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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is a tale told by Victor Frankenstein of himself as a flashback to Robert Walton who had found Frankenstein

during his search of the North Pole. Victor Frankenstein had been in search of his fiendish creation who had killed the people most precious to him and seeked revenge against him. Frankenstein was a scientist interested in philosophies who had discovered how to give life and his creature had been the result of his testing. This creature was so hideous when it came to life that Victor had run away and never wanted to see his creation again. This creation had nobody to go to now, no parental figures, no one to show him kindness and friendship. The creature had then wandered around looking for friendship but he discovered the hatred of human beings to him. He had never done any wrong to them but because of his hideousness, everyone had condemned him of being evil and malicious. The creature had then discovered a cottage where he observed the family within for a long time. The family had not known that a creature was observing and learning from the. The creature had learned how to speak and became educated but more importantly, he discovered how different he was from human beings. One thing the creature did believe was that the family would put aside the creatures appearance of disgust and accept him as a friend. On the day he went reveal himself to the family, they also had judged him as a horrific freak. The creature had then seeked vengeance against his creator. He blamed Frankenstein for his difference in the world as he asked himself why Frankenstein would put such misery on the creature for creating him. He discovered the location of Frankensteins name and location from Frankensteins journal. When he went to Geneva, he met this little boy who he thought would accept the creature as a friend but instead, the boy had also rejected him. The creature had murdered him when figuring out that this boy was related to Frankenstein and then set up Justine by giving the necklace to her while sleeping. She was sentenced to death for this crime which she had not committed. Frankenstein had come home after he had received letters of his brothers death and when he saw his brothers body, he knew that his creation was the one to blame for the deaths of his family. Frankenstein had been in a state of deep grief for he blamed himself for the deaths. The creature one day confronted his creator and demanded that Frankenstein must create another creature like him, one that would not judge him as a monster but be his wife. The

creation had then told his story to Frankenstein as he was not a monster but just someone who was unloved and hated by everyone he had seen. Frankenstein had to agree to this demand but had mixed feelings about this as he thought that the new creature he would create could be evil also, just like how he though his first creation was but he also had compassion to the creatures sad tale. While saying that Frankenstein would isolate himself to get over his grieving, Frankenstein had gone away from Geneva to work on his second creature. As he was working on the creatures wife, he sided more to his thoughts of the possible destructions that could be caused because of this instead of his creations misery and need for love. This led him to just quit his project. This made the creature furious and vowed even more revenge to Frankenstein, specifically to his wedding night. When Frankenstein was to return to Geneva, he was going to marry his childhood friend and cousin Elizabeth. On his was back home, he had discovered of another death of someone close to him. Henry Clerval, Frankensteins best friend had been murdered by his creature but he had been accused of being the murderer to the people of Ireland. Frankenstein was later proven free but Frankenstein, being in much illness and grief, just wanted to remove himself from his sadness and wished that he could die. Frankenstein knew that he still had to destroy his creation. As Frankenstein came home he prepared for his wedding night with Elizabeth. He believed that this would be the day that his creature would kill him but he was wrong. It was Elizabeth who had been killed, not Frankenstein. This led to Frankensteins fathers death as he couldnt bare the death of Elizabeth as she was like his daughter. This made Frankenstein go into absolute madness and vowed his life to the destruction of his creation. Frankenstein and his creation went on an long lasting chase going all over the continent. Frankenstein could never keep up to the creature but he had extreme determination. He had went as close as a mile of distance to his target but had then lost all traces of him. Frankenstein then found the ship of Walton and had rested there. Frankenstein became extremely sick but could still tell his tale to Walton as he nursed him. One day though, Walton had found the creature of Frankenstein in the room Frankenstein was in. He had been mourning over the death of his creator. Walton was terrified of this creature also but had much curiosity about him. The creature had explained his revenge against Frankenstein to Walton but then also described

how living was not worth the pain and misery he had to go through. Frankenstein said that he would go to the North Pole and burn himself to death. Soon after, Frankenstein had left and Walton was on his way back home. A major theme of dangerous knowledge is shown in Frankenstein. Frankenstein had figured out the secret of life and many people have died because of it including himself. Another theme of prejudice is related as nobody knows what the creature is like but condemns him of being evil because of his hideous appearance. The theme of compassion and forgiveness also shows as Frankenstein had almost no compassion for the creature as he was naturally good but terribly sad and also never forgave him for his deeds. This also shows a theme of revenge. Frankenstein is an example of literature from the Romantic Period. This does not mean that it was about love but meaning that it was against the Enlightenment. Frankenstein showed deep feelings of the characters and had a lot of love for nature. Frankensteins creation also shows the supernatural characteristic that is in some Romantic literature. I think that Mary Shelley was against the Enlightenment and expressed it in this book because she may have believed that if scientists kept asking questions about the world and kept searching for them, they will eventually find secrets that they should not know but are only for God such as Frankensteins discovery of the secret of life and consequently, he was destroyed by it.

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