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CURICULUM VITAE Email: pakeeraiah.3@gmail.com.

Phone no: +91 9885138693

CAREER OBJECTIVE: To pursue a challenging career and be a part of progressive organization that gives me scope to enhance my knowledge, Skill and reach the pinnacle in the field with Determination, Dedication and Hard work. SUMMARY OF SKILLS:

Having 1 year of experience in SAS Programming. Strong knowledge in Base SAS, Macros, SAS SQL, SAS Graph, SAS ETL, SAS ETS. Using the Procedures TABULATE, FREQ, FORMAT, REPORT and GRAPH, to generate reports.

High ability to understand and quickly apply new technologies and information. Detail oriented, organized, enthusiastic to Work in a fast paced and team oriented environment. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Have working as a SAS Programmer for Aviation Consulting Services, Hyderabad From 2007 may to till. PROJECT PROFILE: Title Client Role Team Size Organization : : : : : FREQUENCY OF ADVERSE EVENT Apollo Group, Chennai SAS Programmer (Team member) 5 Aviation Consulting Services

BRIEF DISCUSSION: Adverse event is a situation in which the patients are incoherent and responds negatively to the therapeutic drug. By identifying the appearance of most common adverse event/events. Client can search/apply for better drug combination in the healing process. Hence identification of AEF (Adverse Event Frequency) is an important task with which the hospital/research lab/pharmaceutical companies are able to identify the suitability of drug or combination of drugs to the individual physical condition upon application.

SAILENTS FEATURES OF AE FREQUENCY: 1. Data was pureed for both missing values and duplicate values. The duplicate values were deleted where as the missing values data was sent back to the client to get the missing information. 2. With the graphical representation of the adverse event frequency one can identify the occurrence of AE. 3. The tabular report also mentioned for AE frequency. 4. Frequency of AE for each drug can be identified. RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Designing, building and testing in a series of SAS programs for generation of different data sets. 2. Developing macros for automatic running of frequency report for each composition.

Accessing data from Excel database and SAS data sets/importing the initial data set from the source file.

4. Developing reports using PROC REPORT, PROC TABULATE, PROC FREQ and PROC MEANS. 5. Generating graphs, gcharts for adverse events for each composition. ACADEMIC PROFILE: MSC (Microbiology): PNC & KR College Narasaraopet from Acharya Nagarjuna university in (2005-2007).

BSC (Bzc): SS&N college, Narasaraopet from ACharya Nagarjuna university in (2002-2005). Intermediate: RKR Sahakara JR college, Board of intermediate in (2000-2002). SSC: ZPP HIGH School Lingaraopalem (1999-2000). TECHNICAL SKILLS: SAS Skills : SAS9.0, SAS/BASE, SAS/MACROS, SAS/SQL, SAS/REPORT, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/ETL, SAS/ETS, AS/ACCESS,SAS/CONECT. Packages Database Operating Systems : MS-OFFICE. : SQL : WINDOWS2000.

PERSONAL DETAILS: Name Fathers Name Gender Marital Status Nationality Religion Language s Known : : : : : : : pakeeraiah Allisaheb Male Single Indian Hindu English, Telugu & Hindi.