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Should divorce be legal?

Apparantly the answer could be given in simply one word, Yes or No but obviously this is not the case. Before making any judgement, the different aspects associated with this topic must be analysed. The question which takes place is that why do people divorce? Well obviously they are married that is why they get divorced. If someone is not married then he simply cant get divorce. Why divorce is done? People who have been together in the bond of marriage when they decide to separate their ways and make decisions about their lives without influencing one and other, they divorce! Well why do people get married? Now this is something interesting which has multiple explainations. People get married because they want to spend their lives together. The counter argument could be, people can spend their lives together by becoming friends. Another argument could be, people get married as they decide to form a bond so that they could have a family and fulfil their emotional and sexual needs. The counter argument could be does that happen around the globe in every society? I mean for several chunks of the socities and in several religions this could be the reason but in other segments of the socities people dont get married still they fulfil their emotional and sexual needs, through dating and when they decide that they are fine with one and other they get married to get themselves into a bond. All these arguments implicitly accept marriage as a reality and its existence as a legal bond which makes the people decide spend their lifetime and get influenced by one and others decisiosn. Advocates of the opinion that marriage is a base of an important institution of the society, the family institution state that this is an institution which is governed on several principles and the drivers of this institution are the husband and wife, the primary people involved in the relation. They mutualy decide and raise up a family which in turn has impact on the society and eventualy the family system makes up a society. Several religious and social understandings are presented in support of this argument that marriage is the foundation of an important institution of the society, the family. Regarding the role of husband and wife in maintaining this institution is defined in several ways. Some ideas are in favor that both should have equal right in decision making that is why both the husband and the wife are given the right to separate or dissolve that institution through divorce. On the other hand some ideas, like ideology of Islam, states that husband is the head of the family, just like head of the state, and he is accountable for fulfiling the needs of his wife and children, reserves the right to give divorce whereas wife would ask for it from the husband so that they could come up with disolving the institution and giving divorce. Advocates of the above stated opinion exclaim that divorce should be considered legal as it provides an opportunity for husband and wife to dissolve their relation which could not sustain for long. Though it has negative impact on the family and on the children but sometimes when people are not comfortable with one and other. They do not understand one and other and are not satisfied with one and other then they can choose this way and start their lives with some one else. There is substance in this argument as if divorce becomes illegal then it could promote cheating on one and other and giving birth to several immoral activities which could ruin the whole family system and polute the society. In this way divorce provides people with the opportunity to let go off their relation so that they could spend their live with a more compatible person.

Philosophies which were specifically related to some interpretations of Hindiuism and precisely associated with the sub-contienent, women were not allowed to get divorce and even after the death of their husband they were not allowed to get married to some one else. The whole life the woman would spend in rememberence of his husband and thinking of starting a life with someone else would be considered as becoming unfaithful to the husband. In modern age advocates of this opinion state that marriage is like a promise and they are not broken so people should not be allowed legally to divorce each other and once they have decided that they would spend their lives together, they should not be allowed to get separated. Probably this could be based on an assumption that prior to getting married both the male and female would have known each other fo so long that they should remain comfortable and once they decide about getting themselves into a relationship then they should never decide about getting separate as they would have given their shot. For this reason divorce should be made illegal so that they could not think of getting separated. The argument seems strong but isnt it based on an assumption that people remain similar throughout their lives and they do not change? This seems not that much realistic. Moods change, tastes change, priorities in life change with the passage of time and once you know each other you may decide in some later stage in life that you are not comfortable with your spouse and can be much better if separated. Another reason for making divorce illegal could be avoiding the selfishness and considering more about the family and the relationship. Based upon these three different ideas one that marriage is not necessary so to pull those needs off one can use other ways in spite of getting into a relationship which is legal whereas they could see someone and spend their life together. Obviously it does not require getting divorced as it does not require getting married! On the other hand there is a strong feeling and acceptance in societies that marriages are necessary and they lay the foundation of a relation which becomes the basis of an important institution of the society which in turn breeds a society which believes in this institution. They are usually of the opinion that divorce should be legal but efforts should be made to avoid it plus divorce provides with an advantage of deciding at some later stage in life when after all efforts it becomes impossible to live together based upon the compatibility and the very fact that it could take years in understanding one and other. Specially in socities where living together prior to marriage and dating one and other to know so that a decision could be made regarding permanently spending the lives together, divorce provides with an opportunity to get separated after getting marreid. The third idea in this regard which refers to the socities where dating is considered to be a norm and the decision to marriage is made after knowing each other and giving plenty of time in terms of deciding about sharing responsibilities and lives with one and other, divorce can be declared illegal so that people once deciding about marriage should not opt for this action. In my opinion knowing one and other prior to marriage is necessary and that it is a very important decision of life which influences several lives primarily the life of a husband and a wife, it must be done carefully and after due dilligence. Declaring divorce as something illegal is also unrealistic as there could be plenty of reasons, though which must be avoided for the sake of relationship and family, divorce

could be given to separate lives as it prevents the people from cheating on one and other and move their lives ahead. Efforts must be made to stop getting this relationship of marriage to be dissolved but declaring giving divorce as illegal is against the basic human rights as it limits the right of people to decide separating their lives and looking ahead to start a new life with someone else. The reasons which could lead to divorce does not necessarily involve emotional reasons but there could be financial or even reasons related to health. For instance the natural inability of people to carry on a family could cause difference of opinion among parents and they can decide to let go off their marriage. Sometimes in life decisions need to be make where one has to choose either the relationship or some greater cause which can lead to divorce. In reality life can make anyone stand on a terrible point where he could only move alone and its better to get separated. There divorce could only be the solution and for this very reason, may be, its concept is considered to be old, probably as old as the concept of marriage is. I believe they should not be considered as illegal but disliked by the society as a whole so that the trend of divorce must be reduced and people should use it as a last resort when nothing could change the circumstances and the betterment of family, children, and society is in getting the couple separated.