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BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES TRIVIA - Terms & Conditions For Contest 1.

This Contest is held in collaboration with the airing of a BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES series by RTM (Contest). 2. Contest will be conducted for the period from January 20, 2012 till June 3, 2012 (Contest Period). 3. Subject to para (13), this Contest is opened to all Malaysian citizens (Participants). 4. One (1) weekly prize as advertised on RTMs TV channels (Prizes) will be offered to the winning participation each week during the Contest Period. Meanwhile, a Grand Prize as advertised shall be offered to a winning participant in accordance the criteria as stipulated in para (16). 5. Participation in this Contest will require a participant to : a. Be registered as a contest participant, by using the keyword ON TV2; and b. View all the movies in a particular week from Friday till Sunday to answer the programme-related trivia question. 6. For each week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), the Contest will pose a different question. Participant will have to download the question by typing BBTV2 and sending the same to the shortcode, 32776. On the last day of the week, namely Sunday, participants will be required to complete a slogan after answering the posed question. 7. Participation in this Contest is through SMS System (SMS). For each day, the SMS Contest System will be opened for participation from the moment a particular episode is aired at 10.00pm and will be closed at 12pm on the said day. The SMS system reopens at10.00pm on the following day when another new episode becomes due for broadcast with new trivia questions. 8. A Participant shall be deemed to be aware of and agree to the Terms and Conditions of this Contest hereinstated when he or she participates with his or her first entry by SMS. 9. The SMS charge for every SMS response or Mobile Terminating message in this Contest is 30 sen. 10. Each correct answer to a dailly question will carry a point. 11. A participant may at his/her will or instigation send as many entries as he/she desires. RTM, the judges, managers, movie suppliers, agencies and owners of this contest do not guarantee that a Participant, who sends the most or significant number of entries, would qualify for a prize. The criteria of selection of winners shall be strictly bound by the terms and conditions of this Contest. 12. The SMS System will accrue points (for correct answers/cycle) to a common mobile number as used by a Participant to participate in contest. 13. For the purpose of this Contest, a Participant shall be deemed as the person to whom the mobile phone number is registered. For participations by persons other than the registered owner of the mobile phone number, a waiver of right will be necessary in the event a non-owner participant qualifies for a Weekly Prize. In the

case of participation by minors (below the age of 16), the latter are deemed to have the consent of their parent/s or guardian/s. 14. To select the winners, the SMS System will accumulate and match the weekly eligible entries according to the respective mobile numbers. 15. For the purpose of selection of the winners, the criteria of selecting the Weekly Prize winners will be based in the following sequence: a. Firstly, on the ability to answer the daily trivia questions as posed on Fridays, till Sundays; and b. Secondly, the most creative slogan as entered on Sunday. 16. Meanwhile, the criteria of selecting the Grand Prize winner will be based in the following sequence: a. Firstly, on the maximum weekly participation with correct answers; and b. Secondly, on the highest points earned by a Participant for the whole contest tenure. c. Thirdly, the most number of creative slogans submitted by a Participant during the Contest Period. 17. RTM, the judges, managers, agencies and owners of this contest shall not be held liable if a Participant misses or fails to view an episode during the Contest Period. Nor would RTM, the judges, managers, movie suppliers, agencies and owners of this contest be liable if an episode or a repeat broadcast of an episode during the Contest Period is pre-empted at the discretion of RTM. 18. A Participant will be subject to a one Weekly Prize ruling throughout the Contest Period. This ruling is applicable, particularly, in situations where a Participant has more than one mobile number registered to his name. 19. Prizes are not exchangeable for cash nor transferable to third parties. The judges reserve the right to change the prizes, but this change shall be subject to the reasonable market value of the original prize offered. 20. Weekly and Grand Prize Winners will be notified by mail, or other such medium or mode as decided by RTM, but within a time limit not exceeding seven (7) days from the close of the SMS system on Sundays for a particular week, as stipulated in para (5). 21. Official prize notifications and distribution of prizes shall be under the purview of RTM as the owners of this contest. 22. Prizes will have to be collected (during office hours) from the offices of RTM. RTM will not be responsible for any cost of collection and arrangement of postal mailing or courier forwarding services. 23. All prizes must be collected from the offices of RTM by the winning participants within 30 days of the prize notification. Failure to do so will result in the prizes being forfeited. 24. Prize winners will be required to sign a confirmation letter indicating that he/she is rightful claimant of the Weekly or Grand Prize. Where the winning participant is not

the registered owner of the mobile phone number entered to participate in this Contest, he/she will be required to get the necessary written waiver of claim from the registered owner of the eligible mobile phone number. 25. The decision/s by judges are final. 26. Each participant is deemed to be fully aware of the terms and conditions of this Contest prior to his/her decision to participate in this Contest. RTM, the judges, managers, agencies and owners of this Contest will not be responsible for nor entertain any claim, dispute or correspondences put forth by any participant with regards to this Contest. 27. Employees, acquaintances, family members and relatives of the employees of RTM, the judges, managers, movie suppliers, agencies and owners of this contest are not eligible to participate in this Contest.