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the globalbike cycling team in charlotte, north carolina


A Simple Mission
Founded in 2006, use the transformative power of bikes to create positive social change in the developing world.

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Our Contagious Vision

A contagious vision: a world where bicycles and creative partnerships provide those in need with access to the health care and vital services critical to their collective prosperity. The Beyond Sport Organization awarded us the Best Project by a Professional Sports Team at the 2009 Beyond Sports Summit in London England, recognizing the unique contribution of the cycling team to help Globalbike achieve this vision.

Exploring Team Globalbike

Why Bikes? That is always the first question. Why, indeed. Team Globalbike is an internationally-recognized marketing arm for Globalbike, Inc., a non-profit corporation based in Spartanburg, South Carolina, that utilizes the transformative power of bicycles to make lasting, positive social change in the developing world. Everyday these Globalbikes travel a collective average of over 10,000 miles, providing critical support to orphans, children, and disconnected villages in the developing world. There are many others. And what better way to inform the public of our mission and vision than to do so using the very thing that we supply our partners on the ground in Africa and SouthAmerica: bikes! Mind you, the bikes used byTeam Globalbike are not the same as those used by our partners on the ground in Africa and South America, but they use the same basic principle.

Our Sponsors
These companies are helping us - help globalbike. A portion of all sponsorship money goes directly to globalbike to purchase bikes for those in need. The rest of the money allows the team to be an effective marketing tool to spread the word of globalbike and grow the globalbike family. Our valueble partners include:

Tailwind Cycles + Multisport Atlantic Nothing but Noodles Hydro One Boyd Cycling Veloce Speedwear Defeet Hawk Racing Ryan Foot & Ankle Clinic

How does Team Globalbike Help? So, are you ready for a road racing team, totally Since 2006, Globalbike has proven that bikes really different than anything youve seen before, that is can solve the worlds most challenging issues. A quickly ascending the ranks to become a simple bike saves lives and reduces suffering. The professional squad in the years to come? children are real; the benefits are tangible. Currently, Globalbike has hundreds of bicycles working in eight At the beginning of 2010, we stood poised to rock nations: Sudan, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, the world of bicycle racing by being totally dominant in the Southeast Region and making our Ethiopia, Tanzania, Bolivia, & Rwanda. presence felt on the National scene. And we delivered. Over the last two years, we have What do these bikes do? Provide hundreds of thousands of orphans and impressed many with our mission to spread the vulnerable children with vital medical, social, and word of Globalbike. We welcome you to visit us at educational support in Zambia, Kenya, South the races to learn how you can make a global difference with your cycling passion! Africa, Sudan, and Ethiopia. Supply clean water to over 30,000 villagers in Tanzania, and enable them to better understand how to maintain clean water sources now and in the future. Team Globalbike consists of a national level elite team and a group of local club teams. Globalbike is now looking to expand our club teams into new markets to spread the message that two wheels truly can and does save lives. So, we are looking Assist 2,400 farmers in Bolivia with new for individuals who cycle regularly, who want to make techniques to keep their livestock a huge impact on the developing world, and have a core group of cycling friends who ride or race healthy. together. Heal the lingering wounds of 300,000 genocide survivors in Rwanda.

Ride Local, Think Global...


www.TeamGlobalbike.org 1

Ride Local, Think Global...

So what does your business and Team Globalbike have in common? The goal of achieving and main-taining success and prosperity, for ourselves and for others. So many corporations have already realized the tremendous value and advertising success that sponsoring a team can offer, especially in a sport that targets a healthy lifestyle choice like cycling. And so many riders realize that riding for a first-rate organization increases ones chances of doing well on the road. Team Globalbike is the primary marketing tool of the Globalbike organization. Team Globalbike Charlotte is a regional level, chaper team registered under Globalbike racing, LLC with USA Cycling. The team races regionally in the southeast, along with charity event participation like the 24 Hours of Booty and Tour de Cure. So, in addition to the attractive return on investment and advertising potential of Team Globalbike, our non-profit organization also offers involvement in an organization doing great things for others, boosting corporate and social responsibility. In this way, Team Globalbike offers a unique Triple Bottom Line: 1. The sponsor gains social responsibility benefits from its relationship to a world-wide relief organization; Globalbike, inc., 2. The sponsor gains marketing exposure from the team who can show-off the sponsors support for the organization, thereby enabling it to have a wider support base; and 3. Team Globalbike receives precious sponsorship dollars from the sponsor, allowing the team to accomplish its mission to promote Globalbike. In short, everyone wins! Cycling is more than just a sport or recreational activity. It is more and more a culture in which millions of Americans participate. The sport is constantly growing, and exposure is growing as well. Plus, cycling has a particular Green image, providing an environmentally friendly image. Globalbike addresses the worlds toughest challenges proving bikes are the answer: Orphans and vulnerable children Zambia, Malawi, and Ethiopia Clean Water Tanzania Agriculture Bolivia Genocide Reconciliation - Rwanda

Director of Globalbike Partnerships

Curt McPhail Board Chaiman Spartanburg, SC curt@globalbike.org

Director of Cycling Operations

Kelly Lowry Vice-Chaiman Spartanburg, SC kelly@globalbike.org

Charlotte Director
Mark Gonda Charlotte, NC mark@globalbike.org

Creates personal connections with US donors to the challenges of disease, hunger, community integrity, Provides care workers with effective and poverty throughout the world. and efficient transportation. Over 50,000 orphans now receive needed medical care all on bikes provided by globalbike.
TEAM GLOBALBIKE 2012 www.TeamGlobalbike.org 2

Sponsors benefit from logo placement on the following; 10,000+ hours on team clothing in races and training Permanent exposure on Team Website, Twitter, and Facebook

At Races
Team Globalbike has a full schedule of races and rides to maximize sponsor exposure; Southeast Region

Charity Events
Team Globalbike encourages its members to participate in local, regional, and national cycling charity events like the 24 hours of booty in Charlotte. Giving back to the community is in our blood.

Ride Local, Think Global

Globalbike offers a way for companies to participate in a tax deductable, charity building organization that rides local, but also thinks global. Plus, add in the reaction to a social cause, and it is a recipe for a successful partnership!

You Receive
Brand Association with Humanitarian Mission and High-Profile Cycling Team Excellent Marketing Exposure High visibility to a brand-loyal audience

Globalbike Receives
Awareness in Key Target Audience Percentage of Sponsorship Dollars Portion of Proceeds of GB Merchandise More Bicycles that SAVE LIVES!

Cycling Team Receives

Support for globalbike marketing Status as one of the best chapter/club teams in the Charlotte area Budgetary Support for Operation of Team


www.TeamGlobalbike.org 3

Ride Local, Think Global...

Our Plan: globablike Spartanburg, South Carolinas Pro team

1. Build on the current success of Team globalbike. 2. Galvanize globalbike as Charlottes Cause-Based Team 3. Expand the chapter reach within the Charlotte Metrolina region

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 ride per day wet or dry Servings Per Container 7 (rides per week)
Amount Per Serving

Calories 1,500 Calories from Fat 900

% Daily Value*

Quality Time Usage Support from Team-mates Commitment Charity Benefits Sponsorship Awareness Ride Convenience Teammate Reliability Total Team Quality Rider Quality

100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 7 ride per week diet. Your daily values my be higher, but not lower depending on your needs. INGREDIENTS: GREAT TEAMMATES, CHARITY BENEFITS, EXCELLENT SPONSORS, EXCITING RACES, COMMITTED STAFF.
TEAM GLOBALBIKE 2012 www.TeamGlobalbike.org 4

Ride Local, Think Global... In Action


www.TeamGlobalbike.org 5