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Ethical leadership

JOHT3036 Leadership 5. class Spring 2012 Dr. Niina Koivunen

Dr. Niina Koivunen

Powerful symbols

Dr. Niina Koivunen

Sculpture of Lady Justice, the Roman goddess of Justice.

Content of todays class

Lecture & discussion
45 min

Assignment led by Dr. Liisa Mkel on ethical

aspects of leader-follower relationship 14.15-15.30

Dr. Niina Koivunen

The fields of study concerned with leadership and ethics

Business Ethics
Journal of Business Ethics

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Leadership studies

Dr. Niina Koivunen

Leadership ethics
(Northouse, 2010:377-407)

Ethical theory since Plato and Aristotle Ethics comes from the Greek word ethos = customs,
conduct or character

values and morals an individual or society finds

desirable or appropriate

Virtues of individuals and their motives System of principles that guide us in making decisions
about right or wrong, good or bad in particular situation. morally decent human being.

Provides a basic understanding what it means to be a

Dr. Niina Koivunen

leadership ethics
In regard to leadership, ethics has to do with what
leaders do and who leaders are.

Theories of
Leaders conduct Leaders character

Dr. Niina Koivunen

Northouse, 2010:380
High Ethical Egoism

Ethical theories

Concern for self-interest


Low Low
Dr. Niina Koivunen

Altruism High Concern for the interest of others

Ethics is central to leadership

Leadership is a process whereby the leader
influences others to reach a common goal

This influence dimension requires the leader to

have an impact on the lives of the followers. responsibility.

This carries with it an enormous ethical burden and

Dr. Niina Koivunen

Five principles of Ethical Leadership (Northouse, 2010: 386-393)

Respects others Serves others Shows justice Manifests honesty Builds community

Dr. Niina Koivunen

Leadershit happens

Enron Arthur Anderson

Lehman Brothers
Dr. Niina Koivunen



Discuss the recent incidents at Finnair in relation to the five principles of ethical leadership
What has happened in Finnair? The five principles:

Respects others Serves others Shows justice Manifests honesty Builds community

Dr. Niina Koivunen