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Creating Sustainable Buildings and Communities

February 16th, 2012 Robert Smith, Director, Innovation The Minto Group

Presentation Outline

Who we are and what we do Strategies and Processes From single buildings to community initiatives Lessons learned

Who We Are

From Vision to Strategic Planning

Create a vision Develop a strategic plan

Achievable targets Timelines Implementation Commissioning Measurement and Verification

Create programs Attain partnerships/alliances

Funding agencies Utilities and government

Integrated Design Process

Series of workshops and design meetings

Industry experts and utilities Government agencies

Target energy efficiency of the homes/buildings

Building envelope Highly efficient appliances and technologies Mechanical Lighting

Alternate forms of energy

Renewable technologies Community energy systems

Design Parameters
Net 45 performance Build tight Double wall construction R-44 exterior walls R-60 roof/ceiling R-40 basement walls R-15 under slab Target 0.5 ACH

Inspiration A Zero Energy Home

Double Wall Construction

Spray Foam for Superior Performance

Exterior Insulation


Air Tightness

Measurement and Verification

Natural Ventilation
Operable windows Vertical and horizontal ventilation No cooling requirement Thermal mass Performance exceeds energy model!!



Finished Product

Zero Energy Condominium

Determining Demand Energy Use and Load Profiles

Energy Use Demand Profile

1 Baseline Model - Code Ontario Building Code construction, HVAC systems and lighting Typical process loads and occupancy

2 Design Model - LEED Best practice construction, HVAC systems and lighting Same process loads and occupancy as Baseline 10-25% improvement over baseline

3 Load Model Same as Design Calculate hourly demands by setting heating and cooling plant efficiencies to 100% Assume identical pumping energy to Design model

Zero Energy Building Technologies

Specification Roof insulation Wall insulation Garage ceiling insulation Ventilation Make Up Air Unit Air Conditioning Showers Occupant controls Enhanced Technology Building (Working towards Net Zero) R-31 Rigid + R-10 Spray Foam R-33 Spray Foam R-50 Spray Foam Heat Recovery 98% AFUE hydronic heating coil SEER 16 1.5 GPM flow oAll off switch oGreen Plugs oMotion controlled HVAC Compact Fluorescent Motion Controlled LED oElectricity oHot and cold water o42kW Crystalline PV rooftop array Triple Pane, Low-e, Argon Fill on North walls, Double glaze on south facing walls

In Suite Lighting Common Area Lighting Sub metering Renewable Electricity Windows

District Energy

District Energy

CHP Plant Fuel Options

Biomass / Gasification Liquid Bio-fuels Biogas

Lessons Learned
Quality control Its not easy the first time The benefits out way the challenges Engage the experts Measure, then measure again! We would like to help