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Ing, did not have any formal teaching or training through seminars or books. He was trained by God over time. The inner healing presented here may not line up with books and other publications on the subject, although some parts may. Experience plays a large part in inner healing but is possible for those who desire to become proficient in it. This manual is designed to give one insight on the subject. INNER HEALING I. The phrase INNER HEALING is TAINTED by the fact that the NEW AGE MOVEMENT has used that term to describe their system of healing or transformation, using various methods of IMAGING, FOCUSING OR VISUALIZING and also, the use of AFFIRMATIONS AND POSITIVE THINKING. A. EST, PSI and other New Age disciplines often use these methods. II. Various Christians have used words such as HEALING OF THE MEMORIES, healing deep wounds, and deep healing, etc. to promote the idea that certain deficiencies in personality, relationships and even the physical and spiritual realm are deeply seated in the mind or heart. A. In a sense, the label we use is IRRELEVANT. Perhaps CHRISTIAN INNER HEALING is sufficient. III. Christian inner healing is RELATIVELY NEW and has made few inroads in the Body of Christ. A. Nevertheless, it is a VITAL AND NEEDED MINISTRY. IV. The Bible doesnt use the words inner healing or psychiatric terms such as manic depression, bi-polar disorder, and schizophrenia, but there are MANY SCRIPTURES that talk about DEEP WOUNDS IN THE SPIRIT AND HEART and problems of the mind. A. Lk. 4:18. The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the broken hearted, etc. The captives, the bruised. Is. 61:1,3. B. Ja. 1:8. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. C. Pr. 15:13. ... by the sorrow of heart, the spirit is broken. D. Pr. 18:14. ... a broken spirit, who can bear?

E. Is. 53:3. The Savior is a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. F. Ps. 34:18. Broken-hearted; crushed in spirit. Ps. 147:3. He healeth the broken in heart and bindeth up the wounds. G. The Bible uses the word lunatick (lunatic), although in the context of evil spirits. Mt. 4:24; 17:15. V. The Bible alludes to the bringing up of children in a loving way, WITHOUT WRATH. Eph. 6:4. Supposedly, unreasonable wrath and especially rejection in its many forms can create deep-seated problems in the soul and spirit. Of course the soul contains the INTELLECT, EMOTIONS AND WILL, or what some call the personality. A. Also - Eph. 6:1-3. OBEY THY PARENTS. Not only curses, but deep seated rebellion and distrust of people in authority may be hidden deep in the heart because of REJECTION from parents. B. DISOBEDIENCE implies a REBELLIOUS NATURE. VI. While the Bible does mention the broken hearted, the bruised and crushed in spirit, it does not make mention of the SPECIFIC REMEDIES OR TECHNIQUES used by Christian inner healing practitioners, other than to point out that the Lord is the healer. A. In all that we do, we are clear that THE LORD IS THE HEALER. In Christian inner healing, the Lord Jesus Christ is the one who does the healing through His Holy Spirit. However, we do need to be careful of the techniques we use in terms of falling into occult practices of mind control. B. In addressing the question about the LACK OF SCRIPTURAL BASIS for the techniques used in Christian inner healing, it should be pointed out that GOD USES PHYSICIANS TOO. But, the Bible doesnt go into detail as to the things that physicians do in treating patients. C. The Bible doesnt mention automobiles, airplanes, computers, etc., either, but we avail ourselves freely of them without question. D. It is not to say that anything goes. We need to keep an open mind, but also to seek BIBLICAL AUTHORITY in all that we do and AVOID THE DEMONIC OR HUMANISM. INTRODUCTION I. NEVER ATTEMPT INNER HEALING BY YOURSELF if you lack the necessary depth of knowledge. Refer all severe cases to the proper professional or work along with them.

A. Never advertise that you can heal certain diseases and then receive compensation for it. In most states, it constitutes the illegal practice of medicine, psychiatry or psychology. II. This seminar does not deal with cases that are severe; i.e., those people who have been diagnosed and treated for years by PSYCHIATRISTS OR PSYCHOLOGISTS. A. Always decline cases with a LONG HISTORY of mental disorders unless you are adequately trained. B. Taking this seminar will not make you an expert. It will give you some UNDERSTANDING OF CHRISTIAN APPROACHES to healing of the spirit or emotionally and mentally bruised, but only much experience, training and anointing from God will prepare you adequately. As the saying goes, 10% inspiration; 90% perspiration. C. However, Christian inner healing is a MUCH NEEDED MINISTRY and you need not shy away from helping lower-level cases as God leads you. D. This seminar will help you COUNSEL RELATIVELY NORMAL PEOPLE who have relational and emotional problems fairly normal or frequent in society, in general. E. Nothing is impossible to God, but unless God instructs you to handle the above kinds of cases, dont do it. III. There are TWO DISTINCT AREAS of inner healing: 1) The HEALING OF DISEASES and other physical ailments through healing of the mind; 2) the healing of wounds and bruises IN THE HUMAN SPIRIT OR SOUL that affect our personalities, relationships and even our walk with God. III. The HUMAN MIND OR SOUL IS VERY POWERFUL. Watchman Nees book, The Latent Power of the Soul. ADAM, before he sinned and fell, had a prodigious mind. He could name all the creatures in the garden of Eden and take care of (dress) the garden and all in it. Gen. 2:15, 19. A. The HUMAN MIND CAN DO MIRACLES, but knowledge in the hands of a person with an evil heart will lead to disaster. The natural state of mans heart is evil and cunning. Jer. 17:9. B. WITCHES, SHAMANS and the occult use the human soul extensively to do evil - casting spells, sending spirits to create oppression, etc. C. Sometimes, what appears to be good, is actually evil. See Johanna Michaelsons book - The Beautiful Side of Evil. Therefore, use of the human mind without the Holy Spirit can lead to deception and evil. In its natural state, the soul or

mind is a servant of the FLESH OR SELF and the flesh is the playground of the Devil. D. The SPIRIT is infinitely MORE POWERFUL THAN THE SOUL. Overfocusing on soul or mind power will deprive a person of the GREATER PURITY AND POWER OF THE SPIRIT - both the new spirit man and the Holy Spirit. IV. This seminar will not focus on the power of the human mind, other than to point out how the mind can affect the body and spirit, although we may touch on it from time to time. NATURE OF THE HUMAN MIND REGARDING MEMORIES I. We can explain the human mind as a TRIANGLE for the limited purpose of delineating its separate functions. The lower nine-tenths of the triangle is the UNCONSCIOUS mind; the upper one-tenth is the SUBCONSCIOUS mind, with just the tip of the triangle called the CONSCIOUS mind. See transparency. UNCONSCIOUS MIND II. The unconscious mind contains the MEMORY of everything that has ever happened to you from birth and perhaps even before birth and after conception (as a fetus). It stores up almost everything, even while you are sleeping. A. The fact that we dont remember or CANNOT RECALL does not mean that the memory is not stored in the unconscious mind. We simply are unable to tap into it for one reason or other. B. Sometimes, PAINFUL MEMORIES ARE SUPPRESSED, but they are still in the unconscious mind. SUBCONSCIOUS MIND III. The SUBCONSCIOUS MIND contains the CONCLUSIONS, ATTITUDES, PERSPECTIVES, AGREEMENTS AND THE UNDERSTANDINGS (right or wrong) gained from the experiences we had throughout life and especially in our formative years. A. Often, these attitudes are based on incorrect conclusions. B. The lies may be PLANTED THERE BY SATAN or the natural tendencies of the human mind. C. ANY UNTRUTH IS A LIE. IV. The attitudes, etc. contained in the subconscious mind are STILL TIED IN TO THE MEMORIES IN THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND that gave rise to the attitudes.

CONSCIOUS MIND IV. The CONSCIOUS MIND is where we INTERACT WITH THE WORLD around us, including people, social circumstances and physical realities. A. HOW WE INTERACT WITH PEOPLE and the world are affected by what is stored in both our unconscious and subconscious portions of the mind. B. The HIDDEN AGREEMENTS, attitudes and conclusions in the subconscious portion of the mind color the way we see people, circumstances and things. It is like wearing pink glasses. We see everything in shades of pink. STORING UP MEMORIES I. The unconscious mind stores up all your memories, whether you recall them or not. Most of the time, you dont recall. A. EVERYTHING IS STORED UP. Dr. Wilder Penfield, a Canadian neurosurgeon, proved that everything that happened to us is stored up, including emotions, smells, physical sensations such as pain, etc. (Preface to book entitled, Im OK, Youre Okay.) Using electrodes placed on certain parts of the cerebral cortex of the brain (mostly the temporal lobes) on consenting patients, he was able to induce the memories of things long forgotten, including the smells, sounds, emotions, body sensations, physical postures, movement, color, objects, views, and even thoughts that went through the patients mind at the time. He called it an engram. See also, his book entitled, The Mystery of the Mind. B. One lady recalled standing in her crib when she was about a year old. She began singing the lyrics of a song that her aunt was singing at the time. She could not recall ever hearing that song afterwards. She could smell the food and pies baking in the oven and could feel the same emotional sensations she experienced at that time happy and light. She saw the view out the window from her crib. She was in her fifties at the time of the experiment. II. While the mind stores up countless memories indiscriminately, SOME MEMORIES ARE MORE ACUTE and exert a much LARGER INFLUENCE ON OUR BEHAVIOR than others. A. These memories are SHARP MEMORIES or PRIMARY MEMORIES of experiences which actually caused us to agree with, conclude, create an attitude or perspective which came out of the experience. III. SHARP MEMORIES (an arbitrary term) are usually memories of events that involve: (1) THREAT OF DEATH or bodily harm, loss of someone or something dear or close to you, and (2) incidents of REJECTION. These are also called TRAUMATIC EVENTS.

B. Traumatic events can sometimes be explained in terms of SURVIVAL. Anything that directly affects survival in a negative way is a threat or traumatic event. C. PEOPLE OR THINGS CLOSE TO YOU, pets or objects, that you love, can become part of your person and can also trigger a survival mode in your person. For instance, when a beloved parent, family member or a favorite pet dies or your house or favorite object burns down, is destroyed or lost, it could result in a traumatic event. IV. WHEN WE EXPERIENCE A TRAUMATIC EVENT, we often come to a conclusion, agreement, attitude or perception. Often, that untruth is placed there by the Devil. A. SOME ARE BENEFICIAL AND SOME ARE NOT. When a child touches a hot stove or pot for the first time and suffers pain, he immediately concludes that one should not touch a pot unless he knows for sure that it is not hot. It is a good conclusion. B. The child will then ACT ACCORDINGLY when he comes upon a similar situation later. C. Negative attitudes, agreements, etc. arise when a person buys the lie of the enemy or incorrect or HARMFUL CONCLUSION. For instance, a young girl is taken shopping by her mother in a large department store. She becomes lost. She is frightened and panics and cries. Someone takes her to the Lost and Found Department. Someone gives her an ice cream cone or piece of candy and she stops crying. Mother comes to claim her twenty minutes later and she is calm and seemingly unperturbed. But, meanwhile, the Devil whispers to her, Your mother doesnt love you. She has abandoned you. Youre going to die. You cannot trust her. She accepts it as truth. Later on in life, she cannot understand why she cannot draw close to her mother, has all kinds of fear and does not trust anyone. REJECTION V. REJECTION IS A TRAUMATIC EVENT because the mind perceives it as a threat to the well-being or survival of a person. A. LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE, on the other hand, affects survival positively. An enemy rejects you and is a threat; an ally accepts and joins you and helps you survive. VI. If the rejection is particularly heavy, a SECOND PERSONALITY (called an alter personality) is often formed in order for the individual to be able to survive. For instance, a young girl is abused at 10 years of age. In order to be able to operate in a normal fashion, another personality is formed. This other personality is the one who was abused. The girl matures and is 35 years of age. However, she often reverts back to being a 10 year old in terms of emotions and reactions. Many men also act like little boys at times.

A. We will discuss ALTER PERSONALITIES later. LIES OF THE DEVIL I. CONCLUSIONS, ATTITUDES, AGREEMENTS, OPINIONS, vows, judgments and perceptions created as a direct result of the traumatic event are stored up in what we arbitrarily call the sub-conscious mind. A. These conclusions, attitudes, agreements, opinions, vows, judgments and perceptions can be PLANTED in our subconscious mind BY SATAN. B. Often, it is only the natural reaction of the human mind. However, Satan will take advantage of the negative attitude and reinforce it with demons that continue to bombard the mind with negative confirmations. II. Jn. 8:44. Ye are of your father the devil, ... He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. A. Once the lie is believed or agreed with, the person often lives the rest of his life according to that lie. HE IS BOUND BY SATAN. B. It is a way to cope with traumatic events and may also result in MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES or other personalities in a person. Frank and Ida Mae Hammond (Pigs in the Parlor) claim that rejection always creates at least one other personality. Martha #1 is the primary personality, and Martha #2 or another personality that has assumed a different name could be the result. HOW LIES CONTROL YOUR BEHAVIOR AND THOUGHTS III. How the CONSCIOUS MIND reacts and relates to people and events is influenced and even directly and strongly affected by the conclusions, attitudes, agreements, opinions, vows, judgments and perceptions that are stored in the subconscious mind. A. These attitudes are PUT INTO ACTION AUTOMATICALLY and without any conscious effort or even recognition on the part of the person reacting to people and the world. Events, words or even objects will trigger off certain reactions - like a computer press a certain button and you get the same reaction each time. B. If a child concluded that mother doesnt love her, she will often live her entire life not trusting her mother and rejecting any attempt by mother to show love or affection. She will question and doubt the sincerity of her mother and reject her mothers love time after time. TRUE EXAMPLE: A woman spends her entire adulthood fighting with her parents. Her parents are loving people and have taken good care of her, yet she does not trust them, has a poor relationship with them and cannot stand

being around them for too long. She is 45 years of age. As we asked Jesus to show her what happened in the past, she suddenly remembers that at 4 years of age, her father punished her by placing her on top of the house roof all afternoon and until 11 p.m. She recalls screaming and crying, frightened at the dark, at falling and dying and despite her many calls to her mother, her mother did not come to rescue her. What did the devil tell you? I asked. I hate my mother and father. I hate my mother for not rescuing me. They dont love me - they hate me and want to kill me. I dont trust them. When we renounced the lies, her entire attitude and outlook towards her parents changed instantly. We called out the spirits of rejection, lies, hatred for parents, distrust, etc. She now has a normal relationship with them. IV. OTHER TRUE EXAMPLES: A young woman got sick every CHRISTMAS since she was five years old. When we asked Jesus to show her what happened, she recalled sitting in her living room at five years of age. She saw a Christmas tree and her parents running around preparing for a party that night. She cried because they forgot to feed her lunch and vomited on her dress. Her aunt ran over to her, kissed her and said, You poor thing. We forgot to feed you lunch. She was given some really nice food and ice cream and her father took her riding in his brand-new car. What did the devil tell you? I asked. Its good to get sick. People will love you. We renounced that lie and she never got sick on Christmas for as long as I know. A. An elderly woman (a widow) became ill and ended up in the HOSPITAL three or four times a year. Doctors couldnt find anything wrong. When we asked Jesus to show us what happened, she remembered that when she was in the hospital at 6 years of age, to take out her tonsils, everybody came to visit her and she felt loved. Every time she felt lonely or unloved, she would get sick enough to go to the hospital. Thats the only time her children came to visit her. When she renounced the lie, her unexplained sicknesses went away. B. An elderly man wore a HEARING AID. Jesus showed him that when he was 12 years old he heard his father yelling at his mother and calling her a whore. I dont want to hear this! I dont want to hear this! he remember saying. Went deaf from that time on - at 12 years of age. He was 50 years old. When the vow and lie was renounced, his hearing came back. C. A HUSBAND DIVORCED HIS WIFE. She couldnt stand her husbands and whenever he tried to get close to her, she pushed him away and was cold to him. Yet, she admitted that he was the nicest guy she knew. Jesus showed her that when she was young, her best friend stole her things and she concluded that she couldnt trust anyone. That lie caused her coldness and divorce. D. A GIRL IN MALAYSIA was dying of anorexia nervosa. When she was two, her parents gave her to her maternal grandmother to raise. They could not afford the fifth child. Jesus took her back to when she was four. Her grandmother scolded her and told she had been abandoned by her parents because she ate too much. The devil told her that if she ate too much, she would be abandoned again. When her parents

came to pick her up at age 10, she couldnt eat for two years and almost died. When the lie was renounced she could eat immediately and in six months had returned to normal. RECALLING THE TRAUMA I. It is important to EXPOSE THE LIES OF THE ENEMY or those put in by the natural machinations of the human mind. A. Whenever a counselee says something that is untrue, you need to stop and expose the lie and then have the counselee RENOUNCE IT. For instance,My parents didnt love me because they got divorced. It is usually totally untrue. Investigate it. II. The conclusions, attitudes, agreements, opinions, vows, judgments and perceptions are still tied to the traumatic incident and can be EXPOSED WHEN THE TRAUMATIC INCIDENT IS RECALLED. A. Counsel the person and ask him WHAT HIS SPECIFIC PROBLEM IS if you dont know - fear of men? women? No friends? Broken relationships? Sickness? Divorces? Rejection? Anger? B. Have the person CONCENTRATE ON THEIR PARTICULAR PROBLEM by asking them to recall the last time the anger or feeling of rejection occurred. Have them concentrate on the hurt emotions and how they felt at the time. C. Pray and ASK JESUS TO BRING BACK THE MEMORY. Very often, the person recalls the traumatic incident right away. D. These traumatic incidences usually take place between the ages of 2 and 14, but occasionally take place later in life. II. If the traumatic incident is not recalled instantly, the person may be UNCONSCIOUSLY SUPPRESSING IT because of the hurt, sometimes for years. A. Memories of traumatic incidents will include objects at the scene, people, emotions and physical sensations. Sometimes, memory recall is of a seemingly irrelevant object such as a pair of large cotton dice hanging from a rear-view mirror. Turns out that the incident involved a bad automobile accident and the dice was in the car at the time. B. It may help to have the person CONCENTRATE ON THE EMOTION or feeling connected to his anger, sadness, fear, etc. C. EMOTIONS ARE EXPRESSED IN THE PHYSICAL BODY - tightness in the chest, sore heart, tingling in the hands, stiff neck or shoulders, etc. As the person

locates and concentrates on that physical sensation, the MEMORY WILL OFTEN SURFACE. III. Have the person DESCRIBE THE MEMORY, STEP BY STEP: Where are you? How old are you? What room in the house? Where in the room? What time of the day? Dark or light? Who is in the room with you? Who else? What is happening? Who is saying what? What is happening next? A. AVOID RELATIVE TERMS OR CONCLUSIONS such as My father was angry, or Everybody ignored me. Stick to the facts and events, such as My father yelled at me and his face was red, or My sister walked into the next room and my mother looked the other way when I was screaming in fear. IV. Next, ask, What did you conclude at that time? What did you tell yourself? What did you agree to? Did you make a vow? What else? A. WHAT JUDGMENT did you make about him or her? B. What RAN THROUGH YOUR MIND? C. What agreement did you make with yourself about your mother? D. You said something to yourself at that time. What was it? V. Invariably, A NEGATIVE ATTITUDE WILL COME OUT OF THE INCIDENT; such as, You cant trust anyone. They will stab you in the back. I hate my mother or father. People you love will abandon you. Im going to die. A. Its good to get sick. People will love and care for you. B. I have to act tough in order to survive. C. Etc. VI. When the person is through, have him RENOUNCE THE LIES OF THE ENEMY. Explain that it is a lie. Pray with him, having him repeat after you, I renounce the lies of the devil. It is not true that you cannot trust anyone. I can trust people. It is not true that I hate my mother or father. I love them and they love me. It is not true that my best friends will desert me. Etc. VII. After renouncing the lies of the devil, FILL THE EMPTY PLACES WITH POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS OF TRUTH. A. Jesus said, I will never leave you nor forsake you. Heb. 13:5. B. Lo, I am with you alway, even until the end of the world. Mt. 28:20.

C. Nothing can separate you from my love. Ro. 8:38, 39. D. I knew you before the foundations of the world and I predestined you to be my child by adoption. You are a princess - the daughter of the King (or prince - the son of the King). Eph. 1:4,5. E. I am loved. I deserve to be loved. People do love me. I am admired. I deserve to be admired. I am capable of loving others and God. God loves me and I can love God. VIII. Explain that Jesus is God and GOD IS OMNIPOTENT - everywhere at the same time; that he was there when the traumatic incident took place. He couldnt stop everything because He gave us freedom to choose and the sins of the fathers and our own sins can bring curses and bad things to us. But, Jesus was there protecting you from further harm and loving you. Thats why youre still here. A. Ask Jesus to wipe out the bad memory and all that is connected with it and then instruct the person to close his or her eyes and GO BACK TO THE MEMORY and look for Jesus. B. Pause and then ASK IF THEY CAN SEE JESUS THERE. Sometimes, they see Jesus as a person, sometimes as a light, sometimes as a presence. If not, ask them to turn around and they will see Him behind them. If they still cannot see Jesus, pray again and ask Jesus to show them his presence and love. C. When they affirm that they see Jesus, tell them to RUN TO JESUS and let Him hug them and love them. They will often cry and then end up smiling. Healing is taking place. D. If they cannot see Jesus even after giving them ample time, just MOVE ON to the next step. It is not necessary to push the issue. IX. Have them OPEN THEIR EYES AND THEN CLOSE THEM AGAIN after about five seconds. Ask them to go back to the memory. Most of the time, they will not be able to recall the traumatic incident. If they do, it is beginning to fade. Ask them to open their eyes and then close it again. GO BACK TO THE MEMORY. In most cases, they will not be able to remember after the second time. If not, repeat this step until the memory is gone. B. When Jesus heals the mind and heart, he will erase the memory along with the negative emotions and attitudes. However, some habits are deeply entrenched and there may be a need to HELP THE PERSON FORM NEW HABITS AND RESPONSES, now that the compulsion is gone. X. If the person was NOT ABLE TO SEE JESUS IN THE MEMORY, pray with them

and ask Jesus to come into the room and put his arms around the person and just love them. A. Sometimes, it helps to either hug and hold the person yourself and/or other persons in the room, if any. LET LOVE COMPLETE THE HEALING. XI. Lastly, CALL OUT ANY DEMON that may be connected to the lies. Usually, rejection, hatred of mother or father, distrust, self-hatred, shame, embarrassment, fear of abandonment, fear of death, grief, sorrow, fear of exposure, etc. are involved. A. Quite often, after renouncing the lies of the enemy, the person falls to the floor without coaching and STARTS COUGHING OUT SPIRITS. You dont have to say anything or lay hands. When you take away the lies of the enemy, the devils connected to the lies must leave. B. Sometimes, there are NO DEMONS CONNECTED TO THE LIES and it was just an automatic function of the human mind to protect itself. HEALING THE WOUNDS OF BROKEN OR DAMAGED RELATIONSHIPS I. Parts of our human behavior are sometimes connected to relationships we have never completed or things we have never done which we need to do. A. We are often STUCK ON THINGS WE NEVER COMPLETED. The human mind often wrestles with problems not yet solved, even during sleep. Same with broken or damaged relationships. B. SOME PEOPLE CLING TO BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS FOR DECADES like a woman who was deeply in love with a man who broke up with her and married another woman. Twenty years later, she is still unmarried and thinking of him constantly, while he is now a grandfather and has all but forgotten her. C. MY OWN FATHER died suddenly of a heart attack. He died when I was 18 years old and my life changed forever. I had been accepted to the University of Michigan Medical School and could not go because his death meant no money and my dreams of being a doctor were dashed. Although it wasnt his fault and I never held it against him, the suddenness of his death never gave me the opportunity to tell him I loved him. For over 15 years I dreamt of him almost every week or so and thought of him from time to time. When I learned how to complete my relationship with him, I never dreamt of him again. II. We are often HURT BY CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS in our lives, such as parents, relatives, friends. We were not in a position to speak our minds and our hearts to them. They are now either dead, unreachable or it would not benefit anyone to speak out now. Often, it is TOO LATE TO CONFRONT OR SPEAK to those who hurt us because it would only cause more problems.

A. But, WHAT WE HAVE NOT SAID IS STUCK IN OUR HEART AND MIND. There are things we wished we had said or expressed that were never said or expressed. There are emotions which have never been released. Our minds continue to be haunted by these things and to be bothered and tormented subconsciously. WE LIVE THEM OVER AND OVER IN OUR MIND. We need to let God have them. B. Sometimes, PHYSICAL AILMENTS are stuck in our failed or incomplete relationships. A pastor I counseled had a bad back for over 15 years until he completed his relationship with his father. Every week he had to have a massage or other form of therapy for his back. Hed wake up with a migraine headache several times a week and with depression. When Jesus allowed him to complete his relationship with his father, the back pains, headaches and depression disappeared instantly and never came back. C. Often, OUR ATTITUDES AND EMOTIONS (SUCH AS ANGER) ARE CONNECTED TO INCOMPLETE RELATIONSHIPS. Once we are able to release it to God, these attitudes and emotions disappear. D. A PASTOR came to me in secret about a problem with anger. Although he was a good man of God, anger and frustration would rise up at home and he would yell at his family and do other things that embarrassed him. He was in his late 40's and could not receive relief even after years of prayer. As he spoke, the word UNFAIRNESS came to me and when I asked him, he began to weep. He was raised by a step-father who picked on him and showed him no love. On his own children (the pastors half-brothers and sisters), however, he heaped all his love. Because the pastor was 11 years older, he did most of the work on the farm while the others had life easier. When the pastor was able to speak to his dead step-father through Jesus, all of his anger and frustrations instantly disappeared. His wife received a brand-new husband through Jesus. THE PROCEDURE: III. Jesus is the one who can help you heal your damaged or incomplete relationships by taking the message to the person you need to talk to. A. Find a relatively isolated room or place where people are not likely to hear you or disturb you for at least thirty minutes. B. Pray and ASK JESUS TO COME INTO THE ROOM and sit in the chair opposite you. Ask Jesus to sit in the place of the person you need to talk to and allow you to speak to Him as if He is actually the person you need to talk to. C. TELL JESUS EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO TELL THE PERSON YOU NEED TO TALK TO - just as if that person is actually sitting opposite you. Yell, scream, cry, sob, whatever you need to do. Tell him everything in your heart and mind everything. End up telling the person that you forgive him or her, that you love him and that he can go now. Let him go.

D. Ask Jesus to TAKE THE MESSAGE TO THE PERSON, whether dead or alive. Notice - this is not necromancy because we are talking to Jesus, not the dead person. III. Ive seen people healed of various ailments because they completed their relationships. Anger, bitterness, hatred, no love, feelings of unfairness, rejection, heaviness, gloom, depression and the like frequently DISAPPEAR AUTOMATICALLY. A. Often, the very next morning, the person who Jesus represented will call and ask forgiveness and give love. ONE WOMAN HADNT TALKED TO HER SISTER FOR 15 YEARS because of a family feud. Within two hours after talking to her sister through Jesus, her sister called on the telephone, asking for forgiveness and giving her love. Her sister lived 2,000 miles away. True story. B. Another case involved a young woman whose PARENTS HAD DIVORCED YEARS BEFORE. The father never called her since the divorce. She had married and was pregnant. She asked Jesus to sit in front of her and represent her father. Among other things, she told her father through Jesus, How come you never call me to ask how I am or how my baby is coming along? Next morning, her father called and asked her the identical questions. Another true story. C. Jesus will actually deliver the message directly into the spirit of the other person and bring HEALING TO BOTH SIDES. UNATTAINABLE GOALS IV. Often a person finds it difficult to be happy in life because of unreachable goals SET FOR HIM BY EITHER HIS PARENTS OR HIMSELF. A. Through Jesus, ask the other person to release you from unfair or unattainable goals or ambitions. That person will receive the message and will often call out of nowhere to release you. B. Sometimes, you need to talk to Jesus and ask Him to help you RELEASE YOURSELF FROM UNREASONABLE GOALS. OTHER WAYS THE MIND COPES I. The HUMAN MIND IS A WONDROUS THING. When very hurtful situations occur, it will CREATE MECHANISMS that will help you continue to live outside of and beyond those hurts that would otherwise cripple your emotions and well-being. A. Some of these mechanisms involve: the CREATION OF OTHER PERSONALITIES (sometimes multiple personalities), amnesia (temporary or long-

term), transference, avoidance, catatonia. B. Since I am not a psychiatrist or professional, I cannot tell you all - only some, or even adequately define or explain these things in professional terms. C. Therefore, we will stick to basics and to Gods definitions as He has revealed to us. II. These mechanisms usually kick in when there are either hurts too severe to live with, or IRRECONCILABLE PROBLEMS THAT CANNOT BE SOLVED. Often, conflicting beliefs or solutions that create other predicaments make problems difficult or impossible to solve. A. A young girl is raped or sexually molested by someone in the family. She cannot reveal it because of shame or guilt or because it would cause division between her and others. Therefore, she says nothing. Even if it is revealed at the time, the shame and hurt are so great that she can only survive and function in the present by denying that it ever happened. Very often, that DENIAL can take the form of amnesia where she has no memory of it or suppression of the memories of the traumatic events, or she can create another personality apart from her main personality. She can then live on because the rape or sexual molestation happened to the other person and not to her. B. Depending on the intelligence of the person and the number and severity of trauma, a person can literally CREATE MANY DIFFERENT PERSONALITIES (multiple personalities, often called alter personalities) within herself. C. The problem is that the alter or other personalities CAN POP UP FROM TIME TO TIME and take over the main personality. Unexpected things or events can bring the other personality to the surface. Often, the main person has blank spaces in his life where he cannot remember what happened. Sometimes, entire days or weeks are missing from memory. Forgetfulness is a sign of multiple personalities. D. More often, the emotions connected to the alter personality will surface and then subside. The person will act in a manner totally unnatural for him or her. E. Multiple personalities create problems not only for the person himself, but for those around him. III. SEVERE REJECTION almost always creates another personality. See Pigs in the Parlor, by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond, where both claim that at times of severe rejection, another personality is almost always formed.



I. The MORE INTELLIGENT A PERSON IS, the more probability that other personalities are created, although almost everyone is capable of doing it unconsciously. II. Personalities that are created to cope with lifes problems are usually STUCK AT THE AGE OR TIME HE OR SHE WAS CREATED. If a child was ten years old when his parents when through a difficult divorce and the child was traumatized, the other personality will always be ten years old IN TERMS OF EMOTIONS AND RESPONSES. A. Grown men will revert back to LITTLE BOYS EMOTIONS AND RESPONSES at times, although at other times, they seem quite mature and rational. III. Sometimes, a simple question such as, Is there another personality here? or Is there another Judy living in this woman? will bring a quick response such as, Yes or Im here. A. At that stage, you could enter into a conversation with the alter personality to uncover the hurts and the conclusions, attitudes and perceptions being held by the other personality. You need to deal directly with this second personality and heal it. IV. If the person being counseled became a Christian in later life, the other personality may actually have no knowledge of Jesus Christ and may not be saved. Do you know who Jesus is? No! A. It is often necessary to PREACH TO THE OTHER PERSONALITY and bring that personality into salvation. V. The other personality MAY HAVE AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT NAME or even be of another gender. A boys personality can live in a girl and vice versa. A. Often, they will respond by giving their name. If not, give them a name - Judy #2, for instance. VI. BRING JESUS INTO THE PICTURE AS QUICKLY AND OFTEN AS YOU CAN by praying and asking Jesus to come into the situation. A. A childlike personality is often filled with SADNESS AND FEAR. At that juncture, read the Bible and show the child that Jesus loves her or him, will never leave them. B. Read scriptures about forgiveness and ask the other personality to forgive the person who rejected or harmed her. C. Pray to break any curse of unforgiveness.

D. Ask the child personality to pray with you and ask forgiveness from God for their own sins. E. Speak truth and affirmations of love from God and people into the childlike personality. Assure and take away fear. F. Whenever the other personality says something that is a lie, address it immediately. Point out that it is not true. However, use wisdom and discernment. VII. If possible, ask Judy #2 to speak to Judy #1. Tell Judy #1 (the main personality) that Judy #2 has forgiven and there is no more need for Judy #2 to protect Judy #1. Ask Judy #1 if she would like to merge with Judy #2. A. Pray with Judy #1 and ask her to ask Judy #2 for forgiveness for not realizing that Judy #2 existed and for ignoring her. Have Judy #1 tell Judy #2 that she loves Judy #2 and wants to merge with her. Thank-you Judy #2 for protecting me all these years. I dont need you to protect me anymore. B. Go back and talk to Judy #2. Say, Judy #2, I want to talk to you right now. You heard Judy #1. She wants you to forgive her and merge with her. Do you forgive her? Would you like to merge with her? When she nods yes, pray and ask Jesus to come and merge the two personalities. The results could be dramatic. Ive had people fly backwards and fall to the ground. They later claimed to have seen a bright light come and could actually feel a joining and peace. DELIVERANCE I. SOMETIMES, A PERSON NEEDS DELIVERANCE; sometimes, a person needs inner healing; sometimes, a person needs both; and sometimes a person needs neither. II. There have been times when I was using pure inner healing and helping a person get in touch with a suppressed memory and then renouncing the lies of the devil, when the person would suddenly fall on the ground and demons would manifest and come out with nothing more from me. A. Demons will come out without laying on of hands, prayer or other deliverance methods, simply because the lies which allowed them to enter have been renounced. B. Ive done inner healing and afterwards, people would suddenly start coughing, dry-heaving and vomiting on the other side of the room, with no one even close to them. The anointing cast out the devils who came in because of the lies of the devil. C. It is also possible that demons will come out without any visible manifestations.


D. I had people who testified that demons were coming out WHILE THEY WERE SLEEPING. One wife woke up in the middle of the night and saw shadows and shapes like snakes and black blobs coming out of her husbands mouth as he was coughing, sighing and opening his mouth. After a while, he awoke and told his wife that he was dreaming that demons were leaving him. A CASE OF CATATONIA I. I once went to pray for a girl with catatonia in a remote northern region of the PHILIPPINES. The girl was raised by her older brother in Manila, the capital city, and when she graduated from high school, went to work in a factory. She totally hated the job, but when she quit, her older brother was furious. She went back to the factory but after two weeks she quit again and ran away to her mothers home up north. She had insomnia for two weeks and then went into a trance-like state - staring into space, not speaking or eating and just sitting and staring at the wall all day. She was like that for over two months. She had to be cared for like a baby. The parents were superstitious and called in all kinds of witch doctors, then Catholic priests and then Protestant priests to pray for her, believing that she was possessed by devils or under a spell. They couldnt do anything. She tried very hard to respond to her name and to talk, but couldnt speak or communicate. She just couldnt come out of it. When I heard the story, I had her brother and parents speak to her, telling her that she could quit her job and that they loved her and she didnt have to work in the factory, that she was forgiven. We prayed together and asked Jesus to reach into her mind and to tell these things to her for us. Within a short time, she came out of it. A. Sometimes, when there are IRRECONCILABLE PROBLEMS, the human mind will go into at state of catatonia - out of reality. The person cannot get out of it, even when they try - like being in a coma. They can hear everything, but cannot respond. B. In this case, the girl had two irreconcilable problems: (1) she totally hated her job and wanted to quit; (2) she loved her brother and was deeply indebted to him for raising her and her brother didnt want her to quit. If she quit, she was being disobedient and ungrateful. If she did not quit, she felt she would die at her job. The factory was super cold because they processed frozen foods and the people were cruel and rude to her. She could not solve one problem without creating another. A CASE OF DEPRESSION I. A YOUNG MOTHER OF THREE was in depression for a few months. She would not eat, cried all the time, refused to talk and could do no work. A. Many people prayed for her and counseled her, but got nowhere. II. I was asked to pray for her. I found out that she had recently become a Christian.

She constantly looked at the floor. The husband claimed that she was ashamed of something, but he didnt know what. She cried all the time, couldnt work, was depressed and would not speak. A. The Holy Spirit led me to ask if she had a MISCARRIAGE, STILLBORN INFANT OR ABORTION. She had an abortion before she became a Christian. The Holy Spirit also told me that the aborted child was a male. B. I informed the woman and her husband that the aborted child was a boy. She began to weep. I asked them to give the boy a name. Then, I prayed and informed the spirit of the child that his name was --. I acknowledged that the child was part of the family and told him that his mother and father loved him and didnt know what they were doing when he was aborted. They asked forgiveness from him and God. Do you forgive your parents? The parents felt forgiveness from the child and God. I asked God to send angels to pick up the spirit of the child and take him to heaven where his parents would join him one day. C. The woman instantly CAME OUT OF THE DEPRESSION and began smiling and talking. She had been suffering from shame and guilt after she was told that abortion was murder. She could not sleep and eat after that. Now, God set her free. D. Not all cases of depression are the same. POWER OF THE MIND I. THE HUMAN MIND IS VERY POWERFUL. Witches and shamans know this and use the power of suggestion to heal people and to even kill them. A. In some cultures, the belief system of people is strong enough to create an unconscious agreement with witches so that certain results will occur. For instance, if the people in that area believe that if a certain witchcraft object is placed at your front steps, someone in the house will die in three days, the agreement in their minds will actually cause it to happen. B. It is necessary to BREAK SUCH CULTURAL AGREEMENTS in order to close the door against the enemy. C. There is POWER IN AGREEMENT - good or bad. Agree with the devil and his lies, and youre cursed. Agree with God and youre blessed. D. AGREEMENT IS THE SOURCE OF POWER. Many scriptures about unity and agreement. Amos 3:3; Ps. 133; De. 32:30; Mt. 18:19. Tower of Babel. Gen. 11:1,6. II. As pointed out in Watchman Nees book, the HUMAN MIND IS VERY POWERFUL, but the possibilities for evil use of its powers is also very probable.

A. Much wealth and power can be had through the use of the human mind through meditation, focusing, etc.; but, all of it can be AGAINST THE WILL OF GOD. B. God doesnt often use the power of the mind to do things. The HOLY SPIRIT IS ALL THAT WE NEED. III. However, knowledge of how the human mind is able to create things is useful in terms of helping people who have inadvertently tapped into the latent power of the human mind. The power of the mind can be used for both good or bad. A. Actual case: A girl of 14 LIVED ON A FARM on an outer island. When she completed eighth grade, she had to leave her home by herself to live with an aunt on the main island to attend high school. She dreaded it and didnt want to leave her idyllic life, but had no choice. Two days before she was to leave home, she was walking down a country road and saw her neighbors horse in the pasture. She had ridden this horse many times. She called the horse who trotted to her side. She jumped on the horse. Something spooked the horse and it reared up. The girl fell and broke her leg. She could not leave home for another year. Five years later, she graduates from high school and was to travel in two days to California to attend the University of Southern California. She really didnt want to leave. Two days before she was to leave, she suddenly decides to go horse-back riding, which she hadnt done in five years. She went to a riding stable, rented a horse. Something spooked the horse and she fell down and broke the same leg. She was forced to stay home for one year. Did her mind actually create the circumstances which led to the same result? When she was able to see what was happening, she was able to break the cycle of agreement her mind had created. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE HEALED? I. In John 5:2-15, Jesus comes to the pool called Bethesda where lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving the water. Every so often, a healing angel would stir up the water and the first to go into the water would be healed. A man had been lame for 38 years. V. 5. Jesus says to the man, Do you want to be healed? A. At first glance, it is a strange question to ask. The man was obviously lame and there to seek healing. B. The man answered in the affirmative. Jesus healed him. II. Many sick people want to get healed consciously, but unconsciously dont want to be healed. They go to doctors for a long time and are not healed, or they are prayed over for years and are not healed. A. God will not heal PEOPLE WHO UNCONSCIOUSLY OR

SUBCONSCIOUSLY dont want healing. III. TRUE EXAMPLE. A TRUCK DRIVER had a sore back for over 18 months. Came from his doctors office to see me. Do you want to get healed? I asked. Of course, he said. Lets play a stupid game, I told him. He agreed after a while. Give me a good reason why you should have a sore back. I dont have to clean the yard. Give me another reason. I dont have to drive my car, shop, help my wife, lift anything, go to parties and dinners I dont want, people pity me, I can watch TV all day, etc. I kept asking him for more answers until he couldnt reply any more. A. Now give me some good reasons why you should be healed. It hurts, Im stuck at home, I cannot travel, etc. I kept asking him for more reasons until he couldnt think of any. B. Are you willing to be healed? Yes. Then be healed in Jesus name. HE WAS HEALED INSTANTLY. IV. The human mind can actually CREATE ILLNESSES and even kill the body because it derives some kind of BENEFIT FROM IT. When the benefits are overridden by reasons why healing should take place, healing does take place. FOCUSING, IMAGING AND VISIONING I. Focusing, imaging and visioning are terms used to describe a technique in which one imagines a certain result or thing happening on a consistent and persistent basis - say, for weeks at a time. A. It has some negative connotations because certain forms of WITCHCRAFT, SHAMANISM AND THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT often use the technique to bring about certain results. II. The OCCULT USE IT TO HEAL PEOPLE and to manipulate other desired results. A. The New Age Movement also uses it extensively to bring about certain results, not only to heal, but to attain riches, popularity and favor from people. III. It is very powerful, but many shy away from it because of its CONNECTION TO WITCHCRAFT. IV. As we explained earlier, a second reason for shunning this technique is the fact that certain authors such as Watchman Nee claim that the unbridled use of the human mind outside of the Holy Spirit is a dangerous thing.

V. Certain Christian practitioners such as Agnes Sanford, claim that it is a powerful tool in conjunction with prayer, citing many miraculous results. A. Since it also works without prayer and for non-Christians, there is some hesitation about using focusing, imaging and visioning among Christians. VI. Certain NON-CHRISTIAN HEALERS use imaging to help cancer patients. A basic technique is to image three times a day, that the white corpuscles in the body are actually knights in shiny, white armor who are battling cancer cells. As the knights fight against the cancer cells, they use their swords to cut the cancer cells into pieces and destroy them. A. SIMILAR IMAGING TECHNIQUES are also used against tumors and many other ailments. B. While the technique may have some success, the danger is in doing things which are not biblical or generated by the Holy Spirit, and opening up the mind to demonic invasion. VII. Some Christian practitioners of this technique claim that it is the Holy Spirit doing the work and the imaging portion is just to RAISE THE LEVEL OF FAITH in the patient. A. The same is true if one prays for someone who is unconscious, but it is the faith of the prayer warrior that is given a boost. B. Heb. 11:1 is the scripture invariably used. While faith is the evidence of things not seen in the physical yet, faith sees the results first in the mind or heart. C. Since this technique works even for non-Christians, it is often argued that faith works for non-Christians as well as Christians or that the human mind itself is the source of well-being and physical health and that there is no hocus-pocus involved. VIII. Since this lecturer is not totally convinced either way, he will not teach focusing, imaging and visioning, except to explain what it is, because the subject will often come up whenever inner healing is discussed. PART II- ADVANCED INNER HEALING DELIVERANCE AND INNER HEALING - WHEN TO USE I. Some cases require deliverance; some require inner healing only; some require both; some require neither. A. Important to know and discern when and how to apply deliverance and/or

inner healing, both or none at all. II. If inner healing alone is required, sometimes deliverance is harmful and vice versa. III. DELIVERANCE DEALS WITH DEMONS; INNER HEALING DEALS WITH STRONGHOLDS of the enemy in the mind. A. II Co. 10:3-5. IV. Sometimes, strongholds in the mind INVOLVE DEMONS AND SOMETIMES NOT. A. Sometimes is it JUST THE HURTS AND TRAUMA that cause a persons mind to do whatever is necessary to PROTECT ITSELF. V. ONE OF THE MAIN FUNCTIONS OF THE HUMAN MIND is to help the person to survive. A. In order to survive, the MIND DOES MANY THINGS TO AVOID HURTS AND TRAUMA so that the main or core person can survive in the world. Protects the self. B. For instance, AMNESIA, forgetfulness, transference, delusion, catatonia, hallucinations, multiple personalities, schizophrenia, paranoia, depression, anxiety. C. DEMONS MAY OR MAY NOT BE INVOLVED. It could be just the minds natural protective mechanisms. D. Deliverance is inappropriate and even harmful where a persons condition is caused by stresses. When demons do not come out, ministers often accuse the person of not having enough faith, not cooperating, not reading the word, etc. They place blame and stress on the counselee and exacerbate his condition. E. If it is demonic and only inner healing is applied, the demons are still there and the condition does not improve. F. Sometimes, both deliverance and inner healing should be applied as in cases where a person has bought the lies of the devil and demons came in to support the lies. G. At other times, neither deliverance nor inner healing is appropriate because the person has a chemical imbalance, tumor, etc. VI. There are MANY THEORIES about why a person has SCHIZOPHRENIA, etc. Some claim that it is a CHEMICAL IMBALANCE. Other claim that it is INHERITED - in the genes. Others - in the family because of PREDISPOSITION TO HAVE CHEMICAL IMBALANCE. Still others - because of OUTSIDE CONDITIONS AND ENVIRONMENT. A. NO ONE REALLY KNOWS and its PROBABLY A COMBINATION or perhaps TRUE IN ONE CASE and not true in another.

VII. The BIBLE GIVES MANY INSTANCES OF MENTAL PROBLEMS. In the Old Testament, KING SAUL was PARANOID AND SCHIZOPHRENIC. Probably MANIC DEPRESSIVE (BI-POLAR). A. Also - NEBUCHADNEZZAR. Da. 4:33. VIII. There is such a thing as a LUNATIC SPIRIT. Mt. 4:24; Mt. 17:15. A. But MOST OF THE PROBLEMS we see today are NOT THAT BAD so that we can call people lunatic with a lunatic spirit. B. NOT ALL MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS ARE DEMONICALLY CAUSED. Some are C. VERY OFTEN, even if a few demons are involved, the ROOT PROBLEM is in healing the HEART AND MIND. D. Sometimes, it is a matter of chemical deficiency. IX. Therefore, SOMETIMES, DELIVERANCE NEEDED, SOMETIMES INNER HEALING; SOMETIMES BOTH; SOMETIMES NONE. A. Often, it is a matter of WHEN TO CAST OUT DEVILS and WHEN TO PRAY FOR INNER HEALING. X. Because the SYMPTOMS ARE SO MUCH ALIKE, it takes DISCERNMENT FROM GOD and WISDOM to know what is demonic and what is not. XI. Very often, if a person thinks it is only demons, they make the matter worse. SURVIVAL I. It helps to know a few things about the human mind, so that you dont go around thinking that there is no hope or that youre about to lose it. A. For instance, HEARING VOICES COULD COME FROM DIFFERENT SOURCES: God, Satan or your own mind. II. GOD CAN TALK TO YOU IN A VOICE, but He never says things to embarrass you, take away your testimony or do something that is contrary to the Bible. A. When He speaks, HE USES THE SCRIPTURES because He is the Living Word and the Bible is written through Him. IF IT DOESNT LINE UP WITH THE BIBLE, IT IS NOT GOD.

B. If it is an ANGRY VOICE, IT IS NOT GOD. God can be angry, but HE NORMALLY SPEAKS LOVE. The Fathers voice is like all the storms in the world; Jesus voice is like a trumpet. But both are in heaven and rarely speak on earth. They leave it up to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes in a SMALL, STILL VOICE you can hardly hear. C. IF IT DOESNT COME IN LOVE, ITS PROBABLY NOT GOD. That leaves Satan or your mind. III. DEMONS ARE ARROGANT, FILLED WITH HATRED for you and love to control. They USE FEAR and YELL ALL THE TIME. A. They WANT TO CONTROL YOU. Therefore, they will START OFF REAL NICE, but GROW UGLY after a while. IV. GOD DOESNT HAVE TO TALK TO YOU IN A VOICE. He can talk to you through the Bible, through circumstances, through other people, through your thought (real softly) or right into your spirit. You know that you know that you know. Pressing down on your spirit or lifting up. A. Tell God to TALK TO YOU IN YOUR SPIRIT ONLY and then STOP ACCEPTING VOICES as coming from God. B. The Holy Spirit gives us THE RIGHT TO TEST EVERY SPIRIT, including Him. I Jn. 4:1. Its biblical. DONT BE AFRAID TO TEST THE VOICES. Ask them if they believe that Jesus is the Son of God, come in the flesh, lived a sinless life, etc. C. IF THEY DONT PASS THE TEST, REFUSE TO LISTEN TO THEM, rebuke them. V. If its your mind, then it could be a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it starts off with A DESIRE TO HEAR VOICES - GOD. A. Often, from HEAVY REJECTION AND TRAUMA which causes a person to START TO LIVE OUTSIDE OF REALITY AND MORE INTO FANTASY. B. If the voices are not from God or Satan, THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE VOICES, it is only the outward symptoms. THE ROOT LIES SOMEWHERE IN THE PAST and like a tree, we need to get down to the roots. VI. If it is because of your own mind, THE VOICES ARE JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG. INNER REALITY


I. Sometimes, VOICES ARE PART OF WHAT WE CALL AN INNER REALITY. The real world is so traumatic and filled with stresses, that some PEOPLE ESCAPE REALITY BY FANTASIZING AND DAY-DREAMING. We all do that, but when reality becomes too painful, our minds sometimes escapes through fantasy or an inner world. A. WHEN THE HURTS THAT GAVE RISE TO THE ESCAPE MECHANISM IS SO HUGE, THE PERSON HAS TO RESORT TO DIFFERENT THINGS IN ORDER TO SURVIVE. Some have amnesia, some have multiple personalities, some escape through fantasy, some through catatonia. II. IN SEVERE CASES, the INNER REALITY AND THE OUTER REALITY BEGINS TO MERGE and they cannot tell the difference. SANFORDS FOUR PRINCIPLES TO HEALING: 1. HONOR THY FATHER AND THY MOTHER. De. 5:16; Eph. 6:1,2; De. 21:20-21. 2. DO NOT JUDGE LEST YOU BE JUDGED. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. Mt. 7:1-2. A. Judging with impure hearts: blame, condemnation, anger, envy, jealousy or rancor. 3. SOWING AND REAPING. Gal.6:7,8. Our ways not His ways. We need others to show us our faults. 4. BECOMING WHAT WE JUDGE IN OTHERS. Ro. 2:1. BIGGEST PRINCIPLE: REPENTANCE I. Not too many Christians know how to repent. DIFFERENT LEVELS OF REPENTANCE. ALTER PERSONALITIES I. When the human mind is confronted with terrible experiences and threats to survival such as rejection, abandonment, divorce of parents, heavy rejection, guilt and irreconcilable problems which it cannot solve, it will protect the self through various means and perhaps more than one defensive measure. A. Forgetfulness, amnesia, schizophrenia, paranoia, catatonia, multiple personalities or alter personalities. II. ALTER PERSONALITIES are created by the human mind TO ESCAPE DEEP HURTS. For instance, if a person is badly rejected or hurt, it may create another personality to protect the main personality.

A. A young girl is sexually molested at 10 years of age. To protect herself from the abuse, hurt, shame, guilt, rejection and wounds, she unconsciously creates another personality with its own set of emotions, memories, hurts, bitterness, unforgiveness, etc. B. The main personality is thus protected because it didnt happen to her, it happened to this other personality that is 10 years old. C. Heavy rejection always creates another personality. III. A PERSON CAN CREATE MORE THAN ONE ALTER PERSONALITY. The more intelligent he or she is, the more personalities she can create because of a welldeveloped ability to fantasize and imagine. MORE INTELLIGENT PEOPLE SEEM TO HAVE A HIGHER LEVEL OF ABILITY TO DO SO. IV. Each personality has its OWN SET OF BITTER ROOT JUDGMENTS, EXPECTANCIES AND INNER VOWS. Although the personalities themselves are not demons, SOME OF THEM ARE DEMONIZED and some of them DONT EVEN KNOW JESUS. V. SOME DEMONS COULD ACTUALLY MASQUERADE AS ANOTHER PERSONALITY. How can you tell the difference? A. SPIRITS ARE USUALLY ARROGANT and DEVIOUS and there is NO SENSE OF RELATIONSHIP with them. ALTERS ARE LIKABLE, EVEN ANGRY ONES CAN EVOKE EMPATHY AND RELATE TO YOU. Spirits are continually abrasive and can become EXCEEDINGLY ABRASIVE AND NASTY. They can LIE AND TWIST YOU AROUND. B. Usually the main personality experiences alter personalities as part of himself and his personality - like a different part of himself. But WITH DEMONS, A PERSON DOES NOT USUALLY FEEL THAT IT IS PART OF HIMSELF. They are more like something besides themselves that is not of themselves. C. Under proper therapy, the SPIRITS STIR UP CONFUSION instead of making things clearer. ALTER PERSONALITIES usually respond to the therapist in a CLEAR WAY UNDER QUESTIONING. D. DEMONS PUSH THEIR WAY INTO DOMINANCE, perform their evil purpose and then blame the person. Alters are usually hooked, and then try to quietly conform to their surroundings. E. Demons are experienced as only a voice, but upon closer inspection, the client reports that there is NO PERSONALITY EXPERIENCED WHICH CORRESPONDS TO THE VOICE.


F. BICKERING ALTERS FEEL LIKE INTERNAL SIBLING RIVALRY, BUT SATANIC VOICES BRING INTENSE FEAR. VI. Some ALTERS ARE COOPERATIVE AND MOTIVATED, while OTHERS RESIST THE COUNSELOR. Some are Christian and some are not. SOME ARE PSYCHOTIC AND SOME ARE SANE. VII. An ALTER MAY BE A LIAR and CAN BE CONFUSED WITH LYING SPIRITS. CASTING OUT LYING SPIRITS FROM THE MAIN PERSONALITY DOES NOTHING BECAUSE THE DEMONS ARE PART OF ANOTHER PERSONALITY. A. An ALTER CAN ARISE and do and lie about things and THEN SUBMERGE. When the main personality returns, HE OR SHE HAS NO IDEA ABOUT WHAT THEY DID OR SAID. They are surprised when someone tells them that they did something or lied. VIII. DELIVERANCE CAN DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD when the person who doesnt understand begins to call the client rebellious and lacking faith. This REINFORCES THE ALTERS who were created to escape SHAME, FALSE ACCUSATIONS AND REJECTION. IX. WITCH COVENS use alters by HYPNOTIZING THEM and then they CAN CONTROL THE PERSON THROUGH THE ALTERS. X. SOME PEOPLE WHO HEAR VOICES ARE ACTUALLY HEARING ALTERS. Some are actually HEARING DEMONS. A. ALTERS CAN BEHAVE IN WAYS THAT DEMONS BEHAVE and can be easily mistaken for demons. For instance, HEARING VOICES, DOING AUTOMATIC WRITING, SPEAK IN UNCHARACTERISTIC SPEECH PATTERNS OR ACCENTS. B. It is easy to make a mistake. Therefore, need to be careful and humble. IF THE PERSON HAS A WILLING HEART, IT IS OFTEN AN ALTER. SCHIZOPHRENIA I. Schizophrenia is actually NOT A SPLIT PERSONALITY. It is a PERSONALITY SPLIT OFF FROM REALITY. II. Some experts feel that schizophrenia is caused by CHEMICAL IMBALANCE. Some believe that the chemical imbalance is inherited. A. At some point in time, SOMETHING TRIGGERS OFF THE IMBALANCE. Nobody really knows. Others feel that chemical imbalance itself cannot be the reason. There has to be some outside factor. Others feel that it runs in FAMILIES THAT HAVE SO MUCH STRESS IN THEM that it leads the children to be schizophrenic.

III. AMBIVALENCE OR CONTRADICTORY MESSAGES BRING CONFUSION. A mother tells her son that she loves him, but she is always yelling at him and hitting him. Or tells him in an angry voice that she loves him. Or father spanks him and will not stop until he cries, then he spanks him for crying. Called double bind. IV. Many parents do not recognize it until it is too late. I love you, but youre driving me crazy. I love you and I hate you too. A. Father demanded his son be brave and courageous. The son has a bike accident and was cut to the bone. Father refuses to take him to a doctor and insists on scrubbing the open wound with salt. If he cried, father would get angry and call him a sissy. Later, physical scars and mental scars surface. B. Father tells him that father loves him, yet criticizes him all the time. Stresses in family. V. IF CONFRONTED WITH A NO-WIN SITUATION OR NO SOLUTION SITUATION, they can become catatonic or at least withdrawn to the point of being out of reality. Then an inner reality takes over. A. DAYDREAMING BECOMES A CHIEF MODE OF OPERATION. Like DREAMING WHILE AWAKE. They CANNOT LOOK AT REALITY WITHOUT FANTASIZING. B. The RINGING IN THE EARS BECOMES LOUD OR A CONSTANT BUZZING. They JUMP FROM ONE SUBJECT TO ANOTHER and you cannot track them. VI. Some SCHIZOPHRENICS MAY PERCEIVE HALLUCINATIONS AS REAL. Like we may momentarily think a dream or nightmare is real. A. Dream things or scenes CAN BECOME SUPERIMPOSED UNTO THE SURROUNDING ENVIRONMENT or scene around them. B. COLLECT GARBAGE OR TALK TO THEMSELVES IN PUBLIC. LAUGH INAPPROPRIATELY or cry or have anger. SPEECH CAN BECOME SO BIZARRE that it lacks meaning to people around them. VII. They CAN BECOME FULLY ABSORBED IN THEIR MEANDERINGS AND UNAWARE OF THE DISTINCTIONS BETWEEN OUTER REALITY AND INNER REALITY. They will defend their behavior as normal. Later - no self control, hygiene. CONSTANT ROCKING AND HEAD-BANGING. STRESSES


I. STRESSES TRIGGER OFF SCHIZOPHRENIA in some people. It often skyrockets cannot work so lose job, so no money. No money, so bills not paid. People sue. Wife has to work. Children cannot go to college, lose friends. Etc. A. Do the stresses kick of a chemical imbalance? II. PRESENT STRESSES BRING UP UNRESOLVED ISSUES FROM THE PAST. Therefore important part of treatment is to relieve the stresses, if possible. A. Sometimes, COUNSELING CREATES ADDITIONAL STRESSES and therefore, need to be careful not to pressure too much or to create more guilt and shame. III. Very often, the STRESSES ARE IN THE FAMILY as a whole and it HELPS TO COUNSEL THE FAMILY. A. SIBLINGS COMPETE AGAINST ONE ANOTHER and parents put pressure and create NEGATIVE DYNAMICS INADVERTENTLY BY LOVING ONE MORE THAN ANOTHER. Often, no problem. DEPENDS ON THE SENSITIVITY OF THE PERSON. HEARING VOICES I. There is NO CHECKLIST to determine if voices are demons or just the subconscious mind running amok. PASS IT ON I. When the client is too deep, pass him on to a more trained expert or psychiatrist. Otherwise, you may create more stresses by accusing the client of being rebellious or not with enough faith to get healed. BI-POLAR (MANIC-DEPRESSIVE) DISORDER I. EXCESSIVELY ELEVATED, EXPANSIVE OR IRRITABLE MOOD; HYPERACTIVITY (too many activities at once); a nearly continuous flow of accelerated speech with abrupt changes from topic to topic; inflated self-esteem, decreased need for sleep, distractibility, excessive involvement in activities which have a high potential for painful consequences, which is not recognized. II. Also - GREATLY EXPANDED SOCIAL LIFE - calls and renews old acquaintances and calls friends at all hours. Others call it INTRUSIVE, DEMANDING AND DOMINEERING, but the client does not recognize it as such. III. MANIC SPEECH IS LOUD AND RAPID, often filled with puns, plays on words, and amusing irrelevances. Sometimes theatrical and dramatic and singing. Silly rhyming of sounds, called clanging. At the far end, there may be complaints, hostile comments and angry tirades.

IV. Theory - GENETICALLY DISPOSED TO BIPOLAR DISORDER. Evidence that unlike schizophrenia, it is TRIGGERED BY CERTAIN TRAUMAS IN EARLY CHILDHOOD, most often severe losses, separation from parent or loved one, relocation, weaned too rapidly, forced to grow up too fast, physical or emotional neglect. A. PARENT HARD TO PLEASE AND DEMANDING. Creates a PESSIMISTIC MIND SET. Child unable to grieve and suppress his grief and pessimism. Stresses trigger off these things and they resurface. V. A MANIC EPISODE IS AN ESCAPE FROM EXTREME EMOTIONAL PAIN. They do not notice that they are hurting, deny their feelings of despair, helplessness and shame by deluding themselves into thinking that they are happy, competent, invincible. A. However, MANY NORMAL PEOPLE ALSO HAVE SOME OF THE ABOVE. Common to run from hurts, bury yourself in your work, put on a happy face. VI. Need to UNCOVER THE ROOT ISSUES. Fear that negative feelings are unacceptable; inner vow not to share or even think about hurts, bitterness toward those who did not comfort; shame over that bitterness; denial, etc. A. Sometimes it is demonic. No checklist. Need discernment. PARANOIA I. SAUL. HIS ACTIONS AGAINST DAVID. Went out of his way to hunt David down because he imagined that David was out to get him and his family. II. Defined. FEELS SINGLED OUT AND TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF, mistreated, plotted against, stolen from, spied upon, ignored, or otherwise mistreated by enemies. A. DELUSIONAL SYSTEM IS CREATED and more and more experiences are misconstrued and interpreted in the light of his delusional ideas. B. ALTHOUGH THE EVIDENCE MAY BE TENUOUS AND INCONCLUSIVE, he is unwilling to accept any other possible explanation and is impervious to reason. Argument and logic are futile. Any questioning of his delusions only convinces him that his interrogator has sold out to his enemies. III. Again, what are the root issues? Has there been a traumatic childhood experience that needs to be healed, or is it demonic or both? IV. Most often there is an inner guilt about something the person did often years ago. He stole something or molested a child and was never caught, but is afraid of being found out.