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2008 AT 9
00 A

PRESENT Mayor Alice M Baker Chairman Jane Mealy Chairnan John

Vice Feind
Commissioners Joy McGrew Linda Provencher and Ron Vath City Attorney Charles Cino
Interim City Manager Bernie Murphy Assistant to the City Manager Libby Kania Police Chief
Cody City Engineer Bob Smith Interim
Fire Chief Martin Roberts Public Works Director
Finance Director Kathleen Doyle Library Director Ruth Young Recreation Director Tom Gillin
Director Jan Hancock City Clerk Angela Apperson and Deputy City Clerk
Planning Zoning
Penny Overstreet

1 CALL THE MEETING TO ORDER Commissioner Mealy called the meeting to order at

04 a
9 m

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Baker led the pledge followed by moment of

Mayor a



INTRODUCTORY MESSAGE Interim City Manager Bernie Murphy reviewed the agenda and
reviews will be heard other than the order the
noted that some of the department budget on

agenda Mr Murphy spoke of the tax rates from the different taxing authorities Mr Murphy
reviewed his budget message He continued
noting the 2007
2008 budget was balanced in spite
of a 400
000 revenue reduction from the State It was noted salary increases were included

in this budget with the exception of the contractually PBA and the Charter mandate for a

cost of living increase for the Elected Officials Mr Murphy began the review of the budget

Mr handout to the Elected Officials the handout noted the

REVENUES Murphy provided a

proposed millage rate as 0739 for both

3 Flagler and Volusia He continued noting a reduction in
the Infrastructwe Surtax due to the current economy Mr Murphy indicated an increase in the
estimated revenues for licensing and
permitting fees he stated he would be bringing a proposal
to the Commission to increase these fees Discussion ensued regarding the VOCA Grant
Commissioner Vath inquired if we received the Grant Mr Murphy responded yes this year

and added he has directed the Interim Finance Director to do research as to whether the

application and pay request are being completed properly Commissioner Vath stated his
opinion regarding the Victim Advocate positions he was of opinion the City should have only
one person in this department He requested a report of the cost associated with the proposed
part position
Mr Murphy noted the Jr Lifeguard Prognam application fee would be increased to a minimum
00 per child next fiscal year Discussion turned to Miscellaneous
of50 Revenues interest rates

were discussed and it was noted the Interim Finance Director would be scheduling a
meeting in
the fall ofthe Investment Committee Discussion turned to the Internal Transfers Mr Murphy

to the Utility Fund Mr Murphy spoke of the need for

spoke of the department transfers related
time Administrative Assistant to assist
a part the Public Works Director Discussion turned back
to the Transfers from the Utility Fund Commissioner Vath
inquired if the handout included the
allocated expenses Mr Murphy replied no and requested the Interim Finance Director to adjust
the handout to reflect the Salary transfers from the Utility Fund

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POLICE Interim Manager Murphy noted a decrease of 000
116 from last year budget
Discussion ensued regarding the Police Cars Commissioner Feind felt it was less expensive to
purchase the cars rather than lease and avoid the interest Mr Murphy indicated they are looking
into that next year but for the next two years we are contracted to the lease Discussion turned
totraining Chief Cody indicated the training would be done in house or in conjunction with the

County No changes were made to the Police Budget

CITY COMMISSION Mr Murphy noted a net increase of 00

7 Mayor Baker questioned
the number of persons who utilize the early voting Consensus was reached to remove the

398 proposed
00 for early voting for the Municipal Election in March Commissioner Vath

questioned the Travel Training line item Mr Murphy requested the Interim Finance Director

compare the actual expenses in this fiscal year and the previous year and bring back that
He further
information to the Elected Officials requested a breakdown of the promotional

BUILDING AND ZONING Mr Murphy noted a modest reduction from last s budget
year in
the amount of 00
592 Discussion ensued
2 regarding the budget proposal for a GIS Consultant
It was noted this is proposed year expenditure
1 as the initial system Commissioner
to set up

Vath requested the monies received for Building Permits be received as income then declare the
90 percent remitted to the County as an expense Interim Manager Murphy indicated the

Planning Zoning Director will be bringing back a new fee schedule for the Building Zoning
Department Building Permit and Inspection services Planning
Discussion turned to Zoning
Director Hancock reviewed three options for Building Inspector Services The options included

continuing with the County hiring a Building Official or

contracting privately Commissioner
Vath inquired if there has been a comparison done with other communities of our size
Commissioner Vath requested this information be included in her report to the City Manager
Consensus was reached to postpone the discussion regarding the three options for Building
Official services and her proposal to increase the fee schedule until report is received from

Planning and Zoning Director

EXECUTIVE Manager Murphy indicated the budget for the Executive Department
decreased by 13 00 Mr Murphy indicated the two employees under Executive opt not
participate in the Health Insurance Program

CITY CLERK Mr indicated the s

Clerk overall decrease 960
Murphy City budget was

Ms indicated the training budget trimmed to maintain current certifications and

Apperson was

Commissioner Feind suggested adding back in funding for training he

necessary training
suggested taking the money from where it was trimmed from City Commission for the early
a consensus was not reached to do this

The Commission recessed for lunch at m The Commission reconvened

59 a
11 at 12
43 p

BUILDING MAINTENANCE Mr Murphy indicated the Building Maintenance budget

decreased by 00

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ROADS STREETS Mr Murphy indicated the
budget has decreased by 242
00 for this
because of that is due to this
s paving budget is for one year not
department partially
two as was done last budget year Commissioner Vath inquired as to the condition ofthe City
Streets Mr Murphy requested Mr Smith prepare a statement as to the condition of the City
streets for the Elected Officials noting the roads that are planned for repaving in this year and

year Commissioner Vath inquired about the equipment budget for the department
next budget

PARKS Mr Murphy indicated the department budget decreased 4

60 for a total reduction of

Murphy noted the department budget was reduced by 00000
Commissioner Provencher requested recycle bins placed at the Dune Walkovers Public Works
Director Smith indicated they would place recycle cans at the Dune Crossovers in the area of N
10th to S 10th as a pilot program starting in the next budget year

PIER Mr Murphy indicated the operating expenses are reduced by 34

045 Mr Murphy
the Public Works Director provide the Pier inspection results to the Elected Officials
Mr Smith provided a brief verbal report which indicated some repairs are needed Mr Murphy
indicated at this time we do not know the exact cost involved and they will be coming back with

an estimate for this issue


Murphy indicated the department
budget decreased 43 for
4 total reduction of 687
00 He noted the year plan
five to
by a

replace water meters through out the City was

implemented in 06
07 He stated we are on

schedule with the program

SEWER COLLECTION Mr Murphy indicated the department budget decreased by 13 for

a total reduction of 386
3 Commissioner Vath inquired about the slipline program He
inquired if the effluent was down due to reduced seepage with the sliplines in place

Murphy requested Mr Smith provide a report to the Elected Officials City Engineer Bob Smith
stated the pump sewer cleaner is not a traditional vehicle it is a tow behind and should be moved
to the line item for equipment repair


Murphy indicated the department budget decreased
13 a total reduction of 99
00 Mr Murphy indicated the major reductions were in
maintenance 500
43 utilities estimate 36 and Professional Services
11 Commissioner Vath inquired if the telemetry system is it being used at new wells
Mr Smith for the new wells Commissioner Vath requested Mr
replied they were
Smith provide the cost of the system purchased eight years ago and the cost related to the new


FINANCE Mr Murphy indicated the department budget 26 for

decreased 7 a total of

22 Commissioner Vath requested the Interim Finance Director provide the cost for the

Pay Chex fees for all of the departments

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Murphy indicated the department budget
decreased 13
83 for a total reduction of 750 Discussion ensued regarding replacement
pumps and generators new
equipment and flow rates Commissioner Vath made an
the Finance Director supply report of the overall
regarding the first aid supplies he requested a

cost for utilizing the Cintas service

LEGAL Mr Murphy reported an increase in this department budget of25 for a total increase
in dollars of00 Mr Murphy indicated he believes this department is under budget as
he is working with the unknown He added he
anticipates a budget amendment for this
department in the next year

Murphy indicated the Sanitation
Department budget increased 2
77 for a
92 totaling 51
107 He stated the Sanitation Fund Expense decreased by 37
total of 19 800
and the Sanitation Capital Fund increased by 152
671 Mr further suggested the
Commission consider purchasing a new sanitation truck in the next budget year The lead time
that is needed in ordering these types of trucks was discussed a letter of intent was discussed as

UTILITY FUND EXPENSE UTILITY CAPITAL Mr Murphy indicated the department

budget 84 for total reduction of
decreased 15 226 He stated the Utility Capital Fund
Expense decreased 83
02 for a total reduction of 121
452 the drastic decrease is due to the
completion of the Water Plant Commissioner Vath stated he would like the City to develop an
ordinance requiring the owners of property to be responsible for the bad debt of tenants who fail
to pay their utility bill Commissioner Feind suggested a fee for turn on
offfor nonpayment as
well Discussion turned to the Utility Capital Fund budget Commissioner Vath noted a possible
error in the numbers
inputted for the Utility Capital Interim Finance Director Doyle stated she
would re
check the figures Ms Doyle noted the change needed to the page numbering in the

Capital schedule to coordinate with the budget detail

A change will be needed to the bank from Cypress to RBC

STORMWATER change name

Mr Murphy noted the Stormwater Fund expense increased by 844 00 and the Stormwater
fund decreased due to the completion of work the Mirror Lake Project It was noted a
Capital on

reference to Ocean Palm should be changed to the downtown inquired

area Commissioner Vath
how the CRA is involved with stormwater City Engineer Smith
responded stating with the
Phase II of the CDBG which includes parking and excavating They felt it would benefit the

City to do this work in conjunction with the work in the CRA Mr Murphy indicated St Johns
River Water Management District monies and our CRA funds are covering the million
Stormwater project for the CRA Mr Smith stated the Stormwater Master Plan priorities are

Mirror Lake Palm Circle Venice Park and a couple other project areas Since the City is

receiving only so much Stormwater funds per year The Mirror Lake project has depleted the
funds the City had on hand for match money Commissioner Vath stated concern regarding
Stormwater projects that were planned and are now removed from the budget Mr Murphy
stated he understood his concerns and requested we visit
re this discussion when the CRA
Director is present at the next budget workshop Commissioner Feind requested he include a

rough estimate of the cost involved with doing another project and if we could borrow the

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monies from ourselves Mr Smith noted the estimated cost
presented in 2002
2003 have tripled
since that time Discussion continued Interim Finance Director Doyle indicated we are trying
to tie theCapital Plan to the Comprehensive Plan and we need to have funding prior to showing
the projects in the 5
year capital plan

The Commission recessed for a humanity break at 36 p

2 m the meeting reconvened at 2
52 p

FIRE DEPARTMENT Mr Murphy indicated the

department budget had a small decrease in the
amount of 91500 Commissioner Vath
inquired regarding FICA and Workers Compensation
on the
time employees Ms Doyle responded yes Commissioner Vath requested they be
included in the detail along with the VOCA position Commissioner Vath asked why the
National Safety Council Membership was removed Chief Roberts responded Ms Kania stated
there is a line item under the general government budget for safety posters that she no longer
needs as they are provided as a part of our contact with Pay Chex Commissioner Vath inquired

regarding an expense for a storage unit Discussion ensued It was a consensus of the
Commission to remove 00 from the General Government
the 600 budget and place in Fire to be
used for National Safety Council Membership and purchase of a storage shed Discussion
ensued regarding gear utility bills taxes paid to the County Fire Services overlay districts and
the attorney look into this
having new

BEACH Mr Murphy indicated the department budget increased over last year by 19
91 for a
total increase of 40
165 Mr noted increase in this department regarding radios
Murphy an

which are on the 800 MHz system Fire Chief Roberts commented currently he is loaning the

Lifeguards two of his radios from his brush truck which he would need back in the event of a

high drought level which leads to brush fires Commissioner Feind inquired since these are a
public safety item could we utilize funds from the Law Enforcement restricted funds Mr
Murphy directed the Interim Finance Director to look into that Commissioner Provencher
inquired about the Jr Lifeguard Program going to a full day Recreation Director Gillin
responded and discussed possible educational programs he is thinking of implementing for a full
day program Mr Murphy indicated Mr Gillin is evaluating the program currently and we will
be bringing a proposal to the Commission in late October early November Discussion turned to
a program Mr Gillin is looking into for the ATVs Commissioner Vath inquired as to the
current condition of the ATVs Mr Gillin and Ms Kania responded as to the condition of the
ATVs Commissioner Vath inquired about the warning flags and signs and wanted to know

why they were purchased yearly Mr Gillin spoke of the fading of the flags and would respond
back to the City Manager regarding the warning signs and the possibility of receiving them at no
cost from the State Commissioner Vath inquired about the Lifeguard toweroffice Mr Gillin
indicated the grant was approved at last notice the funds 100
000 have not been released

LIBRARY Mr Murphy indicated the budget for this department decreased by 10


11 Mr Murphy indicated the major reduction came from reducing the Assistant
Librarian position from full to
part without
time benefits Commissioner Vath inquired as to the
revenue from the public use for the computers The Interim Finance Director noted the revenues

are covering the cost ofthe computers

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RECREATION Mr Murphy indicated the department decreased by 61
2 totaling I 128
Mayor Baker inquired about the line item for Music in the Park

WICKLINE Mr Murphy provided a brief overview of the increases and decreases No changes
requested by the Commission

MUSEUM Mr indicated the only increase to the department due to an increase in

Murphy was


It was noted the Commission would need to hold a second budget workshop which has been
scheduled for August 27 2008 at 9
00 m
a The CRA and the General Government budgets
would be discussed along with the responses to inquires noted at this meeting

4 ADJOURNMENT Motion Commissioner Vath seconded by Commissioner McGrew

to adjourn the meeting at 4 m The motion carried
04 p unanimously


1brs Deputy City

Penny freet
O Clerk

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