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RACISM and CORRUPTION suffocate the South

One, Yahoshua Yisrael: Yahweh and his community have learned first-hand; that the racism and corruption evident in the recent Trayvon Martin Case, in Florida, is alive and thriving in the racially charged Mid-South County of DeSoto Mississippi. Yahoshua, an intelligent former education student at the University of Memphis, was targeted, terrorized and taken captive by DeSoto County law enforcement agents after bringing to light: corruption, treason, and fraud within the Judiciary of the Mid-South. Mississippi law enforcement agents kidnapped the studying educators wife and daughters taking them back to the home under a fraudulent warrant to rob the mans home of thousands of dollars and property. Yahoshua Yahweh, defeated the fraudulent charges planted by the agents, but thats when the full extent of the collusion became apparent. It was realized then that even after unduly suffering removal from the teaching program, because of the libel and slander of the Mississippi agencies/agents involved, John Champion and Judge Ken Adams had a vendetta to make Yahoshua pay for handing them the previous court loss. Judge Ken Adams exposed his and several of the other faces in the network of prominent attorneys, law and government figures working together to maintain the 97% conviction rate through forged and falsified plea deals fueling the carefully manipulated economics of the area. With enticement to slavery on their minds, the deputies, judge, district attorney(ies), agents and partners of the scheme put their racketeering scheme in place for their profit. DeSoto and Mississippi participants in this plot profit from their participation in and silence concerning this evidential attack enacted on the people of Mississippi and its surrounding areas. One day before Good Friday, April 5th, a massive intimidate and capture project took shape as Desoto, Olive Branch, and Swat teams surrounded and threatened the young man and his daughter surrounding their home with guns, tanks, snipers and one of the nations largest swat teams for allegedly missing a court date issued to a name recorded as being legally non-related to Yahoshua. Witnesses present at the time of the massive home invasion affirmed having to answer Yahoshuas 4 year old daughters question as she asked Are they going to kill my daddy? as she cried from the fear of seeing well over 25-30 armed and armored agents lurking around her home. Initially, Yahoshua was being held under a different name and had no bond or court date set, all of which are blatant violations of the 4th amendment which guarantees the right to due process. After 4 days of seeing due process was not taking place, supporters and representatives of Yahoshua stayed dedicated to getting a court date set. District attorney John Champion, the leader of efforts to silence and enslave Yahoshua, stepped up and specially arranged a hearing, as he called it, after seeing the wave of support would not sit still while Desoto County elected and appointed officials threw the Constitution out the window. As of Thursday April 12, 2012 Yahoshua is still being held under an inappropriate name and the Prosecutors in Desoto appear to have no intention of ensuring or providing justice. Nationwide
April 13, 2012 [Edition 1, Volume 1]

ibn Messenger support is being harnessed to ensure the freedom of the man several have seen stripped of his freedom and identity on American soil for the greed of a few.

This case brings to light proof of political corruption specifically in the state of Mississippi. If you have someone recently or currently held in the DeSoto County Jail, you may have fallen victim to the same terroristic practices. For more information and/or to offer your support, email endcorruptionfreeyyy@hotmail.com

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April 13, 2012 [Edition 1, Volume 1]

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