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To be able to deal on the subject matter of the unemployment we must know that it means this term; the unemployment is synonymous of dispossession or unemployment. The unemployment is formed on the part of the population of a country that being in age, conditions and disposition to work, does not have work. The issue of unemployment, has been the subject of statements, opinions and comments, give way to the controversy, many worthy of value, weight and much respect, others very unnecessary little serious and converge in the minimization of the problem that entails going unnoticed and indolent, faced with the sad situation which has, hurting so to a large number of people unemployed and underemployed, whose expectations improve their standards of living away more and more than their chances today and follow in the tenor, while for other officials the resource human is the principal in the country. Unemployment in this region are is seeing more and more every day require more parameters to a job and sometimes many people do not comply with the requirements and therefore have no employment or age a person that has and can see no longer productive in the company where you work settled them or run them because no longer perform as the boss wants or as the company you need and it run. The presence of high unemployment is a problem both economic and social. As economic problem, is a waste of valuable resources. As social problem is a source of enormous suffering, unemployed workers have to fight with an income less. During periods of high unemployment, economic difficulties also affect your emotions and family life. Growing unemployment is a manifestation of the irregularities of the economic policy to not respond to the demand of major sources of work, wages, salaries and benefits, to ensure better living standards for workers and their families. There is an economic policy to concentrate wealth in national, select groups benefit to foreign private capital, is part of an economic restructuring that has responsiveness to globalizing, machinery not to the interests of the majority of the population, but sadly a restructuring that much is surpassed the economies of the United States, i.e. that could compare with an appendix and not more. The prejudice that is generated in the country with this restructuring, creates a picture political partner that tends to be; again reality far exceeds the political structure in spite of the presence of different political parties, little can offer to the electorate, too many needs that have, so it is in congruous best alleged levels of well-being of the population said that there are The intervention of the State to promote employment it runs against big difficulties. Las polticas expansivas pueden producir desagradables efectos secundarios, provocando

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inestabilidad monetaria y otros desequilibrios. Si lo que se busca es una oferta de empleo bien remunerado, sostenida a largo plazo, habr que actuar de forma muy cuidadosa para que no sea peor el remedio que la enfermedad.

The increase in the demand for workers is available with fiscal measures to reduce the wage costs for companies, either by reducing the mandatory contributions to the Security social (which would have to be replaced with other income of the State), or subsidizing the recruitment of workers for some reason are less efficient, disabled, young in their first job, etc. Jobs, flexibility by allowing contracts temporary and facilitating dismissals, is in fact reduce labour companies at the expense cost of the casualization of employment.