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R/3 SYSTEM REFRESH DOCUMENT 1Prior to Refresh Prepare Control fileDone1Export Li cense Done2Create transports to gather Directory structure,

Logon Load Balancing , RFC connections, System Change Options, logical systems, Customer specific ent ries DoneExport Developer Keys (For DEV systems only) - Transport Request No #Do neDEVACCESSExport Version History (For DEV systems only) - Transport Request No #N/ARecord Last Transport Request Number - Transport Request No #DoneExport Prin ters - Path #DoneExport User Master Records - Transport Request No #DoneEbay to check All transports have been released prior to refresh N/A2Gather following in formation prior to RefreshFront screen and details of each clientDoneSCC4List of Logical systems DoneBD54List of instances that are supposed to be running DoneSM51System Change options DoneSe06RFC connections DoneSM59SAP direct ories DoneAL11External OS commandsDoneSM69Automatic Workflow CustomizingDoneSWU3 OP modes and its defnitions. DoneRZ04,sm63Logon GroupsDoneSMLGScreenshot of RZ12 : Including valuesDoneRZ12SLD ConfigurationDoneRZ70SLDAPICUSTDonePartner Profile s and Port NumbersDoneWe20 ,21Client SettingsDoneTransport Domain settingsDoneST RUSTSSO2DoneSE06 SettingsDoneFILE --> Take screenshot of Z entriesDoneCapture RF C server Group DoneTransport Number - E070L TableDoneScot Admin Check for Schedu led job details DoneCheck Email Restrictions - For all business clients includin g email address listDone*MOBILE.DE*MARKTPLAATS.NL *BAAZEE.COM*SKYPE.COM *SHOPPIN G.COM*KIJIJI.COM *PAYPAL.COM*RENT.COM *EBAY.COM *AUCTION.CO.KR Check Scheduled j obs for DBA calendar NACheck all released jobs NADisable cron jobs related to SA PDone3POST REFRESH ACTIVITIES Modify all background jobs from released to schedu led DoneSCOT - Node Use (Uncheck check Box)DoneInstall LicenseDoneCheck for Abno rmal Messages DoneSt22 & SM21 & SM28Clean up server list and perform health chec ks SM61Reset Transport system and recreate it DoneSTMSExecute SE06 with the opti on Datacopy or migration DoneSe06Update Transport number DoneE070L (se16)Check S pace critical object or missing objectsDoneDB02Check Connectivity for servers N/ ADelete system dumpsDoneSe16Perform Tempse checks DoneSP12Delete Cancelled and finished jobs DoneSE38 (rsbtcdelImport Profiles Don eRZ10Import Transports for Logical systems DoneImport Transports for system chan ge options DoneImport Transports for Directory structure DoneImport Transport fo r RFC, Logon Group, External OS and spool DoneImport User MasterDoneSTMS,SCC7Imp ort PrintersDoneSPADSMLG, RZ12 and Operation ModesDoneAdjust client settings, SL D, SLDAPICUSTDoneClean transaction RFC DoneSM58Reschedule Print jobs N/AConfigur e Workflow RFC Destination - SWU3DoneSWU3Perform BDLS conversion DoneBDLSCross C heck FILE Transaction for Z entreisDoneFILESECSTORESTRUSTSSO2 - Replace Prod cer t with Target SIDDoneClean source entries in ST03NCheck for Missing IndexesDoneP erform DB statsDoneApply Transport list provided by eBay N/ARe-shedule all SAP S tandard JobsSM58 - QRFC schedularDoneSM58Content server: Tcode: OAC0 --> Check c onnection of respective Target systems and Certificates OAC04Client Copy (Only fo r ECD System)Make sure that all transports imported in 300 as per customer requi rementCreate client 100 and adjust client settings as like before refresh and as sign logical name D6B100PCCPerform local client copy (Source Client - 300, Targe t Client - 100 and Profile - SAP_CUSV)Import User Master to 300 and 100 clientEn able backups Cleanup archive log directory Enable Cron jobs related to SAPUpdate password sheet - if any changes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Srinivas, Please proceed with backup tonight at 6PM while Harry gets SAN added. Regards, Mir Quadri From: Goodala, Srinivas Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 8:39 AM

To: Bennett, Harry; Mir, Quadri Cc: DL-AMS SAP BASIS EBAY Subject: RE: SAN Request for ebay300-fsb and ebay210-bis Servers Harry, Refresh cannot be performed without SAN space. Please provide the update after checking with eBay so that I would come to know whether the backup can be triggered today at 6 PM AZT or not. Thanks and Regards, Srinivas G S SAP Netweaver Lead Application Services Affiliated Computer Services India Pvt. Ltd. A Xerox Company Office: +1.972.728.2293 Cell: +91.96865.79551 HYPERLINK "mailto:Srinivas.Goodala@acs-inc.com" \o "mailto:Srinivas.Goodala@acsinc.comblocked::mailto:Srinivas.Goodala@acs-inc.com" Srinivas.Goodala@acs-inc.com From: Bennett, Harry Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 9:03 PM To: Goodala, Srinivas; Mir, Quadri Cc: DL-AMS SAP BASIS EBAY Subject: Re: SAN Request for ebay300-fsb and ebay210-bis Servers I believe Mir was scheduled to be out this week. I am meeting with Mark and Dan from ebay at noon today and will discuss with the m. Even with their approval our internal SAN process still needs to be followed. Can you provide me additional info on if the refresh can be completed with curre nt available space or if this the additional space is needed to proceed? Thanks, Harry (m) 214-695-9012 From: Goodala, Srinivas To: Bennett, Harry; Mir, Quadri Cc: DL-AMS SAP BASIS EBAY Sent: Tue Aug 16 10:05:02 2011 Subject: RE: SAN Request for ebay300-fsb and ebay210-bis Servers Harry, The ticket was created by Mark Graham of eBay last Friday at 11:27 AM AZT for th e below request. We require the refresh of the FSB and BIS environments at eBay. Please coordinate and provide a date as to the earliest that we can perform a refresh of FSB and BIS environments from production.

I have received mail from Mir (attached) stating that the above systems (as per eBay) to be refreshed by 22nd (Mon) of Aug 2011. Based on this, I have requested SAN space and arranged for backup to be shipped. @Mir: Can you please check with Mark and update Harry. Thanks and Regards, Srinivas G S SAP Netweaver Lead Application Services Affiliated Computer Services India Pvt. Ltd. A Xerox Company Office: +1.972.728.2293 Cell: +91.96865.79551 HYPERLINK "mailto:Srinivas.Goodala@acs-inc.com" \o "mailto:Srinivas.Goodala@acsinc.comblocked::mailto:Srinivas.Goodala@acs-inc.com" Srinivas.Goodala@acs-inc.com From: Bennett, Harry Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 6:40 PM To: Goodala, Srinivas Cc: DL-AMS SAP BASIS EBAY Subject: Re: SAN Request for ebay300-fsb and ebay210-bis Servers Srini I can't just have SAN added, it first has to be approved by the client and an agreement signed, followed by a request submitted to the SAN team for manage ment approval and allocation. How long has this request for a refresh been in the schedule, who submitted, and how long have you been aware of the shortage of space? I'm meeting with the cli ent later today and can possibly get something submitted later today, but highly doubt it to be available by this weekend. How close are the systems on space, or can the refresh be completed with SAN bei ng added following approvals and process? Thanks, Harry (m) 214-695-9012 From: Goodala, Srinivas To: Bennett, Harry Cc: DL-AMS SAP BASIS EBAY Sent: Tue Aug 16 02:49:24 2011 Subject: SAN Request for ebay300-fsb and ebay210-bis Servers Harry, We have FSB and BIS system refresh this week end. There is a shortage of SAN when compared with production systems. Please raise a request with SAN team as per the below screenshots and get the sp ace allocated by the end of Aug 18, 2011 (Thu). We have to check the size of datafiles in both FSB and PRD by using command : df h |grep sapdata

ebay300-fsbSize in GBFile SystemCurrent SizeRequired SizeIncrease/Decrease Byeba yFSBora-db/sapdata14504500ebayFSBora-db/sapdata240045050ebayFSBora-db/sapdata335 0450100ebayFSBora-db/sapdata440045050ebayFSBora-db/sapdata540045050ebayFSBora-db /sapdata638745063Total Size in GB313 We have to check the size of datafiles in both BIS and BWP by using command : df h |grep sapdata ebay210-bisSize in GBFile SystemCurrent SizeRequired SizeIncrease/Decrease By/or acle/BIS/sapdata13053050/oracle/BIS/sapdata2334300-34/oracle/BIS/sapdata33013010 /oracle/BIS/sapdata425130049/oracle/BIS/sapdata525030050/oracle/BIS/sapdata62523 0048/oracle/BIS/sapdata725130049/oracle/BIS/sapdata82502500/oracle/BIS/sapdata92 602600/oracle/BIS/sapdata103903900Total Size in GB162

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hi Srinivas, Sync/Split done for both PRD and BWP and starting backup to tape. Thanks Abdul From: Shaikh, Abdul Rahim Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 6:42 AM To: Goodala, Srinivas; DL-AMS Netbackup Admins Cc: DL-AMS SAP BASIS EBAY Subject: RE: NetBackup Restore Request - Ticket No.ISS01069839 Sync started on both PRD and BWP. Thanks Abdul Hi Srinivas, I am working on this will let you know once Sync is started. Thanks Abdul Hello Netbackup team, Please start sync/split now on ebay106-prd. I could not find anybody in sametime. Thanks and Regards, Srinivas G S Hello Netbackup team, Please perform sync/split on ebay106-prd on Aug 16, 2011 at 6 PM AZT (more detai

ls in the restore request below). Ticket No. is ISS01069837 Please confirm once sync/split is done and move the ticket to Ops team for stand ard overnite shipment. Thanks and Regards, Srinivas G S From: Request Forms [mailto:sp.admin@acs-inc.com] Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 2:05 PM To: Goodala, Srinivas Subject: NetBackup Restore Request Please forward this message to custcare@acs-inc.com to have them create a Remedy ticket for the following: NetBackup Restore Request Requested By :AMS\30079737 E-Mail Address : Srinivas.Goodala@acs-inc.com Phone Number : +91 9686579551 Related Tickets(s) : Customer eBay: Urgency : Scheduled Date / Time Tape Call Back : Tape is on-site - No Charge Backup date(s) to be restored : 8/16/2011 12:00:00 AM Source Node : ebay106-prd Source Filesystm Path : /zones/prd/root/oracle/PRD/sapdata* /zones/prd/root/oracle/PRD/origlog* /zones/prd/root/oracle/PRD/mirrlog* /zones/prd/root/oracle/PRD/oraarch Target Node :ebay300-fsb Target Filesystem Path(s) : /zones/fsb/root/oracle/FSB/sapdata* /zones/fsb/root/oracle/FSB/origlog* /zones/fsb/root/oracle/FSB/mirrlog* /zones/fsb/root/oracle/FSB/oraarch Overwrite Existing Files? Yes Sufficient Space On Target? Yes NIC/Switch @ 100/Full? Yes Is this a BCV restore? Yes Reverse Sync? No Is this a Microsoft Exchange restore? No Is this an NDMP restore? Delete existing transaction logs prior to restore? Commit after restore completes? Mount database after restore? Special Instructions / Comments : Please perform sync/split on ebay106-prd on Au g 16, 2011 (Tue) at 6:00 PM AZT and ship the tape to Dallas which should reach b y Aug 18, 2011 (Thu) Noon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mark, FSB and BIS systems would be taken down after Aug 18, 2011 (Thu) 6 PM AZT for re fresh. Please inform all the concerned teams. Thanks and Regards, Srinivas G S Naveen, Thanks, but there is no need anymore since I already updated the tickets with th e tracking info. :) Thanks! -sean From: Kanna, Naveen Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 5:44 PM To: Wheaton, Randy; Goodala, Srinivas; DL-AMS Phx-HW Cc: DL-AMS SAP BASIS EBAY; DL-AMS Netbackup Admins; Bennett, Harry Subject: RE: ISS01069837 & ISS01069839 | FW: NetBackup Restore Request Importance: High Randy, Thanks for the update. I am assigning those tickets to your queue and send back it to netbackup team queue once tapes arrived. Thanks and Regards, Naveen Kanna Affiliated Computer Services of India (P) Ltd., A Xerox Company. 3rd floor, Inventor, International Tech Park, Bangalore Cell: +91 9611930758 HYPERLINK "mailto:Naveen.Kanna@acs-inc.com" \o "mailto:Naveen.Kanna@acs-inc.com" Naveen.Kanna@acs-inc.com From: Wheaton, Randy Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 10:44 PM To: Goodala, Srinivas; DL-AMS Phx-HW Cc: DL-AMS SAP BASIS EBAY; DL-AMS Netbackup Admins; Bennett, Harry Subject: Re: ISS01069837 & ISS01069839 | FW: NetBackup Restore Request Importance: High Netbackup team, Can you please do the needful as per below mail. Thanks and Regards, Srinivas GS You ll need to assign the tickets to my Phx Ops Queue as a Sev2 or open a new requ est to phx ops as sev 2 if you want to keep the original ticket in your queue. I recommend you all assign the ticket to our queue and we will assign back to your s when the tapes are pulled and shipped to you.

On 8/17/11 9:13 AM, "Goodala, Srinivas" < HYPERLINK "Srinivas.Goodala@acs-inc.com " \o "blocked::Srinivas.Goodala@acs-inc.com" Srinivas.Goodala@acs-inc.com> wrote: Randy, Please arrange to ship the below tapes to Dallas DC through standard overnite ex press. The tapes should reach by Aug 18 (Thu) Noon. Please provide the tracking number once shipped. Thanks and Regards, Srinivas G S SAP Netweaver Lead Application Services Affiliated Computer Services India Pvt. Ltd. A Xerox Company Office: +1.972.728.2293 Cell: +91.96865.79551 HYPERLINK "Srinivas.Goodala@acs-inc.com" \o "blocked::Srinivas.Goodala@acs-inc.c om" Srinivas.Goodala@acs-inc.com < HYPERLINK "mailto:Srinivas.Goodala@acs-inc.com" \o "mailto:Srinivas.Goodala@acs-inc.com" mailto:Srinivas.Goodala@acs-inc.com> From: Kanna, Naveen Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 5:27 AM To: DL-AMS Phx-HW Cc: DL-Dallas-Media Services; DL-AMS Netbackup Admins; Goodala, Srinivas; DL-AMS SAP BASIS EBAY; Bennett, Harry Subject: ISS01069837 & ISS01069839 | FW: NetBackup Restore Request Importance: High Team, Please eject the tapes PH1804 & PH1353 for ebay106-prd and ship these tapes to D allas datacenter for the restore request made by client with normal delivery (Mo re details refer Ticket number ISS01069837). Also eject the tapes PH0575 and PH1587 for ebay107-bwp, send them to Dallas data center for the restore request made by the client with normal delivery (More det ails refer Ticket number ISS01069839). Thanks and Regards, Naveen Kanna Affiliated Computer Services of India (P) Ltd., A Xerox Company. 3rd floor, Inventor, International Tech Park, Bangalore Cell: +91 9611930758 HYPERLINK "Naveen.Kanna@acs-inc.com" \o "blocked::Naveen.Kanna@acs-inc.com" Navee n.Kanna@acs-inc.com Randy Wheaton Director of Information Technology IT Outsourcing Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. A Xerox Company

Office: 623-879-7878 Mobile: 602-738-5792 Email: HYPERLINK "randy.wheaton@acs-inc.com" \o "blocked::randy.wheaton@acs-inc. com" randy.wheaton@acs-inc.com ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Alert log of PRD system : /oracle/PRD/saptrace/background /alert_PRD.log

Backup started at 6:35: 32 so took the screen shot from that time in alert log

Backup has ended . Control file trace will get generated in /oracle/PRD/saptrace/usertrace during t he backup

Copied the above trace into /sapbackup/PRD path which will be copied to /sapback up/FSB path later

. Pre steps : Copied the above control trace from /sapbackup/PRD path to /sapback up/FSB path

: Copied the control trace from /sapbackup/FSB path to /oracle/FSB path

Now click vi control.sql : In this control.sql we have to follow 6 important steps : Change the SID from P RD to FSB which is shown below by running the command :%s/PRD/FSB/g ARCHIVELOG should be set to NOARCHIVELOG l


4) The actual control .sql will have the following :

Until the above we have to remove as control file starts with STARTUP NOMOUNT an d the above line is 67th line So in order to remove from 1st line to 67th line we have to run the command in e scape mode : 1,67 d The cmd to display the line number in a file in VI editor is (goto ESC mode ( c trl+g)

The control file ends with


Now we have to remove the below lines until ALTER TABLESPACE PSAPTEMP ADD TEMPFI LE . To do that we have to run cmd in esc mode :cntrl+g (which will give us the curr ent line number and from this we have to remove until ALTER . Temp file ends with End of tempfile additions We have to remove all the lines until end after the End of tempfile additions (:ctrl + g (currentline no),end of file is represented as $ D (eg : 295,$ d)

2) We have to change REUSE database to SET database shown as below

Creating temp file from control file is shown below :

The tem file starts from 296th line so we can create temp file from control.sql as follows :296,$w temp.sql (this will create a new temp file from 296 lin e to lastline (as $ implies last line). Now change the permissions by using chmod and chown. Now after doing all the modifications Control. Sql looks as below : Conrol.sql should start with startup nomount and end with character set as below :

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Temp.sql should look like below :


1) Ecport license : for FSB

Click on

Display license Script

as shown above


Download to PC

. 2) Generating transports for Partner profile tables : Tcode : se01 ( click cre

ate (

Double click on request number which will open below screen Click change and enter object names as below :

For Eg : double click on key and give * to all the tables After adding * to all the tables click save

Give Target System as FSB

3) Generating transports for RFC tables and other tables : Tcode : se01 ( cli ck create (

Provide * to all the tables by clicking

For SXPGCOSTAB give Y* & Z* and for remaining tables give * After providing values to all the tables come to properties tab of the transpor t request and give the target system (FSB)

Releasing the transport request is a very very important task otherwise there is no point in creating the transport requests prior to refresh.

Printers ( SPAD ( Output Devices ( Display

Export output devices : SPAD ( Utilities ( For Output Devices ( Export Devices

Click Execute

User Master Export : SCC8

Click schedule job

and continue

Tcode : SCC3 Click exports

Now click on file log : .

SE16 : Last transport request number : E070L

Click (F7)

Execute .. SCC4 :

000 300

Logical systems : BD54 :

Instances running : SM51 System change options : Se06

. RFC Connections : SM59

Take screen shots of ABAP connections and TCP/IP connections :

SAP Directories : AL11

External OS commands (SM69) :

Automatic work flow customizing (SWU3) :

Operation modes and it definitions :

Logon groups : SMLG

RZ12 : RFC Server Group maintenance

SLD Configuration : (RZ70)

click on f7 (5th icon)


Partner profiles and ports : (WE20 & WE21)



Click Transport Routes

Click System Overview

Double click on FSB



Background Groups

Click on Job-Servergruppen



Select ZARC_IDOC_HRMD line and double click on Assignment of Physical Paths

Select ZEBAY01 line and double click on Assignment of Physical Paths

Select Z_DIRECTLINK line and double click on Assignment of Physical Paths


SE16 ( RSBASIDOC table Execute


Cronjobs as root user

Disable Cronjobs using crontab e command and comment three lines which are starti ng with /oracle/FSB/sapscripts and save as :wq! Display the disabled cronjobs

We are done with pre steps for refresh ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please disable monitoring. Ticket:ISS01066974 CR: CCR000000033886 Customer:eBay, Inc SID: FSB ebay300-fsb BIS ebay220-bis

Change Type: Normal Non-Prod change Performer: Basis: Satyanarayana Raju / Sree Krishna chaitanya Netback up: Abdul Rahim / Fahmi Mat Reason if Emergency: N/A Brief Description: FSB refresh from PRD and BIS refresh from BWP Scheduled: 08/19/2011 7:00:00 AM 08/22/2011 7:00:00 PM IST Regards, Raju Now we have to disable nodes ebay300-fsb and ebay210-bis. We should set the status of ticket and CCR in work in progress

Stopping FSB system :

Stopsap command is not working we have to give stopsap sapfsb to do this. Now we will set the setenv file so that sap should come down by using cmd stop s ap. We know that we have to run stopsap thru SIDadm user. The default path of SIDadm user is sapmnt/SID/home :

We have to set the cmd in the sapenv file which is a hidden file so we have to s earch for that file using below command :

We found that there are 4 files now we have to determine which file we have to e dit for that first of all we will check which shell are we in right now: We are in csh so that we can ignore 2nd and 4th file which are sh files. Now we have to edit the value in one of the above 2 csh shells we have to find that by using (.profile) file. Now click ls More .profile From the above it is clear from SAP environment we have to insert alias in .sap env_ hostname .sh which is .sapenv_ebay300-fsb.csh So the file which we need to do the changes in all the 4 files is Vi We have inserted alias for start, stop in 2nd and 3rd line alt :

Now stop sap system for FSB thru stopsap cmd

All the sap processes are down but hostctrl is running now we have to stop it se parately We have to stop hostctrl thru root now the host ctrl is stopped Now SMD agent is running we have to stop this by logging thru DAAADM : Ps ef |grep sap

For ora nothing found .

Deleted FSB data before restore from tape

Proceed the same way for sapdata3, sapdata4, sapdata5 and sapdata6

Proceed the same way for mirrlogA, origlogB and mirrlogB

Proceed the same way for oraarch Move the alert log to old so that new alert log will generated during recovery

Inform netbackup team to start the restore SAPDATA File Systems after restore

Change ownership of oraprd to orafsb for all the sapdata* file systems, origlog* , mirrlog* and oraarch files/directories

Archivelog file names are starting with PRD

Command to generate a file called moveSID.sh which changes PRD to FSB

Perform chmod 777 to moveSID.sh and execute the file as below so that PRD will c hange to FSB

Recovery First step is to create controlfile in fsb system after recovery by giving comma nd @control.sql

Control file is created (from above screen) and it is created in 3 locations The below cmd tells us that Database is in mount status

The 3 locations of control file are 1)/oracle/FSB/sapdata1/cntrl

2) /oracle/FSB/origlogA/cntrl 3) /oracle/FSB/origlogb/cntrl * Now run cmd : recover database using backup controlfile until cancel;

The above screen shot shows that it has applied all the archive logs until 16642 1 and archivelog has not been completed created in 166422 so we need to insert t he origlogB file from alertlog. Which is /oracle/FSB/origlogB/log_g12m1.dbf MEDIA RECOVERY COMPLETE

Creating temp file by cmd @temp.sql

Create table OPS$FS2ADM.SAPUSER (USERID VARCHAR2(256), PASSWD VARCHAR2(256)); Insert into OPS$FS2ADM.SAPUSER values ( SAPSR3 , xcess001 );

SAP Note: 134592

Importing the SAPDBA role (sapdba_role.sql)

If database accesses are performed using the database tools BRBACKUP, BRARCHIVE, BRCONNECT, and BRSPACE, the relevant authorizations are missing. BRBACKUP fails with the following error messages, for example: BR0051I BRBACKUP 7.00 (20) BR0055I Start of database backup: bddzbuxf.ant 2009-11-10 10.12.35 BR0280I Time stamp 2009-11-10 10.12.36 BR0301W SQL error -1031 at location BrLicCheck-7 ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

Downloaded sapdba_role_ora10.SAR file and extracted it as fsbadm user Ebay300-fsb:fsbadm % SAPCAR xvf sapdba_role_ora10.SAR This command will extract sapdba_role.sql file

Copy the file into /oracle/FSB path and change the ownership like below and exec ute

POST ACTIVITIES : Brtools ( Additional Functions (Option 8)

Runninmg update stats : Brtools ( Database Statistics (Option 7)

Dictionary Stats

System Statistics

To loginto sap system we don t have access to any user id (as license is not yet i nstalled in the system) so inorder to login to 300 client we did the below steps : We changed the client as 999 for sap* for client 300 so that we can login to 30 0 client with sap*/pass

We have to change background workprocess to zero in instance profile (as the prd background jobs will run if we bring up the system which will be a huge escalat ion) Change background workprocess to zero before starting SAP in FSB_DVEBMGS03_sapfs b

Start SAP now Login into SAP GUI using SAP*/pass

Execute Click Select All (F5) for selecting all the released jobs Click Job ( Released to Scheduled

Double Click on SMTP

Remove Node in use

Click New Licenses

Delete all old licenses using Edit ( Delete License

Click Install

Stop SAP system Revert background work process to its original value in instance profile FSB_DVE BMGS03_sapfsb Start SAP system Login into client 000 for STMS configuration Go to STMS transaction Enter Description as FSB System and click Save

STMS is configured. Come out of client 000 Login into client 000 with any user other than SAP* Transaction: SE06

Click Perform Post-Installation Actions Click Yes Click OK Click Yes Click Yes Click No as STMS was already configured Click No

Go to STMS transaction, click System Overview (Shift+F6) Go to SAP System ( Check and execute Connection Test, Transport Directory and Tr ansport Tool. This should show ok for all. Import below transport requests which consists of RFC tables, Partner Profile ta bles, etc.

TP is showing as running for a long time Click Goto ( tp system log

Go to transaction SE38 in client 000 Click Execute Click Normal Job is scheduled and finished which we can see through SM37

Transport requests imported successfully

Transaction: BDLS

Click on

to excluding the tables and we have to exclude the below tables :


Click Execute in above screen

Select Program ( execute in background from above screen. Click OK Click Immediate and Save

Transaction: BDLSS ( to see the bdls log) Click on Display Log



BDLS Click on to excluding the tables


Click Execute

Click Program ( Execute in Background

Click OK

Click Immediate Click Save

SM37 SM50

BDLSS Click Display Log


Partner Profile is inactive after BDLS run

Activate it and Save

RZ04 Go to Click Delete Deleted all the operation modes except the below The above operation mode is active. Hence time table has to be removed

Click Change

Select Normal Hours and Click Delete Assignment

Click Save

Click Yes

Delete the above Operation Mode

Click on Instance/Profiles

Scc4 :

Change Name from Production to Sandbox and Save

Change the below Save


E070L (Update Transport number)

Update transport request number at DB level which was taken from pre-step

SM61 : Check Space critical object or missing objects

Click on Job-Servergruppen :

Now delete group


Now delete group


DB02 : Check Space critical object or missing objects :

DELETE SYSTEM Dumps : Run RSSNAPDL from SE38 with Max. entries to be kept = 0 Click execute

SP12 : Temse checks : Temse Data Storage ( consistency checks

SE38 : Report RSBTCDEL (Delete canceled and finished jobs) : Execute SE38 for report RSBTCDEL with the field delete with forced mode selected SE38(RSBTCDEL(execute(Mark X at Delete with forced mode(execute


Now we have to delete all the profiles of PRD and the process to delete prd pro file is as follows :

Select the profile which u want to delete and follow the below screen shot :

Yes No

User Master import : STMS

Click Password is xcess001

Tcode : scc7


SPAD : Import the devices Utilities(for output devices(Import Devices

Click execute :

Spool servers display : Remove prd servers Double click on sapprd-106_PRD_00 save Double click on sapprd-107_PRD_00 save

Double click on sapprd_PRD_00

Now go back to initial screen and delete all the three prd spool servers

Client settings :


300 :

SM51 : instance running

SE06 : pre steps and post screen shots match each other SM59 : Take screen shots of ABAP connections and TCP/IP connections (pre steps a nd post screen shots match each other) AL11: pre steps and post screen shots match each other SM69 : External os commands (match with presteps

Automatic work flow customizing (SWU3) :

Operation modes (RZ04) :

Logon groups SMLG :

RFC Server Group maintenance (RZ12) :

SLD Configuration : (RZ70)

Post step Changed this to pre step : Changed host from sappip to sappid and service to sap gw70 to sapgw71 and click activate


click yes

SLDAPICUST : is the post step Click change

Change the values of pip to pid port from 57000 to 57100 and user from SLD_CL _PIP to _PID as below :

Password will be find in ebay user passwords list : 1 Continue and click save Now goto sm59 :

change password to xcess00

Connection test : SAPSLDAPI :

RZ70 : click execute and click yes for sending SLD data to PID


select REPLACE

SAVE FILE : Post steps match with pre steps BD54 :

SM58 : Execute

Select first column and click on Reorganize

Execute SMQS : Delete all entries


DEVACCESS : We have to add below access key in the dev access table from oracle level.

Like above we have to follow for the remaining access keys and at last type comm it as this is DDL statement. this is to adjust the length of uname and accesskey this match the devaccess key pre system screen shot OAC0 :

Delete from DJ to TJ from above screen



For sec storage we have to generate migration key from service market place : Select migration key for the secure storage Click create key We got the key as follows : 2A594DD7BFCCBD02C5893679FB74166C ST03N :

From the above we have to remove all the prd servers ( we only want FSB to remai n) Go to ST03N --> Expert Mode -->Collector and Performance DB --> Performance Data base --> Workload Collector Database --> Content HYPERLINK "http://forums.sdn.sa p.com/" \t "_newWindow" Double Click on it --> on right pane Contents of the NW st atistics Database will be shown --> Choose the Host/Instance which are not belon ging to this current monitors and click on Delete HYPERLINK "http://forums.sdn.s

ap.com/" \t "_newWindow" Trash Icon

To select all the above prd instances at once we have to bring cursor on the box from where we start and hold shift+cntrl key then drag till the end .

The screen should be like below :

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Locking users in system : SA38 :

Click on authorization data

click this in above screen select upload from clip board Click execute execute

Click transfer lock all the users by clicking lock icon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now bring down sap from unix level stopsap sqlplus '/as sysdba' startup mount alter database archivelog alter database open archive log list (Check that archiving is enabled) exit startsap

Scheduling standard background jobs : When we make silly mistakes like scheduling tbe background jobs from acsbasis in stead of batchadm we have to follow the below procedure Su ora<SID> /as sysdba


select jobname,sdluname from sapsr3.tbtco where jobname like 'SAP%' and status=' S'; SQL> col jobname for a30; SQL> col sdluname for a10; SQL> 2 3 4 update sapsr3.tbtco set sdluname='BATCHADM' where jobname like 'SAP%' and status='S';


Enable archivelog before handover Shutdown database and proceed as below

Now finally start sap and hand over the system to customer . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------While running bdls for BW systems we have to skip the below mentioned tables Skip below tables in BDLS/BIC/AZOSPLS0100/BIC/AZNGL_O0200*/BIC/AZNGL_O0240*/BIC/ AZNGL_O0300*/BIC/AZNGL_O0340*/BIC/AZNGL_O0400*/BIC/AZNGL_O0440*/BIC/AZNGL_O0500* /BIC/AZNGL_O0540*/BIC/AZNGL_O0600*/BIC/AZNGL_O0640*/BIC/AZNGL_O1140*/BIC/AZOSPL0 0E00*/BIC/AZOSPL00E40*/BIC/AZOSPL00O00*/BIC/AZOSPL00O40*/BIC/AZOSPL0300*/BIC/AZO SPL0340*/BIC/AZOSPL0350*/BIC/AZOSPL0400*/BIC/AZOSPL0440*/BIC/AZOSPL0450*/BIC/AZO SPL05100*/BIC/AZOSPL05140*/BIC/AZOSPL05150*/BIC/AZOSPL05200*/BIC/AZOSPL05240*/BI C/AZOSPL05250*/BIC/AZOSPL05300*/BIC/AZOSPL05340*/BIC/AZOSPL05350*/BIC/AZOSPL0540 0*/BIC/AZOSPL05440*/BIC/AZOSPL05450*/BIC/AZOSPL05E00*/BIC/AZOSPL05E40*/BIC/AZOSP L05O00*/BIC/AZOSPL05O40*/BIC/AZOSPL06100*/BIC/AZOSPL06140*/BIC/AZOSPL06150*/BIC/ AZOSPL06200*/BIC/AZOSPL06240*/BIC/AZOSPL06250*/BIC/AZOSPL06300*/BIC/AZOSPL06340* /BIC/AZOSPL06350*/BIC/AZOSPL06400*/BIC/AZOSPL06440*/BIC/AZOSPL06450*/BIC/AZOSPL0 6E00*/BIC/AZOSPL06E40*/BIC/AZOSPL06O00*/BIC/AZOSPL06O40*/BIC/AZOSPL07100*/BIC/AZ OSPL07140*/BIC/AZOSPL07150*/BIC/AZOSPL07200*/BIC/AZOSPL07240*/BIC/AZOSPL07250*/B IC/AZOSPL07300*/BIC/AZOSPL07340*/BIC/AZOSPL07350*/BIC/AZOSPL07400*/BIC/AZOSPL074 40*/BIC/AZOSPL07450*/BIC/AZOSPL07E00*/BIC/AZOSPL07E40*/BIC/AZOSPL07O00*/BIC/AZOS PL07O40*/BIC/AZOSPL08100*/BIC/AZOSPL08140*/BIC/AZOSPL08150*/BIC/AZOSPL08200*/BIC /AZOSPL08240*/BIC/AZOSPL08250*/BIC/AZOSPL08E00*/BIC/AZOSPL08E40*/BIC/AZOSPL08O00 */BIC/AZOSPL08O40*/BIC/AZOSPL10E00*/BIC/AZOSPL10E40*/BIC/AZOSPL10O00*/BIC/AZOSPL 10O40*/BIC/AZOSPL30E00*/BIC/AZOSPL30E40*/BIC/AZOSPL30O00*/BIC/AZOSPL30O40*/BIC/A ZOSPLA0000*/BIC/AZOSPLA0040*/BIC/AZOSPLDAY00*/BIC/AZOSPLDAY40*/BIC/AZOSPLS0140*/ BIC/AZOSPLS0200*/BIC/AZOSPLS0240*/BIC/AZSPL_LN00*/BIC/AZSPL_LN40*/BIC/AZSPL_LN50 */BIC/B0000408000*/BIC/B0000426000*/BIC/B0000427000*/BIC/B0000428000*/BIC/B00004 29000*/BIC/B0000430000*/BIC/B0000431000*/BIC/B0000432000*/BIC/B0000433000*/BIC/B 0000435000*/BIC/B0000436000*/BIC/B0000437000*/BIC/B0000438000*/BIC/B0000485000*/ BIC/B0000486000*/BIC/B0000543000*/BIC/B0000544000*/BIC/B0000647000*/BIC/B0000648 000*/BIC/B0000649000*/BIC/B0000650000*/BIC/B0000651000*/BIC/B0000652000*/BIC/B00 00653000*/BIC/B0000654000*/BIC/B0000655000*/BIC/B0000656000*/BIC/B0000657000*/BI C/B0000658000*/BIC/B0000659000*/BIC/B0000660000*/BIC/B0000661000*/BIC/B000066200 0*/BIC/B0000663000*/BIC/B0000664000*/BIC/B0000665000*/BIC/B0000922000*/BIC/B0000 926000*/BIC/B0001222000*/BIC/B0001411000*/BIC/B0001412000*/BIC/B0001413000*/BIC/ B0001414000*/BIC/B0001415000*