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THIS AGREEMENT OF TENANCY IS MADE AT KARACHI ON THIS 16th DAY OF JANUARY 2012. BETWEEN MERCHANT MUHAMMAD FAROOQ ABBAS S/O ABBAS MUSTAFA, Muslim, Adult, Resident of House NO D-114, Al Falah Housing Society, Malir Halt, Karachi, holding CNIC No.42201-0285425-7, hereinafter called and referred to as the LANDLORD. (Which mean and include his heirs, executors, representatives and assigns of the First Part). AND ALOKOZAY INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD., having Office at 3rd Floor, Suite#305, 3rd Floor, Eden Tower, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan through its C.E.O. MR. S/O . Muslim, adult, holding CNIC NO. - - , hereinafter called and referred to as the TENANT. (Which mean and include their executors, representatives and assigns of the Other Part) WHEREAS the Landlord is the absolute Owner of OFFICE NO.306, THIRD FLOOR, BUSINESS CENTRE, ON PLOT NO. 19/1-A, BLOCK-6, PECHS, KARACHI, measuring about 999 sq. ft, hereinafter called and referred to as the SAID PROPERTY. Landlord Contd.P/2 Tenant.

(2) AND WHEREAS the Landlord agrees to give the Said Property on rent and the Tenant agrees to take the Said Property on rent for a period of Eleven Months commencing from 16th Jan. 2012 and will automatically renewable for further One term of Eleven Months with an increment of 10% per annum (and thereafter the tenancy agreement will be renewable for further period on mutual agreement of both the parties), on the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned. NOW THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH AS UNDER: 1. That the monthly rent of the Said Property is Rs. 30,000/= ( Rupees Thirty Thousand Only ) which will be payable in Three Months in advance commencing from 16-01-2012 and subsequently continue to make payment for three Months rent in advance on 05th Day of Due date as per English Calendar Month till the expiry of the Tenancy agreement. 2. That the Tenant will pay to the Landlord a sum of Rs. 90,000/= (Rupees One Ninety Thousand Only ) being the advance rent for the period from 16-01-2012 to 15-04-2012, against the Said Property. The Tenant will stay at least Eleven months & Pay rent. 3. That the Tenant will pay to the Landlord a sum of Rs.180,000/= (Rupees One Hundred Eighty Thousand Only ) being the Security Deposit which will be refundable to the Tenant on the vacation of the Said Property after adjustment of any outstanding bills payable by the Tenant and for damages if any caused to the said Property its fittings & fixtures, without any interest 4. That the Tenant may install Air Conditioners, Electric Fittings, Fans Lights, Fixtures, Computer, Office equipments, Fax, Telex, Telephones, at his own cost and will pay the respective bills regularly. 5. That the Tenant shall be responsible for the payment of Telephone, Electricity, Water, Fire, Conservancy, Sewerage, CDGK tax/charges utility Bills and Building maintenance Charges etc., to the concerned agencies as consumed by Tenant regularly and will provide the photocopies of the paid bills to the Landlord every month regularly. 6. That this Tenancy agreement will be terminable with a prior notice of Two months in writing from either side. Tenant shall on vacating the Said Property clear all dues, duties, outstanding bills and shall handover vacant and peaceful possession of the Said Property . That the Landlord can also give notice of instant vacation to the Tenant if Tenant defaults in payment of rent and utilities bills or do any unlawful business. Landlord Contd.P/3 Tenant.

(3) 7. That this Tenancy agreement is renewable for further One term of Eleven Months automatically on these agreed terms and conditions and the Tenant agrees to increase the rent by 10% per annum 8. That the Tenant shall not assign or sublet the aforesaid Property to any other person or persons, company and will not make any alteration in the structural changes or erection of any nature whatsoever in the Said Property. 9. That the Tenant shall permit the Landlord or their authorized person to enter the Said Property to visit. 10. That the Tenant shall not use the Property for any purpose other than as an Office and its business only and furthermore the Tenant shall not use the Said Property for residential purpose, recruiting business, Political Party Office , Political use, storage of liquor, narcotics and goods that may be inflammable, explosive and combustible for hazardous or such goods as may cause nuisance to the adjoining premises and neighbours. 11. That the Tenant shall keep and maintain the said Property in good and rentable conditions during its occupancy. The Tenant shall carry out minor repairs to all minor damages during its occupancy. However any changes addition or alteration made in the Said Property for furnishing and dcor shall be under taken with prior permission from the Landlord. 12. That the Tenant shall handover vacant and peaceful physical possession of the Said Property in good and original condition to the Landlord at the time of the vacation of the Said Property. 13. That the Tenant will occupy and live in the Said Property in peaceful and harmony with other occupiers of the Building and shall live like a law abiding citizen of Pakistan. 14. That the Tenant solely liable for and to indemnify and keep the Landlord indemnified against any liability , loss, claim, proceedings or action and all expenses incidental thereto by statute in respect of personal injury or death whatsoever caused to any person whomsoever by any act, omission or other default of the Tenant, their employees or agents arising out of the use or occupancy of the allocated space, and against any other claims, damages and expenses whatsoever arising from the business of the Tenant.




(4) 15. That the Tenant will use Office NO. 306 according to its business requirements during Tenancy period and thereafter the Tenant will handover office in good and original condition with proper plaster and same paint as original at the time of handing over possession to the Landlord. 16. Both the Landlord and the Tenant have finalized the transaction by them selves alone and willingly after the satisfaction and inspection of the premises including title, documents and legal authority of Landlord to rent as well as status credentials of each other. In future for all purpose, both the Parties shall settle the matter directly by contacting each other on the given addresses and telephone numbers. IN WITNESS WHEREOF THE PARTIES ABOVE NAMED SET THEIR RESPECTIVE HANDS HEREUNTO THE DATE , MONTH AND YEAR FIRS MENTIONED ABOVE. WITNESSES: 1.___________________ .. CNIC No.. .. .. __________________________________________ MERCHANT MUHAMMAD FAROOQ ABBAS S/O ABBAS MUSTAFA Tel. 021-34683311, 0333-3009627. LANDLORD 2.___________________ .. CNIC No.. .. .. _________________________________ ALOKOZAY INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD. THROUGH it's C.E.O. MR. S/O Tel. 042-35782392, Mobile TENANT