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Feature of ESS that slows automatic connection between two phones as soon as the called party hangs up and become available. a. Camp On b. CLASS c. Alternate billing d. Call waiting e. Answer: A 2. In order to reach the IPv6 Internet, an isolated host or network must be able to use the existing IPv4 infrastructure to carry IPv6 packets. This is done using a technique called a. Proxying b. Tunneling c. Stacking d. All of the above Answer: B 3. The process of arbitrarily dividing a wave into a series of standard values is referred to as a. resolution b. quantization c. sampling d. approximation e. Answer: B 4. What component in a magnetic microphone causes the lines of flux to alternate? a. The coil b. The magnet c. The diaphragm d. The armature e. Answer: C 5. In RF communications, modulation impresses





information on which of the following types of waves? a. Carrier wave b. Complex wave c. Modulated wave d. Modulating wave Answer: A Spectrum analysis is used to view which of the following characteristics of an RF signal? a. Phase b. Bandwidth c. Modulating wave d. Modulation envelope Answer: B UDP utilizes ports to allow application-to-application communication. The port field composed of how many bits? a. 8 b. 16 c. 32 d. 64 Answer: B Modulation index in FM may be figured by using which of the following formulas? a. 2f/fm b. fm/2f c. fm/ f d. f/fm Answer: D A satellite constellation comprising of 30 satellites orbiting at 23,222 km (MEO) with 3 orbital plane and 56 degree inclination. a. GPS b. GLONASS c. Galileo






d. Iridium Answer: C A combination of E-plane and Hplane tee. a. Series tee b. Shunt tee c. Hybrid tee d. Ice tea Answer: C If an 860-kHz AM signal is modulated by frequencies of 5 and 10 kHz, what is the bandwidth? a. 5 kHz b. 10 kHz c. 15 kHz d. 20 kHz Answer: D What refers to breaking up the data into blocks with some bounded size? a. Framing b. Segmentation c. Encapsulation d. Packing Answer: B A telecommunications law that deregulates the paging services in the country. a. E.O. 125 b. Act 3846 c. Act 3396 d. R.A. 7925 Answer: D What is the apogee of a geosynchronous satellites temporary orbit before be placed in the geosynchronous orbit? a. 50,000 miles b. 40,000 miles






c. 22,300 miles d. 30,000 miles Answer: C Compulsory interconnection law. a. E.O. 59 b. E.O. 546 c. E.O. 109 d. Act 3846 Answer: A An aircraft deviation measured by an ILS localizer. a. Altitude b. Ground speed c. Vertical d. Horizontal Answer: D Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) uses how many address bits? a. 24 b. 16 c. 32 d. 64 Answer: C Single sideband emission is most frequently used in what frequency band? a. VLF b. LF c. MF d. HF Answer: D The critical frequency at a particular time is 12.5 MHz. What is the maximum usable frequency (muf) for a transmitting station if the required angle of incidence for propagation to a desired destination is 65? a. 29.58 GHz





b. 29.58 MHz c. 29.58 kHz d. 29.58 Hz Answer: B It is a communication system operation where the receiving station controls the effective data transmission rate at the transmitting station. a. Flow control b. Polling c. Handshaking d. Contention Answer: A What is the voltage along an open-ended transmission line quarter-wavelength from the termination? a. Minimum b. Maximum c. The same d. Increasing Answer: A What is the cellular system used in European countries? a. TACS b. AMPS c. NMT d. GSM Answer: D In directional couplers, the amount by which a signal in the main guide is attenuated is termed as a. Insertion loss b. Coupling loss c. Directivity d. None of the above Answer: A

24. What is the maximum number of lines for any building other than a one or two story residential building to be required a service entrance facility under ECE building code? a. Two lines b. Three lines c. Four lines d. Five lines Answer: B 25. What is the term for the ratio of actual velocity at which a signal travels through a lie to the speed of light in a vacuum? a. Surge impedance b. Velocity factor c. Reflection coefficient d. Standing wave ratio Answer: B 26. Which of the following microwave antenna is normally used when obtaining an omni-directional radiation pattern requirement? a. Whip b. Bicone c. Parabolic d. Helical Answer: B 27. What is the radio horizon distance between a 150 ft transmitting station and a 70 ft receiving antenna? a. 82.46 miles b. 82.46 km c. 29.15 miles d. 29.15 km Answer: C 28. Telephone channel has a bandpass characteristics





occupying the frequency range of _____. a. 300-2700 Hz b. 300-3400 Hz c. 300-3000 Hz d. 300-4000 Hz Answer: B Cable which connects to an open wire line or cable and brings it into a building. a. Entrance cable b. Distribution cable c. Feeder cable d. Riser cable Answer: A Class 2 of a Bluetooth which has a range of around 10 meter has how much maximum permitted power? a. 0 dBm b. 4 dBm c. 20 dBm d. None of the above Answer: B When a signal bandwidth of a television broadcast over the radio is decreased, using a technique that limits a picture frequency, this is referred to as a. Progressive scanning b. Interlaced scanning c. Synchronizing d. Impedance matching Answer: B Which is the fastest memory of a computer? a. Magnetic disk b. Cache c. Random-access memory d. Optical disk Answer: B

33. The color of wire in a station protector used to receive ringing signal. a. Red b. Green c. Yellow d. Black/White Answer: C 34. What is the dBSPL of an auditorium with contemporary music? a. 95-100 dB b. 40-50 dB c. 50-60 dB d. 70-95 dB Answer: A 35. The upward tilt to a satellite antenna measured in degrees required to aim the antenna at the communications satellite. a. Elevation b. Azimuth c. Declination d. All of the above Answer: A 36. A part of the ESS control unit that converts called number into switched instructions.. a. Marker b. Translator c. Sender d. Register Answer: B 37. Find the suitable ground plane for a frequency of 220 MHz. a. 1.36 m b. 1.63 m c. 0.34 m d. 0.43 m Answer: C

38. Which of these has the best clock recovery? a. UPRZ b. UPNRZ c. BPRZ d. BPNRZ Answer: C 39. What component in an antenna system transfers energy from the transmitter to the antenna? a. A feeder b. A delay line c. A choke joint d. A rotating joint Answer: A 40. A condition in which a satellite is unable to maintain a geostationary position above the earth's equator. a. Equatorial orbit b. Inclined orbit c. Polar orbit d. None of the above Answer: B 41. Which of the following is considered as the SYN character for EBCDIC code? a. 16H b. 32H c. 64H d. 8H Answer: B 42. The nominal impedance of a DTMF generator is a. 800 ohms b. 900 ohms c. 1000 ohms d. None of the above Answer: B 43. The basic building block of SONET optical interfaces.

a. STM b. STS c. ISDN d. None of the above Answer: B 44. A mobile technology which uses unused bandwidth normally used by AMPS mobile phones between 800 and 900 MHz to transfer data. Speeds up to 19.2 kbps are possible. a. Circuit Switched Data b. Cellular Digital Packet Data c. DataTac d. Mobitex Answer: B 45. Most commonly used as the compression codec for digital HDTV broadcasts. a. MPEG-1 b. MPEG-2 c. MPEG-3 d. MPEG-4 Answer: B 46. The cutoff frequency for the TE10 mode is 3.75 GHz, to what will be the maximum frequency of operation? a. 3.75 GHz b. 15 GHz c. 7.5 GHz d. 10 GHz Answer: C 47. For the T1 carrier, average maximum synchronization time is a. 63.5 s b. 62.7 s c. 48.25 ms d. None of the above Answer: C

48. A highly efficient means of instantaneously assigning telephony channels in a transponder according to immediate traffic demands. a. FAMA b. DAMA c. SAMA d. PAMA Answer: B 49. Optimum gain is obtained from a broadside array when the spacing of its elements is which of the following distances? a. One-half wavelength b. One-quarter wavelength c. Greater than one-half wavelength d. Slightly less than one-quarter Answer: A 50. Falsely operating the signaling equipment with speech energy. a. Talk-down b. Phone-phreaking c. Error d. All of the above Answer: A 51. The bandwidth of one D channel is a. 16 kbps b. 64 kbps c. 56 kbps d. 128 kbps Answer: A 52. What is the phase relationship of the signals that feed the V antenna? a. 0 b. 45 c. 90 d. 180

Answer: D 53. Which T-carrier system carries 672 PCM-encoded voice channels? a. T5 b. T2 c. T3 d. T4 Answer: C 54. In a PSTN, End Offices are of which class? a. Class 1 b. Class 2 c. Class 3 d. Class 5 Answer: A 55. Spacecraft design whereby the main body of the satellite is spun to provide altitude stabilization, and the antenna assembly is despun by means of a motor and bearing system in order to continually direct the antenna earthward. a. Dual spin b. Tri-axis spin c. Apogee spin d. Perigee spin Answer: A 56. The transmit and receive signals must be in different frequency band. a. Two-wire operation. b. Four-wire operation. c. Hybrid connection. d. None of the above. Answer: A 57. A Japanese mobile technology that uses a 25KHz carrier and utilizes FDMA to separate different calls from each other.






a. High-speed Circuit Switched Data b. Circuit Switched Data c. AMPS d. Hicap Answer: D How many bits of data do GPS transmits? a. 36,000 b. 37,500 c. 40,000 d. 45,500 Answer: B A Wi-Fi hotspot is called a. Access Point b. Beacon c. Picocell d. All of the above Answer: A What is the common navigational aids present on aircraft panels? a. VAR b. VOR c. MTI d. ILS. Answer: B The 25-MHz bandwidth used by GSM is divided into how many channels. a. 124 b. 214 c. 666 d. 300 Answer: A For a receiver with IF=455 kHz, RF=630 kHz and local oscillator frequency of 1085 kHz, determine the image frequency. a. 1085 kHz b. 1710 kHz c. 1540 kHz






d. None of the above Answer: C To permit the correct selection of 1 out of 2048 equal-probability events, how many bits are required? a. 5 b. 9 c. 11 d. 16 Answer: C Downstream speeds of ADSL typically range from a. 64 kbps to 1.5 Mbps b. 56 kbps to 8 Mbps c. 768 kbps to 9 Mbps d. 128 kbps to 2 Mbps Answer: C The line encoding used in STS-1. a. AMI b. CMI c. B3ZS d. All of the above Answer: C A type of data from GPS which sends coarse time information along with status information about the satellites. a. Ephemeris b. Almanac c. Navigation message d. Code Answer: B The crypto variable stored in the SIM card is called a. Pi b. Ki c. Qi d. Xi Answer: B

68. Other term used for Broadband Wireless Access. a. Wireless Application Protocol b. Wireless Local Loop c. Wireless Fidelity d. Global System for Mobile communications Answer: B 69. Calculate the percentage power saving when the carrier and one of the sidebands is suppressed in an AM signal if the modulation index is 25%. a. 83.3% b. 98.5% c. 75% d. 25% Answer: B 70. Which of the following systems use frequency band 825-845 MHz as the receive band of its base station? a. TACS b. NMT c. PMS d. AMPS Answer: D 71. A four-digit number which is dialed into his transponder by a pilot to identify his aircraft to air traffic controllers. a. Code b. Squawk c. Aircraft telephone number d. None of the above Answer: B 72. A bit added to a data to force the number of 1 to be odd or even. a. Hamming bit. b. BCC. c. Parity.





d. CRC. Answer: C Loss of signal at Ku or Ka Band frequencies due to absorption and increased sky-noise temperature caused by heavy rainfall. a. Atmospheric storm b. Rain outage c. Vapor absorption d. All of the above Answer: B This is the area in which any two subscribers use the same dialing procedure to reach another subscriber in the telephone network. a. Numbering area b. Trunk prefix c. Trunk code d. Country code Answer: A The driving force of a propeller in the line of its shaft or the forward force produced in reaction to the gases expelled rearward from a jet or rocket engine. a. Thrust b. Drag c. Push d. Pull Answer: A It serves as a gateway to connect to and from other countries. a. Tertiary center b. Local exchange c. Secondary center d. Primary center Answer: A

77. Which of the following conditions exist at the end of a shorted transmission line? a. Maximum voltage and minimum current b. Maximum voltage and maximum current c. Minimum voltage and maximum current d. Minimum voltage and minimum current Answer: C 78. A transmission line that is resonant is sometimes referred to as which of the following types of lines? a. Tuned b. Matched c. Untuned d. Unmatched Answer: A 79. An Am transmitter must transmit 39.9-kW PEP. It maintains an average current of 1.5 A and an 80% plate efficiency. Determine the average output power at 100% modulation. a. 15 kW b. 10 kW c. 39.9 kW d. 50 kW Answer: A 80. Which of the following is used as a Packet Assembler and Disassembler sequence? a. AAH b. 55H c. AAH or 55H. d. None of the above Answer: C

81. The preferred tube for highpower, high stability amplification of signals at frequencies from UHF to about 60 GHz. a. Klystron b. Magnetron c. TWT d. None of the above Answer: A 82. The movable part of a horizontal airfoil which controls the pitch of an aircraft. a. Elevator b. FIN c. Rudder d. Stabilizer Answer: A 83. What is the interdigit delay for a decadic pulsing? a. 400 ms b. 500 ms c. 600 ms d. 700 ms Answer: D 84. Energy is fed to a parasitic element using what method? a. Direct coupling b. Inductive coupling c. Capacitive coupling d. Transmission-line coupling Answer: B 85. A type of sampling, the sample time is made longer and the analog-to-digital conversion takes place with changing analog signal. This introduces more aperture distortion and requires a faster A/D converter? a. Natural sampling b. Constant sampling c. ADC sampling






d. Flat-top sampling Answer: A Essentially a resonant cavity that is made of a solid slab of a dielectric material such as alumina. a. YIG b. Klystron c. Dielectric resonator d. Magnetron Answer: C Connecting a DTE to another DTE requires a. Serial interface. b. Parallel interface. c. A null modem. d. All of the above. Answer: C A microwave device that allows the separation of signals within a waveguide is a. Circulator b. Attenuator c. Isolator d. None of the above Answer: A The longest distance the GSM specification supports in practical use is a. 10 kms b. 100 kms c. 35 kms d. 70 kms Answer: C A measure of probability, that during a specified period of peak traffic, a call offered to a group of trunks or circuits will fail on idle circuit at the first attempt. Usually applied to the busy hour of traffic. a. Gain-to-interference ratio





b. Grade of service c. Fresnel d. Reliability Answer: B During times when there is no analog input signal, the only input to the PAM is random, thermal noise called a. Overload distortion b. Idle channel noise c. Slope overload d. Quantization error Answer: B A network device used in the data-link layer. a. Repeater b. Bridge c. Router d. Gateway Answer: B If a corner-reflector antenna is horizontally polarized, its radiation pattern will take on what shape? a. A narrow beam in the horizontal plane b. A narrow beam in the vertical plane c. A beam similar to a half-wave dipole in the horizontal plane d. A beam similar to a half-wave dipole with a reflector in the vertical plane Answer: B An AM broadcast transmitter has a carrier power output of 50 kW. What total power would be produced with 80% modulation? a. 66 kW b. 75 kW c. 80 kW

d. 16 kW Answer: A 95. A pole is placed to provide support to the guy wire when necessary permit for the anchor cannot be obtained. a. Head guy b. Side guy c. Stub guy d. All of the above Answer: C

96. An interaction between the optical signal and the acoustic waves in the fiber that causes the optical power to be scattered backwards towards the transmitter. a. Raman scattering b. Brillouin Scattering c. Rayleigh scattering d. None of the above Answer: B

97. A method used to transmit a large number of signals over a single satellite transponder. a. PMCS b. SCPC c. DCPC d. None of the above Answer: B 98. A focused antenna pattern sent to a limited geographical area. a. Global beam b. Spot beam

c. Domestic beam d. All of the above Answer: B 99. The rate at which electrons move around the cathode of a microwave tube is called the a. Magnetic frequency b. Centrifugal frequency c. Magnetron frequency d. Cyclotron frequency Answer: D

100. A message sent on a voice channel from a mobile station to a land station indicating a users desire to invoke special processing, such as an emergency. a. Flash request b. Signaling tone c. Digital color code d. None of the above Answer: A