWLEDGE, Holy Spirit. B. By the FRUITS of the tree. Mt. 7:16. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. What is the pattern of behavior or events in the person's life? VII. Evil spirits WORK IN NESTS to accomplish their task. Examples - Schizophrenia, sexual lust. A. Bind up strongman. Put CHAINS FROM HEAVEN around him. CUT OFF HIS CORDS. As with anything else in the spirit, it works by faith. B. Kick out the nest SYSTEMATICALLY. This is especially true with Jezebel. She will allow many other spirits to manifest and get kicked out first. You will be busy fighting other spirits and will forget about her while she flees to the inner parts. 1. May have to keep after her for several sessions before you can reach her. 2. Sometimes, you can get to her right away. 3. She goes with a CHARACTERISTIC WAIL. It is the wail of witchcraft. TAKING CITIES VIII. Binding the strongman in the mid-heavens is a primary weapon in TAKING CITIES and nations for God. A. INTERCESSORS will play a large role. Example - Cindy Jacobs Generals of Intercession. We all have the duty to intercede and war against the demonic. B. God is using deliverance and supernatural healing to convince many people of other religions. It will be the subject of later lessons.


GATES ANCIENT CITIES I. Historically, FORTIFIED TOWNS were protected by high walls and strong gates. JERICHO, for instance. BABYLON also. II Chr. 8:5; 14:7. A. Babylon had TWO THICK WALLS and TWO IMPENETRABLE GATES. Held chariot races on the top, between two rows of houses. Considered impregnable. B. God dried up the RIVERS and TORE THE GATES down. Jer. 50:38; 51:36; Is. 45:1, 2. Cyrus of Persia's armies marched in unopposed. II. The battle was fought and won or lost at the gates. A. A walled city was CONTROLLED AT THE GATES. The city elders took turns watching at the gates for spies, enemies and suspicious people. Trade took place at the gates. It was the most crowded place. Beggars congregated there also. Whoever controlled the gates controlled the city. B. Often, the TOWN MEETING HALL was just above the city gates. C. Sometimes, the gates were protected by MOATS. D. Above the gates were parapets from which hot, burning OIL could be poured down on enemy invaders. E. The army attacking the gates would use BATTERING RAMS. God has called us to be battering rams and WEAPONS OF WAR. Jer. 51:20. III. JERUSALEM had high walls and gates. Fish gate, sheep gate, water gate, etc. A. The LAND has gates. Na. 3:13. ...gates of thy land. IV. HEAVEN has twelve gates. Rev. 21:12, 13. There are gates of righteousness. Doors into heavenly realms. Zec. 8:16; Ps. 118:19. V. HELL HAS GATES. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church. It is literal. THE KEYS VI. Jesus took away the KEYS TO HELL AND DEATH. Rev. 1:18. Death has gates. Job 38:17. (gates of death and the shadow of the door of death) A. JESUS GAVE US THE KEYS. We can unlock the gates of hell and death any time. Imagine the helplessness of Satan when we have the keys to hell and death. He cannot stop us


from entering and leaving. He has no defense. VII. He who has the KEYS OF DAVID. What door he opens none shall close; what door he closes, none shall open. Rev. 3:17. Is. 22:22. God opens and shuts doors of opportunity. Satan has no power to stop him. God opens doors. Rev. 3:8. Philadelphia. "I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it...." A. God will provide the same opening of the gates to the spiritual. Ps. 107:16. VIII. Pray that God opens doors to you and shuts doors that belong to the enemy. Rev. 3:8; Rev. 3:7. IX. There are gates to the soul and body. DURING DELIVERANCE, you need to take away Satan's ability to control the doors or gates to one's soul and body. The doors are created by sin and curses. A. Humility, repentance and confession is needed. If not present, deliverance is difficult. X. In deliverance, TEAR DOWN THE WALLS. Jos. 6:5. Break down the gates, BIND UP THE GATEKEEPER. Eze. 21:15 (point of sword against the gates), 22 (ram). A. In VISION, one saint saw a demon sitting on top of a gate with an arrogant look. The gates came tumbling down and he fell with a shocked look. B. After the devils leave, close the doors forever and heal the wounds. C. Sin can reopen the doors. STRENGTHEN THE BARS of your gates through righteousness and a right heart. Ps. 147:13.


WATERS OF THE ENEMY LIFE VS. DEATH I. TWO WATERS SIDE BY SIDE. One of God that leads to life. The one of Satan leads to death. Waters of life and waters of death. II. Jn. 4:14. Jesus talked about LIVING WATERS to the SAMARITAN woman. Jn. 7:38. He who believes; out of his belly shall flow waters of living waters. Rev. 21:6. ... fountain of the water of life.... III. Satan COUNTERFEITS with waters of death. A. RIVER JORDAN is symbolic of death. Joshua and the nation of Israel crossed over on dry land - keeping their eyes on the ark of the testimony. 1. The elect of God shall pass over Jordan once more in the end times, keeping their eyes on Jesus, the ark of testimony. DEATH SHALL BE DESTROYED. I Co. 15:25-26. B. RIVER STYX, CHARON. Greek and Chinese myths claim that there is a river over which a persons spirit must cross when he dies. Otherwise, he is stuck to wander the earth. There is a boatman named Charon who carries the dead over the river on a boat. Chinese put a gold coin in a dead persons mouth on burial, so he or she can pay the boatman. IV. The RED SEA represented death to Moses and the Hebrew people. It was the end of the road. Death is the end for most humans. But God parted the Red Sea. We'll talk about the spirit of death later. A. BABYLON AND EGYPT are synonymous. Come out of her my people.... Rev. 18:4. She represents death. B. You have to COME OUT OF EGYPT and Egypt has to come out of you before you can find life. V. ELIJAH AND ELISHA. Elijah smote the River Jordan with his mantle and the waters parted. II Ki. 2:8. Elijah never died. He was taken up to heaven immediately after that. A. God's elect will do the same one day. VI. ELISHA healed the waters of death. II Ki. 2:19-21. VII. The WAGES OF SIN is death. Ro. 6:23. VIII. The demonic kingdom moves within a SPIRITUAL MEDIUM described as waters - evil waters. Like fish swim and birds fly in a certain atmosphere. Fish cannot swim out of water and


birds cannot fly outside of the air. Demons cannot move without evil waters or atmosphere. A. Babylon was located on the EUPHRATES RIVER. She is known as an island. B. God says that He will DRY UP her waters. Jer. 50:38; 51:36. BABYLONS WATERS IX. ANCIENT BABYLON. Still alive in the spirit. Rev. 11, 17, 18. We know many things about her because her historical characteristics are the same in the spirit. A. God shows how to defeat her. Is. 23:1-14. CHITTIM. Babylon - waters. Babylon draws strength from evil waters. B. Jer. 50:38; 51:36. God will cause a DROUGHT. C. She sits on many waters. The sins of multitudes of her followers. Rev. 3:9; 17:14. D. She is so powerful, she CALLS HERSELF GOD. Is. 47:8, the virgin daughter of Babylon. Is. 47:1. Also - daughter of Tarshish (Is. 23:10). X. Egypt is synonymous with Babylon. Jer. 46:11. One and the same. A. Rev. 11:8. SODOM AND EGYPT. That's the same place we are living in today. B. Is. 19:5-6. The demise of Egypt. Waters fail. XI. SIN is their power. Waters often described as people, multitudes and nations, and tongues. Rev. 17:15. XII. Many ruling spirits are depicted as WATER BEASTS. Leviathan, mind control (giant squid), death, Jezebel. XIII. DRY PLACES. The waters of death give strength to devils. Sin fuels the enemy. When a demon is cast out, he goes to the dry places. Mt. 12:43. Evil waters give rest and strength to demons. XIV. God promises to dry up the rivers of the enemy. Is. 44:27; 42:15. XV. Jesus dried up the FIG TREE. Mt. 21:19. It died. XVI. Dry up the waters - quote Jer. 50, 51. XVII. In deliverance, the throats of the demons go dry. It is torment.


SATAN'S LEGAL RIGHTS MUST HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS I. Satan can only torment or invade if he has a legal right given by God. II. There are EIGHT MAJOR AREAS of rights: Ancestral curses, unforgiveness, occult involvement, cultural and religious practices, hexes and vexes, soul ties, sexual sins, disembodied spirits. ANCESTRAL OR GENERATIONAL CURSES I. Ex. 34:6,7; De. 5:9; Nu. 14:18. ANCESTRAL CURSES of iniquity. Cursed for 3-4 generations. Occult will go back as far as 20 generations according to some deliverance workers. A. The generations will tend to commit the same sin and receive the same curses down through the generations. Divorce, murder, robbery, misfortune, mishaps, poverty, physical problems, mental problems. People think it is genes. It is demonic. Healing the Family Tree, by Dr. Gordon McAll. II. ILLEGITIMACY. De. 23:2. Ten generations. Cannot enter into Gods congregation. Need to break the curse first, before some people can receive the Gospel. III. Many other curses pronounced by God. De. 28. At least 62 OTHER specific curses. Curses are the punishment for sin. IV. Sometimes, the same spirit comes down the family line. A. PRIDE, REJECTION. Person with rejection will pass it down to the children and it continues to go down. No love in the family, constant bickering and vying for love. Children have warped and immature personalities. It is the heart of Satan's end time trick. B. DAVID. Ps. 51:5. He prayed and confessed that he was born in iniquity and it was passed down to him. One of his ancestors was a harlot - Rahab. Mt. 1:5. V. Current sin, need to repent and be forgiven. Adultery, etc., can bring curses. VI. Ancestral curses come down the family line. JESUS VII. JESUS SERVED AS OUR CURSE when He died on the cross. Same as when a pure lamb was sacrificed in O. T. Ga. 3:13. If he came to break the curses, then why do we have to break them? Same as - he came to save the world, but we have to do something. Not all are saved. A. Need to FORGIVE THE ANCESTORS, ask God to forgive them too. (Jesus asked


the Father to forgive them for they know not what they do. Lk. 23:34.) B. Ask forgiveness for your own sins. C. Claim the Blood of Jesus. Ask Jesus to break the curses. ABOMINATIONS IN THE HOUSE VIII. ABOMINATIONS IN THE HOUSE. De. 7:26. Will bring sickness, mishaps, nocturnal visitors. Bondage. A. Occult articles, hexagrams, satanic symbols, witchcraft articles, idols, dolls, etc. Dungeons and Dragons, lucky charms, Ouija boards, I-Ching, occult books, smurf dolls, cabbage patch dolls, rocks, paintings of dragons, altars, masonic lodge emblems. B. Buddhas, Kwan Yin, Shiva, Charms, statues, altars, pictures, frogs (Rev. 16:13), owls (Is. 13:21; De. 14:15,16). Animals such as temple dogs, aumakua, shark, lizard, snake. C. If not sure about an object, pray about it. Better safe than sorry. Throw it away. IX. TATOOS ON BODY. De. 14:1, 2; Lev. 19:28. Women put tatoos, cosmetic tatoos. Brings curses. Sometimes they make a vow along with the tatoo. Heathens tatoo to bring power, luck. Malay, Fijian, Samoan, Hawaiian culture. Need to ask forgiveness, renounce and ask God to close the door. Don't have to erase it. A. Yakuza use tatoos to identify. X. BLESSING A DWELLING. Pray for the angels to go before you to clear the place of evil spirits. Do Holy Communion to break curses of unforgiveness. Have all the family members present, if possible. Repentance of current sins. Bless the oil, place on outside doors, windows. Ask God to let the oil represent the blood of Jesus. A. If there is a yard, walk around the boundary and declare that wherever you point your finger (at the boundary line) you claim the area for the kingdom of God. Command every evil spirit to leave.


UNFORGIVENESS I. NO EXCUSE for unforgiveness in Christians. Completely foreign in character to God. II. Brings bitterness, hatred, rebellion, anger, murder, etc. Belongs to Satans kingdom. A. It is SATAN'S BIG TOOL in the end times. Brings mental illnesses, hatred and violence. B. All these WARS going on are a result of unforgiveness and hatred. Sometimes, wars with other families, tribes, races, nations, are just outlets for hatred and anger that have accumulated over the years because of some completely separate and unrelated thing. Husbands kick the dog because they are angry at their wife. III. Mt. 18:35. Jesus was emphatic. Turn you over to the TORMENTORS. The tormentors are demons - the jailers, the executioners. A. It is literal. One of the biggest doors to curses and loss of joy, peace, good health is unforgiveness. B. Jesus died so that all your sins can be forgiven. When he forgives, he never remembers. Jer. 31:34; Mic. 7:19; Is. 43:25; Heb. 8:12; 10:17. IV. Unforgiveness is OPPOSITE FROM LOVE. It is hate and pride. It belongs to the satanic realm and leads to resentment, hostility, anger, revenge, hatred, murder, violence, suicide, retaliation, wars, bitterness, rebellion. VI. Sometimes forgiveness is like an onion skin. Must peel off layer by layer. Forgive today and may have to keep forgiving to get to the bottom. A. Mt. 19:19. Love your neighbor. SCHIZOPHRENIA VII. Leads to SCHIZOPHRENIA and other mental diseases. A. Someone rejects or hurts. Hate festers. People withdraw from reality, fantasize, start to see the world and people in a strange light. Are starved for love, but cannot give love. Some create fantasy friends which Satan is happy to provide through evil spirits. B. REBELLION often results. Person suffers from rejection created by people in authority. Grows up hating people in authority. It is SATAN'S FORMULA for a rebellious and lawless generation of animal-like people. Jude 10; II Pet. 2:12. A cursed generation, full of disobedience, hating authority.


SICKNESS VIII. Unforgiveness leads to many illnesses. Cancer, heart trouble, diabetes, arthritis. Demons thrive on it. A. Often cannot receive healing if unforgiveness still in heart. IX. In deliverance, start with unforgiveness too.


OCCULTIC INVOLVEMENT I. HEAVY CURSES. Passed down twenty generations according to some ministers. II. Many forms of the occult. Occult means "HIDDEN ARTS." A. Fortune telling, Ouija Boards, tarot cards, fortune telling, horoscopes, seances, palm reading, astrology, I-Ching, crystals, dousing, 8-ball, holistic healing, acupuncture, martial arts, Dungeons and Dragons, voodoo, folk healing, Indian sorcery, witchcraft, charms, Satanism. B. STRANGE RELIGIONS. Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Taoism, animism, Hinduism, Santerias, Kahuna, Shamanism, etc. C. VIRGIN MARY worship. Mormonism, Unity Church, Christian Scientists, Scientology. D. NEW AGE MOVEMENT - a mixture of many strange religions. Believe in seven avatars. Kathumi is the leader - the reincarnation of Francis of Assisi. Jesus only an ascended master, an avatar who was a prophet. E. Some INNER HEALING techniques such as focusing and imaging use occult techniques. F. Use of DRUGS to bring enlightenment. Drugs come from alchemy and hidden arts. Coccaine was invented by the Mesopotamians, the ancestors of the Babylonians. G. MEDITATION, Chanting. H. Incense, WITCHCRAFT. I. Silva Mind Control, EST, Gestalt, PSI, Rohlfing, birthing therapy. Self-improvement. III. ANCESTRAL TIES. God punishes the generations. TM, stress reduction. IV. VOWS MADE BY PARENTS, etc. to Kwan Yin, Satan, Virgin Mary. A. People see ghosts, demons lurking around. B. Half-goat, half-man. SATYR, SATER. Also called Pan and Faun. Satan has a Book of Death. This spirit is sometimes seen with a book in his hands and golden eyeglasses on his face.. C. SETH - man with jackal head. Out of Egyptian religion. Ruling spirit that controls ghosts and the underworld. These spirits are given open doors because of witchcraft. V. VIRGIN MARY could be an evil spirit counterfeiting the true mother of Jesus. Is. 47:15, Jer.


44. A. Lots of fortune-telling within the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH that is not of God. VI. ROCK AND ROLL, especially heavy metal. Lyrics are demonic - speaks of killing, etc. VII. Involvement in the occult could be innocent because of a desire to heal people and do good. Book - The Beautiful Side of Evil, by Johanna Michaelson. Many well-meaning people sucked into worshiping demons. Reiki healing - a Japanese form of healing using evil spirit power. Also chiropractry, acupuncture, ki or chi. A. Satan can come as an ANGEL OF LIGHT. 2 Co. 11:14-15. VIII. Is. 47:12-13. Babylon the Great described as sorcerer. No such thing as "white" magic. All forms are black and forbidden by the Bible. IX. Suffer not a witch to live. Ex. 22:18. A. REBELLION is as the sin of witchcraft. I Sa. 15:23. B. JEZEBEL in church and home. Controls and manipulates. Jezebel is a witch that usually lives in women, but can live in men too. C. Hinduism, native Indian or Chinese religion, Horoscopes - all occultic. D. HOMOSEXUALITY is a symptom of witchcraft and Babylon. Also - rebellion.


NEGATIVE SOUL TIES I. I Sa. 18:1. JONATHAN'S soul was knit with David's. Example of positive soul tie. Other ties - husband and wife are one flesh, lovers too. Become one with a harlot. I Co. 6:16. II. NEGATIVE SOUL TIES can be found in family, friends, teachers, employers, lovers. Caused by controlling and manipulative persons or persons with UNGODLY CONTROL over another. A. Some people keep thinking and dreaming of past lovers - bumping into them. Constantly fantasizing about them. B. Controlling and manipulative parents or grandparents often create negative soul ties that result in mental illnesses. Healing the Family Tree. Dr. McAll. Often, when ties are cut off, the person returns to normalcy. III. ANCESTRAL SOUL TIES allow curses to flow through from the ancestor to the person, even after death. A. FAMILIAR SPIRITS often work through these soul ties - down the family line. Familiar refers to spirits that give psychic information, fortune telling, seances - not necessarily "family." Could be a spirit that is familiar with a group. B. Familiar spirits often defined as ghosts, divination spirits, guides. IV. Soul ties also allow DISEMBODIED SPIRITS (ghosts) to live in the bodies of certain people. Ancestors or instructors. In one case, a dead martial arts instructor was living in the body of his star pupil. V. MANIPULATIVE PERSONS can form negative soul ties that allow them to continue to control others from long distance. Witchcraft - mind control. III. Eze. 13:18:22. Speaks of STEALING parts of SOULS. A. Witchcraft is MANIPULATION AND CONTROL of souls (minds). Negative soul ties created through witchcraft can result in mental illness because parts of the mind are stolen away. B. If you suspect witchcraft soul ties, pray and ask God to send angels to pick up the fragments of that person's soul, put them together in proper order and quicken them. IV. In cases of SCHIZOPHRENIA, witchcraft is often inadvertently involved. Rejection and guilt is a favorite way to control people. A. PARENTS control children through threats, nagging, complaining, accusing, using rejection, guilt and condemnation to manipulate and control behavior. Children end up with retarded personalities and schizophrenia.


V. Sometimes, people in the same room have soul ties created by similar or related activities. Martial arts, for instance. Need to separate them or isolate them spiritually from the person being prayed for. Similar spirits will draw strength from the spirits in the other person. VI. In deliverance, you need to cut off the soul ties between parents and child, teacher, etc. Also, with different people in the room. Examples: Martial arts instructors, past lovers, close friends who died. A. Also with parents, brothers and sisters, people in room with same spirits.


SEXUAL SINS I. IN AMERICA, sex is a wide open activity. Loose society and permissiveness. Many divorces - 54%, AIDS, herpes, rape, child molestation, pornography, sexual abuse. The closer to God, the more clothes on; the farther away from God, the less clothes. When Aaron served God as head priest of Israel, there were rules even for how he climbed the steps, so people couldn't see up his robe. Sexual impurity opens the gates for all kinds of sexual demons to enter. People may be enjoying their sexual pursuits, but they will pay the price sooner or later. A. One of Satan's end time plans - THINGS OF THE FLESH to oppose the spirit. The Babylonian system is a worship of the flesh. Why? Because the FLESH LEADS TO DEATH, the Spirit to life. Ro. 8:1-6. B. Most of the time, it is not just sex, it is all kinds of sexual sins in a nest of spirits. C. LEV. 18 lists many sexual sins. Homosexuality, adultery, fornication, beastiality, sodomy, incest, rape, uncleanness. D. HEAVY BONDAGE results from demonic invasion. It is passed down to the children. II. You can pick up demons from SEX PARTNERS. You cleave as one. Therefore, spirits transfer from one to the other. Weve had cases where the spirits in a person identified themselves as coming from a strange religion. The man had lived with a woman whose mother was involved in that religion. BABYLON III. The BABYLONIAN RELIGIOUS SYSTEM, Satan's opposing religion, is thick with sexual sins, lust, prostitution - insatiable lusts that keep people in bondage. A. Man will become like BRUTE BEASTS in the end times. Jude 20; 2 Pet. 2:12. B. Sex is one of the FOUR DEMANDS of the FLESH, along with food, shelter and clothing. C. Babylon trades with such MERCHANDISE. Rev. 18:11-13. D. Her flesh merchants are everywhere. They make millions of dollars every day. Prostitution, drugs, pornography, slavery. IV. WOMEN'S LIB is one of the prime tools of Satan. Sexual freedom, homosexuality and abortion. Sexual promiscuity. V. God's answer to SODOM AND GOMORRAH was fire and brimstone. The sin was so great to God. Total abomination. Judgment came.


VI. Often, excessive SEXUAL FANTASIES can rob one of his spiritual inheritance. Appears harmless and even fun, but robs you of time with the Holy Spirit. A. Porno films, girlie magazines, strip shows, prostitution, etc., keep us bound and tied to the world and Babylon. Difficult to be spiritual at the same time. B. The Bible doesnt talk about pornography but watching pornography is allowing filth to enter. Jesus warned us about guarding what we see and hear. C. Same with masturbation because sexual fantasies are often involved and lust for your neighbors wife or some other woman outside of marriage. VII. Ro. 7. There is a LAW OF SIN in the flesh. When you worship the flesh, you are bound to sin. VIII. Ro. 8. The flesh leads to death, the Spirit to life. That is one of the most valuable principles of the Bible. IX. In order to cleanse the mind, you need to cleanse your home. A. Get RID of any lust temptation at home. Books, magazines, tapes, photos, records. B. There is a difference between NATURAL LUST and excessive lusting. You need a bit of desire to reproduce, but you don't have to loll in it and become preoccupied with it. C. Sex is a GIFT FROM GOD. It can become a prison when over-indulged in. It is a matter of learning discipline and discerning good and evil. D. Sexual demons are largely FOUL SPIRITS. Serpents and frog-like creatures. You can often see people that remind you of unclean things - the way they dress, look and speak. Roving eyes or seductive eyes. Sometimes - their attitude about people. They are dead spiritually because they are slaves to the flesh. E. Sometimes, the person is GUILT-RIDDEN. F. Often, the SPIRIT OF REJECTION in a person causes him or her to seek love in sex. If they are shy, they express it through masturbation, fantasy, voyeurism, peeping tomism. X. REPENT. Make a sincere decision to turn away from it. XI. Be sincere with the workers. If you are a worker, keep it confidential and safe to be frank. XII. When you cast one out, you have to go after the whole bunch. They come in a nest, even though the person never engaged in some of the spirits in the nest. A. Includes fornication, adultery, masturbation, incest, bestiality, homosexuality,


lesbianism, perversion, uncleanness, anal sex, rape, abuse, oral sex, lust, etc. CULTURAL AND RELIGIOUS PRACTICES I. Basically involves STRANGE RELIGIONS and Christian cults. We sometimes unwittingly involve ourselves with activities that are derived from foreign religions. Hawaiians offer sacrifices to demon gods out or tradition. They dance the hula, etc., and become infested. II. Some do it out of RESPECT. Bai Sun, Buddhist and Hindu observances. Chinese families gather at cemeteries and burn fire crackers and offer food to Chinese gods that are really demons. People visit temples and places of worship out of curiosity. Tourists walk into sacrificial areas and become infested. A. Walking into a Hawaiian HEIAU (temple), for instance, will allow demons to enter through your voluntariness. B. Going to fire-walking ceremonies, fortune-telling - you can pick up devils, depending on your spiritual condition.. III. Many false religions feature FORTUNE TELLING and psychic activities. It's part of the Babylonian system. Is. 47:13; Jer. 10:1. People have a natural curiosity about the future and consult fortune tellers or read horoscopes. A. In America, newspapers and magazines always feature HOROSCOPES. TV feature psychic shows. B. People buy astrological books and I-Ching for fun. They wear jewelry representing Satan or Satan worship because they think it is stylish. Egyptian crosses, skull and bones, etc. They can become infested with demons. III. HALLOWEEN. Satan worship. Opens doors. Morbid curiosity. IV. People join MASONIC Lodges, secret societies. Early Americans were masons. Also - eagle scouts. Skull and bones secret societies. Many rituals come out of witchcraft. A. People become infested with American Indian spirits. V. CATHOLIC rituals. Easter, Christmas? Strange fire. Lev. 10:1, 2; Nu. 26:61. A. Many BABYLONIAN OBSERVANCES in the Christian church today. Statues, mother-child legend, graven images, relics. B. Eze. 8, 9. Mentions Tammuz, the sun god of Babylon. The Church will be worshiping Babylonian things. C. Prayer beads, nuns and monks, confession, purgatory, colored eggs, bunnies, lent, 12


days of Christmas, etc. Yule logs, mistletoe, Santa Claus, praying to the dead - necromancy - all come out of strange religions.. VI. Native family observances. Sacrifices, food, etc. Prayers to family gods. ANIMISTIC RELIGIONS. VII. SUPERSTITIONS. Rabbit's foot, occult symbols, frogs, crystals, good-luck scrolls, kanji, amulets in car, copper bracelets, etc. VIII. Family altars, symbols, statutes, including Buddhists, Kwan Yin, Monkey God, Kwan Dai Gung, kitchen god, Queen of Heaven, etc. Some put mirrors above their door, throw salt around the house or yard, plant certain shrubs with magical qualities, etc. IX. Innocent involvement. Nevertheless, curses result. Heirlooms such as samurai swords, pistols, knives and similar weapons or charms. A. Parents put magic charms on you when you were a baby, or on your crib, room or door. B. Some put crystals in car, on person, statues of Buddha in car, etc. X. STRANGE FIRE. God has not changed. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Lev. 10:1; Nu. 3:4; 26:61. Nadab and Abihu.


HEXES AND VEXES I. HEX refers to curses. Could be against you personally or against your crops, animals, family, car, house, etc. Brings misfortune against you. II. VEX refers to oppression and darkness. Bad moods, dark days. INADVERTENT WITCHCRAFT I. People can curse you deliberately or inadvertently, even Christians, by praying to strange gods, Virgin Mary, the saints. II. WELL-INTENTIONED people pray to the Virgin Mary, Kwan Yin for you. Dedicate you to the gods and goddess when you were still unborn, use witches to heal you when you were young, prayed to strange gods and goddesses on your behalf. Went to the fortune teller for you, offered food and other sacrifices and paid money for you. III. WITCHES deliberately curse you. Pray to Satan. Witches in the United States intentionally pray against Christians all the time. Also in Central America and South America. They can infiltrate your workplace and even the church. Spies. They chant and burn candles and do other things to places hexes and curses on you. IV. People, especially parents and family can make agreements with Satan on your behalf. Dedicate you as a child to Buddha, Virgin Mary. A. Witches sometimes gather together to pray against churches and Christians. V. Break the curses in Jesus' name. Ga. 3:13. VI. Christians sometimes pray psychic prayers. Please make him fall in love with me. Give me that property, etc. VII. Negative confessions or statements can also bring curses. Youll never amount to anything. Youre so stupid!


DISEMBODIED SPIRITS I. Spirits of DEAD HUMANS. Not demons. Ghosts. II. Bible does not refer directly to disembodied spirits. A. Some Christians insist that there are no such things as ghosts. B. Some don't even believe there are demons or a personal Satan. III. People who have been in SATANISM and WITCHCRAFT claim to be able to do astral travel with their own spirit. New Agers also. They have no doubt that humans have spirits and there are such things as ghosts. A. They claim to have come in contact with many spirits of dead people. ELAINE LEE and REBECCA BROWN (He Came to Set the Captives Free). B. EVERY CIVILIZATION in history believed in the spirits of dead people. IV. Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament defines "FAMILIAR SPIRIT" by saying: "Modern versions have a variety of terms including medium, ghost, spirit, spirit of the dead, necromancy and wizard." Page 16. V. I Sa. 28. WITCH OF ENDOR. She had a familiar spirit or ghost and brought Samuel's ghost up from Abraham's bosom. Don't know how she had the power, but no doubt it was Samuel's ghost. VI. WALKING ON WATER. Mk. 6:49. The disciples thought that Jesus had been mobbed and killed and that his ghost was walking on the water. VII. Appearing in the MIDST. Lk. 24:37. The doors were locked and Jesus suddenly appeared. They were frightened. Strong's Concordance defines "spirit" in the above two scriptures as "a ghost or apparition, a specter." Different from the other meanings of spirit. VIII. Is. 29:4. And thou shalt be brought down, and shall speak out of the ground, and thy speech shall be low out of the dust, and thy voice shall be, as one that hath a familiar spirit, out of the ground, and thy speech shall whisper out of the dust. A. Some Bibles use the word ghost in this passage. Amplified, for instance. IX. Certain areas are cursed - BERMUDA TRIANGLE. Sudden and violent death occurred to millions of black slaves. The sick and weak were thrown overboard before reaching shore. No one would buy them. Dr. McAll claims that he set them free in a ceremony with other pastors.


IX. Sometimes, they are spirits of dead members of the family, ancestors, close friends or someone who had some STRONG TIE with you. There is no rhyme or reason, but the spirit of a dead person may hang around someone who did not really know that person well. A. Sometimes, strong Christians may find ghosts coming around them because the spirits of dead people know that the Christian can set them free somehow. B. Some spirits of dead people hang around a place that was dear to them a house, a truck, a bar, etc. X. ABORTIONS, MISCARRIAGES AND STILL-BORN infants. The spirit of the baby lives in or around the person. In some cases, they grow as if they were alive. Healing the Family Tree. McAll. A. Spirit of death and murder also present with cases of abortion. XI. Cleanse areas by HOLY COMMUNION, ask God for angels, to pick up the disembodied spirits. Gently instruct the disembodied spirits to go with the angels (in the case of benevolent spirits or of children). Command them if they are nasty. XII. Evil spirits commonly counterfeit the spirits of dead persons. They have been around so long that they know a lot about the dead person and even the prior generations. A. They often fool people into believing in re-incarnation. Actually, the evil spirits were in the area for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years. They can put images in a persons mind, of past events.


RULING SPIRITS I. Satan has MANY RULING SPIRITS and changes the order from time to time. II. There are SEVEN MAJOR ONES and perhaps more: Jezebel (Babylon), Pride, Mind Control, Anti-Christ, Murder and Violence, Death, Hades. III. GREED and REJECTION are probably among the major spirits on earth today. IV. Rulers or Strongmen CONTROL entire areas of the world. A. Under them, there are any number of lesser rulers.


PRIDE - LEVIATHAN I. How awful pride is. How beautiful humility is. Humility is the NATURE OF OUR LORD. Phil. 2:8. He humbled himself, and became obedient unto death.... Lk. 22:27 says, "I am among you as He that serveth." Mt. 11:19. I am meek and lowly of heart. A. Jesus instructed us to be MEEK AND HUMBLE. Mt. 18:4; 12:12; Lk. 14:1-11; 18:14; Jn. 13:14. B. The APOSTLES also taught us to be humble. I Ti. 1:15; Ja. 4:11; 1 Pet. 5:6. II. God warns about pride. A. Pr. 18:12. "Before destruction...." B. Is. 10:33. The HAUGHTY shall be humbled. Is. 24:4. End time prophesy. The haughty people of the earth do languish. Also Is. 2:11. Also Is. 5:15. III. GOD LOVES THE HUMBLE. Is. 57:15. Dwells with those of a contrite and humble heart. Many other scriptures. IV. JESUS PREACHED humility. Mt. 18:4; 12:11; Lk. 14:1-11; 18:14; Jn. 14:14. V. The APOSTLES taught it. I Ti. 1:15; Ja. 4:11; I Pet. 5:6. VI. The flesh is full of pride. Love of self. Pride and the flesh go together. A. The problem today is not sin; IT IS SELF. Rees Howells - The Intercessor. B. Self thinks it is God. The spirit of the First Adam, the man of sin, the son of perdition, sits on the throne in the heart of all natural and carnal men. II Th. 2:3,4. VII. Pride is the predominant characteristic of SATAN'S KINGDOM. Every demon is proud. VIII. JOB 41. (Go through the chapter verse by verse.) IX. He wraps around the HEART AND SPINE. He is closely aligned with rejection. X. All disobedience and rebellion begin with pride. A. All self begins with pride. XI. More than just being proud. Pride can cover the church and cause dissension, disobedience, complaining, excuses, backbiting, disunity, arguments. A. Brings dryness to walk, worship is dead, praise flat, music sour, prayers dry. Causes


people to fall asleep during services. Like a wet blanket that wraps around and suffocates. B. Kills churches and revivals. Seen sometimes as BLACK SLUG, SNAIL. SLUMBER, no liberty, energy. One saint had a vision of being in a dark room with all the windows and doors boarded up. Outside, she could see bright sunlight and a white dove walking around. On the wall on the inside of the dark room, she could see a black slug crawling upwards. C. Causes dejection, mental oppression, emotional problems. D. Stops spiritual growth. A person can act humble, but deep inside is pride. Job had pride deep within. He was proud of his righteousness. XII. Like a CORKSCREW - difficult to extract. Is. 27:1. CROOKED SERPENT. Piercing goes deep within the heart. XIII. Described as a SEA CREATURE. Ps. 74:13,14; Is. 27:1; Ps. 74:13,14. XIV. Has MORE THAN ONE HEAD. During deliverance, need to cut off all heads. Ps. 74:13, 14; Is. 27:1. A. Heads could represent pride of: looks, intelligence, money, position, possessions, sexual power, physical strength, fame, abilities, etc. B. May have to call out more than one kind of pride. XV. MANY CHILDREN. Pride of body, intellect, sex, power, possessions, money, looks, personality, conceit, impatience, hard heart, stiff neck, stubbornness, idolatry, greed, boasting, bragging, lying, exaggerating, slumber, slothfulness, laziness, arrogance, spiritual pride, etc. XVI. Spirit of Orion - a form of pride. Usually represents a charismatic person - blond, blue-eyed, attractive to people. XVI. Repentance important. A. Dry up seas, break curse, apply blood, use Job 41.


JEZEBEL AND AHAB I. Also called MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT. Rev. 17:5. Many names. Cybele, Mater, Diana, Astarte, Ashteroth, Ashtar, Ishtar (Easter), Virgin, daughter of Egypt, of Babylon, Chaldea, Sidon, Zidon, Lady of Kingdoms, Queen of Heaven. Virgin Mother of God, Mother of Apostles, Mother of Heaven, Madonna, Mediatrix, Intercessor. See Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop. II. LEGEND. Nimrod, Semiramis, Tammuz. There was a king named Nius who ruled Babylon. He was killed and was survived by young Nimrod and Semiramis, his wife. Rule was that only a male could be on throne, but if next in line was too young, mother could rule until he was of age. Semiramis was beautiful, intelligent and loved to rule. She was a military strategist and defeated the surrounding countries. First Amazon. When Nimrod came of age, she married her own son to stay in power. Incest spirit. Began to claim that they were gods. Did sorcery. Invented cocaine and astrology. Created a religion of the flesh - sexual orgies, infant sacrifice, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, witchcraft, use of drugs, womens lib. Nimrod became so evil, Shem (Noahs son) killed him. Semiramis later declared that she was miraculously pregnant. A virgin. Gave birth to Tammuz, who because the sun god. He died at early age and Semiramis grieved so much she decided to challenge the gods of the underworld for Tammuzs return. She want into hades and fought so gallantly, the gods granted her wish. At the end of every year, if women wept for him, Tammuz would be born again, would mature through the summer and would become old during autumn and die during winter each year. She became known by many names: Astart, Ashtorah, Ishtar, Cybele, Virgin, Qeen of Heaven, Lady of Kingdoms, Mother of all mankind, etc. A. Jezebel, another name for Semiramis, LOVES TO RULE. B. Many of our customs, traditions come from Babylon. III. ANCIENT BABYLON: Babylon is characterized by drugs, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, child sacrifice, witchcraft (astrology, psychic abilities), women's lib. Same today. A. RULES the earth TODAY. Rev. 17, 18. She is so powerful, she never expects to be a widow. Rev. 18:7. I sit a queen, and am no widow. Is. 47:10. I am, and none else beside me. B. It is a religion of the flesh. IV. NONE SEETH ME. Is. 47:10. The world doesn't even know that it is controlled by evil spirits. They can only see the material things and the flesh. There is a sinister government of spirits that control the entire earth and the affairs of men. V. JEZEBEL AND AHAB. King and Queen of Israel. I Ki. 16. The examples of what happens when Jezebel reigns. She is a murderer. She kills the saints and God's prophets. She is totally against God and God's people. VI. AHAB - laid back, lazy, crybaby, knew about God, but loved the things of the world more. Disobedient and rebellious. Full of lust, irresponsible. Allows Jezebel to rule the kingdom so that he can go play. He uses her. Lukewarm, like the Laodicean church.


VII. JEZEBEL - a usurper, manipulative, controlling spirit. Loves to rule the kingdom. Spiritual head of the kingdom, murderer, liar. Gets her way. Beautiful, seductive, smart. Witchcraft. She rules the house, children, people around her. Wears the pants in the family. A. Looks down on men, many HATE AND FEAR MEN. Always criticizing her husband. Gains control over the children. Turns children away from fathers. Mal. 4:5, 6. B. Can be a sweet, soft woman, but gets her way nevertheless. VIII. Uses spirits of pride, mind control, anti-christ, murder and violence, death, hades. She may be the COMMANDER IN CHIEF of Satans kingdom at this time. IX. IN THE CHURCH, she brings rebellion, backbiting, complaining. Will undermine leadership, gossip, backbite. Loves to have her own prayer meetings and will not submit to leadership. Everybody else is stupid, especially leaders. She loves to teach and to prophesy - draw attention to herself. A. GOES AFTER THE PROPHET AND LEADERS. She can seduce through praising. Aim is to take over. Very subtle. Occasionally, she will succeed in seducing the pastor or leader or to marry him. The ministry will fall. She killed off all of God's prophets except a few. If the leader resists her attempts to get closer, she will gossip, criticize, etc. Will sometimes go after the leaders wife in order to discredit her and create division. B. Don't confuse with the many women who are excellent leaders. The difference is Jezebel is SELF-GLORIFYING. Don't go around accusing every woman leader of being a Jezebel. Some are just talented and intelligent women. The test is humility and submission at home and in the church. X. In family, it is OPPOSITE FROM GOD'S ORDER. Women to submit, men to love. Eph. 5:22. Jezebel wives bring curses on family. A. Signs of a JEZEBEL MOTHER: confusion in the children, homosexuality, abortion, miscarriage, use of drugs, sexual promiscuity, rejection, emotional problems, interest in the occult, female disorders, use of sex to control, divorce in the children, schizophrenia. XI. Eze. 8, 9. A chilling prophesy of God's own temple in the end times - the worship of Tammuz and Babylon, and the destruction of God's own people. A SIGN ON THE FOREHEAD. A. Rev. 7:3. Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. Also, Rev. 9:4. B. In the end times, Satans beast will have his mark, but so will God. XII. Is. 3:12. Children are their oppressors and women their leaders. Look at most churches today.


A. In Is. 3:4, God says that babes shall rule over His people. Many of Gods leaders are spiritually immature. XIII. Eph. 5:25. That's why God wants women to be submissive and men to love. Submission and love are opposite sides of the same coin. Love and humility are Gods own nature. A. ADAM AND EVE. Adam was the forerunner of Ahab and Eve was the forerunner of Jezebel. Adam was irresponsible, liar, passed the buck. Eve was a usurper, liar and controller. Both wanted to be gods. B. II Th. 2:3, 4. MAN OF SIN, son of perdition. C. You can't be in the image of Jesus, God, unless love and submission are in your heart. XIV. Jezebel and Ahab are difficult to get out. Full repentance required. She will live in the deepest recesses, throws out many lesser spirits first. Comes out with characteristic wail. Takes more than one time to kick out sometimes.


MURDER AND VIOLENCE I. Mt. 24:7. Jesus said there would be WARS and rumors of war. Every year, we average 50 to 60 wars. When it gets down to the 20's, it represents relative peace. A. Pol Pot, Bosnia, Germany. Will never change. People try to change the hearts of men and to find solutions. They don't realize it is a spirit. Somalia, Russia, Yugoslavia, Africa, Middle East. So long as spirits run wild and unopposed, we can never solve those problems. B. Terrorism, assassinations, domestic violence. Iran, Irag, Israel. C. Suicide, genocide, etc. Violence in the streets. D. Fiji - murder and violence a way of life. Cannibalism because of religious beliefs. II. First account is in Gen. 4:8. CAIN murdered Abel. III. Will be powerful in end times. Jude 11. WAY OF CAIN. IV. Rev. 13:7; 6:9-11 (martyrs). Millions of Christians will be destroyed in the end times. SATAN'S BEAST intends to destroy all saints and churches. V. Mt. 24:9. ... shall kill you. Wars and rumors of war. A. One-world government almost here. B. It will enable Satan to control the entire world. Worldwide witchcraft. VI. ABORTIONS. 28,000,000 a year around the world. 1.6 million per year in America alone. Thats a lot of killings. The killing fields of the world are in our hospitals and clinics. Every year, more babies are murdered than all the dead in every war in history. Represents spirit of murder and violence. A. You always need to cast out death, murder and violence in cases of abortion. Violent death in the family line sometimes. VII. SPOUSE ABUSE. Wife beating. Child abuse. VIII. Part of SATAN'S NATURE. Jn. 8:44. ".. murderer from the beginning." Wherever Satan is in control, there is murder and violence. IX. Rev. 12:17. "And the dragon was wroth...." A. Same when Jesus was born. M t. 2:16. Herod killed all the male babies under two years of age..


B. Jn. 5:16-18. The Jews sought to kill him. Jn. 7:1. C. In end times, it will get worse. Satan will go after the remnant. Rev. 12:17. The martyrs. Rev. 11:7, 8. XI. Men will not get better. It is a spiritual problem. The United Nations will never be able to bring world peace. XII. There are allies to the spirit of Pride: rejection, anger, bitterness, rebellion, hatred, resentment, hostility, etc. That's why God says to forgive. A. That's why Satan uses rejection and schizophrenia as his end time plan.


DEATH I. DEATH IS A SPIRIT. Rev. 6:8; Rev. 20:14. Aligned with the spirit of Hades. Hades takes over when death is through. He follows death wherever death goes. A. Death is an ENEMY. I Co. 15:25-26. We are called to defeat and destroy him. B. Many think of death as a friend. II. Also called the WASTER. Is. 54:16. The DESTROYER. Ex. 12:23. III. EXECUTIONER. Wages of sin is death. Ro. 6:25. If there is no sin, there is no death. A. Passover. Called the ANGEL OF DEATH. Ex. 12. IV. RIVER JORDAN. STYX. Represents river of death. Symbol of death. The Greek legends talk about CHARON the boatman. Chinese have a similar legend. They put a coin in the mouth of the dead when they bury them because the dead need to pay the boatman to get over to the other side. A. God has control over waters. Job 26:5. V. The opposite of death is life. Jn. 11:25, 26. Jesus is the resurrection and the life. Life is a person. A. THE LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD. VI. SHADOW OF DEATH. Associated with darkness. God and life are associated with light. Job 12:22; 18:5; 30:28; Ps. 27:1; 36:9; 43:3; 56:13; Pr. 4:18; Is. 9:2. A. Jesus is the light of the world. Mt. 4:16; Lk. 1:79; Jn. 1:4,5,7-9; 8:12; 9:5; Eph. 5:14. He came to give us life and life abundant. Satan came to steal and to kill. VII. Lk. 10:19. We have power over the enemy, including death. DEATH IS A SPIRIT. If you have the faith, you can cast out death and the person will come back to life if it is Gods will. A. The saints of God have power over death. We have been called to defeat death. Elijah did. Elisha did. Jesus did. We can. B. Two people in our group raised the dead by the Holy Ghost. C. It will happen more and more in the future. VIII. Dry up the waters of Death.


IX. WORMS. Ac. 12:21. A pastor came to see me. He had been sitting in the hallway of a hospital waiting to pray for someone who had a heart attack. He had a vision of worms going into the room. I told him the person was going to die. He died within 4 hours. X. Claim the BLOOD OF JESUS. Call fire from heaven to turn back the worms of death. XI. Shine the light of God upon the Spirit of Death. XII. Rebuke the spirit of death.


HADES I. Hell or hades also represents a territory or kingdom. The words "Sheol" and "Hades" are not found in the King James. But it uses "Hell". II. Has DIFFERENT LEVELS. De. 33:22 speaks of the lowest hell. Also Ps. 86:11; Is. 14:9. A. Bible talks about hell as being down or below the earth. Eze. 32:27; Mt. 11:23; Lk. 10:15; Job 11:8; Pr. 9:17. B. Deepest part is called TARTAROS. C. HADES means the unseen, place of departed souls, grave, hell. III. There is FIRE in Hell. Mt. 5:22. Other words associated with Hell: "sorrows of hell", "pains of hell", "destruction" and "pit". IV. Controls souls of dead people who are unbelievers. A. Can keep souls on earth or take them straight to hell. B. Spirits of the dead are tormented on earth. Stuck and doomed to wander. C. Another group are the spirits of babies who have not been dedicated to God. Don't know why this is. V. Can sometimes be seen, but seldom communicate. A. Ghosts can haunt certain areas or objects. Mostly the place where they died, if sudden death, or familiar places such as home. B. Can ENTER BODIES OF HUMANS and try to live through the living. Persons often feel strange sometimes, as if it is not them doing the thinking. C. Book entitled: HEALING THE FAMILY TREE. A dead sister was seen in the bedroom every night at bedtime. VI. Egyptians call him SETH OR SET. Controls the entryway to hell. A woman in my church could not understand what spirit was haunting her. One day, God said, Seth. She was frequently haunted by spirits who followed her everywhere. A. Works closely with Death. Rev. 6:8; 20:14. VII. Need to bind him up when delivering from disembodied spirits.


VIII. Evidence of disembodied spirits and hades working: phobias foul smell weight on back black cloud directing voices

strange urges bad dreams ghostly appearances strange noises suicidal tendencies depression heaviness eczema rash murders or suicides in the family schizophrenia paranoia epileptic seizures neurotic hysteria anorexia nervosa mental illnesses paranoidal fantasies brutal behavior thumb sucking migraine headaches arthritis


ANTI-CHRIST I. Existed FROM TIME OF JESUS. I Jn. 2:18,22; 4:3. In church. There are over 261 denominations and many more cults today, according to certain religious publications. II. Denies Jesus is Christ. v. 22. A. JW, Mormons, Roman Catholics. Anti means Instead of Christ. B. The result is that they worship a different Jesus and pull many souls away from true salvation. III. They are OF THE WORLD. I Jn. 4:3. Denies the holiness of Christ. A. DAVID KORESH. Called himself Christ. So with Rev. Moon. B. Mt. 24:5,24. Many FALSE CHRISTS in the end times. Some will do miracles. IV. HUMANISM. Man is God. Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, New Age Movement. U.S. Constitution. A. Spirit of ERROR. I Jn. 4:3. B. SPIRIT OF THE WORLD. We need to live in the world, but we are foreigners. We don't have to worship the things of the world. I Co. 7:29-31. It's a web that traps us. If the world loves you, you need to think. Jn. 17:14. "The world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world." C. SNARE of the fowler. Ps. 91:3. The world is a snare. Sex is a snare, riches, fame, power. There is a deadly demonic power in the world. Whenever we touch the things of the world, we touch the demonic power behind it. D. We live in the world, and we touch the world, but we don't have to love it. I Co. 7:2931. But this I say, brethren.... V. The ACTIVITIES OF THE WORLD do not honor or promote God's kingdom. It promotes the antichrist. Entertainment industry, military, professions such as law, medicine, commerce, business, education, sports and many religions. VI. COME OUT of her, my people. Rev. 18:4. It means death. VII. It is not just a spirit, it is a different religion based on a different God. A religion of the world where SELF IS GOD. A. It seduces and influences and pulls you away from God.


B. Constant DECEPTION AND DISTORTION OF DOCTRINE within the church. VIII. It is said that once you become a Christian, the problem is not sin, it is self. The Intercessor. Rees Howells -

IX. Self says, I am God. It constantly promotes itself in all things and refuses to depend on God. It remains independent and self-reliant. A. In a real sense, the antichrist spirit is found in anything that resists God. It is a world view that opposes Christianity. B. The antichrist spirit distorts Christianity. Many churches do not preach the true Gospel of the Kingdom, but preach a worldly doctrine of compromise, social and political acceptance and self-glorification.


MIND CONTROL I. WITCHCRAFT and the occult. Mind is the soul. Intellect, emotions, will. A. Eze. 13:18-20. Stealing souls. Witchcraft is the agent that allows mind control to work. B. MANIPULATION AND CONTROL. II. Cults - control the mind. BRAIN WASHING. III. HYPNOSIS. Temple sleep in ancient Egypt. Chanting, drugs. A. Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. use chanting to bring person into higher state of mind. Visions of gods are just hallucinations or demons. Self-hypnosis is not new. It opens the soul to demonic invasion. B. EST, PSI, Dianetics and other New Age disciplines use self-hypnosis. EST calls it mental processes. C. Also - Christian Scientists, Unity, Scientology. Compromise. Watchman Nee talks about the Latent Power of the Soul. Adam had prodigious mental powers and capabilities. D. ENTIRE NATIONS are hypnotized through the power of suggestion. Hitler. Mass hypnosis. Demonic. E. Cults are created through brain-washing. People will die for their beliefs. IV. PASSIVE MIND. Jesse Penn Lewis in her book called War Against the Saints (unabridged edition) points out that a passive mind invites demons. A. In late 1880s, it was popular to have waiting sessions. It opened the mind up to demons. V. Need to fight to regain mind. VI. Satan uses DEVIOUS TRICKS Trauma. Fear. Opens the mind up to accepting lies from the devil such as: Im am going to die! My parents hate me and want to kill me! A. Accidents, great loss represent times of trauma. B. Negative agreements are planted in mind. C. Satan uses lies, implications, suggestions and deception to trick our minds. That`s why the Word of God is so important.


D. Some modern tricks: constant bombardment of the mind through the mass media newspapers, TV, movies, video tapes. It changes the minds and morales of the people 1. Ja. 1:22. Receive with meekness.... VII. We begin to unconsciously live the lies. (See Manual on Inner Healing) VIII. Most devious of all - REJECTION, BITTERNESS AND REBELLION. A. Deep hurts, walls around heart. B. ARRESTED PERSONALITY. Most people still children in emotions, thinking. IX. We become ROBOTS. Self-righteous machines, ignorant of the truth, totally absorbed in self. We form destructive habit patterns. Sometimes seen in the spirit as a lid over your spirit so that you cannot rise up into the spiritual realms of life. Constantly in the soulish realm. A. Rejected persons are starved for love. They will see everything in the world from the eyes of rejection. B. Bitterness is the natural result of rejection, but doesnt have to be. It brings on disease and ruins relationships. C. Rebellion results. Passes on down the generations. Rejected people dont know how to love. The next generation becomes just as rejected and rebellious. Criminals begat criminals. Dysfunctional families begat further dysfunctional families. X. Many mental diseases caused by spirit of mind control. A. Takes time to deliver. SUBMISSION REQUIRED. XI. Seen as a GIANT SQUID with ten tentacles. Surrounded by water. A. The bands of Orion. Job 38:31. XII. Dry up the waters. Bind up witchcraft. XIII. Cut off his tentacles with the Sword of the Spirit, heap coals of fire on its head. XIV. Call out witchcraft, manipulation, control spirits. XV. Cut off soul ties with manipulative family or friends. XVI. Loose the bands around the head and body. A. Have actually seen the bands - like deep brown, metal bands like those around a


wooden barrel. XVII. Inner healing may be necessary to completely free a person of mind control.


THE HOLY SPIRIT The CHARISMATIC MOVEMENT has isolated the H.S. and placed him in a box - a gift box. They seek the gifts, but not the fellowship. They seek the trappings of the H.S., the proofs, but not the guidance. There is power but little love. WHO IS THE H.S. AND WHAT IS HIS MINISTRY? BENNY HINN AND KATHERINE KUHLMAN I. Met KATHERINE KUHLMAN. "Please don't grieve the H.S.. Don't you understand, He's all I've got. Please, Don't wound him, don't wound the one I love. He's more real than anything in this world." A. Could see a MIST when she moved around. People healed. B. COULDN'T SLEEP FOR DAYS. Body tired, but spirit stirred up. Finally - "Can I meet you? Really meet you?" Started VIBRATING all over. Fell asleep. C. NEXT MORNING, "Good morning, Holy Spirit." Vibrating started all over again. Eventually, came to know presence of the H.S. D. The H.S. became his friend, his companion, his counselor. E. Benny Hinn has come to know the H.S. HE HAS BECOME LIKE SMITH WIGGLESWORTH, T. L. OSBORN. F. I believe that there are many others who will come to know the H.S. intimately and will become the mature sons of God. THAT WE MIGHT KNOW GOD II. As he prayed to know the H.S., the H.S. gave him these words: "We have received not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by God. I Co. 2:12. A. Also, "The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the H.S. be with you all." 2 Co. 13:14. B. The BIBLE CAME ALIVE. The H.S. became his teacher, comforter, guide. He could hardly stand to put the Bible down. C. Benny began to DESIRE PRAYER AND COMPANIONSHIP alone with the H.S. III. When Jesus left, he did not leave us without any leader or guide. He left us the H.S. How


great a gift the H.S. is, is something we have not begun to realize. Jn. 14-16. TO CONVICT IV. The H.S. SAME TO CONVICT. If he is with you, you will enter into the presence of unbelievers or Christians and they will be convicted. A. People will FALL DOWN or get knocked backwards. Jim. B. People around you will have an AUTOMATIC HUNGER FOR GOD. C. PRAYING FOR EIGHT AND NINE HOURS at a time becomes easy. You don't want to quit. D. You will begin to PREACH POWERFULLY AND WITNESS STRONGLY. V. THE THIRD PERSON in the trinity is one with the Father and the Son, but he is also different. A. He has his OWN PERSONALITY, THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, LOVES, HATES, EMOTIONS. He will be completely in line with the Father and the Son and yet be different. B. HE DESIRES SO MUCH TO FELLOWSHIP WITH YOU. Won't you give me five more minutes? VI. Do you know him? His likes, dislikes, what angers him, what makes Him happy? VII. THE FATHER AND THE SON ARE BOTH IN HEAVEN. When one is taken into vision to the throne of God, they may see the Father and the Son, but not the H.S. Why? A. THE H. S. IS ON EARTH. He is going to leave one day, but while he is here, he is going to fellowship with the saints, give them power and guide them and protect them. B. THE BIBLE WAS WRITTEN BY THE H.S., using men and women of God. A PERSON VIII. THE H. S. IS A PERSON. He can feel, perceive and respond. he gets hurt, he has the ability to love, and to hate. he speaks and he has His own will. IX. But who is he? The Holy Spirit is the SPIRIT of God the FATHER and the Spirit of God the SON. He is the BREATH OF GOD. It is with the H.S. that Adam was created. A. He is the POWER OF THE GODHEAD, the power of the trinity. 1. He is the power of CREATION.


2. He is the one who BRINGS LIFE. Ro. 8:11. 3. He is the one who will make the Sons of God. B. Like ELECTRICITY. C. He is the first of the trinity to be mentioned in the Bible. Gen. 1:2. D. He is the one who fellowships and communes with you. When you say, "GOD TOLD ME." It is the H.S. E. He is the one who HELPS YOU COMMUNE with the Father and the Son, who takes your prayers to the throne of God. You pray to the Father through the Son, by the H.S. You ask something from the Father, in Jesus' name, but it is the H.S. that takes the prayer to the Father and carries the answer to you. It is the H.S. that carries out the Father's wishes. F. He helps you PRAY. Ro. 8:26,27. G. He TEACHES you. H. He sometimes comes like the WIND. I. He brings PEACE AND JOY to you. INTIMACY X. Talking to the H.S. is not the same as talking to simply another person. It is PERSONAL AND INTIMATE. XI. He is powerful, yet very CHILDLIKE AND GENTLE. A. He gave STEPHEN the strength to be stoned and still not retaliate. B. It's His love in you that makes you love others. C. He is the one who gave MOSES the power to be the deliverer of Israel. D. He was the power in the life of JOSHUA. E. He was the one who parted the RED SEA. F. He was the might and power that smashed the walls of JERICHO. G. He was the energy behind DAVID'S rock that slew Goliath. H. He was the force in the life of SAMUEL, ELIJAH AND JESUS.


I. He was the force in the life of PAUL, PETER, WIGGLESWORTH, KUHLMAN, WOODWORTH ETTER, OSBORN. J. Lk. 4:18. "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me...." XII. Before Jesus left, everything was Master, Jesus. After Jesus left, everything was the Spirit. The Holy Spirit and us. The apostles looked to the H.S. to lead them. CORNELIUS, PAUL, SILAS. A. ETHIOPIAN EUNUCH. B. The Spirit GUIDED THE APOSTLES. Ac 16:6-7. v. 9. Come over to Macedonia and help us. HIS GENTLENESS XIII. He is so important to us, that the Bible says over and over, DO NOT GRIEVE THE H.S. It does not say, do not grieve the Father, or Jesus. A. He is so gentle and loving and important to us, that even Jesus say that all manner of sin can be forgiven, even blasphemy against the Father and the Son, but blasphemy of the H.S. cannot be forgiven. He is everything that fulfills the promises of God to you and me. He deserves all the reverence and respect and awe we can give. 1. Is. 63:10. "But they rebelled and grieved His Holy Spirit: so He turned Himself against them as an enemy." 2. ANANIAS AND SAPPHIRA lied to the H.S. Ac. 5:7-10. B. He never enters except by invitation. C. Above all, he is a person. GLORIFIES FATHER AND SON XIV. The H.S. in you will always glorify Jesus and the Father. No one can call Jesus Lord but by the Holy Spirit. A. As you get closer to the H.S., you will also get closer to the Father and the Son. In fact, you can't get to know the Father and the Son without the H.S. SPEAKS CONSTANTLY XV. The H.S. speaks all the time. You hear him, but you don't recognize his voice.


A. Voice of conscience, of conviction. B. Paul - I tell the truth in Christ. I am not lying, my conscience also bearing me witness in the H.S. Ro. 9:1. C. You know that you know that you know. 1. The voice of the Father speaking to the O.T. prophets, was the voice of the H.S. Acts. 28:25-27 XVI. THE H.S. IS GOD. The name Jehovah is the name of a triune God. The name of the Father is Jehovah, the name of the Son is Jehovah and the name of the H.S. is Jehovah. A. Mt. 10:19-20. The Spirit will TELL YOU WHAT TO SAY. Rev. 2:7,11,17. The Spirit speaks to the churches and guides them. B. Jesus spoke through the H.S. Acts. 1:2. C. Christ offered Himself to God "through the eternal Spirit." Heb. 9:14. We, likewise, come to the Father and the Son only through the H.S. You can't get into the throne room but through the H.S. D. The H.S. is the one who communicates heaven to your heart. XVII. You could not stand hearing the VOICE OF THE FATHER OR THE SON. It THUNDERS. Rev. 1:15, 17. John fell down as if dead. A. The H.S. takes the voice of the Father and the Son and makes it gentle and soft, lovely, clear and quiet. HE IS GOD B. As much as the Son is the equal of the Father, so is the H.G. EQUAL IN MAJESTY, POWER, GLORY and ETERNITY He is God. C. HE DESERVES WORSHIP. He is the spirit of Jesus. XVIII. The triune is three - God is like the SUN in the sky. Three distinct elements - the visible sun, light, heat. The Father looks like the Son. But you not only see the sun, you feel the heat and see the light. Jesus is the light of the world. The Spirit is the heat. A. When a church is bound up and has no LIBERTY, it is because the H.S. is not present. 2 Co. 3:17. "Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." The Spirit is the Lord. B. We know that Jesus lives because the Spirit lives. The Spirit is the might of the


Godhead. C. The H.S. is the one who PROTECTS YOU AGAINST SATAN. FOLLOW HIM XIX. The H.S. is the one who took Jesus' place when Jesus left. "Follow me" became "FOLLOW THE H.S." He will guide you. Jn. 16:13. If Jesus were here, would you follow Him? XX. It is basic to life itself that you follow the H.S. Ro. 8:14. Our flesh fights against the Spirit. A. The flesh leads to death, the SPIRIT TO LIFE. If you are interested in things of the flesh, you will not seek the Spirit. if you desire the things of the spirit, you will be drawn to the H.S. B. Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the LUST OF THE FLESH. For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary to one another, so that you do not do the things that you wish. But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law. Ga. 5:16-18. C. 2 Co. 3:6. ...the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. D. The H.S. is the WITNESS that allows you to know that you know that Christ lives, that you are saved, that the Word of God is true. Ro. 8:16. The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit. E. Acts 5:32. We are His witnesses to these things, and so also is the H.S. whom God has given to those who obey Him. HE IS IN YOU XXI. The H. S. is for today. 2 Co. 13:14. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the H.S. be with you all. Amen. XXII. The word "communion" has 7 MEANINGS: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Presence. Fellowship. Sharing together - pouring your heart out, joy. Participation with. The Sp and us. Intimacy. Ro. 5:5. You can't love God without the H.S. Friendship. Closest friend. Comradeship. Togetherness.

A. It is the presence of the H.S., the anointing that opens up heaven for you.


B. It is not deliverance or knowledge of healing or miracles that indicates your maturity in God, it is your relationship with the Holy Spirit. Your closeness with Him will open up heaven for you. Deliverance is necessary for these end times, but it is the H.S. that brings deliverance. Without a relationship with the H.S., there is no real deliverance.


THE BLOOD OF JESUS THE BLOOD IS PRECIOUS I. Blood is PRECIOUS to God. From the very beginning, the Father knew that one day, His Son, Jesus Christ, would shed His blood for all of mankind. Therefore, the blood was on the Father's mind from the beginning also. Later, we will find how important the blood is to all Christians. That's why God did such strange things in the Bible about blood. A. The Bible is called a BLOODY BOOK and a book of blood. To many humans, the mention and thought of blood is disgusting and to be avoided. To God and to all Christians, blood is precious. II. Gen. 3:21. God made SKINS to cover Adam and Eve. Some innocent animal had to die and give its skin. A. The word "ATONE" means to cover. Blood would cover sins one day. It doesn't mean that Adam and Eve were forgiven. They never repented, so how could they have been forgiven? It was a symbol. III. Gen. 4. CAIN AND ABEL. Abel tended sheep; Cain harvested vegetables. Holy Spirit gave Abel inspiration to sacrifice a lamb to God. Cain offered vegetables. A. God respected Abel's sacrifice and rejected Cain's. He was just teaching us what is acceptable to Him. Instead, Cain felt rejected personally and ended up murdering his own brother. B. VEGETABLE ministries are never acceptable to God. Churches without the power of the blood are worthless to God. C. SIN was at the door. Some interpretations say that the word sin indicates that it was a DEMON. Again, it was a symbol. Without blood on the doorway of your heart, sin will come in. Only the cleansing action of the blood will keep you clean. GOD WANTS US TO RESPECT THE BLOOD I. After the people came out of EGYPT, God began to teach them about the value of blood and how to respect it. He knew that one day, His beloved Son would shed His precious blood for mankind. A. Could NOT EAT blood. Lev. 17:10. B. Cannot have SEX during menstrual period. Lev. 18:19; 20:18. C. The blood of humans and animals was UNCLEAN. It would take the blood of Jesus Christ.


II. The LIFE is in the blood. Lev. 17:11. It is not in the organs or other part of the body. It is in the blood. People think it is in the heart, but you can have all kinds of artificial organs and still live. But you cannot do without blood. A. That means that the life of Jesus is in His blood. He is the life. Jn. 14:6. B. Heb. 9:22. Without blood, there is no REMISSION of sins. The life in the blood wipes out the death in the sins. The wages of sin is death. Ro. 6:23. Because He lives, we live. C. Blood is very important to God's people today. Especially in these end times. THE BLOOD SAVES I. The blood SAVES. RAHAB was instructed to put a scarlet thread in her window. It represented blood - same color. Jos. 2:18. Her family was saved from destruction. A. Remember, the walls of Jericho fell, but her house in the wall did not. It was not only the human soldiers that spared her family. It was also the SUPERNATURAL hand of God. B. Became a type and shadow. It would spare God's judgment. II. Faith in Jesus cannot be separated from faith in His blood. Ro. 3:25. THE PAST, THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE CLEANSED BY THE BLOOD I. The past is removed by the power of the blood. Heb. 9:14. "How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit of God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?" A. Conscience is the totality of everything you ever thought. It is PURGED by the blood. B. Declare by faith and move on. Ro. 3:25. "...for the remission of sins that are PAST...." C. Devil accuses us of the past. We have no past. "Devil, I have no past." D. Bible says that once God forgives, He forgets. Mic. 7:19; Jer. 31:34. II. The blood removed the power of sin. Sin doesn't touch you. You don't yield to sin anymore if blood is in your life. It takes care of the present and the future. III. The blood takes care of the future. Heb. 9:26. "...but now once in the end of the world hath he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.


A. For sin shall not have dominion over you. Ro. 6:14. Future tense. THE BLOOD HEALS I. The blood HEALS AND CLEANSES. Lev. 14:13-17. Blood of the lamb placed on right toe, thumb, ear of leper. One day, Jesus would sit at the right hand of the Father as the Blood of sacrifice. His blood heals and cleanses. A. By His STRIPES we were healed. Is. 53:5; I Pet. 2:24. B. It wasn't the stripes, it was the blood that flowed from the stripes. C. 39 stripes represent 39 different CATEGORIES of diseases found in most medical manuals. D. The blood continues to heal, even today. II. There was much blood sacrificed in the days of MOSES. Some say that between 2 million or 3.5 million Israelites left Egypt. If there were 2 million and there are 15 members in each household, a total of 133,333 lambs were killed. A. In SOLOMON'S day, there were 6 million people. Over 400,000 animals were sacrificed. B. That's a lot of blood. Enough blood for the whole world for all time. C. In the REVIVAL of the late 1800's and early 1900's, a pastor's wife had a vision of blood and she started to described it. The Holy Spirit just fell upon the people. Like Niagra falls. It is still flowing over the earth today. RIGHTEOUSNESS IS BY THE BLOOD I. Lev. 6:10. The PRIESTS were required to wear white linen garments. White represents holiness, purity. A. JOSHUA the high priest was given linen garments by God. Zec. 3:5. His own righteousness was like filthy rags. Ours too. B. Rev. 7:9. Multitudes clothed with WHITE ROBES. C. Rev. 7:14. Made white - washed in the blood of Jesus. It is the blood of Jesus that cleanses and makes white. D. Rev. 3:18. LAODICEA. Buy of me white raiment (washed by His blood).


THE BLOOD PURIFIES THE HEAVENS I. It PURIFIED the heavens. Heb. 9:23. "It was therefore necessary that the patterns of things in the heavens should be purified with these; but the heavenly things themselves with better sacrifices than these." A. The BRAZEN skies no longer have to be feared. De. 28:23. The blood will break open the heavens. His blood has cleared the skies. Our prayers can pass through untouched, straight to the throne of God. II. Before the blood, we had to fight through prayer. DANIEL took 21 days before the angel came with an answer. Now - instantaneous. II. We fight in the heavens by the blood. PRINCIPALITIES and powers are defeated by the blood of Jesus. Every demon in hell is afraid of the blood. A. Every REVIVAL on earth was by the blood. Today - a new revival through the blood is coming. Repentance, prayers of the saints and the blood of the martyrs. B. In early 1900's - Welsh revival was because of the blood. Nothing can compare with the blood. It is the same today as then. THE BLOOD DEFEATS DEMONS I. It is the blood that demons fear most of all. In casting out devils, it is the blood of Jesus that brings power. A. "I pour the blood of Jesus all over you." THE BLOOD TURNS DEATH AWAY I. Ex. 12:7, 13. PASSOVER. God instructed the Israelites to kill a perfect lamb and sprinkle the blood on the sideposts and lintel of the door of each house. A. When the ANGEL OF DEATH passed through and saw the blood, he would pass over. Important verse - 23. The blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where you are, and when I see the blood, I will pass over you and the plague shall not be upon you. B. Blood will turn away death, even today. C. Even today, when the angel of death sees the blood of the Lamb of God, it will turn away. It is a Biblical PRINCIPLE. God will not allow the destroyer to come into your house to smite you. Ex. 12:23.


D. One day, God will have a people who will know how to use the blood to turn away death. DEATH WILL BE CONQUERED. I Cor. 15:26; Rev. 12:11. And thy overcame him (Satan) by blood of the lamb,.... E. It is an ORDINANCE FOREVER. Ex. 12:24. The blood that was shed on Calvary was not just for one time, but forever. It is just as powerful today as ever. It still has the power to cleanse, heal, cast out devils and save. F. DEATH has no claim over you. Jesus life is in the blood and His life was given for you and me. G. No PLAGUE, no demons, no poverty (a curse) if the blood covers you. H. You need the blood every day. THE NEED TO DECLARE THE BLOOD I. You can sing the blood, think the blood, but nothing happens until you TALK the blood. A. Ro. 3:25. The blood must be declared by FAITH. "Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in His blood, to declare His righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God." B. Jesus is a SUBSTITUTE for our sins, by faith in His blood. Substitute - propitiation. C. Three words - FAITH, BLOOD, DECLARE. II. In the Old Testament, the blood was sprinkled. Today, it is CONFESSED. A. "Father, your word declares that if the blood is on my house, no plague can come near me." B. "I apply the blood by faith in Jesus' name." III. Christian are plagued, destroyed, etc., because never applied the blood. A. The plague can come, but it cannot never touch you. Devil comes, but cannot touch you. B. You are RESPONSIBLE for your own misery. You never knew or understood how powerful the blood is and how to apply it with faith. APPLY IT YOURSELF IV. There is not one word in the Bible that says that God will cover you with the blood.


A. The blood is in your own hands - apply it yourself. When you apply it, I will cover you, God says. B. Heaven responds to confession by faith. V. It is dangerous not to believe in the blood. Like rejecting the cross and Jesus. A. Heb. 10:29. If you REJECT the blood, you have spited the H.G. and blasphemed the Son and Father. INTO THE PRESENCE OF GOD BY THE BLOOD I. It allowed Jesus to enter into the HOLIEST by His own blood. Heb. 9:24-26. Because of the blood, we have a HIGH PRIEST in Jesus who is continuously ministering to us. Heb. 10:21. A. We enter into the very throne of God by the blood. Heb. 10:19. II. We can ENTER His presence by the blood at any time. Heb. 10:19. "Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus." A. What's the sense of praying if the Holy Spirit is not anointing or quickening our words? B. I Jn. 5:8. "... And there are THREE that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one." The water is the Word. Eph. 5:26. C. You pray the blood and the Holy Spirit comes. He agrees with the blood. III. You claim the blood and then you ask. Without the blood, God cannot hear you. A. If your heart has iniquities, you cannot come before God. God turns a deaf ear because of the iniquities in the heart. "Your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid His face from you, that He will not hear." Is. 59:2. B. No answer to prayer because you never used the blood to cleanse yourself or your iniquities and sins. C. Cleanse you house by the blood. Apply blood every day to house and your family and yourself. XV. We are in CHARGE of the blood. Enjoined to us. Heb. 9:20. ... This is the blood of the testament which God hath enjoined unto you. A. Enjoined means to give charge, command. God has given us charge and command over the blood of Jesus. We are to use it, to sprinkle it over the people, to use it to cleanse, purify, protect against demons.


XVI. There is blood in heaven TODAY. Rev. 5:6. A Lamb stands before the throne of God as it had been slain. Theres blood on the Lamb. That blood cries out for our salvation forever. XVII. There is blood on the EARTH. Three on earth agree as one. I Jo. 5:8. A. Moses sprinkled the blood on the BOOK. Heb. 9:19. XVIII. Rev. 12:11. They OVERCAME him by the blood of the Lamb.... A. God is going to have a people that will stand up against Satan and defeat him with the Blood of Jesus.


THE WORD OF GOD I. God's word creates. By the word of the Lord were the heavens and all that is in the earth made. Ps. 33:8. II. His word HEALS. He sent his word and healed them and delivered.... Ps. 107:20. III. Our HOPE is in His word, our FAITH is in His word. Ps. 130:5. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Ro. 10:17. A. You have to hear first. First the word, then the healing. First the word, then the deliverance. IV. It SANCTIFIES. I Ti. 4:5. V. The Word of God is QUICK AND POWERFUL.... Heb. 4:12. A. He UPHOLDS ALL THINGS by the word of his power. Heb. 1:3. VI. It is the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT. Eph. 6:17. It is part of our ARMOR. VII. It is OUR WEAPON. Jesus Himself is called the Word of God. Rev. 19:13. He has been given all power in heaven and in earth. Mt. 28:18. And he gave it to you and me. A. I give you power to tread on .... Lk. 10:19. He didn't give you some of it. He gave you all of it. VIII. Jesus depicted sitting on a white horse and OUT OF HIS MOUTH a two-edged sword. With it He defeats nations. Rev. 19:15. IX. The Word is the LOGOS. When quickened by the Holy Spirit, it becomes the RHEMA. X. Every demon in hell knows the Word - better than you and me. "Torment us before our time...." Mt. 8:29. The demons knew it wasnt their time to be cast into the Lake of Fire. XIII. DEMONS ARE AFRAID OF THE WORD because they know that it is the truth. 2 Ti. 2:15. A. Certain chapters and scriptures tear at their heart. Rev. 20, etc. B. They have to obey in the name of Jesus. XIV. Jesus LIVES IN YOU by the Word also. He's name is the Word of God. Rev. 19:13. A. Jn. 1:1. In the beginning was the Word....


XV. WORD LIKENED TO WATER. Eph. 5:26. Washing of water by the Word. IT CLEANSES. It is able to SAVE YOUR SOUL. Ja. 1:21. It BRINGS LIFE. I Jn. 1:1. The Word of life. XVI. The Word is TRUTH. Ja. 1:18. Demons work with LIES, deception. Cannot stand the truth. They know their fate. A. The word of God is like a FIRE and LIKE A HAMMER that breaketh the rock in pieces. Jer. 23:29. XVII. The word shall NOT COME BACK VOID. Is. 55:11. When God speaks it, it shall accomplish what it says. XVIII. JESUS CAST OUT DEVILS BY HIS WORD. Mt. 8:16. A. They overcame Satan by ... the WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY. Rev. 12:11. XIX. Eph. 5:26. WASHING of water by the word. The word is likened unto water. A. I Jn. 5:8. The water, the blood and the Spirit AGREE AS ONE. XX. KNOW the Word. Holy Spirit will bring it to remembrance. A. Cannot depend on having a Bible with you. Rebecca Brown. Her house was surrounded by Satan worshipers and they could not open the light for fear of getting shot. She was able to quote scriptures for two hours until the evil left. LOVING THE WORD - DAVID XXI. Thy word have I HID IN MY HEART ... Ps. 119:11. David loved the word of God. It meant purity, righteousness, life to him. He mentions the word of God 38 times in Ps. 119. David loved the word of God. A. It was God Himself. B. Learn to love the word, eat it. The bread of life. PROTECTION OF THE WORD XXII. Satan, with all his lies and deception will deceive many in the end times. This will be true inside and outside the church. The safety for all Christians is the Word of God. A. Sometimes, the temptation to do something outside of the word of God is so strong focusing, visualization, etc. B. We may disagree as to the interpretation of scriptures, but the real danger is to do


something that has absolutely no scriptural basis. C. Jesus warned about it in Mt. 24:23, 26. Even though there be great signs and wonders. There will be many false Christs and prophets who will do miracles. 1. If it does not align with the Word of God, don't receive it. 2. Test every prophecy. I Co. 14:32. XX. Jn. 5:8. Three agree as one upon the earth.


ANGELS MESSENGER I. Angel - a "MESSENGER OR COURIER". A man can be referred to as an angel. (David) A. An angel from God is MUCH MORE than a mere messenger. II. As messenger: To Mary, Daniel, Samson's mother (Jdg. 13:6,9), Hagar (Gen. 16:10-13); Philip (Ac. 8:26); Cornelius (Ac. 10:3). III. They come to GUIDE and CLEAR the way. A. Gen. 24:40. To FIND WIFE for Isaac. B. Ex. 23:20. Ahead of Israel. Ex. 14:19; 28:20,25; 32:34; 33:2. IV. To EXECUTE GOD'S JUDGMENTS. Sodom and Gomorrah. Gen. 19. TO DELIVER. Also delivered Lot. They have much supernatural power. A. II Sa. 24:17. Angel SMOTE the people because David sinned. B. EVIL ANGELS among Hebrew nation because of their disobedience and rebellion. Ps. 78:49. Ruling spirits sometimes called evil angels. V. Can appear as ordinary men, bright beings or as SPINNING WHEELS OF LIGHT. Ken Hagen. Eze. 1 and 2. To Abraham. A. AS MEN. Heb. 13:2. Some entertained angels unawares. B. Several categories. CHERUBIMS, SERAPHIMS, etc. VI. Can INTERCEDE for us. Zec. 1:12; 3:1-5. VII. We have a COMMON LANGUAGE. Tongue of men and angels. I Co. 13:1. Angels understand when you pray in tongues. VIII. EVERY TRUE CHURCH has an angel. Rev. 1:20. Often seen in church. Also seen as spinning wheels of light. A. They will fight alongside of the army of God. IX. Angels can do physical things. SODOM AND GOMORRAH. In II Ki. 19:35, angles smote 185,000 Assyrians. X. Ps. 91:11. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They


protect the saints. A. Angels of the Lord ENCAMPETH round about them that fear him and delivereth them. Ps. 34:7. B. JACK CHICK. Angels surrounded his house and he was unaware. When Elaine Lee, the top witch in America came with her fellow witches to destroy him, they found a ring of angels protecting his house. C. Maybe you too. D. Ps. 35:5-6. DAVID asked God for angels. E. They FIGHT for the people of God. II Ki. 6:17 (Elisha) F. They can HELP directly. Ac. 5:19; The tore open prison doors for Peter. Ac. 12:7. G. They can DESTROY. Smote Herod. Ac. 12:23. H. They can HEAL. Jn. 5:4. Pool at Bethesda. XI. They can deliver CURSES. Jdg. 5:13. To Meroz. A. They have NAMES. Michael, Gabriel. XII. Angels are all over the place, watching us. I Co. 4:9. XIII. Lk. 12:8,9. Confess our name before the angels of God. XIV. They REJOICE when one sinner repents. Lk. 15:10. XV. All the angels PRAISE God. Ps. 148:2. XVI. MANY angels. Ps. 69:17 thousands; Rev. 5:11 - thousands upon thousands; Heb. 12:22 innumerable company of angels. XVII. In the end times, angels will be used to carry out God's judgments, gather the saints, preserve God's people (Rev. 12:6); gather the evil ones and destroy them (tares). XVIII. We will fight side by side. XIX. Multitudes of angels around God's throne. Rev. 5:11. XX. During the end times, we will see angels all the time. It will be common place. They will bring destruction to the evil ones and protect God's people at the same time. THEY ARE OUR HELPERS


XXI. They are MINISTERING SPIRITS to the heirs of salvation. Heb. 1:18. The Bible does not say that we can command angels, although one day, we will judge them. A. They take direct commands from God. XXII. They are NOT TO BE WORSHIPED. Rev. 22:9. XXIII. They are FELLOW SOLDIERS. Somehow, their power is connected to the saints on earth. They cannot prevail without the praise and prayer of the saints. They are often at our services. They worship and praise along with the saints. XXIV. We ask for their help in spiritual warfare. They are all around when we do deliverance. The demons see them and cringe with fear.