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These are codes for adding or removing perks. To use them use the console command. player.

removeperk <PerkCode> or player.addperk <PerkCode> Example: player.removeperk 000BABED




NOTE: For perks with multiple ranks, the perk codes MUST be entered in the -correct- order for the game to display the perks correctly. CAUTION: It has been noticed that entering the perk codes out of order does weird things to the values. The easiest perk to demonstrate this is with the "Haggling" perk in the Speech tree. For example, enter the code for Haggling Rank 1 player.addperk 000BE128 and you will get the normal ~%10 decrease in prices. However, if you then enter the code for Haggling Rank 3 (instead of Rank 2) player.addperk 000C07CF you will get a total decrease of ~%25 in prices instead of the normal ~%20 that you would expect with the legitimate Rank 3. NOTE: the 000 at the beginning of the perk codes is actually unnecessary when entering them at this moment, since the three first numbers are used for determining the number of the add-on in question. When expansions and add-ons have been installed these might vary in the new items and perks added.

Perk Codes
Almost Complete list

000BE127 000C07CA 000C07CB

Edit Alchemist Rank 1 Alchemist Rank 2 Alchemist Rank 3

000C07CC 000C07CD 00058215 00058216 00058217 00058218 00105F2A 00105F2B 00105F2F 00105F2E 00105F2C 0005821D

Alchemist Rank 4 Alchemist Rank 5 Physician Benefactor Poisoner Experimenter Rank 1 Experimenter Rank 2 Experimenter Rank 3 Concentrated Poison Green Thumb Snakeblood Purity Edit

000F2CA6 000C44B7 000C44B8 000C44B9 000C44BA 000153CD 000D7999 000D799A 000D799B 00053128 00053129 0005312A 000581FC 000581F7

Novice Alteration Apprentice Alteration Adept Alteration Expert Alteration Master Alteration Alteration Dual Casting Mage Armor Rank 1 Mage Armor Rank 2 Mage Armor Rank 3 Magic Resistance Rank1 Magic Resistance Rank2 Magic Resistance Rank3 Stability Atronach Edit

Archery (Marksman)
000BABED 0007934A 0007934B 0007934D 00079354 00058F61 Overdraw Rank 1 Overdraw Rank 2 Overdraw Rank 3 Overdraw Rank 4 Overdraw Rank 5 Eagle Eye

00105F1C 00105F1E 00105F1F 00103ADA 00103ADB 00058F62 00051B12 00058F63 00105F19 00058F64

Critical Shot Rank 1 Critical Shot Rank 2 Critical Shot Rank 3 Steady Hand Rank 1 Steady Hand Rank 2 Power Shot Hunter's Discipline Ranger Quick Shot Bullseye Edit Shield Wall Rank 1 Shield Wall Rank 2 Shield Wall Rank 3 Shield Wall Rank 4 Shield Wall Rank 5 Quick Reflexes Deflect Arrows Power Bash Elemental Protection Deadly Bash Disarming Bash Shield Charge Block Runner Edit

000BCCAE 00079355 00079356 00079357 00079358 000D8C33 00058F68 00058F67 00058F69 0005F594 00058F66 00058F6A 00106253

000F2CA7 000153CE

Novice Conjuration Conjuration Dual Casting

000C44BD Expert Conjuration 000C44BC Adept Conjuration 000C44BB 000C44BE 000640B3 00105F30 00105F31 Apprentice Conjuration Master Conjuration Mystic Binding Summoner Rank 1 Summoner Rank 2

000D799E 000D799C 000581DD 000CB419 000CB41A 000581DE 000D5F1C

Soul Stealer Oblivion Binding Necromancy Atromancy Elemental Potency Dark Souls Twin Souls Edit


000F2CA8 Novice Destruction 000C44BF Apprentice Destruction 000C44C0 Adept Destruction 000C44C1 Expert Destruction 000C44C2 Master Destruction 000153CF Destruction Dual Casting 000153D2 Impact 00105F32 Rune Master

000581EA Augmented Frost Rank 1 0010FCF9 Augmented Frost Rank 2 000581E7 Augmented Flames Rank 1 0010FCF8 Augmented Flames Rank 2 00058200 Augmented Shock Rank 1

0010FCFA Augmented Shock Rank 2 000F3933 Deep Freeze

000F3F0E Disintegrate 000F392E Intense Flames

000BEE97 000C367C 000C367D 000C367E 000C367F 00058F7C 00058F80 00058F81


Enchanter Rank 1 Enchanter Rank 2 Enchanter Rank 3 Enchanter Rank 4 Enchanter Rank 5 Soul Squeezer Fire Enchanter Frost Enchanter

00108A44 00058F7E 00058F82 00058F7D 00058F7F

Soul Siphon Insightful Enchanter Storm Enchanter CorpusEnchanter Extra Effect

Heavy Armor
000BCD2A 0007935E 00079361 00079362 00079374 00058F6F 00058F6C 00107832 00058F6D 00058F6E 000BCD2B 00105F33 Juggernaut Rank 1 Juggernaut Rank 2 Juggernaut Rank 3 Juggernaut Rank 4 Juggernaut Rank 5 Well Fitted Tower of Strength Matching Set Conditioning Fists Of Steel Cushioned Reflect Blows Edit Illusion Dual Casting Novice Illusion Apprentice Illusion Adept Illusion Expert Illusion Master Illusion Animage Kindred Mage Hypnotic Gaze Aspect Of Terror Quiet Casting Rage Master Of The Mind Edit

000153D0 000F2CA9 000C44C3 000C44C4 000C44C5 000C44C6 000581E1 000581E2 00059B77 00059B78 000581FD 000C44B5 00059B76

Light Armor

Agile Defender 1

00079376 00079389 00079391 00079392 00051B1B 00051B1C 00105F22 00051B17 00107831

Agile Defender 2 Agile Defender 3 Agile Defender 4 Agile Defender 5 Custom Fit Unhindered Wind Walker Matching Set Deft Movement Edit


Each of the "locks" are linked to the previous one: Novice (root), Apprentice, Adept, Expert, Master. The Master Locks is just a terminus. The others each have a Linear Branch. Apprentice has Quick Hands and then Wax Key. Adept has Golden Touch and then Treasure Hunter. Expert has Locksmith and then Unbreakable. 000F392A 000BE125 00106259 00107830 000C3680 0005820A 00105F26 000C3681 00058208 00058209 000C3682 Novice Locks Apprentice Locks Quick hands Wax Key Adept Locks Golden Touch Treasure Hunter Expert Locks Locksmith Unbreakable Master Locks Edit

000BABE4 00079343 00079342 00079344 00079345 00052D50 0003FFFA 000C3678

Armsman Rank 1 Armsman Rank 2 Armsman Rank 3 Armsman Rank 4 Armsman Rank 5 Fighting Stance Hack and Slash Rank 1 Hack and Slash Rank 2

000C3679 0005F592 000C1E92 000C1E93 0005F56F 000C1E90 000C1E91 00106256 00106257 0003AF81 000CB406 00106258 0003AFA6

Hack and Slash Rank 3 Bone Breaker Rank 1 Bone Breaker Rank 2 Bone Breaker Rank 3 Bladesman Rank 1 Bladesman Rank 2 Bladesman Rank 3 Dual Flurry Rank 1 Dual Flurry Rank 2 Savage Strike Critical Charge Dual Savagery Paralyzing Strike Edit Light Fingers Rank 1 Light Fingers Rank 2 Light Fingers Rank 3 Light Fingers Rank 4 Light Fingers Rank 5 Night Thief Poisoned Cutpurse Keymaster Extra Pockets Misdirection Perfect Touch Edit

000BE124 00018E6A 00018E6B 00018E6C 00018E6D 00058202 00105F28 00058204 000D79A0 00096590 00058201 00058205

000C44C7 000C44C8 000C44C9

000F2CAA Novice Restoration Apprentice Restoration Adept Restoration Expert Restoration

000C44CA Master Restoration 000153D1 000581F8 Restoration Dual Casting Regeneration

000581F9 000581F4 000581F5 000A3F64 000581E4

Respite Recovery Rank 1 Recovery Rank 2 Avoid Death Necromage

00068BCC Ward Absorb

000CB40D 0005218E 000CB40F 000CB414 000CB411 000CB40E 000CB410 000CB412 000CB413 00052190

Edit Steel Smithing Arcane Blacksmith Elven Smithing Advanced Armor Glass Smithing Dwarven Smithing Orcish Smithing Ebony Smithing Daedric Smithing Dragon Armor Edit


First node is STEALTH. This branches into two: MUFFLED MOVEMENT and BACKSTAB. Backstab has linear branch DEADLY AIM and then ASSASSIN'S BLADE. The others are under Muffled, same linear branch, in sequence : Lightfoot, Silent Roll, Silence and then Shadow Warrior. 000BE126 000C07C6 000C07C7 000C07C8 000C07C9 00058210 001036F0 00058211 00058213 0005820C 00105F23 00105F24 00058214 Stealth Rank 1 Stealth Rank 2 Stealth Rank 3 Stealth Rank 4 Stealth Rank 5 Backstab Deadly Aim Assassin's Blade Muffled Movement Light Foot Silent Roll Silence Shadow Warrior



Root is five ranks of Haggling. Two branches, linear. First is Allure, Merchant, Investor, Fence and then Master Trader. The other is Bribery, Persuasion and then Intimidation. 000BE128 000C07CE 000C07CF 000C07D0 000C07D1 00058F72 00058F75 001090A2 00058F7A 00058F7B 00105F29 00058F79 001090A5 Haggling Rank 1 Haggling Rank 2 Haggling Rank 3 Haggling Rank 4 Haggling Rank 5 Bribery Allure Persuasion Merchant Investor Intimidation Fence Master Trader Edit

000BABE8 00079346 00079347 00079348 00079349 00052D51 000C5C05 000C5C06 000C5C07 0003AF83 000C1E94 000C1E95 0003AF84 000C1E96 000C1E97 00052D52 000CB407

Barbarian Rank 1 Barbarian Rank 2 Barbarian Rank 3 Barbarian Rank 4 Barbarian Rank 5 Champion's Stance Limbsplitter Rank 1 Limbsplitter Rank 2 Limbsplitter Rank 3 Deep Wounds Rank 1 Deep Wounds Rank 2 Deep Wounds Rank 3 Skull Crusher Rank 1 Skull Crusher Rank 2 Skull Crusher Rank 3 Devastating Blow Great Critical Charge

0003AF9E 0003AFA7

Sweep Warmaster Edit

Perks Unorganized
000581E9 FireMastery 000581EE Storm Mastery 000581EC FrostMastery 000581E8 TestFireMage 000581ED TestLightningMage 000581EB TestFrostMage 0001711C DBWellFitted 0001711E TGWellFitted

0001BAC9 doomSteedEncumberPerk 00051B1A RangeOfMovement 0005821B Catalyst 00058F78 SilverTongue 0005CEBE MQlOlReduceDamage 0005CEC0 MQlOlReduceAttackDamage 0006BC37 MGEnthirVendorPerk



To find these codes for yourself or to find any that are not posted, go into the console and type help <PerkName> 4 Any perks will be preceded by "PERK:". If the query is more than one page, navigate with the PageUp and PageDown buttons on your keyboard.