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American Mineralogist, Volume 95, pages 185187, 2010

Abbreviations for names of rock-forming minerals

Donna L. Whitney1,* anD BernarD W. evans2
2 1 Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455, U.S.A. Department of Earth and Space Sciences, Box 351310, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98185, U.S.A.

Nearly 30 years have elapsed since Kretz (1983) provided the mineralogical community with a systematized list of abbreviations for rock-forming minerals and mineral components. Its logic and simplicity have led to broad acceptance among authors and editors who were eager to adopt a widely recognized set of mineral symbols to save space in text, tables, and figures. Few of the nearly 5000 known mineral species occur in nature with a frequency sufficient to earn repeated mention in the geoscience literature and thus qualify for the designation rock-forming mineral, but a reasonable selection of the most common and useful rock-forming minerals likely numbers in the several hundreds. The original list by Kretz (1983) contained abbreviations for 193 of these. We propose an expansion to the list initiated by Kretz (1983) (see next page). Modest expansions and revisions were made by Spear (1993), Holland and Powell (1998), the Mineralogical Association of Canada, and Siivola and Schmid (2007). Our revised list of abbreviations has 371 entries. Significant numbers of the new entries are the result of three decades of research in high- and ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic terrains, the explicit inclusion of Mg and Fe end-members of solid-solution series (as in the amphiboles), recent work on extraterrestrial samples, and the increased relevance to petrology of numerous accessory minerals. The two systems of abbreviations currently most in use Kretz (1983), including modifications; and Holland and Powell (1998)differ in terms of style and concept. Kretz abbreviations are 23 letters and use uppercase first letters for minerals and lower case letters throughout for mineral components (e.g., the almandine component of garnet); the Holland and Powell system varies from 15 letters and uses lowercase throughout. The Kretz system provides abbreviations for selected intermediates in solid-solution mineral series. The Holland and Powell system is restricted to abbreviations for end-members for which there are available thermodynamic data that have been included in the Holland and Powell database. The two systems have the same abbreviations for some minerals (other than capitalization), but in many cases use different symbols for the same mineral, for example, Crn (Kretz) and cor (H&P). The selection of minerals to include in a list of abbreviations is subjective, but we have tried to err on the side of being inclusive, listing some minerals for which the status is questionable according to the International Mineralogical Association. For example, we accommodate alternative choices such as titanite (Ttn) and sphene (Spn); hypersthene (Hyp), enstatite (En), and orthopyroxene (Opx); glaucophane (Gln), crossite (Crt), and * E-mail: dwhitney@umn.edu
0003-004X/10/0001185$05.00/DOI: 10.2138/am.2010.3371 185

riebeckite (Rbk); and albite (Ab) and anorthite (An) as well as plagioclase (Pl), recognizing that some petrologists have uses for these mineral names. In addition, although our focus is on rockforming minerals, some hypothetical and/or synthetic phases are included in our list, as well as an abbreviation for liquid (Liq). We have also included some abbreviations for mineral groups, e.g., aluminosilicates (Als, the Al2SiO5 polymorphs), and other descriptive terms (e.g., opaque minerals). The choice of abbreviations attempts as much as possible to make the identity of the mineral instantly obvious and unambiguous.

UpDateD List of mineraL aBBreviations

In this contribution, abbreviations from Kretz (with some modifications) and new abbreviations are listed (Table 1, next page). The following format was used for assigning abbreviations: (1) The first letter is capitalized; the other letter(s) are lower case, with the exception of Phase A, abbreviated as PhA. (2) The first letter of the abbreviation is the first letter of the mineral name; subsequent letters are selected from the mineral name. (3) Most abbreviations consist of 2 or 3 letters, but a 4-letter abbreviation is used when the addition of F for ferro- or M for magnesio- resulted in ambiguity in the 3-letter version (e.g., Mcar for magnesiocarpholite). (4) Mineral abbreviations were selected so as not to correspond to abbreviations for elements. Note that rule 4 was violated by a few of the original Kretz abbreviations (Mo for molybdenite; Ne for nepheline), so some original Kretz abbreviations have been changed to follow this rule. Others have been modified to avoid ambiguity with minerals added to the list.

We thank Marc Hirschmann and Howard Day for input on the updated abbreviation system.

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186 Table 1. Updated list of abbreviations

Symbol Mineral Name IMA status* Acm acmite D Act actinolite A Adl adularia I Aeg aegirine A Ak kermanite G Ab albite G Afs alkali feldspar GROUP Aln allanite A Alm almandine G Als aluminosilicate (Al2SiO5 polymorphs) GROUP Alu alunite Rd Amk amakinite Rd Ame amesite G Amp amphibole GROUP Anl analcime (analcite) A Ant anatase A And andalusite G Adr andradite G Ang anglesite G Anh anhydrite G Ank ankerite G Ann annite A An anorthite G Ano anorthoclase I Ath anthophyllite Rd Atg antigorite Rn Ap apatite GROUP Apo apophyllite GROUP Arg aragonite G Arf arfvedsonite A Arm armalcolite Rd Apy arsenopyrite A Aug augite A Awr awaruite G Ax axinite GROUP Bab Bdy Brt Brs Bei Brl Bt Bxb Bhm Bn Brk Brc Bst Cal Ccn Cnl Cb Car Cst Cel Clt Cls Cer Cbz Cct Ccp Chm Chs Chl Cld Chn Chr Ccl Ctl Cin Cam Clc Cen Cfs babingtonite baddeleyite barite (baryte) barroisite beidellite beryl biotite bixbyite bhmite (boehmite) bornite brookite brucite bustamite calcite cancrinite cannilloite carbonate mineral carpholite cassiterite celadonite celestine celsian cerussite chabazite chalcocite chalcopyrite chamosite chesterite chlorite chloritoid chondrodite chromite chrysocolla chrysotile cinnabar clinoamphibole clinochlore clinoenstatite clinoferrosilite G G A Rd G G GROUP G G A G G G G G H GROUP G G A A G G A G G G A GROUP G G G A Rd G GROUP G A A


Symbol Chu Cpt Cpx Czo Cln Coe Coh Crd Crr Crn Cv Crs Crt Crl Cbn Cum Cpr Csp Dph Dat Dbr Dee Dia Dsp Dck Dg Di Dpt Dol Drv Dum Eas Ec Eck Ed Elb Ell Eng En Ep Eri Esk Ess Eud Fas Fa Fsp Fac Fath Fbrs Fcar Fcel Fec Fed Fgd Fgl Fkrs Fny Fprg Frct Fs Fts Fwn Fi Fl Fo Fos Frk Ful Ghn Glx Gn Grt Mineral Name clinohumite clinoptilolite clinopyroxene clinozoisite clintonite coesite cohenite cordierite corrensite corundum covellite cristobalite crossite cryolite cubanite cummingtonite cuprite cuspidine daphnite datolite daubreelite deerite diamond diaspore dickite digenite diopside dioptase dolomite dravite dumortierite eastonite ecandrewsite eckermannite edenite elbaite ellenbergerite enargite enstatite (ortho-) epidote erionite eskolaite esseneite eudialite fassaite fayalite feldspar ferro-actinolite ferro-anthophyllite ferrobarroisite ferrocarpholite ferroceladonite ferro-eckermannite ferro-edenite ferrogedrite ferroglaucophane ferrokaersutite ferronyboite ferropargasite ferrorichterite ferrosilite ferrotschermakite ferrowinchite fibrolite (fibrous sillimanite) fluorite forsterite foshagite franklinite fullerite gahnite galaxite galena garnet IMA status* G A GROUP G A A G G G G G G D G G Rd G G not listed G G A G G G A A G G G G Rd A A A G A G A GROUP A G A A D G GROUP Rd Rd A A A Rd Rd Rd Rd A H Rd A Rn Rd Rd informal G G G G N G G G GROUP Symbol Ged Gh Gk Gbs Gis Glt Gln Gme Gth Gdd Gr Gre Grs Gru Gp Hl Hrm Hst Hsm Hyn Hzl Hd Hem Hc Hul Hbn Hbs Hgb Hol Hlm Hbl Hw Hu Hgr Hyp Ilt Ilm Ilv Jd Jrs Jim Jhn Krs Kls Kam Kln Ktp Kfs Khl Kir Krn Kos Kut Ky Lrn Lmt Lws Lzl Lzr Lpd Lct Lm Liq Lz Lo Mgh Marf Mcar Mfr Mhs Mhb Mkt Mineral Name gedrite gehlenite geikielite gibbsite gismondine glauconite glaucophane gmelinite goethite grandidierite graphite greenalite grossular grunerite gypsum halite harmotome hastingsite hausmannite hayne heazlewoodite hedenbergite hematite hercynite heulandite hibonite hibschite hgbomite hollandite holmquistite hornblende howieite humite hydrogrossular hypersthene illite ilmenite ilvaite jadeite jarosite jimthompsonite johannsenite kaersutite kalsilite kamacite (-FeNi) kaolinite katophorite K-feldspar K-hollandite kirschsteinite kornerupine kosmochlor kutnohorite (kutnahorite) kyanite larnite laumontite lawsonite lazulite lazurite lepidolite leucite limonite liquid lizardite lllingite (loellingite) maghemite magnesio-arfvedsonite magnesiocarpholite magnesioferrite magnesiohastingsite magnesiohornblende magnesiokatophorite IMA status* Rd G G A A GROUP Rd A A G G G A Rd G G A Rd G G G A A G A G Rn D G Rd GROUP A G GROUP D GROUP G G A Rd A A Rd G D A Rd informal H G G A G A G A G A G GROUP G not listed G G G Rd A G Rd Rd Rd


Symbol Mrbk Msdg Mst Mtm Mws Mgs Mag Maj Mlc Mng Mrc Mrg Mar Mei Mll Mw Mes Mc Mlr Mns Mog Mol Mnz Mtc Mnt Mor Mul Ms Ntr Nph Nrb Nsn Nyb Ol Omp Opl Opq Orp Oam Or Oen Opx Osm Plg Pg Prg Pct Pn Per Prv Ptl PhA Ph Php Phl Pmt Mineral Name magnesioriebeckite magnesiosadanagite magnesiostaurolite magnesiotaramite magnesiowustite magnesite magnetite majorite malachite manganosite marcasite margarite marialite meionite melilite merwinite mesolite microcline millerite minnesotaite moganite molybdenite monazite monticellite montmorillonite mordenite mullite muscovite natrolite nepheline norbergite nosean nybite olivine omphacite opal opaque mineral orpiment orthoamphibole orthoclase orthoenstatite orthopyroxene osumilite palygorskite paragonite pargasite pectolite pentlandite periclase perovskite petalite phase A phengite phillipsite phlogopite piemontite IMA status* Rd Rd A Rn not listed A G A G G G A G G GROUP G A G G G A G A G G A G A A G G G Rd GROUP A G informal G GROUP A D GROUP G G A Rd G G G G G not listed G A A A Symbol Pgt Pl Prh Prm Psb Pmp Py Pcl Prp Pph Prl Pxf Pxm Po Qnd Qz Rnk Rlg Rds Rdn Rct Rbk Rwd Rdr Rsm Rt Sdg Sa Sap Spr Scp Sch Srl Scb Sep Ser Srp Sd Sil Sme Sdl Sps Sp Spn Spl Spd Spu St Stv Stb Stp Sti Str Sud Syl Mineral Name pigeonite plagioclase prehnite prismatine pseudobrookite pumpellyite-(Al) pyrite pyrochlore pyrope pyrophanite pyrophyllite pyroxferroite pyroxmangite pyrrhotite qandilite quartz rankinite realgar rhodochrosite rhodonite richterite riebeckite ringwoodite roedderite rossmanite rutile sadanagaite sanidine saponite sapphirine scapolite scheelite schorl schreibersite sepiolite sericite serpentine siderite sillimanite smectite sodalite spessartine sphalerite sphene (titanite) spinel spodumene spurrite staurolite stevensite stilbite stilpnomelane stishovite strontianite sudoite sylvite IMA status* A GROUP G Rd Rd A G A G G G A G G A A G G A A A Rd A A A G Rd G G G GROUP G G G G D GROUP G G GROUP G A A D G A G G Q A A A G Rd G Symbol Tae Tlc Trm Tnt Tnr Tep Ttr Thm Thr Tly Ttn Tpz Tur Tr Trd Tro Ts Usp Urn Uv Vtr Vrm Ves Wds Wag Wrk Wav Wht Wlm Wnc Wth Wo Wur Wus Xtm Xon Yug Zeo Znw Zrn Zo Mineral Name taenite (-Fe, Ni) talc taramite tennantite tenorite tephroite tetrahedrite thomsonite thorite tilleyite titanite (sphene) topaz tourmaline tremolite tridymite troilite tschermakite ulvspinel uraninite uvarovite vaterite vermiculite vesuvianite wadsleyite wagnerite wairakite wavellite whitlockite willmenite winchite witherite wollastonite wurtzite wstite xenotime xonotlite yugawaralite zeolite zinnwaldite zircon zoisite


* International Mineralogical Association (IMA) abbreviations: A = Approved; D = Discredited; G = Grandfathered (generally regarded as valid mineral name); GROUP = Name designates a group of mineral species; H = hypothetical (e.g., synthetic); I = intermediate in a solid-solution series; Q = questionable; Rd = Redefinition approved by IMA Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification (CNMNC); Rn = Renamed with approval of the CNMNC.