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1. Give a summary of the story. Describe what makes this story interesting and worth of a book and movie.

Also include brief description of how the book differs from the movie

2. Describe the roles each member of the MIT blackjack team employed to scam Verges. Explain how this system works, explain why it took a team to make this scheme work. Note: do not do a detailed discussion about probabilities (just briefly discuss ifyou like), save it for the next question. The members of the MIT blackjack team had 3 roles: spotters, gorilla and the big player. The spotters were the members who sat at the table, counting cards at all times and watching the deck. Once the table was in favor, they would signal the Gorilla/ Big Player to join. The Gorilla and Big Player are very similar. They would follow the signals of the spotters and join into the game when the table was in their favor and bet a large sum of money (in comparison to the others at the table). The Big Player also had to apply card counting techniques and play at the same time, which meant they had to focus at all times. A team effort is needed here to prevent any suspicion from casino managers. If a person bets high amounts every time they play, it makes the card counting less obvious, which is why spotters are needed to keep track at table and signal a player to walk in a place a high bet. The members of the MIT Blackjack team were: Jeff Ma, Jane Willis, Mike Aponte, Laurie Tsao, John Chang, Bill Kaplan, Ben Mezrich 3. Describe the strategy of card counting (the Hi-Lo technique), explain its basic strategies and how it shifts the probability of winning in favour of the player. Give examples that demonstrate how a player will klnow what the probability will likely be in their favour. Is card counting legal now? Was it legal at the time of the story.

4. This story took place in the 90s, do you think card counting can be done easier now with all the new technology we have? Can you think of a way you can use a modern device o help you count cards?

5. How do casinos detect card counters? Casinos can detect card counters by devices such as Mindplay, Shufflemaster, Protec 21 and Bloodhound. Mindplay scans the values of the cards before the game continues. Shufflemaster detects the value of the card as it exits the show. Protec 21 and Bloodhound are softwares that help determine how much the player has bet

(technology is embedded into the chips). Besides the special devices, casinos have numerous automatic card reading devices. This technology tells them when the player has a greater advantage so the dealer will adjust the cards accordingly. Plus, it can also determine the level of accuracy any player has. Naturally, card counters will have a high level of accuracy, making them prone to exposure by casino managers over the normal player.