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Jiffy Packer
Paper Packaging Systems
Fast, Convenient On-Site Production of Economical
Void Kraft™ Recycled Paper Packaging Material.
Jiffy Packer Systems
Jiffy Packer On-Line System ®

From Picking to Shipping

1 Picked Orders – 1
Queuing Area
2 Quality Control/ 2
Order Verification
3 Jiffy Packer ® System
4 Case Sealer
5 UPS Manifest

Quickly Converts Rolls of Multi-Ply Unique Cart System Makes

Void Kraft™ Recycled Paper Into Thickly Material Handling Easy:
Embossed, Flexible Paper Packaging
Material... On-Site, On-Line, On-Demand: • Transporting and loading Void Kraft™ rolls onto system is quick
and effortless.

•Significantly Reduced Labor Costs – One person • No operator lifting required.

can handle 1,000 or more cartons per day, eliminating the need for • Cart handles two Void Kraft™ paper rolls at once (an amount
multiple packing stations. equivalent to up to forty, 14 cu. ft. bags of loose fill) eliminating
the need for frequent material changeovers.
•Maximum Productivity – The touch of a footswitch
dispenses a cubic foot of void fill in seconds – faster than any • Cart docks with Jiffy Packer® On-Line System and doubles as
other machine. unwind stand.
•User-Friendly – Over-the-line, foot controlled feed leaves both
hands free to pack and allows operator to easily keep up with product flow.
•Compact Design – Requires a minimum of space and
fits easily into most existing lines.
•Simple, Tool-Less Design – Easy to service;
minimizes costly downtime.
•Batch Control – Simply select a sheet size and the machine
will continuously feed that amount of material.
•Automatic Next Sheet Feed – For greater efficiency, the
machine automatically feeds a new sheet as soon as the last one is used.
Compact Void Kraft™ Rolls Save Valuable
Warehouse Space:
• One eight roll pallet for the on-line system yields the equivalent
of up to 160, 14 cu. ft. bags of loose fill yet takes up only 16 sq. ft.
of warehouse space.
One roll of Void Kraft ™ paper for the on-line system is the equivalent of up to
• Simplifies inventory control by reducing scheduling and re-ordering. twenty 14 cubic foot bags of loose fill.

Jiffy Packer Benchside and Benchtop
Work Station Systems
Jiffy Packer® Benchside Jiffy Packer® Benchtop

This is a floor model mounted on casters which offers the versatility to position it This model is designed to sit on top of the packing table and dispense material
around or in between pack tables or even on a central packaging line where space into the carton.
will not accommodate the cart system.

•“Big Company” Through-Put – Both models provide

small to medium-sized companies with the same high-volume
through-put capacity as the Jiffy Packer® On-Line System.
•Pack Area Versatility – Both models can be loaded from
the front or back depending on pack line constraints and even be
loaded on both brackets for added efficiency.
•Storage Space Savings – One twenty-roll pallet of
Void Kraft™ paper for both models yields the equivalent of 100,
14 cu. ft. bags of loose fill yet takes up only 16 sq. ft. of valuable
warehouse space.
One roll of Void Kraft™ paper for work station systems
is equivalent to five 14 cubic foot bags of loose fill.
Jiffy Packer Paper Packaging Systems ®

Void Kraft™ Recycled Paper

Protects Your Products, Your Profits
and Your Environment:
•Environmentally Responsive – Made from 100%
recycled paper fibers. Can be readily reused or recycled right along
with corrugated cartons.
•Highly Efficient – Provides excellent void fill protection
without the need to fill entire carton. Can also be used to cushion,
wrap, interleave or line cartons.
•Neat, Professional Packaging – No mess or clean-up
required. Improves customer satisfaction.
•Easy Material Handling – Compact Void Kraft™ paper
rolls can be easily moved to multiple packing stations and are even
easier to thread into machine.

Size: 39" x 33" x 65" (48" x 54" x 65" with cart attached) Size: 39" x 25" x 30"
Weight: 235 lbs. Weight: 185 lbs.
Utilities: 110 Volt AC Utilities: 110 V AC
Production rate: 3 ft./sec. Paper Roll Width: 21"
JIFFY PACKER® CART Size: 39" x 33" x 65"
Size: 48" x 21" x 55" Weight: 235 lbs.
Weight: 240 lbs. or 560 lbs. loaded Utilities: 110 V AC
Capacity: 10,500 sq. ft. of paper or 616 cu. ft. of paper Paper Roll Width: 21"
Material: multi-ply 100% recycled paper* Material: multi-ply 100% recycled paper*
Roll Size: 21" x 3000' (5250 sq. ft) Roll Size: 21" x 800' (1400 sq. ft)
Roll Weight: 160 lbs. Roll Weight: 42 lbs.
Diameter: 20 1⁄4" Diameter: 10 3⁄4"
Rolls-Per-Pallet: 8 rolls Rolls-Per-Pallet: 20
Pallet Weight: 1360 lbs. Pallet Weight: 935 lbs.
* Post-Industrial * Post-Industrial

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