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The new Kyocera KM-C2230 is designed as a fully functional Color/B&W System that can handle the demands of busy workgroups, with top-of-the-line productivity and high efficiency. With features such as a Standard Print/Scan/Internet Fax, PCL Controller, Full-Bleed Paper Handling and 256MB of Standard Copy Memory, the KM-C2230 is sure to be a strong addition to the Kyocera Mita line of Full-Color Copier/Printers. Key Features of the KM-C2230 are as follows: 22 CPM Letter (Color) 35 CPM Letter (Mono) 4 LED Arrays / 4 Drum Tandem High Yield OPC Drums Standard PCL5c Print Controller 600 dpi Copy/Scan Resolution 600 x 1800 dpi Print Resolution Scan Once, Print Many Standard 256MB of Copier Memory, upgradeable to 512MB Optional 40GB Hard Drive Anti-Counterfeit Technology Optional embedded Fiery X3e+ Controller with added features Energy Star compliant

Available Options are a DP-621 (Document Processor), DF-626 (Saddle Stitch Finisher), PH-620 (Punch Unit for Saddle Stitcher), DF-621 (Staple Finisher), JS-621 (Third Tray for DF-621), DU-621 (Duplex Unit), PF-621/625/627 (Paper Feed Cassettes), etc. (See Page 4 for a full list of accessories.)

Product Name Product Code Product Training Diagnostic Center Contact Number Software Solution Group Email KMAconnect Web Site KMAconnect Help Desk Kyocera Mita Web Site Kyocera Technical Support (Email) Material Safety Data Sheet Requests National Processing Center (Customer Service) KM-C2230 5HNxxxx Learning Center on KMAconnect 1-800-255-6482 software_solution@kyoceramita.com kmaconnect.com dealersupport@kyoceramita.com kyoceramita.com support@kyoceramita.com. support@kyoceramita.com. 1-866-596-2372 or customer_service@kyoceramita.com

KM-C2230-01 August 9, 2004 Page 2


Kyocera Mita America, Inc. (Kyocera) warrants to the Authorized Dealer that its new Color Multifunctional Product will be free from defects in workmanship and material under normal use and service for a period of one hundred twenty (120) days from date of Kyocera's invoice to the Authorized Dealer. Kyocera's obligation hereunder is expressly limited to providing Dealer with the parts required to repair said product or crediting Dealer's account for the cost of said parts, at Kyocera's election. Photoconductor drums, lamps, exterior covers, consumable parts, and all labor costs, are specifically excluded from this warranty. This warranty will not be honored for products which become damaged due to operator negligence, misuse, accidents, or the use of supplies not meeting Kyocera's specifications; if service has been performed on the product by a technician not employed by Kyocera, or one of its Authorized Dealers; or if the product, or its serial number, has been modified or altered. THIS WARRANTY SHALL BE IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND KYOCERA SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE, DIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL, ARISING OUT OF THE USE, OR INABILITY TO USE, THE PRODUCT.

225 Sand Road P.O. Box 40008 Fairfield, New Jersey 07004-0008, USA

KM-C2230-01 August 9, 2004 Page 3

*Product Training Prerequisites Learning Center on KMAconnect (Technical Training) KM-C2030/3130

Online Technical Training is available for the KM-C2230 for Technicians who have successfully completed training on the KM-C2030/3130. Log-on to KMAconnect, browse to the Learning Center and locate the course. Technicians will automatically be certified after they complete the online course and pass the Test. A Certificate of Completion will be forwarded within a few days after achieving the passing grade. Each Technician who takes the on-line course must have their own Log-in Name and Password, so that the Certificates and the Dealer training records are processed correctly. Technical Training on the KM-C2230 for technician (s) who do not meet the prerequisites will be available at the National Training Center in Dallas. Enroll on-line through KMAconnect (Learning Center/Technical Training/Courseware/Classroom Scheduling) or contact your Regional Office. For your convenience, a KM-C2230 CD-ROM Training Kit is also available using P/N 8995HN60, price $ 88.32. However, we recommend using the Learning Center on KMAconnect, which is available at no charge.

Description KM-C2230 Service Manual KM-C2230 Parts List DF-626/PH-620 Service Manual DF-621/JS-621 Parts List KM-C2230 Operation Guide Part Number 5HN70760 5HN70770 5HR70760 5HR70770 Available on KMAconnect Price $30.00 $15.00 $30.00 $20.00 N/C

The DF-626/PH-620 Service Manual contains the DF-621/JS-621, PF-625/627, PF-621, DP-621 and DU-621 Service Manuals. The DF-621/JS-621 Parts List contains the DF-626, PF-621, PF-625, PF-627, DP-621 and DU-621 Parts Lists.


KM-C2230 MAX. MONTHLY VOLUME 100,000 Sheets

KM-C2230-01(revised) December 02, 2004 Page 4

ITEM Part Number Description DP-621 025HP200 Reverse Automatic Document Feeder DF-626 025HR200 Saddle Stitch Finisher PH-620 00108141 Punch Unit Kit for DF-626 DF-621 025HS200 Staple Finisher JS-621 025HS201 Third Tray for DF-621 DU-621 025HT200 Duplex Unit PF-625 025HV200 Paper Feed Cabinet (500 Sheet x 1 Drawer + Storage) PF-627 025HW200 Paper Feed Cabinet (500 Sheet x 2 Drawers) PF-621 025HX200 Large Capacity Cabinet (2,500 Sheet x 1 Drawer) CB-621 80080800 Copy Desk Platen Cover Type E 025NH200 Platen Cover Fiery X3e 22C-KM 055HY200 Embedded Controller Interface Kit 055HY201 Interface Kit for Fiery X3e 22C-KM HD-21 055HN200 40GB Hard Disk Drive Kit IB-80 055HN201 Parallel Interface Kit for Standard Controller SD-168-256 82142256 256MB Copier Memory Kit, Memory Upgrade, 8405G000 128MB Memory Upgrade for Fiery Controller X3e X3e 128MB Mechanical Counter 82140126 Mechanical Counter Attachment Kit for Key 00108145 Socket Assy Counter Key Counter B 82142540 Key Counter only Staple Cartridge 5AX82010 Staple Cartridge for DF-621 (3,000 pcs x 3 cart/case) Staple Cartridge 5GH82010 Staple Cartridge for DF-626 (5,000 pcs x 3 cart/case) As a Customer Service, KMA is stocking and selling Memory. You can order from KMA by using the Part Numbers shown above. Optional DIMMs can also be purchased from TechWorks @ www.techworks.com. The X3e 128MB Memory Upgrade Kit is Exclusive Memory for the Fiery and contains Special DIMMs. This is the Only Memory Upgrade that should be used. Other Memory will not be recognized and will void the Warranty.

EFI Fiery Options

ITEM Kit EFI Densitometer ED-100 EFI Color Profiler Kit Part Number 84323800 84333166 Description Color Calibrator Allows you to Create Color Profiles for color matching (Spectrometer and Monitor Profiling Software Licensing Dongle and Software (Two CDs) Graphics Arts Feature for Fiery X3e Graphics Arts Feature for Fiery X3e Graphics Arts Feature for Fiery X3e KIT,SVCE,V2.0,ENGLISH X3E, FIERY IC-401/22C-KM

Docbuilder Pro Dongle Ver 1.5 Hot Folders Spot On Auto Trap Fiery System Software

84328338 84340075 84340076 84340077 84339708

Please refer to Page 13 for instructions to activate a Graphic Arts Feature for the Fiery X3e.

KM-C2230-01 (revised) December 02, 2004 Page 5


Description TK-622K Toner (Black) TK-622Y Toner (Yellow) TK-622M Toner (Magenta) TK-622C Toner (Cyan) TD-622K Imaging Unit (Black) TD-622Y Imaging Unit (Yellow) TD-622M Imaging Unit (Magenta) TD-622C Imaging Unit (Cyan) Fuser Unit Image Transfer Belt Unit Waste Toner Bottle Cleaner and Ozone Filter Transfer Roller Unit Part Number 0T5HN0US 0T5HNAUS 0T5HNBUS 0T5HNCUS 035HN0US 035HNAUS 035HNBUS 035HNCUS 5HN70040 5HN70020 5HN70010 5HN70050 5HN70030 Yield (Based on 5% Coverage) 11.5K Pages 11.5K Pages 11.5K Pages 11.5K Pages 80K Images 50K Images 50K Images 50K Images 300K Pages 300K Pages 30K Pages 150K Pages 150K Pages Price $18.00 $45.00 $45.00 $45.00 $109.00 $335.00 $335.00 $335.00 $437.00 $420.51 $18.08 $23.00 $38.00

All Part Numbers and Pricing Subject to Change without Notice.


The KM-C2230 Standard Copier PCL Controller is equipped with one 256MB DIMM in one slot. The Memory can be expanded up to a maximum of 512MB (256MB + 256MB DIMM). This is shared Memory with the Copier. An Optional 40GB Copier Hard Drive can also be installed. The Hard Drive is a shared resource with the Copier and the PCL Controller. The Optional Fiery X3e+ is standard-equipped with one 128MB DIMM in the one slot. The Fiery X3e+ can be expanded up to a maximum of 256MB (128MB + 128MB DIMM). A 10GB Hard Drive is also standard.

Memory Type Standard PCL Controller Printer Memory Optional Fiery X3e+ Controller Standard 256MB DIMM Maximum 256MB + 256MB DIMM = 512MB + 40GB HD (Opt)


128MB + 128MB = 256MB +10GB HD (Std)

The Standard PCL Controller Memory is shared with the Copier. The PCL Controller is built-in to the Copier Main Board. This Memory should not be removed if the Optional Fiery X3e is installed.

KM-C2230-01 (revised) August 19, 2004 Page 6

KM-C2230 Firmware
Firmware Name Firmware Version MSC (MFP Control Board) 4036-10G0-18-00 APP (MFP Control Board) 4036-10G0-18-00 Font (MFP Control Board) 4036-10G0-18-00 LPH (LED Drive Board) 4036-53G0-03-00 IR (Image Processing Board) 4036-23G0-02-00 PRT (Control Board) 4036-50G0-22-00 Current Firmware for the KM-C2230 will be posted on KMAconnect. Refer to Page 2-32 in the Service Manual for the Procedure on Upgrading Firmware using the Compact Flash Method. Note: Compact Flash Cards cannot be formatted on a Windows Operating System. Buffalo Technology Compact Flash Cards can be purchased from TechWorks @ www.techworks.com.


PCB NAME Power Supply PCB PWB Assy C Control Panel Assy PWB Assy Z PWB Assy MC PWB Assy MFP NEW PCB P/N 5HN76030 5HN71690 5HN75970 5HN71710 5HN76680 5HN76670 REPAIR PCB P/N 8495HN00 8495HN10 8495HN20 8495HN30 8495HN40 8495HN50 * REPAIR PCB PRICE $174.07 $145.25 $208.44 $39.87 $151.28 $769.65

* Repair PCB Price includes credit issued after return of old Board.

Defective replacement PCBs being returned within the 120 Day warranty period must be returned to the National Return Center utilizing the Online Return Authorization Request Form on KMAconnect. A copy of this form must be filled-out completely and returned with the Circuit Board for Credit. Any associated mounting brackets, hardware, system software and original packaging must be included with the claim. Credit will then be issued to your account. Defective PCBs out of warranty may be returned for repair to the National Return Center using the Online Repair Board Core Form.
All Part Numbers and Pricing Subject to Change without Notice.

KM-C2230-01 August 9, 2004 Page 7 KM-C2230 Machine Specifications

Type Copying System Printing Process PC Drum Type Scanning Density Print Density Platen Original Scanning Registration Paper Feeding System Desktop-type printer integrated with scanner Electrostatic dry-powdered image transfer to plain paper Tandem-type indirect electrostatic recording system OPC (organic photo conductor) Equivalent to 600 dpi Equivalent to 600 dpi in main scanning direction 1800 dpi in sub scanning direction Stationary (mirror scan) Scanning in main scanning direction with a CCD (one-shot reading system) Rear left edge (Standard) Three-way system Multiple Bypass: 150 sheets, Envelopes, 10 sheets Tray1: 250 sheets, Envelopes, 20 sheets Tray2: 500 sheets Four-LED exposure HMT developing system DC comb electrode Scorotron system with electrode cleaning function (Manual) Intermediate transfer belt system Selecting either application of nonwoven fabric bias or resistor grounding + Low-pressure paper separator claws Belt fusing Sheets, books, and three-dimensional objects 11 17 1 to 999 99 sec. or less (at ambient temperature of 23 C and rated source voltage) Leading edge: 5 mm, Trailing edge: 3 mm, Rear edge: 3 mm, Front edge: 3 mm (Tray1, full size) Monochrome print 6.8 sec. or less Color print 12.8 sec. or less (8-1/2 11) Monochrome print 1-sided: 35 copies/min; 2-sided: 31 copies/min Color print 1-sided: 22 copies/min; 2-sided: 22 copies/min Full size 1.000 Inch Area: 0.500, 0.647, 0.733, 0.785 Inch Area: 1.214, 1.294, 1.547, 2.000 Ratios 0.250 to 4.000 in 0.001 increments White rare-gas fluorescent lamp 30 W Voltage: 120 V, AC 50/60 Hz 0.3 Hz Less than 1.4 kW (120 V, 12 A) 35-1/2 (W) 28-11/16 (D) 30-1/4 (H) inch (With Bypass open) 39-7/8 (W) 45-1/4 (D) inch 247lbs. (with IU) Isolation recommended NEMA Type 5-15R receptacle (120V AC, 2-pole, 3-wire, grounded)

Exposure System Developing System Charging System Image Transfer System Paper Separating System Fusing System Types of Original Max. Original Size Multiple Copies Warming-up Time Image Loss First Copy Time

Copying Speed for Multicopy Cycle

Fixed Zoom Ratios Reduction Enlargement Variable Zoom Exposure Lamp Power Requirements Frequency Max Power Consumption Dimensions Space Requirements Weight Grounding Termination

Note: A dedicated AC line with an isolated ground is strongly recommended. A dedicated line mandates the exclusive use of an electrical branch circuit where the receptacle grounding terminal is grounded by an insulated grounding conductor that is isolated from the receptacle mounting hardware (per National Electrical Code, Article 250-74, Exception No. 4).

KM-C2230-01 August 9, 2004 Page 8 Built-in Standard PCL Controller

Type Print Speed (*1) Printer Language CPU Program ROM RAM Host Interface Network Protocol Built-in type controller B&W :35 ppm Color :22 ppm PCL5c MPC8245-350MHz (using the main unit's CPU) 16 MB (8 MB 2); *Including 46 internal fonts. 256 MB (Shared with Copier) Ethernet (10/100BASE-TX, RJ-45) IEEE1284 (Compatible/Nibble/ECP) (*2) IPX/SPX (Auto, Ethernet II, 802.2, 802.3, 802.3 SNAP) NetBEUI TCP/IP SMTP, POP3, FTP, SNMP, HTTP 1.1 DHCP, ARP/ICMP, BOOTP SLP Pserver (NDS) ... NetWare 4.x, 5.x, 6.x Pserver (Bindery) ... NetWare 4.x NDPS ... NetWare 5.x, 6.x SMB RAW Port Printing (Port 9100) IPP 1.1 LPD IFAX to print Data that can be received Resolution: 200 100, 204 98, 200 200, 204 196, 204 391, 300 300, 400 400, 408 391 Size: Letter, Legal, Ledger Color Mode: Monochrome Compression method: MH, MR, MMR Scan to FTP with URL Notification Scan to PC with URL Notification Scan to E-Mail Scan to HDD with URL Notification TWAIN Scan to IFAX Data to be transmitted Resolution: 200 200 Size: Letter/Legal, Tabloid Color Mode: Monochrome Compression method: MH Drive CD PCL5c Printer Driver, TWAIN Driver, Font Manager, BOX Utility OS: Windows98/98SE/Me/ NT4.0/ 2000/ XP/ Server 2003 Printer Management Utility has been built into the controller firmware.

Network Print Service

Network Scan Functions

Software Accessories

*1: When printing one side of the same A4 original. *2: The optional Local Interface Kit is required. If the controller option is not specified, the optional Hard Disk must be installed on the main unit in order for the Store to HDD settings (printer driver settings), Set Numbering function (printing with distribution numbers), the Scan to HDD operation, and the box function to be used. (In order to use the Set Numbering function, the 256 MB Expanded Memory must also be installed.)

*See Service Manual for complete specifications.

KM-C2230-01 August 9, 2004 Page 9 DF-626/PH-620 Specifications

Type Installation Document Alignment Supplies Modes Normal Multi-Staple Finisher with Saddle Stitch (Booklet) Freestanding Center Staple Cartridge Non-Sort Sort Sort Staple Saddle Staple Non-Sort Hole Punch Sort Hole Punch Sort Staple Hole Punch 24 V DC (supplied from the Main Unit) 5 V DC (generated by Finisher) 65 W or less 23-3/4 inch (W) 36-3/4 inch (H) 23-3/4 inch (D) 91-3/4 lb Supplied from the Saddle Stitch Finisher 3-3/4 inch (W) 6-3/4 inch (H) 20-3/4 inch (D) 5-3/4 lbs.

Hole Punch (optional)

Power Requirements Max. Power Consumption Dimensions Weight Punch Unit Power Requirements Dimensions Weight

DF-621/JS-621 Specifications
Type Installation Document Alignment Supplies Option Modes Power Requirements Max. Power Consumption Dimensions Weight Job Separator Name Installation Document Alignment Modes Power Requirements Dimensions Weight Single Staple Finisher Freestanding Center Staple Cartridge Job Separator Non-Sort/ Sort/ Group/Sort Staple/ Group Staple 24 V DC (supplied from the main unit) 5 V DC (generated by Finisher) 63 W or less 21-1/4 inch (W) 38-1/2 inch (H) 25 inch (D) 84 lbs. Job separator Fixed to Finisher Center Non-Sort (in the fax or printer output mode) 5 V DC, 24 V DC (supplied from Finisher) 13-1/2 inch (W) 5-3/4 inch (H) 20-3/4 inch (D) 3-3/4 lbs.

*See Service Manual for complete specifications.

KM-C2230-01 August 9, 2004 Page 10 PF-625/627 Specifications

Name Type Installation Document Alignment Paper Type Paper Size Capacity Power Requirements Max. Power Consumption Dimensions Weight 1 x 500 Sheet Drawer, 1 Storage Drawer / 2 x 500 Sheet Drawers Front loading type 2 way paper take-up device Desk type Center Plain paper 56 to 110 g/m2 (15 to 29-1/4 lb) Recycled paper 60 to 90 g/m2 (16 to 24 lb) 5-1/2 8-1/2R to 11 17 3rd Drawer 500 sheets 4th Drawer 500 sheets 24 V DC 10 % (supplied from the main unit) 5 V DC 5 % 15 W or less 22-1/2 inch (W) 10-1/4 inch (H) 21-1/2 inch (D) PF-625/500-sheet paper feeder: 48-1/2 lbs. PF-627/1000-sheet paper feeder: 57 lbs.

PF-621 Specifications
Name Type Installation Document Alignment Paper Type Paper Size Capacity Power Requirements Max. Power Consumption Dimensions Weight Large Capacity Tray Front loading type paper feeder Desk type Center Plain paper 56 to 110 g/m2 (15 to 29-1/4 lb) Recycled paper 60 to 90 g/m2 (16 to 24 lb) 8-1/2 11 2,500 sheets (80 g/m2, 21-1/4 lb) 24 V DC 10 % (supplied from the main unit) 5 V DC 5 % 45 W or less 22-1/2 inch (W) 10-1/4 inch (H) 21-1/2 inch (D) 57 lbs.

DP-621 Specifications
Name Type Transport Turnover Paper Exit Installation Document Alignment Document Loading Modes Duplexing Document Processor Paper Take-Up Paper Take-Up from top of stack Endless Belt Transport Mode Loop Turnover Mode U-turn Turnover + Switchback U-Turn Turnover Mode (only in 1-Sided Mode) Mounted to the main unit with thumb scews Center Face up Standard Mode 1-Sided Mode / 2-Sided Mode Thick Paper Mode 1-Sided Mode Mixed Original Detection Mode 1-Sided Mode / 2-Sided Mode Standard Mode Plain Paper 1-Sided Mode, 35 to 128 g/m2 (9-1/4 to 34 lb) 2-Sided Mode, 50 to 110 g/m2 (13-1/4 to 29-1/4 lb) Thick Paper Mode Plain Paper 1-Sided Mode, 129 to 210 g/m2 (34-1/4 to 55-3/4 lb) Mixed Original Detection Mode Plain Paper 1-Sided / 2-Sided Mode, 50 to 110 g/m2 (13-1/4 to 29-1/4 lb)

Type of Document

KM-C2230-01 August 9, 2004 Page 11 DP-621 Specifications (continued)

Detectable Document Size (*1) 5-1/2 8-1/2R / 5-1/2 8-1/2 to 11 17 Capacity Standard Mode / Mixed Original Detection Mode Document Feed Table: 100 sheets, (80 g/m2, 21-1/4 lb) Original Exit Tray: 100 sheets, (80 g/m2, 21-1/4 lb) Thick Paper Mode Document Feed Table: 38 sheets, (210 g/m2, 55-3/4 lb) Original Exit Tray: 38 sheets (210 g/m2, 55-3/4 lb) Power Requirements 24 V DC (supplied from the main unit) 5 V DC (generated within the DP) Max. Power Consumption 60 W or less Dimensions 23 inch (W) 20-1/2 inch (D) 5-1/4 inch (H) Weight 31-1/4 lbs. (*1) For the Combined Original Detection Mode, Refer to the Mixed Original Detection Enabled Size Combination Table in the Service Manual.

DU-621 Specifications
Name Type Installation Document Alignment Paper Type Paper Size Power Requirements Max. Power Consumption Dimensions Weight Duplex Unit Switchback and Circulating Duplex Unit Mounted on the right side door of main unit Center Plain paper 60 to 90 g/m2 (16 to 24 lb) 5-1/2 8-1/2R to 12-1/4 18 24 V DC 10 % (supplied from the main unit) 5 V DC 5 % (supplied from the main unit) 17 W or less 4-1/4 inch (W) 17-1/4 inch (D) 13-1/2 inch (H) 6-1/2 lbs.

* All Specifications Subject to Change without Notice. * See the Service Manuals for Complete Specifications.

KM-C2230-01 August 9, 2004 Page 12

Fiery X3e+ Overview

700Mhz, Pentium III 128MB RAM (256 max.) 10GB standard Hard Drive Options: 128MB Memory Fiery DocBuilder ProTM 2.0 EFI DensitometerTM ED-100 EFI Color ProfilerTM (Spectrometer and Monitor Profiling Software) Graphic Arts Feature: Hot Folders, Auto Trapping, or Spot On Fiery System Includes: ColorWise: Protools 3.0 Complete in-RIP color management Fiery ScanTM: Hard copy to digital distribution Fiery Web ToolsTM: Remote job management Fiery NetWiseTM: Advanced network architecture EFI Command WorkstationTM v4.1 (Windows) EFI Command WorkstationTM LE (Mac OS 10.2.4 & Later) Fiery Downloader Fiery Spooler (Mac only) Fiery eMail Port (Windows only) Fiery Printer Delete (Windows only) Fiery FreeForm2TM
All Specifications are subject to change without notice.

KM-C2230-01 August 9, 2004 Page 13

Graphics Arts Option Activation Process

To activate a specific Graphic Arts Feature, an Activation Certificate for each option must first be purchased form KMA. Kyocera Mita will forward the Official EFI Activation Certificate. Next, Print the Fiery Configuration Page to obtain the Fiery X3e+ System Data ID. Login to the EFI Feature Activation website at www.efi.com/activation and enter the Activation Certification number, System ID, and Fiery Serial # in the appropriate fields. The website provides an Activation Password that you enter on the KM-C2230s LCD Display under the Enable Options Menu in the Setup Menu. Restart the KM-C2230 to complete the activation.


Make sure the information screen on the Control Panel reads Ready. If Printing, RIPping appears, or the Fiery X3e is processing, you must wait until the system finishes and reaches the Idle State. Press the Utility Button on the Copier Control Panel. In the Touch Panel, press the Controller Detail Button. Press the Menu button. Use the down arrow button to scroll to Run Setup. At the Main Setup window, press the button for the Setup. Press OK to run Setup. Wait till setup finishes (approx 1~2 min). Restarting will display. During setup, the touch screen may default back to the Utility mode. Press the Controller Detail Button to go back to the Setup Screen. When Setup finishes, you will see Exit Setup at the top of the menu. 7. Press the arrow down key until you see Enable Options. 8. Press the right arrow key next to enable options. 9. Press the right arrow key next to the Option you wish to activate. An asterisk (*) will display next to the option. Press Menu at the bottom of the screen. 10. Press the arrow down key until you see Password. 11. Press the right arrow key next to Password. 12. Enter the Password you received from EFI and press Enter. 13. Exit Options, Exit Setup. 14. Wait for the Controller to restart. Please Wait will display. 15. Print a Fiery Configuration Page again. You can confirm the Option is enabled. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

KM-C2230-01 August 9, 2004 Page 14

Watts based on PPM & Pr/Hr Print Watts based on PPM & Pr/Hr Ready


Power Consumption Total Total Print Ready (W) (W)




Total BTU


720W 720W

186W 186W

35 35

500 1,000

171.4W 342.9W

141.7W 97.4W

0.3131 0.4403

1068.5 1502.3

Total BTUs are based on Prints per Minute, Prints per Hour, Watts based on PPM & Pr/Hr and Kw/Hour.


Specification Voltage requirements US/Canada Maximum Low Power Mode Sleep Mode Copying Standby Plug-in mode Maximum current US/Canada
NEMA 5-15R

Watts (Copier Only) 120 V AC 10%, 60Hz 2%, 13.1A 14.30W 10% 123W 22W 720W 186W 0.1W 13.1A

KM-C2230-01 August 9, 2004 Page 15

Installation Time Standard Temperature Standard Humidity Temperature Range Humidity Range Condensation and Humidity Altitude Illumination Levelness Approx 30min. (Main Body only) 73.4 F (23 C) 60%RH (Relative Humidity) 50 F ~ 87 F (10 C ~ 30 C) 15% ~ 80%RH Rapid Temperature change, Humidity drift, and condensation should be avoided Maximum 6500 ft. (2000 meters) Maximum 1,500 lux Maximum levelness: 5mm (0.2inch) The Printer must be placed on a level and sturdy surface


Specification Width Height Depth Weight (Main unit)

35 /2 (With Bypass open) 30 1/4 28 11/16 247lbs. (with IU)


Allow sufficient access for proper operation and maintenance of the machine. Machine Front: 1014mm/39 7/8" Machine Rear: 1151 mm/45 1/4" *All Specifications Subject to Change without Notice.

KM-C2230-01 August 9, 2004 Page 16

KM-C2230 System Overview

Additional Options

The KM-C2230 is configured with a Standard built-in PCL controller. Note: When using 11 x 17 paper on the DF-626 Saddle Finisher, be sure to pull the tray out to support the longer paper.

KM-C2230-01(revised) October 15, 2004 Page 17

KM-C2230 Setup Addendum

PROBLEM: After completing set-up of the KM-C2230, the first test copy out has a gray box overlay. CAUSE: The installation procedure for the KM-C2230 has been updated. SOLUTION: Follow the exact set-up procedure in the Revision 2 Installation Instructions included with the KMC2230. The Revision 2 Instructions can be identified on the lower left hand corner of the front page (4036-7790-02). The Revision 2 Instructions are also available on KMAconnect. All steps must be done in the exact order throughout the set-up. ALL Of The Following Steps Must Be Done In The Exact Order In Tech Rep Mode: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Adjusting the Touch Panel Performing the Gradation Adjust Date/Time Input Serial # Input Unit Change List Output

3) IMPORTANT: Date and Time Input Both Date and Time & Present Date and Time MUST be input using the Key pad. Even if they are correct, they still must be keyed in. If you miss this step, a gray box will display on the first copy. You must then start from the beginning of the setup procedure.

KM-C2230-01 (revised) October 15, 2004 Page 18 IMPORTANT: List Output 1. Load the 1st drawer with A4L or Letter L paper. (8.5 x 11R) 2. Display the Tech. Rep. Mode screen. (For details of how to display the Tech. Rep. Mode screen, see the service manual.) 3. Select List Output. 4. Select Image Processing.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Press the start key. Then, lists of various kinds will be produced. Touch END. Touch Fin. Time. Turn OFF/ON the Power Switch.

If the copier is turned OFF before completing the set-up procedure, it is necessary to start the entire procedure from the beginning. 1) The changes to the set-up procedure are effective from serial number 31102601 and above. The copier firmware is Version 28 (MSC=4036-10G0-18-00) or above. 2) The above steps must be done in the exact order and only during the initial setup. The above steps do not apply when upgrading the copier firmware or when replacing a PWB. 3) If any step is skipped, it is necessary to return to that particular step, carry out the adjustment and continue with the next step.