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No Particulars Page No 1 Chapter 1- Introduction Objectives Scope Methodology Limitations 06 07 08 09 10 2 Chapter 2- Review of Literature 11 3 Chapter 3- Profile of the company Company overview Mission and Quality policy of the company Companys Products Companys Hierarchy 12 13 14 16 18 4 Chapter 4- Critical Analysis Market Research Questionnaire Eureka Forbes Product And Survey Questionnaire Pie Charts 20 21 23 26 5 Chapter 5 Findings And Recommendations Bibliography 35 36 INTRODUCTION Usually it is said that if marketing would be a train, then market research wou ld be the locomotive. In other words, market research should ideally be the star ting point of any marketing exercise. Conducting any marketing exercise - be it related to pricing, promotion or distribution of a product or service, without r esearching the potential market is as sensible as setting out to sell sand in th e Sahara Desert. Market research provides the answers to all the questions that generally occupy the minds of marketers, at every stage of the marketing process. Growth Trends in Market Research India , fastest growing market research industry in the world, with growth rates at around 31 % (2006-07) . China is a distant second growing at 20 %. The size of the industry if of 595 crore, but the industry is growing rapidly with a lot of business coming from overseas. The business coming from overseas from overs eas involves lot of outsourcing as cost advantages are enormous. The processing of data is almost 50% cheaper in India than in developed countries. The outsourc ing business amounts to almost for the 8 % industry and this figure is doubling in value every year.

OBJECTIVES 1. 2. 3. s. 4. 5. Study of water purifier business in detail. Study the performance of Different Brands of Water Purifier in market. To study their customer base and also their customer retention strategie

To analyze the after sales-service of EUREKA FORBES. To compare Eureka Forbes with other brands of Purifiers.

6. To figure out customer satisfaction from Eureka Forbes and their after s ales service. 7. Find the existing position of Eureka Forbes.

Scope of Market Research Many people think that marketing research is just a consumer survey, asking cons umers about certain products or services. Though consumer research is an intregr al part of marketing research, the latteris quite a pervasive activity, covering the various types of marketing problems that confront the marketing manager. Th ere are various discussion confined to the market research which are as follows. Product Research Sales Research Customer Research Pricing Research Advertising Research

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Development of research procedures is another important step in the market resea rch process. Research Design is actually the blue print specifying every stage o

f action in the course of research. Methods Of Data Collection:Sources Of Data A. Secondary data

1. Internal sources Company records Annual reports 2. External sources Web pages of organizations and journals Newspapers Magazines B. Primary data:

Primary Data sources are dealers and customers of Eureka Forbes water Purifier, data gathered from them is recorded in questionnaire. Tools for data collection Questionnaire Based Interview Method: The questions are crafted in a way to generate as many information as possible w ith minimum effort on respondents part. Type Of Questions Used: Open ended Close ended Multiple choices LIMITATIONS Following are the limitations of the project: i. The study is made on the responses to the questionnaire framed.

ii. Though utmost care has been taken, the views expressed by the people may not represent the views of the population at large. iii. iv. Topic is vast but availability of information and time line is short. Unable to meet many purchasers and users

v. Conclusions arrived at might not be suitable to the other part the city.

REVIEW OF LITERATURE Eureka Forbes Friend For Life Customers have always been the centre of business for EFL,they strive to be in c lose and constant touch with there customers listening to them and understanding there needs. Eureka Forbes have also taken initiative to educate there customer s to change there perceptions and practises. According to the EFL officials A sa le is only the beginning of the relationship however company makes special effort s to let the bonds of freindship endure through theire service. Everyone at EFL strives hard to make a customer there friend for life . Eureka Forbes have rechris tened there offices to CRS-Customer Response centresmaking them the hub of all c ustomer centric efforts. A significant part of there revenues comes from relatio nship marketing including service contracts, spares and accessories sales, produ ct upgradation and new references. As more channels to reach out to customers we re introduced, organisation was restructured to harmonize these multiple avenues of interaction and present a single face to the customer - any customer is ever yone s customer under this process of Convergence . Aquacheck An Initiative by Eureka Forbes Aquacheck is one of the initiative taken by Eureka Forbes to educate people abou t safe and pure dinking water. At Aquachek, customers of any brand of water purifier can get their water checke d for the bacteria and other water contents for a nominal fee. Service available in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhimtal, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Meghalaya and Mumbai.

COMPANY PROFILE Eureka Forbes is Rs 10 billion multi-product multi-channel corporation which is a part for shaporji pallonji group and employes over 7000 employees. It has evol ved as a leader in domestic and industrial water purification systems,vacuum cle aners, air purifiers and security solutions . Eureka Forbes were the first to introduce domestic [water purifiers] the Aquag uard - model - as well as [vacuum cleaners] to India in the 1980s. In order to introduce these previously unknown products to a society in which nationwide co mmercial campaigns were an impossibility, the company had to pioneer another inn ovation - direct selling. The corps of suit-clad Eureka Forbes salesmen were the first such in the country and were a tremendous success. They are now Asia s la rgest direct selling organisation with a 5,000 strong direct sales force touchin g 1.25 million Indian homes and adding 1,500 customers daily. Such was the succe ss of Eureka Forbes that Aquaguard has now become a synonym for water purifi er in India, like Xerox for [photocopying]. "The promise was clear: To create a company that wouldn t be about bricks, morta r or sales graphs, but driven by something far more potent. Something that would stand the test of time: relationships."

COMPANY OVERVIEW DIRECT MARKETING: Eureka Forbes followed the globally tried and tested direct selling route for marketing its products in India, thus becoming one of the first direct selling c ompanies in India. Vacuum cleaners and water purifiers were rather new concepts for Indian consumers, who had till then followed only the traditional methods of cleaning and filtering. Therefore, Eureka Forbes had to first establish the con cept of vacuum cleaners and water purifiers in India before it could sell Eurek a as a brand. The company believed that its core strength was its people. It em ployed dynamic, highly motivated individuals, called Eurochamps, who projected the image of The friendly man from Eureka Forbes. Thus, for the average Indian consumer, Eureka Forbes became synonymous with the smartly dressed salesman who came to their houses and cleaned up things in a jiffy or showed how air/water p urifiers were indispensable. Eurochamps initially targeted the metros but soon b egan visiting smaller cities and towns also Commenting on the decision to divers ify into bottled water, company sources said that it was only to strengthen the core products by capitalizing on their brand image. Goklaney said, "In the water category, I will conduct activities which strengthen my core products. How I do that and what I do is a matter of strategy." According to company sources, Eure ka Forbes not only had the financial strength, but also a strong network of sale s executives to push its new products into the market. The company s decision to enter the retail business was primarily the result of its launch of Tornado v acuum cleaners and Aquaflo water purifiers in 1995. Eureka Forbes had utilized the retail route for this range, mainly to cater to the industrial segment. Ove r the years, the retail business assumed greater significance and by 1999, aroun d 5% of the company s sales came from the 2500-strong dealer network. In 1999, Eureka Forbes Ltd. (Eureka Forbes), the leading vacuum cleaner and wate r/air purifier equipment company, announced a major policy change that came as a surprise to the Indian corporate world. The company, regarded as the pioneer of direct marketing in India, was planning to focus more on the retailing business in the future. Commenting on this decision, S Goklaney, Managing Director, Eure ka Forbes, said, "Direct sales permits us to exploit only the top end of the mar ket." This move was in accordance with the company s plans to increase the visib ility of its products. The company planned to make its products available in ret ail outlets through its dealer network, spread across 2,600 dealers. MISSION AND QUALITY OF EUREKA FORBES


Security Solutions :

Vacuum Cleaners:

COMPANY HIERARCHY Water Purifiers Eureka Forbes ltd

Electric Water purifier purifier Power Boil Aqua flow Sure Boil 2. Deluxe (5 stage filtration) 3. Designer 4. Platinum 5. Ivory 1.

Non-electric water

Aqua sure Crystal UV : The sleek new Crystal is a multistage compact water purif ier with Power Boil. Features : The 3 components, sediment filter, Activated carbon block and UV chamber ensure pure, safe drinking water In built voltage stabilizer with special indicator Auto power shut off to save unnecessary power consumption Activated Carbon Block and UV Chamber ensure pure and safe drinking water Electronic flush to drain stagnant water Electronic Monitoring System to ensure only pure and safe water Convenient water filling tray Water outflow 2 ltr/min.

AQUASURE AQUAFLOW UV FEATURES: On-line water filter-cum-purification system. Removes odour, organic impurities and traces of chlorine. Deactivates all bacteria and virus in the UV chamber. Water outflow 1 ltr/min. With PowerBoil Technology. AQUASURE DESIGNA

AquaSure DESIGNA UV The Aquasure Designa is an elegantly designed multistage UV water purifier with PowerBoil. Features On-line water filter-cum-purification system Can be placed on a counter or mounted on a wall Has an Electronic Monitoring System and a dual filter to remove odour and impuri ties World proven UV technology that deactivates all bacteria and virus Water outflow 2 ltr/min Bottle holding tray With PowerBoil Technology CRITICAL ANALYSIS BRAND NAME ORBES LTD EUREKA F HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LTD (HUL) IMAGE PURE-IT Rs 2000/-


Type of Water Purifier Storage Storage Storage Capacity (Litres) METHODS OF PURIFICATION Purification Stages 4

13 ltrs 18 ltrs 4

Pre-Filter Purification Yes Yes Silver-Impregnated Activated Carbon Yes Yes Candle-Filter Purification No No Ultra-Violet Purification No No Reverse Osmosis No No Other Methods Active Disinfectant / Special Carbon Germkill Processor and U nique Polisher MAKE AND PHYSICAL FEATURES Material of Body ABS Plastic Foodgrade ABS Plastic Colours Available White-Blue Royal Blue - Burgandy POWER REQUIREMENT Power Required N-A N-A Power Consumption (Overall) (Watts) N-A N-A Power Consumption (UV Lamp) (Watts N-A N-A DIMENSIONS Width (mm) 302 290 Depth (mm) 302 260 Height (mm) 540 610 Weight (Kgs) 3.2 6.1 AFTER SALES SERVICE / Warranty Period (Years) 1Yr Lifetime Help line no 39883333 9223600600 Turnaround Time 24-48 hrs 24 hrs flat Charges If out of warranty No charges MARKET RESEARCH QUESTIONNAIRE OBJECTIVE: To do a in-depth survey of water purifiers available in the market an d to arm you with the information with which you can select the best water purif ier device suitable for your home.

1. o o

Do you use any kind of water purifier at home? Yes No

2. If, yes, which purifier do you use? o Aquaguard or Aquasure o Pureit o Kent water purifier o Philips o Whirlpool pura fresh 3. Does your water purifier give as safe as boiled water? o Yes o No o Dont Know 4. Does the water purifier ensure that water is not wasted while purifying? o Yes o No o Dont know 5. Does it remove pesticide impurities from drinking water? o Yes o No o Dont know 6. Does your water purifier consume more electricity? o Less than 25 watts o More than 25 watts o Dont know 7. How frequently do you need to change the candle in your purifier ? o Once every year o Twice every year o More than mentioned 8. Does your purifier provides facility to drain out stagnant water? o Yes o No o Cant say 9. Does the water after purification taste good, is odourless, and looks cl ear? o Yes o No o Dont know 10. What technique does your water purifier uses? o Ultra violet (UV) o Reverse Osmosis (RO) o E-boiling 11. What price do you think is appropriate for a water purifier? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12. Is your water purifier backed by dependable after sales service? o Yes o No o Exceptional 13. Does your water purifier comes with warranty if yes how much? o One Year o Three Year o More than above 14. Have you recently come across any kind of marketing activities for purif iers? o Road shows o Visual Merchandising o Others 15. Where do you prefer to buy a water purifier from?

o Retail Outlets o Franchisee dealers o Demo at your doorstep 16. While buying any water purifier what comes to your mind first? o Price o Health & Safety o Both 17. Have you recently come across any ad campaigns for water purifiers, if y es which one and what did you really liked in the ad? ____________________________________________________________________ Name : /F Address: Contact No (R): (O): (Mob): Occupation: Age : Sex:M


Consumer Perceptual Mapping Name:- _________________________ Address: _________________________ _________________________ Q1. Do you own any EFL product? (If yes, Which Product) Q2. Have you heard about Aquasure & Forbes brands? Q3. Where you did heard about the product? ( ) TV commercial ( ) Newspaper print ads ( ) In shop branding ( ) Friends references ( ) Walk in shop Q4. Criteria considered for Purchase? ( ) Price ( ) Technology ( ) Aesthetics ( ) Brand name Q5. How often do you use the product? ( ) Daily ( ) 3 times a week ( ) Once a week ( ) One a month Q6.Overall how satisfied you are with the product? ( ) Very satisfied ( ) Somewhat satisfied

( ) Unsatisfied. Q7. How will you rate our product Compared to other products of (Philips, Kent, Pure it, LG)? ( ) Much better ( ) Better ( ) Same ( ) Worst. Q8. Will you recommend the product? ( ) Yes ( ) NO Q9. How satisfied are you with customer service received? ( ) Very Satisfied ( ) Satisfied ( ) Neutral ( ) Dis-satisfied ( ) Very dis-satisfied. Q10. Would you like to be update by EFL for ? ( ) New Product ( ) Health, Hygiene & Safety Periodicals Q11. ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Suggestions on Product Design Technology Service Pricing.


Do you use any kind of water purifier at home? o Yes o No

If yes, which purifier do you use? o Aquaguard or Aquasure o Pureit o Kent water purifier o Philips o Whirlpool pura fresh

Does your water purifier consume more electricity? o Less than 25 watts o More than 25 watts o Dont know


on the price of your water purifier? Affordable High Should be Revised

Is your water purifier backed by dependable after sales service? o Yes o No o Exceptional

Have you recently come across any kind of marketing activities for purifiers? o Road shows o Visual Merchandising o Others

While buying any water purifier what comes to your mind first? o Price o Health & Safety o Both

SURVEY DONE ON SAMPLE SIZE OF 50 PEOPLE Only the results necessary for the survey are tabulated Do you own any EFL product? (If yes, Which Product) Where you did heard about the product? ( ) TV commercial

( ) Newspaper print ads ( ) In shop branding ( ) Friends references

Criteria considered for Purchase? ( ) Price ( ) Technology ( ) Aesthetics ( ) Brand name

How satisfied are you with customer service received? ( ) Very Satisfied ( ) Satisfied ( ) Neutral ( ) Dis satisfied ( ) Very dissatisfied.

FINDINGS & RECOMMENDATIONS FROM THE PROJECT As per the survey done following were the findings and recommendations o f the survey: Price structure should be revised Customer service is something which company should pay more attention at. All models not available for display in retail outlets and also brouchores shoul d be made available. Sales person at the retails counters should have proper knowledge about the prod uct. Should focus more on brand awareness. Technological & other aspects should be re considered and re-christened

BIBLIOGRAPHY www.eurekaforbes.com www.customercomplaint.in www.golakindia.com www.icmrindia.org www.compareindia.com www.pureit.in