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Polangui North District Kinuartelan Elementary School Polangui, Albay NARRATIVE REPORT GULAYAN SA PAARALAN 2011 2012 I.

. Introduction The Gulayan sa Paaralan is envisioned by the Department of Education to help address hunger and malnutrition concerns in the country. It is a part of the departments poverty alleviation programs. It will foster public awareness on both the health, nutritional and economic benefits of establishing school, household and community gardens. Hunger and malnutrition has forced underprivileged school children to drop out from school to help their parents earn a living. It also inculcates the values of good health and nutrition, industry, love of labor and caring for others. The program aims to encourage pupils to grow their own vegetable through the school garden as well as form local garden clubs in the community. It is the means mitigate or eliminate hunger especially in areas where there is high incidence of malnutrition in school children. II. Accomplishment To support the programs aim in mitigating hunger and malnutrition, Kinuartelan Elementary School put up a Gulayan sa Paaralan with joint efforts of the teachers, parents and pupils. The rapport between the school and the community set forth positive outcomes. The school was able to materialize a vegetable garden composed of crops such as cassavas, sweet potatoes, zucchinis and string beans. The produce of the Gulayan are used in the feeding of the school with utmost priority given to the underweight. Feeding program is conducted twice a week and it is evident that more pupils attend classes; they are more active in classroom discussion and the number of underweight pupils was reduced. Seedlings of fruit trees like mangoes, santol, tamarind, duhat and talisay are still kept in the nursery for the time being. However, the intermediate pupils were already able to transfer approximately fifty-two seedlings in different areas within the vicinity of the school. III. Documentation

Sweet Potato Garden planted by the PTA Officers and Members

Cassava garden at the back of the Grade V&VI room

Seedlings of fruit trees

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