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Title: A Good Year Category: Books Twilight Author: 107yearoldvirgin Language: English, Rating: Rated: M Genre: Humor/Romance Published:

: 07-16-09, Updated: 08-17-09 Chapters: 20, Words: 71,921 Chapter 1: Chapter 1

A/N: I don't own Twilight. I do have a dog named Izzie. She's named after Katherine Heigl on Grey's (which I don't watch). And she pisses on my carpet. The dog does. Not Katherine.

Hey! Welcome to the sequel Did you guys hear that Rob's Spunky Ransom's are more potent than KFed's? Apparently, he impregnated KStew while in a whole different state! If January marks the start And February plays its part We'll only have to wait until March to know It's gonna be a good year -Treaty of Paris (Good Year) Chapter 1 EPOV Something occurred to me at that moment: My heart was no longer my own. I had gratefully handed it over to an incredible woman and she had filled every space and crack and corner. She made me whole. She was mine and I was hers. Forever. Obviously I had known this since our wedding day, but today felt different. Today we were going to start a family. I turned off my computer and gathered my things to leave. I was usually the first to arrive and the last to go, but that just came with the territory. Bella had stayed late tonight as well, given that we had met with a large number of clients that afternoon and I had given her the adoption papers at lunch. And she had given me Focus. Turning off my light and locking my door, I quietly made my way down the hall to her office. Her door was open and I could see her leaning back in her chair, lost in thought while staring at our wedding picture that she kept on her desk. She was humming happily along with the song that was playing and a glossy look had passed over her eyes as if she were remembering something wistfully. I took a minute to watch her as she played absentmindedly with her hair and rocked back and forth in the chair. She looked so beautiful that sometimes I had to remind myself that she was indeed real. She was my wife. That meant forever, in my book. I'd asked if she was ready to go and she snapped out of her trance long enough to smile and tell me that she would meet me at home to make dinner. I loved going home to her each night and waking up to her every morning. I had dreamt of that reality for well over a year, but I never thought it would be like this. We were perfect for each other, like we were made specifically for one another and no one else. I started the car and turned on my iPod and clicked on Mute Math as I headed for the freeway.

Everyone has their obsession Consuming thoughts, consuming time They hold high their prized possessions That defines the meaning of their lives Bella was my prized possessionwas it wrong to think that way? I would do anything and everything in my power to make her happy. You are mine You are mine I would do anything to keep her safe. There are objects of affection That can mesmerize my soul There is only one addiction That just cannot be controlled Bella had once called me her very own little 'Edward pill' that she needed to take every day in order to get through it. She had to know it was the same for me. It would always be that way. You are mine Because of that, I would never let Carlisle talk to her about the conversation we had earlier in the day. When Ali had beeped me to say that Carlisle was on the phone, I was elated to tell him the news of starting the adoption paperwork, but he hadn't been as zealous as I had expected. He listened patiently and then told me that he thought there was another way that Bella and I could have a baby. Of our own. "What are you talking about, Carlisle?" The words barely escaped my mouth through clenched teeth. He paused for a few seconds before responding, "Edward, I have a friend named Dr. Kebi who's been doing some amazing studies and trials with artificial wombs and transferred uteruses. He's had a few successes so far, though the majority of the testing has been done on lab animals. But he just did two successful implantations over the past two years. I think that Bella would be a prime candidate for it, being that her inability to conceive wasn't health related." I was shocked before the anger built up into fury and I barked, "No! It's out of the question. Don't mention it again because it's not going to happen." My wife wasn't a lab rat!

He took a deep breath and sighed. "Truly, Edward, you should consider it. For Bella. She really has the most say in the matter since she was the one robbed of the opportunity in the first place. Let me just talk to her" He was crazy. I would never put her in that kind of danger. We were going to adopt and that would be it. Period. "I do have a say in it! I say no. Never. Don't bring it up again. End of discussion." I slammed the phone down and ran my fingers through my hair roughly. "Shit! What the hell is he thinking?" I had muttered loudly as I grabbed my coat. I needed to get out. Needed fresh air. Then, as I had turned to leave, Bella was there in the hallway with the papers and I knew that it was my chance to show her my plans. She had misconstrued it, as she always did. But after I calmed her down and let her know that I wasn't asking her to sign a pre-nup, she finally read the paper work again and realized that I was trying to start our family. For her. It was always for her. She was my life now. And if that meant upsetting my family or pulling away from them because of my decision, then so be it. I wouldn't have her risk her life over that. Even if she wanted it, I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't sacrifice her that way. ******* BPOV The alarm always pissed me off in the mornings. We set an alarm clock and both of our cell phone alarms just to make sure we would get up. It was ridiculous how fabulous and comfortable our new bed was. I felt like I was lying in a basket of feathers, it was that comfortable. But, not as itchy on the nose as that would be. Edward's alarm was the worst. His crazy phone alarm sounded like a hooker playing a saxophone. I liked to call it his 'morning pimp song'. This morning, though, there were no alarms. I had been sleeping peacefully when my dreams suddenly and without warning turned incredibly erotic. Hands sliding up my calves. Parting my thighs. Panties being rolled offand Edward's amazing tongueUgh. It was so real that, for a fleeting instant, I wondered if I would react like I had on the plane to Jamaica. I tried to shift and roll over as I began to gather consciousness, but I was being held to the bed. That's when I jerked awake and realized it was no dream. Well that's a hell of a way to wake up.

"Edward," I whined as he became more aggressive now that he knew I was awake. "Hmmm?" He vibrated against me, making me shudder and writhe under his grasp. "Edward? Can I," I sucked in a deep breath as he began using his teeth and fingers. "What, love?" He called from under the blankets. I grasped the sheets and whimpered. "Can I call in sick today?" He chuckled and shook his head, causing even more of a reaction from me. I grasped his hair and asked if I could just call in dead. "Why?" He whispered hotly against my skin. I laughed tightly and said, "Because my boss is kind of a dick." His head shot up and he crawled up to hover above me. "What do you mean?" He asked with sincerity. I giggled and wiped his face to kiss him. "I am all over you," I whispered huskily as I kissed his soft lips. He pulled away and his eyebrows were knit together again as he ran a hand up my side. "What do you mean; your boss is a dick?" He asked as he trailed his way back down and lifted up my nightgown to reach my nipples. I moaned and gasped and pulled him back up. "Oh, sorry. I meant to say I love my boss' dic" The words were cut short as he kissed me seductively, while tracing small circles across my abdomen and down further Yeah, not a bad way to wake up in the morning. At all. ******* "Bella SwaCullen," I answered my phone and pushed my fist into my forehead as I squeezed my eyes shut. I was really bad about using my married name. It was still an alien term to me. Alice sighed heavily on the other end of the line. "B? I think I'm dying." I rolled my eyes and took a deep breath. "What's wrong, Al? Did you get your monthly? Do you have a cold?" I heard her clicking on her computer and she whispered into the phone, "No. I'm serious. I think there's something really wrong with me. My face hurts, my nose hurts, my head hurts and my throat is sore." She sounded sad and kind of freaked out. Oh, dammit, Alice. "Alice, you didn't go to WebMD, did you?" I was hoping above all hope that she was smarter than that. She wasn't.

"Yes, B! And you know what they said I have?" She was typing furiously in the background now and I pounded my forehead against my desk before I nodded. She couldn't see me nod, but I did anyway. With a deep breath, I said, "Did it tell you that you have AIDS, Alice?" She sat quietly for a second before confirming with a light 'yes'. I groaned and grasped the phone in between both of my hands, wringing it like it was her neck before I put a smile back on and returned to the conversation. "It always says its AIDS. It's either a cold, or rubella, or AIDS. You got bit by an ant, or you have gangreneor AIDS." She knew this by now. "What else did it say? Did it say that it could be, ohI don't know, something non life threatening? Like a damn sinus infection?" I tried to keep the amusement out of my voice but I couldn't. She clicked a few more buttons and I heard her breathe out slowly. "Yep. Sinus infection. You should have been a nurse, Bells." "Thanks ,Al. Anything else?" She thought for a moment. "What are you wearing?" She was asking with genuine interest. I looked down and appraised my outfit. "Umm, it's that red shift dress thing you picked out? It's huge, though. Edward said it looked like I was wearing a parachute or something sweet like that." I chuckled at the memory of his face as I had floated into the kitchen this morningtwo whole minutes after my dress had gotten there. "Dear god, B! You cinch it. With. A. Belt. You probably look like you've smuggled both of the Olsen Twins into the office this morning" I pinched the bridge of my nose and told her to call the doctor and get an antibiotic. By the time I hung up I needed some Excedrin and a nice stiff drink. Ah, hell. I'd settle for just the drink. I opted for a fresh cup of coffee instead. Jasper was standing in the kitchen, drumming his fingers lazily on the counter as the next pot was brewing. "Hey, Whit! Your lady has a sinus infection, I hear." His eyes widened and he smiled. "A sinus infection? Thank god" She must have filled him in on her hypochondria as well. "It's been a shitty morning already," he said as he stared a hole in the filter, willing it with his brain to brew faster. I put my cup on the counter and leaned in. "What's wrong, Jasper? You look like you want to shank somebody." I punched him lightly on the arm and he let out a groan, running his fingers through his messy waves. "I got pulled over for speeding. Again." It wasn't surprising, given the fact that he drove ninety miles an hour in his little G8. Alice liked the thrill; I always prayed to make it to our destination in one piece. I had taken to driving separately as to avoid imminent death. "Aww, that sucks. Maybe you could try to take the brick out of your shoe before you get behind the wheel next time." He looked at me with a look that said 'not funny' so I changed my approach.

I nodded my head sternly and pressed my lips together. "Damn the man, Jazz." He smiled while he poured a cup. As he walked out the door I heard him chuckle, "Save the Empire." ******* EPOV Alistair sauntered into my office right before lunch, making a big to-do over giving me my messages. He had written each one on a separate piece of paper and he relished the amount of time it took him to hand them over. He loved to describe each conversation- in detail- and what he thought the caller looked like, how they sounded, etc. It was usually charming, but he had just handed me two messages that needed my immediate attention. "Ali? I appreciate the excessive break down of your conversations, and I would love to hear your theories on the serial killer that called up to ask for our address." I smiled and held my hand out for the rest of the notes. "But, I really need to make a call." He feigned insult but giggled at me as he shut my door behind him. I stared at the two messages in my hand. One was Renata from the adoption agency. The other was from my father. Carlisle had left the number of his friend, the baby-making surgeon, Dr. Kebi. Carlisle wanted me to call him myself to talk about the procedure. I crumpled the paper up and threw it in the wastebasket. I'd deal with my dad later. For now, I needed to call Renata and set up our initial evaluation. ******* "Hey, Bells. Do you have a second?" I was leaning halfway into her door and bit my lip to stop my laughter as I realized that she was underneath her desk plugging in cords. "You know you can always ask me for help with stuff like that." She went to get up quickly and hit her head on the keyboard tray, which caused her to fall forward again and trip over the front of the red parachute that she was wearing. It wasn't funny. Okay, it was. I went to her side and pulled her to her feet as she cursed her dress and muttered 'cinch this, bitch' and rubbed the back of her head, trying not to cry. I tried my best to look concerned, but she saw right through me. "Are you still going to be laughing at me when I'm eighty and I break a hip?" I nodded thoughtfully, "Yeah. Probably." She pulled her arm away from me and sat heavily in her chair. "This day is so effing long, Cullen. Every time I look at the clock, time has actually reversed. I'm living the same twelve minutes over and over again." I leaned against her desk and clucked my tongue. "See? This is how you get when Alice isn't here. You have less breaks and gossip sessions. And you have to actuallywork all day." I pretended to shudder and she lightly slapped my arm. Sitting up straight she plastered her 'Work Bella' face on.

"How may I help you Mr. Cullen? Do you need me to work on another ad for edible body frosting?" She was looking up at me innocently and I immediately flashed back to that research session. I shook my head to clear the visual and shifted to my other foot to try and stop my pants from tenting. "Don't be so coy, Mrs. Cullen. You enjoyed that campaign, if I'm not mistaken." She smiled wider and folded her hands in her lap. I cleared my throat and started again. "It's not work related, baby. I just got off of the phone with Renata from the adoption agency and she has an opening at the end of the week to interview us." Her smile ran a mile wide and she jumped up from her seat to hug me, squealing in excitement. "One step closer," I whispered in her ear and she pulled back to kiss me happily. "Damn! Get a room, nymphos!" Emmett bellowed as he walked past the office. "Oh!," he poked his back into the office. "Call Rosie. She's threatening to cut my balls off if you don't. Guess what, B? I like my balls. Call. Her." ******* ******* A/N: Sopersonal Aro update: I turned in the infamous report-that-determines-my-fate on Monday. I was sure that it was perfect since I had worked on it for four days and had looked at it ten thousand times. My Aro shows up today after his meeting, points at a line and says, "You left off a 3." Yep. I might get fired because of the number three. Makes me want to stab The Count from Sesame Street in the face.

Chapter 2: Chapter 2

A/N: Twilight isn't mine. I do get to plan the Sales Meeting again this year. Aliceboss promised that we could have oatmeal cookies for dessert! So, my friend sent me a text the other day. It said: 'I broke down and watched Twilight. And now I'm in love with Edward Cullen!' I resisted the urge to type back "Back off, bitch." The entire chapter is BPOV:) Chapter 2 BPOV "What do you think of this one?" Alice was holding up a teddy bear centerpiece in blue and yellow. I looked up warily as I held the list of Baby Shower 'needs' in my hand and scratched another item off of the list. Why did Target have so much gd stuff? It was overwhelming.

"Ummm, that might be okay. I don't know, though. Rose pretty much said that she wanted it to be adult oriented? I don't see anything fuchsia and black for a little boy" I broke into an exasperated sigh as I picked up some plates and put them into the cart. "Why don't we just go with brown and white?" I picked up a set of polka dot napkins and waved them at her. She nodded and walked over to hand me some cut out letters. "I got the 'Liam' letters for the fireplace." I nodded and marked it off of the list. Alice looked past me in annoyance. " I swear to the Holy Creator above, if Jasper and Emmett don't stop making the automatic doors open with their 'Jedi' powers, I am going to smother them both with pillows from the Home section!" I chewed the top of my pen nervously as I looked over my shoulder at the two of them holding one hand to their heads and the other out in front of them before they laughed loudly as the doors slid open. "One of those guys actually reproduced, can you believe it?" I asked her as I shook my head and looked back at the list. "I wonder if his sperm got lost and took a nap and that's how it found the egg?" Alice chirped out a laugh as she appraised what we had purchased. "I think we're good, Bells. I don't really know if a lot of people will come to this thing anyway" Alice said as she picked up some crepe paper and deposited it on top of the other items. She was right. We both knew that Rose didn't have a lot of friends. And her family was in New York, so it didn't seem plausible that they would fly out for the shower and then the birth four weeks later. I hated to think that we were planning a shower for the three of us. Well, four if you counted Alistair. He was only going because he wanted to see where Emmett laid his head at night. I shuddered to think about what he would do with that information once he had it. I needed a few minutes to breathe, so I asked Alice to get the remainder of the items and I made my way to the cookware section. I stood in the middle of the aisle eyeing the pots and silverware, willing myself to calm down and take inventory. I was going to be okay. This wasn't going to get the best of me. Something had been bothering me ever since Edward and I had met with Renata at the adoption agency. She had been perfectly polite, and the interview had gone well. But as she was asking questions, she started to appraise us as a couple and she had mentioned more than once that we hadn't been together for very long. "Well, it looks like you two are prime candidates to become adoptive parents. I am concerned about the duration of your relationship, though. Do you feel that it might be wiser to wait a couple of years? Make sure that you're out of the Honeymoon phase? Maybe get to know each other better? A baby doesn't solve problems." She pushed her glasses farther up her nose and blew a stray piece of grey hair out of her face as she eyed us. Edward and I knew each other. Probably better than she knew her own husband, and they had been married for fifteen years. We knew one another inside outpun intended. There were no secrets. There wasn't anything that I didn't know and vice versa. She had informed us that adopting a newborn was exponentially harder than adopting an older child. There were two ways to go about it if we wanted it that way. One was that we could wait for a mother to contact the agency and then we would interview with her to see if she thought we were a good match. The other was that we could simply wait to see if any newborns became 'available'. The second option was easier because it didn't usually end in an 'open adoption' type of scenario, and the mother would have blindly made the decision. If we opted to interview, there was a chance that the mother could change her mind at the birth.

Honestly it felt like we were buying a car, not starting a family. We held hands and talked it over right in front of her. It seemed logical to wait for the closed adoption. But we were informed that it could take up to three years to complete the entire process. By the time we left, I felt uneasy. I wished that there were another way because the honest truth was that I didn't want it like this. Not for myself or for Edward. ******* "Hey, baby! I'm home," I called from the door as I attempted to lug all of the shower decorations in with me. Edward appeared at the doorway and took all of the bags from me in one fell swoop. He never ceased to amaze me with his speed and strength. It was like he wasn't human. He deposited the items in the side room and then swept me into a big hug and planted a kiss on my lips, taking my breath away. "Mmmm," he hummed. "You smell good." He kissed my neck and squeezed me tighter as I leaned into his embrace. "Thanks, I wish I could say the same for you. You smell like garlic and onions." I sniffed the air and pulled back to eye him cautiously. "Edward Cullen. Are youcooking?" He nodded his head vehemently and pulled me into the kitchen where pots were boiling over and music was blasting. I scrunched my nose and reached across the counter to turn the volume down. "Ugh, you know I hate Muse. Do you have to blast his falsetto so effing loud? The acoustics in here only amplify his pitch." I chuckled as he turned from the sink with a knife in his hands. "You're terrible. Have some respect for them. I didn't hear you complaining during your little vampire movie when they were playing in the background while your boyfriend was on the screen." He arched a brow in my direction as I shrugged in defeat. Busted. That guy was a panty dropper to the extreme. "What's the occasion? Did you get caught up in watching Iron Chef while I was gone and you decided to try your hand at it?" I popped a mushroom cap in my mouth as I began to set the table. He turned and grinned as he added onions to the pan simmering on the front burner. "It's a celebrationof sorts," he answered mischievously. "Really?" I asked sarcastically. "Please, do tell. What are we celebrating?" He washed his hands and pulled me to him as he kissed my forehead. I could feel his heart racing and suddenly I was intrigued. "Seriously, Edward. What's up?" He held me at arms length. "I went up against Aro today for a campaign. And won." I clapped my hands and did a skip. "Which one?" I cried. He smiled widely, "You know that sun gel that has the gold flecks in it? The one that makes people sparkle in the sunlight? That one. I kicked ass on it, if I say so myself. They said my ideas were fresh and young and that they loved my presentation. Bells, this is probably the biggest client the company has landed so far. It's incredibly good for business."

I hugged him tightly as I told him how proud I was. This was huge. We had gone up against Aro a few times already, and we had actually gotten a couple of the clients. "If we beat Aro out one more time, they just might fold!" I laughed out loud at the thought. He nodded in agreement as he kissed me with a smile. Leaning into my ear he whispered, "I think this calls for a celebration tonightwith the love cuff." ******* Dinner couldn't get done fast enough. I was almost tempted to tell him we'd eat afterward, but he was so proud of his spaghetti that I couldn't rain on his parade. Of course, I did wonder why he thought that garlic bread and pasta would be a good combination before some action in the sack. We rushed to brush our teeth and I put on the little blue bra and panty set from Rose as I lit candles around the room. I loved mood lighting. I helped cover up any cottage cheese I might not be able to see on my ass, but that Edward could. He stepped out of the bathroom and clicked off the light, a small smile playing across his lips as he pulled the rope between his hands, adjusting and readjusting the wristlets. I literally shuddered in anticipation and did a mental happy dance as he crossed the room towards me. He pulled me in for a seductive kiss and trailed the rope up my side. "I like these. Too bad they won't be on for long," he winked as his hands passed over the lace top of the bra. Bring. It. He sat back on the bed and pulled me towards him. Brushing the hair from my shoulder, he kissed me there and then leaned back to cup my face. "You? Or me?" He asked. Shit. Me. Please. I couldn't be that bold. I had been the aggressor before, like, you know, the first time. But I'd never asked him to tie me up before. But I wanted it. Badly. He saw it on my face before I even said it out loud. He cocked his head to the side and bit his lip. "My wife is kinky," he joked as he pulled me on to the bed and pushed me up against the headboard. I watched wideeyed as he took one wrist, kissing it before he looped the rope around it and placed it through the iron roses in the frame. He did the same with my second hand and suddenly the reality of being helpless set in. I wasn't afraid of Edward, though. I was afraid I liked it. My arms were tethered above my head and I watched as he kissed his way down my chest, stopping to run his tongue over my nipples that were on high alert. I gasped as he sucked them through the lace and instinctively I pressed my thighs together in reaction. His hands pried them apart and he shook his head 'no' as he settled in between them.

His hands moved slowly across my chest and he pulled one strap aside to expose my breast so that he could ravish it more efficiently. I wanted to touch him now. I pulled against the headboard as he worked his mouth over the bud and bit lightly, causing me to squeak with pleasure. He kissed his way down my abdomen and stopped, hovering above the top of my panties, running his nose over the elastic with devilish slowness. "Ah, Edward?" I pleaded loudly. "Can you just" He pulled the panties down before I could even finish and then he was there. His mouth and fingers were working overtime and I wanted to give him a standing ovation because he was giving a stellar performance tonight. My hands instinctively tried to pull my body weight up as I slid closer to his mouth, but he held me still and pushed my legs wider as he bit and nipped, causing me to come, screaming his name, pulling against the ropes. He crawled his way back up my body and kissed me, pressing himself into my pulsing heat. I wanted to touch him. I needed to touch him. This was exquisite torture. He pulled my thighs close to his hips and ran his hands up the length of my arms. "This is so damn hot, Bella. I want you like this for hours, but you're killing me with how sexy you look right now." He ran his tongue along my lips and I panted into his mouth, biting his lip because it was the only way to touch him. He chuckled lowly, "You want to touch me so badly right now, don't you?" His crooked grin was back and if I wasn't about to explode I would have been mad. So I lied, "Nope," I choked out. "Liar," he breathed into my ear as he pushed into me fully. Yeah, I'm a bad liar. So? My legs clamped around his hips as he moved in and out in a deep and slow rhythm that was driving me crazy. I was just glad that I wasn't blindfolded. Nothing should ever stop me from seeing him like this. He was in control and he liked it. His arms were holding me up and against him as I held on for my life against his thrusts. I urged him on with my moans and whimpers and he whispered and groaned in return as I felt him build his release. "Bella... so good," he said as he shuddered into me with his last forceful pushes, holding me against him as he ground out the last of his orgasm, causing me to clench around him and gasp out his name one last time. He chuckled lowly as he pulled out and sat back to look at me. "The love cuff stays in rotationonce a week," he staggered out as he released my wrists. Really? Only once? I would have to negotiate later. ******* We arrived at Rose's house the day of the shower a few hours early so that we could set up. She was actually happy when we got there and I wondered if it was the hormones or if she was actually pleased to see us. She had definitely started warming up to me after we got back from the honeymoon. And she was very careful to ask me pregnancy related things. I was more than willing to oblige with what I knewor could vaguely remember. But she had been very tactful about it. Yep. It must have been the hormones.

Alice and I went right into action, decorating and setting up all of the food, as well as setting up the games. The 'Liam' letters were hung across the fireplace and all of the brown and white polka dot paraphernalia was dispensed to its proper place. I had made a cake and Alice had made some snack food, along with a chicken finger plate. We made sure to have chocolate on hand as well as non-carbonated and noncaffeinated drinks for the lady of honor. We turned on some music and, when everything was set up perfectly, Alice and I retired upstairs to change into our hostess dresses. Rose waddled down the hall and stopped in front of the guest bedroom door, holding her belly and pressing a hand into her back. She was wearing a dark burgundy maternity dress that was made of comfortable cotton and she had her toenails painted the same color. I laughed as I pointed at them, "I know you can't see those. How did you know whether or not they got the color right?" She breathed heavily, "Emmett told me. I would have karate kicked their asses if they messed with me." I nodded with my eyes wide. That mental picture would haunt me for the rest of my life. Rose looked piqued and a little pale. "Are you alright, Rose? Do you need me to get you anything?" I went to her side and placed my hand on her stomach. Liam instinctively rolled and I closed my eyes as I remembered how that felt from the inside. I pulled my hand away quickly and cleared my throat. Rose pressed her hand firmly into the spot where the baby had just settled. "Seriously, little man? Can you not take up residence in my colon?" She looked blanched and I moved her to sit on the bed. She leaned back and breathed through her nose again. "I've been getting Braxton Hicks a lot lately. They keep me up at night" Alice turned from the mirror looking confused. "What the ever-loving hell is that?" "False contractions," I murmured as I knelt in front of Rose and took one of her feet in my hands to rub. They were incredibly swollen. Actually, Rose in general was just swollen. And her belly was already huge. It would be amazing to see it when it doubled in size over the next four weeks. She sat up sharply and pressed her hand into her back again. "Damn, kid. Give me a break. If I could open a window for you, I would!" Her face contorted in pain for a second and then she relaxed. Alice blinked and stood watching with her eyes wide as Rose sucked in another deep breath. "I'm going to go downstairs and finish setting up. I'll let the guests in too. You just rest and come down when you're ready, okay?" She kissed Rose on the cheek and excused herself. The guests would be arriving in the next thirty minutes, so I told Rose I would stay with her until she was ready to go down. After a while, I noticed that her sharp breaths were coming more regular basis and she was clammy. "Rose, sweetieare you alright?" She just nodded and pushed herself up off of the bed. "I have to pee. Again." She shuffled off to the bathroom. I reapplied my lip gloss as I heard her sit heavily on the seat. Suddenly, a loud scream filled the air. I rushed to the door, shaking the handle back and forth with force and banging on the door. "Rose!" I screamed. "Rose, are you okay?"

She moaned a response and I yelled for Alice to come upstairs and bring a screwdriver. She flew up the stairs with lightening speed, looking as anxious as I felt. I stuck the screwdriver into the frame of the door and pushed with all of my might as Alice pressed against the door to push it open. It finally gave way and we came face to face with Rose crumpled on the bathroom floor, holding her stomach. "Blood!" Alice screamed and I grabbed a hold of her before she fainted. "It's her plug, Al." I turned her to face me. "She's in labor. Call Emmett. Tell him we're taking her to the hospital." She ran down the stairs and I heard her screaming into the phone and then running around gathering items. "Rose," I said calmly as she lay crying on the floor. "Rose, sweetie. We're not having a shower today. Liam's coming. Tell me where your bag is. We'll leave a sign on the door for the guests, okay?" She looked up at me with pain and fear in her eyes. "I'm scared, B." I nodded and ran my fingers through her hair. "I know you are, but women do this every day. You'll get your epidural and take a nap. The rest will be a piece of cake." I was hoping it wasn't a lie. ******* ******* A/N: SoI finally told my hubby about my stories. He was excited and proud of mewho knew? Then he asked if we could have sex in the movie theatre while we watched The Hangover. Sadly, there were too many people in the theater with usDamn. That's one of my FF fantasies, thanks to Brotherly Devotion.

Chapter 3: Chapter 3

A/N: Alas, I do not own Twilight. I do have a shit load of turkey bacon that is going bad in my fridge at this moment. Umm, Mute Math and Lifehouse are predominantly Christian bands (don't argue with me). I'm using them a lot for a reason. And yes, Carlisle has a little something to do with that. Chapter 3 We drove to the hospital at lightning speed. I didn't have any doubt that Rose was in full fledged labor; she kept grunting and breathing hard every few minutes and there were even some death threats thrown Alice's way as we sped down the interstate towards the hospital. "Bella?" Rose called from the back seat as she raised her body off of the cushion in pain. "Yeah, Rose?" I was trying to stay as level headed as possible, but my mind was reeling with emotions and memories. I blinked hard and shook my head, trying to focus. I was taking Rose to the hospital. She was having a baby. I could do this.

"Bella. Do you think there's any way that Liam could come out deformed?" Her hands were gripping the back of Alice's headrest as she pressed up through another contraction. "No, Rose. The doctor would have seen something wrong with him on one of the ultrasounds. Don't think like that, okay?" I was trying very hard to sound convincing but my previous knowledge of this process was clouding my optimism. She sat back heavily and breathed out a rough sigh. "What if he has Benjamin Button disease?" She moaned. Alice made eye contact with me and suppressed a smile. Rose was losing it. She had finally hit 'panic mode'. We hit the Emergency Room door and Alice jumped out to get a nurse. Immediately she had one at the back of the car with a wheelchair to wheel Rose away. I shooed Alice away from the car and told her to wait with Rose as I parked. When I found a space, I turned off the engine and pressed my head into the headrest, squeezing my eyes shut and trying to will away the nausea that was forming. I looked down at my lap and let out an annoyed laugh. Was I really going to have to spend the next however many godforsaken hours in a hospital while wearing a turquoise halter dress and heels? I called Edward and asked him to bring a change of shoes to the hospital for me. His voice sounded strained over the phone and I hung my head a little with sadness, knowing that he felt he couldn't be a hundred percent happy for them right now. And it was my fault. I was so selfish! I steadied my nerves as I walked into the hospital and was directed to the Labor and Delivery ward. My hands were clenching and unclenching as I maneuvered my way around the nurse's station and made it into to Rose's room. She was leaning over the bed, crying out and grasping Alice's poor dainty little hand as her contractions became more forceful. Alice pleaded with her eyes as if to say, 'I have no bones left. Tap me out!' Within minutes we heard Emmett bellowing down the hallway, asking where Rose was. He burst through the door looking like a mad man. His eyes were wild and he had a shitload of balloons and flowers in multiple shades of blue. He thrust them in front of Rose as he stuttered about the traffic. She turned and glared at him icily before she grabbed the flowers and threw them against the wall. Breathing heavily she growled, "You." He looked shocked and looked between Alice and me for explanation. I held up my hands in defense and watched as Rose waddled over to him and grasped his shirt. "You did this to me!' She screamed as she began pummeling his chest. At that moment the nurse came in to set her up for her epidural. "She's almost six centimeters dilated. We're getting her epidural ready now. Sir?" She looked at Emmett and he held Rose away from him so that she wasn't hitting him anymore. "Sir, can you get her on the bed and have her bend forward towards you while you sit on this stool? She'll need leverage and support for the needle." Shit. Needles. Blood.

Gotta go. "That's my cue," I laughed timidly as I kissed Rose on the cheek. "Sorry, but I can actually taste copper when I smell blood. It's why I didn't go into nursing." I waved half heartedly as I walked slowly towards the waiting room. Edward met me minutes later as I was settling into a chair. He handed me a bag breathlessly as he sat down with a thump beside me. I opened the bag and let out an exasperated laugh. "Where the hell did you find these?" I asked as I held up the Chucks he had brought. He shrugged and shook his head. "They were in the closet. I grabbed the first thing I saw and they seemed comfortable, so" I plopped them down on the floor and muttered under my breath as I removed the heels and slipped the black shoes on in their place. "I look soemo or something, Edward!" I stood up and twirled in front of him in my halter dress and then tapped my right foot in front of him and threw my digits out in my best 'jazz hands' imitation. "Sexy, huh?" I asked with amusement on my face. He bit his lip and laughed as he pulled me onto his lap. "Are you okay?" He asked into my hair. I nodded and held his neck as I sank into his chest. "Rose is getting her epidural. Big needle," I said as I held my hands a foot away from each other. His eyes grew wide and he looked up into mine to see if I was lying. I wasn't. ******* Liam Emmett McCarty came screaming into this great big world at nine forty five pm at nine pounds, four ounces and twenty-two inches. He was an Amazon. Just like his parents. It turned out that Rose had actually been in labor since about eight o'clock the previous night, but she had chalked it up to Braxton Hicks. An hour after her epidural, her water had broken and then it was whambam-thank-you-ma'am. She pushed for almost two hours before he finally slipped out at full speed into the doctor's awaiting arms, which was then followed by a loud, "Hell, yeah!" from Emmett as he cut the cord. The door to the room flew open and Emmett sauntered out with a cocky swagger to tell us that Liam was here. "Dude!" he yelled at Edward, "that is so my son. His wang is, like, ten feet long!" We all waited until the nurse came in to let us know that Rose had given permission for visitors to come into the room. Jasper had showed up at some point and while Rose had been cussing and screaming and throwing up trough her labor, the four of us had gone to McDonald's. It seemed like a fair trade. We all filed in excitedly as we walked into the room together. Rose was lying back on the elevated bed with a huge jug of water sitting on her tray table. Liam had been washed, weighed and swaddled and Emmett was propping him up on his elbow from the rocking chair. It was a truly surreal moment. Just thirty minutes ago there had only been two McCarty's. Rose watched us all walk in warily. She looked like hell, but she was emitting pure joy. Exhaustion would take its hold soon, I was sure.

Emmett stood gingerly and walked over to us, looking around the four of us before asking, "Who wants to hold him first?" Immediately, all eyes were on me. What the hell? Was there a 'desperate for a baby' sign on my forehead? I shook my head and waved my hand as if I didn't want to hold him. Emmett and Rose knew better. "B, hold him. Please?" Rose called from her perch. I pursed my lips and nodded my head as Emmett placed the warm wriggling bundle of baby in my arms. A shock of pain and elation ran through my body and I swayed a little with the gravity of it. I moved the blanket slightly to the side to see his face and smiled as I realized that he looked just like Emmett at that moment. Even with his thumb pressed into his mouth, he was Emmett's mini me. "He's beautiful, you guys," I whispered as I looked between the two adoring parents. I pulled him closer to my chest and ran my hand along the back of his head as I swayed a little from side to side. My fingers traced the side of his face and I closed my eyes as I pictured him as mine. Oh my god. I'm gong to be a baby snatcher. There's going to be a Lifetime Movie made about me and that Blake Lively kid from Gossip Girl will portray me. I need air. I took an unsteady breath and handed Liam over to Edward, watching him take the baby gently into his arms as I turned quickly and excused myself from the room. I made a lame excuse about having to pee, even though there was a bathroom in Rose's suite. Walking down the hall, I badgered myself for being so sensitive. This wasn't about me. I was feeling more and more selfish every damn day. As I neared the end of the hallway, I slid down the wall and sat numbly on the floor, curling my knees up as I choked back tears. I needed to call someone. I pulled out my phone and hit send on the contact number I had selected. Chewing on my thumbnail, I sighed in relief when she answered. "Esme?" I croaked out into the phone. ******* EPOV I stayed in the room for about ten minutes until I realized that Bella wasn't coming back. I knew this was going to be too much for her. Why did she always feel it was necessary to put her feelings last? She would do anything to make other people happy, even at the cost of her own sanity.

I said goodbye and congratulations for both of us and excused myself to find Bella. I saw her curled up and leaning against the wall towards the end of the hallway. She looked so sad, but I noticed that she was on the phone and I was immediately concerned that she was talking to "Thank you, Esme," she breathed heavily into the phone. "You make me feel lessinsane." A light chuckle fell from her lips as she said her goodbyes. Her eyes darkened when she saw me walking towards her and she muttered, "I'll talk to him. Love you too." And with that she flipped her phone closed. I ran my hand along the back of my neck and approached her cautiously. "Are your ready to go?" I asked. Her lips pursed together and she looked like she wanted to say something, but changed her mind at the last minute. She simply nodded her head and walked back into the waiting room to gather her things. I slid my arm around her as we rode the elevator down to the parking lot together. Her eyes were troubled and I was starting to get nervous. As we rounded the lot, I grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards my car. "You're tired and you've had a long day. I'll drive and we can pick up the car tomorrow," I said as I opened her door. She hedged a bit, but relented as she took inventory of her emotional state. It was best that she didn't drive. We rode in silence for about fifteen minutes until I felt like I was going to explode. I handed her the iPod and asked, "How do you feel?" I knew that she wasn't talking with words. Let her tell me another way. The song cued up and my heart hit the floorboards as I swallowed the lump in my throat. I'm falling apart I'm barely breathing With a broken heart That's still beating She closed her eyes and leaned back into the seat, pressing her hand into her eyes. In the pain There is healing Damn. This girl really loved Lifehouse. So I'm holding on I'm barely holding on to you I saw her body tense as I moved my hand to hers and squeezed it in the darkness. I tried my best to be guarded I'm an open book instead I saw the look on her face when they handed Liam over. It made me shiver to see her holding a baby, and for a second, I wanted that to be us. The love and adoration in her eyes was beautiful and I had an image of her holding our child that same way. It could be that good with adoption too, right?

I looked over at her in the darkness. I was fooling no one but myself. When we arrived home, she exited the car silently and went straight to the bedroom to change into her pajamas. I waited a few minutes until I heard her enter the bathroom, and then I went in and changed out of my clothes. For some reason the bedroom felt like a snake pit. Something was about to happen. If this had been an episode of Strongbad there would have been a huge sign above the door reading, "Forebode" Bella eyed me as I walked over to my sink and turned on the water to wash my face. She finished brushing her teeth and then leaned against the counter as she crossed her arms. I felt her anger rolling off of her as I washed the soap away. Opening one eye, I chanced a look in her direction. Mistake number one. She handed me a towel and I muttered 'thank you' as I dried my face. I leaned against the counter mimicking her stance and looked down into her angry eyes. She knew. Dammit, mom! She opened her mouth to speak and then shook her head and walked out. I braced myself and walked into the bedroom behind her. She was grabbing her pillow and laptop and I moved to the doorway to block her. "Where are you going?" I asked loudly. She planted her feet in front of me and jutted her chin out in my direction. "I need some time alone, Edward." I shook my head no and folded my arms. "What for?" The tone came out with more of a whine than I had intended. "Well, it seems my husband," she glared at me, "the one who has no secrets from me? Yeah, that one. It seems that he's beenkeeping secrets from me. So I'm pissed. And I want to sleep in the guest bedroom. So, please, let me by." She moved towards me again and I took both of her shoulders in my hands as I veered her back towards the bed. Hanging my head in defeat, I pulled her onto the mattress with me so that we were facing each other. I gently removed the pillow and laptop from her grip and held her hands in my own. "I wasn't keeping a secret from you. Carlisle was out of line and I didn't want to upset you" My voice trailed off as I realized that even I didn't believe me. She pulled her hands away from mine and sat on them. "Esme said he called you a while ago. Is that true? Before the adoption agency?" He words were reaching an incredibly high pitch and I was glad that we didn't have a dog. I nodded affirmatively. She responded by slumping backwards onto the mattress in disgust. Looking up at the ceiling she blinked back tears. "Did you not think I should have a say in it?"

Shaking my head I answered, "It's dangerous and it hasn't been perfected. Why would I want you to do something like that? I just got youI can't lose you." I looked up at her and she was propped up on her elbows staring at me incredulously. "Do you actually think Carlisle would have mentioned it if he thought it would kill me?" I froze as her logic began to sink in. Look at that. She had become the more logical of the two sexes after all. I tried to speak but she cut me off. "Seriously, were you just never going to tell me? Just let it go by and we settle for something elseall the while knowing that there was the slightest chance that" Her voice broke and she ran a hand over her face. "It's a chance for us, Edward. Not just for me." I wanted to be angry, but it was no use. She was right in the fact that I should have at least mentioned it to her. Let her make the decision as well. I didn't own her. She moved back off of the bed and re-gathered her things. "I'm serious about sleeping in the guest room tonight. I need to do some thinking. I'm not taking any pink Lady Bics in there with me, don't worry. And I won't shave my head, either. I'll let you know what I've decided in the morning." She walked out of the room without even kissing me good night. That hurt. I made my way down the hall behind her and got to the door just as she was shutting it, locking it behind her. I slid down the wall and sat against the frame, listening to her move around the room quietly. I had an incessant need to just be in the same vicinity as her at the moment. This would have to do. ******* I don't remember what time I finally crawled into bed, but I couldn't have slept more than two hours. My eyes snapped open as I heard music blaring from the kitchen and pans being slammed around. Usually, I could tell what kind of mood Bella was going to be in by the type of music she played while making breakfast; today was not going to be good. I rolled off of the mattress and padded quietly down the hallway. I stopped right outside the entrance and rubbed my eyes. Bella was making waffles and if the music she was playing hadn't warned me of her mood, I would have thought everything was okay. Hold on tight You know she's a little bit dangerous Could it actually be illegal to wake up to Roxette? I'd have to look into suggesting a new law. She caught sight of me and gave a halfhearted smile as she placed two waffles on a plate and slid it across the counter in my direction like a short order cook. I stopped the progression of the plate and climbed onto one of the bar stools. She plopped syrup and butter in front of me and then returned to making her own breakfast in silence. I chewed my way through the waffles tentatively, with thoughts of episodes of Snapped running through my head.

Did these waffles taste weird? She sat beside me with her plate and leaned across my chest to get the syrup. I sat motionless as she grazed past me and the familiar heat of her body and smell of her hair took over my senses. I caved. "I'm sorry," I blurted out. Her hand froze mid air as she was pouring syrup on the waffles. The sticky liquid started to pool and drip off of her plate as she stared at me. I reached out and righted the bottle as I looked into her eyes for forgiveness. She just nodded and looked back at the disaster she had just made of her breakfast. She started to laugh sadly as she pushed the plate away and propped her head on her elbows. I pulled her stool closer to me and wrapped her in my arms as I ran my fingers through her hair and kissed her temple. "I didn't mean to hurt you. I thought I was protecting you." She sighed and pulled away. "I know. Your heart is always in the right place." Her eyes were wide and red from crying and lack of sleep. It killed me that I had played a part in that. She looked away and then back again before she said, "I did some research last night on the procedure. It's massively scary shit." I cocked my head to the side as she continued. "They're growing babies outside of women in bubbles, like Bubbleboy, but not half as cute as Jake Gyllenhaal. It's like The Matrix or something creepy like that. Then there are the transplanted uteruses that come from a cadaver. I don't know how I feel about having someone else'swombinside of me. Carrying our baby." She looked down with hesitation. "But, Dr. Kebi doesn't do that stuff. He creates an artificial womb that will help carry the baby to term. It's really quite amazing," she finished with awe in her voice. I laced my fingers through hers and tilted her chin to look at me. "What if we make a compromise?" I asked. She looked up in confusion. "What if we continue with the adoption process for a year and if it doesn't work, then we'll go see Dr, Kebi?" I was bribing her. She snatched her hand away and stood up with a laugh. "A year? A whole gd effing year? For what, Edward? So that we can learn more about each other? Love each other more?" Her face was bright red as she flitted her hand around the room. "Wait until we become more financially stable?" She was breathing hard and I was mesmerized by the rapid rise and fall of her chest. She snapped her fingers and pointed to her face. "Up here, Cullen." Her fingers were pointing at her eyes. "We can continue with the adoption process. But I want to at least talk with Kebi about the surgery. I want a say in this, and I don't want you bartering with me." I looked deep into her eyes and realized how much she wanted this. I couldn't deny her, could I? She waited for an answer but I had no words. Exasperated, she folded her arms across her chest again. "I know," she said angriiy, "why don't we call our friends over and ask their opinion? Put it to a vote?" "No," I said lowly.

She pulled her arms tighter across her chest before adding; "I'll go to Carlisle myself if I have to. Ask him to go with me. Esme's already on board. You're the only one who won't even let me consider it. You haven't even looked into what he can do!" I stood up suddenly and pulled her to my chest, hugging her tightly. "I don't want to do this," I told her through clenched teeth. She tensed and pulled away. "What about what I want? Do you care about that?" "Of course," I answered honestly. She cleared her throat and wrapped her arms around my waist. "Then come with me to at least discuss the possibility?" I wanted so badly to say no. But what could it hurt to go for a consultation? "Fine," I conceded quietly and immediately felt her relax against me. "Good," she whispered. Stepping back and looking at my boxers, she pointed a finger. "After all, you have the second most important ingredient needed to make a baby." ******* ******* A/N: I told my hubby about the bubble babies being grown outside of the mothers. His response? "What if some guy runs down the street and just snatches the baby?" I looked at him in disbelief and said, "They aren't actually physically growing them outside of the mother. It's not like they're in a fanny pack..."

Chapter 4: Chapter 4

A/N: I am not the genius behind Twilight. I am the genius that changed out a picture of Aliceboss with her daughter for one of Britney Spears holding Sean Preston which sat in the frame on her desk for 3 hours before she noticed Holy Crow! I don't know how it happened, but a bunch of new people started reading ITM. And guess what? Now it's linked on 6 communities! WTF? You like meyou really like me! I think it is because I added the word 'semen' to my summary. So, for that I say, "Please turn around and bend over so that I may kiss all of your asses appropriately." This chapter is a shorty. It's getting us where we need to go... In April you felt you were ready

Maybe May will be the month That you want it to be -Treaty of Paris (Good Year) Chapter 4 BPOV "Sure, Charlie. No problem. I'll call you later in the week, okay?" I could barely work my mouth after the bomb he had dropped on me and I needed to go so that I could think a little clearer. He said his goodbyes and I disconnected quietly. I stared blankly at my computer screen for a few minutes until I heard Alistair calling my name. "Bellaaaaa," he was singing from my doorway. "Earth calling Bella? Helloooooo." I looked up and shook my head as I tried to plaster a smile on my face. Ali wasn't buying it. "Ugh, what is THAT face for?" He sat cross-legged in my visitor chair and leaned across the desk. He shook his finger while he said, "Don't make that face again. It is not a good look for you." "Thanks, Ali," I replied with narrowed eyes. I bit my thumbnail and tried to come out with the words. "Spit it out!" He screeched and I jumped a little at the intensity of it. It caught me so off guard that I said it in a rush. "My dad has a girlfriend!" He scrunched his nose and rolled his eyes. "Big stinky deal. Call me when you have real news." He jumped off of the chair and walked out to Alice's office. It was a big deal. At least it was to me. I had gotten used to taking care of him over the past year or so. Now he had another woman making his lasagna. It made me feelless loved? No. Not needed? Maybe. Alice appeared in the doorway and looked at her watch. "Food, B. Feed the beast." She pointed at her stomach and I laughed at how true that statement was. Alice was always hungry. I didn't know if the beast would ever be satisfied. As we walked out to the picnic tables and umbrellas on the side of the building, I filled Alice in on my father's news. She looked intrigued as we sat down and opened our lunches. "When was the last time he dated?" She asked. I thought for a moment and replied, "Not since my mom, I guess. It's just weird because Sue was an old family friend. And, alsomy dad is, you know, old." She choked a little on her salad and cried out, "He's got old balls!"

I threw a carrot at her and told her to shut up. "Now he doesn't need me to come and cook for him anymore. I'm kind of sad." I looked down at my sandwich and pushed the plate away. Alice stopped laughing and grabbed my hand. "That's probably a good thing, right? I mean if you do end up going through with the surgery, he wouldn't have you there for him anyway. I actually think its really excellent timing." I nodded and shrugged my shoulders in half-hearted agreement. ******* The visit with Dr. Kebi had gone much better than I anticipated. We called and asked to meet with him and he said he would fly to us. He was based out of Chicago, but he felt it was best to perform the surgery in the mother's hometown so as not to inflict any more stress on her before or after the procedure. As this was so new, he would be transferring to Seattle for the duration of the pregnancy to monitor the progression. That was, if we decided to go through with it. So, during the second week of April, Dr. Kebi and Carlisle had flown in to meet us at our house for the consultation. I was a nervous wreck and for the entire week before they got there I steam cleaned the carpets every day. I dusted furiously, like my very life depended on it. I was a mad woman and Edward had to remind me that Kebi wouldn't be there to discuss what a good housekeeper I was. When the day finally arrived I couldn't sit still. I tried to keep my hands busy but my eyes kept roaming to the clock and then I would forget what I was doing and start again. It was like a really bad hybrid of ADD and OCD. I was almost twitching. At two I heard the doorbell ring and Edward came into the kitchen to get me so that we could open the door together. He had been very stoic all day and I was hoping that the meeting would go well so that he could get some peace of mind. As we stepped to the threshold of the door, I turned him and took his face in my hands, kissing him and telling him how much I loved him. He relaxed a little before we opened the door. And there on our doorstep was the infamous Dr. Kebi. Along with my insanely gorgeous father-in-law. My brain faltered as I stared at them in the sunlight. It was unreal that this day had finally come. Kebi was a tall Egyptian man in his fifties, I would guess. His smile was warm and his eyes were kind as he shook our hands and introduced himself. Carlisle pulled me in for a tight hug and I hugged back for just a second too long, I think. He may have had to pry me off of himI don't remember. He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood Stop, brain! I'm a sick bitch. We walked into the living room in awkward silence. Remembering how gracious Esme always was, I offered them all drinks. After they were filled and dispersed I made myself sit down. It was incredibly hard to stay still. My legs kept shaking to some unknown beat in my head. Maybe I've developed Restless Leg Syndrome?

Edward placed his hand on my knee and pulled me closer to him. I settled into his embrace and took a deep breath as we began the consultation. Kebi pulled out paperwork, some pictures and a legal document. After laying it all on the table he smiled. "I have some information here that breaks down the procedure step by step for you. There are also some pictures, if you would like to view them. Some may be a little graphic, so I will understand if you feel uncomfortable." He pushed the papers towards us. We looked over the procedure information and Kebi had broken in down very nicely. Carlisle was being very quiet and I chanced a look in his direction. His entire focus was on Edward and I felt a pang of guilt for being part of the cause of their friction. His eyes flitted over to me and he smiled softly as if to reassure me that it would be all right. I cleared my throat and asked, "Could you explain the process a bit? I'd like to know everything before we make a final decision." He smiled widely and nodded. "Of course. I would be afraid of your mental stability if you had no reservations whatsoever." He took the pictures in his lap and shuffled through them. Pulling one out, he handed it to us. It was a picture of a woman who looked to be about seven months pregnant on one side of the page. On the other was an ultrasound with a 3D of the baby. I took in a sharp breath and looked up into Edward's face. His expression was pained. Kebi began, "This is the initial consultation to see if you would like to go through with the surgery. I know enough about your case to say that you would be a prime candidate for it. That being said, I would still need to have x-rays and tests done to make sure that you would be able to physically handle the womb. If the tests come back satisfactorily, then we take the next step. You would be put on prenatal vitamins, of course. But you would also be taking additional supplements. As this is a synthetic womb, the baby will need you to drink a supplemental liquid that is specifically designed to pass through this particular membrane. It is the worst part of the entire thing, according to my last two patients," he chuckled as he reached into his bag. He produced a tall bottle of thick, blood red liquid and passed it over to me. I gagged a little at the look of it. Unscrewing the cap, I sniffed it and paused. It smelled familiar, but I couldn't place it. I wouldn't have said that it smelled disgustingit just wasn't appetizing. Edward took it from me and frowned. "What's in it?" he asked. Kebi handed us a piece of paper with the ingredients on it. "It's just the right amount of appropriate nutrients to help the baby survive. Mrs. Cullen would drink this three to four times a day, depending on her tolerance." He took the bottle back and placed it in the bag again. "You would need to wean yourself of any caffeine, drinking, smokingI ask that this is done at least four weeks before the surgery to ensure a clean system." I nodded. "No problem. I can do that," I said with confidence. Kebi and Carlisle smiled at me with encouragement. "You would come in for the procedure first thing in the morning. No food or drink after midnight; the usual. I have taken into consideration that you have already had one c-section. As the baby will need to be removed by c-section again, it is best that we do the incision through your belly button." He handed us a

picture of the foreign 'uterus' that would be implanted. "It's made of a pliable material that grows and stretches the same way a normal one would. And it would be removed upon delivery." Edward shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Kebi continued. "We would take your egg and his sperm, as in in-vitro, but we would implant the egg into the womb once it's placed. Your DNA, your blood, your heartall of that will support the baby. I'll just make sure it has a nice place to live for a while." I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "What are the odds that it won't work?" There was a pause before he responded, "You'll be the fifth. Two out of the four have been successful." Edward groaned. "Fifty percent?" Kebi nodded. "But, I believe that the other two women were unsuccessful because their infertility was caused by medical conditions. Yours wasn't, is that correct?" I told him that was right. He seemed satisfied. "The only other question I would have would be this: Would you want to implant one egg? Or two?" I snapped my head up to look at Edward and his eyes were wide in shock. Carlisle looked a little fazed as well. I went to answer but it was useless. My tongue had literally run out of my mouth. Edward took my hand and leaned in close. "Two is a greater chance of success. But there is also a chance of losing one. Would you be able to handle losing one?" I shook my head no. He asked, "Do you want twins?" I shook no again. He turned to the doctor. "It looks like we'd want to try with just one." And with that statement, Edward was on board. We looked over the information again and asked some more questions, all of which he was more than willing to answer. Finally, we had heard all that we needed to hear. There was a bit of silence before Edward asked, "What would the, ahhh, recovery time be for Bella once the surgery is complete?" Kebi looked thoughtful. "Perhaps four to six weeks for full recovery?" Edward shifted a little, looking embarrassed. "Okay, but what aboutummmyou know," he was looking at me and I shook my head. I had no idea what he was getting at. Giving up his tact he asked, "How long would we have to wait to have sex again?" Carlisle laughed loudly and put his hands over his face. "What?" Edward asked. "It's an honest question." Kebi smiled. "Six to eight weeks depending on how your wife felt about it. It would really depend on your recovery, Bella. You would need to take it very seriously and have help here for you at all times." Carlisle cleared his throat. "Esme has already offered to stay with you for the duration of your recovery. If you'll let her." Of course I would. I accepted and thanked him. Looking at him, I suddenly had a strange thought. "Carlisle? Will you be assisting with the procedure?"

Carlisle leaned towards Dr. Kebi. "It has been discussed, yes. Would that make you uncomfortable?" I thought for a second and said, "I wouldn't mind you being there. But, could you come in after they roll me in all naked? I feel weird about you seeingEdward'splayground, so to speak." Loud laughter erupted from all sides as it was decided that Carlisle would come into the O.R. once I had been prepped. Edward rocked against me as he chuckled. "Only you would be worried about something like that." ******* Rose came to the office with Liam to have lunch with Emmett. Alistair was all over him and Rose handed Liam off to be coddled for a while. She stopped by my office and waved from the doorway. "Rose! It's good to see you. How are you feeling?" I asked as I got up to give her a hug. She pointed to the bags under her eyes and snorted. "I feel about as good as I look. Why do babies think they should sleep during the day and stay up all night?" "Sorry. All of my expertise went out the window when you pushed that kid out. I have no answers," I smirked at her. I eyed her boobs and chuckled, "Are you breastfeeding?" "Hell no!" She yelled. "That little wolverine needs to eat too damn much. He's like his Dad. And he actually chewed a hole in my nipple. Like, blood, B. Nipples and blood? Not my forte. His ass is on Similac." She shifted her shoulders and readjusted her bra. "I'm wearing three sports bras to get these suckers to go down," she mused as she pressed her nails into her flesh. Alice appeared in the doorway and squealed as she gave Rose a hug around her belt loops. Okay, it wasn't that low, but the height difference between the two of them was ridiculous. Emily was cooing and Ali was swinging Liam around as Emmett and Edward came down the hall. Emmett smiled at Rose and then made a beeline for the baby. "My son is here!" Rose rolled her eyes as she pointed at herself. "Chopped liver," she sighed. Looking over her shoulder she yelled, "Emmett! He is too young to be swinging around like that! How many times must we have this same discussion?" And with that she was gone to save her child and reprimand her husband. Edward looked on in amusement and then met my eyes with his. Alice glanced between the two of us and made a gagging sound. "Where the hell is Jasper?" she mumbled as she walked down the hall. Edward pulled me into my office and squeezed me in a tight hug. I hugged back fiercely.

"Are we a hundred percent?" I asked into his chest. I heard his heartbeat quicken and he rested his chin on my head. "Yes," was his only reply. I smiled into his shirt before I pulled away. "Then I guess we should call Kebi about my tests." We called and scheduled the tests and Kebi went ahead and penned in the tentative date for the surgery if all came back to his satisfaction. I hung up the phone and took a deep breath. "The tests will be done next week. If they're goodI'll go in on March 10th for the..." I held my breath and waited for his reaction. He just nodded numbly and blinked. It was the first time either of us realized the reality of the situation. Sitting back down gingerly in my chair, I pulled out my desk calendar. Flipping to the next month I grabbed a highlighter and circled the tenth. We both stared at the bright pink circle. "It seems really fast. Does it seem fast to you?" I asked timidly. He broke into a grin. "My, my. How the tables have turned." I threw the highlighter at him. "You're not funny, Mr. Cullen." He smiled. "I think our baby will think I'm funny." ******* ******* A/N: Riiiight, soI made all of that shit up. All of it. Please don't tell me it's an impossible procedureyou voted for it! PS - I've been to Kroger a few times over the past two weeks. Know what I noticed? There have been very few new pics of Rob in the trashy magazines that I usually buy. How's a girl supposed to get her fix?

Chapter 5: Chapter 5

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He looked from Nurse Jennifer to me and back again. "Can't she help me?" He asked sadly as he pointed a finger in my direction. Jennifer just shook her head and led him to the bathroom. "You need a clean catch, Mr. Cullen. Anything your wife couldhelpyou with would cause it to be, ummm, tainted. So, try your best." She smiled encouragingly and pushed him into the room. My heart went out to him. He didn't even get to have a magazine or anything. I wondered if he had any porn on his iPod that he could cue up really fast. I was pretty sure he didn't. About fifteen minutes later he emerged from the bathroom carrying his little cup. He handed it over with an embarrassed look on his face. Jennifer looked at it and set it aside. Edward walked over and groaned, "That was awful. Dry. Alone. Some dude banging on the door because he had to go. I mean, no pressure, right?" I took his hand and kissed it. "I'll make it up to you. I promise," I whispered. He smirked. We had two weeks to get in as much sex as possible. He already knew I would be making it up to him every chance we got up until the day of surgery. The x ray, pelvic exam and blood work all came back clean. The extraction of the eggs was beyond unpleasant, but I kept telling myself that it was for a good cause. We were making a baby. No matter how unconventional it seemed, that is what we were doing. ******* EPOV I was a nervous wreck. I stood holding the refrigerator door open and staring blankly inside as my thoughts floated around aimlessly in my head. What had I been looking for? I heard Bella shuffle in to the kitchen and plop down on a barstool. Turning, I glanced at her: hair a mess, pajamas slightly askew, eyes tight with sleep. She had her face pressed against the granite countertop as she moaned and complained about how 'waking up really sucks'. My heart filled with adoration and I walked behind her to pull her into an embrace. She pressed her back into my chest and made a purring sound. "What do you want for breakfast?" she asked through a yawn. "You," I breathed into her ear. We had taken every opportunity to have sex over the past couple of weeks. I had gotten used to the frequency of it and it wouldn't have fazed me to take her four times a day now. Morning was always my favorite, though. She climaxed faster in the a.m. then at any other time. I trailed my hand across the side of her cheek and kissed behind her ear, making her shiver. I smiled and ran a thumb over her now hardened peaks. "Hmmm," she sighed. She arched her back into me and ran a hand up the front of my pants. Turning slightly she smiled wickedly. "Pancakes." "What?" I asked, stepping back.

Did she really want pancakes? She pulled away and grabbed a small tub from the pantry, along with syrup and a can of whip cream from the fridge. Adding water to the tub, she shook it vigorously and poured it into a small pan. Within minutes she had a full stack of pancakes sitting on the stove. She walked two plates over to where I was still standing dumbfounded. She pushed the plate in front of me and sat me down on the stool. I watched as she took the syrup and poured it over the stacks and then added a mound of whip cream to the tops. My eyes never blinked as she licked the sticky mess off of her fingers slowly, keeping my eye contact. I love pancakes. Running her finger lightly across the side of one plate, she gathered a glob of syrup on her fingertip and pressed it to her lips. Then she leaned forward and kissed me on the neck, following it up by licking away the mark she had left. I adore syrup. "What's the whip cream for?" I strained to ask as she continued her sticky attack on my body. She made a low moaning sound and ran her tongue across my lips before whispering, "It's for my Cool Whip bikini." I wanted to buy a house for the guy that created Cool Whip. ******* BPOV "UNO! Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up." Alistair threw his cards down on the table with a victorious smile. I folded my stack and glared at him. "Inconceivable! How do you win all the time?" Alice fanned herself with her cards before throwing them in his lap. "Boo. You whore," she scoffed as she reached for her bag of chips. "Next time, I'm bringing Connect Four. I'll kick both of your asses," I promised. Loud thumping could be heard from outside and I craned my neck to hear the car in the parking lot. "Who the hell is dropping mad phat beats outside?" I asked. Alice jumped up and sighed, shaking her head. "Jasper. He always cranks his music when he's speeding." She walked out of the break room and opened the front door, waiting for Jasper to walk through with stacks of envelopes and invitations. I eyed Alistair and grumbled, "He's going to kill someone one day." Ali nodded in agreement as Alice and Jasper made their way to the table to set down the stationary. "Oh, no!" I protested, standing up quickly. "I'm not doing those for you. You're inviting, like, a thousand people!" Jasper clucked his tongue. "Don't be that girl, B. You don't want to be an over exaggerator. What would Dane Cook say about that?" I gave him the finger.

Why do I care what Dane would say? Excepthe's crazy hot, so My husband's hotter. Alice pouted and asked with her sweetest southern accent, "Can't you just sit a while and help me until lunch is over?" She batted her long eyelashes and flashed her perfect smile. Dammit. "Fine. I'll help with a few," I relented as I sat back down in the chair. Alistair snorted and grabbed his food. "I don't get paid enough"he mumbled as he walked out, headed straight for Emmett's office. "He's going to see if Emmett is working out in his office," Alice giggled. I began folding the invitations and Alice smiled and mouthed 'thanks'. After a couple of minutes, she broke the silence. "So, Makenna called Emmett and wants her job back. I guess Australia didn't work out?" I grinned slightly. "Yeah. I just hope she gives notice next time she leaves. She'll be starting back while I'm out for recovery." "Are you nervous?" Alice asked softly. I held my breath and let it out slowly. "Nervous? That's putting it lightly." She cocked her head and furrowed her brow. "It's only a few more days. Do you have everything you need?" I shrugged and nodded slightly. "You'll be fine," she assured me. "That bionic womb of yours is totally gonna work." I slapped her hand playfully. "Come on, Al. It's not like I'm going to go 'nananananananana' when I run or anything." She yawned and rubbed her eyes. "Not when you run, Bells. When you do the deed? Maybe." She laughed loudly at the thought. "You'll be fine," she repeated. ******* EPOV "Bella, love," I whispered into the darkness. I heard her shift a little in the bed and settle back into the pillow. I ran my hand lightly over her hair and repeated, "Bella." She groaned and swatted my hand away. I chuckled and leaned in closer. "Bella, baby. It's four and we have to leave in forty-five minutes to get to the hospital. Mom is downstairs eating breakfast, so you need to get your pretty ass up and get ready to go." I kissed her temple and closed my eyes as I breathed her in. She was sweaty and it made me wonder if she was having a nightmare or if her nerves were getting to her even in her sleep.

I certainly hadn't slept last night. I had lay awake just holding her and watching her sleep. Every once in a while she would say, "Edward," and it would make my heart swell. But twice she had said Charlie's name and I grew concerned that she was dreaming about her father and the baby as well. She had asked that we not tell Charlie about the procedure until we found out if it was successful. I had thought that it would have been incredibly hard to do, but Charlie was a little more than preoccupied with his girlfriend, so it didn't seem out of the ordinary for Bella to visit less. She stirred and made a sad whining sound. Her voice was scratchy as she asked, "Is four a.m. an actual hour?" "It is," I assured her as I turned on the bathroom light so that it made a stripe of yellow across her face. She threw her arm above her head and pulled the pillow over her face. "But, my sleeping pill is still making me sleepy. Can't you just carry me?" I opened the door wider and walked over to remove the pillow. "No. This was kind of almost entirely all your idea. So let's get this show on the road." My voice was steady but my nerves were frayed. I had to be strong for her today. I could show no fear. She sat up groggily and slid off of the bed, shuffling into the bathroom and turning on the radio as she got into the shower. I've been beaten down, I've been kicked around, But she takes it all for me. And I lost my faith, In my darkest days, But she makes me want to believe. I heard her step in and resisted the urge to go and join her, so I leaned against the door and listened as she sang along softly. They call her love, love, love, love, love. They call her love, love, love, love, love. She's all I need. I peeked around the corner and smiled as I saw her standing under the water, leaning against the wall sleepily, willing the spray to wake her up from her drug induced haze. And when that world slows down, dear, And when those stars burn out, here, Oh she'll be there.

Yes she'll be there. I grabbed a towel for her and put it next to the shower door. She's all I need. With one last glance, I walked back into the bedroom and turned on the light. I finished dressing and took her overnight bag downstairs. She'd have to stay for a couple of days, so we had tried to pack everything that she would need. Esme had offered to stay with her both nights, but I had insisted on staying with her the first night. I needed to make sure she was going to be okay. Esme greeted me with a small smile as I passed her to pack up the car. When I came back inside she handed me a cup of coffee and an egg sandwich. Eyeing the stairs she chuckled. "You'd better eat that before she sees you. She'll be starving and bitter if she knows that you've had something this morning." ******* We arrived at the hospital right around five thirty. Carlisle and Dr. Kebi were both there getting set up for the procedure. Nurse Ford, or Jennifer, as she liked to be called, was waiting for Bella in her room. I stood back and watched as she changed into her gown and they prepped her. She looked scared when the needles came out and I held her hand as it shook while they plunged them into her hands and arms. Her eyes were as big as saucers when Dr. Kebi finally came in to tell her it was time. I swallowed hard and squeezed her hand while attempting to give her an encouraging smile. She smiled back faintly and her chin quivered as she dropped her eyes and took a deep breath. "I love you," she whispered before a tear fell onto her gown. I almost scooped her up and ran away with her right then. But the next instant she was looking into my eyes with the brightest shining orbs I had ever seen and I realized that they were happy tears. Her sedative was starting to kick in as they moved her to the gurney so I held her hand down the hall until we got to the door of the O.R. Carlisle laid his hand firmly on my shoulder. "May I have a moment with her, Son?" He had that look in his face and I stepped away a few feet to let him speak to her. I saw him lean over her face and murmur something before she nodded and closed her eyes. He put a hand on her head and one on her arm and I watched his lips move quickly as he spoke to her. Bella's body seemed to relax and a small smile appeared at the corner of her mouth as he opened his eyes and kissed her on the cheek. "Thank you Carlisle," she whispered and then her eyes shifted lazily over to find me. Her smile widened and she beckoned me to her limply. I forced a smile and took her hand in mine as I leaned over to give her a kiss. She bit her lip and furrowed her brows. "Carlisle prayed for me," she slurred. I nodded and let out a small laugh. "Years of Seminary will do that to someone. You know, give them faith and the ability to pray," I whispered as I saw her eyes drooping.

She let out a soft laugh as she started to sing, "The only boy who could ever teach mewas the son of a preacher man." I wiped a tear from my eye and let out a chuckle as she squeezed my hand one last time. Jennifer made a motion with her head and told us that they were ready for her. I nodded and leaned over Bella to tell her that I loved her. She was already out, but I knew she heard me. Carlisle stood back as they rolled her in. He eyed me for a second before pulling me to him in a hug. "She'll be great, Edward," he s aid lowly. I nodded and swallowed the anxiety that had suddenly threatened to engulf me. He pulled away and looked into my eyes with a knowing look. "You should pray for her too." He ruffled my hair and turned on his heels as he poked his head through the door. "Is Edward's playground covered?" He winked at me as Jennifer said yes and he went to wash his hands and prep. I met Esme in the waiting room and she handed me another cup of coffee. I sat down warily and looked over at her in her seat. "Are you reading Bella's teenage vampire books?" She held one up and nodded. "She said I'd be through the first one by the time she was in recovery." She took a sip of coffee and went back to reading. I felt antsy so I tried to listen to some music. Then I tried to watch a movie. Lastly, I picked up one of the books Esme had. Finally giving up on anything that would cause me to need concentration, I told Esme that I would be back in a few minutes. I asked the nurse for directions and found myself standing in front of the hospital chapel. No one was in there this early in the morning and I took comfort in the solitude. I sat towards the front in one of the benches and hung my head in my hands. It had been a really long time since I had done this. I hoped I remembered how. Taking a deep and shaky breath, I folded my hands and closed my eyes. "God," I began," Please let her come out of this okay" ******* BPOV "Edward?" My voice cracked as I spoke through the thick haze surrounding my head. Esme's voice carried like a bell through the darkness. "He's here, dear. He fell asleep in the chair a little while ago." She moved to the edge of my bed and took my hand in hers. "You're so warm," I mused as she rubbed the top of my hand with her soft fingers. There was a soft shifting sound and a creak before I saw Edward's messy hair move out of the corner of my eye. "She's awake, Edward," Esme said with a smile. He was completely awake then, jumping off of the chair and standing next to my head. His eyes blinked the sleep away and I could see the strain in them as he looked at my face and then took inventory of my body. I sighed and lifted both arms. "I'm okay. No paralysis." He let out a breath I didn't even know he was holding. Esme excused herself to get Jennifer and Edward took her place on the edge of the bed. He took my hand so softly as if he thought his very touch would break me in half.

"I'm hungry," I mumbled as Jennifer came through the door with her cart. "Of course you're hungry," She said as she rolled her eyes. "Even under sedation you kept asking when you could eat. When we woke you up after the surgery you asked for a Frosty. When we brought you to your room you asked forwhat was it, Mr. Cullen?" She had a sarcastic grin on her face. Edward pursed his lips before a laugh slipped out. "You asked for a hot dog, that's all." I looked at Jennifer quizzically. "What's the big deal with that?" I asked. Jennifer shook her head as she got out the digital thermometer. "More accurately, Bella, you asked when you could have Edward's hot dog." "Shit," I laughed loudly. "Sex and food. That pretty much sums me up." Dr. Kebi and Carlisle came into the room as Jennifer was finishing up. They were looking over my charts and took the information that Nurse Ford handed over to them. After a couple of minutes they both looked up. Smiles spread across their faces as they crossed the room. "Bella, that was the best procedure I've done so far. It was a great help to have Carlisle in there with me." He glanced at my father-in-law and hugged the chart to his chest. "We need to talk about a partnership," he said with a serious tone. Carlisle cocked and eyebrow at him and then looked at us. "We'll have to talk about that," Carlisle responded sincerely. "Everything looks great so far, Bella. We'll keep you here tonight and tomorrow night. If you're able to move around a bit, go to the bathroom and take a shower, then we'll let you go home." Dr, Kebi was standing next to my head as he spoke and he looked between Edward and I when he finished. He made one last check mark on his board before he stepped away. Standing at the threshold of the doorway he called, "That's going to be one beautiful baby." ******* ******* A/N: My writing process isn't fail proof. I sit and write and then publish. How could I go wrong? I realized that in Chapter 1 I alluded to the fact that Kebi had done 2 procedures in 2 months. I meant years. I changed it HEY! I had a reviewer give me a good idea. She wants B&E to have a baby boy. What do you say? I'm not doing another poll, so hit that little button right there and tell me: boy or girl? You know this story is like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel

Chapter 6: Chapter 6

A/N: I am jealous of Stephenie Myer for writing Twilight. However, I am NOT jealous of KStew's mullet. My Makenna is supposed to be making me a banner for Into the Mystic. That is, if she'd log off of Second Life for longer than two minutes.

Shout out to Sanchez2010 for helping me through some muddy plot points. Thanks for letting me use your brain! And no, your vote for a boy does not count twice just because you messaged me on Facebook about it LOL Chapter 6 BPOV "Quit looking at me, Swan." "Har dee har har, Ali," I deadpanned as he smirked through my computer screen. "That was amazingly original. I mean it's not like Billy Madison completely ruined my High School years at all. Thanks for that unwelcome jaunt down Memory Lane." Alice pushed him out of the way and resumed our conversation as though Ali hadn't even interrupted. I was glad that she talked me into trying the GMAIL chat again after the Vegas incident. Being away from the office for five weeks had been really hard for me. I missed everyone and felt like I was missing out. This way I could feel connected and Alice could talk my ear off about wedding and office stuff. Alice was talking about her reception and her dress, along with the Bridesmaid dresses. "You'll obviously need to have an additional fitting since" her voice trailed off and I offered a tentative smile. I was waiting a few more days to take a test to see if the surgery had been successful. The last one had been negative, but Edward's birthday was the following week and I really wanted to be able to surprise him with good news. Plus, the six week recovery mark would be up and we could finally get it on. Esme had been gracious enough to stay with me for the entire duration of the recovery. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her. She had stayed and helped around the house, taken care of me so far as to give me baths, and cooked. Edward seemed relieved to have her around because he felt bad about leaving me all day. I didn't mind and I had talked Esme into getting me out of the house on more than one occasion, other than my weekly appointments and blood work. We would usually end up going to drive around and look at houses. After a few weeks, Esme told me that she and Carlisle were contemplating moving to Seattle. I knew that they were waiting to see if the procedure took. I felt conflicted. If we were pregnant, should I wait until twelve weeks to tell everyone? Or should I tell everybody at six weeks? What if something happened before the end of the first trimester? I needed to focus on one thing at a time. I would wait for the weekend and take one more test. It was stupid, really. Because of the pills and supplements, regular pregnancy tests wouldn't pick up early HCG levels through urine because the read was off. There were too many 'elements' working together for it to register. I would go into the OBGYN on Monday, Edward's birthday, to get blood drawn anyway. I just really wanted to take that test and see the lines for myself. "She's sending the dress by courier this week so that I can get my measurements," Alice was saying. I jerked back into reality and tried to focus on what she had just said. "Why is Mari sending your dress?" I asked. Alice would have jumped at the chance to go see Mari in Miami. Alice looked at me like I was an idiot. "I just told you, B. She got into a really bad car accident and she's hopped up on pain pills, unable to meet with me. She has bruised ribs and stuff. It was pretty bad, but she knows my time frame and six months is cutting it close if I need more fittings."

It clicked for me and I finally understood. My brain was only working at half-mast lately. It took me longer to say things and understand them. Maybe it was the painkillers? Esme floated into the office then and handed me my pills and the bottle of thick red supplemental liquid that I was required to drink three times a day. I thanked her and she went back into the living room so that I could finish up my conversation. "Al, we have until New Year's Eve to make sure everything is perfect for your wedding. It will be amazing, I'm sure. No one can throw a better party than you," I winked at her as I took my pills with the drink. She made a disgusted face as I wiped my hand across my mouth. "I hate watching you drink that shit," she lamented. "You look like you just sucked on somebody's jugular." I assured her that it was no picnic for me, either. "What's new at the office?" I asked. She tapped her finger to her chin and then held up her hand before she left her chair. I heard the door close and lock before she settled back in. "Okay," she said in a low voice. "Makenna is back and she and Emily are fighting over who will report to Emmett. Of course that's my call to make, but it's still funny to see the two of them scramble whenever he needs something done. Jasper could care less who he has, as long as they are actually helpful. I have half a mind to give him Mak because she's really good at reports. "Also, we hired an intern yesterday. Get this, Bells. She's a high school girl named Afton. That's not the best part, though. B, her last name is Areola." Afton Areola? "You're making that up," I laughed. She shook her head no. "Ali brought her around today to introduce her and he said, 'How do you say your name again? Is it Afton, like Ah-ftun? Or is it Afton, like Off-tin?' She shrugged and said, 'I don't know.' It was classic! I think you'll like her. She's kind of a bitch" Alice was giggling hard by this point and I felt a pang of jealousy that I wasn't there. Her phone rang and she checked the I.D. "I have to go. Duty calls," she said with a smile and small salute. I checked my email and shut down the computer before I went to join Esme on the couch. She handed me a bowl of popcorn and pointed at the TV. "I can't believe you have me watching Tyra Banks everyday." ******* EPOV "Edward!" Alistair's voice shrieked with excitement from my office door. I looked up sharply and saw him clutching a paper in his tiny little hands. He waved it at me and I motioned for him to come in as I closed the email I was working on. "Edward! We just got a fax that is inviting us to start a recreational baseball team to play against the other firms in the area. Like Laurent and Aro's" he cocked an eyebrow in my direction as he pushed the paper onto my desk. "We're a little behind, but they need more teams so they'll let us start in the next couple of weeks!" Baseball? Against Aro and Laurent? One ass kicking coming right up, boys.

"That's sounds great," I agreed as I took the paper from him and looked at the information. We certainly had enough people. And my High School experience would come in handy. "Let me talk to everybody else and get a feel for who wants to get involved," I smiled. "Are you interested, Ali?" He took two fingers and placed them to his temple, pretending to shoot a gun. "Not in this lifetime, sexpot. But I'll help pick out the uniforms. I think Emmett's would need to be custom ordereddo you think he'd let me take his measurements?" How did things like this happen at this office? Emmett walked by at the exact moment that Alistair asked to measure him, and not knowing the entire story, he immediately cupped his balls and ran back down the hall. I had never seen Emmett so scared of anyone in the entire time I had known him. Little Ali scared him shitless. ******* When I arrived at the house after work, I rushed in the door to see Bella and Esme. I had become accustomed to seeing both of their beautiful faces each night and found myself trying to get home early to spend time with them. This was Esme's last full week here and she would be heading back to Chicago after my birthday. Then it would be just Bella and I. I couldn't wait. Walking into the door, I noticed that something wasoff. Rounding the corner into the living room, I saw both of them sitting on the couch. Esme was holding Bella while Bella sobbed, wiping her face over and over again. Panic set in and I ran to her side. "Bella! What's wrong? Baby, talk to me. Are you okay?" Esme was trying to interrupt me, but I needed to hear it from Bella. My first instinct was that something had happened to her physically. I couldn't stop my heart from dropping into my stomach as I began to think that she had heard from Kebi and he called to tell her that the surgery hadn't turn out as planned. Bella wiped her nose on her sleeve and looked at my face through red, bleary eyes. "Ugh," she sobbed as she tried to breathe. "We were watching 13 Going On 30and Jennifer Garner just looked sohappywhile she was doing the Thriller dance." She started to cry again. "She looked so happy, right, Esme?" She was crying into my mother's chest. I shook my head at the ridiculousness of it all. "Bella, love," I said as I stroked her hair. "You need to get out of the house. I'll call and see if Rose can come take you out for lunch. Does that sound good?" She looked over at me through her tears and nodded sullenly. I pulled her to me in a hug and she screamed. "What?" I asked as I held her away from me. She was clutching at her chest giving me a dirty look. "Dammit, Edward! Don't do that so hard! You almost made my boobs fall offnow they feel all bruised," she muttered as she got off of the couch. "I have to pee." Esme watched her walk away and shook her head when she turned back to me. "She's been really emotional all day. I think the waiting is becoming too much for her." "I think you're right," I said back. Running my hands through my hair I sighed. "Maybe we should go away next weekend. Get out of town? Since she'll be at the six week mark, she'll be able to do anything, right?"

Esme agreed, saying, "She's recovered incredibly fast, Edward. I think she'll be fine once she knows if" she smiled sadly and patted my hand. "Not much longer," she whispered. ******* BPOV I just needed a yes or no. I opened the digital pregnancy test and said a small prayer before I peed on it. Setting it on the counter, I watched the hourglass shift back and forth. Re-reading the instructions, I waited for the icon to register Pregnant or Not Pregnant. After three minutes, it was still 'thinking'. What the hell? I checked the instructions and groaned. Defective. It's not like I wouldn't know soon enough. Edward's birthday was tomorrow and I had my 6 week follow up appointment before lunch. The waiting was making me bat shit crazy, though. I threw the defective stick in the trash and brushed my teeth. Crawling into bed, I snuggled against Edward's chest. He didn't know I had tried to test. It was stupid, really. I needed to get some patience. Does patience come in shot or pill form? Because I would take a shot once a day in the ass if it granted me some effing patience. "Hey," he called into the darkness. His arms started to tighten around me and then he seemed to think better of it. "I'm sorry. I really want to snuggle, Edward. But my boobs hurt and I'm so crampy. Those pills are making me miserable. Nothing makes me feel better." I sighed as I readjusted myself away from him on my side. He rolled towards me and put his hand on my hip. "Are you nervous about tomorrow?" He asked softly. My heartbeat accelerated as I thought about it. "Yes. But either way, it's still your birthday. And you know what that means?" Rolling back over to him, I pressed lightly against him and kissed his mouth softly. He hummed and pressed back. "Birthday sex?" he whispered. I nodded yes and immediately felt him become excited. I giggled at his reaction and he groaned. "Sorry," he said as he shifted away from me. "I'll be good until you get the go ahead from the doctor. And that had better be tomorrow. Otherwise, I might physically explode." ******* EPOV "Alright, everyone who is interested in joining the baseball team, or softball teamwhich one is it Ali?" I looked across the conference table at him as he checked the form.

"Softball," he answered quickly. "Right. We need sign ups completed today, please. Our first practice will be Thursday night." I flipped my folder closed and smiled at everyone. "That's it." Alice shook her finger and walked out with Afton, only to return immediately with a cake, plates and silverware. "You don't get out of here that easy, Mr. Cullen," she chided as she set the cake in front of me. The room broke into a chorus of Happy Birthday and I blew out the candles, thanking them all. Alice started cutting pieces and passing them to everyone but Emmett. "Hey!" he yelled. "Where's my piece?" Alice snickered as she handed him his plate. "Here, Milton." I heard Ali squeal and I looked up to see Esme and Bella at the conference room door. There was a lot of bustle as everyone clamored to greet them and give Bella hugs. She looked excited to see them as well, but her eyes were trained on me as she said her hellos. She finally broke through the barrier of employees and reached up on her tiptoes to plant a chaste kiss on my lips. She smiled widely and handed me a card. "I came to give you your birthday card," she said. "Thanks," I replied happily as I pulled the envelope open. I pulled out a card that had Sponge Bob on the front. "Why?" I laughed as I opened it. There inside was my answer. 'Happy Birthday, Daddy' was written in Bella's big loopy handwriting. And in the middle of the card was an ultrasound picture. Our baby. Bella's eyes were shining like they were flaming planets in their own atmosphere. Esme's hand was covering her mouth and I could see tears glinting on her lashes. The room had grown quiet and I realized I was holding my breath. "How far..?" It was the only thing I could choke out. Bella smiled wider. "It's a long story. Dr. KebiI'll tell you later. The clinical answer is eight weeks." "Really?" I said softly, pulling her in for an embrace. I looked around the room as my head was spinning and I blurted out, "We're having a baby!" Applause erupted and we were suddenly crowded by all of our friends, congratulating us and fighting to see the ultrasound. Bella looked beyond overjoyed. She looked like she was about to burst into a million little pieces. I could relate. After the excitement died down a fraction, I pulled Bella into my office. "How are you that far along?" I asked in wonder. She sat warily in the chair and thought for a second before she explained. "When the egg was implanted on the tenth, it was already fertilized. By IVF standards, that makes a woman two weeks pregnant. Did I lose you?" She asked. I shook my head no. "So, Dr. Kebi and Jennifer had been monitoring my HCG levels through blood work each week. Because of the supplements and vitamins, I couldn't get an accurate test myself, but Kebi knew I was pregnant after the first week. He continued to watch my levels rise so that he

could ensure that things were progressing. He explained that he didn't like to tell the mothers too early because he felt it was safer to monitor the baby himself without the mother getting anxious about the health of the fetus." She took a deep breath and blinked. "It's actually happening. Can you believe it?" "When are you due?" I asked. She furrowed her brows and pursed her lips. "Around February first. But Kebi said that there is a possibility that the baby will grow faster than normal, so give or take a week around the first." I looked at my wife, sitting haphazardly in the guest chair and I lost my breath. My eyes traveled to her stomach and I stared. There was a life in there. Without thinking, I knelt in front of the chair and kissed her, placing my hand on her flat stomach. She kissed me back intensely before she whispered, "He also said that I'm fully recovered. So" She needed to say no more. I was up in a flash. "Here?" I asked breathlessly. She choked out a laugh, "No. We can go home." I turned quickly and shut off my computer. "Mr. Cullen," she pointed to my crotch. "You have a massive erection" I shook my head, playing along. "It's the pleats; an optical illusion. Don't act like you're not impressed." I grabbed my keys and pulled her out the office door, slamming it behind me. "I'm taking a half day," I yelled as we got to the reception area. Esme was reading a magazine and looked up knowingly. "I'll be at Barnes and Noble." She smiled as looked at her watch. "Two hours?" I nodded. Two hours would be plenty of time. After six weeks, two hours would equal multiple 'celebrations'. ******* We arrived home and I was already all over her, pulling on her clothes before we even made it into the living room. She looked exactly the same, especially since the bruising and swelling had gone down around her belly button. But the sight of her half naked body in front of me after six weeks of nothing? It was the most amazing sight I had ever seen. She giggled as I pulled her face to mine, kissing her feverishly. I took off my shoes and dropped my pants as I walked her backwards into the bedroom. By the time we got there, we were both naked. Just how I wanted it. I stopped kissing her and pulled back a bit. "I won't hurt the baby, will I?" Bella burst into laughter. "Sweetheart, you are quite well endowed, but even Dirk Diggler wouldn't cause any damage." I wasn't even offended.

Pulling us both onto the bed gingerly, I asked, "Did he say it would hurt?" She shrugged. "Six weeks is probably long enough that it will be somewhat uncomfortable." She looked a little nervous, but excited at the same time. I kissed her neck and trailed my way down to her breasts, taking one in each hand and kneading them as I rolled my fingertips across the peaks. She was already flushed and panting and I was about to lose it from just being able to finally touch her. She was running her fingers across my back and through my hair, making soft moaning sounds as I continued to kiss and paw at her. Somewhere in my mind, I felt that it was wrong to kiss her lower. To kiss the home of our baby while we had sex. She arched up against me as I continued. Funny, she didn't mind what I was doing to her boobs now, did she? I stayed above her belly button and she pulled me on top of her. I sat back quickly, removing my weight from her body. Dammit, this was making me paranoid. Bella looked up with confusion. "What's wrong?" she asked breathlessly. I just looked at her, lying there naked, looking as if nothing was different. But it was. Everything was different. She rolled her eyes and pushed me on my back. "You're not going to hurt either of us, Edward. I'm not going to break." She straddled me and pressed her wet center onto me, moving back and forth slowly, urging me on. "It's not different," she said between kisses on my jaw. Her little hands were traveling up and down my chest and lower, until I couldn't remember why I had hesitated in the first place. Moving only slightly, she placed the head into her entrance. I watched as she slowly took me in, inch by aching inch. There was a slight amount of pain on her face, and I waited as she acclimated herself to me again. Once I was fully enveloped and she was flush with my pelvis, she stopped. Her hands dug into my chest and she whimpered as I felt her clench around me, crying out slightly. Did she just come? Her eyes opened half way and she offered a slight smile. Yep. Damn, is it like that for all pregnant women? I grasped her hips and thrust slightly as she pushed onto me. It felt so good, so perfect, so right. "I missed this," I said lowly as she moved farther up and then plunged downward again and again. She bent forward and kissed me, running her tongue through my mouth over and over as my hands roamed her body. She sat up and threw her head back, grasping onto my thighs as she quickened her pace.

I watched her hair sway and her breasts bounce and I had to admit that I really loved the view. My hands were grasping at her breasts, pinching and rolling her nipples as she gave me moans of encouragement. She increased her speed again and I could feel her muscles tightening so I moved my fingers down and started to apply pressure where she liked it most. A fresh wave of wetness seeped out of her as she cried out, "Yes. Oh, Edward" She was moving at a rapid pace and calling my name with such intensity that I lost all control I had on reserve. For a split second, I wanted to roll her over, but there was no time. "UnhBella," I groaned out as I finally released. It was intense and I came hard, pulling her onto my chest and grasping her to me tightly. It had been too long. She slumped against my chest and kissed my throat. "Wow. That was intense. And sexy as hell. Was that from the hiatus? Or" I looked up into her eyes. She smiled and ran a finger over my eyebrows. "Hmmm, I feel sexy. You should rest and reserve some strength." "For what?" I asked. She rolled off of me and walked to the bathroom. "The second trimester." ******* ******* A/N: Guess what? My story, my rulespfft. I wanted to give Edward a birthday present, okay? Namely one that poops, pees and cries all the time.

Chapter 7: Chapter 7

Chapter 7 A/N: I didn't write Twilight. Like Stephenie Meyer, I did make up a baby name when I was younger. Until I was 20 I was going to name a poor little girl Evanie Juliet. Massively pretentious, huh? This chapter is being brought to you tonight because my hubby went on an audition and the baby went to sleep at six! Dayum, you guys are a bunch of baby lovers! That was the most reviews I've had so farMy heart exploded at my cube today from your love! It was a bitch to clean up, by the way. Clorox wipes don't do shiiiiit. The sex of the baby has been decided. The vote was 13 to 15. All shall be revealed soon EdwardsElla: Are you flexible enough to pack yourself into a suitcase and be shipped to me? Because I want to hang out with your crazy ass. And if you come here, I will deliver that ass kiss that your

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He was an asshole, but I didn't want him to die. Did I? I screamed at the image that was forming in my head and threw the phone across the room. "Bella? What's wrong?" I heard Edward yell. I looked around in confusion. The lights were off and the phone was nowhere near me. Edward was sitting straight up, holding my arms as I finished my scream. Nightmare. It was a damn vivid nightmare. I caught my breath and blinked hard through the darkness to make out Edward's form. "Sorry," I gasped. "I watched The Ring today. My subconscious killed Mike." Edward flopped back down in the bed. "Too bad it was just your subconscious." He chuckled and rolled towards me, pulling me back down. "That's still not as good as the dream that you had about making out with Alice." I groaned in embarrassment. "Yeah. Or the one I had where the baby fell out of my vag and I played with him and changed his clothes before I tried to put himback in." I burst into laughter at the memory of that particular dream. I rolled onto my side and put my body pillow in between my legs. Edward wrapped his feet around mine and kissed my neck. "Try to sleep, love. Or else you'll have to take a nap in your car again at lunch." ******* Bella Cullen Baby Blog: July Todaymy boobs itch. Some lady in the elevator smelled like a banana. I picture her wearing only yellow dresses with long zippers that she has to be peeled out of. Should women smell like Carmen Miranda this day in age? My baby is stealing my poop. I haven't taken a shit in five weeks. So, I am thinking that if the scale says I've gained six pounds, five of those are excrement. Pork chops and chicken aggravate my gag reflex. Thank GOD for these Avril Lavigne looking Sea Bands. I am SO punk right now! Note to self: get a pink streak in hair. I heart maternity pants. I don't even care that I don't need them yet. I will wear them from here to eternity. Especially at Thanksgiving. I have round ligament pain around my groin. That doesn't mean my hoohah is growing, does it? I heard a commotion down the hall. Saving the blog, I got up and followed the voices to Alice's office. Emmett was standing at Alice's desk with Jasper, arguing. "No, Jasper. My package is different than your package." Emmett was pointing at a stack of marketing materials. "I know about your package, Em. I was asking if Mak could do my package today." Jasper looked unfazed. Edward stopped in the hallway. "Back it up. Why are we talking about your packages?"

Alistair turned the corner at warp speed. "Are you talking about Emmett's package?" Emmett groaned and ran a hand over his face. Alice threw her hands up and pointed towards her door. "Both of you get out of here with your packages. I'll have Makenna on both of them by the end of the day." Realizing for the first time how amazingly inappropriate that sounded, both Jasper and Emmett burst into laughter. Afton turned the corner looking less than impressed. "This place is a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen," she said as she rolled her eyes and went to the file room. Alice slumped heavily in her chair. "Bells!" she called and I turned back towards her office. "How did you know I was out there?" I asked. She gave me a look that said 'Really'? "Bella, that charm bracelet of yours is like a cat collar with a bell on it. I keep tabs on you all day." I looked down at the charm bracelet and smiled. Then I started crying. "Remember when I got this?" I choked out. Alice buried her head in her hands, muttering about hormones. Walking over to me, she veered me towards the kitchen. "Come on, sweet pea. Let's go to lunch." Alice grabbed Afton and Alistair, as well as Makenna, to eat lunch at the picnic tables. I brought my food, the supplement and my spiral notebook with me. "Cute jeans," Afton said as I maneuvered my ever-widening ass onto the seat. "Thanks! They're so comfy," I flashed the top of the maternity pants at her and she grimaced. "Is that what I can look forward to?" I nodded and she shuddered as she took another bite of her sandwich. I opened my drink and took a swig. Makenna and Afton froze in disgust. "Oh my god. Are you drinking Tru Blood?" Makenna asked. "What the hell is that?" I asked as I swallowed my pills. Makenna grabbed her phone and clicked a few buttons. "You've never seen the show True Blood? It's about vampires that drink synthetic blood. It's really great." She said as she handed the phone over to me. Makenna was a vampire aficionado. Her role-play on Second Life was as a vampire, so I trusted that she knew what she was talking about. I read the synopsis off of her phone and shrugged. Alice grabbed the phone and read. "Bells, it's like those books you read. But for adults," she snickered. Afton looked up from her phone. "Those Dusk books? My friends read those," she said, her voice laced with sarcasm. Makenna shook her head with disbelief. "They aren't even close. Your books aren't about real vampires. Real vampires don'tglow!"

Alistair piped up. "Who cares, bitches? The movies are good. The main guy is hot. The other guy is hot, but serious jail bait. And the other two brothers are delish!" He giggled and then turned serious. "But, in True Blooddo the characters have sex?" Makenna nodded. "Pfft. I'm sold," I replied. "I need a payoff after waiting for those two Dusk kids to hump." They all eyed me incredulously. "What? I'm super, uber horny, okay? Ask anybody about the second trimester." I grabbed my notebook and jotted down: back massager. Alice leaned over and arched her brows in question. "Battery powered. For the car. Don't ask," I muttered. I went to flip the book closed but Alice's hand reached out and snatched it from me. "What are these, B?" She was pointing to a list that I was working on. I sighed and snatched it back. "Baby names, Nosy Nelly. I'm doing a list of boy and girl names." She leaned back over and said, "Uh-uh, oh no. We need Emmett." She texted him on her phone and he was outside within the minute. He looked around the table and smiled with a cocky grin, "Ladies," he sang, making sure to address Alistair with that comment as well. It looked like Ali swooned a little. "Sit," Alice commanded. He sat down next to her and waited for further instruction. "You're kind of a," she looked thoughtful, "jackass, right?" He nodded. "Made fun of kids in school?" He laughed and agreed. "Kind of an asshole bully?" He shrugged and said yes again. She looked at me. "Read your names off to Emmett. See what happens." "Okay," I said as I opened the page back up. "For a boy, I thought we could go with Edward Anthony Cullen the third. But we'd call him Trey." "Lunch tray," Emmett responded immediately. My jaw fell open and Alice patted him on the back. "Continue," she said. I cleared my throat. "Well, for a girl, I was thinking that I could try and incorporate all of the mother's names? Like," I looked down and blushed," Renlizme?" Emmett snorted and everyone started yelling at once. "What are you, twelve?" Afton screeched as her short brown hair flung from side to side. "Oh, hell no, woman! You'll scar that baby for life!" Alistair shouted. Makenna mumbled something about being a 'bloody idiot'. Alice just held her hands up. "Any more?" I looked down and back up. "The last one I was looking at was Vanessa Dawn." They looked at me silently. "You know, we could call her Van?"

Like Van Morrison, I wanted to explain. "VanessaNessie. Loch Ness Monster. VanVan Halen...Van Helsing...van down by the river," Emmett said matter-of-factly. I threw the notebook at him. "You suck!" Everyone laughed and Alice told Emmett he was free to go. "Have you thought about what the baby will look like?" Alistair asked dreamily. I smiled a little at the thought. "I'd like forshimto have my hair and Edward's eyes. His nose. His mouth. His height" Alice slapped the table with her hand. "You want the baby to look just like Edward, is that what you're saying?" I nodded. Afton looked on warily. "What if the baby turns out red headed?" I snorted, "Do you know how impossible it would be for me to have a ginger kid? Charlie's genes are pretty powerful. I'm ninety nine point nine percent sure this kid will have dark hair." I shook my head and laughed. "Ginger baby. Ha!" ******* EPOV The last month and a half had flown by. Mom and Dad had found a house and Esme had already moved in while Carlisle tied up loose ends with the house in Chicago and his work. I wasn't one hundred percent sure about what he had plans to do in Seattle, but he alluded to working with Dr. Kebi the last time I had checked in. Work was going well, but even better than that was our ball team. We'd won all of our games so far and this weekend would be the 'Championship' game, so to speak. It was against Aro, surprise-surprise. What didn't surprise me was that after we had all quit, Aro had rehired Caius and Lauren. We had played them once, but this would be epic. When we had played Laurent's team, there had been some unwanted animosity from them given that half of our team was their old employees. It had been awkward until Emily had 'accidentally' thrown a ball directly at Demetri's head. After that game she said she didn't want to play anymore. Apparently she had gotten what she was after. I shut down my computer and closed up the office. I couldn't wait for the game in the morning. Our team kind of kicked ass. ******* "Edward," Bella was pressing up against me, running her hands along my chest. "I want you," she whined. I looked at her in astonishment.

"What? You just yelled at me for ten minutes about squeezing the toothpaste from the end and putting the toilet paper facing out. Now you want some?" I couldn't fathom her mood swings. She was kissing along my neck and my traitor body was belying my feelings. She noticed and shimmied closer, rubbing against me as she continued to kiss and nip at my jaw. My hands instinctively went to her breasts inside of her tank top and I groaned. "They've gone up another cup size," she breathed into my ear. "You're evil," I told her. "When do I get my wife back?" She rolled over on top of me. "In about a year?" I frowned. "Why a year? You don't have the gestational period of an elephant, Bells." She wriggled on top of me again. "Because, I'm pretty sure that after all of those night feedings and poopy diapers, I am going to want to hurt you at some point. So, give it some extra time," she giggled as she dipped below the covers to remove my boxers. ******* BPOV I arrived at the ball field an hour early to watch Liam for Emmett and Rose. They were both on the team and were phenomenal ball players. Rose was amazing at bat and Emmett defied gravity. He could jump twelve feet in the air, it seemed. The most surprising athlete, though, had been Alice. That little pixie had an arm unlike anything I had ever seen. She even lifted her leg to throw and I swore once I saw her spitting sunflower seeds. Jasper could hit balls completely out of the fence. And Edward ran so fast I could barely even see him. He was just a blur in the distance. Why he didn't try to go pro was beyond me. Did I mention it was sexy as hell to watch him play? Plus, I made him wear his cuff on the field... Rose met me at the bleachers and smiled as she handed Liam over. "Thanks, Bells. I really appreciate you watching him. It's been nice to be able to get out and do stuff like this again. You wouldn't believe how all encompassing motherhood is." She reached out and rubbed my belly. "You're not even showing yet, you peg legged hooker." I just laughed as I took Liam and sat with him under my umbrella. His dark masses of curls were sticking to his face as he slept on my chest. I turned on the portable fan that I had brought so that we could both cool down. It was hotter than the devil's nut sack outside. Alistair showed up twenty minutes later and plopped his chair down next to mine. "Where's Felix?" I asked. Ali pursed his lips and rolled his eyes. "He says he doesn't like watching me lust after Emmett, so he stayed home. He's such a sensitive bitch sometimes!" I slapped his arm and pointed to Liam. "Language, Ali!" He looked over apologetically and ran his fingers across his mouth like a zipper. Afton showed up a few minutes later. Setting up her chair and cooler, she settled in to watch the game. Alice stepped off of the field for a break and wandered over to us.

She looked at Afton with horror and pointed to the box of crackers that the intern was eating out of. "Aren't you worried about the peanut butter recall, Afton? There might be salmonella poisoning in those." Afton stopped chewing the sandwich crackers and looked at Alice like she had three heads. Holding up the box she pointed to the name: Ritz Cheese. "Ummm, these are cheese." Alice looked mortified and walked away to pee before the game. Afton pointed back to the field. "Tell me what the nicknames are again, Bells?" I shifted Liam over and pointed. "Edward had to have Cullen on his because his nickname is inappropriate for the ball field." Alistair giggled. "Emmett's is Grizz. Long story... Christmas beard" Afton looked unimpressed. "Alice is Gidget. Gidget Midget, but the shirt was too small for the entire thing." She pointed at Rose,"QBOT?" I nodded and smiled. "Queen Bitch of the Thunderdome." Her eyes grew wide and she choked on a cracker. "Makenna's is Mak, of course. Jasper went with Whit instead of Jazz or Jazzy because he said those made him feel like Liza Minelli." She took a drink and cleared her throat. "Gotcha," she choked out. Aro's team arrived and instantly the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Lauren and Aro took the field for practice and I suddenly wished that I could throw curve balls. I had known this game was coming, and I had purposely missed the first one between them, but it was the last game of the 'season' and I wouldn't let them keep me away from watching my friends. Edward walked to the fence and pushed against the links. "Are you alright?" He asked with genuine concern. I nodded and gave him a thumbs up while I flipped a bird towards Aro with my other hand. "Peachy," I replied with a smile. The game started and I settled Liam into his stroller to continue his nap. I'm not one to watch sports and know what's going on. But I made sure to pay attention each time Edward was up to bat or if a ball flew into right field. Rose looked so intent when she batted and I could tell that she wanted to hit the ball in a straight line, directly at Lauren on the pitcher's mound. We were winning at the top of the seventh inning and it was apparent that Aro's team was getting tired. Liam was finally awake and playing with Ali when it happened. Lauren got up to bat and Alice nodded at Jasper as he tipped his hat. Then Alice looked at Rose on first. They made eye contact before Rose nodded at Emmett and Alice threw a perfect pitch. Lauren hit it with some effort and it sailed past first where Edward and Emmett raced towards it. Emmett caught it first and threw to Rose, but his angle was off. Which gloriously made it hit Lauren directly in the face going eighty miles an hour. All right, exaggeration, but it was fast and hard. That's what she said. There was screaming and chaos as blood shot out from her nose. Edward and the Cullen team members backed up as Aro and Caius ran over to help her off the field. Rose walked up to Alice and bumped her shoulder.

"Welcome to Thunderdome, bitch," she laughed. The whole team looked in my direction and waved. That was for me? They were good. My friends loved me. ******* "When do you find out the sex?" Rose asked as she buckled Liam into his car seat. I leaned against the car and ran my hand over my belly lightly. "Next week," I squealed with excitement. She stood back and looked me over and then turned me to the side. "From what little I can see of it, it looks like you're carrying high." She smirked. She yelled at Emmett, "Come get B's chair and put it in her car, monkey man!" He grinned and jogged over to the car. "Of course! Anything for the MILF to be." He grabbed my stuff and carried it over to the Mercedes. Edward and Alice were crossing the gravel lot towards the car. All at once, everything happened in slow motion. Edward and Alice were only feet away and Emmett was bent over into the car as he deposited the chair. I was at the trunk and heard it before I saw it. There was a high pitched whining sound accompanied by the crunching of gravel and light pings as the loose rock hit the other cars. I looked up and time froze. Jasper was behind the wheel of his G8 and had sped back into the lot to get Alice too quickly. He lost control of the car as he hit the gravel and he was fishtailing side to side before he spun out. Right towards me. I closed my eyes and felt something slam into me and I hit the ground. There was the sound of scraping metal and screams and then the smell of rubber and smoke. Looking up slightly, I saw Edward wrapped around me, holding me up off of the rocks. We both glanced over his shoulder and saw the G8 pressed into the trunk of the Mercedes. Edward's face turned back towards mine slowly. "Are you okay?" he asked as he pushed himself quickly off of me. I nodded and then winced as the pain seared through my head. "Did you hit the ground?" He asked, sounding scared. I looked up and blinked. "I don't know," I whispered. He put a hand to the back of my head and pulled it towards him. Blood. And gravel. All over his hand. He laid me down and in an instant was on his feet. I touched my hand to my skull and felt the warm liquid spreading over my fingers. I pulled my hand forward to see and felt the vertigo start that accompanies my

blood related fainting spells. The last image I had before I blacked out was Edward punching Jasper in the face. ******* ******* A/N: I whipped out my pregnancy blogs for these chapters. Have fun at my expense, hookers. PS - Pedro offers you his protection. Vote for me on August 1st.

Chapter 8: Chapter 8

A/N: Twilight and all things affiliated= Not mine. Know what is mine? A recording of my vacuum cleaner that my kid sleeps to on repeat all night. Why, you ask? Colic, reflux and tubes. The only other thing that puts him to sleep is Paramore. My little man is prepping his ears to be a rock star! Black-Kat-585: I have thought long and hard (that's what she said) all day about which hole I would prefer to get frostbite on, in or around. I choo-choo-choose: my ass. I mean, seriously, it hasn't really worked since that nine-pounder got ripped from my womb anyway. Last chapter's reviews surprised me... I guess you guys are on to my wiley ways. Cheese and rice! I'm gonna have to step it up, now, huh? All Channing Tatum style and shiiiit. No crying if your baby's sex didn't win the vote. Majority rules, children. Play nice. New Moon + Kelly Clarkson: Maybe = the hair growing back on my legs two minutes after shaving. Goosebumps! (Not the R.L. Stine books) Oh, and do you thinkRob even knows about his messy love life? I'm on the fence Even closer than this life Closer than your faith Closer than the things that you hold dearly And in vain Closer than this life Falling through again Giving more than anything That you could hope to win ~Better Than Ezra (Closer) Chapter 8 EPOV Alice was screaming. I pulled my hand away from Bella's head and it was covered in blood. Flashes of red pulsed behind my lids and a sort of fury, some beast from within that was protective of my love, my life, myeverything,

exploded out of me. I lurched away from her and ran full force at Jasper as he was standing dazed outside of his car. "You asshole!" I screamed as I landed a punch to his jaw. Emmett was on me in a second, pulling me away as I struggled to get at Jasper one more time. Rose jumped in front of me and waved her arms. "You need to tend to your wife, Cullen!" She pointed her finger at Bella. I looked over and saw that her eyes had rolled into the back of her head and she had gone limp. Jasper was rubbing his face and shouting at me that he was sorry. Alice was on the phone with the ambulance and suddenly I heard Liam crying erratically from the backseat of Emmett's car. Emmett released me and I went back to Bella's side. I didn't know what to do. For once in my life, I was at a complete loss. "Don't mover her!" Alice yelled as she ran over. She stood away from me a few feet and I guessed it was because of the look of fury that I had on my face. She startled as I looked up at her and then she backed away again. "The paramedics will be here in less than five minutes. They said to leave her so that you don't cause more damage." My brain was going wild and my instinct was to pick her up and walk her to the hospital myself. But, if she did have some unknown injury and I caused her more harm, I would never forgive myself. I watched Alice's eyes flit from Jasper to Bella and she looked like she was about to cry. Her voice cracked as she started to sob, "Dammit, Edward! It was an accident! Jasper would never hurt Bella on purpose. Ever! He loves her as much as I do. She'll be" she lost her voice then and crumpled to her knees. Tears were flowing hard as she ran a hand over Bella's leg. "She'll be okay, Edward." The sirens in the distance made me spring into action. I gathered all of the necessary things I needed from the car and I stood guard over Bella as the EMTs arrived. Alice and Jasper were standing with Emmett and Rose. Liam was inconsolable by that point and Rose looked torn as she watched Bella's limp body get loaded onto a stretcher. A short blond EMT walked over to me as they loaded her. "Are you the husband?" He asked as he handed me a form. I nodded and took the paper. "We need you to sign this. It's permission to transport," he explained. My jaw was working overtime. "I'm not sending her on a damn field trip to a greenhouse" I signed the paper and thrust it at him. He asked me to follow him and ride along. I looked out of the back of the ambulance at our friends and simply stared at them as the doors closed. ******* BPOV Will someone just put that damn wailing cat out of its misery already? I squeezed my eyes shut tighter and tried to lift my hands to my ears to drown out the noise. Until I realized that I couldn't move my arms. My head shot up the few inches I was allotted and my eyes flew open, looking around in panic. "Where am I?" I was yelling while the sound of the dying cat was getting louder.

Suddenly, I saw Edward's face above mine, bouncing a little as he tried to gain balance. He placed his cool hand along my forehead and frowned. "You're on the way to the E.R. You hit your head and need to be checked out." Flashes of squealing tires and chunks of rock filed my mind. I remembered Edward tackling me and rolling us away from Jasper's car. I remembered the look on Edward's face. And the blood. I struggled to sit up and cried out as the pain throbbed in my temples. "Lay back, Mrs. Cullen," a short blond man was telling me. I looked at his nametag: Brady. Brady brady bo bady banana fana fo fady me my mo madyBrady. Laying back down I turned my face towards Edward. He had his head in his hands and was pulling his fingers through his hair roughly. He was speaking softly with his eyes closed and it sounded like a prayer. "Hey," I called to him and his head snapped up. His beautiful green eyes had turned almost black and there was anger etched on every plane of his face. "I fainted from the blood." He needed to know the facts. I was certain that I wasn't hurt. "And you fell with me, you know. I'm pretty sure you should be on a gurney if I have to be on one." His eyes softened and he laid a hand on mine. "Your head is bleeding." He looked towards Brady and back to me. "They're worried that the fall may have," he couldn't finish. I saw the anguish penetrate his eyes and I shook my head. "The baby's fine," I assured him as bravely as I could. I repeated it in my head a thousand times before we reached the hospital. ******* EPOV What was with these people and effing paper work? I grabbed the clipboard from the nurse as they wheeled Bella through the double doors. She smiled and called hello to the nurses that she knew. Because she had been there so many times. She was rushed into a room, changed into a gown and placed onto a bed. There was a lot of commotion and orders were being shouted as they hooked her up to a monitor, rolled in an ultrasound machine and prepped a table with needles and thread for stitches. Her eyes popped out of her head as she looked at the needle. I sat in the chair next to the window trying to immerse myself in her paperwork. Shit. The least they could have done was given me a pen that worked. "Mr. and Mrs. Cullen?" A small Korean man in a white coat stepped through the door quickly, looking at the EMT report. He looked up and smiled at us both. "I'm Dr. Kim. I'll be doing your stitches and also taking a look at your baby to make sure you are both okay." He stepped up next to Bella's bed. I looked down as he moved his hands across the back of her head and looked at the abrasions. He was asking the mandatory 'does it hurt when I...' and such.

Bella sat up straighter and said with false seriousness, "It doesn't so much hurt here or here," and she moved her hand above and below her skull, "but right here," she moved her hand to the area that was bleeding. The doctor chuckled and marked a note on his board. "Is she always like this?" He asked me and I nodded while pulling on my lower lip. "Good. Then there are no worries about head trauma." He set about prepping the stitches and cleaning the wound while I hyper focused on the insurance paperwork on my lap. Bella let out a small gasp as he gave her a shot to numb the area before he applied the eight stitches that she required. Wrapping her head securely, he laid her back down on the pillow. He walked to the edge of her bed and pulled out some stirrups. My head shot up in disbelief. "Do you need me to leave?" I asked loudly. They both looked at me in confusion. Dr. Kim shook his head no. "I am rather sure that this isn't anything you haven't already seen, Mr. Cullen." He shined a bright lamp onto her and called a nurse in to watch the exam. Bella's face contorted as he plunged into her and pressed onto her pubic bone. He nodded and pulled his hand out, snapping off the rubber gloves and throwing them away. He rolled the ultrasound machine over and smiled. "Let's take a look, shall we?" The lights were dimmed and he pulled Bella's gown up and placed a white sheet over her lower legs. He applied some gel to her stomach and rolled it around with the flat plastic wand he was brandishing. Bella motioned for me to stand next to her and I obliged, grasping her hand as the doctor applied pressure to her abdomen. The screen flickered and we could see the baby's face and outline as it shifted around moving its arms. Bella's hand squeezed mine tightly and she held her breath. The doctor was quiet as he moved the wand back and forth, checking appendages and brain fluid. He counted toes and fingers and then looked at the spine. "Let's check the heartbeat." The nurse flipped a switch and we could see the green and yellow patterns of a beating heart on the screen. Suddenly the room was filled with the whirring and thumping sound of the baby's heart and Bella's blood rushing through her womb. The first time I had heard that sound it was amazing...but this time? This time it was like my life depended on hearing it. The doctor nodded to the nurse and the ultrasound flipped back over. He moved over the head and checked the chambers and then smiled at us with satisfaction. "She's perfect," he said with conviction. ******* BPOV "She's perfect." My heart flew to my throat and I grasped Edward's hand harder. "It's a girl," I choked out. His eyes were staring intently at the screen and then he looked into mine and smiled the biggest, most dazzling smile I had ever seen in my direction.

He wrapped both of his hands around my one and kissed me sweetly. My heart beat raced and the doctor chuckled as he continued to watch the screen. "She likes that," Dr. Kim mused. Edward cleared his throat and ran his hands through his hair. "I'm ruined," he stated. He ran his hand over my stomach and placed his lips at my belly button. "Hey, gorgeous," he said sweetly to her. The screen flashed and the doctor looked up in shock. "She just turned towards you...where your voice was." He was looking back at the screen with narrowed eyes. The baby had flipped and moved again. "Try it now," he suggested. Edward placed his lips to the side of my belly and spoke, "Daddy loves you." The screen flashed again as the little arms pumped and she moved in his direction. "Remarkable," the doctor said with awe. Gathering his paperwork, he got up to leave. "You'll be good to go in the morning. We want to monitor you overnight to make sure that nothing happens." He capped his pen and chewed his lip thoughtfully. "That's quite a bond you've already established, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. I've honestly never seen anything like it." EPOV There was a soft knock on the door a few minutes later and I wiped the tears from my eyes as I crossed the room to open it. Alice was standing in the frame looking exhausted. "Can I come in?" she asked tentatively. I looked back at Bella as she wiped her joyous tears away and told Alice to come on in. "Bella!" She cried out as she ran towards the bed. "I'm so sorry. Are you okay? Jasper is literally dying over what happened. He would never be able to live with himself if he knew that he had hurt you." She was clutching to Bella as she cried and Bella rubbed her back, comforting her. My pregnant wife was in a hospital bed comforting Alice. Our lives made no sense sometimes. Bella pushed her back and patted Alice's hand. "Tell him I'm okay. Better than okay, actually. We just found out we're having a girl!" Alice squealed and hugged her tightly. "Oh my god! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! I'm going to dress her up like a doll! And she'll have her first pair of heels before she's even walking...I'll take her to the mall and to the hair salon..." Bella laughed and shook her head. "Of course you will, Auntie Alice." Alice turned to look at me and her smile faded a bit. I walked up to her and pulled her into a hug. "I'm sorry I beat up Jasper," I said as I laid my chin on her head. She pressed her face into my chest and laughed. "Hell, if I hadn't been on the phone, I would have decked him. I've told him time and time again to stop speeding. I'm pretty positive that this was the turning point for him. He didn't even drive to the hospital; I had to drive while I was all crying and junk. Very manly, don't you think?" She looked at us both as she took a much needed breath.

"Is he here?" Bella asked. Alice said he was. She looked at me and pleaded with her eyes. "Tell him to come in," I said to appease her. Alice left to get Jasper and Bella smiled tightly. "People make mistakes. We both got second chances, right?" I agreed. "Good. Now we give Jasper a second chance." He wouldn't have gotten one if this had turned out differently. They returned a few minutes later and Jasper walked in looking downtrodden. Alice pulled him to Bella's bedside. Taking one look at her small frame in the bed and the bandage on her head, he lost it. "Bella...I am so sorry. I know you don't believe me and I don't deserve your forgiveness, but I am so sorry for what happened. Please tell me that you're okay? And the baby's okay? I couldn't live with myself if I knew that I had hurt either of you." His words were so raw and full of emotion that my heart went out to him. He deserved to be forgiven. Bella motioned him over and gave him a hug, telling him that everything was okay and that she still loved him. She explained hat everything was fine and then told him we were having a girl. His mouth turned up into his lazy smile and he kissed her hand as he told her congratulations. "She'll be as beautiful as her mother, I'm sure of it." I walked up behind him. "Jasper?" He turned around slowly and backed away a fraction of an inch. I stuck out my hand for him to take. "Hatchet. Buried." His eyes grew soft and he took my hand, but pulled me into a hug instead. I grit my teeth and started to apologize when he held up his hand to stop me. "Deserved what you gave me and much more, I'm sure." We talked for a while longer and as Alice was saying goodbye, the door to the room flung open and Dr. Kebi rushed inside. We all jumped a bit at the severity of his entrance. He looked around at the four of us and said hello in a curt tone. "Bella, Edward. I need to see you alone please." Alice and Jasper said their goodbyes. They would call Rose and Emmett to tell them that everything was okay since Liam couldn't come to the hospital. We waved as they left and Kebi faced the two of us with a funny look on his face. "I need to do all of your exams, Bella. The procedure makes it very...tricky... to diagnose any problems. So, from here on out, no matter what, you call me. "He looked at me and said pointedly, "Got it?" We both nodded and I suddenly felt dread gnawing away at my insides. He stepped out and came back in with Nurse Jennifer. "I'm sorry to do all of this again, but I need to re-examine you." He sat down and proceeded to run through the same routine that Dr. Kim had. Jennifer followed every instruction that he gave and intermittently he would jot down notes. "Here," he pointed to the screen and had Jennifer still the frame to capture the image. He turned back to us and sighed. "To the casual observer, you are fine. But here," he pointed to a small fissure looking line running the length of the picture," you can see that the uterus has been slightly displaced by the impact of your fall." He shook his head and rubbed his eyes with his palms. "It may be nothing, so don't panic. If you

follow my instructions, this will turn out just as planned." He wrote a paragraph on a piece of paper and handed it to Jennifer to transcribe. "Bella, dear. I'm afraid we have to put you on bed rest for the duration of your pregnancy." Jennifer came back in with the paper and a pamphlet. He handed it over to Bella. "Instructions for bed rest. What you can and cannot do. Follow them to a T and everything will be fine." He looked exhausted. I looked at Bella and she started to cry. "Shit, Jasper...now I want you to punch him in the face again!" ******* ******* A/N: I've never had head stitches...but I wanted Bella to maintain her sexy so I didn't have them shave her head. Emmett vetoed all of my baby names... bastard. Any suggestions? Personal Aro sent out an email to the Sales Reps about the Sales Meeting. It said, "We'll be having some team building activities on Tuesday night. Bring your bathing suit." WTF? I said, Hale naw and changed plans with the vendor. I'm planning this, sucka! So, no bathing suit...for me, at least. I shudder to think about having to see him and the other sales guys in their Speedos...

Chapter 9: Chapter 9

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~Better Than Ezra (Closer) Chapter 9 EPOV "Are you comfortable?" I asked as I adjusted the pillows under her back and head. We had made as many accommodations for Bella's bed rest as we possibly could. The living room had slowly taken on the appearance of a bedroom as we had made up a pallet on the couch for her to rest, as well as created a rollaway 'desk' for her to work on and some dinner trays to accommodate any needs she may have had. The wheelchair in the corner was what threw everything off. It was the one thing that reminded her on a daily basis that this was the result of a medical problem. "Yes, love. I'm good." She smiled up at me but it didn't reach her eyes. The past month since the 'Fall heard 'round the world', as she called it, had been really hard on both of us. She was going stir crazy and there was nothing that I could do to help her. Kebi had ordered bed rest but it wasn't as strict as actually being confined to the bed. She was allowed to sit up for a while, as well as make small trips to the bathroom and kitchen. The instructions had said that she should do stretching exercises so that she wouldn't have a terrible time getting back on her feet when she could walk around again. I think the only thing that kept her from going completely berserk was the fact that Kebi had promised to reevaluate her after 8 weeks. So she had stayed home and been as good as she could bring herself to be. Our friends from the office were taking turns once a week staying with her while I went in. There was a sort of rotation going on between Alice, Ali, Afton and Makenna. And we had Esme once a week as well. She was never alone, but I could tell she was miserable. This wasn't how she imagined her miracle pregnancy going. I glanced down at what she was doing and smirked. "Do you want me to put that on the carpet?" I asked, pointing to the throw rug she had in her hands. She nodded as she pressed the last silver circle to it. "At the entrance of the kitchen, please," she asked quietly. I placed the rug on the floor as the doorbell rang. Answering it, I ushered Afton inside. "Hey," I greeted her. "Hey, Mr. Cullen," she answered back as she shuffled her folders around and took off her shoes. "How is she today?" Silently, I pointed to the rug and watched as Afton's face screwed up into confusion. "Who the hell glued quarters to the carpet? And why?" She yelled into the living room. Bella turned her head slightly, "I don't feel the need to explain my art to you, Afton." I patted her on the back as I grabbed my suitcase. "Do me a favor, will you? Monitor what movies she watches today. Yesterday I came home and she was in her chair at the window, watching our neighbors from a pair of binoculars I didn't even know we had."

Afton nodded, "Alice told me they watched Disturbia." "Yeah, and Rear Window. So, keep her away from Donnie Darko or Butterfly Effect. I can't handle her going into deep conversations about time travel tonight." I walked into the room with Afton and kissed Bella on her head. "Love you," I murmured against her hair and reached a hand down to rub her belly. She smiled and leaned her head back for a kiss on the lips. "I made a small grocery list. Can you pick a few things up on the way home?" She asked sweetly. I nodded and she handed the paper over. I skimmed it quickly before laughing out loud. "Bells, I don't think I can actually get a Flux Capacitor at any of the stores around here. Besides, what would you need it for?" She turned a fraction and clasped her hands. "If you got one, then you could put on your Calvin Klein tighty whiteys and stop Jasper from almost running me over." ******* Alice and Ali were perched on opposite chairs at the conference table in my office. They were both frowning at the papers in front of them. "Unacceptable," Ali said and put the loose sheets down. Alice nodded and put a hug X across the top page. "It's her thirtieth birthday, guys. And she's bed bound. We have to do something nice for her." Emmett and I looked at each other in surprise. "What girl wouldn't want to watch UFC on her birthday?" Emmett asked as he threw his hands in the air. "Be serious, Em!" Alice shot back at him. "Bella can't even watch TV shows or movies that have action scenes in them because she blacks out from the lack of verbal stimulation." Ali burst into giggles and Emmett groaned, jumping to his feet. "See how you are, Al? You always have to be in charge of the parties!" He stalked out in a huff. "Damn, that is one irritable Grizz," she muttered as she ripped the papers in half and threw them on the table. "I'll put something together, Edward." I smiled and thanked her. "He really was just trying to help," I said. "I know, but why do you toy with him like that? You like to mess with him and let him think you're going to let him get away with the crazy shit he plans." She shook her finger at me and got up to leave. "You are one sick mo-fo, E." Ali stood to his feet and stretched. "I like it when you mess with him, personally. He's so hot when he's cranky!" ******* BPOV Bella Cullen Baby Blog August/September

She's moving around! I can tap my belly and she'll kick back. Edward's face the first time he felt her kick through my stomach was the most magical thing I had ever seen. His eyes got all misty and he just looked at me with such wonder and adoration... I totally wanted to jump him, but I can't. Lame. Jasper's punishment for the bed rest is that he has to paint the baby's room and help assemble the furniture. This weekend should be interesting as I sit and dictate orders from the hallway! My baby belly is so effing cute! Suck on that, Angelina! I may be the cutest pregnant girl ever. Below is a list of crazy things from this pregnancy. It's so different than the first I miss bladder control and making it to the bathroom without peeing my pants. I will be right at the toilet and it will gush out as I am sitting; it has no preference. I can't cough or sneeze without having a rain forest in my pants afterward. Note to self: Do more kegels. Where did my tiny pinks nipples go? I mean, I don't have National Geographic teets or anything, but damn. They're just bigger. Not like bologna sized, or dinner plate sized. Just bigger andbrowner? I dream of the day that I can take a dump without the assistance of some type of fruit or veggie laxative. Sleeping on my back or stomach: my two fave positions. That damn body pillow makes me sweat so much I feel like I just slept in a hot tub. I would like my brain back, please. This baby fog is funny at first and then you just come to the conclusion that you have early Alzheimer's. Standing up and walking straight. I seem to be walking against some unseen gale force wind that is tipping me backwards at all timesWhen I'm allowed to walk, of course. I usually only 'get my lean on' when I go to pee. Eh, I should just stay seated and pee in my pants here. That's what ends up happening anyways. Now, here is the list of things that I will miss about being pregnant: "Bells, it's time for your stretches." I looked up at Afton and pouted. "Can't I just finish this?" She shook her head no. I erased the last part of the entry and saved it so that I could come back to it later. Shutting the laptop, I maneuvered gently to the blankets on the floor. Afton smiled as she sat Indian Style in front of me. "We'll start with the left leg," she said as she took light hold of my ankle. I sighed in despair. "Think of it like yoga, B. You'll have hella sexy legs when you get off of rest." I laughed abruptly and she looked at me with question in her eyes. "Sorry," I chuckled. "I was just thinking about the first, and subsequently, last time I did yoga. It was before my first date with Edward" ******* Alice stood next to me in the hallway watching Jasper and Edward paint the baby's room. I felt like we were in the opening scene of a porn. The two of them were shirtless and in shorts, painting opposite walls while I sat in my chair and Alice stood next to me.

Excuse me? Are you the Maintenance guys? We're new to the building and we need some assistance with our boxes I shook my head to try and clear the thoughts of Naked Edward from my brain. In my current state it was best not to dwell too long on unattainable things. I chanced a look in Alice's direction and she was biting her lip and pulling on a strand of her hair. "Down, girl," I whispered. "This is supposed to be a punishment for him, not a trip to Bone City." She gave me a dirty look and walked into the room to grab a small paintbrush. Spreading some paint onto a disposable plate, she carried them both over to me. "Here. Make yourself useful, Larry Flynt. Paint some daisies." She went about setting up a tray in front of me and depositing the wooden daises by my legs. The walls were being painted a soft green and the painted wooden daisies would be hung sporadically across the walls, along with some butterflies and fireflies. It would look like a field of flowers when it was done. Not like Charlie's meadow. I was trying to convince myself into believing that. I was very grateful that we were having a girl. To be quite honest, having a little boy would have somehow made me feel like I was replacing Baby Charlie. And I didn't want that part of my heart to close up on me. "What do you want for your birthday?" Alice was asking from the floor next to me. "To get out of this gd effing chair," I mumbled and I saw Jasper stop painting out of the corner of my eye. My head snapped up and I said I was sorry. There was no need to make him feel any worse. My damn mouth was screwing things up again. "Actually, I think Charlie and Sue are coming for a visit. I asked him to bring some of my things from the attic, so that should be pretty cool." I looked back down and pretended to concentrate on the flowers. Charlie had come to see me after I was released from the hospital. He stayed for a few hours before he had to leave, but it was refreshing to see him. I hadn't realized how much I missed him until then. I was so nervous about seeing Sue, too. I didn't remember a lot about her, but she seemed to be making Charlie happy and he deserved that. My peanut kicked in my belly and I giggled as I pressed my hand into the place where she just nudged me. Alice looked over and Jasper stopped working too. "Is she kicking?" Jasper asked in awe. I laughed again and giggled. "Yeah, come here and feel it." His eyes were wide and he looked from Alice to me and then back again. Alice nodded her head. "It's okay. You're not going to hurt her, Jasper." He swallowed hard and put his brush down. Edward turned and watched as Jasper approached me slowly. "She's not going to explode out of my stomach and attack your face, Whit. Don't look so scared," I chided him. Edward bit his lip and chuckled as he continued to paint around the windows.

Jasper leaned over my chair and I took his hand and placed it firmly onto the right side of my stomach. Chicken Nugget bounced her little foot under the pressure of his hand and he snatched it back with a horrified look on his face. "Holy hell, that's weird!" He furrowed his brows and then leaned in to do it again. She kicked a little harder and he asked," How does she know where my hand is?" I looked at him proudly and stated, "Because she's already a genius." After all of the painting was done and the furniture was assembled, we ate a pizza that had been delivered and spent some time with Alice and Jasper before they had to head back home. I hugged them both as they left but held on to Jasper a little longer to tell him that I really appreciated him helping out with everything. I wished there was some way to let him know that his penance was complete, but his guilt was not mine to conquer. After they left. Edward cleaned things up and then picked me up and carried me to the second floor. We made it to the baby's room and he stepped in while I turned on the light from my perch in his arms. The radio was still playing my iPod as we stood in the middle of the room. Somehow everything's gonna fall right into place If we only had a way to make it all fall faster everyday He smiled at me and placed me gently on the floor so that I could sit in the middle of the room. He sat down next to me and leaned back on his hands, crossing his long legs and looking a little proud of himself. If only time flew like a dove Well God, make it fly faster than I'm falling in love I smiled, "I think Paramore is the complete soundtrack to my life, you know?" This time we're not giving up Let's make it last forever He nodded in agreement. "I wonder if she'll have her mother's taste in music?" He sat up and rubbed a hand across my belly, causing the baby to start kicking rapidly. Screaming "hallelujah" We'll make it last forever I shook my head and mused, "How do you do that?" Edward leaned forward and kissed me. "Don't you know by now, baby? It's that spark between us. She's the manifestation of it." ******* *******

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Chapter 10: Chapter 10

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Than touching the hand of God? ~Better Than Ezra (Closer) Chapter 10 EPOVAlice walked into my office early on Monday morning and plopped a folder down on my desk. Smiling wryly she crossed her arms and sat down with a flourish in my guest chair. "What's this?" I asked as I picked up the folder and opened it. Upon pulling the flaps apart, I nodded my head and smiled appreciatively. "It'sperfect, Alice." She looked at her fingernails and shrugged. "Of course it is. Did you expect any less?" "No. I never underestimate you, Al. Other parties go to ten but," I trailed off as she laughed. "My parties go to eleven." She clapped her hands and got up to leave. "Everyone will arrive at six, so make sure that Rose has her out of the house by three on Saturday so that I get everything in order." I looked back down at the plans that Alice had put together and I had to admit that it was pretty unconventional. But pure Bella. She was going to love it. Ali beeped in moments later. "Edward? There is a lady named Renata on the phone for you. Would you like to take the call?" Did I want to take her call? It was only polite to talk to her. I agreed to the call and Ali transferred her. "Hello, Renata. This is Edward Cullen. How are you?" She answered in a rush, "I'm fine Mr. Cullen. I was calling to let you know that we have a potentialmatchfor you and your wife. Would you be available to meet tomorrow?" My heart dropped a little and I closed my eyes tightly as I delivered the news. "I'm sorry, but no. We've decided to go in another direction" There was a minute of silence on the other end of the line before brusquely she said she understood and hung up. In all of the worry and excitement of the past months, we had forgotten to deal with contacting the adoption agency. Now my heart felt a little heavy for the child that we wouldn't be helping. ******* BPOV

My thirtieth birthday. Whoopdie freakin' doo. Alice was planning something; that much I was sure of. She wouldn't tell me what it was and it was making me antsy. I really didn't want her doing anything weird like bringing in tarot card readers or psychics. Mind reading and fortune telling scared the bejeezus out of me. I opened by blog for another entry before Rose came to remove me from the scene of the soon-to-be-crime. Bella Cullen Baby Blog The nursery is done. Can you believe it? Now I just need to pick a name and then it's nothing but a waiting game from here. Things I will miss about being pregnant with this jelly bean: The unseen bond that I have with her. The tiny kicks and punches that only I can feel. She is mine alone and I am the only one who knows her so completely. The suspenseful feeling of wondering what she'll look like. The awesome feeling I get when I wake up in the morning and know that God has blessed me big time with this honor. It will just change to the honor of being her mom once she is born. The way my body changes on a weekly basis and how strong I really am. The way Edward looks at my belly with such adoration in his eyes. Each day that brings something new that I have yet to experience. I have really loved every moment of this journey so far. I am thankful that I get to experience this and am humbled that I was given a second chance. I may complain a lot but it is nothing compared to what I want to complain about. And the next four months can't get here fast enough, as far as I'm concerned! I am ready; and I am not. I am exhilarated; and I am scared out of my mind. And that, my dear, is the coolest thing of all. I shut the laptop and smiled but then sighed as I saw what time it was. Rose would be at the house in five minutes and you bet your ass that girl was always punctual. Sure enough, five minutes later the doorbell rang. Edward escorted her in and set about getting my chair loaded into the car. Rose surveyed the room and made a face. "Lord, woman. This house looks like a tornado came through and only hit the living room." Edward stepped into the room and looked around, scratching his chin. "It'll be cleaned up by the time you guys get back," he stated, giving Rose a weird look. She rolled her eyes and told him to get my ass in her car.

He picked me up and walked me to her car and deposited me into her passenger seat. "Have fun and relax, love." He kissed me and then stuck his head farther into the window. "Be careful, Rose. You have precious cargo in here." She made a gagging sound and pushed his head out the window as we reversed from the driveway. I waved as I watched Edward hurry back into the house. Rose took me to get a prenatal massage and then a pedicure. As we pulled up to the salon, Rose stopped in front of the curb and got out to get my wheelchair. "Really, Rose? It's all of ten feet. Please let me walk. That thing is so embarrassing." I had the car door open and one foot out as she eyed me from the trunk. She thought about it for a minute and then conceded as it really was a very short walk to the door and then to the chair. I walked in slowly and put our names in for the spa pedicure and then walked over to choose a color. "Oh, no you don't!" Rose shrieked as she turned the corner and saw me. "You sit your bionic ass down. If something happens to you while you're on my watch, Edward will pull my limbs off of my body and burn them." She grabbed my hand and led me to the chair. "What color family?" She asked and pointed back t the polish. I thought for a minute. "Red." She brought over five bottles and I chose a bright red one that looked like it belonged on a sports car. Maybe if I painted them this kind of red I could fool myself into thinking that my feet were moving fast while I waddled. After our toes were shiny and our feet were soft, we headed back to the house. As we pulled up to the door, I groaned inwardly. "I knew she was going to throw me a huge birthday party with a bunch of people," I pouted as Rose parked the car. "Damn, Ice. Ungrateful much? She went through a hell of a lot of planning for this thing. And she planned this while in the middle of planning her own wedding. So put your happy face on when you walk through those doors. Everyone in there loves you. Show them you love them back." Rose moved to get out of the car and I grabbed her hand. "You're right, Rose. Thanks for the perspective." I let her hand go as she nodded and went to get the wheelchair. "Where's Edward?" I asked as she set the chair outside of my door. Rose shrugged. "Busy inside. Now let's go and celebrate your descent into old age, shall we?" Rose pushed the door open rolled me through. I heard the music spill out of the living room and threw my hand to my mouth. Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth ? Ooh heaven is a place on earth They say in heaven love comes first We'll make heaven a place on earth Ooh heaven is a place on earth I looked around in amazement. Alice had transformed our house into something straight out of the eighties.

When I feel alone I reach for you And you bring me home When I'm lost at sea I hear your voice And it carries me There were fluorescent plates and cups under an airbrushed sign that read St. Elmo's over the kitchen counter. Over the bar was another sign that read Cocktail and drinks were lit by neon lights. Next to the trashcan was one that read Proton Pack Containment Unit. My eyes were dancing all over the place and taking in the Rubik's Cubes and Slinky's dispersed around the rooms. Ripping my eyes away from the details I finally saw the people that were standing in the living room smiling at me. My friends were there, as were some of my old coworkers, and my family was standing off to the side as well. I clapped my hands and squealed as Alice and Edward stepped forward to roll me into the room. "Happy Birthday!" they yelled in unison. Alice bent a little at the waist and grimaced, "Too much?" I shook my head no and laughed as I looked around the room. She grinned. "Good, because it's kind of a baby shower too." My head snapped up and I asked why. "Well, you hate opening gifts in front of people. You would have felt weird about accepting gifts since you married Money Bags over here. And with the holiday schedule, it wasn't going to work. Plus, I'll be on my honeymoon for the majority of January. I hope its okay," she said as she pointed to the side room filled with gifts wrapped in birthday paper and baby paper. "The best part? You can open those by yourself and won't have to fake your smile when you open shit you don't like." I loved my best friend. She understood what I wanted...for once. Edward beamed at me and rolled me around to say hello to everyone. Charlie and Sue were there and I gave her a hug instead of a handshake. Just seeing the smile on Charlie's face was enough to convince me that she was making him happy. I cocked my head and looked him over. "It looks like you've been eating pretty well, Dad. Maybe you should try a salad every once in a while. Lay off the steak and cobbler" He hugged Sue tightly and grinned. Carlisle and Esme were there and it didn't go unnoticed by me that I was eye level with C-Daddy's crotch while in the chair. I blushed and looked away as soon as I realized that I was staring. Ali and Felix were dancing in the living room as I got pushed in and he ran over to give me a hug. "Ali? Why do you have A Flock of Seagull's hair do?" I asked as I took in his entire outfit. He was wearing some sort of ruffled pirate shirt and tight black pants. Felix was wearing a pink IZOD shirt and pleated khakis. Alistair pursed his lips and pointed across the room at Emmett. "Someone told me last minute that this had turned into a costume party."

Edward rolled me over to where Emmett and Jasper were talking and I smacked Emmett on his hand. "Why would you mess with Ali like that? Look at him in that ridiculous get up." Emmett turned and bellowed out a laugh. Jasper leaned over and smiled. "Have you picked a name yet?" I ran my hand over my stomach and took a deep breath. "I think so. But I need to run it by Emmet first." Emmett cocked an eyebrow at me and I beckoned him to lean in so that I could whisper in his ear. I told him the name and his mouth spread into a sweet smile. Pulling back slightly he nodded, "It's great." His eyes flicked to Edward and he winked. Charlie walked over and pointed to the window and my eyes popped out of my head. "My Lite Brite!" I shouted and hugged him tightly. It had a picture of a birthday cake glowing from the face and was placed next to the cake shaped like Gizmo. Kate and Carmen were there. Afton and Emily had come, and Makenna had stayed for about an hour before she had to get back online. Alice had been sweet enough to set up some chairs and a TV in another room so that Emmett and Jasper could watch the UFC fight. Rose watched too, which didn't surprise me in the least. Edward finally sat down next to me in a chair. "You know, Alice almost actually did make this a costume party. She had this idea to dress you up in a pink bridesmaid dress and put me in a plaid flannel shirt with some awful khakis." I chuckled as the vision started to form in my head. "Ah, yes. You certainly are my Jake Ryan. But I think you would look ridiculous in plaid flannel!" ******* After everyone had finally gone home, I set about opening my presents. Part of me had felt like I was cheating Esme out of the whole baby shower experience, but she had pulled me aside and said that she wanted to throw a small tea brunch with some of her family and friends. I was sure it would prove to be awkward since I didn't really know any of them well. But I also felt obligated to participate in the baby festivities. My friends knew me well enough to understand that this was exactly what I needed. I was going to have to throw Alice one damn good bridal shower and bachelorette party. The kindness she had extended to me over the past years was unfathomable. I was truly blessed to have a friend like that in my life. I needed to let her know more often how much she meant to me. Actually, I needed to do that with everyone in my life. I opened a pink polka package that had a card from Mak attached to it. Happiness bubbled out of me and I called for Edward. He stepped into the room and looked at what I had in my hands. "Can we try it? Right now?" I asked excitedly. He said yes and jumped up to get my iPod. I pulled the plastic off of the fetal heart monitor and plugged the microphone in. After adding the batteries, I pressed the face of the device onto my stomach. Her little heart could be heard beating rapidly and Edward smiled at the sound. I handed him the microphone. "Talk to her," I said. He looked thoughtful and pressed his mouth to the microphone. "Luke, I am your father," he said in a low voice. I slapped his chest and pulled the mic away.

"You can have this back when you can play nicely," I chided him. I plugged in the iPod and scrolled through my artists. "Wanna see what kind of music she likes?" I asked. "Yep," he replied as he settled in next to me on the floor and placed his hand on my stomach. She settled up under his touch and I shook my head at their bond. Hello I've waited here for you Everlong She kicked her legs against the speaker and I laughed. Edward looked pleased. "Foo Fighters. That's my girl," he crooned. If everything could ever feel this real forever If anything could ever be this good again "Okay, let's try this," I sing-songed as I chose another artist. There's no combination of words I could put on the back of a postcard She stilled a bit under his hand. Love is the answer, At least for most of the questions in my heart I'll tell you one thing it's always better when we're together We waited and she stayed put. I frowned. "Not a Jack Johnson fan, huh kiddo?" Edward shook his head. "Maybe it just chills her out." I flipped to another song and the familiar drum beat caused goosebumps on my arms. Here come old flattop he come grooving up slowly He got joo-joo eyeball She moved steadily under my skin again. "Good girl," I whispered. "You and I are going to get along very well." he one holy roller

He got hair down to his knee Got to be a joker he just do what he please "One more? Do you want to try Paramore?" he asked with a snicker. I thought for a second and said no. Finding the song I wanted I pressed play and waited to see what she would do. When you know, you know. I know with you I'm going to go somewhere I've never been. But it's where I want to be, I breathe easy for the first time She moved a little and then kicked a few times before she settled. I never got much out of this life, Never saw myself in someone's eyes until this day. Never had the things I really wanted, Never had the things that people flaunted Until this day with you. Edward was concentrating on the words as they flowed across my skin and into my womb and the air at the same time. I cant explain just how changed how I see myself now, its amazing. I never want this feeling to leave me. Please don't ever leave me. His eyes met mine and he removed his hand from my stomach, cupping my face as he kissed me. I never saw this coming on And now that its here i wont let go this could save me I smiled against his lips and removed the monitor as she started to move around furiously as our kiss deepened. "Who is this?' he asked quietly. I looked up through my lashes in shock. "I have a cd that you don't own?" He nodded and my smile spread wider. ******* EPOV

Arriving home from work, I was exhausted. It had been really hectic since Bella had been gone and now everything was piling up on us since we were one person short. I was debating on hiring a new employee. I climbed the stairs to the bedroom before I even noticed that Bella wasn't in the living room. I heard her in the bathroom and I knocked. "Bells? Are you in there?" She called back yes and I looked around. No chair. Had Ali gotten her upstairs today? Impossible. He could barely lift the binders from the file room. "Did you see Kebi today? Did he take you off of bed rest?" I was starting to get anxious. I heard her pad quietly towards the door and lean in to speak through it. "Not completely, but he's letting me have more freedom. I can't be up for longer than twenty minutes at a time, but I can walk around now. I can only come up and down the stairs twice a day. I still have to use the chair, but he said that the fissure looked good. It hasn't gotten worse and he said that the uterus has...indurated." I scratched my head at that last statement. "Okay, so that's good news?" I asked as I pressed my hand against the door. "I guess," she called back. I waited another minute and then tried the door knob. She was starting to scare me being in there for so long. "Are you okay in there?" I asked, trying to stay calm. She waited a beat and then answered, "Actually, I think there's something wrong with my hoo-nanny." "What?" I asked loudly. She opened the door and stepped out in a black baby doll negligee. "It's empty," she said pointing down. My eyes bugged out of my head and I resisted the urge to grab a hold of her and throw her on the bed. She crossed the room and turned on some music and then stepped up on her footstool next to the bed. Climbing into the middle of the mattress, she patted the comforter with her hand. "Kebi said we could...?" I made a hip gyration and she laughed while she nodded. ******* BPOV Did he just hump the air? Now I stared at you From across the room Until both my eyes were faded I couldn't stifle my laughter as he stripped quickly, almost falling as his pants caught on his shoes.

I was in a rush I was out of luck Now I'm so glad I waited He crawled onto the bed like a lion in heat. His eyes were lusty as he brought his face close to mine. Cause I swear it's you That I've waited for "He said we should try it. See how it goes. But we have to take it slow and gentle, okay?" My eyes were searching his to make sure he understood. His eyes traveled down to my expanding belly and he looked nervous. I swear it's you That my heart beats for "Did he say...how?" He asked quietly. I let out a short laugh."Let's just play it by ear, how about that?" He smiled sweetly at me at ran his hands through my hair and across my face. I moved in to kiss him and his lips were warm and soft, urging me on with his tongue as he went in deeper, causing my body to catch on fire. I grasped his arms and braced myself as I sat up on my knees in front of him to press closer. He sat back and smiled wryly, moving his hand back and forth from my chest to his. "I feel like there's something between us," he joked as he pointed to my belly. I laughed and threw my head back, which he took advantage of as he moved to my neck and kissed up towards my jaw and past until he reached my earlobe. I tightened my grip on his arms as he bit lightly, causing me to shudder and moan softly. Immediately his hands were at my breasts and he was running his fingers lightly across the black lace, pressing deeper as he reached my nipples. I ran my hands over his shoulders and through his hair before I trailed them lower. I relished every muscle and inch of skin that my fingers came into contact with. His hips instinctively bucked towards me when I lightly ran my fingers over the tip of his erection, so I grasped a hold of it firmly and swept my palm upward. He caught my wrist and shook his head. "I love you," he whispered as he moved behind me to kiss the nape of my neck. His hands traveled forward to resume their delicious torment on my breasts. I arched against him and he dropped a hand lower to run it up under the black skirt. He chuckled as he realized there were no panties with this particular outfit. His fingers explored and he moaned loudly as his fingers swept across my wet folds and higher until I was writhing against him. His length was trapped between the both of us and I leaned back to apply more pressure to it as he continued to work his magic fingers until I was sure that I couldn't even remember my name. His mouth was working my neck as his fingers plunged deep and his other hand ran below the lace to get into direct contact with my overstimulated peaks. The combination had me moaning loudly and asking him...begging him...to let me have him inside of me. My hands were reaching around between us to get at him but he backed away, breathing heavily. "I don't want anything other than to be inside of you," he said hotly against my ear. And with that my body jerked as I reached my peak under his masterful hands. I slumped against him and tried to breathe, but the weight on the front of my stomach was causing me to take short breaths instead.

He pulled me back into his chest and laid us down with me laying at an angle against his chest. His hands roamed between my thighs and he pulled them apart as he slid deliberately in and stilled. "Is this okay?" he asked and I pushed back against him in response. He pulled out and then entered back in slowly, "How's that?" he asked. "Good," I moaned out. He repeated the move again and I threw my hand around his neck as I panted. He kissed my shoulder and made a low moaning sound as he pushed in and out again. My free hand grasped the sheets as my body started to shake against his thrusts. His hand ran over my hips as we moved together, our bodies pressed so closely it almost felt as if we weren't moving apart from each other, but we were one entity pulsing in perfect rhythm. His pace never quickened and his thrusts never grew harsher, he just kept a slow and sensual pace as his hands roamed my legs and in between, over my hips and nipples. The constant contact of his hands made me tremble and I was calling his name in a whisper as we made love. ******* ******* A/N: I thought that was a good place to stop... Eh, I'm in a sappy mood. This has been my longest chappie yet! Ummm, I had a lot of fun writing this one: A ton of 80's refs and a bunch of songs. Plus some sexin'. You might think it was crap, and that's okay... Next chapter is the second portion: the holidays and then on to Alice's wedding and the birth. Excited? Me too...I think.

Chapter 11: Chapter 11

A/N: I'm not stealing Twilight. I'm publicly 'borrowing' it. Chapter 11- A Birthday, A Shower and Some Holidays: Part II BPOV-November-ishly December Bella Cullen Baby Blog I am a cow. Forget cute baby bump. I'm smuggling Vern Troyer under my shirt. Kebob says I'm maintaining my weight, but my fat ass says differently. It has fallen approximately four inches and droops towards the floor. My legs have taken on the texture of cottage cheese. My arms have inflated and my feet have swollen so much that I broke two pair of shoes. Two! And I have, like, three chins on my face. So you can imagine how sexy that looks with these maternity turtlenecks I have for the winter. I don't think Edward wants to have sex with me anymore. I don't blame him...I don't want to have sex with me either. On a brighter note, I have a new list of things that I will miss when this is over:

1) How excited she gets when I eat. 2) How cranky she gets when I don't eat in time. 3) Her annoying hiccups that resonate through my cervix. 4) The quiet in our house. 5) Getting out of the house in under fifteen minutes. 6) Edward talking to my belly. I will NOT miss him grabbing it and saying, "Hahaha Ho Ho Ho," like I'm mother effing Santa Clause. 7)Seeing my boobs as sexual objects instead of udders. 8)How awesome my fingernails look! 9) My hair not falling out in clumps and clogging the drains. Edward HATES snaking that shit. And Drano stinks like the Bog of Eternal Stench. 10) The anticipation of holding her in my arms for the first time. Everything seems to be going well. All of my tests and blood work are coming back just right. So I will wait and stare at my hospital bag for the next eight weeks. Oh! I should get some Nilla wafers for the hospital... My phone rang and I startled a bit as I came out of my blog coma. I knew that ring tone. Pressure Pushing down on me Pressing down on you Alice. My bridezilla extraordinaire. "Hi Al! What's shakin'?" I was messing with her. She was so tightly wound I thought she would snap and go flying into the stratosphere. My laid back greeting would totally set her off, I was sure. 'Hey, Preg-a-legs!" she was chirping into the phone. Jasper must have given her some good lovin' for her to be that relaxed. "I wanted to let you know that my other bridesmaids arrived and have checked into their rooms. They'll be at your house by three for the final fittings and then the other guests will be arriving at six for the party." "You got it, Tinkerbell. Rose is on her way over at this very ungodly morning hour to help set up for your shower slash bachelorette, er, sex toy party. Afton, Emily and Makenna are coming over a little later to help set up the food and stuff." I paused and bit my lip before asking, "Do you think I should feel weird about having Afton here? I mean...with the Passion Party?" She was eighteen, after all. It made me feel a little pervy. Alice seemed to think about it for a minute. "Well, you know how we took that online jail bond purity test and you got a 284? Umm, Afton got a 786. I am pretty sure she's done more things sexually than you, so...no."

Planning Alice's combination shower and bachelorette party had been more difficult than I realized. As she had invited over three hundred people to come to Seattle for New Year's Eve, it made planning around the other Bridesmaid's and family's schedules incredibly difficult. It was decided to just have the wedding party fly out once before the rehearsal dinner to finalize the dress fittings, have a shower and do a Passion Party all in the same night. Of course, the reason Alice wasn't going out to a club or to see some floppy dongs was because of my current 'condition' as she liked to call it. I wasn't the slightest bit offended. The mental picture of me getting wheeled around by a bunch of drunk and horny Southern Belles while sitting crotch level with sweaty poon and meat spears grinding all around me was completely unappetizing. Planning things at the holidays was more complicated than I imagined. No wonder Alice had almost lost her mind planning my wedding last year. Thank god I had Rose. Never thought I'd say those words. Work had picked up over at the office and everyone was working overtime in order to finalize projects before Christmas vacation. Edward was really stressed all the time now and was bringing work home. Whenever anyone came to stay with me for the day, they brought work too. I had tried to avoid butting my nose in by watching movies or scrap booking, but inevitably I would wind up helping them out with work stuff while they were here. Truthfully? It made me feel useful again. I was pretty sure that the last time we had fun as a group was at Halloween. Given that I was in a wheelchair, it was kind of hard to find a costume that I could work with. Makenna, being the Halloween lover that she was, had thrown a party at her house. She had decorated the place to the hilt, even getting words of praise and approval from Alice. And that's hard to come by. There were spider webs and mummies hanging from the doors and ceilings. Vampires in coffins scattered throughout her living room. Dismembered body parts were strewn about and bats were hanging on low strings that caught people's heads as they danced. Not my head, of course. Makenna was dressed as the Queen of Hearts...but a really slutty version. She had thick patent leather boots that tied up to her knees and a patent leather skirt that was so short I could see her ass cheeks. The top was simply a bikini top and a small collar attached. It made my outfit seem foolish. We had researched online for wheelchair friendly costumes and I had finally given up and settled for dressing as Animal from the Muppets: complete with a full toy drum set attached to the top of my chair. Edward had been sweet enough to dress as Gonzo, while Alice and Jasper went as Miss Piggy and Kermit, respectively. Emmett had shown up in a Fozzie Bear costume, but Rose was having none of it. She said if she was paying a sitter to watch Liam all night, she was at least going to have fun while she was gone. So she put on a tight yellow one piece pant suit and carried around a samurai sword. I wasn't messing with The Bride.

I felt like an idiot around all of the hotness that was being displayed. Alice was a good sport though and threw herself into her character all night. Jasper, as usual, could have cared less. And Emmett eventually drank enough to pull Edward into a wrestling match...which was an amazing display of Muppet-tastic tumbling. It was a furry blur of brown and blue in the middle of the 'dance floor'. Emmett won, of course. And time had flown since then. Two weeks later we had Thanksgiving at our house. Charlie, Sue, Carlisle and Esme were all in attendance. Rose, Em, Liam, Alice and Jasper came as well, since none of them were willing to fly out of state this year. Rose and Em didn't leave because Rose didn't want to be 'that lady' on the plane with an infant, while Alice figured she would see everyone at the wedding and wanted to save herself the money and time. I had a sneaking suspicion that she didn't want to leave 'base camp' while in the last days of her wedding planning. I looked on as the ladies were setting the food on the table while talking brightly amongst each other and my heart burst into a million pieces. This was my family, every last one of them. I missed Renee and Phil a lot during the holidays, but right now my chest was swollen with happiness. They had all filled my heart's empty voids. My home was filled with laughter and love, the smell of home cooked meals and my favorite people in the world. I really didn't deserve this much love and happiness. I looked around the table as everyone took their seats and smiled. This was the best Thanksgiving of my whole entire life. Carlisle asked everyone to hold hands and he blessed the food. Before we ate Esme asked all of us to say one thing we were grateful for. I listened intently for Edward's answer and after a second of thought he simply said, "This," and pointed to everyone at the table before he put an arm around my shoulders and rubbed my belly. My eyes filled with tears and all I could manage out was, "Ditto." ******* Mari and Carmen were at my door at a quarter to three. Edward let them in and I saw Mari give him the once over again just as she had the first time she met him in Miami. She and Carmen were lugging in the dresses on a rolling rack that they had brought with them. Mari pulled me into a tight hug and squealed with glee when she pressed her palm to my stomach. Edward looked around the room at the seven of us and pretended to shudder. "This group already looks like trouble. I'm leaving now." He grabbed his keys and strode over quickly to kiss me goodbye. "Be good," he said and winked before he turned around. "Wait!" I called and he walked back over. "Do you have any cash?" He looked confused. "For what?" I leaned in and blushed as I whispered, "For the sex toys." "Oh my god," he muttered as he handed me a wad of cash. Shaking his head he said, "I don't even want to know," before he walked out the door to meet up with Emmett and Jasper.

Moments later Alice came bursting through the door like the five foot tornado that she was. Hot on her heels were her other bridesmaids and I groaned internally as I realized that they were the epitome of the Southern Belle. They had names like Bree, Claire and Senna. I was corrected on more than one occasion that the pronunciation was "Sey-nah" but it kept coming out "Sinnah" which sounded a lot like 'sinner'. Alice hugged Mari and Carmen and then turned her attention to the house. Black and crimson tablecloths and white candles had been set out, along with peacock feathers and silver accents. I had questioned the peacock feathers, but Alice assured me that it was very 'fashion forward' for a wedding. As long as I didn't have any in my hair, I was cool with it. We had ordered a cake that was three tiers high and looked like it was all crazy and lopsided. Kind of like the cake from Alice in Wonderland? It had paisley and checkers and polka dots on separate layers with a silver spray at the top of the cake that was dangling crystals over the sides. I couldn't figure out why Alice almost burst into tears when she saw it: she had picked it out herself. She and her posse surveyed the food and drink selections and she turned to look at the rest of us proudly. "I can honestly say that I couldn't have planned it better myself!" she sang happily. Rose and I made eye contact and snickered. Technically, Alice had planned this herself. She even gave us three ring binders with instructions as to where each item could be ordered or purchased. Mari set about pulling out all of the bridesmaid dresses and handing them to their respective owners. She had placed a round platform in front of a full length mirror in the living room for each girl to stand on while she did minor adjustments. Bree, an impossibly sweet blond with big pageant hair and Crest white teeth, took the platform first. The dresses that Alice had picked out were a deep blood crimson, sleeveless and knee length. The skirt was full and flowed out from the hips in a beautiful way and there was a black satin ribbon that wrapped around the waist. On Bree it looked completely flawless. Her bright blue eyes danced as she complimented Alice on her selection. "Y'all watch this," she said with excitement before she did a twirl and sent the dress spinning out above her thighs. "Better watch your dancin' ladies," she giggled as she stepped down. Carmen sat delicately next to me as we watched the scene unfold. "It's amazing," she breathed. "They all speak so fast and they never take a breath." I nodded and made a face like, 'I know what you mean'. Claire was up next and she bounded to the platform and jumped up and down a couple of times before she stood still. "My boobs stayed in place!" She yelled at Alice. Claire had light brown hair with thick highlights running through it. It was cut just below her shoulders and layered, giving me the impression that she could easily pull off that curly Jessica Simpson hair that everyone pays big bucks for. Her small gray eyes narrowed as she turned to the side and sucked in a bit. Looking at Alice she said, "Tuna and rice cakes for the next month." Mari made her marks and Claire bounded back onto the floor to change out of her dress. Senna walked out gingerly and stepped up onto the platform. It was obvious that she was a dancer of some sort because her fluidity and grace were overwhelming when she moved. She was much taller and thinner than the other girls and she had shiny red hair that was cut into a bob with bangs that swept completely across her forehead. She smoothed the dress over her thighs and bit her lip. "You're serving red wine?" She inquired. Alice said she was. "Good. No need to worry about it showing up on this dress when I inevitably spill my glass!" She and the other girls broke out into brays of laughter and it seemed ironic to me that the most graceful of them all would be the one spilling drinks. She and I had our klutziness in common.

Rose walked out next and I swear all of the other girls swore under their breath. She smiled angelically at Alice as she took the platform and pushed her shoulders back slightly. Mari looked up at her and back down and then shrugged. "You're perfect," she said. Yeah, Rose already knew that. I had rolled in to change into my dress and I walked gingerly back into the living room. This would take less than twenty minutes, I was sure. Standing in front of the mirror I sighed. The other dresses were all identical. Mine had been made with a ribbon and loop back and elastic had been sewn across the front to create an empire waist. The ribbon was placed strategically higher and the front of the dress was longer than the back. Mari giggled as she moved around me and I saw the girls from work making faces that said, 'she's so cute'! The Belles were standing back as well and talking quietly amongst themselves. Finally Bree spoke up. "Cutest pregnant girl ever, Sweet Pea." My eyes flitted to Rose and she just smirked and rolled her eyes. "I think you should be fine in this for the wedding, Bella. The top and belly will expand if you get larger in the next month." She patted my hand and kissed my cheek. "You're positively glowing," she lilted as she tucked her new blue streak behind her ear. Turning to Alice she motioned her hands for her to get changed. I put my gray maternity hostess wrap dress back on and wheeled myself into the living room just as Alice descended the stairs in her dress. There was a collective gasp as she ghosted into the room and all eyes took her in. The dress was silk-georgette and organza. The top had little cap sleeves and the front was gathered under a scoop neck that looked like something Juliet would have worn. It fell straight down her hips and legs and splayed out in a fan of ripples at her feet, with only a small bit of the back to be considered a train. Across her tiny waist was a crimson ribbon the color of our dresses. She was stunning. Mari moved around her and gathered the back at the curve of her backside. "Do you want the bussel here?" Alice turned and agreed. After Mari marked it, Alice whirled back and asked what we thought. There was a chorus of 'gorgeous', 'amazing', 'stunning' and her eyes shone with unshed tears as she fanned her face with her hands. Damn. She was more emotional than me. ******* The shower went smoothly. Alice was very gracious of the gifts that she had been given and she made a big stink over opening each and every single one. Some of her family members had flown in, and Esme was there as well. Only the younger ladies would be staying for the after party. Alice's mother, Corin,was just an older version of Alice. She was petite and slight as well, but her energy was unfathomable. She instantly hit it off with Esme and I smiled to myself as I saw them exchanging phone numbers. Since we were having the Passion Party afterward, Alice ended up just getting the basic essentials that she had registered for. There was a new set of sheets, some silverware, a set of plates. And for some reason, a car wash kit. Her eyes narrowed as she opened it and she mumbled, "Shouldn't have let Jasper take the gun scanner while I went to the bathroom that day..." After the food and cake, and the mandatory forty thousand pictures, the older ladies and much younger girls said their goodbyes. Alice let out a whoosh of relief and stood on the couch. "Can we do something fun

now?" The girls all laughed and went to change into clothes that didn't scream 'debutante'. Drinks were made and I sat jealously in the corner watching them drink. Damn. I really wanted a margarita. At eight thirty the doorbell rand and Rose ran to answer the door. A woman about our age with long black hair and thick bangs walked through the door and smiled as she waved at everyone. She peered around the door to me and asked where she needed to set up. I guessed that the living room was as good a place as anywhere else, so she set about putting up her table and setting out her products. More drinking ensued as the girls at the party began to tentatively walk by the table to look at exactly what it was that she had to offer. When she was done we all settled into the living room, some girls on the floor, others on the couches...me in my dumb as shit chair. We had Alice's iPod playing in the background and it was clear that she had made a playlist for this exact occasion. "Hello ladies. My name is Rachel and I will be your hostess for this evening. Can I have the bride to be stand up for me?" She looked around the room in wait. Alice jumped up and waved her arms. "Bring on the robotic lovin'... I want the one called Optimus Prime!" she yelled as she went to sit next to Rachel. She wiggled her butt at us as Sexbomb came through the speakers and I hung my head in shame at her musical choices. I chanced a look over at Rose and she looked incredibly interested in what was on display. Afton seemed to be familiar with a few of the items, Emily looked beyond horrified, and Mak was taking pictures with her phone and texting them to her friends. Carmen and Mari had opted to leave early because Mari was still not a hundred percent. The car accident had been a lot worse than we originally thought it had been. The Belles were huddled together and comparing the size of the toys to their significant others. According to Bree, her man was hung like a stallion and his balls could be used as a flotation device or parachute; whichever was needed at a time of emergency. Southern girls are filthy! Rachel started with the less erotic body washes and cremes that were for 'aromatherapy' purposes. Things were being passed around and we sniffed or touched whatever was passed. I actually think that some of the women there expected to orgasm by smelling the stuff and were disappointed when they didn't. Next she pulled out The Fantasy sets. I burst out laughing until my sides hurt when I saw what Rachel had placed on the table. There was a tub of Gold Dust that made you sparkle in the light. Then there was a glitter lotion called Jewelz. And lastly, there was a jar of Glitter Glo that was supposed to make you glitter and glow in the dark. I was pretty sure Mak and Afton were the only ones who knew why I was laughing so hard. After I regained my composure, Rachel brought out the G Spot jel. Alice ripped the tube from her hands and clutched onto it for the remainder of the night. The girls were starting to let loose and get a little rowdy as the night wore on and they even got Rachel to take a few shots with them, which inevitably led to her getting really descriptive with her presentation. She pulled out a box with some metallic looking balls in them. "These are Ben-Wa balls." Alice erupted with a high pitched, "Ben Waaaaaaah!" and then karate chopped the air. Clearly that was a normal response to that name because Rachel didn't even flinch as she continued.

"These are recommended by gynecologists and obstetricians to increase vaginal elasticity and bladder control. Ben-Wa Balls use internal weights to strengthen the vagina, improving sexual performance by toning and tightening the pelvic floor muscles." She looked pointedly at me as she finished. Sold. Then she pulled out something called a pleasure pod that was supposed to simulate a kegel work out. I mean, I don't want to pee my pants forever. Sold. Of course she saved the big guns for last. Pun. Intended. She began to open boxes and demonstrate the toys as we all laughed hysterically. They were all kinds of hyper colors and had amazing names. There were the Osaki's, the Jack rabbit - naturally, and the vibrating panty inserts. My very favorite of the night was the one called the Jelly Cliterrific. Totally sounded like I made it up. I didn't. We all laughed at the ones that glowed in the dark, the ones that were shaped like insects and the ones shaped like dolphins. I was pretty sure that those counted towards some sort of bestiality. Alice was slowly making a pile next her chair and I yelled across the room as she grabbed a pair of handcuffs. "What happened to your Love Cuff, Al?" She spit out her drink and gasped for air. "We broke it," she choked out. There were pieces of lingerie as well and each of us decided to buy one item for Alice a piece. We had all gotten her some lingerie as small gifts too and she opened those while trying to find a toy that would color coordinate to the lacy undergarments. Poor Jasper. I was amazed at what a great time I had without having to drink. The night began to go late and Afton got up to leave, grabbing a stunned Emily and pulling her out the door. "I told my dad I'd be home before midnight. I need to get through the door without him seeing me with this," and she waved her Wavy Wiggles at us before she left. Makenna was getting messages left and right and finally she went to Rachel and purchased two items before responding back to whoever it was that she texted all the damn time. The Belles were debating the joys of personal or pair use of the items when the guys came bursting through the door.

Edward and Emmett were laughing hysterically and looked like they had been crying. Jasper actually looked irritated. Alice shoved her bag of goodies under the table and ran over to jump on him and give him a kiss. Emmett and Edward greeted Rose and I while we watched Jasper's eyes take in the 'product' on the table. His face went from shock to insult and finally settled on intrigue. "Whit? Why the long face? Didn't the boys treat you to a nice night?" I asked as he perused the table. He shook his head vehemently and pointed at Emmett. "Douchebag Deluxe over here took me to a strip club that employs women who only have one leg and shit. There's is something physically wrong with every single performer. Three nipples! One had three nipples!" He continued to rant as Emmett and Edward laughed harder. Emmett started picking through the food and grabbed a hold of some cold nachos. Half of the plate came up as he grabbed a chip and he turned his head sideways to eat it. "You're a pig," Rose said and walked away from the table. Chewing around his food he yelled back, "Dude, if you get the nachos stuck together, that's... one nacho!" Alice asked where Jasper's other two groomsmen were and he shook his head in disbelief as he explained that they had actually wanted to stay at the club. The Belles and Mak gathered around and started asking questions about the place and it was decided that everyone wanted to head back out to go there. Jasper seemed fine with it after Alice and her friends started to show enthusiasm. Rose offered to drive since she was sober, so everyone started to file out the door in a rush of excitement. Edward sat next to me and watched Rachel pack up her goodies. "Get anything?" He asked with an arched eyebrow. I just shrugged and pushed my bag next to the couch. "Maybe," I replied coyly. Suddenly Alice ripped back through the door and pulled me in for a hug and kissed me all over my face. "Love you, Bells. Thanks so much for tonight...it was amazing. You and gummy bear get some rest tonight, okay?"She patted my stomach and then ruffled Edward's hair before she ran towards the open door. I nodded and laughed as she turned back suddenly and shouted, "I'll try to take a picture of Triple Nipple for you!" ******* ******* A/N: IMAGINExDREAMxWONDER: The Paramore song in Chapter 9 is Hallelujah off of the Riot! album. I had it as my ring tone, but it became sadly ironic when I started to receive 25 calls from bill collectors every day. Trust me, when Wells Fargo is calling about your mortgage, the last thing you want to hear from your phone is, "This time we're not givin' up..!" Now I only use it for my hubby's calls.

Chapter 12: Chapter 12

A/N: Twiggity-Twilight isn't mine. Bella's chicken shirt is, though. The one legged strippers reside here in the beautiful ATL. They set up residence at the Claremont Lounge and it's an Atlanta tradition to go see the ladies at least once. I've lived here since I was 7 and have never been. I've never been to any strip clubs, actually. Maybe when we have our ITM convention in Vegas I can lose my stripper virginity. Oh. That just sounded wrong Hey! Did anyone notice that Whit only had 4 groomsmen out with him? Wanna know why? Bwahahahahahaaaa Through the shadows in the hallway To the room they painted blue On the inside he is frightened At a loss for what to do Until [s]he opens up [her] eyes And the angels all look down ~Better Than Ezra (Closer) Chapter 12 EPOV I heard her sliding her hand down the walls of the staircase as she shuffled down the steps one at a time. I had learned by now to just stay in the kitchen and drink my coffee until her mass of knotted hair rounded the corner. She was over having help to get around. As long as she kept her pace slow, I would oblige. But every time I heard her coming down the stairs my breath stopped a little and visions of her tumbling would flash through my mind. C'mon. Like it's not possible? This is Bella we're talking about here. She yawned and smiled groggily as she made it into the kitchen, breathing hard. I continued to drink my coffee as she scoured the refrigerator for whatever ungodly thing it was that she was hungry for today. She pulled out a package of bacon and set it on the counter. I guarantee that she'll eat the entire package by herself. She waddled over to the table and scratched her enormous belly that was hanging halfway out of the impossibly tight t-shirt that she refused to give up on. It had a yellow chicken on the front that wore thick black glasses and it read: "Chick With Brains." Of course, I could barely make out the lettering any more because it was stretched so tightly. I pulled her into an embrace and laughed as the baby moved under her skin up against my cheek. "She likes you more than me," Bella said wryly. I pulled back and shrugged. "I listen to her. You should try it. I think she'd like you better."

She smirked as she took a seat. "You listen to her? Really. Do tell, Obi Wan. What is she saying now?" I leaned forward and made 'uh-huh' and 'mmmhmmm' sounds. I sat back and nonchalantly replied, "She said don't eat that whole pack of bacon. And stop eating salt and vinegar chips dipped in ketchup. She says it disgusting." "Well, relay the message that I have to drink that red shit everyday for her, so she can suck it up and handle the bacon. Plus, she'll like it better when she's out here and not getting it second hand. One day she too will know the glorious salty delight that is bacon." She pushed her foot up onto my lap and I took it firmly in my hands to massage it. She pressed a palm to her stomach and one against her chest, breathing in sharply. I leaned forward in concern and she just waved her hand at me. "She's getting so effing big. I think she's gonna crack a rib sometimes." I sat back with a resigned sigh, reaching for my coffee mug again. "Alice is with you today?" I asked. She smiled. "Yeah, she said we could go out and get some lunch today. Out. It's a glorious day!" She chuckled as she settled into a more comfortable position. "And what will the two of you be doing while out?" Bella eyed me like she had a secret. "Well, if you must know. We're going to people watch and play 'Fat or Pregnant." I've gotten better at it recently. Hmm, wonder why?" She ran her hand over her stomach again. "Then we'll debate the finer points of Lifetime TV. Like, do the actresses go there to kill their careers? Or are they already dead? "You know, such in depth conversation as: Did Tracy Gold and Meredith Baxter Burney really think, 'A movie about an alcoholic mother whose daughter is an anorexic call girl that went missing because she was pregnant with a crack head's spawn? I'm totally in!' Or did they just shrug and say, 'Eh. It'll pay a bill or two I guess.'" I just stared dumbly at her as she finished her tirade. "You seriously have too much time on your hands. Have you thought about channeling that energy into something, I dunno, useful?" I got up and poured the rest of my coffee out and turned back around to face her. She was smiling like a Cheshire cat. "I have been doing something useful. I'm making Christmas presents for the Fam." Why did that make me so worried? The doorbell rang and I opened the door to let a grumpy Alice in. "Good morning, Sunshine," I teased her as she crossed the threshold. She just grunted and moved past the door. Gathering my stuff for work, I went back to give Bella a kiss and a belly rub. Alice was eyeing the pack of bacon and looking at Bella like she wanted to puke. "Again?" She asked and groaned. Tipping Bella's face up I leaned in to whisper, "Think about what you want for our Anniversary, love. It's on Monday, just in case the 'baby' made you forget." Her face scrunched up and she closed her eyes for a second before they popped open. "The first one ispaper, right?" She asked with an excited air. I nodded. "Okay. Paper comes from trees. Can we have a Christmas tree for our Anniversary?"

******* Picking out a Christmas tree so close to Christmas Day was a stupid idea. Bringing my cabin fever, wheel chair bound wife with me was even dumber. Every tree that I pulled out she would say, "Bigger." I finally found one that was fourteen feet, or something ridiculous like that, and she clapped her hands in delight. I wiped my forehead and groaned as I pulled it to the stand to pay. The guy behind the register looked concerned. "What kind of car do you have?" He asked as he took the money. I pointed to the Volvo and he winced. "We deliver for an extra twenty bucks." I thought it over and decided that would be the best route. By nine o'clock that night we finally had the tree up, watered and fully decorated. The white lights lit up and Bella bit her lip, holding back tears. "Our first tree," she sighed and leaned back onto the carpet to look up at it. I loved that look on her face. I lay down on the floor and turned to face her. She had changed so much in the physical aspect over the past months. A little bit of her personality had changed, but I only saw her as more caring. And a little more anxious or insecure as her body had changed. She was still so beautiful to me, though. I turned on my side and traced a finger over her stomach, causing goose bumps to follow in its wake. She shivered and I watched her nipples perk up under the tank top she was wearing. I lifted my hand and traced her breast with my finger and then pulled back when I noticed her staring at me with her mouth agape. "Are you really trying to get busy with me under Baby Jesus' tree?" She blinked and shook her head. The fire in the fireplace crackled and popped as I sat up and leaned over her. "Yeah. What about it?" I asked as I tugged on her pants. She chuckled and rolled her eyes. It had gotten trickier recently, but we had Googled some positions. We were both completely flabbergasted by the amount of Preggy Porn there was on the Internet. It was more than a little disturbing. I grabbed some pillows off of the couch and put one beneath her head and one under her hips. She was still giggling as I pulled off my pants and then she stopped. The look on her face when she saw me ready and waiting for her could turn me hard as a rock in an instant. She looked at me like I had a prize-winning dick in my pants. Like she wanted to pin it with a blue ribbon or something. I knelt in front of her and parted her legs as I settled in front of her. Oral was no-no, per Kebi. And I felt weird about her giving me head, because, let's face it: She was swallowing that shit and everything she took into her mouth was being passed to our daughter. I slid her tank off and bent over her face to kiss her, taking her bottom lip in between mine and biting lightly. She sighed and pulled me closer. As close as I could get, of course. I moved down her chin and across her chest as she ran her fingers down my back and arms, letting out soft sounds of pleasure. Have I mentioned how awesome her boobs were? Ginormous and all mine. She wrapped a foot around my leg and pressed her heat against me, urging me on. I took it as an invitation and entered her gently. I sat back and pushed in further as she grunted from the depth. I moved out and then swiftly back in and heard her make a moan of sorts, but it was higher pitched. I stilled and ran my hands over her knees. "Are you okay?" I asked.

She had a sheen of sweat on her face and chest and her hand was clenching the pillow beneath her hips. Looking up at me from the floor she croaked out a, "Yes." I took her word for it and moved inside of her again. Her hand tightened on the pillow and I reached out to grab it, pressing closer to her. I took her hand in mine and intertwined our fingers as I continued to push in an out at a slow pace. Her face was pointed away from me towards the fire and her breathing was heavy. She was starting to sweat more and I grew concerned with the sounds she was making. I stopped and pulled out, moving to her side. "Does it hurt?" I asked softly. She turned her face towards mine and I saw tears falling from her eyes. "Oh, no,no,no. Baby? Why are you crying?" She sniffled and rolled towards me and took my hands into hers. She sobbed a little and then laughed. "I can't have sex with my husband on our Anniversary. And it sucks. Everything hurts, but I want you, Edward. I need you, you know? To still see me the way you always have? To always want me. And here I am, about to pop and unable to move in certain ways, which means I can'tplease you. It makes me sad. And a little paranoid, if you want the truth." Sitting completely up I hovered over her. "You're not serious?" She looked up with wide, honest eyes. She was. Placing my hand on her heart, I felt the rapid beat under my fingertips and tried to focus on what she had just said. I blinked hard and shook my head at a loss for words. "Bella. I just pulled your pants off under a friggin' Christmas tree with a glass angel watching our every move. I'm about a hundred percent sure that I still see you as a fine piece of ass." She laughed at that and put her hand out so that I could pull her to sitting. "You don't think I'm, like, looking at other womendo you?" She just shrugged and looked down. I cupped her face in my hands and looked into her eyes. "You. You are all I have ever seen. And now," I placed my hands on both sides of her belly,"you're carrying our baby." I looked back up into her eyes and saw a new set of tears there. "So, yes. I will always see you that way. I promise." She leaned in to kiss me and I ran my fingers through her hair, pulling her face closer. She sat back and smiled. "Promise? Even when I wear Mom jeans?" ******* BPOV Our families met at our house for Christmas dinner. I hated to be a burden and the reason why Esme couldn't host in their new home, but she just waved her hand and said she had grown accustomed to cooking on my stove anyway. Sue and Charlie showed up and Sue helped Esme in the kitchen. Even rolling around in the chair was making me feel tired lately. My heart would start to beat fast and then I would feel dizzy. I hated not being able to get around on my own. Being a burden on someone was the second worst thing I could think of. The first being receiving presents, of course. And now I had to do both on the same day. Happy Birthday, baby Jesus lyin' there in your ghost manger, just lookin' at your Baby Einstein developmental videos, learnin' 'bout shapes and colors.

Sue was actually very sweet and I had become fonder of her over the past few months. She and Esme got along very well and I didn't feel like I had to hang out with them to buffer any weirdness. So I sat in the living room with the guys to shoot the shit. My favorite thing to do. The differences between Carlisle and Charlie were momentous. Carlisle was always speaking with an air of importance about him. But Charlie made me wonder at what point he was just going to change the conversation to fishing. "Caught a bass the other day," Charlie bragged as he swigged his beer. There it was. Ahh, Charlie, love his soul. "In December?" Carlisle asked as he sipped his scotch. Busted, Charlie! Charlie choked a bit on his beer and I smirked at Edward as he watched the progression of the conversation. He fumbled a bit and then laughed,"You know, over in Forks? The other day could mean as far back as three months." Carlisle smiled and laughed in understanding. Then he asked Charlie if they could all go fishing together when the weather got warmer. Charlie looked pleased and Edward smiled at me widely as we watched our two families become one from our front row seats. My brain flicked and suddenly there was Carlisle. In a boat. With a rod. I needed to see a therapist. He was gonna be my kid's Pawpaw. Dinner was pleasant and we all talked easily. I tried to concentrate on Sue more than anyone else. She was just about Charlie's age and lived on the Res. Her deep set eyes were very kind and her smile was beautiful. She looked at Charlie like he was the best thing since sliced bread, and that made me happier than I thought it would. I don't know that Renee had ever looked at him like that. After dinner and pie, we settled around the Christmas tree. We decided to keep the one gift rule this year, but we changed it up by drawing names. When I saw Esme looking wistfully at the tree there was no doubt in my mind that there would be a tree for the baby at their house next year. It was the circle of life. Great. Now that song was stuck in my effing head. Charlie received a John Wayne DVD collection. The Cullen's were good. It seemed fitting. Sue received the same gift I had last year. A silver picture frame with a picture of her and Charlie that was taken at my birthday. I felt it was the proper way to welcome someone to the family. Esme received a silver bracelet with a bright green topaz stone amidst the swirls of silver. Clearly Sue had taken care of Charlie's shopping.

Carlisle got an antique wooden cross for his foyer. It would look beautiful amongst the others that he had there. I got a Mother's necklace. It was a round pendant that artfully curved out into a mother holding a baby. There was a small sapphire tucked inside and I cocked my head at the significance until I realized that it simply matched all of my other jewelry. Edward opened his last and he looked up from the box to his mother with confusion. He held up a silver key and waited. She smiled a bit and said, "I'm not giving it to you. But we want you to take a vacation as soon as you can after the baby is born. So that's the key to the, ummm, summer house. That's what we'll call it." I looked over to Edward and he shook his head, putting the key back in the box. "Sorry, Mom. Bella said she wouldn't go to our island." My brain flashed back to my twenty ninth birthday and I groaned. I grabbed the box back and put it in his hands. "I said 'no' for the Honeymoon. I never said I didn't want to go on vacation!" I asked Edward to grab the remaining gifts under the tree and I dispersed them to Charlie and the Cullens. They smiled as they opened them to see a 4 D picture of the baby in a handmade frame. I had pointed them and affixed buttons to the front. Esme chuckled as she picked at one of the buttons. "What kind of glue is this?" She asked. My cheeks burst into bright red flames and I smacked my hand on my head. "I tried Super Glue and then hot glue. They didn't work so I grabbed Edward's gorilla glue. Apparently, you have to apply it to a wet surface, or else it bubbles up and turns brown. Which is exactly what happened." All eyes were on me as I explained and I just shrugged." I figured it kinda looked like she made them," and I pointed to my belly as they all burst into laughter. ******* Alice's wedding day. Here we were for the big show. And I mean big. The rehearsal dinner was insane and we went through the procession and recessional at least eight times. My arms were like spaghetti noodles by the time we were done. I wasn't feeling that great lately, but in order to make sure I could survive the evening, I had taken extra caution in getting up and down in my chair and using the stairs. I was reasoning with myself that I could save up all of my standing and walking time for the wedding. Her wedding was on New Year's Eve, so it wouldn't even start until after 8. Its not like I slept anymore anyways, but the third trimester exhaustion was very different from the first trimester. The first made you feel sleepy. The third made you feel like you were dying. She was holding the ceremony at Seattle Covenant. It was beautiful and perfect, though I don't think Alice took our dress color into consideration when she chose them. They were almost the exact color of the plush carpeting and it would make all of the Bridesmaids look like floating heads.

The church was absolutely breathtaking. The ceiling was a dome and skylights with a large light fixture that fell half way to the floor hanging from the center. The carpets were blood red and there were two winding stair cases that led to the choir loft. There was a piano and organ, and the organ pipes looked like perfectly designed decorations. We had finally finished with hair and make up, and were sitting around waiting for the last minute to get into our dresses. The photographer knocked on the door to the changing room and asked if we were ready to get dressed. The maids scrambled to put on dresses as Alice got her finishing touches from the artists. Rose helped me get mine on and I slumped back down onto my chair heavily. I was starting to really appreciate that thing. Alice emerged from the chair and I smiled at her, taking in how beautiful she looked before she even put on the dress. Her make up was striking and her hair had been flipped out to perfection while a headband made of crystals was running the length of her scalp. She really did look like a pixie. "Maid of Honor?" The photographer called. Alice grimaced and explained that I was the Matron of Honor and that I wouldn't be helping to put on the dress. The other girls stepped up instead and held the garment above her head before that gently pulled it down over her shoulders and hips. Bree fastened the back and Claire tied her sash. My heart hurt from not being able to help. "You're gorgeous, Al," I said as I choked up. She walked over and kissed me on the forehead as she whispered 'thank you'. The next hour was a whirlwind of pictures and I felt terrible that I had to be in a wheel chair, but Alice just shooed me with her hands and requested chairs for the other Bridesmaids and we took the majority of the pictures sitting down. I reassured her that I was able to stand for a while and we got some shots of all of us standing as well. Finally, we were all back in the 'bridal suite' as the door read. Rose had Liam in the room and he was sitting up and playing as we sat in wait. Afton wafted into the room in her black strapless dress and made a beeline for the baby. She would be carrying Liam down the aisle, as he was the ring bearer. She sat with him and played while Rose reapplied some of her make up, and took some eye shadow off. "I don't know why that make up guy thought we were going for 'ladies of the night' instead of bridesmaids. I mean, yeahit's New Year's, but damn." She licked her finger and smudged some eyeliner off as well. I jokingly began to belt out 'Music of the Night' in my best Opera voice and Afton gave me a dirty look. "Don't act like I'm supposed to be more mature than this, Afton." She laughed and went back to playing with Liam. I heard the door open a crack and Senna sucked in a sharp breath as she turned quickly from the make up table to stare. We all looked over at the same time and my mouth fell completely open as I heard a deep voice say, "Hello, Ladies." Alistair stood in the doorway, completely owning the suit that he was wearing. Black on black with a simple white shirt and black tie. There was a crimson kerchief in the front pocket under his boutonniere of a crimson peony, an almost black calla and a peacock feather. He was Jasper's fifth groomsman and we had all made a small bet that he would show up in a dress just to piss Whit off. But he had been a good boy and it was totally paying off. "Damn, Ali," Rose said with a cocked eyebrow. "Double oh Seven, much?"

He smiled and then burst into giggles. "I can't keep a straight face anymore" Then he laughed louder, "Get it? STRAIGHT face!" Alice ushered him into the room and he took her arms, standing back to survey her in the dress. "Alice, you look so beautiful right now that" he thought for a minute, "I'd watch you have sex with Jasper." She thanked him since that was probably the best compliment he would give her that night. He sauntered over to us and straightened his long tie. "Well, don't you guys look," he leaned closer and shook his head, "Like damn hookers! Who did your make up? Hedwig?" He looked around in a panic and grabbed some tissues. "I should find that bitch and make him re do this. Some people," he muttered as he dabbed my eyes and cheeks. Then he surveyed the room and sighed. "Belles. Front and center, girls. We need to take off ten years from those mugs of yours." He waved his arms and pulled them one by one down into a chair so that he could correct the work that had been done. "You know, we already took pictures," Bree was squeezing out between her lips as Ali had her cheeks puckered into his hand. Ali rolled his eyes. "Theater make up looks great in pictures, Bree-Belle. You're a pageant queen, right? You Vaseline your teeth and use glue sticks on your ass? Same thing." He cocked his head and smiled. "Better." Turning to look at us he put the top back on the lipstick and chuckled. "What would you breeders do without me?" ******* We lined up for the processional and I turned my chair to wink at Alice while she and her father stood waiting. Garrett Brandon was a hulking man of about five foot eight. Poor Alice stood no chance of ever winning that vertical challenge. He was bald and wore glasses, but he was quick and witty and I enjoyed his company immensely. And he loved the hell out of his little girl. Bach's Air on a G began to play and the doors opened to allow Afton the first walk with Liam. There were collective 'Awwws' from the crowd as Liam began to yank on the satin ball that had been tied around his wrist with the fake rings hanging off of it. He was pissed and it was funny. Corin and Jasper's parents followed suit through opposite doors. Alice had each member enter through a separate door and walk down parallel aisles. There were three aisles and we were to enter on the far left and far right so that Alice could enter in the middle. Afton and Liam were the only others to walk down that aisle. Ali and Claire walked next. They were followed by Bree and Joshua. Next were Senna and Eric. I craned my neck to see Edward as he stood at the opposite door and he met my eyes with a smile. I blew him a kiss as he stepped through the door, mirroring Rose as she moved out the door to the music. I watched with clammy hands as Emmett took his place at the door and I rolled to the edge of the frame. I took one look behind me at Alice and I made my decision. I pulled myself to standing as Emmett walked through the door and I stepped out into the aisle.

It was a last minute decision, but I had been mulling it over in my head for weeks. Alice deserved a perfect wedding and I didn't want to be the MoH in the wheelchair. I could do this. For her. I would stand next to her on her day, just as she did on mine. My legs weren't broken, for cripes sake. I clutched my flowers in my palms as I walked slowly down the aisle. I vaguely heard Alice calling softly after me with anger in her tone. Why would she be mad? I looked across the aisles at Emmett and smiled so big I thought my face would fall off. He faltered a bit and looked worried as he kept my eye contact. He looked up towards the podium and his face blanched. I followed his gaze and met Edward's angry stare. Ali had his hand pressed to his lips and was blinking in disbelief. Jeebus Jacobe Shaddix. Can't a girl walk down an aisle? I seriously thought that they would be happy that I was up and about. I made it to the edge of the podium and swayed a bit before I regained my balance and made my way to my spot at the front of the line. I looked out into the crowd and saw Charlie's head swinging back and forth in disapproval. Esme looked pensive and her face was taught with worry. The music changed and I focused my eyes on the door that Alice was coming through. I could feel the stares and the anger that was emanating from my left, but I held my gaze steady. I tried to slow my heart down and breathe in bigger breaths than the gasps I was currently getting. The guests rose and Alice floated gracefully into the room on her father's arm. Gasps of admiration filled the air and she blushed a little, clutching her dark red and almost black bouquet wrapped in peacock feathers. She reached the podium and Garrett passed her off to Jasper, while giving him a look that said, 'Don't eff up, son. I know where you live'. Alice handed me her flowers and frowned over her shoulder. "What are you doing?" She hissed. I took her flowers and bit my lip. "Standing with you on your wedding day," I replied. The ceremony was longer than I expected. There were Bible versus and poems read by respective family members, two songs and multiple candle lightings. The vows were half old fashioned and half stolen from the Internet, so they were longer than I remembered mine being. Finally, the pastor announced them as married and they kissed deeply, Jasper dipping Alice back before righting them and turning towards the raucous applause of the friends and family in the pews. Alice turned to get her flowers and her brows furrowed in concern. "B, you look terrible. Do you feel okay?" I nodded and smiled and pushed her down the aisle. I waddled back to the door slowly and found my chair, sitting heavily and laying my head back. My breathing was just erratic at this point. Edward made an angry beeline to me after he hit the hallway.

"What the hell were you doing?" He asked harshly. He looked at my face and his eyes narrowed. "You're covered in sweat. You can barely breathe, Bella. I'm taking you home. Now." I pushed my foot back and rolled away from him. "You will do no such thing. I am going to my best friend's reception. I owe her much more than that and you know it, Edward." The crowd started to empty into the hallway and Edward begrudgingly began to push my chair towards the foyer where were supposed to be standing in a line. He settled me next to Alice and laid a hand on my shoulder as I shifted. "Don't even think about it," he gritted through his teeth. I settled back into the chair, resigned. Charlie and Esme both chastised me as they passed through. Emmett and Rose gave me a verbal tonguelashing. And Ali just about ripped out his own hair in anger. I was exhausted by the time we got to the car and Edward placed me in the passenger seat, unspeaking. He threw the chair in the trunk and opened the door, letting light snow flurries into the car. I stared blankly out the windshield, still not quite understanding why everyone was so mad at me. I was fine. On the way to the Century Ballroom, I turned on some Kelly Clarkson to drown out the animosity in the car. As we arrived in the parking lot for the reception, Edward paused the iPod. "We stay for one hour. No ifs, ands or buts. Don't think I'm letting you out of my sight, either." I cringed as he got the chair from the trunk and placed me gently inside of it. I clutched my coat around my arms as we entered the building. It was magnificent. The dark wood was polished to a blinding shine. Tables and a dance floor had been set up on the bottom floor and more tables were set up in the balcony. The crystal and peacock decorations covered everything and their cake was eight cakes set out on different levels of trays. It was immense, just like Alice wanted. Edward rolled me off to the side and parked me at a table. The DJ got everyone's attention and announced Alice and Jasper, who came into the room with a flourish, going straight into their first song. They looked so incredibly happy at that moment. My stomach rolled and cramped and I began to curse Edward for making me feel sick at Alice's wedding. He came back to the table and handed me some water and put a plate of food in front of me. I pushed it away. I wasn't hungry. Rose and Emmett sat with us, and eventually Ali and Felix came over. Esme and Charlie completed the table and I was suddenly surrounded by people who were incredibly pissed at me. "Good god, people." I muttered as I threw my napkin down on the table. "I'm fine. No damage. I wanted to stand up with Alice on her big day, get over it. But tonight isn't about me so drop it, dammit. Stop being angry at me because it's stressing me the hell out!" I pushed away from the table and Edward caught my hand. "Where are you going?" He asked as I shook him off. "To. Pee." I said and turned the chair around. I felt dizzy and stressed and my chest was feeling tight again. I made it to the bathroom door and parked my chair, standing up to go in. Rose was by me in a flash, holding onto my elbow. "Ah shit, not you too?" I asked as she helped me into the door.

She turned me to face the mirror and pointed. "You look like hell, B. Everyone is worried about you. Go pee and I'll help you back into your chair. Then you go home and rest." She helped me into the stall and I struggled breathlessly to get my underwear down. I finished and went to stand up when I heard a popping sound. Intense pain seared through my abdomen and the baby started to kick vehemently, causing me to double over in the most intense pain I had ever experienced. I screamed and Rose talked me through opening the door so that she could get to me. I was on my knees at this point and the pain was only getting worse. She pulled me gently out of the stall and looked down at my legs. Immediately she jumped up and began screaming out the door for help. I looked down and saw what looked like blood on my legs. It couldn't be, though. Vaguely, I heard the song being played outside and I slumped over onto the cold tile, clutching my stomach as the baby continued to kick and turn in my womb. I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night That tonight's gonna be a good night That tonight's gonna be a good good night Silently I prayed to God that I wouldn't die here on the bathroom floor. That they wouldn't have to take my baby from my cold dead body. And I prayed that the last song I heard before I died would NOT be by the Black Eyed Peas.

Chapter 13: Chapter 13

A/N: I don't own Twilight. I do own a shitty video of my awful wedding day where everything imaginable went wrong. It was graciously videotaped by the guy that asked to see my tits. While I was in labor, my son wouldn't descend and my nurse forced my cervix open. With her fingers. But, as I stayed at 6 cm dilated, they made me walk up and down the hall. I had back labor and the pain was so intense that I crumpled against the wall and thought that I was going to die there and that the baby would have to be taken from my womb. Luckily, Black Eyed Peas were not playing at the time. Closer than this life Closer finally Living for the only thing

You ever made complete Oh, for the one thing That you both did perfectly ~Better Than Ezra (Closer) Chapter 13 BPOV Rose had started screaming out of the bathroom door for help when I curled up on the cold tile floor. Immediately Edward and Charlie were in the Ladies' room and struggling to get me upright and into Edward's arms. He hurried right past the wheelchair and out into the steady drifts of snow that had started to fall. There was sound and commotion coming from all around me as he made it to the car. Charlie's voice called out from behind me," She needs something under her head." Edward made a noise of irritation and threw the keys at Charlie to pop the trunk. I heard Charlie scrambling around and throwing things into the backseat as Edward tried to hold still next to the door. Rose came running outside and threw my coat into the seat as well. A soft murmur could be heard from behind me and I strained to hear Esme's voice as she explained to Carlisle that I was on my way to the hospital. He was already there for a shift and she confirmed that he said he would be waiting. The car started up and I heard shouts from outside the window. It was Alice and she was yelling that she would be right behind us. I wanted her to stay at her reception. This was her day. Hers. As the car started and we sped out of the parking lot, I heard music filter through the air and vaguely remembered that my iPod hadn't been shut off. It was still running. Kelly Clarkson would be sufficient if this was the last music I ever heard again. Are you there? Are you watching me? "Edward," I whispered while trying to open my eyes. Will you stay? Stay 'till the darkness leaves Stay here with me He was talking loudly on the phone as the music filtered through the car and I attempted to move my head from the seat to see him.

"We're on the road," he roared into the phone at Carlisle. "I don't know how it happened. No, wait, I do. She's stubborn, that's how." Why is it so hard? Why can't you just take me? He was driving at an incredibly accelerated speed and I could feel the wheels beneath me vibrating as if they were about to fall off. Can you feel how cold I am? Do you cry as I do? I closed my eyes and lay back down on the seat and all I could smell was him. He was everywhere, in my nose, filling the car with his scent. How are you so strong? What's it like to feel so free? I felt under my head and grasped a hold of his baseball t-shirt. That's where it was coming from. "Edward?" I said louder and felt the car swerve as he looked over his shoulder at me and then flicked his eyes to the rear view mirror. "We'll be there in less than ten minutes," he said curtly into the phone. Looking into the mirror again he called to me," We're almost there. Just hang on." It was the tone of his voice that scared me. He sounded frightened and I had always depended on Edward to be the strong one. Not tonight. Tonight the baby was coming. The car skidded to a halt and I heard Edward pressing the Assistance button at the hospital door. "She needs a gurney, not a wheelchair. She can't even sit up," he was explaining with urgency. Suddenly I was being lifted from the back seat and placed on a gurney. Turning, I looked for Edward and he stepped closer to me as they rolled me in. I grasped his hand and whispered, "I'm sorry." ******* EPOV Carlisle met us halfway down the hall and grasped a hold of the gurney. His mouth was set in a grim line as we reached the room that they had reserved for Bella. They set about hooking her up to machines and checking her stats as I paced furiously around the room. My phone was going off every five seconds and I was half tempted to throw it against the wall. Looking at Carlisle I put the phone in my pocket. "Everyone is in the waiting room. I'll let them know that you're checking her." He nodded and checked Bella's eyes.

I ran out and faced the group that had gathered and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Everyone was dressed up for a wedding. And the bride was sitting wide eyed at the window in her dress, holding tightly to the groom's hand and shaking with anxiety. I relayed that Bella was being checked out and then said that I would text with any news. Rushing back into room twelve I made it just in time to see them rolling Bella into the O.R. Kebi had arrived and was throwing orders left and right. Nurse Jennifer was waiting for me as I made a dead stop in the door. "They have to take the baby, Mr. Cullen. The fissure" She bit her cheek as she handed me a hair net and a paper-like hospital suit to put over my clothes. "Put these on in five minutes. We have to prep her, but you will be there for the birth. If you put it on now you'll get too hot, so wait. We've had guys faint before, soI'll come to get you when she's ready." I stared blankly into the hallway as she hurried out. Grabbing my phone, I sent a mass text to say that they were performing a c-section. Tonight. I was twenty minutes away from being a Dad. I looked at my watch and it felt like time had completely stopped. Those five minutes felt like a year. Suddenly I heard footsteps in the hallway and I threw the cover and hair net on just as Jennifer motioned for me to follow her down the hallway. It was completely surreal as I walked through the swinging double doors and saw my father and Kebi gathered over Bella's almost fully exposed lower half. She wouldn't be happy about that later. Jennifer ushered me to a seat next to Bella's head and I saw that her eyes were opened in fright now. She looked up at me from the table fearfully. The anesthesiologist named Alec was pouring water on her shoulder and asking if she could feel it. She answered no and then looked concerned. "Am I not supposed to be able to feel my arms?' She asked meekly. He looked at her and frowned. "It's not normal, but everyone has different reactions. You'll get feeling back." He glanced down at her arms splayed out to both sides and chewed on his lip. She was breathing more easily now that they had inserted oxygen tubes in her nose. I watched as the nurses set about quickly prepping the surgical tools and then Alec made adjustments on her epidural. "She'll be awake, right?" I asked to no one in particular. Carlisle answered yes and I put my hand on Bella's forehead and looked into her eyes. "I want you to be able to hear her cry. So you know that she's okay." Her face crumpled and she just nodded as she began to shiver. Alec began to ask her questions to make sure she was coherent and not having any reactions. She answered slowly and her eyes were glassy, but she answered correctly; that was all that they were looking for. Kebi cleared his throat. 'Edward, I'll ask that you stay seated through the initial portion of the c-section. I'll let you know when you can look up, alright?" I agreed and sat still on the stool, waiting for something. Anything. "Her blood pressure is low and dropping, Drs. The baby's heart rate is becoming erratic." I looked up at the monitor and felt the bile rise to my throat.

Not this. Not again. Carlisle and Kebi made a notation of the start of the procedure and I saw their heads dip lower as Kebi began his incision. Bella's face registered no discomfort as she gazed up into the ceiling tiles. Her shaking was getting progressively worse and I instinctively ran my hands along her arm to try and warm her up. Alec shook his head. "She's cold from the inside. It's the medication," he pointed at the bag of liquid falling in a steady drip above her head. Her teeth chattered and she rolled her head to really look at me for the first time since I had entered the room. "D-d-don't be mad at me anymore, 'kay?" She stuttered between her chattering teeth. I breathed deeply and sighed while shaking my head. Carlisle made a sound of concern and I saw Bella's body jerk a little with pressure from Kebi. "I don't know, Carlisle. This hasn't happened before," Kebi was saying. I stood up to see Bella's lower half completely cut open and being held that way with looked like metal forceps. "Down, Edward!" Carlisle barked at me and I sat back, stunned by what I just saw. "Bella, tell me if you feel any pressure." Kebi called over the cloth barrier. I saw her body jerk slightly forward again and she told him no. I heard him take a deep breath and then he said, "The membrane hardened and we're having a difficult time cutting into it." I'd rip it open with my teeth if meant that my wife and child would live. "That may be why it detached. It may have become too heavy," he explained as he tried to use another scalpel to break the barrier. Jennifer glanced nervously at the monitor. "Both of their heart rates are declining rapidly, Dr. Kebi. And it looks like the baby's oxygen is registering low." Panic set into my bones. My left leg was bouncing up and down and I suddenly felt uneasy. Everything was going wrong. There was a grunting sound from behind the sheet and Carlisle gasped as the sound of liquid hit the floor. "She's open," he called to the nurses. Kebi was still working frantically, though. Finally he stated, "She's stuck." Bella's eyes began to tear up and she cried towards the ceiling, "Please God. Not again!" There was more movement and her body pulled towards Kebi a few more times before Silence. A wet sound. The cry.

She cried. She was okay and alive and she cried. "Edward, stand up," Carlisle called to me and I looked over the blue drape to see my daughter being held by my father. She was crying and writhing around in his arms and the emotions that coursed through my body were so overwhelming that I had to sit back down. I turned slowly to look at Bella's face and she had tears rolling from her eyes. "Bella? Look up," Carlisle called and held the baby above the curtain so that she could see her. "Elizabeth," she whispered and then began to cry hysterically, her body heaving from her uncontrollable sobs. So many years of sadness and doubt. Beautifully erased in one small minute. I was called to cut the cord and they pulled her away from the curtain as Bella began to sob and wailwith joy. Alec was wiping her eyes and smiling as they carried the baby over to be weighed and measured and I sort of just stood in between both areas because I had no effing clue what I should be doing. I watched them take Elizabeth's measurements and then crossed to Bella and ran my hand over her face, kissing her cheeks and telling her that Elizabeth was beautiful. "What color is her hair?" Bella asked through her cries. I looked down in disbelief. "It's covered in crap, Bella. I don't know. Brown?" She laughed and squeezed her eyes shut again as she continued to cry. I stood up and watched them load the baby onto the clear plastic rolling cart and Kebi smiled broadly. "Would you like to escort your daughter? We still have to remove the uterus before Bella can go to her room." I kissed Bella's face one more time and told her that I loved her before I turned to walk out of the room. My heart was bursting with happiness. We were a family. Complete. But as I reached the threshold of the door I heard the most horrifying sound I had ever heard in my entire life. Flatline. I whirled around to face the monitor and looked back at Bella, but I couldn't see her face. Suddenly the room was on high alert and there was shouting while nurses ran to tend to her. Carlisle grabbed me by my shoulders and shook me. "You need to leave, Edward," he commanded, as I stood frozen in place. But I couldn't move. Kebi yelled forcefully, "Someone get him out of here!" Carlisle and Alec both came to move me and I sprang to life with fury, screaming and flailing my arms against them as I tried to get to Bella. "No!" I screamed. "No! Not her! Bella!"

She wasn't breathing. She was still. Dead still and I saw my whole world come crashing down in front of me. So many years of laughter and joy. Beautifully erased in one small minute. There was a horrible sound inside the room and I looked around to see where it was coming fromuntil I realized it was me. I was wailing and screaming louder than I thought was humanly possible as they tried their best to resuscitate her. Within seconds I felt a large pair of hands grab me around my stomach and drag me out the door. I kicked against legs and clawed against arms as I shouted and cussed, trying to get back into that room. Back to Bella. My life. "Edward!" Emmett's voice was booming behind my ear and I realized that he must have heard me screaming from the waiting room. I pushed against him some more and Jasper stepped in front of me to stop my arms. I punched at him and screamed for them to let me go. Immediately, I felt the hard surface of the tile floor rush up to meet my face as Emmett turned me on my stomach and held me to the ground. My face hit with a resounding thud and I closed my eyes as the realization of what just happened sank in. I had a daughter. And not a wife. I turned my bleary eyes to the hallway and shook against the ground while Alice, Charlie and Esme came running to see what happened. "Let go," I struggled out as I yanked my arms from Emmett's grasp. I folded them under my chest and curled up into a ball on the floor, shaking and heaving with despair. "She's dead," I cried out as I pulled myself to sitting and slid against the wall, holding my head in my hands as half of me disappeared. ******* ******* ******* ******* A/N: You totally saw that coming, right? I told you I wouldn't kill the baby. I never said I wouldn't kill Bella. WTF, you say? Well, I told you from day one that I wanted this to be real. And this happens. All will be revealed in due time.

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Chapter 14: Chapter 14

A/N: I own nothing. You knew that. And I know that you don't really care what I write here because you're worried about the Cullens. That's okay. Go. Read. We'll catch up later. All has been researched, thankyouverymuch. I'm waiting for Google to mail my PhD. Chapter 14 "What are you watching?" I was asking as I sat down on the couch beside her. "My Fair Lady," she sighed. "Audrey Hepburn is everything I ever wanted to be when I grew up. She was graceful, beautiful, worldly and innocently sexy." I hugged her tight and kissed her on the cheek. "I think you're all of those things...except graceful, of course" She smiled up at me. "I am now. Because of you. I guess I'm your Pygmalion?" I shook my head no and chuckled. She melted into my side and took one of my hands in her own. "What if we named her Elizabeth?" I looked down at her, confused. "Elizabeth. Marie? She'd have my middle name. I'd like to call her Eliza, though." She pointed to Audrey on the screen, her eyes softening as Eliza Doolittle appeared in her long white dress. Symoblic. All of it symbolized something to her. "Eliza Cullen. I like it," I said. "Edward." Carlisle's voice pulled me from my daydream. I sat up straighter in the recliner and pushed the leg rest in as my dad handed me another cup of coffee. My pee was going to smell like Folgers for a month. He handed me an ice pack as well and I thanked him as I held it against my now swelling eye and cheek. I took a sip of the coffee and looked across the room at Bella in the hospital bed, her heart monitor registering every beep. Each one I listened for and didn't take for granted. The sun had risen hours ago, but I hadn't slept at all. Now that she was stable, Carlisle had come to explain why she had died. He was here to explain why my wife died right in front of me. For three minutes. I leaned forward and put my elbows on my knees as I hung my head and stretched my neck from side to side. I saw the manila folder in his hands and I almost asked him just to leave. I only wanted to be with Bella. Alone.

He sat facing me, in his damn white coat and his shiny shoes. It pissed me off. I wasn't a patient, I was his son. He should have at least taken the coat off. He leaned forward and placed the folder on the floor before he rested one of his hands on my knee. "Did Bella seem different for the past week or so?" He asked softly as he tried to meet my gaze. My face screwed up in offense. "Like what, Dr. Cullen? Care to expound on that question?" He patted my knee and sat back, crossing his legs at the ankles. "Pulmonary embolism, Edward. It's a blood clot that usually forms in the leg and then breaks off and travels to the heart. Or the brain. It clogs blood flow. Was she really sweaty? Was she breathing hard or short of breath? Anxious? Paranoid? Did she complain about her chest hurting or that she was dizzy?" I stared at him with my mouth hanging wide open. "She said it was all pregnancy related," I whispered. He just nodded and sat forward again. "The greatest reason for the embolism, from what we can tell, was the extensive bed rest." I crushed the coffee cup in my hand and laughed bitterly. "Listen, son. I know this is the last thing you want me to say to you, but you need to hear this." He ran his hands over his eyes and took a deep breath. "Had Elizabeth not rolled and displaced Bella's womb, they both would be dead right now. Babies can sense distress in a mother, even when the mother is unaware of what is happening in her own body. Elizabeth felt the changes and reacted by going into distress. Had Bella not been on that table at that exact minute, today would be a much darker day." My breath left my body as I raised my gaze to the hospital bed. "Elizabeth saved both of their lives. She's a little angel of mercy, Edward." He sighed and gazed over at Bella. "We should be thanking God that it's not worse." I threw the cup at the door and stood up abruptly. "I'm mad at God, Dad!" He nodded and stood, turning towards the door. "That's usually when you need Him most." At the door he turned one last time. "She'll be under sedation for at least three days to monitor any swelling in her brain or irregular heart beats. Prepare yourself for her to bea little different at first. She could be only slightly out of sorts. She may have no memory at all. She might be cranky or slightly irritable. She'll need information given to her in small doses as to not overwhelm her." I nodded sullenly as I sat back down in my chair, closing my eyes to signal him to leave me alone. Alice and Jasper arrived a few hours later, looking worse for the wear. They had cancelled their honeymoon until until what? I didn't know anymore. Alice dropped an overnight bag next to the bathroom and then walked over to Bella's sleeping body. Running her hand along Bella's arm she whispered and laughed sadly before she kissed her cheek. Jasper looked like he felt out of place. Like all of the pain around him was something that he could physically take into his being. He looked like he was in pain from just being in the room. Alice bent towards my face and smiled half-heartedly before her hand popped up in front of it. "I brought your toothbrush." I smiled a little at her as I grabbed the toothbrush and gripped it in my palms. "Any news?" She asked as she sat down on the pull out couch next to her husband.

I blinked hard and then went into the description that Carlisle had just given. Her eyes teared up and looked away a couple of times as her chin quivered. She grasped Jasper's hand and he winced as he watched her try to hide her tears. She swallowed a few times and then tried to regain her composure. "Well, do you know if she can hear us?" I shrugged to say I didn't know. She nodded and got up off of the couch to rifle through the bag. She produced Bella's iPod and small docking station from the car. I had let them drive it to go to the house and get some stuff. Alice finally understood Bella. She puckered her lips as she scrolled through the music. Looking up at me she waved the unit at me and asked, "Did you know that she has a playlist called 'Edward?'" I traced the bristles of the toothbrush with my finger and nodded. "It was for our first Valentine's Day." Her shoulders slumped a bit as she hooked them up and pressed play. Jasper looked over and asked softly, "How's Lizzie?" I groaned at the new nickname. "They took her to the nursery, but then Kebi said he needed to keep an eye on her for a few days, so they moved her to the NICU. It's weird to see her in there with all of those tiny babies. She's, like, five times bigger than any of them." I chuckled slightly as the pain in my heart stirred and resurfaced, reminding me that I couldn't hold my wife or my daughter for the next few days. ******* BPOV "Edward?" "Yeah?" "I'm cold." "I know. I'm sorry." "It's dark in here. Can you turn on the light?" Softly, the sound of a match being lit caught my attention and I stared at his face in the flickering light. He placed the flame against a candle and the whole room lit up with moving reflections of amber colored light. "Why are you in plaid flannel?" I asked with a laugh. He pointed to me. "Why are you in a pink dress?" I looked down and smoothed my hands over the material and sighed. My head lifted and I saw him looking at me with sadness. I reached a hand out to touch him and pulled back suddenly. "Edward?"

"Yeah?" "I can'tfeel you." "I know. I'm sorry." I looked around and saw nothing. Just reflections of dim light and Edward's sad face. "Tell me a story?" He chuckled lightly again and then sighed. "What story do you want to hear, love?" I ran my fingers over the dress again. "Tell me our story." "Hmmm, which version? Yours or mine?" He was looking at me with that sadness again and I closed my eyes to block the anguish there. Hello I've waited her for you Everlong I opened my eyes and looked around. Edward was gone. I was alone. I could finally see the walls around me and I peered into the darkness at the length of them and how far they ran both East and West. They were familiar and I raised both of my hands to push towards them and I walked through into a hidden pathway. You need rest Edward. I'm not leaving her. "I'm here," I muttered and turned to see which way I should go. I could hear scraping and I cringed thinking about the things that could be in the darkness. I couldn't move. My arms were trapped and I couldn't move. My feet were stuck to the ground. I balled myself up and cried. Do you remember this? Alice. She was laughing and I saw her flit by me quickly. P-p-p-poker Face P-p-poker Face

Don't remind me. Jasper! Where? You can't resist her. She's in your bones. I stood in front of Edward's music. "Weezer?" You can't avoid her. She's in the air... in the air In between molecules of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide "The blue cd is the best, in my opinion." "Me, too." I turned to look at him. Darkness. We were born before the wind Also younger than the sun Turn that one off. You can play anything else, any other songnot that one. "Are you a virgin?" "No," I laughed. "Not anymore." I'm not going Cause I've been waiting for a miracle And I'm not leaving "Can we have sex on the ferry?" "You have to see Charlie first." I shook my head to clear my thoughts. Everything was fuzzy.

Looking up I saw Renee. She was holding a baby wrapped and bundled under her arm, swaying him in the sunlight of a deep green meadow. She smiled sweetly and waved as I tried to run. Every step I took was like quicksand and I looked down to realize that I was sinking into a patch of it. With no one to save me. "Damn. You love me." Blackbird singing in the dead of night My head snapped up and I cried out. This was my funeral. And I was still alive. "I love you, Bella." "Then save me!" I screamed through my tears. All we are, all we are, is everything that's right All we need, all we need, our love is at a bind "Ask me. Please." Bath time. I'll do it, if you don't mind. "What's the story with that shiny frat boy of yours?" Strawberries. Freesia. Antiseptic. "Edward?" "Yeah?" "I'm cold." "I know." "I can't see you." "I'm sorry." "I can't feel you." "I can't feel you either, baby." Angel of Mercy

How did you find me? "Elizabeth?" All I wanted to say All I wanted to do Is fall apart now "Carlisle saved my life, you know. And Elizabeth. And, mostly, Edward saved my life. He was the best gift of all." All I wanted to feel I wanted to love "I know exactly what you mean." Its all my fault now A tradegy I fear Bella, baby. Wake up. I just got you. I can't lose you. Wake up. I was trying to protect you. Wake up. You're my life now. Wake up. I will always see you that way. I promise. Please God. Let her wake up. ******* EPOV They were lessening her medication and I watched warily for signs of her moving. I just needed a pinky twitch. Come on Jesus. You owe me at least a pinky twitch.

There had been a steady stream of visitors, but my head couldn't take it anymore. Nurse Jennifer walked in purposefully, checking vitals and refilling bags that were low on pain medication. Esme walked in looking exhausted. "Carlisle said you can go and see Eliza for a few minutes if you'd like. They've determined that she's completely fine. She's a little fighter, Edward. They'll talk to you about whether you want to take her home" her voice trailed off as her eyes flicked in Bella's direction. Carlisle and Kebi crested the door moments later. Esme held up her hand, "I already told him. Without the medical nonsense." I looked from Bella to Esme and felt torn. Stay by my catatonic wife's side? Or hold my daughter for the first time? Esme reached a hand out and squeezed my arm. "She'll be here when you get back, son." I swallowed the lump in my throat and stood stiffly to walk out of the room. Jennifer was changing and swaddling Eliza as I stood in front of the long glass wall. She looked up with a bit of sadness and put Eliza back in her bed. She opened the nursery door and ushered me in. "Hold your arms like this," she instructed and I followed. She sighed softly and moved to get the baby, placing her lightly in my arms. Eliza's eyes were open and she searched my face before her tiny hand moved to her right eye, rubbing it. I began to cry at the sight of our baby rubbing her eyes...just like her mother. Jenny stood back and looked away to give me some privacy as I traced her little face with my finger. She reached up gently and wrapped her fist around my thumb and I laughed at small her hands were. Her eyes were small and dark and deep set. They looked right through me, cutting my soul in two. I placed a soft kiss on her forehead and whispered, "Your mommy and I love you, little one. We've waited for you for a very long time." After my allotted time with Eliza I walked the long walk back to Bella's room. Kebi was standing over her bed with a look of concentration on his face. He made marks on the pad he carried and then read some of the new charts that were emerging. After a moment he addressed me. "It's just a matter of waiting now, Mr. Cullen. We're waiting for her mind to realize that she needs to wake up." Jenny came in quietly and raised a sponge. "Bath time." I crossed to Bella's side. "I'll do it, if you don't mind." She nodded and handed the bath items over. I filled the water basin and got her personal shampoo and body wash. With gentle precision I began to wash her hair. "I held Elizabeth," I whispered to her. I rinsed the shampoo and squeezed the water out of her hair.

Washing her arms I began to chant in a stead rhythm. "Wake up." "Wake up." "Please God. Let her wake up." I finished the bath and settled back into my chair, staring at her monitor, willing her to wake up. My eyes drooped and my head fell forward as I moved into sleep. I jerked my head back and saw her eyes open and staring at me. This had to be a dream. I blinked and rubbed my eyes, but when I looked up, she was still staring. Shaking, I stood to my feet and ran to her side. "Bella? Can you hear me?" Her eyes focused and she smiled. "Were you watching me sleep like some crazy perv?" Yeah. It had to be a dream. She settled into the flattened pillow and closed her eyes again. "She woke up," I yelled from her bed. "Hey! She woke up!" Jennifer and Kebi ran in with Carlisle and Esme right behind. They stood at the foot of the bed and looked at her with her eyes closed. "I swear. She woke up and said a smart ass remark and then closed her eyes." I looked at all of them, pleading. Jennifer read the chart next to Bella's bed and pointed to a line. "Activity." "Bella, wake up." I watched her hands twitch. "Dammit, Bella. I know you can hear me." She shifted slightly under the sheets. "If you don't wake up I'm playing With Arms Wide Open at your funeral." There was a beat and then her eyes fluttered opened to focus on me. "You wouldn't dare," she croaked. I nodded. "Oh, but I would." She looked groggily around at the people surrounding her bed and blinked a few times. Looking back at me her face twisted into confusion. "Edward?" She whispered.

I've never felt anything like it before. Just the mere sound of her scratchy voice saying my name made my knees give out and I clutched to the rail on her bed to stay upright. Which only made it easier for me to completely break down while my severed heart reattached itself. ******* She was on watch for that day and the next. I spent my time between her and Eliza. On the second day they began letting friends in to see her. Bella had shown great signs toward a fast recovery. When Kebi said something about it she just shrugged and said, "My body has adapted, I guess. You can only be so clumsy before you'll develop special regeneration techniques." He shook his head and told her to lie back down. Carlisle was shaking his head in disbelief at her chart. "This is honestly the fastest recovery of this type I have ever seen. You're coherent and have full memory?" She just smiled at him through her mouth full of eggs. Swallowing hard she asked, "Do you know where my steak is?" I laughed until tears ran down my face. Alice flew into the room at top speed, squealing so loud she reached hummingbird status. Bella's face broke into a wide smile and she clutched to Alice tightly. She pulled Jasper into the hug too and he seemed to relax for the first time since the ball field. "Do you feeldifferent?" Alice whispered. Bella's face scrunched up. "Nah. Other than the fact that I can see dead people and hear all of your thoughts." "We were so worried, B." Alice was holding her hand and smoothing her hair. Bella rolled her eyes. "Goonies never say die, Gidget." Ignoring the banter, Alice clapped her hands and jumped up and down. "When do you get to see Lizzie May?" Anger clouded Bella's features and she looked between me and Alice, sputtering nothing but sound. Finally she narrowed her eyes and pointed at Alice. "That's a terrible nickname. Say it again and I'll punch you in the cooter." Alice cackled and cocked her head slightly. Sighing she sang, "Never give me ammunition, Bells. Now I'll say it all the damn time. Just to irritate you." We heard Emmett down the hall a whole minute before he tapped the top of the door and swung in from the frame. Bella held up her hand and shook her head. "Speaking of Goonies, Alice." She looked back at Emmett. "No entry until you do the Truffle Shuffle." Emmett laughed and walked in to give her a hug. She threw her hands up and whined. "Seriously, Douchebag Deluxe! Shuffle!" He lifted his shirt and her mouth dropped open while her cheeks burned bright red. "I forgot about the eight pack. Sorry."

Rose arrived a second later looking stressed. "That kid is kicking my ass!" She fanned her face and shook her head. "He crawls at a hundred and ten miles an hour." Smirking, she looked at Jasper. Alice held up her finger and shook it back and forth. "Don't go there, Q." Rose rolled her eyes and moved people out if the way to give Bella a hug. She leaned back and crossed her arms as she said, "I'm impressed. You're one tough bitch, Ice." Bella's hand flew to her mouth and she gasped. "You're actuallyimpressed with something?" Charlie ran in as fast as he could. "Damn ferries," he muttered right as Ali walked through the door. Ali's hand flew up to his chest and he screeched, "What?" Charlie looked over confused. "Damn ferries. I had to ride three to get here and they're so slow." Alistair bent at the waist and cried out with laughter, resulting in having to leave the room until he could contain himself. The room was suddenly filled with laughter and it was such a distinct contrast to the way it had been just yesterday. That evening I settled into my chair again and turned towards Bella as she adjusted herself into the pillows. "How is she?" She asked with wet eyes. "She's beautiful. And strong. Andoh! Shit. Don't freak out, but she has," I bit my cheek,"teeth." "You are not funny at all, do you know that?" She spat back. I got off of the chair and walked over, running my hands through my hair sheepishly. "No. I'm dead serious. They're called milk teeth and only one in every two thousand kids has them." Her hands instinctively went to her breasts and she grimaced. I rolled my eyes. "She's on formula, obviously. And I think they said something about giving you a pill to help with those." She nodded slowly. "No breastfeeding, then." I frowned. "Are you okay with that? I know it's not what you expected, butnone of this is." She shrugged and pressed herself into the pillows. "If Liam could Wolverine Rose's nips without teeth, I don't think I want to attempt it." I ran my hand softly over her face and she sighed. "I get to see her tomorrow, right?" I winked at her. "They said you can even take a real shower, too." Her eyes lit up and she squeezed my hand. "It's like Christmas." I looked at her face and smiled. "You have no idea what we, I, went through. Thinking you were gone. I didn't think I'd make it, Bella. I watched it happen and it justbroke me." I pulled a chair over to sit next to her head.

She chewed nervously on her lip. "I had nightmares that I could only hear you. You were everywhere and nowhere at the same time. And I wanted to die rather than be without you." Her eyes were glistening again and I kissed her softly. "It's not about us anymore, though." I reminded her. She nodded and squeezed my hand tighter. "I know. I can't wait to meet her." ******* ******* A/N: When my son was finally freed from being stuck, my heart broke in half to make room for all of the love. Just like Bella's. I burst into tears and then asked if he was red headed Yes, I know. It's too convenient for her to recover like that. Ahem, I based this off of her recovery in Breaking Dawn. I'm just following the outline SM provided, peeps. Plus, this is a story about a fake womb. And we read books about virgin vampires that sparkle! LOL

Chapter 15: Chapter 15

A/N: I didn't create Twilight. I did create Alistair, and apparently you guys LOVE my Inner Queen! My Makenna said that it made sense that you guys would like him because I've known so many gay men in my lifetime. I thought about it and she's right. I even had one that loved me so much he wanted to skin me and wear an Amber suit to his birthday party *** Mandatory 5 second Moment of Silence in regards to the passing of the great John Hughes on Thursday. ( I use the Mississippi second method. Go.) Thank you *** Hey...go check out the story D.I.D. It's on my Favorites list. Literally had me snorting out loud and tears running down my cheeks today. Thanks to emotionalrescue for the awesome rec:) Chapter 15 BPOV "Bueller?"

"Bueller?" I chuckled as I finished my oatmeal and placed the empty bowl on the hospital tray. Alice turned to look at me from her chair and shrugged her shoulders. "I don't get it. Why is this movie so funny to you?" I sighed and pushed the tray out of the way, folding my hands as though I were talking to a third grader. "Alice, sweetheart. John Hughes was a brilliant man who defined a generation with his wit and candid observations about eighties teenage angst. Have some respect and watch Ferris in silence, okay?" She rolled her eyes and shifted back into her seat as Edward walked through the door, breathless. "Sorry. That took longer than I expected." He crossed to my bedside and gave me a kiss. "Are you ready for your shower?" He asked me, wiggling his eyebrows. I nodded with excitement and pulled back my blanket. He extended a hand to help me up and I shook my head no. "I want to try it on my own." He stood back in understanding and watched as I pulled myself higher up towards the top of the bed and turned my body sideways. Breathing in deeply, I grasped the side rail and pushed up to sitting while slowly edging my legs over the side of the bed. I won't lie. The incision hurt like a bitch. And the weird fishnet panties they make you wear were definitely snagging on my staples. But if I was going to be able to have Elizabeth in my room with me, I needed to prove that I could take care of her. And that meant getting up and out of the bed on my own like a big girl. I held to the side rail for a second as the heat and burning passed through my pelvis and I slid slowly to the floor. I stood shakily and bent a little at the waist. Smiling I pointed to my feet. "See? I'm alright." Edward looked pensive as I shuffled past him slowly to the bathroom. A young nurse with long brown hair appeared in the doorway, knocking and entering without waiting for a reply. They had been doing that all night and I got no sleep at all. Renee always said that the hospital was no place to stay if you wanted rest. "Hi, I'm Riley. I'll be your nurse for the next few days." She smiled brightly and her turquoise colored eyes scrunched up at the sides. "Are you headed in for your shower?" I nodded. "Dr. Kebi wants me to check your incision when you get done, so call me when you're ready. And it's okay to remove the gauze before you showerthough, it may be easier to wet it and then take it off. Either way, pat it dry when you get out and I'll be in to check it and redress you." She opened the bathroom door and stopped. "You'll be seeing your daughter for the first time today. Won't you?" My face broke into a happy grin and I sighed out a yes.

She bit her lip and her eyes moistened. "Then I'm glad I got to be here for that." "Where is Jennifer?" I asked. She had been my main nurse this entire time and I thought for sure that she would be the one bringing Eliza to me today. "Oh," Riley looked down while leaning against the doorjamb. "She had a death in the family so she had to go." I thanked her and set about turning on the shower. I peed and willed myself to look away from the blood as I flushed and then slowly began to take off my robe. Gazing at my reflection in the mirror, I cringed. This was the first time I was seeing my body since the birth and it was startling. My milk had come in on the third day and I had tried to express it last night because it was starting to hurt. So both of by breasts looked hard as a rock. Like I just had a fabulous boob job. My stomach was swollen and jiggled like Jello when I turned to the side. That's what a ten pound baby will do to a girl's figure, I supposed. This part I remembered: the after-belly and the staples. I took a deep breath and looked down at my gauze covered pelvis. There was orange sticky medical iodine or something all over my thighs and upper legs and I ran a finger over it to see how easily it would come off. It wouldn't. Dammit. I removed the netted underwear and then shuffled my now dimpled ass into the shower. As soon as the warm water hit me, I started to feel human again. I let the water saturate the gauze until it started to feel heavy and then, with shaky fingers, I peeled it back to reveal my newest c-section scar. It was thick and red, purple and angry looking. The staples ran in a direct line across the face of it and the skin bunched up underneath, causing me gasp at the severity of it. That I did not remember. Focusing on the task at hand, I shampooed my hair and then conditioned it before I started the delicate task of washing my body. It became increasingly clear that I couldn't bend over so I called for Edward through the door. He opened the door a crack and I poked my head out of the curtain. Squeezing my eyes shut, I swallowed. "Could you help me wash my feet?" I asked him. "Of course," he said with a smile. I clung to the curtain a little tighter and watched the water begin to puddle outside of the lip of the shower entrance. This was going to be hard. He would be seeing me for the first time and it made me nauseous. "Hold on. Wait," I said as he tried to pull the curtain back. "I, ummm..." He looked concerned. "What is it, love?"

I breathed in deeply through my nose and looked back down at the floor. "I look different now, okay? Sodon't get freaked out by what you see when I pull the curtain back. " I looked back up at him and blinked back tears as he nodded in understanding. Pulling the curtain back, I closed my eyes as I stood before him under the rushing water. He didn't make a sound and I popped one eye open to look at his face. His eyes were traveling slowly up from my feet and they lingered on the incision. "It looks a lot better than I thought it would," he commented. His eyes traveled up over my swollen stomach and then landed on my breasts. His lips pursed and he cocked an eyebrow at me. "Do I get to play with those before they go away?" I threw the washcloth at him and pointed to my feet. "You're ridiculous. Please wash my toes?" After the shower, Riley re-dressed the incision with a maxi pad and the net underwear. It was humiliating to have her on her knees in front of my hoohah, but I figured I didn't have any modesty anymore as it was. I had been told of the Carlisle/poonanny sighting during the operation. Nothing was sacred anymore. Settling back into the bed, I took my pain medication and laid my head back on the fresh pillows. I was exhausted from taking a shower. Unreal. Alice helped to dry my hair and brushed it as straight as she could. Holding up her camera she giggled, "Gotta look presentable for your fist family picture, right?" I laughed as I glanced over at Edward. "Yeah. It will be a perfect family portrait. Zombie Mom, Black Eyed Dad and Jaws Baby." Edward just bit his tongue and shook his head. He walked over to my bed and took my charm bracelet from his pocket. "Here," he said as he lifted my wrist. "You need this today." I thanked him and glanced down at the charms. I looked back up at him and tears built up in the corner of my eyes. He smiled and leaned over to kiss me. "I added her initial this morning." I looked back down at the bracelet and let out a loud laugh that pulled on my staples. The tears rolled down my cheeks as I shook with the humor of it all. "My bracelet says ICEE!" I wiped my face and blotted my eyes with a tissue as I waited for Eliza to arrive. "Dammit... Now I want to go to Seven Eleven." ******* It felt like it took an eternity, but Riley finally stopped in to say that they were bringing Eliza in if I was ready. I could barely contain my excitement as I told her that I was. I looked over at Alice in a bit of a panic. "What if she doesn't like me?" I whispered.

She just patted my hand and assured me that it would not be the case. The anticipation of seeing my babyOUR BABY for the first time was making me feel jittery and unprepared. My hands wouldn't be still and I chewed on my lip until I tasted blood. I turned the television off and strained to hear any sounds in the hallway that would alert me to her arrival. There was a moment of silence before I heard a loud cry down the hall. Instinctively, I felt a sharp pain and tightening in my womb. I pressed my hand to my side and looked down at my gown in astonishment as my nipples tightened and milk began to seep out. I knew it was Eliza's cry. My body told me. She was crying harder and I had the urge to jump out of the hospital bed and rescue her. She was mine. I was her protector. As the door opened to the room, I held my breath. Riley and Dr. Kebi were entering the room slowly with the clear cart that Eliza was being carted in. I tried to sit up more to see her, but my body held me back. Dr. Kebi smiled as he pushed the cart completely through the door and parked it a few feet from the bed. "Bella? Are you ready to meet your daughter?" It was real. It was happening. I had a baby and a family with Edward. I clasped my hands and grinned from ear to ear. "Yes, please," I responded quietly. Alice stood at the foot of the bed and Edward moved to stand next to my pillows. Riley bent over and gently picked up the swaddled bundle that was crying in the bassinet. Smiling broadly, she walked Eliza over to me and finallyfinally placed her into my awaiting arms. Time froze and all sound stopped as I gazed upon my child. My daughter, alive and pink and lovely, was moving and breathing in my arms. My heart and chest swelled with pride and joy. I felt quite unprepared for how much love I instantly had for this child. It shook me to my core and I felt like I was a million buzzing particles of energy looking for something to be grounded to. My heart hurt, my bones hurt and my soul ached at the near perfect love that emanated from my pores, causing my hair to stand on end and my throat to tighten. I had known her face my entire life. And at this moment, I couldn't remember her not being a part of it before now. I knew in an instant that if anything ever happened to her, I would die. It was a little unnerving to realize that I loved her more than anything or anyone else in my entire life.

Even Edward. I couldn't breathe and just stared at her until I realized that she was clutching to the front of my gown, kneading her fingers against my left breast. I looked up at Edward and finally let out the breath I had been holding. "She's amazing," I choked out and he smiled, nodding his head as he gazed down at her. I saw a flash and Alice shook the camera at me. "It was just too perfect to pass up," she explained. I clutched Eliza tighter and ran my fingers over her cheeks, which made her turn her face more fully towards me as she cried her little whines. I looked into her mouth and snorted. "She doesn't have real teeth, Edward!" I made a face at him. "I was totally expecting to see some big LeAnne Rimes looking fake chompers up in there. They're just littlepearl looking things under her gums." Eliza turned her head into my breast and began to root, searching for food. I looked up at Kebi and Riley tentatively. "I know you give her formula, but could I try?" They gave each other a knowing look. "She may not latch," Riley was saying. "She's used to a bottle nipple now. I'd hate for you to try and feel" her words trailed off, but I knew what she meant. If I tried and she rejected me I would feel like a failure. I'd risk it. "I'd like to try," I said matter-of-factly. I requested that everyone but Edward leave and Alice gave me a kiss on the cheek before she walked out the door. With purpose, I moved my hand to the top of my gown and untied it, letting it fall away to expose my engorged breast that was steadily leaking milk. Propping Eliza up a little, I grasped a hold and held it to her mouth, trying to get her to latch. It took some effort, but she finally grasped her tiny hand onto the soft flesh of my breast and found the source of the milk. Edward was watching in fascination and I blinked up at him as the reality of the situation dawned on me. Eliza was suckling hard and I looked back down at her as happiness filled my entire body, head to toe. I was feeding our baby. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. In my mind I saw that balloon that was tethered to the Earth that I had symbolized as Edward and me. Now, I saw the rope that held me to the ground suddenly turn into three ropes, braided and then twisted, and no longer rope, but steel. The balloon that was me was now held firmly to the planet by Edward, Eliza and our family. There was no breaking that. There was my epiphany. I shuddered a bit and began to cry as I nodded my head and looked into Edward's eyes. "I get it," I sobbed out quietly. He furrowed his brow and ran a hand over my cheek in question.

"I know why my heart broke into two," I told him. I looked down and stroked Eliza's face and watched her dark eyes open as she looked up at me. Without looking up I told him the truth. "Before I met you, I had only Alice, really. And then you came along and you gave me more friends and your parents. You gave me back my father and," I bit my lip, "my babies." My head moved up slowly as the lump in my throat became painful. "When Eliza was born, my heart was already full from the love and happiness that you provided me. She made it burst open so that it could become bigger because there wasn't anymore room." His eyes softened and reddened as he cupped my face. "I didn't give them to you. I only helped you find everything that you always deserved." I smiled through my tears and looked back down as I saw Eliza's eyes closing, drifting off into sleep. Edward put the baby in her bassinet as she napped, and I patted the space next to me on the bed, inviting him in. He slid into the small space and turned on his side to face me as I turned only slightly towards him. His forehead rested against my cheek and I ran my fingers along his jaw. "I love you so much," I whispered to him. His eyes fluttered open and he smiled. "That's so weird. Because I love you too," he whispered back with a smirk. I ran my fingers over his lips and sighed. "Do me a favor will you?" He looked up and I kissed his mouth. "Don't ever lose that Cullen cockiness. Its really just part of your charm." He chuckled and kissed my palm. "I'll keep the cockiness if you never get a filter for your mouth. Its kind of one of the things that I love most about you." ******* ******* A/N: This chapter came to me in my sleep (not like the hot and sexy meadow action of our beloved SM's dream). My son cried and I was on high alert and I suddenly pictured Bella's first experience with that; the feeling of being a protector, instead of protected. It's an immediate learned response. Aliceboss told me I would love my son more than my husband and I laughed at her. After he was born, I went to my doc for PPD and asked to be put on medication. She asked if I was going to hurt my baby or myself. My response? "No, no. I'm not concerned about the baby or myself. I'm afraid I'm going to kill my husband." Then I laughed. And she didn't; she just jotted something down in my file. Pfftshe's a tough audience anyway.

But I have a feeling that if something ever did happen, that file would end up as exhibit A for my episode of Snapped.

Chapter 16: Chapter 16

A/N: I'm not Stephenie Meyer, but I'm using one of her little literary tricks from New Moon! Chapter 16 January ******* February ******* March

Chapter 17: Chapter 17

A/N: Twilight and its teen fan base are not mine. I am currently watching Rob be overtly awkward, and a little pervy, at the Teen Choice Awards. Oh! And The BEP sang Bella's Death Song - LOL Chapter 17 BPOV Esme was rinsing a bottle as I shuffled into the kitchen from my nap. I had finally willed myself to sleep for an hour while she watched Eliza. Midday naps used to give me migraines, but I was quickly getting used to catching bits of sleep here and there. I yawned as I walked up beside her and rested my head on her shoulder. Esme chuckled as she dried her hands and pulled me into a hug. Leaving the hospital had been amazing in theory. But once we were home, I felt this instinct to take care of the baby all by myself. When I was pregnant, I could use bed rest as an excuse not to do things. Or I could say, "I made a liver today, what did you do?" Then Edward would end up doing whatever small or mundane task it was that I was trying to weasel out of at the time, while I sat back and gloated about how brilliantly cunning I was. Having a c-section would have been even easier than that.

I would have just had to say, "I got cut in half," and then point to my lap and poke out my bottom lip. Or, you know, I could always remind him that I had died. Using that to my advantage could mean that I would never have to lift another finger around that house again. But, I had immediately decided that I was the best caretaker for her. No one else would know what her hungry cry sounded like, how many times she needed to be changed, or how to properly burp her. Only me. Alone. I didn't want Edward to suffer at work from sleepless nights at home, so I slept on the couch. I set up camp in the living room for the first few weeks because I couldn't walk up and down the stairs, or get in and out of the bed comfortably. It was almost like bed rest, but I could actually roll on and off of the couch. Plus, I would usually just let Eliza sleep on my chestwhen she slept, that was. She clearly didn't understand that the sun being outside meant she should be awake and that the moon signaled sleep. Noshe liked it the other way around. Even when I did get sleep, I constantly felt like I was falling and I would have nightmares, like the ones in the hospital. The doctor said it was a side effect of the comatose state I was in. He also said he didn't know when or if they would stop. Which didn't make sleep seem all that pleasant anymore. So I would stay up with her and feed, change, rock and sing to her all day and night. Did you know that they replay Tyra at midnight every night? Just in case you missed it the first time. And it's no coincidence that they play Cheaters that late at night. It's meant to mess with your mind. After she fed, I would pump to ensure that I could keep up with her needs. Eventually it became clear that she needed more than I could provide, so I begrudgingly began to supplement with formula. It turned out to be better, actually. She was still getting the immunity boost that she needed from me, but she was getting fuller and sleeping longer. That worked for me. At some point, though, exhaustion had taken over. And after a particularly blurry episode that I'm still not sure about, Edward called Esme and asked her to come over and help out. I hesitated at first because Eliza was my responsibility, but now I wouldn't have it any other way. Esme was incredible with her and loved her so much it almost broke my heart. The bond that they were forming was nothing short of amazing. If not for Esme, I might have completely snapped. And it would have been my own fault. Pulling myself back into reality, I pulled away from Esme and smiled groggily. She ran her hands over my hair and placed both cheeks on my face. "You're dong a great job, Bella," she told me softly. I looked down and blushed as she let my face go. Looking over her shoulder she sighed before checking her watch. Facing me again she whispered, "She's been asleep for about thirty minutes if you want to go take a shower." She nodded at me knowingly as I looked down at my clothes and mentally counted how many days I had been in this particular outfit. I headed to the refrigerator and pulled out a water bottle before I started towards the bathroom. An unexplained need came over me and I turned at the door, leaning against the doorjamb, looking at my mother in law again.

"Esmom?" I called as I twisted the cap off and replaced it. She looked up sweetly. "I just wanted to thank you for," I shook my head and looked down as I tried to find the words. "For being such an incredible mom to Edward. For raising such a wonderful man. And husband. And now, father. I know that he's the way he is because of the love that you and Carlisle gave him." Her hand moved slowly to her face as her eyes teared up. I smiled brightly and added, "I also wanted to thank you for welcoming me into your family so graciously. I know that you were behind me one hundred percent of the way in my decision to try for Eliza. I don't think I'd have been able to do any of this without you." I took a deep breath before I confessed, "I miss Renee terribly, but you make me feel like I have a mother again, and that's really not something I could ever express to you in wordsthat feeling of having a mother's love again." She flew to me and pulled me into another intense hug that I returned full force. She simply squeezed me tightly and responded into my hair, "That is honestly the best compliment I have ever received, Bella." ******* EPOV "I think we'll have the re-reception at a Botanical Garden this time, what do you think?" Alice asked. Our heads all snapped up at once and I groaned in defeat as I tried to chew around my bite of cheese steak. "You're not really going to do another reception?" Jasper and Alistair looked at me with wide eyes and scooted back from the table. Alice dog-eared her wedding magazine and pushed herself across the table until her nose was less than an inch from mine. "Aw, damn, Edward. Now you've done it. That girl is not afraid to cut a bitch." Ali whispered to me as Alice's eyes narrowed into little slits. I had a fleeting thought that she could shoot lasers from them. Jasper held his breath as she opened her mouth to speak. "Just because all of that shit went down with Bella doesn't mean that I don't deserve to have a full reception, Edward." She threw herself back down into her chair with a huff. I swallowed noisily and looked over at Jasper for help. He silently lifted his hands in surrender and Alistair looked like he was enjoying how this was unfolding. I thought fast and reasoned, "But, you had all of the formalities, right? First dance, cake cutting, yada yada yada. So you just want people to fly out here to what? Dance?" All oxygen left the room and Jasper hung his head. Alice's eyes were blazing again. "Yes." She said the word like it was a challenge. "I think you just like planning weddings and parties, Alice."

Jasper's head raised back up and Ali cocked an eyebrow in my direction. "Tell you what," I bargained with her. This was for Jasper's sake as much as it was for everyone else. "Bella and I still haven't given you a wedding gift, right?" She nodded once. "So?" "Well" I looked over at Jasper and smiled. "If you don't make all of us go through another reception, I'll buy you that Porsche you asked for." Jasper's Coke hit the floor and the brown liquid started to puddle at his feet as he stared at me dumbly. Alistair's sushi went flying past my face as it slipped out of his chopsticks from the death grip he had just given them. "Hell, if that's the consolation prize, you can ruin my reception any day, sexpants," he warbled. I kept my eye contact with Alice. Her face took on a look of excitement before she reeled it back in. Opening her magazine again she shrugged, "I'll think about it." I cleaned up my trash and threw it away. As I walked out the door I called, "You just let me know when and what color, Al." ******* "C'mon, Bella. How much longer do I have to wait?" I was lying in the middle of the bed with my head hanging off of one side, staring at the bathroom door. She had already made me wait an extra six weeks on top of what the doctor had recommended. So it had been three months since our daughter had been bornand almost five months since my Johnson had seen any action. Not that I minded waiting, because, you knowI'm a gentleman and all that shit. But, if we had a green light to go then I wanted to G.O. The adjustment was difficult for us both after we got home. Bella had seemed like she was out to prove something and initially tried to take care of Eliza all by herself. She would do the feedings and pump and when I would try to help she'd just say, "No, I've got it," and she'd shuffle off looking tired and bitter. She claimed that, since I was still working, she didn't want me to have to lose any sleep. But when the baby would cry in the middle of the night, I would hear her come back into the room and she would be mumbling under her breath. After six weeks I came home one day to find her sleeping with her eyes open on the couch. She hadn't showered in three days, or changed clothes, and she had a burp rag in one hand and a pacifier in the other. The only reason I knew she was asleep was because there were little snores coming from her mouth. When I shook her awake she started talking about Synergy, Jem and The Holograms versus Barbie and The Rockers and I knew that she had finally snapped. Apparently there is a point of exhaustion where a person can start hallucinating and it looked like she had reached that pinnacle. I put my foot down and called Esme, asking her to come and help out during the day so that Bella could get some rest. For the first week, my mom said that Bella still wouldn't rest, and that she made excuses about

getting housework done. She'd walk by Esme and the baby a thousand times and finally Esme had to remind her that, while she had never had a newborn of her own, she did, in fact, know how to care for one. Finally, Bella began to relax and let other people help out. And tonight, when I had gotten home, I found her making dinner with Eliza in her bouncy seat on the kitchen counter. I'd walked through the door to the smell of pork chops and when I turned towards the kitchen, I saw Bella dancing with a spatula in her hand in front of the baby. She had an old Fall Out Boy cd blasting as she sang along and danced. I smiled a little knowing that it was her happy music, and she lookedhappy. She was bouncing from side to side and looked a little like she was running in place until I realized that she was doing her own sadly hilarious version of the routine from Flashdance. Eliza had started to smile a little recently, but the look on her face now was of a little bit of concern. Until Bella stopped moving and gave her a noisy kiss on her cheek. Then the baby's face lit up. I'm good to go For something golden I stood back and watched for a minute, taking in the distinct change in mood. Though the motions I've been going through have failed And, because I'm a man, my next instinct was that this would be a good night to try and get some. And I'm coasting on potential towards a wall At a 100 miles an hour I thought quickly and moved a little farther back into the shadows of the hallway and fished around in my messenger bag until I located the item I was looking for. Shrugging off my coat, I rolled up my sleeves and put the item on before I casually walked into the kitchen. Bella looked up startled and her hand flew to her chest as she started laughing. She reached over to turn the music down as I stopped to give Eliza a kiss and then I pressed up against Bella to give her a hug from behind, making sure that I crossed my arms in front of her slowly. "Hey, love. Have a good day today?" I asked as smoothly as I could. "Yeah, actually it was. Hey, I've never asked you if you ever went to see FOB when they were starting out in Chicago. Where you living there when they were" I saw her head move down a fraction of an inch as she looked at my wrist and then she turned in my arms, shaking her head from side to side. "You think you're slick by putting your hot ass cuff on and then coming in here and acting all suave don't you?" Damn. We knew each other too well. "Pfft. Please. I was wearing this all day," I said unconvincingly as I ran my fingers through my hair and gave her a crooked smile.

"Liar." She watched me for a second and I saw her eyes lock on my lips. She stared and cocked an eyebrow before shaking her head and bringing herself out of whatever happy place she had gone to for five seconds. So I turned nonchalantly to play with our daughter. Which apparently only made her hotter. See? I could learn new tricks. She rushed through dinner and fed Eliza one last time before she jumped into the shower. Night showers had become a bit of a routine on days that Esme wasn't there. So I waited in the living room. Then I waited in the office. Then I just took to sitting on the bed like a kid who was about to get a birthday gift. There was a lot of noise in the bathroom, with doors being opened and closed, or drawers being slammed. I wondered exactly what it is that she needed to do to prepare to benaked. Women were so weird sometimes. And now, here I was, stripped down to my boxers with my head hanging off of the side of the bed. Waiting. There was a soft click that signaled the door being unlocked and I sat up quickly trying without success to not look as eager as I was. She walked out slowly, looking nervous as she pulled her fingers through her hair and adjusted the strap on her dark blue nightie. Her eyes moved around the room quickly until she found a lighter and she grabbed it to light a couple of candles on the nightstands before she turned off the overhead light. I moved to the edge of the bed and made a motion with my hands for her to come to me. Her steps were delayed and I rolled my eyes at her pace. Finally, she had settled herself in between my knees and I pulled her in for a kiss. Her lips were hesitant at first so I ran a hand down her neck and wrapped my fingers through her hair, pressing her closer to me. After a second of deliberation, she finally gave in. Her lips softly parted and she ran her tongue across my lips, before she pulled back. "What are you worried about?" I whispered. She dropped her head a little and sighed. Looking back up at me she shrugged her shoulders and bit her lip, which did nothing to help the painful situation in my now uncomfortable boxers. "I'm screwed up in the head, I guess. I mean, I've got this damn sexy manwho's my husband, mind yousitting on the bed, wanting to have his way with me. But I'm wondering if you'll no longer" I didn't let her finish as I crushed my lips to hers and pulled her roughly into my chest. My hand was tangled in her hair and the other one traveled down the back of her gown to cup her ass. I squeezed it and pulled back to look in her eyes. "Does that answer your question?"

She nodded and took a shaky breath. I groaned with exasperation. Moving my hands in between our chests, I gently reminded her,"This part has always been easy for us, Bells. But it's not all about this," I said as I slid my hand down her rib cage. "It's about this," and I placed my hand over her heart. She looked up at me and snickered. "Effing brain melter. Do I have cerebral cortex coming out of my ears?" She lifted a hand to her ear and looked back down at it. "Did you rehearse that little speech?" I shook my head no and chuckled. Her eyes searched mine and she furrowed her brows. "How do you do that?" "I have no idea what you're implying, Isabella," I said, repeating a conversation we had had years ago. She rolled her eyes and gave me the same response as last time. Tapping her head, she pursed her lips and said, "Mental shield Cullen." I ran my hand down her side and slipped it in between her thighs. Traveling a few inches upward I shook my head. "It looks like your mind is the only thing that's shielded, because your body is saying something very different right now." Her heavy lidded eyes looked up at me and she nodded before she pushed my chest back. Her hands ran up my thighs and dipped below the legs of my boxers as she raked her fingernails back down and in, lightly caressing the sensitive inner thigh area that sometimes made me laugh like an eight year old girl. She was nuzzling her face over the front of my boxers and I looked up in confusion as she started to pull them off and said, "Hey One Eyed Willy. Long time, no see." I scooted back and shook my head vehemently. "Uh-uh. No way are you naming my dick after a dead pirate from Goonies." Her face scrunched up in confusion. "Well, what do you want me to call it then? Papa Smurf?" "No." "He-man?" "That would make your poonanny Castle Grayskull, so no." "Lionel?" "That equals Cheetarah for you." "Shit," she pondered. "Foofer?" "What the hell?" I laughed. "Is that a Fraggle?" "Hmmm, well" she had perched herself on the edge of the bed now, deep in thought. "Do you want to be the Cobra Commander?"

That sounded okay I thought about it before she began a torrent of other names. "McFly? Jake? Duckie Dale? Inigo Montoya? Egon? Falcor? GloWorm? Ice Man? Long Duck Dong?" "Oh. My. God. You've just developed some sort of weird nostalgia related tourettes or something." I stared at her with wide eyes. "Slimer?" she finished. I snorted. "Ummm, number one? That's disgusting. Number two: Between the two of us, I think that may be more fitting for" I pointed at her and gestured my finger up and down. Her cheeks were burning bright red and her chest had taken on a faint pink hue as well. "Why do you suddenly want a name for him anyway?" I asked as I sat back up. She shrugged and looked away. I grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed, rolling her over on her back. "Just call him Thor and stop stalling," I held myself up as I moved my face an inch away from hers. "You weren't even this nervous the first time." Bella's hands rested lightly on my shoulders as she sighed, "I don't want to be naked." Rolling my eyes, I kissed her nose. "So we're back to square one? With you keeping your nightgown on and me trying to take it off?" She nodded slightly and I groaned. "No deal, Bella. Not again. I'm not going to let you get self-conscious on me. So, stop being so damn stubborn and just go with it because I'm starting to get a little complex here that you don't want it." Her lips pursed and she let out a laugh. "Everybody wants to have sex with you, Cullen." "Just not my wife?" I was staring into her eyes. Her eyes met mine and held my stare while she took a deep breath. With a blink of her lids her lips were pressed fiercely to mine and her hands dipped between us, her fingers reaching and grasping at the cloth covered behemoth that was resting against her stomach. She gripped hard and I muffled a moan as she pressed her hips against me. Her legs opened and wrapped around my waist, pulling me to her as she let go and moved her arms up to encircle my back. "Say that you want me," she breathed. "More than ever," I promised her as I trailed my tongue down her neck and over her collarbone. My fingers reached out to move the tiny blue straps aside and I placed hot kisses over every inch of skin I could come into contact with. Pulling the straps aside, I grasped both breasts and ran my thumbs across her nipples lightly, causing her to grind against me harder.

I ran my tongue from one to the other, pausing only to take each sensitive bud in my mouth and roll my tongue across them. I could feel her heat through my shorts and I pressed against her more firmly to let her know how much I wanted her. Rolling the top of her gown down, I bunched it up in my hands and swiftly pulled it over her hips. Without a second glance, I dipped my head between her thighs and buried my face into her slick folds. Her hands were spastic: clutching the sheets, my hair, and her own thighs. She was making low panting sounds and saying what sounded like my name, though I wasn't sure because the pure pleasure that was behind the inflection made it hard to understand anything that she was saying. Until she grabbed my face and pulled me up to her, gripping my boxers with her toes and sliding them off. "Okay, okay" she croaked, "enough." Her eyes had turned darker and she was breathing hard as she kissed my mouth and said, "It's been too long since I've had you inside of me." She moved against my shaft that felt like steel by now and with a small move of her hips, she slid the head inside and whimpered. I went to pull back but she held me firmly. "That was a good sound, Edward. Don't move," she whispered and I saw her eyes cross and close as she rolled her hips and took me fully inside. "I'm an idiot," she said, popping her eyes open. "Huh?" I gasped out as I tried to focus. She shifted slightly into me and back again and I bit my lip from swearing, because the last thing I wanted to do to let her know how amazing she felt was say something like 'shit'. Her movements were more calculated now, taking me all the way in and then pulling back until I was almost completely out. She kissed my chin and gasped as I thrust back, gripping her hips firmly in my hands. "I was so busy and preoccupied that I forgot how," she bit her lip as she wrapped her legs around my thighs, "damn good you are at this." I'd take it as a compliment. She pushed up a little and I wrapped my arms around her back, pulling her to sitting on my lap. She rose up onto her knees and straddled my legs, never disconnecting, never losing her rhythm. We were face to face and she was gripping my arms with deadly force and for the first time I thought maybe I would be the one to walk away with bruises. Her nipples ran lightly over my chest and they tightened with each pass, making her moan louder. I had a hand wrapped in her hair and was gently pulling it so that I could gain access to her jaw and neck as she threw her head back in ecstasy. I ran my hand underneath her cheeks to assist in raising and lowering her. I watched her move against me and I couldn't take my eyes off of the pulse that was jack hammering on the side of her throat. It only served to remind me that she was alive and that I had almost lost her. She was pressed against me more tightly now and her body was starting to writhe and move erratically. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her with as much passion as I had in my entire body.

"Bella," I whispered hoarsely, pulling her face away so that I could see her eyes. She was panting and her lips had gone dry from her breathing. Her body was tensing with each movement and I gripped one of her hips tightly while the other wrapped around her hair. "I want to see your face when you come," I grunted. Something flashed in her eyes then and her breath hitched as it happened. Her eyes never left mine, even as they focused and unfocused through her orgasm, while she was making loud and throaty moans in between my name falling from her lips. She pressed her forehead against mine, holding me closer as I came only a few thrusts later, telling her how without words what she did to me. We wrapped our arms around each other and sat that way for a while, just breathing and being together in the most basic way that we knew how. Nothing else mattered. And nothing else existed. Until the baby started crying. ******* ******* A/N: My hubby waited exactly 5 weeks and 6 days. I was all, "Dude. I have my appointment tomorrow. Chillax." And he was all, "But you look so sexy in those sweatpants."

Chapter 18: Chapter 18

A/N: Twilight is not mine. The personalities behind these characters are, though. And I'm going to miss them terribly Hi All! This is our very last chapterthe end of the Good Year road. Can you believe it? I was going to drag this out for two more chapters, but it seems good to end it here and then give you guys your links and references pages. *******Mike's death in an earlier chapter was a pregnancy dream. They are like hallucinations.******* There'll be highs and lows; Goodbyes hellos Make ups and breakups; I told you so's Yeah this year Still holds a lot of hope And I know

Its gonna be a good year Cause we all have hope For a good year ~ Treaty of Paris (Good Year) Chapter 18 BPOV Waking up to the melodic sound of Edward's piano playing was amazing. I had secretly ordered the piano for his thirtieth birthday and then had Emmett and Jasper take him out to go hunting overnight so that I could have it delivered and assembled before his surprise party. When he walked in and saw all of his friends and family gathered in our house for his birthday, his face lit up brighter than the sun. But when I showed him the gift, he pulled me into a kiss that seared my soul. Apparently, he really liked it. This morning he was playing something new that he had been working on and I smiled thinking that my gift was bringing him so much happiness. I could hear Eliza babbling in between his notes and I rolled off of the bed to go and join them. Stepping into the piano room, I stood for a second against the door frame and took in the sight before me. My gorgeous husband was sitting at his piano and our daughter was holding onto his piano bench, bouncing as he played. He was playing and looking over at her, making faces and smiling as he continued to compose. And they both looked so happy, it made my heart ache. I shuffled in and scooped Eliza up into my arms, giving her a raspberry on her tummy before putting her back down so that she could continue asserting her independence. My fingers trailed softly through Edward's silky hair and he leaned back slightly, lifting his face to look up at me as he smiled. I slid next to him on the bench and nestled my head into the crook of his neck. "Happy early birthday," he whispered as he rested his head on top of my own. My birthday was the following day and this was the only part of the next few days that we would have to ourselves this weekend. We were going to Forks to visit Charlie and Sue, and then would celebrate in Port Angeles for the nightand all of our friends were coming along. Even Ali and Felix. My cell phone rang and I groaned as I got up to answer. "Hey Alice," I answered groggily. Her voice shrilled through the phone so loudly, I had to hold the phone away from my face. "B! Can you meet me for coffee? I really need to talk with you about something and it can't wait."

My interest was piqued so I asked Edward if he minded a quick Starbucks run and he told me to go on. I showered and dressed quickly, grabbing my keys and chapstick before I kissed my family goodbye and headed out to see what had Alice's panties all bunched. As I walked in to the coffee shop, I scanned the tables, finding Alice on one of the couches holding two drinks. She gestured broadly to get my attention and I sat down next to her, pulling her into a hug before taking my drink. "Okay," I said as I sipped. "What the hell is the big deal, Al? You look more worked up than I have ever seen youare you pregnant?" She snorted and pointed to her coffee, "Extra shot of Espresso. No." I yawned and nodded, "Spill." She turned to face me as she tucked her tiny foot under her butt cheek. "Bells. If you could do anything in the entire world for a living, what would it be?" She looked like she was about to explode I was thoughtful before I replied, "I'd cook. Or bakesomething like that." She squealed and threw her arms around me, making me choke for air. "Bells, I have a fabulous idea and I want to run it by you." She pulled back and clasped her hands. "Hear me out first, okay?" I nodded. "A while ago, I was at work and thinking about redoing our reception, but Edward stopped me and offered me my car," her tiny finger pointed out the window at the bright yellow Porsche. I rolled my eyes and took another sip of my drink. "Go on," I prodded. "Well, Edward said something that day that totally stuck with me. He said, 'I think you just like planning parties, Al'. And he's right. I think I'd be damn good at it, don't you?" I smiled, "Of course. You'd be amazing, but what does that have to do with me?" She grabbed my hands and leaned in to whisper, "I want to plan weddings, B. Mari has said she's be an exclusive vendor for dresses, and I could design bridesmaid dresses for clients, while she would produce in Miami. So I was thinking about what else we would need and Alistair told me he has friends who DJ like I was surprised as well as make up artists and hairdressers. All of them would work as exclusive vendors. But" She held her breath before letting the words rush out," I need someone who does cake and catering and stuff. So I wanted to see if you wanted to go into business with me?" ******* "I think it's a great idea," Edward said as he smiled down at me. "Its something that you love to do and you're great at it. Plus, it would leave most of your week days open to stay with Eliza, right?"

He was right. The weekday work would be minimal compared to the weekends. But once my company got big enough, I would have my very own staff and I could work less. My throat felt tight and I hugged him fiercely, realizing for the very first time that every single one of my wildest dreams had come true. Edward sighed against my head before he released me. "We need to finish packing and get on the road if we're going to get out of here soon," he chuckled with a twinkle in his eye. I glanced at the clock and groaned. "Not even enough time for a damn quickie," I mumbled. Everyone arrived by one and we were in Forks by mid afternoon. Alice and Jasper had driven separately so that Al could show off her car. And that ended up making all of us drive different cars due to the couples and baby seats. We were single-handedly killing the Forks eco system. I gave the Cullens directions to Charlie's house and then the rest of us made a quick stop at the grocery store. I was headed in with the intent of getting Charlie some Vitamin R, but I ended up getting the best birthday present I could ever ask for. "She's asleep," I said, pointing to the baby in the car seat. Edward nodded and got out to gently lift Eliza from her seat. She melted into his shoulder after a quick whine and fell back asleep. We smiled at each other as I grabbed a basket and headed in to the store. Even with a baby on his shoulder, my husband got lusted after by every single woman within a ten-foot radius. I slowed my steps and narrowed my eyes at each of them. Mine. The group had dispersed quickly, Rose and Emmett headed off with Liam to look at baby food and magazines, respectively. Jasper and Alice had headed off to the bakery to peruse cakes. Felix and Ali headed straight to the pharmacy. And our little family headed for the Beer and Wine section. We found the beer and then we headed to Floral where I stopped for an extra minute to pick up two bunches of flowers. Our friends met up with us and were milling about the roses, and Edward was humming softly, running his hand over the back of our daughter's head as she slept. The melody was beautiful and I looked up to ask what he was humming, when I saw something that made me burst into laughter. It startled Edward and Eliza jerked awake as I snorted and tried to cover my mouth. His eyes followed my gaze and his mouth dropped open as he watched Mike waddle into the store, at least thirty pounds heavier than the last time I saw him. Jessica was warily pushing the cart behind him, and their baby was screaming at the top of his lungs from the front of the cart. It couldn't have been more perfect if I had planned it. They faltered a bit as they caught sight of us, and I saw shock register on Mike's face as he looked up and saw Edward holding Eliza. Rose and Alice flanked both sides of me as Edward stood protectively forward, clutching Eliza tighter. Emmett and Jasper fell in line while Ali and Felix stood haughtily off to the side.

I wondered what it must have looked like to the new Newton Family. The Pack of Perfection was hard to deal with under regular circumstances, but in Forks? In the middle of the grocery store? It must have been a thousand times worse. Ali shook his head and whispered to Felix, "That's not even a Bear, sweetheart. That's a damn walrus." Felix pursed his lips in agreement. "Bella," Jessica called softly, pushing the cart a few feet closer. "Your dad said that you'd gotten remarried and had a baby." Her gaze fell on the beauty of our daughter and she looked pained. "Congratulations." Mike's eyes flicked from me to the baby and then back again. "Thought they said you couldn't have any more kids," he said flatly. I smiled broadly at Edward and then replied, "It's amazing what can happen when you find the right person." I looked over his physical appearance one more time and my eyes landed on his hand. "No ring? I thought you guys got married?" Jessica swallowed and spoke, "We're doing a trial separation while we figure some stuff out." My heart went out to her for a split second. I took a hold of Eliza and walked her over to their cart. "What's his name?" I asked of the baby who was still crying in fits at the front of the cart. "Paul," she answered softly. Eliza reached her arms out towards the baby and I watched as her big brown eyes blinked towards his direction and her little hands reached out for his face. Her brown ringlets swayed as she clapped both hands on Paul's cheeks and grinned. Paul stopped crying and stared back at her silently. "Da pbbbbbbbbt," she jabbered. I pulled her back up into my arms and sighed. "I guess these two are kind of related in a sense." Edward's hand was suddenly heavy and warm in my back. I looked over my shoulder at him to let him know I was okay. "Good luck, Jess," I said with sincerity. "That baby right there is more important than anything else you have going on right now." I turned back to Mike and rolled my eyes. "Just be a man for once in your life, Mike. This is all you ever wanted, right? Even as shitty a father as you probably are, Paul needs a dad. So learn how to be a good one, for god's sake." His face turned red and he started to sputter until Emmett took one menacing step forward. Rose crossed her arms and sneered, "You used to have sex with that pig?" I chuckled. "Nah, Rose. I wouldn't exactly call what we did 'having sex'. " I cocked an eyebrow at Mike as his face blanched. Jessica's head dropped and she murmured goodbye as she pushed the cart past us. Mike stood in a defensive stance for a second longer until he caught something in Edward's eyes that made him cower. He physically

cringed and I looked at him with confusion, until I saw a dark spot start to spread down the front of his pants. He looked down and his face turned bright red as he fled to the bathroom. The laughter that was pouring out of us could not be contained and I wiped my eyes as we went through the check out. "Is there some sort of connection between Erectile Dysfunction and incontinence?" Seriously the best birthday I ever had. We celebrated with dinner at Charlie's and then we all headed to Port Angeles to our hotel rooms. Esme and Carlisle graciously watched Eliza and Liam while the group of us went out for drinks. "Do you want to go out for Karaoke?" Alice had asked before we left. I shook my head and sighed. "Nah. Somebody told me that karaoke was lame" She smiled widely and shrugged. "Then, by all means, lets not be lame on your thirty first birthday." The following morning, we rose and got ready for the day. I had one more thing that I wanted to do while I was here and I couldn't decide if I wanted to go alone or not. I asked Esme her thoughts as I picked up Eliza from the Cullen's room. She looked thoughtful and said, "I think your family should go with you." So I asked everyone if they would accompany me and not one person said no. We all filed into our vehicles, and as our caravan moved past the trees and towards the big oak and small hill, I battled with myself for bringing everyone. But as my family, including Charlie and Sue, climbed form their respective cars; I knew I had made the right decision. I wrapped my arms around Eliza and climbed the small hill towards Charlie's grave. Edward followed behind with the bouquet of flowers and I took a single daisy from the bunch. I handed it over to Eliza and helped her toddle over to the headstone. She looked up at me and then let the flower go, clapping her hands when it hit the soft grass. Edward placed the flowers in their holder and I stood back with a smile. "Hey Charlie, this is your sister Elizabeth." I turned and pointed to the crowd behind us, "And those people over there are family too. Every last one of them. It's kinda busy in there now, huh?" I asked softly as I placed my hand over my heart. I bent and kissed my fingers before placing them on the face of the grave. "Tell Renee and Phil to take good care of you, okay?" With a heart full of love and no more pain, I stood triumphantly and faced my family. Surrounded by love. I had closure. Finally.

A/N: I was going to do another part where Edward took Bella to Isle Esme, but it seemed fitting to end Bella's story here. I'm actually a little choked up right now I said before that Into the Mystic was written for me. But A Good Year was written expressly for you guys. You voted for it, you told me what you wanted and you told me what not to write. So, if you love this story, then be proud of yourselves. You were the driving force behind every last word I wrote. So, thank you. Thanks for loving me so much that you wanted to keep me around. Thanks for all of your unending support. Thank you for making me laugh and for making me cry, for making me cringe and for all of the sleepless nights that came with these two stories. Thanks for making me a perv. Ah, hell. I was already a perv. You just let me write it down I met some incredible people through these stories, and I have received some amazing correspondence in regards to personal triumphs and loss. You are all amazing and you deserve nothing but the bestest. Always. I feel in a way that I kind of failed you guys. I don't know what you originally expected when I started this sequel, but I always feel that I could have done better. I could have done more. So, if I lost you somewhere along the wayI am sorry. I will miss these guys more than I can express. And you know what? I'm gonna miss Ali the most Air kisses and smacks on the ass to all of you hot bitches. Or pirate hookers. Or peg legged hookers. Or QBOTsbecause I know you are out thereLOL Chapters 19 and 20 will be the refs pages and links pages, so if you get alerts and don't care about those, then disregard the notices when they pop up. Mwah!

Chapter 19: Chapter 19

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Chapter 3: Curious Case of Benjamin Button Broken Lifehouse Empire Records Britney Spears melt down Dangerous Roxette Snapped Bubble Boy Matrix Chapter 4: Dr. Feelgood Motley Crew Chapter 5: Heathers Princess Bride Mean Girls Bionic Woman She is Love Parachute Son of a Preacher Man Dusty Springfield So I Married An Axe Murder Chapter 6: Billy Madison Tyra Banks Show 13 Going on 30 Chapter 7: The Ring

Chris Farley SNL Motivational Speaker Waiting Chapter 8: Closer-Better Than Ezra Chapter 9: Empire Records Disturbia Rear Window Donnie Darko Butterfly Effect Back to the Future Hallelujah Paramore Chapter 10: Spinal Tap Heaven is a Place on Earth -Belinda Carlisle Cocktail St. Elmo's Fire Ghostbusters Gremlins Sixteen Candles Star Wars Everlong Foo Fghterd Better Together Jack Johnson Come Together Beatles Until This Day Kenotia

Won't Stop One Republic Chapter 11: Pressure: David Bowie and Queen Muppets Kill Bill Saving Silverman Chapter 12: Star Wars Phantom of the Opera Hedwig and the Angry Inch I Gotta Feelin' Black Eyed Peas Chapter 13: Irvine Kelly Clarkson Chapter 14: My Fair Lady Sixteen Candles Labyrinth Princess Bride Everlong Foo Fighters Poker Face Lady Gaga Only in Dreams Weezer Into the Mystic Van Morrison Miracle Paramore Blackbird Beatles All We Are One Republic

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Top Gun Chapter 18: /////////////////

Chapter 20: Chapter 20

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