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The short story, No Phone, More Work, tells of a teenage highschool boy, whose lifestyle quickly changes from

a laid back, time wasting and procrastinating person to one who is more reserved and conscious about the future now that he is no longer preoccupied by his phone. In this short piece there are various examples of language registers and communicative behaviours evident. In the creation of the short story the formal, casual, intimate and consultative registers are utilised. The formal register is evident when the writer's mom is speaking to him and seeing that she is from the 'oldern days' her english is standard and this style of talking seem to make the writer feel like he and his mother share a relationship as such for strangers. This may also be classified as a consultative register. This register is appropriate for the communication of general information as in the contect of the parent/son and the listeners expected to give feedback to the speaker. In this situation the writer was expected to provide feedback in order for his mother to be assured that she had communicated effectively that the writer will no longer have any excuse to not study. In addition, the casual register is seen where the writer the writer interacts with his fellow friends on how he carried out his transaction of his phone and this register is very appropriate. Their conversations are laced with use of slangs and they interact in informal situations such as in the lunch line at school or in between classes. Also, the intimate register is used when the writer shows that strong bond between himself and his smartphone that could do everything he input into it and the appreciation of it's capabilities. Some examples of communicative behaviours are used in the short story. Beginning with some non verbal activity present throughout the story for example when he answered his mom

rudely and she gave him that look that made him shut up instantly. Although she did not explicitly expand on this her non verbal bahaviours substituted for words. Secondly, the characters used spaces that they occupied on the bus to convey different messages (proxemics). In addition, communicative behaviours were also shown in the way the characters spoke to each other and how is mother's tone and words were used differently and in a sense sophisticated. This shows who was in charge of who in this excerpt. The writer hisses his teeth to show that he is rather annoyed without the use of his smartphone as he has to drive for couple minutes to an internet cafe just to get some work done and keep in contact with people and just to idle surfing the web. The writer waited for some minutes to get a bus, wait for it to load and also wait to reach his destination. This use of time (chronemics) show that the writer was not all that annoyed about the waiting he had to do and little importance to it. This short story undoubtedly provide examples of various ways in which language registers and communicative behaviours can be manipulated to convey different meanings.