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Kelly Moore

1114 Poquoson Avenue, Poquoson, VA 23662 Cell: 804-832-4972 kmoore43@cox.net

Professional Summary

I am a resultsdriven supervisor with the focused ability of maintaining company policies and procedures, managing staff, customerservice, purchasing, ordering, inventory, quality control and shrink prevention.

Skill Highlights

Management Customer service oriented Strong organizational skills Excellent communication skills Computer proficiency Hiring Cash management Accounts receivables/payables Quality control Skilled in product shipping Vendor management Credit card processing

Training Scheduling

Work Experience

Customer Service Sales Manager July 2009 to Current Food Lion, LLC Yorktown, VA De vel ops and mai ntai ns an incl usi ve te am stor e env iron me nt that faci litat es co mm uni cati on am ong all stor

e ass oci ate s and cus tom ers Engag es and interac ts with custo mers to create a positiv e shoppi ng experi ence Ens ure s com plia nce with loca l, stat e and fed eral reg ulati ons as well as com pan

y poli cies and pro ced ure s as it rela tes dire ctly to cust om er serv ice. Impl em ents and follo ws up on trai ning nec ess ary to com ply with reg ulati ons and poli cies per stan dar d

pra ctic e S u p e r vi s e s t h e p e rf o r m a n c e o f al l d u ti e s a n d r e s p o n si bi lit

ie s o f al l fr o n te n d a s s o ci a t e s a s a s si g n e d b y m a n a g e m e n t Ma ke s

eff ect ive an d obj ect ive de cisi on s reg ard ing tas k pri orit ies , utili zat ion of su ppl ies , bu dg ets an d eq uip me nt us e an d oth er sit uat

ion s wh ere mu ltipl e fac tor s are co nsi der ed an d wei gh ed to ma xi mi ze per for ma nc e, pro du cti vit y an d res ult s Protec ts compa ny assets while

improv ing sales and maxim izing the compa nies cash flow Abilit y to supe rvise a fastpace d envir onm ent and multi ple functi ons for exte nded perio ds of time durin g a sche dule d shift Abilit y the instore com to use

puter , head quart ers appli catio ns and IBM syste ms inclu ding but not limite d to Wind ows appli catio ns, and wirel ess hand -held units Ability to analyz e situati ons, identif y proble ms and imple ment the best solutio ns

Ha sa co mp let e un de rst an din g of sc he dul ing , sal es, pr oje cti on s, wa ge pe rce nta ge s, int erv ie wi ng, hiri ng an d trai nin g

Coordi nates

events and promo tions

Rebar Project Manager November 2006 to January 2009 Richman Steel & Fabrication Newport News, VA Estimated and submitted quotes for bid Managed and scheduled projects Prepared project folders Assigned contract drawings to detailer's to provide detailed drawings of the project Printed and submitted drawings for architectural approval Managed production Scheduled deliveries, resolved any concerns throughout completion project Billing, spreadsheets, weekly meetings and marketing

Assistant Manager June 1987 to May 2002 Superfood IGA t/a Spence's Great Valu Gloucester, VA Supervised more than fifty employees Hired and trained all front-end staff Managed retail consumer product merchandising, inventory and other processing systems Quality control and shrinkage prevention Secured all Virginia Power, phone services and Western Union transactions Maintained daily cash control, accounts receivables/payables, bank deposits, bookkeeping responsibilities, schedule preparation and all legal matters

Education and Training

TNCC 1987 Newport News, VA, USA Business Management Associates Degree


Consistently received positive feedback from guests and created repeat business by developing longterm relationships with customers.

Received Outstanding Performance Award for maintaining audit compliance standards, policies and procedures

Received recognition from press and positive feedback from directors for holding fundraiser events, which helped raise funds for charitable organizations


Management, quality control, accounts receivables/payables, cash management, computer proficient (Excel, Outlook, Word), customer service, hiring, training and scheduling