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Corvus Phantom UL Standard Equipment (MTOM 472,5 kg)

Exterior Full composites airframe structure, with kevlar, carbon prepreg raw materials, and honeycomb core material High temperature resistance composites elements Standard aircraft manufacturing process, AS 9100 quality control Two component exterior paint (white RAL 9016) Aeronautical quality plexiglass canopy, blue tinted Stainless steel bolts, crommoly stuctural elements Big luggage compartments Cowling hatch for easy oil and water check Tire size nose & main wheels 4.00 - 4" Wheel tires qualified for 120 km/h and 300 kg per tire Tires classified for 6 Ply Rating (PR) Hydraulic disk brakes (4 disk each brake) Steerable, spring and hydraulic damped front wheel Cast aluminum wheels Light weight composites main landing gear legs Interior 3 color cabin interior paint Adjustable seats (4 position) 4-point military stile safety belts for each seat Strap down hooks in the luggage compartment 12V auxiliary connector in cockpit Cabin locking system Double fresh air windows installed to the canopy Rescue system, suitable for MTOM 472,5 kg Instrumentation Big instrument board Quick connectors on the instrument panel Circuit breakers on instrument board Basic Instrumentation as Glass Cockpit Dynon FlightDEK-D180 integrated EFIS and EMS: Bright LCD Display User friendly operation Attitude Indicator Airspeed Indicator Altimeter Vertical Speed Indicator Gyro-Stabilized Magnetic Compass Slip indicator Turn Rate Clock/Timer G-Meter Voltmeter

Horizontal Situation Indicator (only with GPS or VOR receiver) Angle of Attack indicator and warning Back-up battery Trim position indicator Tachometer Manifold pressure Oil pressure Oil temperature Cylinder Head Temperature Exhaust Gas Temperature Fuel flow Fuel pressure Ampere meter Voltmeter Acoustic and optical warnings Avionics Garmin SL40 (FILSER ATR 500) COMM installed with antenna Push-to-Talk buttons on each control stick Two Headset with plug connectors on instrument panel Additional powerplant features Ceramic firewall insulation Crom-molibdene engine mount Stainless steel, heat resistant exhaust system Air induction through Composite- Airbox installed to the engine cover with integrated flat air filter Carburetor heating Systems Differential pedal brake system Dual controls, conventional, three axis Electrical trim by push button on both sticks Electronic flap control with digital control Battery 12V / 7 Ah Combination key switch 2 removable wing tanks, 25l each = 50 l total fuel Central, common fuel valve (ANDAIR) Documents Flight- and Maintenance Manual in English Engine Logbook Airframe Logbook Airplane Logbook

Power package Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp with big starter Rotax 912 ULS special version France with blue cylinder heads, with big starter (100Hp)

DUC 3 blades fix propeller for Rotax (not for German market) Helix 3-blade fix pitch Propeller for Rotax 912 ULS Helix 2 blade fix pitch Propeller for Rotax 912 ULS Alisport 3 blade variable pitch Propeller for Rotax 912 ULS Electric fuel pump & gascolator Ground power supply Extended battery 12V / 16Ah Thermostat package Oil thermostat installed to the oil circuit Water thermostat installed to the cooling water circuit Slipper Clutch Protection against shock loading of engine by ground contact of propeller

Comfort package Cabin heating & ventilation system Wheel pants on main and nose wheels Two side steps 2 removable wing tanks, 55l each = 110 l total fuel Co-pilot side brake system Parking brake Avionics options Dynon EFIS-D100 and EMS-D120 Garmin GMA 240 Audio Panel (Intercom and acoustic warnings) Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel (Intercom and acoustic warnings) Garmin SL30 NAV/COMM installed with antenna Transponder Garmin GTX 328 Mode S installed with antenna Transponder FILSER TRT 800H Mode S installed with antenna GPS Garmin GPSMAP 296 GPS Garmin GPSMAP 396 GPS Garmin GPSMAP 495 GPS Garmin GPSMAP 496 GPS Garmin Gizmos Artex ME-406 ELT AMERIKING AK-340 ELT Backup Instrumentation package Analog airspeed indicator small (UMA) Analog one pointer altimeter small (UMA) Analog vertical speed indicator small (UMA) Magnetic compass Light package ASTM requirement position light (red, green, white), & Anti- Collision- Light Cabin light installed to main bulkhead ASTM requirement landing light, integrated to lower cowling


Painting & decorations Two component exterior paint (white RAL 9016) Deluxe Interior carpet Deluxe Leather carpet seats Different kind of design colours ( to be specified by customer) Tarpaulin for the aircraft Call Signs Call signs as decals in black prepared and attached (1x per fuselage side, 1x lower wing skin, depending on

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