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DRAMA 2012 (Hard copy)

Title: Money is not everything in life Scene 1

Mr OOI and 3 Bod of directors .In his company . Mr OOI :Good morning everyone .The purpose of this meeting is to discuss about our profit this year .Last year during this festive season ,our profit was very impressive ,but this year it wont be the same as this year we have a great rival The Sakais Sardin .Survey shows that they have been making great profit this past few months. 1 Bod mem: Mr OOOOI . Mr OOI : Its MR OOI not OOOI !!!! (with sense of comedy ) 1 Bod : oops MR OOI , I have already did a new strategy to bring up our profit this year . 2 Bod : Yes Sir .We also have been designing new sardin covers with our new sardine company slogan A Sardin a day keeps the doctor away . Cool ahh ?? (with sense of comedy ) 3 bod : Sir (suddenly MR OOI s phone rings ) with some funny ringtone Mr OOI : Excuse me .. SON : Dad !! Dad !! can you take me to the carnival in Sunway Pyramid this Saturday .All my friends are going .. can u ?? can u take me MR OOI : No No No .. I am too busy .. Dont you have homeworks to do .Go and do it (hangs up the phone immediately ) Son : owhh Ok dad ( in sense of disappointment) Mr OOI : Ok Directors .I want all this changes to be implemented .I am expecting a lot from you guys .

Scene 2
In MR OOI s house where his son is always dependent on his servant . Velu : Ah heng ah !!! Ah heng ah !!! wake up larh .. Do you know what time is it ? 7 45 ready larh ( With indian slang ) Ah Heng : Haiyoo Velu ah let me sleep for a while larh

Velu : No no no cannot wake up fast . (velu pushes him to the toilet , after that he comes to the dinning table ) (velu brings biscuit and bread with buter ) Ah heng : Velu !!! how many times do you want me to tell you !! I dont like butter ! I hate butter and where is my Pink Dolphine Calcium I dont like biscuit I want my bread !!! Velu : keep quites and leaves and then brings his bread . Ah heng : Velu !!!! ( velu puts the tie for him and his shoe lase and then sends him to the school )

Scene 3
Ah heng meets his two friends :Sammy and Khairul Sammy : Eh Ah heng .. Ah heng :Ehh hey Sammy .Where is Khairul ?? Sammy : As usual !! Ah heng and Sammy : Late .. Again !!!!! Khairul : Eh Sammy ,Ah heng wait for me I am coming larh .. Sammy : There you are .. Ah heng : Ok Ok !! come lets go to class they walk to class together .. Canteen scene bell rings Sammy : Whaa !! that was just too much homework given by Pn.Roslinda . Khairul : I guess we all will be spending the whole day doing it haih !!! Ah heng comes in clashing with his lunch box .And they proceed to the canteen .In the canteen sitting area Khairul and Sammy comes sitting with their Roti Canai and Nasi Lemak Ah heng : Whaaaa !!!

Sammy : You call this whaa (pointing to his Nasi Lemak )?? (Taking his box of fried chicken pieces ) This is what you call whaaa !!! Khairul : Yeah man !! ( looking at Sammy ) Ah heng : why not we make a deal my fried chicken drumstick pieces for your nasi lemak and roti canai ?? Sammy ,Khairul : (Looks at each other ) Smiles , Smiles , ok larh !!! hmmmmm.. Scene 4 Bell rings All three of them come out of school ..Khairul and Sammy leaves by saying bye to Ah heng .Ah heng will be standing there and two kidnappers pop out and approach him . Kidnapper 1 : Hey there kid .. Ah heng : Erm .. who are you ?? I am not supposed to talk to strangers . Kidnapper 2 : We are your fathers friends . Ah heng : But I have Never seen you Kidnapper1 : here have some biscuit its chocolate it will make you remember better Ah heng : ok .. ( eats the biscuit and faints ) The kidnappers bring him back .Curtains down .. (Pulls child away make comedy that child quite heavy ) Scene 4 MrOOi comes to the house and velu approach him Velu : Sir!! Sir!! Ah heng has not came back from school .. Mr OOi :What !!! My son is not back !! How can you be so careless !! ( walks in tension ) Velu : Sir what should we do now ?? I called the police sir . Mr OOI : I think I think He has been ..been (Police officer comes in ) Police officer : Kidnapped !! Yes your son has been kidnapped by two most wanted kidnappers .. I and my team will help you get your son back .

MR OOI : Noo.. my son has been kidnapped !! How can this happen ..its all because of me !! I shouldnt have been too busy with my business !!! noo.. I should have spent time with him when he asked .. I am at fault !!!! (crys)( Sad song plays at the background) Police officer : Its ok MR OOI !! Now we will have to find your child . Your house phone and your handphone is being tapped .The calls that you receive maybe from the kidnappers . (Phone rings) Mr OOI : hello !! hello !! please leave my child .I will pay any ransom you ask for ..please leave him I want my child back !! please Phone : ERM.Hi ..We are calling from IBIB bank . I wanted to ask you whether you are interested in getting a credit card from our bank ?? MR OOI : Oh Oh Sorry Sorry ( in a modest tone ) and hungs up After few minutes .. Mr OOI receives a call .. Phone : Hello MR OOI .If you want your son back . We demand a ransom of ( asks the partner : eh how much you want to ask ?? How about 2 thousand ?? kidnap 2: thuu.. did we kidnap him just to ask 2 thousand ..huh ?? takes the phone and says 2 million) . And we want it by 13 hours time at the junk yard near your house ..And most important dont inform the police . If not you will face the consequences MR OOI : What two million !!! Thats a kings ransom !!! Phone : Come on mr.OOi do you want your son back ?? If not you will be seeing him dead !! Mr.OOi : No..No I will give what ever you ask . but dont hurt him !! hangs up Police officer : Ok sir this people look like they are not professional kidnappers . we will get your son back MR OOI : Ok sir please.please get my son back . and I dont want my son to get hurt .. Police officer : ok sir .I have got a plan ( they will be discussing about the plan silently with the background music of MI4) Scene 5 After 13 hours at the junk yard .Police men , Mr OOI in the junk yard waiting for the kidnappers . Kidnappers come in with the child blind folded .

Kidnapper 1 : Have you brought the money ?? Mr.OOI : Yes I ve got it here ! take it .Please dont do anything to my son !! please (one of the kidnappers comes and take the money and then releases h the child when the child reaches Mr OOI ,The kidnappers check the bag full of pappers ) Kidnappers : where s the money ?? Police comes in the othe side and points the gun on them You are under arrest Police man winks at MR. OOI and does a good sign and saysTake good care of your son .. MR OOi : Yes !! Yes ..sir !!! I will Scene 5 Mr OOI comes back into the house so happy with his son !! Puts his son on the chair and talks to him MR OOI : Son , I am very sorry !! For being such an idiot .I realize that Money is not everything in life .I should have spent more time with you . I am sorry son !! Tears Son : Its ok dad .. I Love you dad !! You are the best father in this world !!! MR OOI : I am so happy son that you are back . Do you want to go to Sunway pyramid ?? Son : Shakes head
MR OOI: velu !! velu !! I am bringing my son to Sunway pyramid today !! No need to cook tonight . Velu : ok sir !!

(background music) Narrator: Parents these days are just too busy with their work and have no time to spend with their child .The most valuable time for children is the time spent by their parents . No money can buy that time spent ,Its typically priceless .So to all the parents out there please spare some time for your children ,Bring them out ,Talk to them ,Buy them gifts .After all your child is you most valuable natural resource .

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