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Canon Printer Error Codes Here are a list of error codes that you may come across on a Canon

printer. If a part is faulty and you are unable to repair yourself, then contact the provider or local service centre. Error B200 View information. Error 306 View solution. Error 5011 Get the printer repaired by the provider or manufacturer. Error 5100 An error occurred in the carriage encoder signal.

Check for any obstructions of the carriages movement. Reseat the ink. Reset the ink absorber.

Error 5200 The print head is overheating. Turn the printer off to allow it to cool down and turn it on again but seek repair if the problem persists. Error 5400 The internal temperature is not what it should be. Error 5700 The sheet feeder needs to be replaced. It can be that the gears in the printer and/or sensor have become faulty. Error 6000 An error occurred in the LF encoder signal. Can be the result of a deep paper jam with pins, paper or other miscellaneous objects stuck in there. Error 6A00 The cartridge mechanisim is jammed. Error 6A80 View solution. Error 6C10 Reset the ink absorber.