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By Brian Tervo


Kinetix equals Corporate Energy

y experiences with TIE started back in 1997 as a software support engineer and over the past twelve years, have personally watched the business transform from a niche B2B integration software company to a global, multi-dimensional SaaS platform provider. Philosophically we are still true to our roots and continue to help our customers solve business challenges with innovative software solutions, but with all the latest technologies converging with our new Kinetix platform, it is a real exciting time to be part of this company. TIE Kinetix at the 50,000 foot level is all about energy. Modeled after Newtons third law of motion, and most prominently featured by the Newtons cradle in our logo, TIE Kinetix is about the conservation of energy and momentum throughout the business process. In business terms, Corporate Energy, or CE for short, is the lifeblood of every business and represents the targeted force your company exerts against the market. This energy is characterized by a unique mix of products; services and messaging that make up the fundaments of your brand and image. In the real world, there are all kinds of forces; some naturally occurring (internal) and others deliberate (external), that act upon the processes to promote, sell and service your products in the market. No business is exempt from these forces. The larger your brand, the more difficulties you will have trying to promote and defend its image in the light of its creator. Smaller brands will simply cease to exist unless they can truly harness the virtualized shelf spaces that appear and disappear quicker than ever or are overtaken by the sheer volume and force of incumbents. Add in a dash of unprecedented global connectivity and businesses are quickly discovering that the information/content describing their brands is almost more important than the products and services they actually represent. Most every major brand at one point or another has spent literally millions of dollars to promote a product via a campaign that went no further than their own web or physical store properties. The problem is that the consumer of today is seeking information from numerous other sources that are not under your explicit control. Brand owners need a real plan to contend with a content

driven economy fed by multi-dimensional channel outlets that includes consumer touch points inside of your reseller/distributor partners, affiliate websites, portable devices, social networks, advertising, media, PR and the list goes on. Kinetix in a very simple way insures that all of your key content assets are dynamically up-to-date and relevant to the multitudes of consumers seeking this information regardless of the technology it is displayed on. Kinetix places emphasis on getting your key messages where they need to be, when they need to be there and immediately accessible to the consumer in the easiest method possible sustaining a vital business momentum at all consumer orientation points. Once the information has been disseminated, Kinetix helps businesses measure and understand key message performance against stated goals, but this is only part of the entire picture. Consumers engaged with your messages now require a very safe and easy way to order the product, no matter where they purchase it from. Buyers expect their transactions to be secure, automated, and informative as the fulfillment process occurs. This process needs to be seamless from the ordering point at the retail site all the way back to the product being delivered to a store, business or home. Customer service has been elevated to the level where manufacturers must provide this experience directly from their corporate sites and extend this to any and all sites that represent their brands. Kinetix provides a framework that give resellers and distributors a virtual extension of your own ordering system, without needing to spend any time, money and effort to integrate these complex processes. Orders flow in electronically without any human intervention directly through retailers preserving the value of the reseller network with the brand equity and fulfillment power of the manufacturer. Brian Tervo President & CEO Brian Tervo serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of TIE Commerce Inc. where he is responsible for driving company vision, growth and profitability.
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